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Barry Young is a Whistleblower in New Zeeland that shows all the date on death after getting the jab.

He worked with a pay system program that gives money for every jab given.

In that program he noticed that many died shortly after the jab, Now he gives this information to the people.

He is risking jail for a long time.

This information will if going viral stop WHO and stop the jabs for all time! BUT if you don´t share there is no enlightenment in this!!!

James Freeman is an International Liaison at the World Council for Health, a former Member of European Parliament, and prior to politics was Head of UK Trade and Business Inflation at the Office for National Statistics.

James also has a masters degree in Psychology and plans use his unique set of skills to debunk the establishment’s narrative and wake-up the masses.

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The Young Ones
under 40’s
NZ covid jab data

Whistleblower Barry Young provides his data
on the New Zealanders, aged 40 and under,
who died between the nationwide rollout of
the covid vaccination in 2021,
and who were registered as having had
at least one dose of Covid vaccination
before November 2023

Thanks so much Liz for all you are doing for us and all of us in this country and world.

Please also pass on our deep gratitude, love and respect to Barry, we are forever grateful.

You both inspire us to continue on in our fight for justice and truth.

There is nothing else for us to do on this earth while we remain here.

We see so clearly the hand of the eternal loving spirit and of Rory in our conversation and the timing yesterday.

So grateful you have this wisdom with you.

click image for video

Alex Jones
New Zealand whistleblower

Barry Young,
along with
Steve Kirsch

& Liz Gunn

Freed New Zealand whistleblower
gives first major interview after
exposing killer COVID jabs

  Link to longer
original article HERE

On 30 November 2023, entrepreneur Steve Kirsch gave a talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claiming that New Zealand data showed COVID-19 vaccines have “killed over 10 million worldwide”.

Kirsch, who had been invited to speak by the student group MIT Students for Open Inquiry, has a record of propagating vaccine misinformation.

As documented in previous reviews by Health Feedback, Kirsch’s claims frequently rely on methodologically flawed analyses.

The video recording of Kirsch’s talk has been archived here and the slides he presented during the talk can be found here.

The Rumble video of the talk has been viewed more than 217,000 times.

The New Zealand data used by Kirsch turned out to be personal health information taken from government databases without authorization by Barry White, a database administrator who worked for Te Whatu Ora, New Zealand’s public health agency.

The New Zealand Herald reported that White was arrested on 3 December 2023 in connection with the privacy breach and has been charged with “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes”.

Prior to his arrest, White had appeared in a video with Liz Gunn, a former TV presenter and anti-vaccine campaigner, which revealed that he had taken the data from the database.

Kirsch uploaded the illegally acquired data online and signaled to his Substack readers that they could download the data for themselves, although he also claimed to have anonymized the data.

Te Whatu Ora has since been granted an injunction to prevent any publication of the data to protect the privacy of those affected by the breach.

Kirsch and other individuals have had their accounts on private hosting services taken down after using these services to host the data.

In this review, we examine the claims made by Kirsch and explain why the claims cannot be substantiated by the New Zealand data that he obtained.

We will also present the evidence showing that, contrary to the claim, COVID-19 vaccination isn’t responsible for “millions of deaths worldwide”.

  Link to longer
original article HERE

Click image for video

  Link to original article

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (LifeSiteNews) — A whistleblower who published alleged government data about excess deaths and their relation to the COVID jabs has been arrested and faces up to seven years in prison.

Barry Young, a data analyst and, until recently, an employee at the New Zealand public health agency Te Whatu Ora, was arrested and charged with “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes,” 1news reported.

Shortly after being released from jail on bail, Young gave an interview to InfoWars host Alex Jones, in which he detailed his arrest. The whistleblower said that eight policemen arrived at his house while he was not home, “busted in the door,” and “thrashed the place,” apparently searching for evidence. When Young arrived at the scene in his car, the policemen surrounded his vehicle, dragged him out, put handcuffs on him, and took him away in a police car.

“It was like the Gestapo, honestly, it was awful,” Young recalled.

READ: New Zealand’s former COVID tyrant Jacinda Ardern appointed to censorship role at Harvard

Young was greeted by cheering supporters when he arrived in Wellington District Court to face his charges. According to The National Desk, Young could face up to seven years in prison for his offense.

A few days before his arrest, a video featuring Young and Liz Gunn, the leader of the NZ Loyal Party and outspoken critic of the COVID shots, was published on Rumble. In the video, Young shows data that he says he acquired from a government database that points to a correlation between excess deaths and the COVID jabs.

Young highlighted several tables to demonstrate a link between excess deaths in New Zealand and the rollout of the COVID jab campaign. According to official government data, over 90% of New Zealanders over the age of 12 have received the COVID shots.

In one of the tables, Young pointed out specific batches of the COVID-19 jabs that were related to an exceptionally high death count. According to this data, between 4.52% and 21.38% of recipients of these batches have died since getting the shots. Young explained that the underlying mortality rate should only be 0.75%, meaning that it would be expected that around 0.75% of people have died of various causes since receiving the jab. According to the whistleblower, these batches were administrated across all age groups, so mortality rates above 0.75% are cause for concern.

At the bottom of the table, Young stated that “Chances of these batches not being a Killer are 100 billion to one!” highlighting that it would be highly improbable that the high number of deaths is just a coincidence.

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Choose carefully
it’s a one-time ‘forever’ decision
for both you AND your entire bloodline

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Dr David Martin –
interviewed by Tommy Robinson
in his new ‘Silenced’ channel.

Dr. Martin’s delivery at the EU conference
about a year ago (link below)
has been seen by over 4 BILLION people.

There’s a good reason.

This interview, about 1 year later, reveals more about not just what’s been going on but
gives a warning about the world future in the hands of psychopaths that seem to have all the power to just whatever they like with us and out families and children.

After viewing IMO – it’s possible this video might help to wake up others.

Do not miss this video and spread it around – it’s excellent Tommy Robins does a brilliant interview as a layman who needs everything explained in simple language so we don’t get lost.

We have to do something
about the nutters –
we need more people.


Dr. David Martin

The Great Setup
parts 1 and 2
and interview with
Tommy Robinson

February 2024

Vaccines are a deliberately
planned and manufactured
bio-weapon – they want to kill you

  Video of Dr David Martin
Part 1 (34 mins) – click image

  Video of Dr David Martin
Part 2 (33 mins) – click image

Dr. Martin does a good job at explaining things.

He has known about the patents for this scamdemic for decades.

This was a planned conspiracy.

Why weren’t we allowed to question ANYTHING?

Because they wanted us all to get the VACCINE.

They have declared WAR on humanity.

In the Spring of 2019, Moderna filed 4 Patent Applications,
which had been previously rejected..

In those patent applications they made reference to an
Accidental or INTENTIONAL release of SARS Coronavirus.

** In April of 2019.**
** BEFORE the China Virus.**

Why would a company that has NEVER made a commercial product, EVER – Why would a company that has NEVER had any expertise in respiratory pathogens AMMEND Patent Filings that have been previously REJECTED to INCLUDE the language of ACCIDENTAL or INTENTIONAL release of a Respiratory Pathogen IF somebody wasn’t already PREPARING to release a Respiratory Pathogen???

Then right before the actual “Plandemic” occurred, you have BOTH the WHO and Event 201 preparing for a release of deadly worldwide pathogen for the WHO and Event 201 was an exact SCRIPT of what happened just ONE month later.

It was PLANNED and the plan was to get people the Vaccine and the Purpose of the Vaccine was an Upgrade like Sabrina Wallace says, so we all can be networked wirelessly – then there is that Depopulation (sudden deaths) and making us live much, much shorter.

Next will come the Self-Spreading Vaccines, which they will probably label a disease and then tell us we need a vaccine for the vaccine, just to guarantee everyone gets their dose or DOUBLE DOSE.

  Video of Dr David Martin
Part 1 (34 mins) – click image

  Video of Dr David Martin
Part 2 (33 mins) – click image

The Courts across the board made unambiguous declaration that we were in a public health emergency and that the World Health Organization – WHO and the Centers for Disease Control – CDC were the ONLY arbiters of what the facts were.

You could NOT argue the facts.

If a Medical Doctor attempted to argue the facts, they were taken before the medical board and censored (embarrassed).

Bill Gates basically owns the WHO as his donations account for 88% of ALL the donations the WHO receives. If there is ONE person on this planet who is responsible, it is Bill Gates. He should be numeral UNO when we go after these b*stards.

They were removing licenses just for telling their patients they should take more Zinc, D and C.

This was f*cking tyranny.
This was MURDER

What has anyone done? Absolutely Nothing. The doctors are now busy treating all kinds of Blood Clots and wondering why they are increasing. Duhh, dumb f*ckers.

They never associate illnesses with vaccines, which is why the USA is one sick a$s nation. It is time for the white coats to get their heads out of their asses and connect a few dots.

If anyone doesn’t believe in Brainwashing, just go to the doctor.

You have our own DoD being involved in the greatest conspiracy of all time. They were the ones in control and ordering Big Pharma to do this.

What do we do when EVERY Single Agency developed to PROTECT us is trying to KILL us and at the very least CONTROL us?

When we look at this Great Conspiracy we need to go back to 1913 and look at what the Rockefeller Foundation and the Welcome Trust did.

These are the colluding parties that authorized Allopathic Medicine. The Flexner Report came out and flat out said that if you attempt to heal people in ANY other way than the Industrial Pharmaceutical way, that you will be banned and have your license removed and be forever labeled in history as a QUACK.

Then you have the Welcome Trust that was the commercial aspect for the German Pharmaceuticals. The Welcome Trust was responsible for developing plans on taking over the German Pharmaceuticals and REMOVING the treatments that WORKED.

