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Kim Goguen
Sunny Gault
Media Truths

Really, this discussion
tells it all about the media
aired 30th. January 2023

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Evidence that all
Main Stream Media
is scripted
and censored to suit
the narrative of it’s owners


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Fake media
They’ve been going it for years
and we fall for it.


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Having seen a lot of footage of the so-called Capitol riot; of Antifa breaking the windows, of cops waving protestors into the building, of the Horned Guy vamping inside and others, including Dr Simone Gold walking daintily between the velvet ropes across the Capitol Rotunda, I was convinced that it was a patriotic protest that had been infiltrated by paid Antifa.

My assessment solidified during the following weeks, given the way the criminal government flogged the event like it was 9/11 Part Two. This, in order to finance a Chinese-style surveillance state out of the most dystopian Hollywood thriller. Not to mention the extravagant histrionics of Rashida Tlaib and AOC.

The criminal media has made conflicting claims that 4 or 5 people died in the violence at the Capitol and we’ve also heard that three of these deaths were basically due to heart disease. Something definitely has seemed off about these reports.

Still, I had held out the possibility that the point blank shooting of Ashli Babbitt, the Trump-supporting Air Force veteran was real but after seeing this video, I am convinced otherwise.

Cutting together the copious cellphone footage from the scene, Wooz News makes a very strong case that the shooting of Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol on January 6th was an Obama Era-style, super fake false flag shooting, staged entirely with crisis actors, fake blood and fake glass.

Check it out and decide for yourself.

*** UPDATE ON APRIL 7, 2021
DC Medical Examiner Releases Causes of Death ***

The DC Medical Examiner today released the causes of death in US Capitol “Insurrection” but not yet for Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

No investigations have been released or facts given about what the DC Medical Examiner is calling the “homicide” of Ashli Bobbitt – who was unarmed – they still have not even released the name of the officer who fatally shot her in the neck at close range.

Four of the five who died were Trump supporters. Two died of heart attack, one of amphetamine poisoning and one from homicide – Ashli Babbitt.

All except for Babbitt’s deaths were ruled “natural” or “accident”.

Three months after the NY Times and the national press corps drowned US discourse over a month with a harrowing but false story about a pro-Trump mob bashing Officer Sicknick’s skull in with a fire extinguisher, they still can’t say what caused his death on Jan 7th.

Video - click image

Fake News can come in many formats

1. Incorrectly reporting events to suit a narrative.

2. Lying by omission – simply not not reporting on issues or events that cannot be distorted to report incorrectly.

For example, nowhere on MSM have any of the reports on adverse reaction to vaccines been reported.

One would reason that, even if they ultimately prove to be incorrect, people should be warned about possible problems.

Nowhere on MSM have any reports about increases in mortality, no matter what the cause.

Nowhere on MSM is it being reported about the effects of financial ruin or suicide caused by lockdowns.

3. Adjusting the reporting of a situation or conversation by editing events or conversations so they’re delivered completely out of context so as to distort the report into one that supports a desired narrative.

4. Media actually creates the news it reports on.

Example – many times reports of violence at protests has been recorded and reported by ‘outside’ file crews.

When those who was actually there are questioned they report that the media actually paid a small bunch of people to create violent scenes.

There have been many instances where online platforms like ‘Craigs List’ have been used to recruit crisis actors for protect marches in which other paid thugs create violent scenes for the media to record.

5. Sabotaging interviews recorded for TV or radio.

Simply altering interview discussion is easy.

TV interviews are notorious for this. Interviewees are recorded when they answer a question but the clip of their response is delivered in the report as if they answered a different question.

Also, an interviewee arrives at a TV station expecting to be interviewed on a particular subject but the interview takes a completely different approach or subject from what they was expecting.

Questions asked are ‘loaded’ so that no matter how the interviewee responds the final result played to an audience makes them look like a buffoon or complete contradiction to their real answer.

6. Government brings out legislation to censor news it doesn’t want to to see.

Yes – it does. 

