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The Biggest Banking Scam
Explained in 7 minutes

Banks are here to help you SAVE money.

Whoever thought that one up deserves a Nobel prize in advertising BS.

Never before in the history of the world has there ever been set up an institution designed to keep you poor and indebted all your life, (and, by default, enslaved), as the banking industry.

This page will endeavor to demonstrate/illustrate how the illusion is done.

There is so much information about how we’re being screwed by banks, this page has the potential to become huge so some thought is being put in as to how to keep it logical.

To Add to this
get’s implemented,
just about all bank scams
will disappear and
become a thing of the past.

In the meantime, visit the other pages, linked above, for more information.

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The Banking Swindle
by Kerry Bolton

Dr John Kenneth Galbraith,
American Economist
and Presidential Adviser,
Money: Whence it came,
where it went (1975)

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There are movements around the world that attempt to combine the thinking of many individuals and movements that have attempted to free peoples and nations from ‘the thrall of interest slavery’.

What has been missing, until the appearance of Dr. Bolton’s book, is a single work that brings together all of them.

Kerry Bolton has constructed an instrument to teach mankind to understand the system of debt slavery and that system’s false rationale.

This is the book you hold in your hand.

It is weapon to slay a tyranny who has almost limitless power to control- through the private monopoly of money and credit- almost every aspect of the life of the individual and society.

The study of money, above all other fields in economics, is one in which complexity is used to disguise truth or to evade truth, not to reveal it.

The process by which banks create money is so simple the mind is repelled.

With something so important,
a deeper mystery seems only decent.


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of bank loans

Read this 60-odd page PDF

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See where YOUR money goes
and why Australian governments
kow-tow to the whims of these
oligarchs – Australia is owned
by USA – Wall Street – Rothschilds


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The nature of the cage

John K. Webster

To celebrate 1.4 million views and the 8-year anniversary of the release of the Strawman documentary, the producers have adjusted the content of the film.

This is not a different documentary; it has just been edited and cleaned up after listening to viewer feedback and making some adjustments.

Strawman - The nature of the cage
is a cutting-edge documentary like no other.

It highlights the truth around debt, Legal Fiction, Lawful and Legal, Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, and modern-day Policing.

The film gives a detailed overview as to how you can address these issues in your personal life, offering knowledge on how to Lawfully deal with any kind of authority, if you haven't broken any Laws.

Drawing on the expertise of Trailblazers who have risked everything to deliver this usually unavailable information, Strawman will outline information that you would otherwise be completely unaware of.

John K Webster, who has spent 18 months researching and making this film, has one goal... having noticed the increase in suicides in the UK that relate directly to monetary worries, he says "If this film saves one life, my work is done."

This film applies to everyone, regardless of their personal situation.

It is important to know how the system works and more importantly, how it is working for you.

It is said, that you must first know that you are in a cage before you can escape from that cage.

Australia’s Central Bank
says it is bust
September 2022

After the Australian fiscal year ended in June, the Reserve Bank of Australia marked its bond holdings to market – wiping out all its reserves.

The central bank of Australia on Wednesday made the astonishing admission that it is, basically, bust. Its entire equity has been wiped out by pandemic-related bond buying.

Of course, the Reserve Bank of Australia is a central bank, and can print money. So it can work its way out of a situation that would bankrupt a conventional bank or company.

Still, as the U.S. Federal Reserve meets today on interest rates, it’s an interesting insight into the challenges other central bankers face as they attempt to reconcile Covid stimulus with post-Covid inflation and economic emergence.

The RBA began its bond-purchase program in November 2020 as a second stimulus package in response to the pandemic.

The first round of measures saw it slash rates to record lows, and set up a term funding facility offering cheap three-year funding to banks.

For the bond buying, the central bank bought Australian government bonds and semi-government securities in the secondary market to lower interest rates on bonds maturing between five and 10 years out.

The program was extended, and extended, and extended yet again. Ultimately, the RBA bought A$281 billion (US$188 billion) in national, state and territory government bonds.

Now the bill has come due.

The RBA will announce its full-year results for the Australian fiscal year through June 30 in a month or so.

But they won’t be pretty.

The central bank has had to mark the value of its holdings to market, resulting in a A$44.9 billion (US$30.0 billion) valuation loss.

Offset by A$8.2 billion (US$5.5 billion) in underlying earnings from the central bank’s holdings, and it is posting a net loss of A$36.7 billion (US$24.5 billion).

That has exhausted the bank’s A$15.4 billion reserve fund and A$8.4 billion in other reserves, and then some. So the RBA is in negative equity to the tune of A$12.4 billion (US$8.3 billion).

“If any commercial entity had negative equity, assets would be insufficient to meet liabilities, and therefore the company would not be a going concern,” RBA Deputy Governor Michele Bullock explains in outlining the central bank’s situation. “But central banks are not like commercial entities.”

The RBA has a government guarantee against its liabilities, meaning “there are no going concern issues with a central bank in a country like Australia,” she says by way of reassurance.

And of course the central bank can simply print more money, so “the Bank can continue to meet its obligations as they become due and so is not insolvent.

The negative equity position will, therefore, not affect the ability of the Reserve Bank to do its job.”

A license to print money to get out of that kind of problem is never, however, going to be good news for your currency.

And indeed, the Aussie dollar has lost 13.6% of its value against the U.S. dollar since early April. Look back 18 months, and the decline in what some Aussies joking call the “Pacific peso” is 19.5%.

It’s a far cry, with US$1 now buying you A$1.50, from 2013, when the Aussie dollar briefly rose above parity to become stronger than its U.S. counterpart.

However, the Australian government was forced to inject cash into the central bank in 2013 because it had suffered losses on its foreign-currency reserves.

The RBA notes it’s not requesting any cash injection now.

With interest rates rising in Australia, the RBA is in the unenviable position of having to pay out higher interest on its liabilities than it is able to earn on the bonds and other assets it has been buying.

“In other words, underlying earnings are negative,” Bullock says. “It is difficult to be precise about how long this situation will last or how big these negative earnings will be.”

On the plus side, having marked to market at June 30, the central bank finds that its bond holdings are now valued below their face value at maturity.

As a result, it should be making capital gains as the bonds come due.

The RBA is now going to run its bond portfolio back down.

The RBA slashed rates to a record low of 0.1% in November 2020.

The Aussie central bank has now hiked three times, bringing the current interest rate to 2.35% as of its September 6 meeting.

It is next due to meet on rates on October 4.

As of the end of the June quarter, the RBA held A$356 billion (US$238 billion) in Australian government bonds, and also has another A$188 billion (US$125 billion) in assets connected to the term funding facility.

Across the entire government, the entity that issues the Aussie government’s debt – the Australian Office of Financial Management – will be reporting a significant gain on the liabilities it has issued, equivalent to the losses that the RBA has had to write down.

The RBA notes that other central banks would be in a similar position but use different accounting methods.

The Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of New Zealand both have an indemnity from the government on any losses.

So their governments would essentially bail them out, something the RBA stresses it is not asking the Australian government to do.

However, the RBA typically contributes its profits to the government coffers as a dividend.

The government likely should expect a hole in its budget where that dividend contribution used to be, for “the next few years,” Bullock says.

The last bonds mature in 2033.

Similarly, the Swiss National Bank reported a first-half loss of 95.2 billion Swiss francs (US$98.7 billion), its largest since the central bank was set up in 1907.

Falling bond prices and the appreciation in the Swiss franc ate into its huge foreign-currency holdings, but like the RBA the loss is on paper until the bonds mature.

The bottom line, Bullock says, is that central banks had to spend their way out of the pandemic crisis if their economies were going to stay afloat.

In that sense, the RBA’s bond buying “broadly achieved its aims,” she concludes.

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Bank of England
says it is bust
October 2022

If you can understand the Gobbledegook the The Bank of England has come out with, it’s actually declaring itself broke.

This means that people’s money and pension funds will likely be down the toilet.

In another move, on the weekend of 15th October  2022 the bank told it’s fund managers to ‘Balance’ their accounts – which, essentially means ‘sell everything’.

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A look back at the
2008 financial crisis
compared to the
current financial crisis
we are facing

The 2008 financial crisis was one of the most significant economic downturns in modern history.

It was a catastrophic event that affected the entire world, causing widespread unemployment, foreclosures, and financial instability.

The crisis was triggered by a combination of factors, including the housing bubble, financial deregulation, the housing market collapse, high levels of subprime mortgage lending, and the widespread use of complex financial instruments and the greed of the banking industry.

As a result, many financial institutions faced insolvency, leading to a wave of bank failures and bailouts.

One of the main causes of the 2008 financial crisis was the housing bubble.

In the years leading up to the crisis, housing prices had risen dramatically, fueled by low interest rates and lax lending standards.

This created a housing bubble that eventually burst, causing housing prices to plummet and leaving many homeowners with mortgages they could not afford.

As a result, many homeowners defaulted on their mortgages, leading to a wave of foreclosures that put additional pressure on the housing market.

Another main factor that contributed to the crisis was financial deregulation.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the U.S. government began to deregulate the financial industry, which allowed banks and other financial institutions to take on more risk.

This led to the creation of complex financial instruments such as mortgage-backed securities and collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), which were sold to investors around the world.

These financial instruments were often based on subprime mortgages, which were loans made to borrowers with poor credit histories.

The banking industry played a significant role in the crisis as well.

Many banks engaged in risky lending practices, such as giving loans to people with poor credit histories, and then packaged those loans into complex financial instruments that were sold to investors.

When the housing bubble burst and homeowners began defaulting on their mortgages, the value of these financial instruments plummeted, leading to massive losses for banks and investors.

Greed also played a role in the crisis.

Many people in the banking industry were motivated by short-term profits and bonuses, rather than long-term stability.

This led to a culture of risk-taking and excessive borrowing that ultimately contributed to the financial crisis.

In addition to these factors, there were also broader economic trends that contributed to the crisis.

For example, the U.S. trade deficit, which had been growing for decades, put pressure on the economy by increasing the amount of money flowing out of the country.

The high levels of consumer debt and low savings rates also made the U.S. economy more vulnerable to a financial crisis.


The first solution was the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), which was enacted in October 2008.

TARP was a government program designed to purchase toxic assets from financial institutions in order to stabilize the financial system.

The program was initially funded with $700 billion, which was later reduced to $475 billion.

The program was controversial, as many people believed it was a bailout for Wall Street at the expense of Main Street.

However, supporters argued that it was necessary to prevent a total collapse of the financial system, which would have had disastrous consequences for the entire economy.

The second solution was the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which was enacted in February 2009.

ARRA was a stimulus package designed to jumpstart the economy and create jobs.

The package included tax cuts, infrastructure spending, and aid to states and local governments.

The total cost of ARRA was $831 billion.

Critics argued that the package was too expensive and would lead to inflation, but supporters argued that it was necessary to prevent a deeper recession.

The third solution was the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was enacted in July 2010.

Dodd-Frank was a comprehensive financial reform law designed to prevent another financial crisis.

The law included provisions to increase oversight of the financial industry, strengthen consumer protections, and regulate complex financial instruments.

Critics argued that the law was too burdensome for small businesses and would stifle economic growth, but supporters argued that it was necessary to prevent another financial crisis.

The fourth solution was the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

The Federal Reserve is responsible for setting monetary policy, which includes controlling interest rates and managing the money supply.

During the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve implemented a number of unconventional monetary policies, such as quantitative easing and forward guidance.

These policies were designed to stimulate the economy by lowering interest rates and increasing the money supply.

While these solutions were controversial and had their critics, they were ultimately successful in temporarily stabilizing the financial system and preventing a deeper recession. The 2008 financial crisis was a sobering reminder of the importance of effective regulation and oversight of the financial industry, and of the need for policymakers to act quickly and decisively in times of crisis.


… apart from failing to realise that
banks NEVER lose their own money
as they don’t have any money
of their own to lose.

They only EVER lose OUR money!

These financial calamities are engineered
by banks on a regular basis so 
they can cash-in on the sale of the assets
we can’t afford to repay –
our assets that they don’t own.

And we allow them to do it to us
over and over again.

And until we do, this will never end.

This crisis had a profound impact on the world economy, leading to significant job losses, bankruptcies, and a decline in consumer confidence.

The crisis taught us several valuable lessons that should have been applied and follow to prevent a similar or more drastic financial crisis like the one we are facing right now.

One of the most important lessons that we learned from the 2008 financial crisis is the importance of regulation. The crisis was caused by the lack of regulation in the financial sector.

The banks were allowed to engage in risky practices such as lending to people with poor credit scores and packaging these loans into securities that were sold to investors.

This lack of regulation allowed the banks to take on excessive risk and contributed to the collapse of the housing market.

Another lesson that we learned from the 2008 financial crisis is the importance of transparency.

One of the reasons why the crisis spread so quickly was because investors were unaware of the risks associated with the securities that they had invested in.

Many of these securities were complex and difficult to understand, and the banks did not provide sufficient information about the risks involved.

This lack of transparency made it difficult for investors to make informed decisions, which ultimately contributed to the collapse of the financial system.

The 2008 financial crisis also taught us about the importance of diversification.

One of the reasons why the crisis had such a widespread impact was because many investors had all their money invested in the housing market.

When the housing market collapsed, these investors lost a significant amount of money.

Another lesson that we learned from the 2008 financial crisis is the importance of preparedness.

The crisis caught many people off guard, and there was a lack of preparation for such an event.

The 2008 financial crisis also taught us about the importance of global cooperation.

The crisis was a global event, and it required a coordinated response from governments and financial institutions around the world.

Today, there is a greater emphasis on global cooperation, and countries are working together to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.


The current financial crisis we are facing in America has been caused by a number of factors that have built up over time.

The roots of the crisis go back to the early 2000s when the housing market was booming, and banks and financial institutions were lending money to people who could not afford to repay it.