In 1947, the Rockefeller Foundation put the WHO on the map. Then you had a UN CHARTER with the WHO, that said you cannot be prosecuted in ANY way for ANY crime as long as your actions were performed under the Umbrella of the WHO.

*There is nothing more powerful than Charters.

The WHO has nothing to do with Health. It is a criminal conspiracy that was put in place by two foundations who had a commercial interest in building a criminal liability shield for themselves.

It LITERALLY is a Criminal Organization.

  Video of Dr David Martin
Part 1 (34 mins) – click image

  Video of Dr David Martin
Part 2 (33 mins) – click image

click image for video

Dr. David Martin
Gain of Function research
at the Covid Summit in Brussels,
Belgium – May 2023

  Video of Dr David Martin (20 mins)
click image

click image for video

The International Covid Summit III
in the European Parliament,

May 2023


  Video of conference
Part 1 (3 hours: 30 mins)
click image

European Conservatives and Reformists – ROMANIA
(Timestamp 1.10)

Non-attached Member of the European Parliament – CROATIA
(Timestamp 4.26)

(Timestamp 10.25)

COVID – 19:
the gathering storm – the cost of silenced questions
(Timestamp 12.56)


mandates and lockdowns without data or science
(Timestamp 34.32)

Covid-19: a novel disease that resembles an old disease
(Timestamp 52.06)

interdisciplinary insights from the Sars-Cov-2 and Covid-19
(Timestamp 1.09.00)

early responses: boots on the ground in Italy
(Timestamp 1.29.00)

effects of mandates –
masks and lockdowns
(Timestamp 1.50.00)

early treatment: hydroxychloroquine and the IHU
(Timestamp 2.09.00)

ivermectin and suppression of early treatment
(Timestamp 2.24.00)

media over medicine: the power of media
(Timestamp 2.43.04)

the Covid-19 Vaccine Trials
(Timestamp 2.59.24)

the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines
(Timestamp 3.17.33)

click image for video

The International Covid Summit III
in the European Parliament,

May 2023


  Video of entire conference
Part 2 (3 hours: 30 mins)
click image


click image for video

The International Covid Summit III
in the European Parliament,

May 2023


  Video of entire conference
Part 3 (3 hours: 30 mins)
click image

Press Conference
after the International

Non-attached Member of the European Parliament

Non-attached Member oft h e European Parliament-

Identity and Democracy

European Conservatives and Reformists



‘This March 2021 update
Step by step explanations
of the Covid inoculations’

What a tidy,
orderly genocide this is.

No piles of severed heads, no massive bonfires, no firing squads, no pits of putrefying bodies.

There are no cattle trains, no gas chambers, no massive crematoriums.

There is no barbed wire.

There was planning on a massive scale.

There was fear and propaganda; lies and coercion.

There was suppression of the truth.

There was vilification and abuse of all who sought to look beyond the miasma of political, medical and pharmaceutical deceit.

People were pressured by fear or by the threat of losing their jobs.

People were pressured by appeals to their inherent compassion for others.

“Do you want to kill Granny?”

“What about the vulnerable elderly?”

“We need to protect the hospital system”,

Doctors and nurses were silenced; they succumbed to the pressure and participated in the mass vaccination (extermination) program.

Mass testing via PCR was introduced.

People cued for miles to have a swab forced high into their sensitive nasal cavity.

Children were restrained, adults willingly submitted multiple times even when they had no symptoms.

Buildings were repurposed, clinics were set up on the lawns of doctors surgeries, Pharmacists were conscripted.

Over everything the strident and continuous blare of the media spewed lies and dire messages about :”covid” deaths.

There were incentives and rewards for getting jabbed; free donuts, million dollars lotteries, freedom to go into shops or to travel.

Get the system that people trust to co-operate.

The health/medical system/hospitals/care facilities.

Deaths are not seen to be unusual
in these places and are easily hidden
and accounted for as ‘natural’.

They already have facilities for
quietly and invisibly disposing of corpses.

No-one sees them disposed of.

Sick people go in
– they don’t come out? –
no-one notices, not even staff.

All in a normal day’s work.

Freedom from being vilified and discriminated against like those “filthy dangerous unjabbed people”.

The jabs were delivered en masse and then the dying started.

Some within minutes or hours, some within days or weeks.

Some just didn’t wake up; some collapsed suddenly.

Some die at the wheel of their vehicle, some while swimming or playing sport.

Some are slowly becoming sicker and sicker with recurrent bouts of “covid”, other respiratory infections, skin diseases, shingles and sudden aggressive cancers.

Some are suffering severe neurological disorders.

The grieving relatives bury their dead …
they don’t suspect.

Anyway – who you going to tell?

No-one’s listening
millions of people affected
– maybe billions soon – 
people ‘suddenly’ dying/disabled
for no reason, now been ‘normalised’.

‘Oh! your husband/wife/child/
relative/friend/partner died?’

‘There’s seems to be a lot of that
going on these days …

… must be something in the air’.

Even if relatives do seek
redress or an explanation
– there’s no support or help – 
no co-operation.

– They’re doctors, it happens –
where’s your evidence?

How very tidy this genocide is.

click image for video

Mistakes were not made

An Anthem for Justice
by Margaret Anna Alice

Don’t let them
get away with it.

The Armenian Genocide was not a mistake.
Holodomor was not a mistake.
The Final Solution was not a mistake.
The Great Leap Forward was not a mistake.
The Killing Fields were not a mistake.
Name your genocide—it was not a mistake.
That includes the Great Democide of the 2020s.
To imply otherwise is to give Them the out they are seeking.
It was not botched.
It was not bungled.
It was not a blunder.
It was not incompetence.
It was not lack of knowledge.
It was not spontaneous mass hysteria.
The planning occurred in plain sight.
The planning is still occurring in plain sight.
The philanthropaths bought The $cience™.
The modelers projected the lies.
The testers concocted the crisis.
The NGOs leased the academics.
The $cientists fabricated the findings.
The mouthpieces spewed the talking points.
The organizations declared the emergency.
The governments erected the walls.
The departments rewrote the rules.
The governors quashed the rights.
The politicians passed the laws.
The bankers installed the control grid.
The stooges laundered the money.
The DoD placed the orders.
The corporations fulfilled the contracts.
The regulators approved the solution.
The laws shielded the contractors.
The agencies ignored the signals.
The behemoths consolidated the media.
The psychologists crafted the messaging.
The propagandists chanted the slogans.
The fact-chokers smeared the dissidents.
The censors silenced the questioners.
The jackboots stomped the dissenters.
The tyrants summoned.
The puppeteers jerked.
The puppets danced.
The colluders implemented.
The doctors ordered.
The hospitals administered.
The menticiders scripted.
The bamboozled bleated.
The totalitarianized bullied.
The Covidians tattled.
The parents surrendered.
The good citizens believed … and forgot.
This was calculated.
This was formulated.
This was focus-grouped.
This was articulated.
This was manufactured.
This was falsified.
This was coerced.
This was inflicted.
This was denied.
We were terrorized.
We were isolated.
We were gaslit.
We were dehumanized.
We were wounded.
We were killed.
Don’t let Them get away with it.

click image for video

‘A very well designed
killing machine’

This March 2021 update gives step by step explanations
of the Covid inoculations- what most medical professionals,
and public health department directors either don’t know, or aren’t telling you.

Dr Sherri Tenpenny breaks down the different inoculations,
including the most recent Johnson & Johnson release,
will do to unwitting individuals.

This interview is a staggering revelation of what the world’s
largest biological experiment will do to the planet’s human population.

This is a

The more information we’re exposed to the more educated
we become about making a decision about what we want to do about it.

Make up your own mind.

click image for video




Some short videos joined together –
inspired to remember lost friends who wouldn’t listen.

Maybe the motivation of their passing to create this
will warn those still sleeping their way through
a journey to a destination created by monsters.

And for others – it might alert them as to just
how far down the path of our demise as a species we are,
all manufactured and planned eons ago
by an enemy we can’t see and can only fight
by doing battle with it’s management.

Time we stopped pussy-footing around
with a legal system that it owns and
won’t help us and being somewhat more creative.

Maybe it might motivate others to be more
resistant to the tyranny that’s depopulating
the planet of their family, relatives and friends.

Click image for link to article

The dead don’t lie:
2 million dead
from mRNA jabs!

Breggin Alerts!
Exposing Global Predators

Death is a discrete
and unmistakable event….

COVID jab harms are frequently discussed by many alert critics, but too often, an entire conversation goes by without mentioning the most obvious and overwhelming fact of all.

In the first three years ending December 2023, nearly 20,000 COVID jab deaths from the Moderna and Pfizer mRNA “vaccines” were reported to the government through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Since less than one in one hundred actual deaths are likely to be reported to VAERS, two million is a reasonable estimate for actual COVID jab deaths.

Meanwhile, the CDC and FDA forced out an unfavored DNA vaccine by Johnson and Johnson (J &J) after a mere 9 deaths from thrombosis.


Because Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and their collaborators had already decided to invest in and to push Moderna and Pfizer’s mRNA jabs when they announced the Decade of Vaccines in 2010.

click image for video

A video compilation

Forest of the Fallen

click button to download PDF

Australian Medical
Professionals Society 

Too many dead


click image for article

Professors find
1 dose of Pfizer’s
COVID-19 Vaccine
is contaminated with
200 Billion pieces of DNA

click image for video

October 2023

We hold you personally accountable
for murder

click image for video

Deadly Quiet

Justin Smith

The wall of silence
surrounding excess deaths
in the UK.

Since the advent of the COVID-19 vaccines, a troubling trend has emerged across many nations: a surge in deaths not attributed to the virus itself, but ominously labeled as “excess deaths”.

