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The Biggest Banking Scam
Explained in 7 minutes

Banks are here to help you SAVE money.

Whoever thought that one up deserves a Nobel prize in advertising BS.

Never before in the history of the world has there ever been set up an institution designed to keep you poor and indebted all your life, (and, by default, enslaved), as the banking industry.

This page will endeavor to demonstrate/illustrate how the illusion is done.

There is so much information about how we’re being screwed by banks, this page has the potential to become huge so some thought is being put in as to how to keep it logical.

To Add to this
get’s implemented,
just about all bank scams
will disappear and
become a thing of the past.

In the meantime, visit the other pages, linked above, for more information.

Australia’s Central Bank
says it is bust
September 2022

After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market – wiping out all its reserves.

The central bank of Australia on Wednesday made the astonishing admission that it is, basically, bust. Its entire equity has been wiped out by pandemic-related bond buying.

Of course, the Reserve Bank of Australia is a central bank, and can print money. So it can work its way out of a situation that would bankrupt a conventional bank or company.

Still, as the U.S. Federal Reserve meets today on interest rates, it’s an interesting insight into the challenges other central bankers face as they attempt to reconcile Covid stimulus with post-Covid inflation and economic emergence.

The RBA began its bond-purchase program in November 2020 as a second stimulus package in response to the pandemic.

The first round of measures saw it slash rates to record lows, and set up a term funding facility offering cheap three-year funding to banks.

For the bond buying, the central bank bought Australian government bonds and semi-government securities in the secondary market to lower interest rates on bonds maturing between five and 10 years out.

The program was extended, and extended, and extended yet again. Ultimately, the RBA bought A$281 billion (US$188 billion) in national, state and territory government bonds.

Now the bill has come due.

The RBA will announce its full-year results for the Australian fiscal year through June 30 in a month or so.

But they won’t be pretty.

The central bank has had to mark the value of its holdings to market, resulting in a A$44.9 billion (US$30.0 billion) valuation loss.

Offset by A$8.2 billion (US$5.5 billion) in underlying earnings from the central bank’s holdings, and it is posting a net loss of A$36.7 billion (US$24.5 billion).

That has exhausted the bank’s A$15.4 billion reserve fund and A$8.4 billion in other reserves, and then some. So the RBA is in negative equity to the tune of A$12.4 billion (US$8.3 billion).

“If any commercial entity had negative equity, assets would be insufficient to meet liabilities, and therefore the company would not be a going concern,” RBA Deputy Governor Michele Bullock explains in outlining the central bank’s situation. “But central banks are not like commercial entities.”

The RBA has a government guarantee against its liabilities, meaning “there are no going concern issues with a central bank in a country like Australia,” she says by way of reassurance.

And of course the central bank can simply print more money, so “the Bank can continue to meet its obligations as they become due and so is not insolvent.

The negative equity position will, therefore, not affect the ability of the Reserve Bank to do its job.”

A license to print money to get out of that kind of problem is never, however, going to be good news for your currency.

And indeed, the Aussie dollar has lost 13.6% of its value against the U.S. dollar since early April. Look back 18 months, and the decline in what some Aussies joking call the “Pacific peso” is 19.5%.

It’s a far cry, with US$1 now buying you A$1.50, from 2013, when the Aussie dollar briefly rose above parity to become stronger than its U.S. counterpart.

However, the Australian government was forced to inject cash into the central bank in 2013 because it had suffered losses on its foreign-currency reserves.

The RBA notes it’s not requesting any cash injection now.

With interest rates rising in Australia, the RBA is in the unenviable position of having to pay out higher interest on its liabilities than it is able to earn on the bonds and other assets it has been buying.

“In other words, underlying earnings are negative,” Bullock says. “It is difficult to be precise about how long this situation will last or how big these negative earnings will be.”

On the plus side, having marked to market at June 30, the central bank finds that its bond holdings are now valued below their face value at maturity.

As a result, it should be making capital gains as the bonds come due.

The RBA is now going to run its bond portfolio back down.

