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The coup d’état
by ‘Government’
and the judiciary


Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency


is a foreign corporation.

We are under communist rule since April 10th 2022


The Commonwealth Constitution has ended
The Federal Election Is an officially a scam


Over the Easter Weekend that we have learned
from 10 APRIL 2022 APHRA operates under
a NEW CONSTITUTION created and controlled by
the “World Health Organisation”
which the Global elitists have total control over,

From Derek Balogh at
Educate for Protection website


The Video Explains How the Government Changed the The Constitution and How this has effected the People in Queensland with Land Rights Civil Right and Human Right Basically destroying the Way of living in Queensland to advance the Queensland Government Corruption.

click image for video


Everyone in Australia should watch this video.

Then we might all stop voting for the criminals.

This video proves that the political parties have stolen our birth-right, our freedoms, and our government.

Many thanks to ABPAC (Australian Business and Peoples’ Alliance Council Inc.) for permission to reproduce this video. The ABPAC website is no longer active, as their leader has retired.

If you are looking for a solution to the illegal political party politics that dictate our lives today, please visit our website at:Advance Australia website

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AUSTRALIA and "Commonwealth of Australia" are not the same!

it appears that AUSTRALIA's border starts 200 Meters offshore and extends 200 nautical miles out to sea also including some islands, however, the Commonwealth of Australia is not "included" in the government's interpretation of what constitutes AUSTRALIA.

This may be happening in all western countries around the world.



What Australia REALLY is
according to the
Australian Taxation Office

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Where is Australia

What the government is hiding

Australia was sold to USA many years ago - but what was sold?

WHY are we paying tax to Australia?
WHERE does the tax go?
WHO is the tax being paid to?
WHAT is the tax used for?

The 'territories' or the huge lump of mineral-rich-dirt-with-no-name
surrounded by the locations listed.

Many of them couldn't even be listed as 'islands'
as they're not much bigger than bumps sticking out of the ocean.

Either way, more history that's been hidden
by the traitors posing as 'goverment'.

More skulduggery to screw us over
if it wasn't it wouldn't be a secret.

Click image for PDF


What the government is hiding

Australia that we know it to be
does not exist.

The following excerpt from the
Australian Taxation Assessment Act 1997

Section 960 5.05
Confirms 'Australia' is:-

SECT 960.505

Meaning of Australia

  •  (1)  Australia when used in a geographical sense, includes each of the following:
  • (a)  Norfolk Island
  • (b)  the Coral Sea Islands Territory;
  • (c)  the Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands;
  • (d)  the Territory of Christmas Island;
  • (e)  the Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands;
  • (f)  the Territory of Heard Island and the McDonald Islands.

    (1) Acts Interpretation Act 1901 provides that an
    Act is taken to have effect in the coastal sea
    as if the coastal sea were part of Australia

    Offshore areas

    (2) Australia when in a geographical sense, includes an offshore area
    for the purposes of the Offshore Petroleum and Greenhouse Gas Storage Act 2006

    Note 1: The offshore area includes all things located in that area,
    including all installations and structures such as oil and gas rigs.
    The area also extends to the airspace over,
    and the sea-bed and subsoil beneath, that area.

Note 2:  The offshore area includes the
exclusive economic zone and the continental shelf of Australia

Click image for video


What Includes Australia

Due to the events Re: the so called Corona Virus,
this has been urgently uploaded for the latest finds
in relation to what includes Australia and New South Wales.



Why are Australia’s governments desperate to enforce experimental inoculations on citizens?

An interconnected web of relationships, family ties, government grants, funding from sponsors.

Could there be a conflict of interest amongst some politicians, bureaucrats, academic institutions, business owners and others?

Why shouldn’t Australians demand answers?

click image for Video

NWO The Plan – Australia
how we got here

Jeremy Lee
Way ahead of his time.

We were warned but few people seem to notice, even fewer seem to care.

Listen now and tell me how much you think has come to pass in the last 30 years.

If only every Australian had seen this I don’t believe we would be where we are today.

Absolutely brilliant video. Concise, logical and spelt out in layman’s terms so that any, every person can understand this.

Pinpoints where, how, when and who. Its actually very sad to think in so many ways we have done this to ourselves.

Yes, government have orchestrated it and sold us all out BUT it was our apathy as a nation as Australians that allowed it all to happen.

click image for video

Riccardo Bosi




Riccardo Bosi is the leader of the Australia One party, a party formed to fight against globalism and with a goal of removing an “unconstitutional government”.

The party has come to prominence in the backdrop of the pandemic and in this wide ranging chat, Riccardo discusses COVID, vaccine mandates, government responses, the threat of China and Australia’s housing crisis with Kalkine TV host James Preston

click image for link to article

In 1975 Gough Whitlam
signed the LIMA Agreement.