This led to a bubble in the housing market that eventually burst, causing a chain reaction throughout the financial system and as a result the 2008 financial crisis.

Compared to the 2008 financial crisis, in today’s banking crisis we have a whole bunch of additional contributing factors that we did not have back in 2008.

First and foremost we have the whole “covid” “pandemic”.

And we have all of the uncertainties that were a result of this so-called pandemic.

Think about how many companies and businesses went under as a result of the fallout of this pandemic”.

And then you think about the people who lost their job because of many companies and businesses going under.

And then there are the people who lost their job because they refuse to get the Covid jab.

And many of those people who did lose their job or quit their job because of the Covid jab they ended up getting a job that paid half or even a quarter of what they were making if they’re even able to find a job.

And since mortgages are typically the biggest expense that people have it’s usually the first one that they are unable to pay.

Which results in them defaulting on their loan and then if you times that by a million people boom you have a financial crisis.

And it is a fact that in less than 3 months and only a handful of banks we are already past the amount of the 2008 crisis that happened over the period of 14 months and a whole bunch of banks.

So it can use that as a gauge to determine just how much worse the current financial crisis is compared to 2008.

And once again, one of the key factors that has contributed to the current financial crisis was the practice of subprime lending.

Banks and other financial institutions were once again offering mortgages to people who had poor credit histories or low incomes, and who would not normally have been able to afford a home.

These mortgages were packaged together and sold as securities to investors, who believed that they were low-risk investments.

As the result of Covid and all that it affected, it cause millions of people to default on their mortgage that caused the housing market to collapse again, and once again these securities became worthless, causing huge losses for investors and financial institutions.

And once again, another factor that contributed to the current financial crisis was the use of derivatives and other complex financial instruments.

These instruments allowed financial institutions to make huge bets on the housing market and other assets, often using borrowed money. When the market turned against them, these bets turned into huge losses, which many institutions were unable to absorb.

The current financial crisis was also exacerbated by the lack of regulation and oversight in the financial industry.

Many of the practices that led to the crisis, such as subprime lending and the use of derivatives, were legal at the time and were not subject to effective regulation or oversight.

This allowed financial institutions to take huge risks without fear of consequences, which ultimately led to the collapse of the financial system.

The crisis was further compounded by the interconnectedness of the financial system.

When one institution began to fail, it had a ripple effect throughout the entire system, as other institutions that had lent money to that institution also began to suffer losses.

This led to a domino effect, with institutions collapsing one after the other, ultimately leading to the failure of the entire financial system.

The solution is not what we did in 2008 because 15 years later not only are we back in the same situation but is 10 times worse this time around. Printing more money and bailing banks out is not the solution, that is only a temporary bandaid.

If we are going to make America great again we need to skip using a bandaid for a temporary fix and come up with some permanent solution so we don’t end up in this place again 10 or 15 years from and have it be 10 times worse or more than the current financial crisis we are facing.

As you know, I have said many times before that the central banks and the Federal Reserve are NOT the solution to this problem.

If it was the solution, we would not be here again 15 years later.

The solution is to get rid of all the corrupt and greedy “central” banks, the solution is to get rid of the corrupt and greedy Federal Reserve that prints endless amounts of paper monopoly money that is literally worthless and then loans it to the federal government with interests that we the people pay for.

Not to mention all the worthless money they print in order to fund their corrupt agenda, like send endless amounts of money to Ukraine instead of focusing on our own financial problems here in America.

The first part of the solution is decentralized banks, many of them all over the country that are locally owned and managed, not 5 or 10 BIG banks that own everything….

The second part of the solution is a financial system that is secure, reliable and accountable that can not be taken over or corrupted by the Deep State Cabal.

The third part of the solution is American needs to be put back on the Gold Standard, this would allow us to regulate the amount of current we have in accordance to the gold we have in our reserves which would allow is to properly regulate our economy.

This would also allow for low or no inflation and low interest rates across the board. The fourth part of the solution is the United States Treasury needs to print our currency that is backed by gold.

The amount of currency we have on hand must match what we have in our Gold reserves.

The fifth and final part of the solution is we need strict oversight, regulation and accountability on the entire financial system and all of its processes.

We also need people who we can trust to manage and operate the financial institutions in our nation with honesty and integrity.

Until we implement the above solutions or similar solutions to our financial problems, we will continue to have the same issues over and over.

I think it’s safe to say that none of us want to give our children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren the financial problems we are facing today.

We the people need to press our elected officials to take actin to get these changes implemented.

One thing is very clear, we can not continue on the current financial path we are on as it will only lead to more destruction as time goes on.

Trevor Winchell

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A VERY good solution
for our current banking crisis..

Regarding our current banking crisis, let’s ask ourselves the most basic and most simple question regarding this situation.

If people who have deposited money into a bank and trusted their bank with that money over the course of time and if those people went to their bank today to withdraw all their money technically that money should be available for them to withdraw.

But the problem we’re having is the money is not there so the question we need to ask, where is that money?

Those of us who are awake we know where that money is, these banks are using people’s money unknowingly to invest in other ventures to increase their wealth and the banks are getting wealthy and the people whose money they’re using to invest don’t benefit from this one bit.

This is on of the many reasons why we are in the situation we are in with this banking crisis because people are withdrawing their money out of fear and panic which is causing a run on the banks and obviously they don’t have the money on hand to cover this withdrawals so then they need to be bailed out by the federal government which is basically firing up the money printing presses and printing more money to bail these Banks out and we’re just getting further and further deeper into this mess.

I’ve been saying this for a very long time there’s a very simple solution to this problem.

Get rid of the central bank system all together and get rid of the Federal Reserve and put the United States back on the gold standard with a secure financial system to replace these Central Bank systems.


The Gold Standard is a monetary system in which a country’s currency is backed by a fixed amount of gold.

This means that the amount of currency in circulation is limited by the amount of gold held in reserves by the government.

The United States operated under the Gold Standard from 1900 until 1971 when President Nixon abandoned it in favor of a fiat currency system.

The Gold Standard was first adopted in the United States in 1900, although its origins can be traced back to ancient times.

Under the Gold Standard, the value of a country’s currency was directly linked to the amount of gold it held in reserve.

This created a stable monetary system that was easy to understand and provided a reliable store of value for both individuals and businesses.

One of the primary advantages of the Gold Standard was its ability to control inflation.

Since the amount of currency in circulation was limited by the amount of gold held in reserve, governments could not simply print more money to cover budget shortfalls or fund wars.

This prevented the devaluation of currency that often leads to hyperinflation, as seen in countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela today.

Another advantage of the Gold Standard was its ability to promote economic growth.

By limiting the amount of currency in circulation, interest rates were kept low, which encouraged investment and entrepreneurship.

This, in turn, led to increased productivity and higher standards of living.


Inflation is a sustained increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over time.

It is measured by an inflation rate, which is the percentage change in the average price level over a period, usually a year.

Inflation can be caused by a variety of factors, including monetary and fiscal policies, changes in supply and demand, and global economic conditions.

One of the primary causes of inflation is an increase in the money supply in an economy.

When there is more money in circulation, there is more demand for goods and services, which can drive up their prices.

This is known as demand-pull inflation.

Central banks, such as the Federal Reserve in the United States, can increase the money supply by printing more money or by lowering interest rates, which makes it easier for banks to lend money.

Another cause of inflation is cost-push inflation, which occurs when the cost of producing goods and services increases.

This can happen when the cost of raw materials, such as oil or metals, increases, or when wages increase due to labor shortages or collective bargaining.

When businesses face higher costs, they may raise their prices to maintain their profit margins, which can contribute to inflation.

Inflation can also be caused by changes in supply and demand. When there is a shortage of goods or services, prices may rise as consumers compete for limited supplies.

This is known as supply-side inflation.

On the other hand, if there is an oversupply of goods or services, prices may fall as businesses compete to attract customers.

Global economic conditions can also contribute to inflation.

For example, if the value of a country’s currency decreases relative to other currencies, imports become more expensive, which can lead to inflation.

Additionally, increases in global commodity prices, such as oil or food, can affect the cost of goods and services and contribute to inflation.

Inflation can have a range of effects on an economy.

High inflation can erode the purchasing power of consumers and businesses, which can lead to a decrease in economic growth.

It can also lead to higher interest rates, which can make it more expensive for businesses and individuals to borrow money.

However, moderate inflation can be beneficial for an economy, as it can encourage businesses and consumers to spend and invest, which can stimulate economic growth.

Governments and central banks use a range of tools to manage inflation, including setting interest rates, regulating the money supply, and implementing fiscal policies such as taxes and government spending.

These policies can be adjusted depending on the prevailing economic conditions to promote stable prices and sustainable economic growth.


Stagflation is a phenomenon where an economy experiences high inflation and stagnant economic growth, which is a rare and challenging combination for policymakers to manage.

This condition can be caused by a range of factors, including external shocks, supply-side issues, and poor economic policies.

One of the main causes of stagflation is supply-side shocks, such as a sudden increase in the cost of raw materials or a decrease in the supply of key goods or services.

This can cause prices to rise while reducing output, leading to stagnant economic growth and high inflation.

For example, a sudden increase in oil prices can increase the cost of production for businesses and raise transportation costs, leading to higher prices for goods and services.

Another cause of stagflation is poor economic policies, such as a combination of loose monetary policy and excessive government spending.

When a government tries to stimulate economic growth through expansionary fiscal and monetary policies, it can lead to inflation, which erodes the purchasing power of consumers and businesses.

At the same time, the excessive government spending can crowd out private investment and reduce economic growth, resulting in stagflation.

Stagflation can also be caused by external factors, such as a global economic recession or a sudden change in trade policies.

When the global economy is in a downturn, it can reduce demand for a country’s exports and lead to a decline in economic growth, while at the same time, the cost of imported goods may rise, leading to inflation.

Stagflation can have severe consequences for an economy, as it makes it difficult for policymakers to respond effectively.

Monetary policy, such as increasing interest rates, may reduce inflation but also lead to further economic stagnation.

Expansionary fiscal policy, such as increased government spending, may help stimulate growth but also lead to further inflation.

Additionally, the negative impact of stagflation can lead to lower business investment, job losses, and reduced consumer confidence.


A debt ceiling is a limit set by a government on the amount of debt it can incur, which is usually expressed as a total dollar amount.

The debt ceiling is designed to restrict the government’s ability to borrow beyond a certain level, which is intended to promote fiscal responsibility and prevent excessive government spending.

The United States is one of the most well-known countries with a debt ceiling, which was first introduced in 1917 during World War I.

The debt ceiling is set by Congress and can only be increased with their approval.

In recent years, the debt ceiling has been a topic of political debate, as lawmakers must raise the limit periodically to avoid defaulting on existing debt obligations.

The debt ceiling is designed to promote fiscal discipline and prevent excessive government borrowing, which can lead to inflation and economic instability.

By setting a limit on the amount of debt that the government can incur, it forces lawmakers to carefully consider the costs and benefits of proposed government spending, which can help prevent wasteful spending and reduce the burden of debt on future generations.

However, the debt ceiling has been criticized for being an ineffective tool for promoting fiscal responsibility.

Since it is only a limit on borrowing and not a limit on spending, lawmakers can still increase spending without increasing the debt ceiling, by increasing taxes or cutting other programs.

Additionally, the debt ceiling can lead to political gridlock and uncertainty, as lawmakers debate the merits of raising the limit, which can harm investor confidence and lead to market volatility.

In the United States, the debt ceiling has become a political football, with lawmakers using it as leverage to push their own policy goals.

The debt ceiling must be raised periodically to avoid defaulting on existing debt obligations, which can have severe consequences for the global economy.

Failure to raise the debt ceiling could lead to a government shutdown, a decline in the value of the dollar, and higher borrowing costs for the government and consumers.

The constitutionality of the debt ceiling in the United States has been the subject of debate among legal scholars and politicians for many years.

The Constitution does not explicitly address the issue of a debt ceiling, but it does give Congress the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States.

Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution states that “The Congress shall have Power To borrow Money on the credit of the United States.”

This clause gives Congress the authority to borrow money to pay for government programs and services, but it does not specify any limits on the amount of debt that can be incurred.

In 1917, Congress passed the Second Liberty Bond Act, which established the first debt ceiling in the United States. Since then, the debt ceiling has been periodically adjusted to allow the government to borrow more money as needed.

The constitutionality of the debt ceiling has been challenged in the past, but courts have generally upheld its legality. In the 1985 case of Train v. City of New York, the Supreme Court ruled that the debt ceiling was constitutional, stating that “Congress has the power to place a limit upon the public debt.”

However, the Court also noted that the debt ceiling “does not in itself authorize any new spending.”

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, the constitutionality of the debt ceiling remains a topic of debate.

Some legal scholars argue that the debt ceiling is unconstitutional because it impinges on the power of the executive branch to carry out its duties, as it limits the government’s ability to pay for programs and services that have already been authorized by Congress.

Others argue that the debt ceiling is necessary to promote fiscal responsibility and prevent excessive government borrowing.

In closing,

The solution to our current banking issue is to eliminate the central bank system all together and get rid of the Federal Reserve and put the United States back on the gold standard with a secure financial system to replace these Central Bank systems.

In order to achieve this goal, lawmakers will need to stand up against the establishment in Washington.

This will require courage and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

It will also require lawmakers to prioritize the needs of the people over the interests of the financial establishment.

Trevor Winchell

One thing alone is certain,
that man’s slavery
grows and increases.

Man is becoming a willing slave.

He no longer needs chains.

He begins to grow fond of his slavery,
to be proud of it.

And this is the most terrible thing
that can happen to a man.

Influence, indoctrinate, engender and condition a degradation in people’s ability to discern truth and reality, and in most cases what results is a willing slave, happy in their servitude, living an illusion, unable to see the true condition they are living in.

When a government no longer serves the will of the people, it is the right and the duty of the people of that nation to lawfully rebel to set their government right and ensure the safety and future of their nation.