Yet, amidst mounting public concern and calls for scrutiny, governments and mainstream media outlets have conspicuously shied away from addressing this unsettling phenomenon.

Deadly Quiet documents the testimony of a funeral director, John O’Looney, in the UK.

John’s business is booming.

Which is a grim prospect in itself, since John deals in dead bodies.

However, it’s worse than that. John is finding an increase in the number of young people who are dying and an acceleration of cancers.

These changes in the number and the age of people who are dying coincide with the discovery of strange white rubbery clots in the blood vessels of the deceased.

click image for video


Baby Jack
before and after

Be warned in advance and don’t
blame the messenger if you
choose to watch this video

Should you come across a jib-giver
who is crying
‘I was just following orders’
or something –
remember this video

click image for videos

In 30 seconds of injections,
this baby has just changed
his entire life trajectory.

Perhaps you are now allergic to various foods that will cause you lifelong low-grade inflammation and bothersome symptoms you can never figure out.

He dropped 15 IQ points with the neurological damage from aluminum going to the brain and now he’ll make a lot less money, have worse relationships, or won’t graduate from high school.

They were contaminated with various other heavy metals and particles, and now they are destined for cancer at a young age.

Maybe he dies in his sleep tonight because he got too many shots at once, and then the SIDS mother or father is blamed for negligence.

This video makes me very sad almost all vaccines are contaminated and also contain very variable amounts of aluminum and other adjuvants.

The more needles you allow yourself or your child to inject, the more likely they are to pull the straw.

Aluminum — one of many deadly ingredients in the vaccines. ☠️

Aluminum is everything in matrix products.

BA-AL is Barium & Aluminum — main elements for the chemtrails.

Aluminum is a receiver of electromagnetic signals & causes neurological damage. Aluminum causes Alzheimers & dementia. Sodas destroy the body & brain too — which is sold in aluminum cans.

Aluminum binds with fluoride to calcify the pineal gland.

Monsantos’ Glyphosate is the main ingredient in GMO foods causes the body to absorb aluminum — which destroys the gut & brain.

High levels of aluminum is soy products, pHARMa pill capsules & soy processing — especially in commercial chocolate.

Aluminum in deodorant causes cancer & many other diseases.

Aluminum Toxicity: 4 Ways to Detox Your Brain & Body

“The safety of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines has not been properly studied in humans even though…a baby may be injected with up to 3,675 micrograms of aluminum adjuvant by six months of age. …The CDC’s claim on its website that ‘Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism’ is wholly unsupported.”

Christopher A. Shaw, PhD, Professor, University of British Columbia


Known to cause brain damage at all doses, linked to ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE, dementia, seizures, autoimmune issues, SIDS and cancer.

This toxin accumulates in the brain and causes more damage with each dose.

Known to cause CANCER. Suspected gastroin- testinal, liver, nerve and respiratory, skin and sense organ POISON.

Gentamicin Sulphate & Polymyxin B [antibiotics] ALLERGIC reactions can range from mild to life-threatening.

Genetically Modified Yeast, Animal, Bacterial and Viral DNA Can be incorporated into the recipient’s DNA and cause unknown GENETIC MUTATIONS.


Poisonous if ingested. Causes BIRTH DEFECTS in animals.

Formaldehyde [formalin]Known to cause CANCER in humans. Probable gastrointestinal, liver, respiratory, immune, nerve and reproductive system POISON. Banned from injectables in most European countries.

Latex Rubber Can cause life-threatening allergic reactions.

Human, Insects and Animal Cells

Human DNA from aborted BABIES. Pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brains, dog kidneys, cow hearts, monkey kidneys, chick embryos, calf serum, sheep blood & more. Linked to childhood leukemia and diabetes.

Mercury [thimerosal]

One of the most toxic substances known.

Even if a thermometer breaks, the building is cleared and HAZMAT is called. Tiny doses cause damage to the brain, gut, liver, bone. marrow, nervous system and/or kidneys.

Linked to autoimmune disorders, and neurological disorders like AUTISM.

Monosodium Glutamate [MSG]A toxic chemical that is linked to birth defects, developmental delays and infertility. Banned in Europe.

Neomycin Sulphate (antibiotic] Interferes with vitamin B6 absorption which can lead to epilepsy and brain damage. Allergic reactions can range from mild to life -threatening Phenol/Phenoxyethanol [2-PE]

Used as anti-freeze.

TOXIC to all cells and capable of destroying the immune system.

Polysorbate 80 & 20

Known to cause CANCER in animals and linked to numerous autoimmune issues and infertility.

Tri(n) Butylphosphate Potentially toxic to the kidney and nervous system.

Sodium Borate:

Sodium Borate is a common ingredient found in rat poison, pesticides, and various commercial applications such as flame retardants, enamel glazes, and laundry detergent.

The FDA has outlawed Sodium Borate from use as a food preservative in the U.S.

Substances and mixtures imported into the EU which contain borax are now required to be labeled with the warnings ‘May damage fertility’ and ‘May damage the unborn child’.

click image for video

Monsters did this

click image for Expose article

April 2023

The Culling of Mankind

Government Reports
& Pfizer documents
reveal a sinister agenda exists to
depopulate the planet
through COVID Vaccination

click image for NHS Report


They couldn’t hide the bodies forever

In the UK their Office of National Statistics have just released an updated data set Death by Vaccination Status, England with data for 2023 until the May.

  Deaths involving covid

Notably, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has similar data, but they refuse to publish it. I wonder why ?

This just published data shows that from Jan to May 2023 there were 8,766 Covid deaths in England

8,330 deaths (95.03%)
were people vaccinated

436 deaths (4.97%)
were people unvaccinated

That’s it.

The last card the vaccine pushers had to play, the claim that the jabs prevented covid deaths has fallen.

But its worse.

The just released data also shows that the vaccinated are overrepresented in all cause deaths.

The UK data is the best in world, and with this latest data release all remaining mandates must end and the vaccine must be pulled off the market today.

To allow another person to be injected after today when this data has been published would be criminally negligent.


Deaths involving covid19
by vaccination status England

click image for NHS Report

for 10th booster

vaccination status England

click image for link to article

Ten OBVIOUS lessons
every intelligent person
should have learned
from COVID 1.0
(that can save you from
what’s coming with COVID 2.0)

Truly, you’d have to be an oblivious idiot at this point to think the government’s COVID orders are intended to benefit the people.

You’d also have to be an idiot to think that N95 masks stop COVID transmission, that social distancing works or that COVID vaccines prevent infections and transmission.

Yet, astonishingly, these are things that oblivious idiots still believe.

These people also tend to believe that Joe Biden is the “most popular president ever,” that Big Pharma is run by angels who seek to help humanity and that mainstream doctors are driven by medical science evidence rather than profit motives.

The great IQ test has commenced. COVID 1.0 was the training round, to present lessons in government tyranny and medical science fraud for all to witness. COVID 2.0 is the final exam to see who is stupid enough to still have not learned the lessons from the training round.

However, this “final exam” is more like a final solution, and those who fail this round of the global IQ test will find their projected lifespan rapidly shrinking.

The ramp-up to COVID 2.0 tyranny is already apparent. Joe Biden just announced $1+ billion in funding for a new vaccine, and he’s publicly stating that all Americans will be urged to get the new jab, even after Biden himself has taken five COVID shots but still managed to get infected twice.

The CDC, meanwhile, now admits that all previous COVID shots no longer work against the new “variant” they’ve named BA.2.86, which the CDC says infects those who are fully vaccinated.

We have dubbed the new variant BS.24.7 and called it the “Election Variant” because it’s obvious this new round of a virus scare is intended to steal the 2024 election via nationwide mail-in voting, mandated by yet another ginned up “emergency” fabricated by the lawless Democrats.

In fact, as point #1 reveals below, as long as you comply with tyranny, the government will always find new reasons to act like tyrants.

That’s why the only way out of this cycle of psyops, plandemics and lockdowns is to stop complying with the insanity.

Jolt yourself awake and stop acting like a programmable zombie.

Here are ten obvious lessons
that any intelligent person
should have already learned
from COVID 1.0

1) As long as you comply with tyranny, the government will always find new reasons to act like tyrants

Keep going along with the tyranny and the corrupt, criminal government will keep invoking a new “crisis” to keep you in line. Climate crisis. COVID crisis. Insurrection crisis. Cyber attack crisis. Russia crisis. Aliens. Bigfoot. Sasquatch… you name it. There’s always another emergency right out the corner, ready to be played across the theater of your mind.

Stop falling for the Truman Show. Think for yourself.

2) Masks don’t work. Even the CDC openly admits it

The CDC has been forced to admit that N95 cloth masks – the type commonly push by the government for COVID “protection” – offer no protection against wildfire smoke particles, which are orders of magnitude larger than coronavirus particles. From their own website, “masks that are used to slow the spread of COVID-19 offer little protection against the harmful air pollutants in wildfire smoke.”

But coronavirus particles are only about 0.1 micrometers in diameter, while smoke particles are typically in the range of 10 micrometers. That means the CDC, in pushing masks, is somehow arguing that masks which cannot stop 10 micrometer particles can somehow stop 0.1 micrometer particles. The non-logic makes no sense, of course.

On this issue, the CDC is being deliberately dishonest. Across their various pages, they also claim that N95 “respirators” work against COVID and wildfires, while trying to obfuscate the fact that a respirator is not the same thing as a simple cloth mask. A respirator is an air-tight, face-fitting device with no air leaks. N95 cloth masks are not N95 respirators. They do not seal to the face and are therefore useless in stopping both smoke and coronavirus particles.

That’s why CDC researchers don’t rely on simple N95 masks when touring level-4 biohazard facilities. If they did, they would likely all die. But they tell you to use N95 masks, even when they would never rely on such things themselves.