He sold Australia to the United Nations – but wait Australia & Pfizer are listed on the NYSE.

Donald J Trump’s Executive Order 13818 has seized the NYSE. Therefore by default he is the owner of Australia. Chapter 11 – City Of London, Vatican & Washington DC are bankrupted (Filed & Actioned)

The Act Of England 1871 has been reversed. The Secondary Judiciary Act 1869 is no longer. This also overturns the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Now we wait Justice Thomas to open a can of WHOOP ASS [1776] Style.

The Whole World goes to 1776 in law.

The Whole World goes to A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – Think Revaluation of All Currencies.

The Whole World goes to 1950’s Prices. 1955 the Chosen Year. Post [CRASH]

The 3 Most Important Executive Orders of our lifetimes.

13818, 13848, 13959.

The White Hats must be in control or Biden would have immediately cancelled the Executive Orders after his ‘inauguration’.

Think Crimes Against Humanity, Foreign Election Interference Globally, Think Chinese Military Companies, Think EVERGRANDE.
Ladies & Gentlemen


Click image for download

Preface to
Dick Yardley’s book
‘Australian Political Treason,
Treachery & Sabotage’.


The Political Parties took ownership of the
Governor-General on the 2nd February 1960.

The Political Parties went to war against Vietnam
with Our Commonwealth Defence Force which was

for the Defence of the Commonwealth NOT to tell
other countries how to live.

The Political Parties while sitting in Our Parliament

created their own Parliament, Government, Australia,
Commonwealth, Commonwealth of Australia and a
Queen of Australia all statutory instruments, nothing

Political Parties in conjunction with the Religious

Leaders removed Our God “humbly relying on
the blessing of Almighty God” there by
removing Queen Defender of the Faith from all
Titles to Land so the Political Parties took
ownership of all Land.


Advance Australia

Get Dick Yardley’s e-book
‘Australian Political Treason,
Treachery & Sabotage’
only $15
and much, much more
from the
Advance Australia website
links above

Dick Yardley is a well-known and
respected Constitutional researcher

Australian Political
& Religious Leaders Treason,
Treachery & Sabotage.

Dick’s Story

Dick was a North Queensland fruit grower who had his farm stolen by the Cairns Council because he was trying to stop fruit bats with electric grids. The Council told him to stop. He refused. It was his land… but not for long when the greedy council go their hooks into him.

As a result, he started investigating how they could do that to him. The result was this amazing book that took 10 years to research and write.

In this 500+ page book he documents the many treasonous crimes committed by the political parties that led senior legal experts like Sir Harry Talbot Gibbs to conclude that “the current legal and political system in use in Australia and its States Territories has no basis in law.”

Dick Yardley’s book provides a handy reference for anyone who would like to understand how the political parties have stolen our freedoms and imposed a party dictatorship on us all.


Advance Australia

Get Dick Yardley’s e-book
‘Australian Political Treason,
Treachery & Sabotage’
only $15
and much, much more
from the
Advance Australia website
links above

click button for link to article


Thank you Dick Yardely
from a grateful nation.

Our Rights, Freedoms, Land, Resources, and Wealth were handed to the Rothschild owned United Nations in 1959 in an act of
Treason, progressively reinforced through further acts of Treason by EVERY Governor, Governors General and sitting member

In acknowledgement of Mr. Dick Yardley’s 30 years of relentless research and analysis of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution (1901) and his recording of events leading up to the constitutional crisis we now face.


Timeline of Treason

Dick Yardley
12 December, 2012

Time sheet

Prime Minister and Premier is only a name of an individual, this doesn’t give him any authority to sign any document, like The League of Nations, Unidroit Treaty, Lima Declaration, Agenda 21 etc, etc.

All so called agreements like these outside Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act have no Crown and Constitutional Authority.

To enforce these agreements is Treason.

1959 December Political Parties took ownership of the Governor-General and Commander-in-Chief, therefore removing Crown Authority from all Commonwealth Acts forward. All Governor-Generals forward sit in Treason.

1962 Political Parties took Our Defence Forces to war against North Vietnam.

1965 every State Governor and Parliament joined the Commonwealth in creating the Dollar, Counterfeit to Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

All State Governors and all State Parliaments acted in Treason.

The Enacting Manner and form change, removed Crown and Constitutional Authority

1972 “Be it enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty, the Senate and the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Australia ..”

December 1972 to 1973, After the 1972 election, although the people of the Commonwealth of Australia were led to believe that their elected representatives would sit as Members of the House of Representatives in the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam and Deputy Prime Minister Lance Barnard, being two Members of a Political Party with its own Party’s Constitution and policies, were sworn in by Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck into 27 Portfolios of a duumvirate government, (“duumvirate” meaning a ministry of two).