Together, if we can understand what is happening on the earth and open our eyes to actually see these hidden agendas of Satanism and Luciferianism, across all paths, we can unite to end human slavery for the future generations.

It is the abdication of our personal responsibility, from understanding that our complicity with “the system of control” in which we are “buying into” is what legitimizes it.

We are the one’s shining our lights into that dark world giving it life.

We’re the one’s purchasing the story line and accepting it as a viable path.

We’re the one’s investing our energy and lives into this graven image of reality.

Fear is the lifeblood of this fraudulent system.

Where the war on terror, an imaginary virus or whatever other invisible enemy they can propagate to the masses becomes the catalyst for keeping humanity in a perpetual state of obedience to fuel the sadistic interests and egos of the psychopathic death cult.

Planet Earth, the open air prison planet of pathological obsession for dominance and control.

A clown world of habitants that vote against their loving neighbours but bow down to the lowest forms of life in government, media and science institutions

“Historically, the most terrible things – war, genocide, and slavery – have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience.” ― Howard Zinn

Currently the earth and all inhabitants are subjected to hidden and obvious Mind Control technologies used to increase Cognitive Dissonance that socially engineer the collective consciousness Consent to accept the Death Culture, in order to continue to accept world slavery and parasitism.

Most people on earth would not give their consent to be slaves or to be used for energy, so they are mind controlled to stay in denial, survival or escapism to avoid seeing this painful truth.

Consumer marketing campaigns capitalize on cognitive dissonance by framing their advertising in such way that the easiest magical solution to reduce pain or discomfort from problems is to buy or support their product or Propaganda.

Through media bombardment they consistently form positive associations to the negative behaviors of the death culture in order to increase cognitive dissonance in the way people think, which increases suggestibility and gullibility into programming.

People that are highly suggestible are programmed in such ways that directly impact the unconscious formation of Doublethink into socially acceptable belief systems.

This is purposed to covertly, yet directly stimulate the unresolved conflicts in the instinctual and unconscious mind’s reactions, eliminating critical thinking, common sense, consistency and coherent thoughts.

This way people are led to associate the negative belief systems being propagated, with the positive associations being programmed for them.

When the actions or results of those associations are actually entirely negative and spiritually destructive to them.

As an example, why would humanity endorse the death culture when its purpose is to enslave and kill members of the human race?

This is cognitive dissonance in action, the deliberate ignoring and denial of the War Over Consciousness on the earth in order to avoid conflicting thoughts.

This further influences and shapes what the collective unconscious creates as the main value system in society, which reflect what type of external structures people have given away their consent to.

Because money and Materialism are highly valued by the masses, this is the area in which most people give away their power of Consent.

Doublethink produces lack of coherence and inconsistency in one’s thoughts, which is similar to the state of cognitive dissonance.

People that are mind controlled with cognitive dissonance or doublethink, refuse to acknowledge what is in plain sight or right in front of their eyes in full evidence, because they are still clinging to denial and self-deception generated from fear and pain avoidance.

Cognitive Dissonance is the uncomfortable tension that exists when holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time, or it is the tension that exists between the actions of the mind, and the actions of the heart.

It is the state of incoherence or inconsistency within our thinking, when conflicting thoughts surface into the mind and cannot be reconciled, clarified or neutralized.

Therefore, the state of cognitive dissonance usually brought on by Negative Ego pathology, manifests as a range of psycho-emotional-spiritual conflicts that impact the functioning of body, mind, heart and spirit.

Many people misplace their consent through the mental state of cognitive dissonance, because they do not know the core spiritual self, and thus their Consent is given away through the confusion they have with conflicting belief systems.

When a person makes decisions that are based in self-deception or group deception, they are basing their consent on the beliefs that the deception is true or going along with the popular opinion because it’s easier.

This is the way to manufacture consent in the masses through the setup of the Imposter.

Because a person is consenting to something that represents itself or markets itself with Propaganda, as something other than what it really is.

When we believe manipulated lies as truth, we give up critical thinking, common sense and intuition that help us make informed decisions about where we place consent.

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Bailiff access denied

More and more people are
beginning to recognise their
common-law rights and are
gaining confidence to do
something about tactics from
debt collectors to extract money.

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Money vs Currency
Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 1)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

click image for video

USA’s Seven Stages Of Empire
Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 2)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

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Death of the US Dollar Standard

Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 3)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

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Bank Crisis & Inflation:
(from 2014)

The Biggest scam in the
History of Mankind
Hidden Secrets of Money Ep 4

10 million + views

Bonus Presentation here:

Who owns the Federal Reserve?

How does the Federal Reserve work

You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world… it’s a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet.

Most people can feel deep down that something isn’t quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is.

Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck… every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why.

You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today.

The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years.

Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make.

If enough people learn it, it will change the world… because it will change the system.

For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it’s all accomplished through this…

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

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Where Does Money Come From?
Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 5)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

click image for video

INFLATION vs Deflation
Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 6)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

click image for video

USA’s Day of Reckoning

Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 7)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

click image for video

From Bitcoin To HBAR
Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 8)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

click image for video

Fall Of Empires:
Rome vs USA

Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 9)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

click image for video

American Bread & Circus
Hidden Secrets of Money
(Episode 10)

The Biggest Scam
in the History of Mankind.

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The Banker

  The Banker
William Montague 3rd.

The Banker

Performed By Mike Daviot
Written, Directed and Produced By:
Craig-James Moncur

The Banker

Hello, my name is Montague William 3rd
And what I will tell you may well sound absurd
But the less who believe it the better for me
For you see I'm in Banking and big industry

For many a year we have controlled your lives
While you all just struggle and suffer in strife
We created the things that you don't really need
Your sports cars and Fashions and Plasma TV's

I remember it clearly how all this begun
Family secrets from Father to Son
Inherited knowledge that gives me the edge
While you peasants, people lie sleeping at night in your beds

We control the money that controls your lives
Whilst you worship false idols and wouldn't think twice
Of selling your souls for a place in the sun
These things that won't matter when your time is done

But as long as they're there to control the masses
I just sit back and consider my assets
Safe in the knowledge that I have it all
While you common people are losing your jobs

You see I just hold you in utter contempt
But the smile on my face well it makes me exempt
For I have the weapon of global TV
Which gives us connection and invites empathy

You would really believe that we look out for you
While we Bankers and Brokers are only a few
But if you saw that then you'd take back the power
Hence daily terrors to make you all cower

The Panics the crashes the wars and the illness
That keep you from finding your Spiritual Wholeness
We rig the game and we buy out both sides
To keep you enslaved in your pitiful lives

So go out and work as your body clock fades
And when it's all over a few years from the grave
You'll look back on all this and just then you'll see
That your life was nothing, a mere fantasy

There are very few things that we don't now control
To have Lawyers and Police Force was always a goal
Doing our bidding as you march on the street
But they never realise they're only just sheep

For real power resides in the hands of a few
You voted for parties what more could you do
But what you don't know is they're one and the same
Old Gordon has passed good old David the reigns

And you'll follow the leader who was put there by you
But your blood it runs red while our blood runs blue
But you simply don't see its all part of the game
Another distraction like money and fame

Get ready for wars in the name of the free
Vaccinations for illness that will never be
The assault on your children's impressionable minds
And a micro chipped world, you'll put up no fight

Information suppression will keep you in toe
Depopulation of peasants was always our goal
But eugenics was not what we hoped it would be
Oh yes it was us that funded Nazis!

But as long as we own all the media too
What's really happening does not concern you
So just go on watching your plasma TV
And the world will be run by the ones you can't see

Written By Craig-James Moncur

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What is ISO 20022?

Have you heard about ISO20022?

Perhaps now is the time
to go and start doing some research.


All banks need to be ISO20022 compliant as they kick into the new QFS.

To help you along here is a little information and a couple of sources you can go and further read up about. Many who play in the crypto space will already have heard and know about ISO20022.

ISO 20022 launched 20th March 2023 which starts the migration of 80% of the worlds banks to QFS.

What is ISO 20022?

ISO 20022 is an internationally recognised standard that was developed and is maintained by ISO.

ISO 20022 is a general purpose standard for development of financial industry messaging in the payments, securities, trade services, cards and foreign exchange business domains.

For payments, the ISO 20022 standard covers messaging related to cash account management, payments initiation, clearing, and settlement.

The general features of the
ISO 20022 standard are:

Open standard – the message definitions are publicly available from the ISO 20022 website.

Flexible – definitions can be adapted for new requirements and technologies as they emerge.

Enhanced data content – ISO 20022 messages have an improved data structure (e.g. defined fields) and expanded capacity (e.g. increased field size and support for extended remittance information).

Network independent – the adoption of the standard is not tied to a particular network provider.

ISO 20022 is being implemented internationally by a number of key financial market infrastructures (FMIs) and SWIFT has planned the migration of cross-border payments to the ISO 20022 message standard.

Domestically, ISO 20022 has been adopted in the New Payments Platform (NPP) and Fast Settlement Service (FSS) and is also the message format being adopted by the ASX as part of its Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System (CHESS) Replacement Project.



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Basel 4
a brief overview

The Basel Committee’s
1 January 2023 implementation date
is approaching rapidly.

Basel 4
the final countdown?

The Basel Committee’s 1 January 2023 implementation date for Basel 4 is approaching rapidly, with banks expecting to hear soon hear precisely what will be required of them in the EU, UK and US.

Regulators are sticking to their guns on the need for completion of the final reforms although some banks question the timing. Implementation has been deferred once due to the pandemic and may be delayed further due to the regulatory process.

On 6 July 2021, the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision (BCBS) published its preliminary assessment1 of the effectiveness of implemented Basel reforms during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report found that higher quality capital and liquidity levels required by the reforms had helped banks to absorb the impact of the shock.

As had been said in many speeches and in many industry forums over the previous months, the banking system would have found itself under much greater stress were it not for the lessons learned and, crucially, acted upon, in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and the support measures taken by public authorities.

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Basel 4
a brief overview

The Basel Committee’s
1 January 2023 implementation date
is approaching rapidly.

Basel 4
the final countdown?

The Basel Committee’s 1 January 2023 implementation date for Basel 4 is approaching rapidly, with banks expecting to hear soon hear precisely what will be required of them in the EU, UK and US. Regulators are sticking to their guns on the need for completion of the final reforms although some banks question the timing. Implementation has been deferred once due to the pandemic and may be delayed further due to the regulatory process.

On 6 July 2021, the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision (BCBS) published its preliminary assessment1 of the effectiveness of implemented Basel reforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report found that higher quality capital and liquidity levels required by the reforms had helped banks to absorb the impact of the shock. As had been said in many speeches and in many industry forums over the previous months, the banking system would have found itself under much greater stress were it not for the lessons learned and, crucially, acted upon, in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis and the support measures taken by public authorities.

There has been broad consensus from regulators and bankers about the value of the measures implemented so far, but with the deferred 1 January 2023 date looming, and with policy announcements expected imminently in the UK, EU and US, banks must now move forward with the Basel 3 final reforms, variously referred to as Basel 3.1 or Basel 4.

And here opinion has been divided: regulators insist that implementation must press forward in accordance with the BCBS timeline and without major deviations from the globally agreed standard. Banks are arguing for consideration of the additional stress that this would place them under, particularly in reference to additional capital requirements, the output floor, and considerations of proportionality and regional specificity.

Recap — what is Basel 4?

Basel 4 refers to the finalisation of the Basel 3 reform package which had taken more than a decade to develop and was split into two pieces – the final amendments elements being agreed by the Basel Committee in December 2017. Basel 4 included new standards for credit risk and operational risk and a credit valuation adjustment. It also introduced an output floor, revisions to the definition of the leverage ratio and the application of the leverage ratio to global systemically important banks. A revised market risk framework had already been largely finalised in January 2016.

The implementation timeline

Implementation of Basel 4 was originally intended to start on 1 January 2022, with a phasing in of the output floor to 1 January 2027. In March 2020, in response to the pandemic, the BCBS deferred the implementation timeline for Basel 4 by 12 months, from 1 January 2022 to 1 January 2023.

Key regulatory announcements are required in order to implement Basel 4 in the EU, UK and US:

The European Commission is expected to present its CRR3 legislative proposal on 27 October
Released from the requirement to follow CRR3 post-Brexit, the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) is targeting the end of 2021 for its consultation paper on UK implementation, although this may run over into early 2022. A policy statement will follow later in 2022
In the US, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPR) is expected from the Federal Reserve Board in November
Support from central banks and regulators

EU and UK Central banks and prudential regulators have been unequivocal in their support for the remaining reforms and the BCBS timeline.

In a letter2 in September 2021, the European Central Bank (ECB) and European Banking Authority (EBA) called on the European Commission to stick to the letter and spirit of the Basel reforms, supporting a “full, timely and consistent implementation of all aspects of the (…) framework”. They described the final reforms as “essential to maintain the credibility of European banking regulation and confidence in European banks” and noted that any additional postponement “would be to the detriment of the European public interest”.

The ECB and EBA specifically defended the output floor which was designed to limit variability in how banks risk-weight their assets and therefore improve consistency and comparability and warned against moves towards a more flexible “parallel stack” approach3 such as that championed by the European Banking Federation (EBF).

In the UK, HM Treasury (HMT) and the PRA have expressed support for completion of the implementation in a way that is faithful to the Basel text: “We remain committed to the full, timely and consistent implementation of the Basel 3.1 standards and we will work together towards a UK implementation timetable that is consistent with the one year delay”4.

The US is also understood to be targeting January 2023 although final capital rules are yet to be set.

Concerns from banks

Banks in the EU cite the difficulties of continuing to lend to the real economy and supporting the transitions to green and digital finance if the reforms proceed as planned. They continue to challenge the regulators on questions of proportionality and the “level playing field”, arguing that Basel 4 disadvantages them versus their US or global counterparts. Some banks support the exercise of national flexibility to the fullest, while regulators support a more harmonised approach. There are also questions around application of the output floor at consolidated or solo level and elements of the capital stack to be considered for the output floor.