3) Hospitals were ordered by the federal government to mass murder hundreds of thousands of people… and they gladly complied

We now know with certainty that hospitals across the United States were financially incentivized to generate COVID fatalities en masse, receiving as much as $500,000 in incentives per COVID death. Federal incentives quickly transformed hospitals into murder factories where patients who merely showed flu symptoms were falsely diagnosed with COVID, intubated for a ventilator, isolated from their family members, and routinely “homicided” by the hospital which collected a large payout as a result.

Here’s my interview with attorney Thomas Renz who represents a health care worker whistleblower who has audio proof that an entire floor of patients in one hospital was ordered to be terminated so that the hospital could collect huge profits:

Understand that under Biden, US hospitals are now assassins-for-hire, and they get a per-death payout, just like contract killers. Medicine has become murder.

4) COVID vaccines don’t prevent infections or transmission

It has all been admitted by the CDC and even the corporate media: COVID vaccines don’t prevent infections or transmission. The medical establishment no longer even pretends they do. Instead, they say that receiving COVID vaccines will “reduce the symptoms” of a COVID infection. Occupier-in-chief Joe Biden received five COVID shots and boosters, but we are told he still contracted COVID twice (even after promising America that the vaccine would stop infections).

Perhaps this is why multiple Florida counties are now on board with a resolution to outright ban COVID shots. They are biological weapons, after all, which offer no protection against COVID but wildly increase the risk of heart attacks, stroke, neurological problems and death. COVID 2.0 “vaccines” also won’t be legitimate vaccines either. They will be engineered to achieve mass death, infertility and depopulation, as those are the real goals of the entire COVID agenda.

Anybody stupid enough to line up and take one of the new COVID shots is only engaging in vaccine-assisted suicide, a kind of euthanasia obedience ritual that often ends in their own death.

5) The government will weaponize COVID to rig elections and destroy economies

We all know that the “election variant” of COVID is being timed to interfere with the 2024 elections where Democrats don’t stand a chance against Trump in a fair and free competition. That’s why they’re trying to criminalize Trump and his speech, hoping to lock him up and deny him the opportunity to even run against Biden (or whatever mindless puppet the Dems replace him with).

Democrats know they will lose all political power if the will of the people is reflected in election outcomes. That’s why they oppose paper ballots and voter ID, of course. Cheating is their only pathway to power, which reflects Democrats’ total lack of ethics, morality and fairness. With few exceptions, Democrats are destructive, dishonest people who are wholly incompatible with free society, as they almost universally support censorship, child mutilations, cheating in elections and criminalizing their political opponents.

6) PCR tests for infection diagnosis are a complete fraud

PCR “diagnosis” of COVID has always been a quack science fraud from day one. PCR instruments are incapable of quantitation analysis, which means they can’t determine the viral load in any given sample. Furthermore, PCR instruments can be easily adjusted to increase their replication cycles so that background noise is magnified to the point where a “positive” outcome is achieved for virtually any desired sample.

The entire narrative surrounding “swabs” and tests and “surveillance” of COVID using PCR is 100% pure fiction with no basis in science or fact. The entire thing is a deliberate lie, pushed by dishonest authorities and operators who are part of the plandemic scheme that’s designed to murder people, destroy economies, achieve mass obedience and empower governments to act as lawless tyrants.

A PCR machine can no more diagnose a viral infection than a magnifying glass can see the future.

7) Your doctor was BRIBED to push unsafe, unproven COVID mRNA jabs, and he gladly went along with it

If your doctor pressured you to take a COVID jab, he (or she) was financially incentivized to do so. He got paid, in other words, like a pharma whore, to push an experimental injection in gross violation of international war crimes treaties as well as the Hippocratic Oath.

It turns out, there’s nothing conventional doctors won’t inject into their patients if they get paid a bonus to do it. Even biological weapons, depopulation jabs and experimental spike protein factories. What’s especially noteworthy is that these doctors, once paid, also manage to lie to themselves by claiming that COVID vaccines were well tested, clinically validated, safe and effective. They can’t cite any real evidence to back up such false claims, but they tell themselves it’s all true so that they can internally justify exterminating patients for profit.

Depopulation has never paid as well as it does today, thanks to the government’s anti-human COVID policies and financial incentives. Conventional doctors are more than happy to play their front line role in the mass extermination of human populations as long as they maintain power and profits as a result.

8) The WHO is run by globalists with a depopulation agenda

One of the key goals of the United Nations, under which the WHO operates, is to eliminate billions of humans beings living on planet Earth today. This genocidal agenda is the foundation upon which the climate change fraud has been built. The entire “climate” narrative is really about ending human activity by ending humans.

This effort to depopulate planet Earth takes many forms, but vaccines are one of the most effective forms, since they give mad scientists direct access to the tissues and bloodstream of victims. Those same victims, under the false belief that “vaccines are safe and effective,” don’t even resist being injected with depopulation bioweapons. The primary purpose of the COVID narrative, of course, was to exploit fear to drive people into voluntary death shots… the easiest way for globalists to dispose of billions of people by making sure they don’t fight back.

In plandemic 2.0, now being launched, the WHO will order local jurisdictions to round up people and imprison them in concentration camps – dubbed “quarantine camps” – where they will likely be murdered, then counted as “COVID casualties” to further pump up the dead body count.

In COVID 2.0, /
if they come to take you to
any sort of camp,
they most likely intend to
murder you.
Do Not Comply (or you die).

WEF advisor Prof. Sarah Harper said 

the population collapse
currently being observed in the UK is
“good for the planet.”

“In speaking about the precipitous decline in the number of new births across Great Britain these days, Harper pretty much celebrated this as a great thing that will help to stop global warming and climate change,” reports Natural News.

We’ve seen many other examples of globalists accidentally letting it slip that they equate global depopulation with planetary benefits.

9) Food supply chain disruptions are not a side effect but a FEATURE of government-enforced lockdowns (i.e. they are trying to starve us all)

One of the ways the western governments of the world are trying to slaughter their own people is by wrecking the food supply chain.

By invoking a fraudulent pandemic emergency, governments can force food production and farming facilities to shut down. Fraudulent PCR swab tests are routinely used across food facilities in order to generate “positive” PCR results that flag an imaginary “COVID case.” This case is then cited by local health authorities to order the shutdown of that facility, causing severe disruption in the food supply chain (leading to food scarcity and food inflation, both deliberately engineered).

When food prices are engineered to rise, it causes a huge increase in food scarcity. More people go hungry, and many people become homeless because the necessary increase in food costs impairs their ability to cover rent or mortgage costs.

With COVID 2.0, watch for extreme food supply disruptions and scarcity, beyond what most of us saw with the original COVID. This time, the globalists are going all-out to achieve mass extermination. We will soon see masses of starving Americans in the streets of Democrat-run cities, begging for food and being offered free hamburgers if they merely agree to be injected with euthanasia shots (labeled “vaccines”).

10) Government believes the people will mindlessly obey almost anything… and they’re half right

As COVID 2.0 is a global IQ test for humans, the government is counting on the fact that some percentage of human beings are so stupid, they’ll go along with anything pushed by an apparent “authority.”

They’re not wrong in this assumption, by the way. Perhaps half of those exposed to government lies and medical fraud still fall for it, as they are incapable of independent thinking. They will march themselves right into “kill shot” pharmacies and vaccination extermination zones, happily reminding themselves how smart they think they are to follow exactly what the government tells them to do. (Yes, the brainwashed zombies actually think they are “smarter” for acting like brainwashed zombies.)

Despite all this, the push back against the government’s demanded obedience is growing. Recently, both a medical group and a Hollywood studio reversed their mask mandates after customers and employees raised alarm. It’s an indication that when people choose to avoid complying with tyranny, they can force changes across corporations and institutions.

Simple rules that will keep you alive while oblivious (gullible) people are culled

In summary, any intelligent person should be able to learn these obvious lessons from COVID plandemic 1.0. The most obvious lesson is that complying with tyranny only rewards the tyrants with power, incentivizing them to keep coming up with emergencies that justify their tyranny.

Fortunately, those of you who are reading this site are well informed enough to avoid falling for any more COVID tricks. Thanks to the rather blatant dishonesty of the establishment during COVID 1.0, we now know the following hard rules:

1) They will lie about the numbers of dead and the cause of death.

2) They will lie about the effectiveness of masks and the vaccine.

3) They will lie about “the science” and will publish fabricated “science” papers in medical journals.

4) They will interfere with treatments that work and try to criminalize those who promote them.

5) They will bully and bludgeon people into compliance via threats and coercion.

6) They will incentivize doctors and hospitals to murder you.

7) They will censor any speech that opposes their death agenda.

8) They will assert wildly unconstitutional powers through sheer audacity, hoping people will just go along with it.

9) If you want to survive all this, you must refuse to believe the lies and refuse to comply with their tyranny.

click image for video


Dr. Ana Mihalcea joins me to present her research which I personally find horrifying.

Ana presents her findings of unvaccinated blood with Darkfield Microscopy and her experiments with Clifford Carnicom on human blood finding hydrogel chemical signatures.

She explain how the filaments are constructed, and how she discovered the self-assembly process in embalmed blood.

We present this news and research in the public interest as the vax bioweapon genocide program coverup continues unabated as untold numbers of human beings around the world continue to die.

click image for Expose article

April 2023

The Deagel Report

By 2025 the world population
will likely be reduced by about 60%

  Report  overview 1

Report overview 2

click image for short video from Sheri Tenpenny

Vaccine Injuries
and Death

If you have to read this to realise
just how dangerous mRNA vaccines are,
it’s probably already too late to do any good.

This page will contain information from various sources
regarding the increasing number of reports globally
regarding adverse reaction and deaths caused by vaccines.