However, all decisions made on and from 5th December 1972, were made contra to the people’s Founding and Primary “Law of the Commonwealth of Australia”, the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, as Proclaimed and Gazetted.

“BE IT THEREFORE enacted by the Queen, (Note: Most Excellent Majesty and Commonwealth removed) the Senate and the House of Representatives of Australia” Most Excellent Majesty, Royal Assent has been removed.

Commonwealth, Quick and Garrans Annotated Constitution (Cth) Page 927 Quote: “Attention is particularly drawn to this definition of Commonwealth, which is clear and unchallengeable, according to the express wording of the Preamble and the first six clauses of the Imperial Act.”

This is the start of the Treasonous Political Parties Cloning Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act to their Treason.

Therefore the Preamble and the first six Clauses are not consolidated forward.

This in FACT removed all living people and therefore creating all as Abstract.


Oxford Dictionary
abstract • adj theoretical
rather than physical.

Also does not consolidate “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” Oxford Dictionary consolidate • v. make stronger or more solid. Acts Interpretation Act 1973 No 79 changed the Constitutional and official definitions creating their own Abstract Australia or Commonwealth means their Commonwealth of Australia in Geographical Sense for their own private Company Commonwealth of Australia now registered in Washington DC (District of Columbia). This was done while sitting within the walls of OUR Parliament The Contrary intention has never appeared to this day. Click this button for PDF with full article


click image for link to article

Some points
to explain why
the 1901 is a fraud

1. There is only one commonwealth and that’s the commonwealth of great Britain of which Australia is a part.

It has a prime minister that is suppose to be put forward by Parliament to be approved by the governor general, the representative of the crown.

This means that Australia is under the governance of one system and cannot create its own commonwealth.

2. The royal prerogative to deny assent was removed in 1688 by Parliament through the creation of the bill of rights therefore Queen Victoria did not hold the authority of the people to grant assent to any commonwealth nation having their own constitution as she was a treasonous monarch.

So under the correct governing monarchy structure all fake constitutions are null and void.

3. The Magna Carta 1215 is a democratic common law constitution that recognises the people as the supreme judiciary and legislature meaning the people govern themselves through the independence of the jury the judge and annul government legislation.

4. The 1688 bill of rights took away jury independence so that a government dictatorship could be established..colonisation began 100 years later therefore the colonies were established on the principles of dictatorship.

5. The 1901 was written by British parliament (a dictatorship) that set up Australian parliament as the supreme judiciary see chapter 71 judicature act.

Any system that gives government the power to judge the legitimacy of it’s own legislation and the power to punish people into compliance is by definition a dictatorship.

6.Australia was setup as for profit outdoor prison whose largest revenue raiser was crime and prisons because administered by Parliament considering it gave itself the power to write and enforce legislation the interfered with peoples natural born rights.

7. Back in 1901 the people were ignorant and still are as to the meaning of democracy.

They were led to believe democracy was voting for two wings of the same bird with one agenda. By then voting in elections for a political party was well established therefore what the people accepted as democracy.

Consensus does not change the truth but it does become what is accepted as truth political parties only began to form prior to the creation of the bill of rights which signalled the shift of power away from the last governmental failsafe mechanism of the monarch (takes an oath to protect the rights of the people from government intrusion) denying assent to any legislation that infringes on the peoples rights.v

8. Government has the capacity to become criminal in nature by being influenced by private interests and the only mechanisms that prevent criminal government (royal prerogative and jury independence were removed in 1688.

9. By upholding the 1901 dictatorship people are saying they are bound to the ignorance of their forefathers to remain a prison colony under government dictatorship.

10. The word democracy means the people rule not the people vote for which flavour of slave master they want to be whipped by. Without jury independence the people are enslaved.

The 1901 is the antithesis of democracy and it’s time for Australians to mature by understanding the sins of the past so they can stop repeating them.

11. Magna Carta 1215 is a restatement of the democratic common law constitution that formed the construction of a nation state which was sealed in perpetuity making it the sole constitution for the entire British Commonwealth realm because a legitimate constitution imposes limits on what government can do not the people, so we need to take responsibility and use the standards government knows it’s bound to assert our natural born freedoms therefore liberating ourselves from government dictatorship.

Understanding the principles of democracy contained in the MC1215 is the only solution to getting government get out of our way and back to its intended purpose of keeping the power on and emptying the bins.

Federation of Australia

It’s said people get the
governments they deserve and
that fact is nowhere else
more applicable
than in Australia.

Since Whitlam sacked the Queen in 1973, all Australian governments then and since have been no more than an illegal bunch of crooks who have no right to be there.

