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“Let me tell you why you’re here…

You’re here because you know something.

What you know you can’t explain,
but you feel it.

You felt it your entire life
that there’s something very wrong with the world.

You don’t know what it is—but it’s there,
like a splinter in your mind,
driving you mad…”.

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Evidence that all
Main Stream Media
is scripted
and censored to suit
the narrative of it’s owners

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Fake News can come in many formats

1. Incorrectly reporting events to suit a narrative.

2. Lying by omission – simply not not reporting on issues or events that cannot be distorted to report incorrectly.

For example, nowhere on MSM have any of the reports on adverse reaction to vaccines been reported.

One would reason that, even if they ultimately prove to be incorrect, people should be warned about possible problems.

Nowhere on MSM have any reports about increases in mortality, no matter what the cause.
Nowhere on MSM is it being reported about the effects of financial ruin or suicide caused by lockdowns.

3. Adjusting the reporting of a situation or conversation by editing events or conversations so they’re delivered completely out of context so as to distort the report into one that supports a desired narrative.

4. Media actually creates the news it reports on.

Example – many times reports of violence at protests has been recorded and reported by ‘outside’ file crews. When those who was actually there are questioned they report that the media actually paid a small bunch of people to create violent scenes.

There have been many instances where online platforms like ‘Craigs List’ have been used to recruit crisis actors for protect marches in which other paid thugs create violent scenes for the media to record.

5. Sabotaging interviews recorded for TV or radio.

Simply altering interview discussion is easy.

TV interviews are notorious for this. Interviewees are recorded when they answer a question but the clip of their response is delivered in the report as if they answered a different question.

Also, an interviewee arrives at a TV station expecting to be interviewed on a particular subject but the interview takes a completely different approach or subject from what they was expecting.

Questions asked are ‘loaded’ so that no matter how the interviewee responds the final result played to an audience makes them look like a buffoon or complete contradiction to their real answer.

6. Government brings out legislation to censor news it doesn’t want to to see.

Yes – it does. 

See below.

Mindless viewers just accept the final result without question even when, sometimes, it doesn’t make sense.

People who still watch or read or listen to Main Stream Media could reasonably wonder why they stories they are exposed to are so biased. 

What is the ultimate agenda?

The problem is, it seems most people are too brainwashed, (literally), to do that.

There’s no hope for them and they’ll blindly lines themselves and their families up for whatever it is that’s coming.

The video above confirms
how a Main Stream Media organisation
is dealing with ‘News’ it wants to report on.

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5G & COVID-19

Follows are some instances
of major lies we’ve been told
that have affected our lives

who does it benefit?
follow the money

This is how MSM is used
to control us completely.

Individually, we have no voice.

If we made so much noise as to become a nuisance to our government, you can bet the FIRST act of aggression against us would be for MSM to ridicule us.

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Tartarian Truthers Episode 17
Flood Zone Australia

Rain bombs, super charged climate events, weather modification?

What’s really going on?

Video - click image

New South Wales Premier (governor)
Dominic Perrotett
just publicly admitted
the QR Codes mandates
was just a media stunt!

Bernie’s dead (again)

Anyone lost a bomb?

Video - click image

Washington Capitol ‘Riots’
Another media stunt!

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Hit Pieces

How the media works

Hit pieces on Aussie Cossack
for reporting pro-Russia news

This is what happens when an independent journalist like Aussie Cossack exposes the Australian Doherty Institute’s links to NATO funded Biological Weapons Laboratories.

🔴The Daily Mail will pay dearly for their attacks on my family, I will be pursuing them for defamation.

🔴My wife did not take a restraining order on me, it was done by the police as a form of harassment against me after a nosey neighbour told police “they heard shouting from our apartment”.

🔴This restraining order is not court imposed, my wife and I oppose this and will be fighting this in court.

🔴I expect a full and public apology from Candace Sutton from the Daily Mail once this matter has been quashed.

🔴This latest hit piece from the Daily Mail is desperate and childish. Instead of reporting the real news they target and defame those independent journalists that do.

🔴Shame on you Daily Mail (

PS. Candice Sutton is the same journalist who has been caught loitering on CCTV outside my house without invitation or prior agreement.

Here’s another one

Aussie Cossack reckons he got
a lucrative business suing the media.

article - click image

US Government gave $1billion of Tax Payers Money
to the Mainstream Media to
falsely promote Covid-19 Vaccines

WTC – North Tower Collapse


Never seen before videos of
COORDINATED explosions

who did it benefit?
follow the money

WTC 9/11

What really happened?

exploding floors
no planes

Some videos that reasonable people
might consider cast some doubt
on the official story.

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