Has anyone else wondered what was so so so enormously compelling that every single leader of country after country forced lockdowns on their peoples and mandated an experimental biologic vaccine be shot into their veins?

Citizens who also happen to be their most valuable GDP/income asset outside precious metals/minerals?

I mean – globally.

Short of Sweden, I’m talking 100% world leaders, allies and foes both, in total consensus.

This happened.

Ee witnessed the outcome of this agreement.

Furthermore, even drug dealers test product content and quality before they hand over the cash, right?

Which means every country’s leadership had those vials tested before they handed or billions of cash for the vaccines.

No way around it – they knew and were in agreement.


We can’t even agree on sports teams between states and we’re to believe all these leaders came together and agreed to a very expensive project and operated in tandem.

Now the question I have is, why?

What was/is big enough, scary enough and/or deadly enough to motivate a country’s leader to the point of literally killing and maiming their entire population?

Mental health qualifies under ‘maim’.

How many had to watch their folks die behind a sheet of plastic in care homes, witness seniors married eighty years separated for their ‘health’?

On the flipside, what ‘reward’ would even be big enough?

I may not be wording this correctly but a threaten-er can’t have a porn tape on everyone and I don’t buy a ‘reward to comply’ scenario.

It’s a question deserving of attention if there’s any hope in anticipating what shape/color the next threat will take or what direction it might lob from were goals not fully achieved via the perceived global pandemic.

click image for link to article

You were just a Lab Rat:
Covid Vaccines
have caused a Dangerous
& Deadly Alliance between
Graphene, Nanobots, mRNA,
and Nanotechnology

In the shadowy realm of nanotechnology, a chilling alliance has emerged, one that holds the potential to shape our future in ways unimaginable.

At the heart of this union lies the insidious presence of lipid nanoparticles, tiny carriers designed to transport genetic material deep into our cells.

But behind their seemingly innocuous facade lies a dystopian reality, where the boundaries of human control and manipulation blur.

Because following the roll-out of the Covid-19 injections, a chilling alliance between graphene nanobots, mRNA technology, and nanotechnology has emerged, casting a sinister shadow over our collective future.

It is our duty to expose the dystopian, harmful, and dangerous consequences that await us in this treacherous landscape.

By peering behind the deceptive veil of innovation, we unveil the dark intentions and potential risks lurking within the depths of corporate agendas and power-hungry institutions.

click image for link to article

“The biodefence renegades
soldiered on undercover
with their mission to develop
coronavirus vaccines.

This explains the secrecy associated with Moderna’s mRNA-MERS coronavirus vaccine project. (As of June 2023, there have been only 2,605 PCR test-confirmed MERS cases).

It made little commercial sense for the fledgling company with no licensed products to be developing a vaccine with a limited commercial market while there was a moratorium on trials.

However Moderna’s August 2022 patent infringement lawsuit against Pfizer reveals that Moderna’s infectious disease division began developing a MERS vaccine in 2015 for Merck (the company is known as MSD outside North America) which had entered into a joint venture with Moderna to develop mRNA vaccines against infectious diseases.

Moderna was leveraging Merck’s reputation and credibility as a long-established vaccine developer and manufacturer in bringing Moderna’s mRNA vaccines to market under this joint venture.

The original intention was for Merck exclusively to commercialise them for Moderna.

In January 2016, during the FDA’s moratorium on clinical trials, Stephane Bancel, Moderna’s CEO, sought an amendment to the Merck Master Collaboration Agreement (MCA).

Merck agreed to substitute VZV (varicella zoster virus which causes shingles) for a substance which is redacted in the paperwork.

Whether this was related to the unexpected resignation of Moderna’s Chief Scientific Officer, Joseph Bolen, in charge of the product development pipeline, for undisclosed reasons a few months before, we don’t know.

Six months later Merck sought and obtained another amendment allowing it to do due diligence on Moderna’s mRNA vaccines by nominating new candidates and running the trials themselves, instead of paying Moderna to do it for them.

In October 2016, Moderna started building a 200,000 sq ft factory in Norwood, Massachusetts.

At its stock market debut in December 2018 Moderna said it was developing two vaccine candidates for Merck, mRNA-1278 (which it claims was a shingles vaccine) and mRNA-1777, a vaccine for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

(The first attempt to develop RSV vaccines in the 1960s had been disastrous and none was ever successfully licensed. The children vaccinated in the clinical trials suffered from enhanced respiratory disease and many died.The same problem of vaccine-enhanced disease was later found in animal trials of SARS and MERS vaccines.)

The RSV vaccine developed by Moderna for Merck used a stabilised protein design developed by Dr Barney Graham of the US NIAID Vaccine Research Centre.

Graham believed it solved the vaccine-enhanced disease problem, and the same design approach was used in all the Operation Warp Speed financed Covid-19 vaccines.

The RSV vaccine mRNA-1777 went into clinical trials in Australia at the start of 2018.

In effect it was a forerunner of the MERS candidate (and ultimately the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine) enabling Moderna to test the design and dosing in humans. Moderna’s December 2018 prospectus for its stock market launch stated: ‘Merck has initiated plans for a Phase 2a trial, for which Merck will be the sponsor.

In addition, we are working with Merck to identify and advance improvements to the RSV vaccine.’ Evidently, Merck began its due diligence on the Moderna mRNA platform early…

…The US government gain-of-function moratorium lasted a little over three years.

Dr Francis Collins, the Director of the NIH, announced the resumption of research on December 19, 2017, stating it was important ‘in helping us identify, understand, and develop strategies and effective countermeasures against rapidly evolving pathogens that pose a threat to public health’.

What he didn’t admit was that during the moratorium his institute, along with the UC Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) and the US military medical countermeasure research programmes, had busied themselves finding ways around the FDA clinical hold by off-shoring development projects for MERS vaccines and synthetic antibody therapeutics.”

click image for video

If you still want to get
the jab after watching this
you are beyond help!

suggested non-technical questions to anyone
who wants to squirt one or more in to you.

1. Is the covid 19 vaccine you intend to inject in to me really a vaccine at all?

2. If it’s not a vaccine, what is it?

From now on, I will not refer to it as a vaccine,
until such time as it is confirmed,
beyond reasonable opinion,
to be anything other than just a liquid
that does not appear to have any qualities
normally associated with the term ‘vaccine’
and until all of it’s contents are known
and their possible effects on me.

3. Has the liquid you intend to inject into me been thoroughly tested and formally declared ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ by the manufacturer?

4. Is the liquid you intend to inject in to me guaranteed 100% safe and do you guarantee I will have no adverse side-effects from it?

5. Regardless, what are the possible side-effects of the liquid you intend to inject in to me?

6. Could the liquid you intend to inject in to me make me sick, even temporarily?

7. Is it possible the liquid you intend to inject into me might cause cardiac, neural or psychological problems at any time in the future?

8. Is it possible that the liquid you intend to inject in to me may cause premature death?

9. Is it possible that the liquid you intend to inject in to me might cause me to be sterile?

10. Is it possible that the liquid you intend to inject into me could cause any sexual partners I might have in the future be unknowingly be sterilised by their contact with me?

11. Is it possible that the liquid you intend to inject into me could cause any encounters I might have in the future with any person may cause them to become sick simply because of their contact with me?

12. Does this the liquid you intend to inject into me give any guarantees about preventing me contracting/getting any virus?

13. Has the virus the liquid you intend to inject into me protect me against been isolated?

14.  If not, how can the liquid you intend to inject into me protect me against the virus it’s supposed to protect against?

15 If I get any virus, does the liquid you intend to inject into me prevent me passing the virus it’s supposed to offer protection against on to others by way of ‘shedding’?

16. Is the liquid you intend to inject into me still in experimental stages?

17. Has the liquid you intend to inject into me been thoroughly tested on pregnant females?

18. If the liquid you intend to inject into me has not been tested, does that mean it’s still experimental?

19. Does that mean, in reality, if I consent to be injected with this liquid, I’ve consented to be no more than part of an experiment to see what will happen to people who have it injected in to them?

20. What is mRNA and what does it do?

21. Does this liquid contain mRNA?

22. Has this liquid been designed to change my DNA?

23. If my DNA is changed can I change my DNA back to the way it was if I change my mind?

24. As human DNA is what makes us ‘human’ does that mean if my DNA is changed artificially I’m literally no longer ‘human’?

25. If I’m no longer ‘human’, what am I? What is my status?

26. If I produce children, will my children inherit my changed DNA and also not be ‘human’?

27. If they grow up to adulthood and have children of their own, will their children inherit their changed DNA, as well as the changed DNA they inherited from me? What will their status be as ‘human’ or ‘non-human’?

28. If so, does that mean if I consent to allow you to inject this liquid into me, will my decision likely affect not only myself but also my entire bloodline into the future and cause that of all my descendants from now on could also could cease to be human?

29. If the liquid you intend to inject into me causes me to experience ill effects, or symptoms, is it reasonable to assume the ‘system’ will do it’s best to deny that this liquid caused them – even though there there may be no personal or family history to support a denial?

30. If the liquid you intend to inject into me causes me to experience ill effects, or symptoms, is there a guarantee that I will experience a full and complete recovery with no residual effects?

31. If I suffer any adverse effects or symptoms and appear to recover is there any guarantee they won’t return in the future?

32. If I suffer any adverse effects or symptoms will my descendants also be likely to experience similar adverse effects as they will also have my altered DNA?

33. If I suffer any adverse effects or symptoms and it can be confirmed that the liquid you intend to inject into me caused them and I’m disabled will I receive financial restitution to compensate me for loss of earnings and support even though it will be deemed that I consented for you to inject this liquid into me?

34. Is it possible that any adverse effects or symptoms I might experience might be so serious I could die because of them?