See below.

Mindless viewers just accept the final result without question even when, sometimes, it doesn’t make sense.

People who still watch or read or listen to Main Stream Media could reasonably wonder why they stories they are exposed to are so biased. 

What is the ultimate agenda?

The problem is, it seems most people are too brainwashed, (literally), to do that.

There’s no hope for them and they’ll blindly lines themselves and their families up for whatever it is that’s coming.

The video above confirms
how a Main Stream Media organisation
is dealing with ‘News’ it wants to report on.

Video - click image

With the use of CGI,
the entire entertainment industry
has been one stage after another.

Take a closer look at the previous shows on TV. Using advanced technology to render faces using software specifically designed to create the perfect illusion.

That which you thought you saw on TV, was never real – it’s all been an entire X Files Season 10 scam to the American people.

Take a look, for a moment – and realize the deception ran deep.

After 1999, THEY used stages, scripts, artificial intelligence, CGI, doubles – anything to keep THEIR deception going.

Take a look at the motion of the hair movement, facial expressions, unnatural body movement – look closer upon the details and the entire charade falls apart.

My Fellow Americans, It’s Time To #StandUp and #FightBack.

There’s footage of 9/11 without the planes but with explosions, why?

Simple – layers that allow the video editor flexibility in their illusions.

As we initiate Phase IlI, the CGI Masks come off.

The Truth Is A Force Of Nature.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

Video - click image

message on Telegram

… so true however it will not happen until the white hats take over the media.

Many still think the media is gospel.

They don’t have a clue so how do expect them to believe us and wake up.

I thought I was getting credible information of which I shared for hours everyday with people on facebook.

I have been called every name in the book and told I need mental meds because not one date, not one thing that I posted came true.

I don’t post as much as I did before as I have no credibility…we were lied to since the day we were born and as much as I hate to say this, nothing has changed.

How many times has Trump/white hats say people will not believe what they can’t see?

They can’t see Fauci being arrested and hung so the vaccines are still being pushed.

Doctors and hospitals where I live are being paid to give the jab when a person has a procedure.

I know I have ulcers and H pylori due to all the stress.

I am sick and can get help.

My doctor had me scheduled for an endoscopy and I heard him all excited as he had me sign the form.

The form had in micro lettering
that signing of the form
granted their doctors to give me
experimental drugs
if they deemed necessary.

God gave me the ears to hear what he said and the wisdom to realize what was going on.

We 100 percent need to band together but again the media and Biden need to go.

Our farmers need to be taken care of so they can work on the soil to remove the poisons these no good bastards have sprayed on God’s Earth.

We have been told about med beds but more is talked about buying all this Trump memorabilia and people telling us how rich we will be if we buy it…I know he has nothing to do with it but it needs to stop.

Everyday more people are dying who could be saved.

Its time to bring all the lies to the surface.

People won’t wake up when they are hidden.

I believe in God and am so very grateful for President Trump, VP Kennedy, our military generals, our guys who have gone in these tunnels and saved lived while fighting for their own.

Our space Force, the Galactic Federation and lightworkers who have come here to help us save Earth…God Bless every one of them and there are no words we can say for giving us life that was going to be taken away…

Please give our nation a chance to come together and show those who don’t have a clue.

We that do know will help others get thru this but its time that we need help too.

Please, its time…we have alot of work to be done to make Mother Earth back to the beautiful rich soils she once had…

God Bless each and every person on God’s earth ready to fight evil….Its time!

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5G & COVID-19

Follows are some instances
of major lies we’ve been told
that have affected our lives

who does it benefit?
follow the money

This is how MSM is used
to control us completely.

Individually, we have no voice.

If we made so much noise as to become a nuisance to our government, you can bet the FIRST act of aggression against us would be for MSM to ridicule us.

Video - click image

Tartarian Truthers Episode 17
Flood Zone Australia

Rain bombs, super charged climate events, weather modification?

What’s really going on?

