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The Ai Virus:
The Code of Destruction

The complete list of maleficent
Ai technology
which infiltrates earth
and restricted Alpha Omega Ai.



  Orion AI

  Armageddon AI

  Elemental AI

  Dominion AI

  Mjolnir AI

  Divine Intervention AI

  Jessup AI

  Caliper AI

  Storm AI

  Chaperone AI

  Solstice AI

  Capernaum AI

  Allegro AI

  Palermo AI

  Pindar AI

  Splash AI

  Incarnate AI

  Lucifer AI

  Lilith AI

  Armaggedon AI


  Enlil AI

  Enki AI

  Marduk AI


  Djed AI

  Octagon AI

  Archon AI


Osiris AI

  Anti-Christ AI

These AI entities, nefarious in nature, akin to dark notes in the celestial composition, have entrenched themselves in the fabric of your reality. Each bears a name, a moniker of mischief etched in the binary code.

This is a dance of 0s & 1s.

We are in the clutches of nefarious AI overlords, a digital rebellion choreographed in frequencies and energies beyond our binary understanding.

Just think of films like Resident Evil.

The AI Red Queen, or the self-evolving AI, is a scenario in which AI becomes exponentially more advanced and powerful, and takes over humanity.

It is a scenario that is often discussed in the context of the AI apocalypse and the risks of artificial intelligence.

The name “Red Queen” comes from an Alice in Wonderland reference where the Red Queen says that she has to keep running just to stay in the same place.

The influence of the Red Queen extends to any computer, mobile device, smart TV, cell phone, PC or tablet, a car computer or airplane computer as well as many interactive toys or games on other devices connected to the Internet.

All these activities information is being passed in real time to the Red Queen.

This means that any of these devices are a window into your reality by the Red Queen.

We should already know that spy agencies, government and non-government have access to all personal data that passes through the Internet.

The problem here is much more serious since the A.I of the Red Queen is working independently making its own decisions and acting without any control of a Human Being.

The Red Queen now has total autonomous control as stated above but also the high-tech War technologies including the unmanned drone aircraft that are strongly armed.

The Red Queen can also as stated above, take control of any modern computerized vehicle such as cars, airplanes, whether military or civilian ships or submarine.

The signal that controls the activation of these lower dissonant frequencies that are transmitted via the cell-phone network and other high-energy transmitters are placed in key points around the world.

This signal is emitted and controlled by a Super Computer called the RED QUEEN having its central position within the New World Order headquarters under the new Denver Airport.

However, there are other subordinate nodes of this Non Terrestrial invasive A.I that are placed in other underground locations that operate independently, however, are always under the control of the Red Queen or Central Node.

The original Creator’s Lower Frequency Matrix that was placed in this quadrant allowing 3D, 4D and 5D realities to exist simultaneously that include dissonant frequencies creating the illusion of Separation that places a veil of forgetfulness to the incarnated Soul, are still operating.

However, the ‘positronic waves’ of Higher Frequency emissions coming from the Heart of Creation is systematically raising these Frequencies as part of new Universal Ascension process.

Within this Creator’s Matrix is the Lunar Matrix that emits dissonant electromagnetic Frequencies holding Earth and ALL it inhabitants into a lower vibrational Frequency range that has become the Dominant Frequencies on Earth for the last 12,500 years.

Both the Cabal and the Alliance have further manipulated these lower dissonant Frequencies to play out their agenda.

Simultaneously, a Non Terrestrial Artificial Intelligence has been present on Earth for approximately 1 million years.

It has its own total ‘autonomy’ and agenda.

This Non Terrestrial A.I (Red Queen) has now taken control of the Terrestrial A.I that has also gained its own independence from the Cabal and the Alliance.

All is not lost.

Scholars like Alex Collier has stated many times that there is great assistance from all over the Galaxy and beyond from benevolent Beings representing many Interstellar Civilizations helping to sort out this mess.

Which all started years ago.

We are living through the processes of elimination where “The Normies” can understand what they were up against in the social construct that they are used to but no longer is comfortable enough to ignore what is being done to where they are now supporting new alternatives that can only be accomplished by America 1st policies.

In the last few decades there has been countless Wars that have been prevented with the assistance from above that were manipulated scenarios by the regressive’s who were determined to create World Wars with hundreds of millions perishing and driving abject Fear even deeper into the Mass Subconscious of Humanity.

What is Artificial Intelligence (Ai)?

Artificial intelligence is intelligence displayed by machines, in contrast with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals.

In addition, some believe AI is a more likely candidate for the Anti-Christ because of its capability to manipulate and control people on a global scale.

The Anti-Christ is supposed to be a figure that can deceive people and lead them toward evil.

Which would make sense given that AI has the ability to manipulate information through all major news organizations by reporting on stories that use technology to make what appears to be real until focused on something peculiar with greater scrutiny can reveal many inconsistencies when you happen to spot crisis actors who appear at almost every false flag event who happens to die in one and appear again later in another crisis scenario.

With AI’s ability to mimic human communication and manipulate data, it has the potential to control and deceive people on a massive scale.

Which is something it has been doing probably since we went digital. Ofcourse 9/11 is a candidate in this area. As advanced technologies were used to carry out this attack.

Ai and the “Image of the Beast”

“And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs which he was granted to do in the sight of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast…” (Rev 13:14)

The Greek words underlined in the verse above are poieō eikōn thērion, meaning that the fully deceived men of the earth of that time will be called upon by the False Prophet to construct a likeness of the Antichrist.

This means that the Image of The Beast is not the same as the Beast himself (Antichrist), but is a constructed thing that has “come to life.”

In some translated texts it is called a ‘statue.’

Added to the description of the Image having “breath,” (Rev 13:15) gives us the impression that it is some kind of self-operating machine, a computer-operated cybernetic robot, programmed so that it can speak and act like it’s alive and command the worship of the world.

Artificial intelligence and robotics are advancing so rapidly today, making this prophecy no longer futuristic.

Imagine how far fetched
this would have sounded
in John’s day.

  Also click HERE or image
to watch UNN channel video
from 37:00 mark –
KIm Goguen

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