35. If I suffer any adverse effects or symptoms and I die, and it can be proved that the liquid you intend to inject into me was the direct cause, will my family be financially compensated and supported?

36. Do you know ALL the ingredients contained in the liquid you intend to inject into me?

37. What is an adjuvant and what are the effects of adjuvants on a human body?

38. What is graphene oxide and is it contained in this liquid?

39. If graphene oxide is contained in this liquid what can it do to my internal organs when it’s introduced to my blood-flow?

40. What is an antigen and what do antigens do to a human body?

41. Are the effects of adjuvants and antigens reversible if I change my mind?

42. What is glyphosate and is it contained in this liquid?

43. Does the company that created this liquid include ingredients that it doesn’t tell anyone about because the company wants to keep them secret and proprietary?

44. In reality, is it a fair assumption that no-one really knows what this liquid contains?

45. In reality, is it a fair assumption that no-one really knows what side-effects this liquid can cause?

46. If that’s the case, why are you prepared to inject this liquid into me?

47. Do you receive a financial benefit for injecting people with this liquid that you will not receive by not vaccinating people?

48. If there’s no proof this liquid does anything beneficial why are governments forcing people to have it injected into people?

49. If this liquid is as effective as we’re told, why are so many ‘boosters’ necessary in such a relatively short period of time?

50. Are financial incentives provided to encourage providers like yourself to continue injecting people with this liquid?

51. If, on the other hand, this liquid is so ineffective and dangerous then why are so many ‘boosters’ continuing to be released and mandated in such a relatively short period of time?

52. Do you consider this liquid to be safe and effective and will do me no harm?

53. If so, what data do you have that shows the benefits it can have for people who have it injected into them?

54. Did you swear to the Hippocratic Oath?

55. The Hippocratic Oath contains “I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm”. Do you believe that, by administering this liquid you are upholding the Hippocratic Oath to it’s fullest extent and that by injecting this liquid into me you will do me no harm?

56. Are you aware that certain batches of this liquid are reported to have a higher incidence of serious side-effects than others?

57. What is the batch number of the liquid you want to inject in to me?

58. Does the batch number you want to use on me have a ‘2’ or a ‘3’ on it?

59. Would it be a reasonable assumption that the liquid you intend to inject into me is not really a vaccine but is an experimental procedure and the public are, in reality, the ‘guinea pigs’ to see what happens when it’s injected into them?

60. Why are tens of thousands of qualified professional medical people around the world reporting that, in their professional opinions, this so called untested liquid is not a vaccine at all, that whatever it is is experimental and is not only not safe but very dangerous?

61. If the pandemic emergency is now officially declared over, why are governments still almost forcing people to enrol in a long-term routine of having this liquid injected into them along with a myriad of ongoing boosters?

62. Given these concerns why would any normal person consent to this experimental liquid being injected into them?

63. As the government has officially washed it’s hands of the responsibility for ‘vaccine’ injuries, which will include injuries caused by this liquid it recommends, and I suffer ill-effects, do you personally accept liability for any adverse consequences of your professional recommendation and advice I may experience at any time in the future?

click image for video

Thermographic Imaging
shows massive blood clots
in the asymptomatic vaxxed

(Reese Report – May 2023)

click image for website

Australian doctors
just realise they’ve been
thrown under a bus by ‘government’

Clip from Australian Medical Profession Society
conference in South Australia 10th. December 2022.

Strikes me Aussie medicos POS have
just realised the Aus government
has thrown them under a bus and are panicking
and are looking for ways to cover their arses.

This speaker seems to be more concerned
about their liability than he is about the
damage they did to normal people who trusted them.

Denial is always a good option – or look for a scapegoat.

Boo! hoo! – it wasn’t our fault.

We had to protect our incomes
by making you too sick to earn one yourself or killing you.

And your kids didn’t matter, either.

It was the government made us do it.

BTW, we’re still doing jabs if you want one.

Dr. Kildare – you can’t make this up :-))

click image for PDF

Australian employers
who forced employees
to have jab
and they’ve been injured
thrown under a bus
by ‘government’

Employers now financially responsible
to employee for the rest of their life

Urgent bill passed

All other states will follow suit so the government aren’t liable.

Print this attachment off and give to your boss so they know what is coming.

NSW govt just bought in a law that employers
mandating the jab are now accountable for any
adverse reactions suffered and they have to
pay compensation to that person for the
rest of their lives even if they are
not working for them anymore.

click image for video

If you’re still believing
what the media is selling You

Time to take your head out of the sand
(or wherever else it’s buried)
and start connecting the dots!

Though it might be too late

click image for video

October 2022

Over 500,000 view on YouTube alone in 2 days

The truth is coming out,
but too late for many

click image for article

Jan 9th 2023
Sudden Death:
The No. 1 cause of death
for under 65s


Mounting evidence shows the COVID shots are destroying people’s immune systems and are triggering turbo-charged cancers.

A survey by Steve Kirsch found sudden death is the No. 1 cause of death among those under the age of 65 who got the COVID jab.

Myocarditis as a cause of death is now registering across all age ranges but only for the vaccinated.

Cardiac-related deaths are also significantly elevated among younger people (under 65) who got the jab compared to their unjabbed peers.

Recent research shows repeated jabs trigger a switch in the types of antibodies your body produces and lower your ability to clear viruses.

By switching from spike-specific neutralizing IgG antibodies to IgG4 antibodies, your body switches from tumor suppression mode into tumor progression mode.

In addition to the potential for cancer cells to run amok, IgG4 dominance may also have severe autoimmune implications, as the COVID jab spike protein share similarities with human proteins.

click image for website

Covid Vaccine
Destroys Hearts & Brains
Billions of People
Dr Sucharit Bhakdi

Join Greg Hunter of
as he goes one on one with
world renowned microbiologist and virologist,
professor Sucharit Bhakdi MD

click image for video


from August 2022

UK movie exposing vaccines
being taken down from many platforms
yet still has millions of views and high praise

click image for video


To every ATAGI employee,
every TGA employee,
every Dr, Nurse, Hospital officer,
every Health Officer and their staff,
every bureaucrat, every politician,
every Judge, every police officer,
every teacher, every media official…

YOU better watch this because YOU are in serious trouble.

And as to this Dr’s statement regarding the ‘end date’ for COVID finance, see who has funded this…(World Bank Official document – For Official Use Only – dated 13 October 2020) and Australian bureaucrats, politicians and Health Officers knew it.

click image for video

If I get vaccinated….


  Can I stop wearing the mask?

  Government: No



   Can the restaurants, pubs, bars, etc.
reopen and everyone work normally?

  Government: No



   Am I resistant to covid?

  Government: Maybe,
but we don’t know for sure…



   At least I am no longer contagious to others?

No, you can still pass it on,
possibly no one knows.



  If we vaccinate all children, will school go on as normal?

  Government: No



  If I am vaccinated, can I stop social dissociation?

  Government: No



  If I am vaccinated, can I stop disinfecting my hands?

  Government: No



  If I vaccinate myself and my grandpa, can we hug?

  Government: No



  Will movie theaters, theaters and stadiums reopen thanks to vaccines?

  Government: No



  May the vaccinated be able to gather [events; parties].

  Government: No



  What is the real benefit of vaccination?

The virus will not kill you.



  Are you sure it won’t kill me?

  Government: No



   If statistically the virus won’t kill me anyway….
Why should I get vaccinated?”

To protect others.



  So if I get vaccinated, others are 100% sure I won’t infect them?

No, we are not sure.



  Click image for video
– Lockdown advice –
– what we should all be doing –


So, to summarize:
The Covid 9 vaccine….

Does not give immunity.
Does not eliminate the virus.
Does not prevent death.
Doesn’t guarantee you won’t get it.
Doesn’t stop you from getting it.
Does not stop you from passing it on.
Doesn’t preclude the need for travel bans.
Doesn’t preclude the need for business closures.
Doesn’t preclude the need for closures.
doesn’t preclude the need for concealment.

It is so absurd
and I wonder why
there are people
who let this happen
to them and their children.

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Safe and effective …
A second opinion
Oracle Films
October 2022

UK movie exposing vaccines
being taken down from many platforms
yet still has millions of views and high praise

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Internal CDC Documents Reveal
the Agency Expected Serious
Issues from the COVID Jabs

[From these contracts]
they're expecting almost 700% more reports
during this time for COVID and they said
only 5% [historically] were serious...
[but now were] expecting about 40%,
so what did they know?

Click image for video - link for article

Drug regulator hid information
February 2023

BREAKING: Australia's drug regulator
hid vaccine deaths from the public,

concerned that 'disclosure
could undermine public confidence'

The hidden deaths include two children,
seven and nine years old,
who both suffered fatal cardiac arrests
which the TGA assessed as causally
linked to Covid vaccination

  BREAKING: Australia's drug regulator
hid vaccine deaths from the public,
concerned that 'disclosure
could undermine public confidence'

Click image for download

Excess Mortality
@ 18 Percent!

Yet the government
is STILL pushing jabs.

This doesn't make sense
unless you change the way you think,
then it makes perfect sense.


"Something is going on in Australia that needs to be explained," asserted former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd. "18% excess mortality is a disaster."

But "We have crickets over there in their national media." Ed joined Del Bigtree on The Highwire Thursday (12/15/2022) to report his findings.

He's not sure how to tell the entire story, but "the data is the data."

So in 2020, Australia had about -2% excess mortality.

In 2021, it rose to +4%, and in 2022, it soared all the way up to +18%.

"We have supposed-miracle vaccines, and the virus is now less virulent, correct?" Ed continues, "So Omicron is a little more than a cold with some complications.

But unfortunately, I think if you're vaccinated, there's lots of complications.