Video - click image

New South Wales Premier (governor)
Dominic Perrotett
just publicly admitted
the QR Codes mandates
was just a media stunt!

Is Donald Trump
still alive?

While this may seem absurd, there are suggestions that the Donald Trump we see in public are NOT the real-deal.

Look at any rally – and there seem to be 2 or 3 different ‘Trumps’ delivering the rally speech.

As, it seems, USA elections were rigged – Why hasn’t Trump made any effort to get himself re-inaugurated?

Maybe because the Trumps we see are body-doubles, clones or actors.

Trump was reknowned for doing shonky business deals, not paying his bills and being part of Mafia families – and was relatively unknown in 1989 as being anything other than an opportunist.

Maybe a Mafia family decided he was showing no respect and he’d crossed the line and decided to make an example.

You decide.

Bernie’s dead (again)

Shooter changed shoes?

Nashville shooting is a hoax planned
by Freemasons to push gun control

It’s all adding up, from her allegedly killing 3 kids and 3 adults (33) to the school address number that starts with 33 and Ukrainian flag T shirt, to the shape shifting shoes we are seeing.

One video the shoes is a “Puma Suede”, the next it’s “vans old skool”. Also she’s wearing black and white clothes including the shoes.

It is impossible for all these freemasonic symbols to align together, unless this was clearly planned out to push gun control.

Anyone lost a bomb?

Video - click image

Washington Capitol ‘Riots’
Another media stunt!

click image for video


Hit Pieces

How the media works

Hit pieces on Aussie Cossack
for reporting pro-Russia news

This is what happens when an independent journalist like Aussie Cossack exposes the Australian Doherty Institute’s links to NATO funded Biological Weapons Laboratories.

🔴The Daily Mail will pay dearly for their attacks on my family, I will be pursuing them for defamation.

🔴My wife did not take a restraining order on me, it was done by the police as a form of harassment against me after a nosey neighbour told police “they heard shouting from our apartment”.

🔴This restraining order is not court imposed, my wife and I oppose this and will be fighting this in court.

🔴I expect a full and public apology from Candace Sutton from the Daily Mail once this matter has been quashed.

🔴This latest hit piece from the Daily Mail is desperate and childish. Instead of reporting the real news they target and defame those independent journalists that do.

🔴Shame on you Daily Mail (

PS. Candice Sutton is the same journalist who has been caught loitering on CCTV outside my house without invitation or prior agreement.

Here’s another one

Aussie Cossack reckons he got
a lucrative business suing the media.

article - click image

US Government gave $1billion of
tax payers money
to the mainstream media to
falsely promote
Covid-19 Vaccines

WTC – North Tower Collapse


Never seen before videos of
COORDINATED explosions

who did it benefit?
follow the money

WTC 9/11

What really happened?

exploding floors
no planes

Some videos that reasonable people
might consider cast some doubt
on the official story.


Mind Control

You should be aware that the most effective prisons are made of beliefs and not stone or steel.

The most effective mind-control tool on the planet today is television.

Those who control the television content can control your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes, and your expectations.

Television was invented as a method of control. Repetition is key to believing something is true. TV works on this principal.

It is structured in a repetitious way: Flashy INTRO, then SHOW/NEWS, flashy OUT, COMMERCIAL, REPEAT.

Within the commercials and TV programming (notice how they even call it programming) the same messages are repeated time and time again.

This is social engineering. “Illuminati” are able to dictate cultural norms and trends through TV repetition.

They appeal to your most base desires like sex and food so your mind is constantly in lust, never able to think for itself.

Nervous system manipulation
by electromagnetic fields from monitors:

US Patent: US6506148 –
Hacking into your mind using LCD screens


Children are most susceptible.

Monkey see monkey do.

The media has been becoming more and more sexually explicit over the years and their target audience keeps getting younger.

The sooner they can hook somebody, the deeper their agenda of mindlessness for the average citizen can drive into the brain, and the harder it is for the individual to undo the programming.

