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Patriot Panic as many believe the convoy to Texas is a set up for the FBI to stage another false flag event and blame Maga and Patriots.

Green Beret DOC Chambers gave a strong statement saying >Green Berets + Navy Seals will be at the Texas border and they are facilitating the events with the police,, sheriff and INTELLIGENCE to secure a safe gathering on the Texas Border.

(It’s known that the FBI and deep state government intelligence agencies with CIA use _PATCOM operations to set false flag events that blame the events on U.S. civilians.)

WACO FBI event that killed and burned innocent woman and children to death was a PATCOM [DS] ops

The Oklahoma bombings was a PATCOM ops by the FBI / CIA

Many more – other PATCOM ops

January 6 was a _PATCOM [DSs] operations with FBI/CIA/ highest levels in the government operations

So there is justified panic in the conservative community on the deep state planning to stage PATCOM operations
( False flag event) to blame Maga and Patriots for a civil war set off.

Unfortunately bravery is the only way to stand up to the corruption and “Green Berets + Navy Seal” are there to help facilitate a peaceful outcome.

Currently Intelligence is already identifying several people and groups that are already there to stir up problems (they were sent by deep state directives)

It is very important for Patriots and Trump supporters to understand these coming next 11 months are vital for Americans to rise against the UN [ DAVOS] [ CIA] [ CABAL] through the world and many fronts including operations on the Texas Borders.

This year is a powerful year where U.S. Patriots must pick powerful moments to stand physically in demonstration and give their credence and voice inside actual demonstrations and movements.

This same Bravery of standing against the system is also going to happen in Europe on a massive level.




So be very careful and use your wisdom in this time as you BRAVE THE STORM and navigate through the EVENTS to help the world come back into balance inside the Storm my dear friend, Patriots and ANONS


The news is fake. The war is real.

Inside the Storm the rising of world citizens and movements is vital in standing against the elite globalist corruption that controls the systems.

Stay strong dear Patriots as we come into a powerful hard year of The Great Awakening Movement.

White Hats, [03-Feb-24 4:16 AM]
Bioclandestin channel


Just when I thought the Biden regime couldn’t get any more stupid, they bring John Podesta back into the spotlight.

Why would they make it this easy for us?

Biden just brought in the ringleader of the satanic pedos.

Given the Epstein files coming out, this might be the dumbest thing the Deep State could have done.

Now citizen journalists are going to recirculate all of his pedophile/satanic activity.

But most importantly, we have the free speech platform to do it, and the influence/reach to make a significant impact on public perception.

They can’t censor us now thanks to Elon.

Now we are going to be pumping out red-pills about the Podestas, making Biden’s optics even worse.

It’s like Zelensky promoting Marina Abramović to oversee school construction in Ukraine.

They are making it blatantly obvious where their allegiance lies, confirming they are evil.

It’s time to red-pill the public on the Podestas.

It’s time to dive back down maybe the most disturbing rabbit hole there is… I’ve been dreading the day I would have to do this, but it must be done.

Stay tuned.

White Hats, [03-Feb-24 4:17 AM]
I had DROPped this important info last year;

John Podesta is going to come back, and Seth Rich Is going to come back and everything will be exposed.

It’s all happening and going to grow into a massive story!

Sometimes you really have to wonder why Q knew we were watching a movie.

I have been telling you for a long time… A lot of deep state people actors are being forced to play out their final parts.

They are are being Forced by Military operations connected to DEVOLUTION PLAN

I have been telling you a lot of the play by play CABLES happening.

Long before anyone was talking of nuclear EVENTS or blackouts or Twitter being captured by USSF / MUSK MILITARY INTEL and much much much….

This year is the year Adrenochrome is going to be LEAKED into the world wide public sectors . .. And will connect to the understanding of over 8 million missing children yearly!

Human trafficking is the real Pandemic!

That’s why Trump initiated Executive Orders to combat the crisis but also installed covert military operations to bring down world operations in an 8 years Q cycle.

Why do you think the worlds biggest pedophile and child trafficker EPSTEIN was arrested under the TRUMP administration?

How does the CIA ( Bush’s). MOSSAD. Mi6. Globalist. CLINTONS. DAVOS.WEF. UN. + ETC+ all fit into Adrenochrome harvesting and human trafficking ring and pedophila ring?