And we know all the other health problems that are associated with the vaccination.

So what's going on in Australia -- it's very curious. At the very least, I don't hear Australian health authorities talking about 18% excess mortality.

And it's across all age groups."

Ed doesn't pretend to know the answer.

I don't know what went on in Australia; I'm focused on the US.

I'm sure there's a story that tells a little bit about why we're seeing this and why the elderly are being more adversely affected than the young.

In Europe and the US, it's mostly the young.

"But again, we have crickets over there in their national media and their health authorities.

But 18% excess mortality is a disaster," emphasized Dowd.

"Because an insurance executive at One America, Scott Davison, on the results of his company not blaming the vaccine, of course, said that a 10% excess mortality in young folks is a once-in-a-200-year flood, a three standard deviation. 40% is off the charts.

All of Australia is at 18%.

And it doesn't look like it's levelling off.

It looks like it's continuing to rise."

"So Australia, we dropped the data. You guys can use it for whatever you want to do," invited Dowd.

"It's a force multiplier.

And again, the data is the data.

We haven't gotten into yet to analyse what exactly the particularities are, but excess mortalities up into the right, so that's the story right there."

Silent health crisis rips through Australia

The Highwire: Episode 298: BRINGING THE HEAT

Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report

More Than 1,000 Peer Reviewed Articles
on COVID Vaccine Injuries

COVID-19 Vaccination Stories,
Side Effects & Healing

COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Event
Tracking System (VAERS)

COVID-19 Vaccine Bad Batches
Reference Page

Increasing Death Rates,
Plummeting Birth Rates,
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

COVID-19 - Mystery Clots in
vaccinated deceased people

COVID-19 & Antibody-Dependent
Enhancement (ADE)

Covid-19 – Vaccine-Induced T Cell Suppression,
Virus Activation, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s

COVID-19 Menstrual & Breast Milk Disruptions,
Miscarriages, Infertility, Transmission (Shedding)

COVID-19 Magnetism, Graphene Oxide,
UV Fluorescence

Has our blood supply been
contaminated by vaccinated,
genetically-modified blood?

COVID-19 Healing Resources

Censored, sidelined and villainized doctors,
nurses, health care workers
describe their COVID-19 Experiences

Cause Unknown:
The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths
in 2021 & 2022

Ed Dowd Videos Featured
on Sunfellow on COVID-19

Edward Dowd's Website

Follow Edward Dowd on GETTR

Follow Edward Dowd on Twitter

Humanity Projects

Ed Dowd: "Big Pharma Is Not Your Friend..."

Ed Dowd Summarizes the info he shared
during Washington D.C. Roundtable Meeting

Ed Dowd & Josh Stirling Present Alarming
COVID-19 Vaccine Statistics at Washington D.C. roundtable

Ed Dowd: Chinese lockdowns about
collapsing economy & controlling
Chinese population, NOT COVID

What Motivates Ed Dowd
to tackle COVID-19? "
I prayed to God to be of service ...

Mike Adams Interviews Ed Dowd:
Excess mortality following Covid vaccines

Ed Dowd: A quick overview of
the devastating impact COVID vaccines
are having on the U.S. & World

Edward Dowd:
It's classic criminal behaviour.
when they're caught,
they double and triple down

Edward Dowd:
"The issues ae just starting to show up
[and that] makes me very, very frightened!"

Ed Dowd On Dr. Drew:
Sudden Adult Deaths Since 2021

Edward Dowd shares dramatic statistics
before and after covid 19 vaccine

Dr. Joseph Mercola Interviews
Edward Dowd: Global Financial Collapse
Is A 'Mathematical Certainty'

Edward Dowd: The Global Economic Collapse
Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes

Edward Dowd:
The Great Reset explained

Edward Dowd: Massive uptick in
disability claims since vaccine rollout

Edward Dowd:
Funeral Homes & Insurance Company
COVID-19 Statistics

Wolf & Dowd:
Wall Street now paying attention to
'Trust the Science' fraud

EXCESS mortality 2020 to April 2022.
Where are the honest journalists?
Where is the CDC, NIAID, or NIH? Or even FDA?

Edward Dowd: Canada's death data
confirms acceleration of deaths in millennials
(25-44 Year Olds)

Jessica Rose:
How COVID-19 Vaccines
are killing millennials

What Is Killing The Millennials?
Drugs? Suicide? Injections? Cancer?

Wall Street quality Vaccine death research:
"This is going to get serious soon!"

Edward Dowd explains how
thousands of people have died

Edward Dowd: 2.5 To 3 million Germans
have been injured by COVID vaccines

Edward Dowd: CDC
data reveals the Government,
through mandates,
has killed thousands of people!

BOMBSHELL: Naomi Wolf interviews
Edward Dowd about Pfizer fraud
& criminal ramifications

This is a mass murder event"
Naomi Wolf interviews Edward Dowd
about Pfizer FRAUD

Vaccine Makers Liability Protection
is at risk because of fraud

"[Big] Pharma is not your friend.

Their job is to sell new patented drugs and not push forward over-the-counter drugs or repurposed drugs.

That's what they do.

They're there for the bottom line.

They are not there for your health.

They treat symptoms.

They don't treat the root cause.

They don't want to cure anything . . . curing a disease is not a good business model because once you cure the patient the cash flow stops.

It's about treating symptoms, not causes. We know this and they are not your friend..."

Ed Dowd on Alex Jones,
December 14, 2022

"I can say with complete certainty that I have never been more convinced in my whole career of the fact that the vaccines not only don't work, but that these are the deadliest vaccines ever introduced into the human population on such a global scale.

The US government is guilty of democide with their forced mandates, and countless corporations and government agencies are also likely liable for forcing employees to accept injections of experimental vaccines which employ novel gene therapy-based technology.

The corporate media and large tech companies are also complicit due to their censorship of the nature of these vaccines, and in my opinion are accessories to wrongful death.

The single greatest implication is that once we succeed in opening up the Overton window of allowed discourse on this topic, and the majority of the population gains the knowledge of what has happened, we will witness an incredible loss of trust in our institutions.

At a bare minimum the NIH, CDC, FDA and Health and Human Services need to be razed and built up again anew.

In addition, the politicians involved, the unwitting Doctors who pushed this vaccine program, University Administrators-departments and the media-tech complex have all lost the trust of the public, will need to rethink their institutions and governance structures, will have much to answer for in the coming years..."

Edward Dowd, Central Banks,
Global Debt & COVID,
July 26, 2022

"The brave frontline doctors blew the whistle on this vaccine early on…the signals they identified should have stopped the vaccinations in its tracks like the 70’s swine flu.

They are the heroes.

They were attacked & smeared. The fact that the apparatus of government & private corporations through their actions allowed it to get to the point where bodies & injuries are piling up is the largest global crime against humanity ever seen.

The implications are staggering & profound.

We are not going back to normal anytime soon.

My insurance industry partner & I are forever grateful for the brave doctors…we are just 2 ex Wall Street geeks exposing through our skills the damage wrought by those who didn’t listen to the warnings from the frontline doctors."

Edward Dowd,
GETTR, March 13, 2022

"I think as this scandal collapses and unfolds, it's going to remake a lot of our institutions," Dowd says, "and I think that's a good thing.

I think people like yourself [Dr. Joseph Mercola] and others who've been out in the wilderness are going to be vindicated.

I'll never take another vaccine again, or a flu shot.

I'm done.

I'm out."

Input the main text content for your module here.

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Vaccine Deaths and Injuries

Yet the government
is STILL pushing jabs.

This doesn't make sense
unless you change the way you think,
then it makes perfect sense.


There were public hearings in congress with testimonies from doctors and vaccine victims but the media was silent about it.

At the local level, here where I live, there were also public hearings at the state capitol but the local media was also silent.

Only one TV channel was there but it can be watched by air, neither is in cable line up, it is an internet only streaming channel that not many people watch and only one digital newspaper reported something about it (noticel) but soon disappeared.

Today's video is a fragment from those hearings in congress and to understand better the pressure over media, doctors and even victims to stay silent about those dangerous side effects of the vaccines.



click image for video


Major fraud
in the vaccine release

Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, MD, PhD interviews Sasha Latypova,
part of Team Enigma and the analysis of

Sasha has been revealing the Moderna and Pfizer regulatory fraud
as well as the Department of Defence contracts with
pharmaceutical companies regarding all manufacturing
pertaining to the Covid 19 pandemic.

click image for video

Murder by Injection
(video and articles in PDF)


The present work, the result of some forty years of investigative research, is a logical progression from my previous books: the expose of the international control of monetary issue and banking practices in the United States;

a later work revealing the secret network of organizations through which these alien forces wield political power—the secret committees, foundations, and political parties through which their hidden plans are implemented;

and now; to the most vital issue of all, the manner in which these depredations affect the daily lives and health of American citizens.

Despite the great power of the hidden rulers, I found that only one group has the power to issue life or death sentences to any American—our nation’s physicians.

I discovered that these physicians, despite their great power, were themselves subjected to very strict controls over every aspect of their professional lives.

These controls, surprisingly enough, were not wielded by any state or federal agency, although almost every other aspect of American life is now under the absolute control of the bureaucracy.

The physicians have their own autocracy, a private trade association, the American Medical Association.

This group, which is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, had gradually built up its power until it assumed total control over medical schools and the accreditation of physicians.

The trail of these manipulators led me straight to the same lairs of the international conspirators whom I had exposed in previous books.

I knew that they had already looted America, reduced its military power to a dangerously low level, and imposed bureaucratic
controls on every American.

I now discovered that their conspiracies also directly affected the health of every American.

This conspiracy has resulted in a documented decline in the health of our citizens. We now rank far down the list of civilized nations in infant mortality and other significant medical statistics.