Banks have been quick to reference the BCBS principle that capital requirements should not be higher as a result of the reforms. However, Basel 4 will increase capital requirements for those banks which are likely undercapitalised, which is how the framework was intended to operate. At the system level, the relative cost of capital for banks will change depending on their business model. Banks should be considering how to manage potential increases in their capital requirements, for example by combining Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 measures and ensuring thorough capital planning.

Where do we go from here?

There is no doubt that banks are better capitalised and have more liquidity than they did in past crises. They functioned well through the pandemic, but this was due in no small part to government support, without which capital buffers might not have been able to absorb the impacts - hence the regulators insistence that the full benefits of the Basel reforms will only be realised when the programme is complete.

Despite lobbying in the EU, there is a strong desire from legislators and regulators to stick to globally agreed standards.

In September 2021, Carolyn Rogers, Secretary General of BCBS expressed5 concern that some stakeholders continue to lobby against a consistent and timely implementation of Basel 4 and reflected that some “fault-lines” in the banking system “remain as important as they were pre-pandemic”. She pointed in particular to banks’ measurement of capital requirements using internal models and the need for an output floor to address issues of consistency and comparability. She also rejected the arguments for disproportionate impacts on certain banks and certain jurisdictions saying that “any stakeholder that argues that a global standard needs to be domestically adjusted to reduce the impact on outlier banks has lost sight of the purpose and value of the global standards”.

Delays and divergence

It is possible that the implementation date will move again, but this will be due to the legislative or regulatory process rather than a dilution of intent. The regulators have admitted that it has been challenging to land final policy and, based on typical timelines, it may simply not be practicable to implement until 2024 or later.

It is also possible that the legislative and regulatory proposals will result in different approaches in different regions. Whilst it is too early to say how significant these differences might be, banks with international operations will need to factor in the potential for diverging requirements in each major location and adapt accordingly.

Early indications suggest that the European Commission will indeed stick to the “single stack” but will look for other ways to keep capital increases below 10%, such as applying the requirements at the highest level of consolidation. The EU may opt to use flexibility in the framework, for example to reduce the impact of historical losses feeding through to capital, deployment of transitional regimes for loans to unrated corporates and low-risk mortgages and maintaining regional carve-outs for small businesses, infrastructure and derivatives.

In the US, with a new Vice Chair for Supervision due to be appointed in October, it is possible that previous references to maintaining capital neutrality may ultimately give way to a harder line.

Whatever the final proposals and timelines look like, banks must now engage or re-engage with the potential requirements of Basel 4. The clock is ticking.

Basel 4
an overview

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It’s all about who’s running the financial system!

entire planet.

The greatest re-distribution of wealth
the world has ever seen.

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It’s all about who’s running the financial system!

entire planet.

The greatest re-distribution of wealth
the world has ever seen.


  • We will never go back to the old currency system
  • No more printing money out of the blue
  • All existing fiat money is being replaced
  • The Central Bank system will no longer be owned by the Federal Reserve
  • The Cabal department’s entire former slavery financial system is dead!
  • No more paper notes (fiat)
  • No more SWIFT
  • No more monetary slavery!

As we exchange our old Fiat coins for the new gold-backed coins, we are actually exchanging the entire old Cabal Debt Slavery Financial System for a new Financial System supported by QFS Gold.


Gold/Precious Metals and Nesara/Gesara.

Two different factors for the GCR event:

  • Factor 1: The RV (the revaluation of world currencies)
  • Factor 2: The Quantum Financial System

In order for rainbow coins, bonds or ISO20022 assets to start moving in value, physical precious metals must first undergo a reassessment! Once the new assessment is defined, the weight of compliance with Basel III + Bretton Woods 3 will bring legitimacy to everything else, triggering ISO20022 regulation.

GOLD STANDARD (asset-backed currencies)

  • Physical and digital assets
  • Independence from existing centralized systems
  • All other systems will be obsolete
  • Protection against corruption, usury and manipulations
  • CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency). Sovereign digital currency for each country
  • Digital assets backed by precious metals (gold, silver, copper, platinum, etc.)
  • Rainbow Coin – Treasure rainbow banknotes tracked
  • Instant digital payments via QFS
  • Death in Dollar, Pound and Euro – DS
  • Death of BTC, ETH and Tether – DS
  • Rise of the Phoenix. XRP, XLM and XDC – WH military blockchains


  • 209 countries signed a treaty to redefine the value of their currency
  • Even coins. Ex: 1 Dong for 1 Dollar
  • Level playing field for everyone
  • Unprecedented prosperity fund release for We The People
  • Humanitarian projects – wealth transformation – reconstruction
  • “Share the Wealth Redistribution Program” to every individual on Earth
  • Currencies: Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwe ZIM.
  • Stellar Network – Bringing banking to the unbanked around the world. Designed to help ALL humanity! Connected to the RV. Military OP.

Basel III

  • A worldwide standard that enhances international banking regulation structure, greatly improving risk management and promoting transparency
  • Gold moving from asset tier 3 to tier 1, which allows physical gold in bars form to be accounted for at 100% of the amount for booking purposes
  • Due to the 2007-2009 financial meltdown, Basel III was introduced
  • International regulatory framework for banks
  • Deadline on June 28, 2021
  • The requirement that banks maintain a minimum capital value of 7% in reserve
  • Require banks to hold unencumbered physical gold valued at 100%
  • This will make banks less profitable as they will no longer be able to make money about the interest rate

Basel III Breton Woods 3

  • BW3 = A move from FIAT to a commodity-based monetary system, where currencies needs to be supported
  • With BW3 – The US Dollar is no longer being set as the world reserve currency
  • According to Credit Suisse BW3 started in March 2022 when sanctions and freezing of its Dollar reserves started to rain down on Russia for invading Ukraine
  • The death of the USD FIAT = The death of the Euro

The Bretton Wood Agreement 1 was established in 1944, when the USD was defined as the world’s reserve currency, where you could hold the US dollar and convert it into physical gold at a ratio of 35$ per 1 ounce of

Gold. In 1971, Nixon discontinued the convertibility of dollars into gold and took the monetary system out of the Gold Standard introducing the FIAT system, moving to the BW2.


  • An international standard for relaying electronic messages between financial institutions
  • Created to provide the financial industry with a common platform to send payment messages and exchange payment data
  • Banks and financial institutions around the world are ready to transition their payment systems from SWIFT to New, highly structured and data-rich ISO 20022 standard.
  • Better quality and faster payments for everyone in the payment chain
  • An open standard used by anyone in the financial services industry and implemented on any network
  • Instant payments

Protocol 19 and 20
The complete merger with Quantum Systems

  • Protocol QFS 19

○ = Start of regulation. All assets and tokens need to be backed by precious metals

○ Linked to the new ISO20022 Regulation. Breton Woods 3

○ Liquidity

○ The black swan event. NYSE plunged

○ Khazar money back to us the people = Wealth transfer

  • Protocol QFS 20

○ Additional regulation. End price manipulation

○ A complete transformation to QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES and well underway

installed worldwide

○ Medbeds, internet speed of light, quantum computing, quantum voting, quantum cure etc


  • Gold-backed currencies and other assets
  • A digital certificate – exchange the digital currency for a real piece of gold
  • Gold is used as the leveling factor that protects the diversities within each country
  • Chinese Elders Gold is support for everyone world currencies
  • Covers the transfer of asset-backed funds from the world via GPS


  • Quantum Computing
  • QFS ends corruption, usury and bank manipulation
  • Bank monitoring – Independent and decentralized
  • 3 main groups: Swiss Banking Group, Indus (BRICS) and the US Space Force
  • Photonic technology – operating at 3.5 trillion frames per second. Instant payments!
  • Only ISO certified digital currencies!
  • CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)
  • Gold bonds

QFS – CBDS (central bank digital currency

  • Central bank digital payments coins
  • E-currency of your specific country transferred via a ledger in the QFS blockchain
  • From Bank A to Bank B or from person A for person B
  • 209 countries signed an agreement on the establishment of e-currency to be a part of the QFS
  • CBDC transactions will be ignored by military guardians through Starlink acting as commander in chief supervising and making sure that no one using it with bad intentions
  • No government involvement
  • Power and politics of us the people

QFS  GESARA – Global Economic Security and Reform Act

  • It was set to be implemented on 10/11, 2001. Stopped by the Khazarian false flag event of 9/11
  • Elimination of the national debt of all nations in the world
  • No taxes. Only a fixed sales tax of around 15% on new items
  • Forgiveness of mortgages and other banking departments due to illegal government activities
  • Back to Constitutional Law – Away with Corrupt Maritime Law
  • New elected leaders – only 10% of current governments
  • World peace for 1,000 years
  • Eliminates all current and future nuclear weapons on Planet Earth
  • Gold standard!
  • Launch of new hidden technologies – 6,000 Tesla patents. Free Energy
  • Build and rebuild in all countries with 1950’s prices
  • The power back to We The People. Global prosperity wealth distribution
  • Odin Project = World EBS (Emergency Broadcast System)
  • Private and company assets seized
  • Seized the NYSE
  • Blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuses or corruption.

Human trafficking

  • Executive Order13848: Imposition of Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in One of the United States Election EO 13959
  • Maintaining American leadership in artificial intelligence


  • Under the 3 main executive orders – many DS assets were seized and DS agents were reversed Executive Orders 13818, 13848 and 13959
  • The Space Force is in control of EVERYTHING!
  • DS fiat money is being consumed quickly
  • All DS gold has already been seized (Vatican etc)
  • Wall Street, Washington DC, Vatican and City of London — all DEAD
  • OPERATION : DEFEND EUROPE. This started on March 17, 2020 and is taking over the Vatican, It’s Mafia And It’s Seizing All Rothschilds Central Banks
  • Brexit cut the ropes for the Vatican and stripped the royals of all assets
  • We are going to Tesla and Metals instead of Oil and Gas


  • According to top 3 executive orders — many companies were seized

Executive Orders 13818, 13848 and 13959

  • Involved in child trafficking
  • Human trafficking
  • Collection of human organs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Corruption
  • bribery
  • War crimes
  • Humanity crimes


  • Digital commodities are digitized assets such as metals, salt, oil, and so on.


  • The White Hats’ Military, President Trump, President Jinping, President Putin and many other world leaders.
    BRICS: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

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You don’t owe anything to anybody
your liability for any debt
you incur doesn’t exist.

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slave BANK system collapsing?
Timing is everything!

Click button for PDF

The Unholy Roman Church
Control Power
Tri-Entity Pyramid

The Great Work Website

   Unholy Roman Church

The Vatican remains a massive power and global control center for running the One World Order pedophilia operations for Satanic rule, throughout the Controller Pillars of Society, which is overseen and managed by the Black Nobility and bloodline families.

This particular satanic agenda goes back to 2,000 years ago, when the Black Sun Draconians retaliated by infiltrating the Greek sacred texts and Rome to build the Church of Rome.

The Vatican City in Rome is one of the NAA Black Sun entity’s main control bases and global headquarters. It is the spiritual center used for carrying out the satanic ritual and operations for gaining wealth and material power for the globalist Luciferian bloodline families and funding their satanic agendas.

The top power echelon in the Vatican is secretly working with the international criminal cabal government groups, the Jesuit military orders and the luciferian bloodline families –together called the “globalists”– to carry out Blood Sacrifice rituals and child trafficking in order to nourish the satanic forces on the planet.

The three Obelisks are markers of the Orion Group’s One World Order programming for the Black Sun’s placed in the major cities mentioned which are combined to form into an energetic structure that is the Global Unholy Trinity.

The Obelisks are designed to be satanic pillars that denote the directions that act as the main compass for running Black Magic reversals into the North, South, East and West pillars of the inorganic four.

These pillars are connected to the beast machine in the planetary grid.

They hold multidimensional layers of alien machinery that run reversal energies into the planetary grid which enforce the satanic portals and frequency fences that are used globally by the NAA.

These main pillars are Cleopatra’s Needle in London, Caligula’s Obelisk in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, and the 555-foot-tall Washington Monument in central Washington D.C.

These main three link into the many hundreds of obelisks and pentagram geomantic structures that have been set up all over the world that align directly to the Orion constellation.

The Orion constellation is the original home of the Black Sun nonhuman entities, the majority of the NAA.

The City of London (that is the square mile within Greater London) is not technically part of Greater London or England, just as Vatican City is not part of Rome or Italy. Likewise, Washington DC is not part of the United States that it controls.

These three entities have one goal and that is to do away with the old world order of sovereign nations and usher in a new global world order under one government rule under the iron fist of the cabal.

These sovereign, corporate entities have their own laws and their own identities.

They also have their own flags.

Seen below is the flag of Washington DC. Note the three stars, representing the trinity of these three city-states, also known as the Empire of the City.

The government of the United States, Canada and Britain are all subsidiaries of the crown, as is the Federal Reserve in the U.S.. The ruling Monarch in England is also subordinate to the Crown.

The global financial and legal system is controlled from the City of London by the Crown.

The square mile making up the center of Greater London is the global seat of power, at least at the visible level.

Washington DC was established as a city-state in 1871 with the passage of the Act of 1871, which officially established the United States as a corporation under the rule of Washington, which itself is subservient to the City of London.

Corporations are run by presidents, which is why we call the person perceived to hold the highest seat of power in the land “the president.”

The fact is the president is nothing more than a figurehead for the central bankers and transnational corporations (both of which themselves are controlled by High Ecclesiastic Freemasonry) that really control this country and ultimately call the shots.

Catholics have always been prohibited from questioning the Pope and the precepts of the Church, for a very good reason, which will be explained as you read on.