The 33 rd degree Masons/ Kazarians at the highest levels who created world war 1 and World War 2 and funded Hitler with U.S. money
(this can still be Google and is inside United States archives) by Prescott Bush (Bush family) and by U.S. backs and UK. (ROCKEFELLERS. JP Morgan. ROTHSCHILDS banking sectors, wall Street etc.)

After these assholes funded Hitler and war 1 & 2, they also created The United Nations and the plans were laid out at Bohemian Grove California by Globalist at pedophile and human trafficking parties that only included men ( now it’s proven bohemian grove satanic cult parties and child sacrifice rituals exist for over 130 with world elites and presidents prime ministers and major cotps.)…

The United Nations was created for several reasons including a world Money laundering operations to creating protection laws for Globalist or their corporations having diplomatic immunity ( they can’t be arrested or investigated…. example Pfizer working with UN ) …

It was planned that WW2 would be stopped by the UN which would then come in as the savior of the world. ..

And three years later the UN created Israel (large parts of the plan of creating Israel dates back to 33rd Masons in 1800s who wanted to create Israel to bring war into the middle East and hoped to destroy Israel through planned wars with the Muslim world.

After the destruction of Israel the idea was for a savior United Alliance by the cabal (future United Nations) to bring in a one world government through the destruction and war of the middle East that killed all the Jews in Israel.

Now their plan is still happening as they try to bring a massive nuclear event to Israel and try to unite the world against the middle East and the U.S. try to retake control of the middle east oil (this plan is no longer working and falling apart).

But there are many many factors why The United Nations was created by the Kazarians fake northern Jews (ROTHSCHILDS/ ROCKERFELLERS) who stole the identity of the real Jews ……

There are allot of parts to this story including why ROTHSCHILDS funded Ghislain Maxwells father who worked for MI6. MOSSAD and CIA

But this this story focus is to Adrenochrome, John Podesta. Hillary ROCKEFELLER CLINTON and human/ child trafficking industry.

So the Adrenaline sack in the body is shaped like triangle /_\ there is two of them .

A rectangle has 3 sides.

The illuminati hand symbol with both hands makes a triangle.

But if you separate the joined hands and show only one hand.

You have a Goat feet ( Leonard Nimoy – Spok- hand gesture is the goat feet and he got this idea from Rabbi

Which is the old hand symbol of the Jewish (mainly the Kazar Jews ) …pop culture tries to succeed these goat hand symbols to the Aries goat symbolism…but the real truth is biblical.

And dates back to Samaria times and sacrifices of goats and drinking the blood in rituals.

Through dark ceremonies connected to Bali Moloch God of child sacrifice and Satanic rituals for evil spiritual guidance or was revealed to them that brutal torcher of humans and children and drinking their blood elevated their satanic spiritual insights.

What was really happening was the Adrenaline sack was producing high amounts of adrenaline and the body was releasing massive amounts of Dopamine, serotonin and at the same time inside the Satanic Torture ritual before death the Penal gland was releasing DMT compounds (DMT is the chemical that makes you dream and also the part of the brain that gives spiritual awareness and intuition in consciousness….. DMT is also found in nature in Ayahuasca plants used for hallucinogenic attributes )…. The mixture of the DMT., Large amounts of Adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin in the blood and Penal gland (3rd eye) is what the CABAL, satanic dark descendants of Cain drank and craved. . Adrenochrome.

This why 33rd Masons highest levels have the Satanic book of Satan and killing is required to enter the Top level (the lower levels of the world 33rd freeMason society are unaware of what they are actually following)

The star of David is two Triangles 3 and 3 upon each other.

The old Jewish hand symbol as Leonard Nimoy confirms come from the Jews old tradition society is that of he goat feet.

The 3rd eye of the Penal gland is the most valuable commodity of the the ELITES and highest levels of 33rd degree Masons that control and created the United Nations and U.S. Federal reserves ( eye on the money symbol) …..

Now you know why MILLIONS OF MISSING CHILDREN EXIST AND [DS] Mil.intell protects the Globalist.

Now you know why TRUMP is going after the Satanic forces and swamp.