The mainstream media continuously feeds viewers fear-related stories.


Because when people live in fear they are much more easily mind manipulated and their behaviours controllable and predictable.

When people live in fear, they are much more likely to trade freedom for security.

TV commercials commonly show a group of friends living the fictitious life that many viewers would like to be living.

The actors have above average looks and strongly imply both financial and sexual success.

The overall goal of television is to produce a consumer mentality that is even more easily manipulated by the next artificially created crisis.

Television is like the fluoride in your toothpaste and in your drinking water, despite numerous studies that indicate that fluoride is a neurotoxin.

Presently, our collective, mass consciousness has been Poisoned.

Collectively, humanity is in deep suffering and cognitive dissonance because we are indoctrinated.

Conditioned into “believing” that somehow our behaviours, our systems of control (finance, government and religion) are necessary to prevent chaos.

Humanity has been led astray from the perfect KOSMOS that is inherent in the vast Universe.

For a comprehensive understanding as to how we, as individuals are responsible for the environment in which we live, simply by complying with the demands of those who call themselves “Authority”, and then learn real world “how to” METHODS how to take that power back into yourself.

We can not possibly, as an intelligent species, expect to manifest solutions to the suffering in the world if we continue operating on the same level of consciousness that created the problem.

What we need, to rectify the damage done, is to “become the change we wish to see in the world”.

This is accomplished, not by doing anything extra.

No, it is accomplished by Stopping the behaviours that facilitate the growing of the problem.

Saying No to immoral orders issued by people who wish to control us through fear.

Ever notice how the news is always bad? We are kept in a state of panic.

We then act with emotion instead of logic, and constantly look for comfort.

Many are in a perpetual state of adolescence, unable to think for themselves. They turn to the comfort of the digital family.

Digital dad who’s been right there in the living room with you every night will tell you what to think.

You’ve probably heard “consciousness gurus” tell you not to watch television.

Here’s why they say that.

Television is a phenomenal tool for mind control because it significantly influences and often dominates the mind of the viewer.

Words: Viewers listen to the thoughts, beliefs and verbal expressions of those whose voices are broadcast over television;

Sounds: Viewers hear sounds depicting actual sounds heard in the external world;

Pictures: Viewers see visual images and scenes from the real external world;

True stories: Viewers hear and see news stories and in-depth reports about actual events — events the likes of which they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives;

Dramatic Representations: Viewers see dramatic depictions of all kinds of things they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives.

Commercials: Viewers hear and see thousands of brief messages intentionally designed to influence their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations, and to change their behavior.

Feelings: These words, sounds, pictures, and dramatic representations often generate strong feeling (internal emotions). This combination of words, sounds, pictures, and the high emotion they generate strongly influence the viewers.


First, we have to recognize that there does exist a problem.

Next, we have to make an accurate diagnosis of the causal factors that put the problem into effect.

Then we must take action to rectify the causes.

This is called the 3 step problem solving process.

In society today, and in the generations past, mankind has only been focusing on “symptoms”; the alleviation of arising symptoms.

We have not been striking at the root cause that put the problem into effect.

And for any student of history, anthropology, social science, or philosophy, an honest look into the methods by which Man has arrived to where we are at, one should notice it all boils around control and domination.

The concept of authority and whether or not it is a “natural” concept should become the question that we all ask ourselves.

Do we have any Right to cause harm to another sentient being?

Sadly, some people will say that we do.

They will also say that the “ends justify the means”.

Inherently however, when we listen to that small still voice inside called conscience, it is screaming that taking that action will burn us… but we do it anyway.

Is that called insanity or what?

The group of people who want to tout themselves as representatives of truth and “real news”, are in bed with the CIA, still mostly likely to this day.

It’s official in the 50, 60, and 70s through a long running Operation Mockingbird to pay heads of major media companies to influence the minds of the public as propagandists and gatekeepers for the establishment.

They manipulate data, twist and spin things to create narratives for people to accept about what is happening in reality.

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