All Pope’s and the privately owned Corporate Holy Roman Church, have always been a major player in shaping World politics; Governments; Commerce and minds, since the early Roman Empire and continues to do so to this date!

The Roman Church was originally a Pagan Church and remained so under Roman Emperor Constantine.

The advent or appearance of Jesus Christ and His new Christian religious movement called Christianity, and the religious wars that ensued; caused Emperor Constantine to rethink his position as the Pagan Emperor of Rome.

So, upon the orders of Constantine, at the Council of Nicaea, the Pagan Priests of the Roman Church, were ordered to begin the difficult and tasteless task of attempting to blend Christianity and Paganism together to create one church, to be called: The Holy Roman Church.

Christ was an unusual man and prophet, with some typical human traits, and at the Council of Nicaea, the Pagan Priests, decided that Christ must be perceived as a living God and as a living God, any suggestion or possibility that Christ took a spouse must be removed from the Scriptures, and thereafter Priests were forbidden to marry.

The Holy Roman Church, actually remained more Pagan than Christian and Emperor Constantine, would eventually submit to what he considered to be, “the indignity of baptism,” just months before his natural death. Historians for the Vatican made certain that Constantine would be depicted as a reformed man and Christian Emperor but that was not exactly accurate or true!

NOTE: The Pagan influence in The Holy Roman Church, explains the outward discrepancies between the organization of the Church and the Holy Scriptures, such as ostentatious buildings and religious garb; idol worship, purgatory, exorcisms, excommunications, Saints, Demons; the hording of wealth and antiquities, which always existed in the ancient Pagan cult.

Most people do not know that there are two Popes! The White Pope is responsible for the administration of the Holy Roman Church and the Black Pope is a Jesuit and mercenary and is responsible for eliminating people and problems affecting the Church, with extreme prejudice!

The Vatican today is a privately owned, corporate, money-driven and self-interested religious cult. It is a front for the Italian P2 Masonic Lodge or “Illuminati,” which is routinely involved in murder for hire; gambling; pedophile sex and white slavery.

Vatican City, is one of three privileged and autonomous City States, which also coordinates elite Pan-American global organized crime for the Western Banking Cabal.

The other two City States are: Washington, D.C. and the City of London.

The Holy Roman Church, has become identified as the center of the World’s spiritual leadership; the City of London, has become identified as the Center of World Finance, and Washington, D.C., has become identified as the Center of World Military power.

All three are inseparable in philosophy and yet separate, corporate centers in their own right!

[e.g.] Vatican City is immune from Italian Law; London is immune from British Law; Washington, D.C. is immune from State Law, and all three are collectively the unified center of a Secret Society and Criminal Cabal called, ‘The Illuminati,’ and their headquarters is the United Nations Building in New York City, the proposed Capitol City for their, New World Order.

Proof of both the United Nations and the City of New York, can be located in the United States Code.

During WWII, the hierarchy of the Vatican, freely supported the Nazi program for World Domination and Pope Pius XII, personally rendered his blessing upon Adolph Hitler, [Baron Rothschild].

As mentioned before during this expose’- King George eventually gained control over the new Government of America but he did not lay any new claim to the Colonial land because of another Treaty entered into by his predecessor, King James in 1213.

The Treaty of 1213, was between King James and Pope Innocent III of the Holy Roman Church. Google: The Treaty of 1213 and read it for yourself.

Like most historic Kings, James was not an intelligent man and was easily manipulated by Pope Innocent III. King James had been excommunicated by the Holy Roman Church because of having given His Royal Assent to an Aristocratic document titled: THE MAGNA CARTA, which in part recognized the Dukes and Lords as Sovereign and which prevented the return of their estates to the King upon their death. King James had been forced into signing this document to avert a Rebellion.

James also realized that the Magna Carta would now deprive him of his income on those estates and there resale upon the death of the Dukes and Lords, so he invoked an ancient law he remembered, titled: THE LAW OF MORTMAIN [or] “the dead mans hand,” which established the basis of the current Probate Courts in America.

Probate provides for a tax or percentage of the decedents estate be paid to the King, upon the distribution of a dead mans estate and the failure to pay this tax, resulted in the ownership in the estate being sold by the Court, to pay the tax and absent a valid, Last Will and Testament, the estate is returned to the King. In America, the same laws apply and the estate is returned to the State!

The Magna Carta and The Law of Mortmain, upset Pope Innocent III, because it placed the Lords and Dukes on equal footing with the Sovereign King and His Holiness, the Pope [and] the Law of Mortmain prevented Catholic parishioners from willing the deeds to their homes and land to the Church, by obligating the Church to pay the Kings Probate Tax!

Pope Innocent III, retaliated by excommunicating King James and he also issued a decree, declaring that, The Magna Carta, was be an affront to God and the Holy Roman Church, and therefore was unlawful!

King James was eventually convinced by Pope Innocent III, that because of his excommunication, that upon the King’s death, his soul would be condemned to purgatory.

Out of his fear of purgatory, King James, made a serious act of contrition to regain the favor of the Holy Roman Church and the Pope, whom the King now regarded as: God’s only living representative on Earth!

The Treaty of 1213, spelled out King James concessions: 1] Giving the land titles of Ireland; England and France, too the Holy Roman Church; 2] The lands and oceans of the Earth; 3] The payment of 1000 gold Marks each year, and 4] A Royal Decree, which declared the Pope, “The Vicar of Christ,” meaning the only living descendant of Peter, Christ’s appointed representative on Earth!

NOTE: All royalty is an historic prevarication but man has accepted their presence like a bad government. Devout Christians might argue this point but realistically, somebody has to be in charge, whomever they are, to maintain order and organize protection from other Nations.

The Holy Roman Church and all future Pope’s, would all pursue other avenues to gain similar Treaties and control around the World, which is much easier to accomplish if you are the “Vicar of Christ,” and this does however explain England’s historic thirst to conquer other Nation Countries around the World!

King James Royal Decree; that all the lands and sea’s of Earth, was the property of The Holy Roman Church; eventually became the impetus behind the change in American land titles from [Allodial Deeds] to [Fee Simple Deeds], which utilizes the Ancient Roman Trusts as a model!


Remember the story about crazy Nero setting fire to Rome? Well it happened but he wasn’t crazy! He and the Roman Senate arranged that one and blamed it on the Christians as a distraction.

Problem is that the fires were predominately set in the Christian section! So what was behind this?

After the fires had burned out, the Roman Senate created a Land Trust and into the Trust they entered all of the estates of Romans who owned property.

Then by Royal Decree, they declared that all of these property owners had died in the Great Fire and the Senate was appointed the Trustees for these estates.

As Trustees, they could demand a percentage of the crops and excessive taxes.

If the owner couldn’t pay, he went to prison or surrendered his daughters as Bond Slaves!

If the original owner died, the estate was sold, usually to a member of the Senate and the gold held in the Trust.

All that the original estate Owner had to do to stop this insanity, was to hire a scribe and decree that he did not die in the Great Fire and was in fact alive and quite capable of managing his own estate and serve it on the Senate! Few Romans were intelligent enough to know what to do and subsequently lost everything!

All land deeds in Colonial America, use to be Allodial Deeds, which recognized our individual Sovereignty and Ownership, whereas Fee Simple Deeds, only recognizes the State and are an open end deed that are never closed or finalized!

What does this mean, you ask?

ALLODIAL: Recognizes you as the King of your land. You make the rules on your land and nobody and no government can trespass upon your property.

You the King, are revered and respected and have an absolute right to use lethal force to protect your property. No government can tax your land, and the title is passed down from parent to child or husband to wife, etc!

No Bank will ever lend money against an Allodial property because the Bank has no way to foreclose against it but it will lend money against your chattel [livestock or crops].

FEE SIMPLE: Recognizes you
only as a Tenant on the property.

The State makes the rules on your land and anybody can trespass upon your property.

You actually lease the property from the Land Trust, which belongs to the Holy Roman Church.

The Deed can only be passed down to family members upon your death but not before your descendants open an, Estate in Probate, which means that the State receives a percentage of everything the decedent once owned!

If the descendants are short of cash, the property is auctioned off or a loan [mortgage] can be obtained from a Bank. In a loan situation, the Deed to the property is encumbered by the Bank.

This means that the Bank is entitled to be satisfied first, if the loan [mortgage] is defaulted on for non-payment! This process is better known as: Foreclosure.

The Banks have arranged for the Vatican, the Judge, the Clerk, the Bank and the lawyer, to each receive a piece of the Foreclosure.

If you are unmarried and you failed to leave a: Last Will and Testament, the State can reclaim your property and leave your descendants with nothing!

With this change in Deeds: A Land Trust was created for these Fee Simple Deeds, and the Holy Roman Church was designated the Owner of the Trust.

The State and the Courts become the Trustees, and we Americans become a corporate tenant.

Now here’s where things get sticky:

In every Trust: There is an Owner; a Trustee and a Beneficiary. The Owner cannot be the Trustee and neither of them can become the Beneficiary, so we ignorant human beings, have been appointed as the Beneficiaries of the Trust! Into the Trust they have entered other valuable property.

Birth Certificates of Corporations, our Birth Certificates and our Social Security Accounts, which are converted into National Securities and marketed as Mutual Fund Investments.

The trick: The trick is how too avoid giving these ignorant humans the benefits of the Trust? And the solution arrived at by these lawyer/politicians, is to convert those ignorant humans into sub-corporations! Corporations are companies and as such, have no inalienable rights!

You’ve got to admit that these people are clever?

American’s who believe they have just purchased a home and land, have been lied to by the government; the bank and their lawyer!

They all lie as a precaution against inciting another American Revolution! Everything is about Commerce/Money!

It rules the World and it Rules your lives!

In the small type of all Fee Simple Deeds; is the wording that specifies that the buyer is the Tenant and not the Owner!

Your lawyer set up that little piece of fraud, never told you about it and then charged you a fee for his services!

And America keeps electing these lawyers to high political offices and you wonder why your life is so much harder today than it was for your parents? Hell—they were just getting started!

That’s not all: In the small print of the Deed is a poorly worded contract between you and the State Government, wherein you consent to pay the property taxes on this Deed and directs the State too send the Tax Notice in care of your name and address and by signing all of the Deed transactions, you have agreed to another fraudulent debt!

The Tax Debt guarantees that you can never own or reside on that property without paying!

Whatever happened to that “nest egg” we were taught to believe in?

Your lawyer set up that Tax Debt too and he receives a large percentage of your first tax bill, for arranging that one!


“Let the buyer beware!”

Beware of the politicians and lawyers!

The Ecclesiastical Laws of England; Ireland; France and America, now give the Pope absolute superiority over all governmental laws, decisions and orders governing these countries.

That would normally be a reasonable concession to God however the Vatican is a cult and is all about: Power; Control and Wealth, masked by the veil of a National Religious Cult, supervised by the false, Vicar of Christ!

In all fairness: Many of the individual parish Priests are gentle, religious and well-meaning people who are just as confused about everything, as you are.

It is the Jesuits and the Priests who are promoted to Bishop and Cardinal, who you need to be wary of.

They are generally more politically aggressive and corrupt than they are religious! Didn’t you ever wonder why Priests are never prosecuted for Pedophile Sex or Drunken Driving?

It is because the Vatican is at the center of the Illuminati P2 Group and that is part of their business; the Vatican is in bed with them and the Pope can exonerate everybody and absolve them of their crimes and sins.

Priestly perversions make it virtually impossible for a fallen Priest to ever leave the Church because once he does; he is no longer protected by the Church!

Every time a Priest slips up, the Pope gains a permanent soldier who cannot refuse a Vatican accommodation!

NOTE: The United States Congress adopted The Holy Bible as one of the organic laws of the United States.

Organic means a foundational law. What Pope Innocent III missed during his editing of the Holy Bible, is the fact that the Bible eliminates enforcement of all man-made laws in the first five books, which then becomes another prime example of how the laws of a corrupt government contradict each other, and as long as they are in power, they don’t care!

Remember the proverb:

“Power corrupts and
absolute power corrupts

Nothing could be more truthful! In all fairness, you all need to know that [except for about one half dozen] of the men who we have elected too a State or National political office, are actually much more corrupt than any of you ever imagined!

They have sex slaves; perform mind control experiments upon them; take drugs; arrange murders; engage in pedophile sex; prostitution and have been involved in white slavery and the sale of children and teenagers to foreign Potentates!

Anything for a buck and for their personal pleasure, with absolutely no accountability or conscience! They are the true Sociopaths of this society and should be in prison, and I am not excluding any of the United States Presidents; Congressmen or Heads of State in this description! Except for those six; there wasn’t a good one among them and that’s the absolute truth!

They are only half at fault because we stupid American’s put them there and never paid any attention to what they were doing and we accepted every lie they told us!


The High Contracting Powers in Europe and America have decided that we common, illiterate and unwashed slaves are better off not having this and other knowledge or information readily available to us because that would make us all as intelligent as they are, and that could make us difficult to control!

Intelligent slaves have always been perceived as a threat to Plantation owners; Emperors; Monarchs; Dictators and other despots and we common folk are perceived by them in this same light.

As hard and tasteless as this comment is to digest, the middle and poor classes are viewed by all governments and by the Royal and Elite of the World as ignorant slaves that require management, by and through slave driving program techniques.

Too many slaves are much too difficult to control and so programs to reduce populations in addition to Wars, have constantly been engineered and employed without our consent or knowledge!

[e.g.] Hence, the recent growing number of Cancer and Aids patients and other diseases, which have been created by government laboratories under Military Defense Contracts, were then introduced into our society by air, water and contaminated blood.

[e.g.] During WWII, Nazi scientists experimented with a toxic substance called fluoride and discovered that watered down doses of fluoride ingested over a long period of time, makes the human mind more malleable or easier to influence.

Other tests involving an acid compound called chlorine, ingested in small doses over an extended period of time, severely injures the human immune system.