John Podesta is intentionally being pushed back into the spotlight for a reason and military white HATS operations are going to EXPOSE the DARK secrets of the child pedophile trafficking ring and Satanic rituals of the Elites Globalist

EPSTEIN is a huge huge key….

You have more than you know Patriots!!!

Exposing the UN is vital and their connection to the human trafficking through the Southern borders.

Your time to fight the for the children of the world is now and stand up against the comfort corrupt CABAL deep state satanic system.

(This post is not against the Real Jewish people who have been infiltrated by the satanic cabal for thousands of years and now being exploited by Globalist…….

More over almost all societies have been infiltrated by the CABAL and thus the reason for military COUPs through the world and corrupt systems in line with hidden human/ child sex trafficking and torture rings of Millions of missing yearly)

The Great Awakening is much more than
geopolitics and the exposure of corruption
and deep state agenda…
Its connected to Infinite knowledge

Golden knowledge of the Light…

Holy water. 

Water has existed for Quintillions of years of creation here in our universe and different universe’s and different dimensions of the past, present and future moments. Scientist still can not really understand water and the Quantum movements of water and especially the full connection water has to the body , mind and (spirit). The Sacredness of water in the human body is connected to time travel. Infinity. For centuries it was believed that matter can only exist in three states. Such as water, which can exist as liquid, ice, and vapor. Human cells are seventy percent water but most of this water is not in any of these three states. We have recently learned that with water, there is a fourth state. This fourth state is called the plasma state, gel phase, exclusion zone or structured water. And this is what pushes your blood through the entire cardiovascular system. Fueled by Infrared energy from its environment, the water in our body becomes an electrical propulsion system. A certain percentage of the water in our body becomes structured water, and the rest remains normal liquid water, or bulk water. The structured water becomes negatively charged and forms the gelatinous outer walls of our capillaries, veins, and arteries. These negatively charged outer walls continuously propel the positively charged bulk water within, carrying the blood with it. This propulsion system will run indefinitely so long as it stays charged. And the way you charge it, is with the earth’s electromagnetic field, infrared energy, and positive thought The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto has scientifically demonstrated that water exposed to loving human words and thoughts is transformed into its natural hexagonal shape. It becomes structured at a molecular level based on our positive intention. This new model shows that it is the blood that pumps the heart, not the other way around. And in order to keep the flow strong and healthy, our best medicine is to connect to the earth, get sunlight, love ourselves, and love one another with physical touch. This shows that it is the blood that pumps the heart, not the other way around. And in order to keep the flow strong and healthy, our best medicine is to connect to the earth, get sunlight, love ourselves, and love one another with physical touch. Gold in it’s purest form does not appear to be gold at all. Under the right conditions, normal physical gold can be transformed into a fine white powder known as monoatomic gold. This monoatomic gold has been studied by multiple advanced laboratories and it has very strange properties. It can be made to levitate and disappear. Monoatomic gold is superconductive. One of the ways of turning metallic gold into monoatomic gold is by putting it through a high-speed vortex. When this transformation occurs, there is a flash of light, and a forty-four percent loss in weight. The trace amounts of gold in our blood is transformed into monoatomic gold as it travels through the double vortices in the heart. Creating the spark of life,.. This vortex system creates an energetic field around the heart. ☝️ ( This information is shared from Doctors and several renouned scientists across the world) __ NOW_in several CLASSIFIED studies happening for centuries and current century the power of Plasma water and monoatomic gold in the body is known to create the Energy and spark of life connected to INFINITE energy and Quantum fields that connects multiple dimensions . The vortex around the heart moves through the entire body and quadrillions of water molecules in the human cells can be activated for healing properties, connecting and changing molecular structures of the universe and connected to time travel at Quantum levels. Join @WhiteHatsQ White Hats, [03-Feb-24 4:38 AM] The knowledge of Jesus and many known and unknown, unnamed Masters all understood the sacredness of the body and prayed to the water. They all knew anything is possible by the creation of the divine. Tesla accidentally tapped into this knowledge in his classified experiments and this was part of the reason he was killed. The Nazis classified projects were deep into the vortex of the heart and human body and how monatomic gold levitated. Several classified military projects through the world know the TRUTH of what’s hidden in Antarctica , South Western United States, Old Palestine Samar regions and several places through the world. There is a reason the deep state poisoned the water with chemicals and chlorine through the world that deactivates the holy water plasma field….. But with sacred prayers and belief and FAITH the structure of Water Molecules activate. This is why their is a war for your mind and a war for your DNA. You are Sacred. The Great Awakening . God wins. Those who have passed on have experienced the next chapters of creation and the ways of Water ( Quantum). Earth ( forever vibrating energy Fields in different forms) Wind ( the breath of life and movement) Fire LIGHT ( Forever the spark of life INFINITE) Stay strong Patriots you have much more than you know. WwG1WGA Join @WhiteHatsQ White Hats, [03-Feb-24 8:05 PM] Warning ⚠️ The inner >War inside the U.S. Intelligence agencies is reaching an all time high as the NSA leaks FBI memo to Texas Border agents and Intelligence on the Border< The FBI memo is a fake BLACK FLAG, PATCOM Operations that is using FAR RIGHT EXTREMIST WHITE SUPREMEST ( Most likey CIA>MK-ultra goons ) to attack the migrants and U.S. border patrol to stage a false flag event that will lead to Biden and deep state blaming Patriots, Maga and Trump supporters for the [ ds] event.