The RBA slashed rates to a record low of 0.1% in November 2020.

The Aussie central bank has now hiked three times, bringing the current interest rate to 2.35% as of its September 6 meeting.

It is next due to meet on rates on October 4.

As of the end of the June quarter, the RBA held A$356 billion (US$238 billion) in Australian government bonds, and also has another A$188 billion (US$125 billion) in assets connected to the term funding facility.

Across the entire government, the entity that issues the Aussie government’s debt – the Australian Office of Financial Management – will be reporting a significant gain on the liabilities it has issued, equivalent to the losses that the RBA has had to write down.

The RBA notes that other central banks would be in a similar position but use different accounting methods.

The Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand both have an indemnity from the government on any losses.

So their governments would essentially bail them out, something the RBA stresses it is not asking the Australian government to do.

However, the RBA typically contributes its profits to the government coffers as a dividend.

The government likely should expect a hole in its budget where that dividend contribution used to be, for “the next few years,” Bullock says.

The last bonds mature in 2033.

Similarly, the Swiss National Bank reported a first-half loss of 95.2 billion Swiss francs (US$98.7 billion), its largest since the central bank was set up in 1907.

Falling bond prices and the appreciation in the Swiss franc ate into its huge foreign-currency holdings, but like the RBA the loss is on paper until the bonds mature.

The bottom line, Bullock says, is that central banks had to spend their way out of the pandemic crisis if their economies were going to stay afloat.

In that sense, the RBA’s bond buying “broadly achieved its aims,” she concludes.

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Bank of England
says it is bust
October 2022

If you can understand the Gobbledegook the The Bank of England has come out with, it’s actually declaring itself broke.

This means that people’s money and pension funds will likely be down the toilet.

In another move, on the weekend of 15th October  2022 the bank told it’s fund managers to ‘Balance’ their accounts – which, essentially means ‘sell everything’.

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The power of the Rothschild family begins
and ends with central banks.
From 1800 until present day, they have created
over 153 central banks around the world.

This thread shows how they did it.

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MEP Exposes Central Bank scam

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TERROR by the Deepstate

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Accept the deed and be the owner

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Your house
or is it?

Exposing the banking Fraud.

In this video the truth is exposed about the
fraudulent and criminal processes used by banks
to supposedly lend money to purchase land and houses.

Do you really have a ‘mortgage’?

How do you protect you hard worked for property?

All inquiries to

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Exposed through their own words, HM Land registry HER Majesty’s Land Registry, STATING IN BLACK AND WHITE FREEHOLD IS FREE TO LIVE INDEFINITELY WITHOUT PAYMENT OF RENT!

So why are we being extorted from dead corporations sucking the life out off the living for rent?

These properties are not owned by the dead, they are here for the living.

If they are new builds than the first occupiers might need to pay rent up to 12 years exposed in their words.

Time to get your pens and thumb print seals out to write to the secretary of states demanding back our properties and the money they owe us for back dated rent!

Time to end their harvest! A BIG THANKS to our Teacher & Friend Global-Chief-Federal-Postal_judge Mark-kishon :Christopher, who has shined a huge torch of light and knowledge into our reality, exposing the mirror world through their own words, just as he is doing right now, with the DEATH-PLEDGE- MORTGAGES!

The empire of lies will fall- as soon as we make that stand! Its all ready falling for many who are getting this knowledge.

Check :Mark-kishon :Christopher website and learn to free yourselves I have and I will never go back into the mirror world.
Captain :Janine :Linehan.

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Courtroom Role Play

Smoke and mirrors

You go to the bank for a loan

The bank lends you back your own money
and you’re in debt to the bank forever
paying it
back to with interest

Here’s a transcript (allegedly) from an actual court case.

The names have been removed and only
“Mr. Smith” has been used in some places
to denote a borrower for a loan.

The first part takes you through what was said
and the second half discusses the
possible laws which can be used to validate
the claims of the alleged “creditor”

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Justinian Deception

How do BANKS really work when “Money” and “DOLLARS” are completely separate “things”.