Today all public water in America is treated with Chlorine and Fluoride chemicals and we have all been told for the last 70 years that this is good for us!

[e.g.] All humans should actually be ingesting small doses of Alkaloids applied or added to their boiled drinking water to maintain their natural immunity from childbirth.

All human children are born with an alkaloid system however due to the health benefits derived from Alkaloids, the US Government has prohibited the sale of all water purification devices that Alkalizes drinking water.

The abuse of Alkaloids however like all abuses is just as detrimental to human health as acids and poison; so care should be employed.

China or Japan manufactures an alkaloid purification system, which can be purchased by mail order only.

Another popular Slave Driving Technique involves racial disunity.

Kings and Governments intentionally stir up problems between the various countries and races, which causes fights and murders between these groups and once they get out of control, Officials step in and kill or imprison everyone they can.

At present the big move is to create racial disunity between the American masses and immigrants from the Middle Eastern Countries or with the Latin and South America ethnicities.

If you are one of those American people who hate the Mexican and or the Muslim immigrants in America, then you are probably not too awfully bright because you are being handled and manipulated by Uncle Sam with extreme prejudice!

The same thing was done to Japanese American families during WWII and they were totally innocent of any wrongdoing!


Most people actively participate and cooperate in these slave driving programs. I’m certain you won’t like reading this but the most identifiable programs involve our professional sports competitions such as: Football; Baseball; Wrestling, etc.

Team sports are much easier to manipulate because they involve so much activity whereas, Wrestling is the only sport that appears phony all of the time, even when participants are paid extra, to physically assault each other!

Just so you understand, all of these professional athletes truly are the consummate athletes in their own right, and it really would be quite a spectacle to watch them legitimately attempt to win a competition but, it could also result in their last and cost them a profitable career; so games; matches and coaches need to be manipulated!

The offer of large salaries helps smooth over the athlete’s conscience and in time they lose their conscience, just like actors and politicians!

Sorry to break your bubble but that’s life and they and we are being manipulated!

All of the players occasionally suffer real injuries from accidents but it still amounts to nothing more than the glitz and glimmer of Hollywood, just on a different plane or level!

The purpose of these professional sports is too entertain the masses and to inflate and expand Commerce.

It’s all about the money.

Unfortunately, the public is bamboozled into paying horrendous prices to view these sports competitions; they are huddled into stadiums with uncomfortable seating and sometimes exposed to the elements!

They are usually offered expensive refreshments to purchase and members of the public are encouraged or enticed to wager bets on the outcome of each competition!

The team owners receive a percentage of those bets in exchange for a pre-arranged list of win’s and losses; a percentage of the ticket sales, concessions, television advertisements and merchandizing!

The owners even attempt to perform like they are elated or concerned but its all an act!

It’s all about the money!

Former athletes are hired by the media to discuss the players; teams; forecast the outcome and narrate the competitions.

These star narrators help add more drama to the game and they help cover up “bad acting” and “botched plays” by legitimizing or chastising the actions of plays, referees, coaches and players who react, get kicked out, strike out, miss a shot, push an opponent, miss a block or drop a pass!

It’s all good because drama sells tickets, increases betting and sells merchandise and we pay the price!

The success of these professional programs also encourages high schools and colleges to entertain similar athletic programs because of the extra collateral that can be earned for the schools and they unwittingly help to legitimize the professional sports.

High schools and college teams play legitimate sports, so naturally those spectators are more likely to expect and believe the same amount of legitimacy will continue in the professional sports too.

All of these sports promote combat, competition and separate and eliminate the weak from the strong. Strong slaves are more productive, it’s a fact!

These sport competitions help drive the public mind to pay little attention to what government and business is doing too them; and they help promote sales, patriotism and loyalty before each competition!

All of this creates and sustains a multi-billion dollar commercial enterprise and government from which the Royal and Elite classes all profit!

CREDIT SCORES: I believe you first need to understand the purpose behind Credit Scores.

The Credit Scoring System is another slave driving program; that was devised by the Federal Reserve System and with the blessing of the High Contracting Powers.

Its purpose is to squeeze more cash out of borrowers and to force the public into becoming loyal conditioned slaves!

First of all, when you apply for a mortgage, you are requesting a loan of their valueless currency, to purchase a home or automobile, which you can never own and upon which you pay a penalty, called Interest and Costs.

Those who are approved for a loan are watched closely to see if they have swallowed the fraud, “hook, line and sinker” and follow the repayment instructions fully!

Those who can’t follow their directions; lost a job or financially over extended themselves are rated badly [credit scores] and are penalized severely then and whenever they apply again, called [points].

The personal information you provide to them when applying, is also sold to other Financial Institutions and Collection Agencies.

They tell you NO, but unless you take the time to read all the fine print, they bluffed you again!

Some merchandizing companies have or perform a type of collection process first as a courtesy and when you fail to bring your payments up to date, they discharge the debt and sell the discharged debt to Collection Agencies for pennies on the dollar!

These Collection Agencies are all owned by Law Firms who hire people to contact you and attempt to collect the original debt plus penalties for them.

They do not represent the merchandizing company, they represent their own business and probably paid $25.00 for a $300.00 discharged debt.

If they can persuade you to begin making payments too them, that creates a contract between you and the collection agency, regarding a debt that no longer exists!

When a debt is discharged, it means that your agreement with that company is cancelled for good!

Those lawyers really are pretty clever!

If you are a compliant slave, your credit rating will be high and yet their really isn’t a difference between the borrower who has perfect credit and the borrower who has poor credit, as I will discuss next under Home Mortgages!

It is all a corporate fraud to increase their wealth and deplete yours!

HOME MORTGAGES: Whenever you apply for a loan, you are requested to sign a Promissory Note for the total amount of the loan.

Then a Payment Account is established.

The Promissory Note is never endorsed by a member of the Financial Institution so that it can be sold without your permission.

Three days later, the original promissory note, signed in ink, is sold to another Institution or Foreign Government, who will COLLATERALIZE it or use it like a BOND and issue currency or loans against it.

Why the three days?

It is because you have the right to withdraw from or cancel any contract within three days of acceptance.

It is about the only right we have left and it may be found under the, Truth in Lending Act!

All that matters to the Bank, is that you are a flesh and blood human being and that you have affixed your signature to a Promissory Note! They don’t care if you have a great credit score or a poor one!

Flesh and Blood Human Beings, technically own everything, and all Corporations are fictional companies that have no value and cannot function until some HUMAN BEING blows life into them!

The Promissory Notes each sell for the same value!

Since the Promissory Note was sold without your permission, your Mortgage Debt to them is actually [paid in full] but they never tell you about that!

In fact, the Bank also sells your repayment plan to an investor or another Bank for much less, and agree to manage the payments for them.

Most Banks now employ a middle company to collect your Mortgage payment.

They do this because your Mortgage and repayment plan is not reflected on the Banks Bookkeeping and under Federal and International Law, it is supposed to!

So the middle companies act as a buffer and keeps them out of trouble!

Since the Banks can’t legally make loans against their depositor’s assets, everything is just a, Paper Chase!

Your payments are deposited into the investor’s account who purchased it and if it involves another Bank, your payment is transferred to that Bank where it is deposited into a savings account, under a number instead of your name!

The reason the account is numbered, is because it is really your savings account!

You don’t owe them a debt and so they conceal your payments as a numbered savings account! If they included your name, they would have to mail you a monthly accounting and that would tip you off!

So any foreclosure that might occur thereafter is totally bogus and unlawful because they cannot produce the Original Promissory Note!

If demanded, they will produce a black and white photo copy but that is actually the Counterfeiting of a Negotiable Instrument unless it is reduced or enlarged!

The point being that if they cannot produce the original Note, it was sold!

Given these circumstances, it was absolutely necessary for them to involve the Judges in their criminal conduct.

Foreclosure Judges receive 10% of the original Promissory Note, after they authorize the Bank to steal and sell your assets in FORECLOSURE.

This process essentially makes the rich man richer and explains how the Banks can own the bulk of the skyscraper buildings, parcels of land and stadiums across America.

In reality, we pay for our homes three times over its original purchase price without ever securing ownership.

Mr. Warburg was a pretty ingenious fellow when he designed the Federal Reserve System and why we Americans always need to be two steps ahead of the Banks, Courts and lawyers!

According to the Constitution: The only way you can pay a debt is with silver or gold and since there is no silver or gold backed currency, the only thing we can do is to DISCHARGE our debts!

A DISCHARGE is never a payment in full and it can be resold or borrowed against.

Hence, lawyers purchase discharged debts for pennies on the dollar; open a collection company and hire people to harass you into paying that debt to them!

Remember that in all legitimate contracts you always received something of equal value from the company or person you borrowed from.

Collection companies fail to provide you with anything of equal value and lie to you that they are collecting the debt on behalf of the original creditor!

The best way to handle a debt collector is to deny who you are and every question they ask …..

INTERESTING NOTE: In Libya, a citizen can apply for a home mortgage or business loan from the government, interest free, and he owns the land.

In most cases, a citizen who desires to start a business like farming, the borrower is given a $50,000 grant or the land, a tractor, the seed and livestock to get started all for free!

And our government has the audacity to call Momar Ghaddafi a fascist? President Ghaddafi had control over $200 Billion in gold and his life was threatened by the Criminal Cabal, if he refused to surrender that gold. Ghaddafi refused and was subsequently murdered by paid assassins hired by the United States Government.

May he rest in peace…

CORPORATIONS: As I mentioned earlier, a corporation is a fictional character or entity in law, created by the government, which makes that fictional character or entity the intellectual property of the government but you are never told that! Corporations can own any number of other corporations but can never own a flesh and blood human being!

All laws created under this parent corporation will essentially become corporate laws and regulations to govern the parent corporation and all subordinate or sub-corporations owned by the parent. These corporate laws and regulations are called statutes and their affect and control over human beings is deceptively obtained by consent through civil contracts.

Look up the word: Person, in any modern law dictionary and you will see that a person is regarded as a corporation and not a flesh and blood human being.

These civil contracts were secured by and through several federal and state voluntary registration programs designed to convert and enslave flesh and blood American citizens of the Republic into corporate property.

These registration programs always involved government benefits as an inducement however nothing is for free and when the State and Federal Governments offer anything for free, you can bet that upon your acceptance, there are ropes and chains about to be attached to your neck; hands and ankles!

‘Most people do not know the weight of chain they already bare!’ Charles Dickens

Legally, these civil contracts lacked “mutuality,” meaning that all registrants must understand the true nature and intent of the contract [and] subsequently must knowingly accept or consent to the terms of those contracts.

The government’s subversive tactics perverts “mutuality” and lawfully eliminates any and all contractual relationships, as historically established by the ‘International Law of Contracts’ a/k/a Uniform Commercial Code.’

The Federal Government; the B.A.R. and the Courts, rely upon the Maxim that: “Ignorance of the Law is no excuse,” which is capable of being thrown back in their deceptive faces through literacy, which is what this expose’ is attempting to provide to you!

When a person is arrested or sued for a Statutory Regulation, also known as a: Criminal or Civil law, he is actually being accused of violating a: corporate regulation or corporate breach of contract!

A civil contract that only exists over human beings by deception and fraud!

There are NO CRIMINAL LAWS in America.

Rule 1 of the Federal Rules of Procedure [F.C.R.P.] use to specify this very fact. [e.g.] ‘All laws are civil,’ which was later modified by the Judiciary Act too conceal this fact by creating one set of Civil Rules [F.C.R.P.] and one set of Criminal Rules [F.Cr.R.P.] but this never changed the fact that there are NO CRIMINAL LAWS in America.

The Judiciary Act was necessary, once common people began to represent themselves in Court and uncovered this and other frauds.

These Rules of Procedure and Rules of Court were originally designed and adopted to reduce confusion in the Courts and was intended only for lawyers however this is not to say that the Courts will not try to enforce them against non-lawyers!

And by the way: There is no legislation, which prohibits a common man to practice law without a license! Neither Lincoln nor Clarence Darrow ever attended law school; neither was licensed and each became a famous lawyer.

This prohibition will be discussed next.

Today, each Judge representing a Court of Record is a lawyer and a member of the American B.A.R. Association Union, and all these Union Judges have conspired to write a Local Rule of Procedure, prohibiting non-lawyers from the practice of law without a license!

This practice protected their Treason; insured work for the Union membership [B.A.R. lawyers] and is openly in violation of Federal Anti-Trust Laws!

Anti-Trust Laws were intended to prevent large monopolies from forming because such monopolies can control prices; eliminate competition and violates free enterprise, which is exactly what the B.A.R. and this Local Rule of Court intended to accomplish!

Those Anti-Trust Laws have been modified so many times by B.A.R. Congressmen, that they now almost assist in the creation of large monopolies. Gee, how could that happen?

A lawyer is issued a license to practice law, a license permitting him to do something unlawful, so how did he pay for his license when our government has abolished our right to possess or own silver and gold?

The lawyer paid with Federal Reserve Notes [promissory notes] having no ascertainable value. So now, how is it that any lawyer is licensed to do anything?

They aren’t; so when a lawyer or a lawyer judge enters a Court, they both come into that Court with unclean hands to prosecute; defend or judge.

“Unclean hands,” means that: Their appearance is reproachable and it makes them incapable of seeking or rendering a judgment or a conviction against anyone else!

An old Maxim of law says it all:


The Federal and State Governments are not real. They are privately owned corporations called governments. The Judges are privately employed administrators called Judges and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called Statutes.

The Courthouses are no longer public buildings but are privately owned structures called Judicial Centers or a Department of Justice and the prisons are privately owned facilities that do not mention the City or County anywhere in its name.

The public defenders, prosecutors and police are not there to protect and serve the public but to the contrary, they are there to protect and serve the private corporation.

The Vatican, Judges, Prosecutor and Clerk make money off of your conviction and the private owners of the prison make money off of your incarceration.