From the highest levels inside the U S. Intelligence agencies they are sending warnings to the border patrol and high level sources through the governments.

The fbi memo leak is causing chaos inside the intelligence agencies

( It’s well known through the military intelligence and 3 letter agencies that The Storm and Arrest wars are coming)

At the same time the NSA has denied the Biden administration and the CIA Pentagon against using their facial recognition systems ( that have already been abused in the January 6 FBI false flag PATCOM operations illegally)

The deep state Narration has begun as MSM News outlets start pushing the civil war narration and twisting stories that Colonial Pete Chambers is a Green Beret and leading white extremists to hunt down immigrants and start civil war against the Biden administration.

Hundreds of liberal news outlets are pushing the same CIA MOCKINGBIRD narration.


Major panic inside the FBI as LEAKS continue and the January 6 pipe bombs saga unfolds as false flag events that are staged by the FBI >>>> THE PIPE BOMBS ARE FBI SPECIALTY With their own special SIGNATURE in the way the bomb is created  military specialist, analysis and intelligence agencies ask know the pipe bombs are FBI Training special made pipe bombs.

Intelligence communities have already identified the person who left the bombs as an FBI correspondent

Lots is happening in the U.S. the deep state cabal prepare to create near civil war EVENTS, this all comes as CIA Ukraine Proxy war fails and Russian military has annihilated the CIA/NATO operations

(Now UN/DAVOS / NATO is begging the EU to create a military to fight Russia …

Unfortunately EU intelligence and several secretaries of defence have given military assessments that the EU counties are out of ammunition and munitions…

This all comes as NATO has failed to produce the one million a month ammunition productions and less than 20% has been produced….
Ukraine is holding billions of U S.

And EU tax dollars…

But have no place to buy ammunition and more over the Ukraine military has nearly been wiped out and the last of reserves are being used (pulling people off the streets to fight.. Young and Old)

Major panic in the United Nations as U.S. military assessment and war gaming operations and simulation war with Iran is a negative out come.

Iran has over 40,000,000 million men willing to fight, and Iran military is highly advanced with weapons and has some of the highest military ammunition stock reserves in the world.

Turkey, Russia, China will back Iran and Saudi Arabia will completely shut off the U.S. from oil

WIRES]]; Intelligence reports state that the non jurisdiction of the U.S. military illegally stationed in Syria is where the U.S. soldiers came from. They were not part of the U.S. military base in Jordan
(MASSIVE COVER UP is happening in the U.S. military with Biden administration and CIA [ DS] NEWS agencies pushing the False stories )///
Several colonials in the U S. have an stated that Iran would not use drones to attack as Iran has some of the most advanced weapon systems in the world and the drones strike were made by local militia’s.

🔥 Panic in the Pentagon/ CIA as the U.S. military stock reserve is reaching all time low and ask war assessment confirms Russian, Iran can easily take control of the black sea. Mediterranean and red sea…

🔥 MAJOR PANIC as Turkey Military mulls over intervening in the U.S. attempt at world war 3 operations. //// Cables]] indicate Turkey sent strong warnings to UK not to intervene in the U.S. Iran situation.