A DOLLAR is a Military or Company Scrip, an internal bank note or promise to pay at some point in the future and only relates to the “internal” private account holders of such a private “corporate” banking entity.

A DOLLAR is not money evidenced by the Latin meanings of both words: “Dollar” and “Money”

The very word Bank, does not mean “Safe”, a bank is the edge of a river, that controls (Directs) the flow of current, (Currency) energy is current, dollars are the ACCOUNTS of debt currency, so a bank does not have money! it is the director of the flow of debt currency. (Debt titles being DOLLAR’s)

The gold is you, being the dominion over the Mineral and Energy wealth that was originally granted to the living man and without you acting as the ACCOUNT holder of their bank, (Under a hidden TRUST-LAW-SPLIT-TITLE arrangement that renders you as the Legal Title holder of their ACCOUNT), they lose equitable rights over your Dominion because Dominion was never granted to a dead entity such as a corporation, “Dominion” was only ever granted to man and the Bank can only act as a commercial “agent” of living man on the condition such a living man has agreed or been deceived into acting as the DEAD ACCOUNT holder of such a BANK in order that the “Equitable Title” falls into the hands of the Bank.

The BANK sits between your “Christian” name (CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH) and your “SURNAME” (STATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE) as an Agent-administrator of the Christian name (Christian ACCOUNT. being the separate CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH, birthed on the registration date).

Once the BANK can deceive you into assuming that “their” SURNAME, that looks a lot like your heritage name, (“Smith” is glossed into “SMITH”) the bank assumes consent in order to confer the legal title of the BANK to their SURNAME that you assumed was your property.

(ALL UPPERCASE TEXT is a foreign written language identified in article 11:147 of the: Chicago Manual of Styles 16th edition)

Your surname glossed into a foreign SIGN language, is not your property! but when you attach your Christian name, being the name that is attached to your dominion, to their foreign ALL UPPERCASE SURNAME you, by your own consent, become subject to the ACCOUNT of their property … So simple but so effective and yet so biblically perfect once you violate the laws of the first GOD by serving the false God, GOD of the person-corporation.

The POWER of TRUST-LAW is the greatest power of all… Trust Law is Master-Servant, relationship, it does not work backwards, it is the system of conferring debt ACCOUNTS onto the unsuspecting…

The one who accepts LEGAL TITLE is the one who acknowledges that the Equitable Title is with the one who granted such a man the LEGAL TITLE.

LEGAL TITLE can not be held by a living man. only a “Person” can hold Legal Title and what is a Person you may ask, it is the legal title holder of man.

The only thing that created the “Person”, being a mask in a play, was the VATICAN: “ROME”.

The Word “Vatican” means: “vat I can”, meaning, “holder or vessel I can do”, meaning, the VATICAN has become the first Trustee Legal Title holder of the dominion of the living man.

The VATICAN has become the beast of burden, it has no jurisdiction with living man because it agreed to act as the trustee…

The VATICAN, that now held the Legal Title over the Dominion of man, offered the ACCOUNTS of the Legal Title to its own Persons by offering such a title to a living man and only when the living man was deceived into accepting such an ACCOUNT, did such a man become the “assumed debtor trustee person” of the world debts of the VATICAN and such acceptance of such an ACCOUNT was the “conformation” that granted Equitable Title back to the VATICAN because the living man accepted Legal Title, rendering the living man to fall into the jurisdiction of the DEAD ACCOUNT holder of the VATICAN beast instead of being the first trustee to the real GOD of living man.

The VATICAN is the GOD of the dead persons because it was not God of man that created the DEAD juristic corporate Person, it was the VATICAN that created such a thing as the “Person”.

The VATICAN is the false GOD.

Go to the Justinian Deception website
for the whole HUGE explanation


Justinian Deception PDF

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Infringement notices

Exposing the fine Fraud.

In this video the truth is exposed about the
fraudulent and criminal processes used by police
utilities companies – just about all levies .

click image for video

How Banks Enslave Humanity

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