Everything you sign with a wet ink signature becomes a negotiable instrument in their World and is converted into a guaranteed asset, like a [Security or Bond] because you are a real flesh and blood living person!

Many Judges and law firms own the Government Buildings and the Prisons.

Your presence in a prison also fuels a Mutual Fund investment. In their World, everything is fictional and therefore your living status creates substance for their World both physically and in writing!

Who pays for the bulk of these convictions?

Remember those Land Trusts in the name of the Vatican?

The Prosecutor levels [files] a charge against you and the Trust, with the Clerk.

The Clerk documents the case and appoints a judge as the Administrator for the Trust.

You are brought before them and asked if you are the named person on the indictment and they promptly advise you of your rights and the charge.

It is your BIRTH CERTIFICATE that is actually on Trial and being prosecuted, but you don’t know that and your Court appointed lawyer or privately hired lawyer, never tell you!

Upon your conviction and you will be convicted; the Land Trust pays damages to all involved except you, because you are not real!

The living you is the beneficiary of the Trust and the corporate you is on Trial! They consider that those Trusts are for them, if they can access it! You never receive the benefits of the Trust and you are sentenced to prison, probation and or fined!

Rebellious or free thinking individuals are usually ostracized; censored; punished or stone walled at every turn because they refuse to accept the propaganda and slave driving techniques being forced upon them by their private corporate owners called the High Contracting Powers!

We are all forced to submit to a forced education wherein the subject content has been fictionalized and is supervised by the: “Department of Education.”

We are periodically tested and graded to insure that we have been sufficiently indoctrinated with these facts before being graduated.

The “Carrot” or rewards used to entice us into memorizing these false facts are words like: Cum Lade, Diplomas, Intelligence Quotients, College Entrance Exams, Stats and rewards like educational scholarships, grants and the promise of a better job and life!

And few ever receive the: “Carrot!”

You are never taught the truth unless you are Royalty; the Elite or you are a Specially Gifted Individual. Naturally high intelligence [genius status] is an asset to the Elite and the Royal factions, and besides, you probably will figure everything out for yourself, and so they encourage such children to join them! Those who refuse are eventually eliminated with prejudice.

PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES: Is another one of the largest scams in America! The Congress and the Department of Defense poisons us and the pharmaceutical companies provide drugs that treat the symptoms.

They own all of the Medical Schools and make sure that new Doctors never learn how to treat disease only the symptom.

When it was discovered that the juice of the Marijuana Plant [Hemp Oil] stimulated the Human Immune System, which in turn naturally eliminated every disease affecting the human body; the Congress made Marijuana a Schedule I Drug and the propagation, use or sale of it a felony crime!

Use a juicer to extract the juice.

It will not make you hallucinate unless you heat or smoke it because heat changes the chemical composition.

These companies make billions off of the medical profession and they kick back a large portion of the profits to every Congressman and President!

  The Great Work Website

   Unholy Roman Church

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The power of the Rothschild family begins
and ends with central banks.
From 1800 until present day, they have created
over 153 central banks around the world.

This thread shows how they did it.

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The role of money-lenders in history was once aptly termed by many acute observers as the “Hidden Hand.”

It is the power to create, lend and accumulate interest on “credit,” and then re-lend that interest for further interest, in perpetuity, that creates pervasive, worldwide debt, from the individual, to the family, to the entire state.

The ability to operate a fraudulent credit and loan system has long been known, and through all the slickness of a snake-oil salesman, the money-lenders – the same types Jesus whipped from the Temple – have persuaded governments that banking is best left to private interests.

When any state, individual or idea has threatened their scam they have often responded with wars and revolutions.

This is essential reading
for everyone
especially the British.


In a ‘History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind’ ex-South African banker, the late Stephen Goodson explains how the Central Banking “scam” originated, and how those who run it have throughout history used their power to subvert governments, and manufacture wars that not only produced vast profits, but frequently to topple ‘regimes’ whose banking system was not under their control.

The ‘scam’ of the money-lenders is the ability to literally create money from nothing, and then lend and accumulate interest on “credit,” and then re-lend that interest for further interest, in perpetuity, that creates pervasive, worldwide debt, from the individual, to the family, to the entire state.

The ability to operate a fraudulent credit and loan system has long been known, and with all the slickness of a snake-oil salesman, the money-lenders – the same types Jesus whipped from the Temple – have persuaded governments that banking is best left to their private interests.

The cultural and material progress of a civilization will often relate to the degree by which it is free from the influence of debt, and the degradation that results when the money-lenders are permitted to abuse their power. Hence, Goodson shows that both World Wars, the Napoleonic wars, the American Revolution, the rise and fall of Julius Caesar, the regicide of Charles I of England, the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya and the revolution against Tsar Nicholas, among much else in history relate to this “Hidden Hand”.

If you wish to have a real understanding of history – look for the influence of the bankers.

This is the key to understanding the past, the present and the future.

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The fake banking system
explained in under five minutes

Excerpt from
The Creature of Jekyll Island

The Creature from Jekyll Island

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The creature
Jekyll Island

The Creature of Jekyll Island
by G. Edward-Griffin

The Creature from Jekyll Island

Video - click image

The Titanic Secret
Jekyll Island

Robert Sepehr

Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the state of Georgia, where a secret gathering of elite bankers and politicians took place in 1910 laying the foundations for the Federal Reserve System in 1913, a year after the sinking of the Titanic (or sister ship Olympic).

Three of the wealthiest Americans living at the time, none of whose wealth came from banking and all opposed to the formation of a central bank, passed away on the maiden voyage of Titanic: (((Benjamin Guggenheim))), (((Isidor Straus))), and John Jacob Astor IV, the richest man in the world at the time.

The legislation establishing the Federal Reserve was then passed the day before Christmas Eve, while most of Congress was away for the holidays.

Operating outside of the constraints of the U.S. government, the “privatized” FED controls the US government’s central banking

Central banks are hiding the truth
about what is driving inflation
and how bad it is going to get.

They want you to believe that what is happening is a result of government stimulus in response to the pandemic.

Total nonsense.

Look up quantitative easing.

Look up the Fed balance sheet.

That 8.9 trillion dollars worth of assets that they purchased to prop up the economy in the years following the 2008 crisis dwarfs the stimulus.

Every dollar that sits on central bank balance sheets is money that was created out of thin air and injected into the system.

This is what created the inflation we are seeing now.

Raising interest rates can’t bring it down.

That would only work if the inflation was caused by excessive lending, but it wasn’t, and they know that it wasn’t.

The;” only way to prevent Venezuela style hyperinflation at this point would be to remove 8.9 trillion dollars from the U.S. economy and approximately the same amount from the EU economy.

This would obviously have catastrophic consequences and draw attention to their insane monetary experiment, so instead they are playing dumb.

They acknowledge that raising interest rates will likely cause a deep recession, but what no one seems to be talking about is what happens to interest payments on government debt as these rates climb.

With the U.S. national debt sitting at 30 trillion, the prospect of a full fledged default isn’t just likely, it’s inevitable.

When the U.S. government defaults, the global financial system will grind to a halt (as will international supply chains).

Most people can’t even imagine the implications.

This cannot be fixed.

That’s why they cooked up the “Great Reset”.

Don’t let them get away with it.

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Princes of the Yen:
Central Banks and the
transformation of the economy

Michael Oswald’s documentary “Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the transformation of the economy” reveals how Japanese society was transformed to suit the agenda and desire of powerful interest groups, and how citizens were kept entirely in the dark about this.

Based on a book by Professor Richard Werner, a visiting researcher at the Bank of Japan during the 90s crash, during which the stock market dropped by 80% and house prices by up to 84%.

The film uncovers the real cause
of this extraordinary period
in recent Japanese history.

Making extensive use of archival footage and TV appearances of Richard Werner from the time, the viewer is guided to a new understanding of what makes the world tick.

And discovers that what happened in Japan almost 25 years ago is again repeating itself in Europe.

To understand how, why, and by whom, watch this video.

“Princes Of The Yen” is an unprecedented challenge to today’s dominant ideological belief system and the control levers that underpin it. Piece by piece, reality is deconstructed to reveal the world as it is, not as those in power would like us to believe that it is.

“Because only power that is hidden is power that endures.”

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MEP Exposes Central Bank scam

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TERROR by the Deepstate

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Hitler speeches

A great Red Pill experience.
Another look at what history,
(re-written by the victors),
has told us about Hitler.
what you’ve been told about Hitler
and what you see in this amazing video

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Accept the deed and be the owner

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Banks don’t take deposits.
Banks don’t lend money.


Banks are being thought of intermediaries, but this not really what’s happening.

Banks are creators of the money supply.

I produced the first empirical studies to prove that [banks create money out of thin air].

Banks are thought of as deposit-taking institutions that lend money. The legal reality is banks don’t take deposits and banks don’t lend money.

So what is a deposit?

A deposit is not actually a deposit.

It’s not a bailment.

And it’s not held in custody.

At law, the word deposit is meaningless.

The law courts and various judgements have made it very clear if you give your money to a bank even though it’s called a deposit, this money is simply a loan to the bank.

So there is no such thing as deposit. It’s a loan at a bank.

So banks borrow from the public. So that much we’ve established.

What about lending? Surely they’re lending money.

Umm. No, they don’t.

Banks don’t lend money.

Banks again, at law, it’s very clear.

They’re in the business of purchasing securities.

That’s it.

So you say. OK. Don’t confuse me with all that legalese.

I want a loan. Fine, here’s the loan contract.

Here’s the offer letter.

And you sign.

At law, it’s very clear, you have issued a security.

Namely a promissory note.

And the bank is going to purchase that. That’s what’s happening.

What the bank is doing is very different from what it presents to the public that it’s doing.

How does this fit together?

So you say fine, the bank purchases my promissory note, but how do I get my money?

This is a loan.

I don’t care about the details.

I want the money.

The bank will say you’ll find it in your account with us.

That would be technically correct.

If they say, we’ll transfer it to your account, that’s wrong because no money is transferred, at all, from anywhere inside the bank or outside the bank.


Because what we call a deposit, is simply the bank’s record of its debt to the public.

Now it also owes you money [for the promissory note] and its record of the money it owes you is what you think you’re getting as money [as a loan].

And that’s all it is.

That is how the banks create the money supply.

The money supply consists to 97 percent of bank deposits and these are created out of nothing by banks when they lend.

Because they invent fictitious customer deposits.


They simply restate, slightly incorrectly in accounting terms – what is an accounts payable liability arising from the loan contract having purchased your promissory note – as a customer deposit.

But nobody has deposited any money.

I wonder how the FCA [Financial Conduct Authority] deals with this because in the financial sector you’re not supposed to mislead your customers.

— End transcript —


In essence, if I followed it correctly, here’s what happens.

Note, this is based on double-entry accounting.

When something is added to the Assets side, something must be added to the Liabilities side.


Customers lend money to the banks, and that becomes an asset to the bank.

The bank then creates an account (payable) showing how much the bank owes the customer.

The account that I think is mine, is really a bookkeeping entry. It’s an accounts payable; but the bank calls it an account for short. [Hat tip to Stop the Pirates]


A customer completes a bank loan application that is really a promissory note.

A note has value, since someone is promising to pay an amount in the future.

The note becomes an Asset on the bank’s books.

On the Liabilities side of the bank’s balance sheet, the bank adds an accounts payable [Learn accounting!].

That accounts payable is the account used by the customer to access the so-called loan.

Note that the bank does not place the funds into the customer’s existing account.

The bank creates a new account and I am saying that this is really an accounts payable.

They say they placed money into the account, but really it’s just a ledger entry.

And what this all means, my friends, is that we are passing around ledger entries.

Or at least that’s the way I see it based on Richard Werner’s points above and much thinking since.

The bank never actually pays for the promissory note.

It promises to pay in the future, and the bank can prove that (in a way) by showing the accounts payable showing the bank plans to pay it at some point.

Many people say that the banks or Federal Reserve create money out of thin air.

Well, it’s actually the customer that created the money when the customer signed the promissory note.

Federal Reserve notes represent the promised dollars of loan applicants.

I complete a loan application.

As I said, this is really a promise to pay (let’s say) $200,000.

The bank agrees to buy this note from me, and does the steps noted above.

I initiated the promise.

Let’s add another level.

There is no money.

This is true because I have not paid that $200,000.

I have only promised to pay it.

The Federal Reserve Notes are the ledger entries of the banks and that is what we use to trade.

Those notes, I think, are currency, not money.

Yes, this may be technical, but it could be significant.

Winston Shrout has said that we’ve been taught to see everything backwards, in terms of banking, with debits being credits, and credits being debits.

That the loan application is the asset fits in with his theory. [This video with Winston might have this statement.]

Seriously, get the accounting book linked above, so you really know double-entry book-keeping.

Wait, there’s more.

When people are charged with a crime, they have counts against them.

Tell me…are those really accounts payables?

Not sure.

Still have to ponder this.

Chart from Living in the Private

When we look at
both sides of the ledger,
we can see that men and women
are creditors, not debtors.

That’s right, we loan the bank our credit, and they multiply it in a number of ways.

Banks really do “extend credit”, but it’s your credit that is extended for their benefit.

You are shown only the side of the ledger that records you as a debtor, while the side of the ledger that records you as a creditor is hidden.

The banker elites who designed the system did not want you to know that.

On the bank’s asset side of the ledger, publicly visible, showing accounts receivable, you are the debtor and the bank is the creditor, while on the banks liability side of the ledger, privately hidden, showing accounts payable, you are the creditor and the bank is the debtor.

Read more at Living in the Private: Thou funded thy loan


It’s possible the word bank comes from the bank of a river or waterway. The bank of a waterway directs the flow of water, it does not hold anything. This could be the real reason banks don’t lend money or take deposits. Mentioning in case it helps us see this all more clearly

Ask for your note back!

I think people should ask for the return of their loan ‘application’ after paying off the ‘loan” since the loan application is really an IOU.