>] Behind the scenes >]!: Cheyenne mnt. And Military white hats+ TRUMP are STAGING for the perfect moment to bring EPSTEIN SAGA MORE INTO THE LIGHT//)/


[they] are trying so desperately to start world war 3 and U.S. civil war to suppress EPSTEIN>/ UN) / CIA PENTAGON EXPOSURE and more

Stay safe Patriots if you are in Texas. California and New Mexico standing with Take Back Our Border movement.
(White Hats in the NSA and different agencies are trying hard with military and ex military to facilitate Texas operations and they are behind the scenes sending warnings and also warning FBI not to facilitate a black flag PATCOM operations.)

Allot happening behind the scenes

White Hats, [04-Feb-24 12:47 AM]

MAJOR DIVISION GROWS IN THE GOVERNMENT< (This now being reported by growing MSM outlets) I had long ago been giving you inside DROPS on the division and growing COUP in Ukraine happening against the Zelensky regime NOW_escalation grows inside the DIVISION Of THE UKRAINE GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY *Top Ukrainian General’s Conflict With Zelensky On Display In CNN Op-Ed Amid persistent more-than-rumors that Ukraine’s President Zelensky is trying to fire his defense chief, Gen. Valerii Zaluzhny, CNN has given the embattled general op-ed space to speak some things that are certain to pour fuel to the fire. Prior international reports, including in CNN, said that on Monday Zelensky asked his top general to step down. Zaluzhny reportedly refused. We earlier asked the question, is there a brewing mutiny as the split between the military leadership and Zelensky administration grows wider? In Zaluzhny’s CNN op-ed, published late in the day Thursday, the top general has continued saying things which run afoul of Zelensky’s more positive, rosy narrative as the latter desperately tries to attract more Western weaponry and funding, at a moment many European nations are struggling with >DEPLETED DOMSTIC STOCKPILES< “We must contend with a reduction in military support from key allies, grappling with their own political tensions,” Zaluzhny writes. “Our partners’ stocks of missiles, air defense interceptors and ammunition for artillery is becoming exhausted, due to the intensity of hostilities in Ukraine, but also from a global shortage of propellant charges.” Meanwhile, Bloomberg too is acknowledging the open divisions _General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi is a national hero for Ukrainians. But two years into the war, setbacks on the battlefield and political jealousies in the capital have soured his relationship with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. This week, the president tried — and failed — to force out his commander-in-chief, pulling back the curtain on a damaging rift at the heart of the Ukraine war effort. _____ I had just DROPped information that NATO had failed in trying to produce 1 million ammunitions a month in their operations. And hit less than 20% percent Mark

(Now Top NATO official pushes the Russia war to 20 years ahead)

Israel running out of ammo as they moved the past 2 years most of their military stock reserve’s to Ukraine

UNITED STATES at so time low in military stock reserve’s
Hmmmmm… Just like Q The Storm Rider has been saying for the years is happening and now U.S. colonials are calling NATO a collapsed Alliance and the UN/ U S. [ DS] MILITARY TO INVADE MIDDLE EAST A PAPER TIGER

Real TRUTH… Iran doesn’t want war and is surging in economic boom and Saudi Arabia is helping pulling strings to COLLAPSE THE UNITED NATIONS W/ TRUMP+ MILITARY INTEL OPS.

It’s all happening.

How do you think I knew the War in Ukraine was going to erupt long before anyone knew what was really happening in 2020 and how the EVENTS were going to trigger NUCLEAR Standoff>coming//// and I have been giving you the CABLES of the Middle East war that was going to erupt long before msm or any other outlets was really talking about.////

It’s hard for the normies to understand how EPSTEIN connects to all the chaos happening… But I have been telling you back then.. EPSTEIN was going to trigger the WARS

>[ CIA] [ MOSSAD] [ MI6] [ UN] [ GLOBALIST][ +]

How did Cheyenne mountain get a hold of reading the future. The travel tech.> Infinit energy. /)) > Looking glass/ / / CLASSIFIED time warp/ travel operations.

What’s under the undiscovered oceans and Earth.

Why is Antarctic so important?

Why did the Roman Catholic leaders remove large parts of the Bible around year 300?

What is the SOURCE?


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