I was able to document the shocking record of these cold-blooded tycoons who not only plan and carry out famines, economic depressions, revolutions and wars, but who also find their greatest profits in their manipulations of our medical care.

The cynicism and malice of these conspirators is something beyond the imagination of most Americans.

They deliberately mulct our people of millions of dollars each year through “charitable” organizations and then use these same organizations as key groups to bolster their Medical Monopoly.

Fear and intimidation are the basic techniques by which the conspirators maintain their control over all aspects of our health care, as they ruthlessly crush any competitor who challenges their profits.

As in other aspects of their “behavioural control” over the American people, their most constantly used weapon against us is their employment of federal agents and federal agencies to carry out their intrigues.

The proof of this operation may be the most disturbing revelation of my work.

Eustace Mullins
February 22, 1988


Murder by Injection

In this 1987 interview,
one of the most prominent vaccine scientists
in the history of the vaccine industry
Dr. Maurice Hilleman a Merck scientist
made a recording where he openly admits
that vaccines given to Americans
were contaminated with
leukemia and cancer viruses.

They then suggest that because these vaccines are first tested in Russia, they will help the U.S. win the Olympics because the Russian athletes will all be “loaded down with tumors.” (Thus, they knew these vaccines caused cancer in humans.)

This isn’t some conspiracy theory – these are the words of a top Merck scientist who probably had no idea that his recording would be widely reviewed across the internet (which didn’t even exist when he made this recording).

He probably thought this would remain a secret forever.

When asked why this didn’t get out to the press, he replied: “Obviously you don’t go out, this is a scientific affair within the scientific community.”

In other words, vaccine scientists cover for vaccine scientists.

They keep all their dirty secrets within their own circle of silence and don’t reveal the truth about the contamination of their vaccines.

A shocking admission from the history of western medicine.

Click this button for PDF

CDC finds proof of
80% toxicity.
in children’s and
adult’s urine samples

It is seemingly becoming more convincing that we are intentionally being poisoned.

The CDC have now found herbicide glyphosate, found in weed killers, in 80% of people’s urine.

This toxic chemical is linked to cancer, and was registered for use in the USA in 1974.

In humans, glyphosate that is absorbed or ingested will pass through the body relatively quickly. The vast majority of glyphosate leaves the body in urine and faeces without being changed into another chemical. But, the industry knew of this toxicity and yet still authorised its use for 50 years?

A committee of scientists working for the International Agency for Research on Cancer of the WHO evaluated some studies and reported that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic (causes cancer).

Glyphosate is used on almost all the cotton, soybeans, and corn grown in the USA. This herbicide is used very generously and in excess due to the fact that weeds are slowly becoming more tolerant to the substance, and are evolving quickly so that the glyphosate does not kill them as quickly.

HOWEVER… is this what the mainstream media want us to believe?

Most studies actually conclude that glyphosate isn’t cancer-causing… and that it’s quite low in toxicity. Why would the mainstream media decide to publicise this as cancerous, and scare the people?

This “herbicide resistance” and increase in chemicals that “cause cancer” has now paved a way for DNA-altering technologies, and artificial intelligence, to help “kill weeds”. If this has been an issue for 50 years, why is it only being publicised now?

Isn’t it a bit coincidental that they want us to begin to advocate new technologies for killing weeds, right when DNA-altering technologies are advancing also?

It seems that what the world is progressing towards is “let’s replace cancer-causing weed killers with DNA manipulation”.

But they can’t push this agenda unless the population has an outcry at the current system, and demands a new system and world order.

What were people doing before the FDA authorised this herbicide us in the 1970’s? How did humans eat before weed killers?

It all seems like a very calculated train of events to help push DNA-manipulating technologies.

We the people.

P.T.Penrose, Journalist at NVTV.

click image for video

Vaccines do not work

click image for video

Brett Sutton
Australian Health Minister

* Vaccines don’t work *
*Use Oral medications*

Update: June 2023
Brett Sutton
resigned as health minister.


There’s so much evidence these days it’s difficult to know what to include – and more is arriving by the minute.  This page attempts to provide factual information without emotional bias using information from reliable, professionally qualified 3rd. party sources.

There’s no question that vaccines can provide life-saving health benefits and this page isn’t anti-vax.

This page provides information selected from that available to anyone on the public domain.

Each individual can decide for themselves whether any of the information is relevant to their personal situation.

No recommendations are provided or inferred.

Anyone who considers that this page contains incorrect or misleading information can contact us with evidence and we’ll happily make changes to correct any errors.

click image for PDF

The UK government admits that
vaccines have damaged the
natural immune system
of those who have been

The UK government has admitted that once you have been double-vaccinated, you will never again be able to acquire full natural immunity to Covid variants – or possibly any other virus.

So let’s watch the “real” pandemic begin now! In its Week 42 “COVID-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report”, the UK Department of Health admits on page 23 that “N antibody levels appear to be lower in people who become infected after two doses of vaccination”.

It goes on to say that this drop in antibodies is essentially permanent.

What does this mean?

We know that vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus (indeed, the report elsewhere shows that vaccinated adults are now much more likely to be infected than unvaccinated ones). The British now find that the vaccine interferes with the body’s ability to make antibodies after infection not only against the spike protein but also against other parts of the virus.

In particular, vaccinated people do not appear to form antibodies against the nucleocapsid protein, the envelope of the virus, which is a crucial part of the response in unvaccinated people. In the long term, the vaccinated are far more susceptible to any mutations in the spike protein, even if they have already been infected and cured once or more.

The unvaccinated, on the other hand, will gain lasting, if not permanent, immunity to all strains of the alleged virus after being naturally infected with it even once.

Source: PDF HERE

The first insurance companies are backing down because a huge wave of claims is coming their way.

Anthony Fauci confirms that the PCR test cannot detect live viruses.

Anthony Fauci confirms that neither the antigen test nor the PCR test can tell us whether someone is contagious or not!!! This invalidates all the foundations of the so-called pandemic. The PCR test was the only indication of a pandemic. Without PCR-TEST no pandemic.

For all the press workers, doctors, lawyers, prosecutors etc. THIS is the final key, the ultimate proof that the measures must all be lifted immediately must be PLEASE SHARE

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mRNA vaccines are destroying
people’s immune system.

(It’s happening at a gradual stance/over time), especially the double vaccinate between 40-70 years old.

They have already lost/DAMAGED over 40% of their immune system and capabilities.

And they are losing an additional 5% weekly.

At this rate by Christmas they will have O% (ZERO PERCENT) Immune system capability (in all double vaccinated people over 40 years old) and by March everyone over 30 will have lost their immune system as well…

Those 30 and younger are already seen degrading of their immune system, (it’s normal for this age group to have a more vigorous immune system).

So perhaps their immune system is fighting off the mRNA vaccines in the short run.

Only time will tell.

But data shows a Very difficult and DARK WINTER lay head.

DR. RYAN COLE a PATHOLOGIST who has conducted over 100 thousands COVID-19 lab tests, has also found the mRNA vaccines are causing severe auto immune disorders.

Dr. David Bauer a world virologist also confirms Pfizer Vaccines destroying the immune system after two shots and BOOSTER Shots will become like a Subscription service to stay ALIVE

Remember, this was all started by the communist Chinese.. Who have already recovered (MSM is telling a fake narration that more are dying in China [FALSE NEWS]) and CHINA IS NOW FLAUNTING MILITARY POWER, THREATENING THE BORDERD OF TAIWAN,INDIA AND FOCUSING TO WEAK DISRUPTED, DISMANTLING OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY UNDER BIDEN in the book Unrestricted Warfare published in America over 20 years ago.

Officers of the communist Military Chinese recognized it was impossible to challenge the United States super power military in a conventional WAR

The CCP explained the only the conqueror the U.S.A would be through deception, so the public would never know they were under ATTACK. They described how they would accomplish this.

By flooding the U.S. with illicit drugs to demoralize the U.S. citizens, infiltrating/the Stock markets, the judicial systems and the media [MSM] seizing control of Natural Vital resources AND CREATING A [FAKE] NATURAL DISASTER, USING BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS.

Then finally take down the INFORMATION grid, to cause Social PANIC, Street riots and a MAJOR POLITICAL CRISES with 1/3 of U.S. citizens suffering from DAMAGED immune system.

China & DEEP STATE taking down the grid/information system this winter would be catastrophic.

Now is the time to BRACE YOURSELF … for what’s coming

PDF - click image


Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events
resulting from the experimental COVID-19 injections


Our enemies are multi-trillionaires and billionaires,
whose unlimited financial resources allow them
to buy and deceive the whole world.

If you want to help humanity liberate from their grip,
then please support Stop World Control,
so we can open the eyes of millions worldwide/em>

Together we can do the impossible!

The Vaccine Death Report shows all the scientific evidence that millions of innocent people lost their lives and hundreds of millions are suffering crippling side effects, after being injected with the experimental covid injections.

The report exposes the strategic methods used by governments and health agencies to hide 99% of all vaccine injuries and deaths.

You will also learn who is really behind all of this, and what their true agenda is.

This report is a critical alarm call to the world.

Download it now, and distribute it far and wide


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2021 Documents Reveal:
the Australian Government
has openly planned a GENOCIDE

💥💥💥 Documents Reveal the Australian Government
has Openly planned to POISON its Citizens
& Children! Then A Mass Die-Off…... 👺☠️👺☠️👺☠️


Click Here for video


Parts 1 – 2 – 3

Click Here for online Report or Button for PDF

Daily Expose News
Covid-19 Vaccination
is going to lead to Depopulation

Click image for video

How the COVID-19 Variants

January 19, 2022
Director of COVID-19 Vaccine Program:
We DESTROYED 83% of Your Immune System ☠️

Click image for video



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