An IOU should be returned if the man/woman who wrote the note follows pays off the note/IOU.

The goal would be to reduce the quantity of dollars in circulation, as this would increase the value of all other dollars in circulation.

It would be dollar deflation, which is good.

Please post a comment below if you ask for your note/application back. I may do this for a school loan years ago.


  1. The problem is I can’t buy a home with my promissory note, the one I sold to the bank. So I need to instead sell my promissory note to the bank, and use the bank’s promissory notes (Federal Reserve Notes, aka dollars) to purchase the home.
  2. How does the bank get the Federal Reserve Notes from the Federal Reserve? What is that process?
  3. A credit card might work the same way. The application for the credit card is actually a promissory note that is sold to the credit card company. The customer’s credit card account is actually an accounts payable entry on the books of credit card company.

Securitization 101

When you sign a promissory note to create the mortgage with a bank to buy your house, at
closing, they have already sold your note to the warehousing institution. The warehousing
institution brought money into the bank when they bought the note. At closing, they take the
money and closes out the account on one side. The bank forgot to tell you that you don’t have a
liability on their receivable side any more.

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Your house
or is it?

Exposing the banking Fraud.

In this video the truth is exposed about the
fraudulent and criminal processes used by banks
to supposedly lend money to purchase land and houses.

Do you really have a ‘mortgage’?

How do you protect you hard worked for property?

All inquiries to

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Exposed through their own words, HM Land registry HER Majesty’s Land Registry, STATING IN BLACK AND WHITE FREEHOLD IS FREE TO LIVE INDEFINITELY WITHOUT PAYMENT OF RENT!

So why are we being extorted from dead corporations sucking the life out off the living for rent?

These properties are not owned by the dead, they are here for the living.

If they are new builds than the first occupiers might need to pay rent up to 12 years exposed in their words.

Time to get your pens and thumb print seals out to write to the secretary of states demanding back our properties and the money they owe us for back dated rent!

Time to end their harvest! A BIG THANKS to our Teacher & Friend Global-Chief-Federal-Postal_judge Mark-kishon :Christopher, who has shined a huge torch of light and knowledge into our reality, exposing the mirror world through their own words, just as he is doing right now, with the DEATH-PLEDGE- MORTGAGES!

The empire of lies will fall- as soon as we make that stand! Its all ready falling for many who are getting this knowledge.

Check :Mark-kishon :Christopher website and learn to free yourselves I have and I will never go back into the mirror world.
Captain :Janine :Linehan.

Insurance Fraud
(as done by the
Insurance Companies)

If you ever wondered
why there are so many forest fires
now you’ll understand.

  Stumpage –
what you need to know – (.pdf)

California fire insurance premiums
pricing out homeowners

Forest Insurance 

The criminal elite put insurance on the timber value.

While the homeowners pay higher rates to get forest fire coverage.

The criminal elite buy the timber rights to huge chunks of land for pennies on the dollar!

Usually mountainous areas that the average person would never bid on.

People think they are buying it for the timber rights.

But cutting timber is expensive and they have to pay stumpage fees.

They have to do environment assessment damage studies and they have to get lots of permits.

They have to have a forestry guy go in and mark the trees that are allowed to be cut and so on.

If they want to actually buy the property and want to build a gas plant or factory

it can take years of red tape and cost millions of dollars just to cut down the trees.

So instead they put timber insurance on the property.

Pay some joe blow to go start a forest fire and blamed it on global warming or some camper.

Why were the past fires in the US only in Democrat controlled States?

Why did Fort Mcmurray burn?

Why did Fort St. John, BC have multiple fires in spring of 2015 only where gas plants were suddenly being built a year later?

The criminal elite were taking their profits out of the insurance companies by creating catastrophe.

While the homeowners pay higher premiums.

They use their power against the masses to increase insurance premiums.

Most people don’t even have forest fire insurance.

The insurance companies are controlled by the criminal elites, but they need to create reasons for insurance rates to skyrocket.

While they profit as well.

Most homeowners don’t read the fine print of their policies that says they aren’t covered for certain catastrophic events.

Most don’t pay the extra premium because it’s so rare of an event.

So they create hurricanes, forrest fires, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes so afterwards all the people want to pay the high premiums.

Then for 20 or more years nothing happens.

While the rich suck the life out of the people.

Then when most of people stop putting the extra insurance on their property again.

The elites insure their stuff and more and create another catastrophic event. 😡🤯😱

Now think about car insurance and who is in charge of the fire and theft insurance!

Who owns the chop shops that pay the thieves to steal cars?

Why do you think they allowed immigrants that can’t speak English bribe their way into getting a driver’s license?

Why is it required for you to get fire and theft on a new car you financed?

They are all in on the scam! 😡

Now think about life insurance!

How they create fear of death on you so you get life insurance!


You’re dead!

Why should you care?

Right it’s all so you don’t leave a loved one with nothing!

Yet 9 times out of 10 the insurance company finds a reason not to pay! 😡

Now think of WCB! The automatic premiums and all the blame being taken away from the companies and put on the employee.

Taking away common sense and making the employee pay for all these stupidity tickets.

Then WCB doesn’t cover an accident because he wasn’t ticketed to climb a ladder or stand on scaffolding or trained on how to lift something heavy.

Yet the job required him to do it.

The company has to change their number of days without an accident, but the employee gets nothing, because WCB said so!

The company gets a slap on the wrist and carries on! 😡

The insurance companies are the biggest fraud on the planet controlled by the criminal elites.

They are all tied in with the banking system!

Everything will collapse when the banks collapse!

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Courtroom Role Play

Smoke and mirrors

You go to the bank for a loan

The bank lends you back your own money
and you’re in debt to the bank forever
paying it
back to with interest

Here’s a transcript (allegedly) from an actual court case.

The names have been removed and only
“Mr. Smith” has been used in some places
to denote a borrower for a loan.

The first part takes you through what was said
and the second half discusses the
possible laws which can be used to validate
the claims of the alleged “creditor”

click image for link to website

Justinian Deception

How do BANKS really work when “Money” and “DOLLARS” are completely separate “things”.

A DOLLAR is a Military or Company Scrip, an internal bank note or promise to pay at some point in the future and only relates to the “internal” private account holders of such a private “corporate” banking entity.

A DOLLAR is not money evidenced by the Latin meanings of both words: “Dollar” and “Money”

The very word Bank, does not mean “Safe”, a bank is the edge of a river, that controls (Directs) the flow of current, (Currency) energy is current, dollars are the ACCOUNTS of debt currency, so a bank does not have money! it is the director of the flow of debt currency. (Debt titles being DOLLAR’s)

The gold is you, being the dominion over the Mineral and Energy wealth that was originally granted to the living man and without you acting as the ACCOUNT holder of their bank, (Under a hidden TRUST-LAW-SPLIT-TITLE arrangement that renders you as the Legal Title holder of their ACCOUNT), they lose equitable rights over your Dominion because Dominion was never granted to a dead entity such as a corporation, “Dominion” was only ever granted to man and the Bank can only act as a commercial “agent” of living man on the condition such a living man has agreed or been deceived into acting as the DEAD ACCOUNT holder of such a BANK in order that the “Equitable Title” falls into the hands of the Bank.

The BANK sits between your “Christian” name (CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH) and your “SURNAME” (STATE BIRTH CERTIFICATE) as an Agent-administrator of the Christian name (Christian ACCOUNT. being the separate CERTIFICATE OF BIRTH, birthed on the registration date).

Once the BANK can deceive you into assuming that “their” SURNAME, that looks a lot like your heritage name, (“Smith” is glossed into “SMITH”) the bank assumes consent in order to confer the legal title of the BANK to their SURNAME that you assumed was your property.

(ALL UPPERCASE TEXT is a foreign written language identified in article 11:147 of the: Chicago Manual of Styles 16th edition)

Your surname glossed into a foreign SIGN language, is not your property! but when you attach your Christian name, being the name that is attached to your dominion, to their foreign ALL UPPERCASE SURNAME you, by your own consent, become subject to the ACCOUNT of their property … So simple but so effective and yet so biblically perfect once you violate the laws of the first GOD by serving the false God, GOD of the person-corporation.

The POWER of TRUST-LAW is the greatest power of all… Trust Law is Master-Servant, relationship, it does not work backwards, it is the system of conferring debt ACCOUNTS onto the unsuspecting…

The one who accepts LEGAL TITLE is the one who acknowledges that the Equitable Title is with the one who granted such a man the LEGAL TITLE.

LEGAL TITLE can not be held by a living man. only a “Person” can hold Legal Title and what is a Person you may ask, it is the legal title holder of man.

The only thing that created the “Person”, being a mask in a play, was the VATICAN: “ROME”.

The Word “Vatican” means: “vat I can”, meaning, “holder or vessel I can do”, meaning, the VATICAN has become the first Trustee Legal Title holder of the dominion of the living man.

The VATICAN has become the beast of burden, it has no jurisdiction with living man because it agreed to act as the trustee…

The VATICAN, that now held the Legal Title over the Dominion of man, offered the ACCOUNTS of the Legal Title to its own Persons by offering such a title to a living man and only when the living man was deceived into accepting such an ACCOUNT, did such a man become the “assumed debtor trustee person” of the world debts of the VATICAN and such acceptance of such an ACCOUNT was the “conformation” that granted Equitable Title back to the VATICAN because the living man accepted Legal Title, rendering the living man to fall into the jurisdiction of the DEAD ACCOUNT holder of the VATICAN beast instead of being the first trustee to the real GOD of living man.

The VATICAN is the GOD of the dead persons because it was not God of man that created the DEAD juristic corporate Person, it was the VATICAN that created such a thing as the “Person”.

The VATICAN is the false GOD.

Go to the Justinian Deception website
for the whole HUGE explanation


Justinian Deception PDF

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Infringement notices

Exposing the fine Fraud.

In this video the truth is exposed about the
fraudulent and criminal processes used by police
utilities companies – just about all levies .

click image for video

How Banks Enslave Humanity

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Since the second world war we have been talking of the horrors of war, the battles, tanks, the men and machines.

But none of it could have happened if not for the international industrialists, bankers and law-firms and banking cartels.


In this very special episode I will go over all these details and cover who these people were, where did what Gold come from and where did it go.

The bank of international settlements, Sullivan and Cromwell, Allan Dulles, Hjalmar Schacht, Martin Bormann, Hitlers personal secretary and his Gold and stolen art deals.

And where did it all go after the war, and what happened to the businesses, industrialists and bankers.

Who paid for it all and who did not.

I will cover some of the controversies that came from the Nuremberg trials, and lead us into the lessons we failed to learn and on to the new global organizations which seems funded and created similarly to the national socialists.

Tino hopes that you will learn as much from this journey as he did from making it for you.

Video by Tino von Struckmann

click image for video

to various videos
to illustrate why the BANKS
we THINK we deal with
are just a FRONT
for a global conspiracy
that WE FUND
with their ROBBERY
and HAVE since the

  Wall Street and the
Rise of Hitler By Antony C. Sutton


PART 10 – Nazi Philosophy


PART 1 –





The Best Kept Secret of the Deep State –
The Best Kept Secret of the Deep State –
Episode 1 – What is the Deep State?





The Obama administration overthrew
Ukraine’s elected government in 2014 –






Fascism: A History / 2021 #Europe #USSR


Inside Russia’s Special Military Operation

Ukraine: NAZI War Front Lines

IN MEMORY of Mikhail “Givi” Tolstykh
and all HEROS

deNAZIfication HERO

Earth and GalacticAlliance FORCES


Exposing the Satanic Empire (Original Classic)


The Shared Horror of Palestine & Ukraine








Bill Deagle a decade foretelling
of the New World Order
via biopharmaceutical enslavement.



StolenHistory 1/3
Lifting the Veil of Deception

The Destruction of The Old World

3/3 – The Mystery of The World’s Fairs

The Secret History of the British Empire

The Forbidden Knowledge:
The Truth about the Illuminati,
Religion, and Global Governance

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New World Order NWO JESUITS


The Vatican –
Holy Roman Empire Association:
World Terror Organisation –
Empire of the Cities




Magic & The Occult (Biblical Doc)



Cultural Marxism,
Nature of cultural Marxist movements
Like Political Correctness,
Modern Feminism,

Cultural Marxism –
Explained In 7 Minutes

so called “LIBERALS”

Full Documentary


Lindsey Graham and
John McCain
motivation speech for the
AZOV NAZIS in 2016

Fascism: A History / 2021






Dualism: The Illuminati Religion

Fifth Generation Warfare
and Sovereignty‼️

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Basel Committee
Final standard on the
prudential treatment of banks’

Global, Switzerland
January 19 2023

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From Basel III
to Basel IV:
what’s new in the
package for banks?

Basel Rules and
their key requirements

In banking, Basel Accords are an internationally agreed set of rules developed by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) in response to the numerous challenges faced by the financial and capital markets.

As the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) explains, the measures set minimum standards and requirements that apply to internationally active banks and financial institutions.

The BCBS regulations
and requirements
have no legal force.

The Basel Accords are recommendations expected to be implemented by member countries.

The first Basel Capital Accord was supported by G10 Governors and central banks.

Today, there are 28 jurisdictions and 45 institutions, consisting of central banks and authorities responsible for banking supervision in their home countries.

Basel 3:
The End Game

20 Things Banks
will no longer get away with

1. Insider Trading

2. Shadow Banking

3. Ponzi Schemes

4. Money Laundering

5. Regulatory Arbitrage

6. Ghost Assets

7. Off-Balance Sheet Transactions

8. Front Running

9. Window Dressing

10. Round-Tripping

11. Phantom Employees

12. Kickbacks

13. Loan Churning

14. Bucketing

15. Rogue Trading

16. Ghost Accounts

17. Market Manipulation

18. Double-Dealing

19. Bribery

20. Shell Companies

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