People seem to think there’s a ‘Governor General’ representing the Queen in Australia.

There isn’t.

There can’t be if Australia is no longer part of any commonwealth.

Who these ‘Governor Generals’ are is a mystery – that’s probably why they don’t seem to actually DO anything.

Bob Hawke, (often very aggressive when he was drunk seemed to aspire to emulate Churchill with his capacity for booze), was also a traitor and finished the job in 1986, just 2 years before before the biggest stock-market crash since the depression.

A coincidence, what was going on in those times … ? 
who was actually running the financial world at that time … ?

we know now!

This video explains how the Australian Government stole our future, our rights, and a whole continent.

See the explanantion about how Australians have been screwed for decades, (along with the rest of the world),  and why Australia sent troops to war with Vietnam for no reason any sane person can understand.

Australians, it’s time we took our country back.

if we as a species don’t, globally, then what the controllers have in store for the world population including your children – won’t be worth living, if indeed they are.

The people who reckon they’re in charge who are doing no more than screwing us sideways have no right to be there – and are only there by our whimpering consent.

That’s why voting in ‘elections’ in Australia is compulsory – by doing so we give our consent for them to be there.

In the 1500s
the International Bar Association …
was created by the
Roman Vatican Empire
in collusion with the
Pope, Queen and Henry the VIII.

All lawyers swearing allegiance to The Bar work under direction of this Illuminati organization, meaning all courts were corrupted.

Every person who showed allegiance to The Bar was then a foreign entity who was trespassing on human rights.

These BAR associates, society and corporations have been working massive fraud under the cover of law for a long time throughout the world, in every country.


1. All government tiers, including Local Council are now inside the Parliament of the State of QLD

2. The public officials are not public officials of “the Crown” but public officials of “the State” of QLD


1. The British colonies in Australia were all independent, under military law.

2. In 1885, the independent states had interstate agreements for trade, etc under the Federal Councils of Australasia Act 1855.

3. As free settlers began to grow, the People decided to unite under one form of government.

4. 10 years of conventions and referendums culminated in the Draft Constitution of the People which went to England for ratification.
5. On July 9 1900, Queen Victoria signed the amended draft Constitution and returned it to Australia.

The people were not consulted or advised.

6. At this point a final referendum was required to acquire the agreement of the people to this amended Constitution.
7. This was not done, the heads of each independent colony instead agreed FOR AND ON BEHALF of the People.
8. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) was the result, brought into Australian law on 1 January 1901.
9. The first 8 clauses are British law.
10. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution starts at clause 9.
11. The Constitution lays out the rules and regulations under which Parliament may administer government to the People.
12. There are no entities known as a Prime Minister or a Premier to be found in the Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK).
13. As the Preamble states, the People agreed to be united under one indissoluble Commonwealth.
14. Therefore the people are the Commonwealth.
15. The Commonwealth is defined in the Constitution as a State.
16. Therefore the People of the Commonwealth are their “own” state.

17. Section 117 states, verbatim, that the People governed by the Queen (of the Constitution), and members of a state (of the Commonwealth), cannot have their rights removed by another state, (that perhaps being the state they physically live in), WITHOUT A REFERENDUM as mandated by Section 128 of our 1900 Constitution.

18. There has been no Referendum of the Sovereign People to approve any of these moves. This means they are Ultra Vires, an act beyond the powers or authority of the government.

It appears that the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900, ratified on 1 January 1901 is an act of the heads of the independent colonies of the Australian dominion, which means that the Constitution of the People is still a draft document.

As the people had formally agreed to this document, all state and federal government in Australia are in fact, a foreign entity to the rights of the people of the Commonwealth.

As our land ownership is a Deed in Trust and Equity with the Queen of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution (UK) 1900, a foreign government has no lawful right to step inside that Deed and remove rights inherent in it.

In order to do so, government have created registration processes that manipulate our agreement.

They have also created a new jurisdiction known as the Environment, with which they have enslaved the People as a plural, thereby creating legislation which enforces the People as an individual.

However, they have not asked our permission to create the form of government under which they now legislate OVER the People.

How did we let things get to this stage?
Is there anything we can do to stop the rot?

The first step towards fixing any problem is recognizing that there is a problem.

This video at the start of this article explains in detail.
It runs for an hour and explains exactly how
the Socialists traitors lurking among us have
set about to slowly but surely destroy our nation.

These are the monsters that
Australian Government works for.

Check this out.

Monster Club

Scott Morrison

Australian ex
Prime Minister

Daniel Andrews

‘Premier’ (Governor)


‘we know lockdowns work’


‘Chief’ Health Minister




(another) Health Minister




(original) Premier


Minister for Health


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