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fact or fantasy?

To be completely honest,
just about everything
on this page about ‘Q’
is pure speculation.

In this time of uncertainty or WW3 mentality it would be easy to get mixed up in the ‘Q-Movement’ which first appeared to exist  in about 2016.

There’s plenty of vague information about the existence of ‘Q’ along with media channels devoted to deciphering the myriad of ‘Q-posts’ which are rumoured to be in some kind of code which true ‘Q’ believers spend massive amounts of time and effort doing their best to decipher.

To confuse matters more, a separate ‘Q-Anon’ movement appeared and self-appointed ‘Q-Anons, who’ claim to be able to make sense of the posts and hang on every word that, in particular, Donald Trump speaks or posts – looking for hidden signals or words or gestures that contain hidden messages for the ‘initiated’.

There’s no doubt Trump plays on this
and often is seen to be giving a waving
‘Q’ arm gesture at publicly recorded events.

There’s some suggestion that ‘Q-Anon’ was started by security organisations as a psy-op to confuse and muddy the waters further.

If this is true it’s a fair comment that it was successful exercise and the ‘Q’ movement goes to a lot of trouble to separate itself from the ‘Q-Anon’ movement.

While the ‘Q-Anon’ movement advertises it’s existence, to this day, no-one can say with any certainty that the ‘Q’ – movement exists or doesn’t exist or, if it does,  that it’s intentions are benign or useful or that any of the posts, some of which were made many years ago, provide any useful information or guidance.

Despite this, no-one can deny there are many reason to indicate the existence of a ‘Q’ movement – in particular the ’17’, (Q-being the 17th. letter of the alphabet), displayed seemingly all over the place in videos of Trump at rallies or speeches where Trump can clearly be observed waving his hand around in a ‘Q’ gesture or on maps where ground layouts clearly demonstrate a “Q’ design which could not be accidental.

There’s no doubt that the world is in a serious global conflict – war – so in many respects creating the ‘Q’ movement is a stroke of genius in a war situation as it allows for the release of intel information without relying on MSM – or at the very least helps to confuse.

A good example of this is the theory that a ‘Q’- incentive was for President J.F. Kennedy, on learning about a plot to assassinate him to fake his own assassination in 1964 and live a life in exile, presumably dead.

However – an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair started regularly turning up at Trump rallies, ultimately receiving the accolades of Trump personally.

It wasn’t too long that alternative media speculated that this person was JFK.

Most nay-sayers, quite reasonably, would be screaming ‘BS’ – but, consider the image of the JFK ‘gravesite’, below.

… and, while you’re at it,
also consider the strange occurrence
of the death of Princess Diana
and consider how few of the stories
that come out turn out to be
anything other than theories.

Then check the image
at the bottom of the page and
consider the possible similarities.

Whether there’s any substance to ‘Q’ or not there’s a load of evidence to support it’s existence.

Any person would be forgiven to ask the question what benefit or usefulness there is in messages or visuals no-one can understand and need to be left to interpret.

It’s fair to say, few people outside the self-built online ‘truther’ movement would even be aware that any ‘Q’ or ‘Q-Anon’ movements exist at all and it’s safe to say that ‘coded’ Q-posts are not clear enough to be interpreted with 100% guarantee of accurately.

‘Q’-followers generally spend a lot of time deciphering ‘Q-posts’.

It also makes sense that,
if these ‘Q’ posts are genuine ‘intelligence’
and that ‘Q’ followers can decipher them
then the ‘other side’ would be able to as well,
so why bother with confusing code that
could be mis-interpreted by the people
who would benefit most from the post?

Many of these interpretations are of Q-posts that may now be many years old where future events seem to coincide with the substance of the post – these have been named ‘Delta’s.

This gives Q-followers a confidence that, as ‘Q’ posted about it there must be some kind of a ‘plan’ being followed and that it’s just a matter of time before the ‘Q’-plan is completed = ‘Victory over the ‘deep-state’ which is working to take over the world with a ‘New World Order’.


This page does not attempt to confirm or deny that a ‘Q’ movement exists, it merely provides evidence found online about the topic that a  Q-movement could have been established as a way to provide followers with information about events that may occur, have occurred or will occur.

This in itself is fraught with danger as ‘Q’ could be no more than a psy-op created to misinform or disinform.

There’s a suggestion that Q-‘Anon’ was set up by security agencies to do just that and is absolutely not to be trusted.

Anyone choosing to get involved in ‘Q-drops’
would be advised to treat them with scepticism
until they are proved reliable.


Q – Unveiling
the phases of
the movement!

January 5th 2024

Author unknown

To all the people over the last 6 years who thought the Q movement was a conspiracy theory or believed it to be a nefarious psyop aimed at misleading individuals down a treacherous path, or those who dismissed it as nothing more than baseless nonsense, Letters To America stands as a testament to the unwavering integrity and the power of truth.

Every single word, sentence, message, and post was, indeed, grounded in authentic intelligence, designed to connect directly with the hearts and minds of the people.

Now, in this moment, you possess the remarkable gift of free will, the opportunity to choose whether to persist in viewing the Q movement through the lens of conspiracy or deception, or to awaken your critical thinking and embrace the undeniable reality.

The storm has, without a doubt, arrived, and the floodgates of truth stand wide open, inundating the long standing lies with the cleansing waters of veracity.

All the lies and misinformation will forever be submerged, and the people will finally, unequivocally, know the unvarnished truth they have sought for so long.

Even though the Q movement, which in fact is a military operation officially launched by 77 military generals in 1963 on Christmas Eve, just over a month (32 days) after JFK was assassinated, phase 1 of the Q movement marked the beginning of a military operation that unfolded in two phases over 7 decades (60 years).

It wasn’t until October 28th, 2017, that the world caught its first glimpse of Phase 1 of the Q movement.

For almost 6 years, phase 1 of the Q movement experienced non-stop criticism from Big Tech, the FAKE mainstream news, several Democratic politicians, and anyone who was opposed to President Trump or the America First MAGA movement.

Six years later, on April 15th, 2023, Phase 2 of the Q movement emerged into the public eye as Qx.

The timing, one day after World Quantum Day, seemed almost predestined, a cosmic alignment of events.

Yet, beneath the surface, a carefully orchestrated plan was in motion, connecting the dots between Qx and Twitter’s transformation into X.

This transformation may appear coincidental, but it was, in fact, an intricate design, blurring the line between a social media platform and a covert intelligence operation.

Within this enigmatic world, Elon Musk emerged as a white hat, his role interwoven with the highest echelons of American power.

During President Trump’s first term, his position as the highest-paid military contractor in the nation’s history concealed a deeper purpose, one that hints at the complex tapestry of intrigue and strategy within the Q movement.

Now that we are in 2024, the floodgates of truth will be opened, and people will learn the truth like never before.

As we move into a new chapter in our collective journey, the promise of revelation hangs heavy in the air, like a long-awaited storm on the horizon.

The first four days of this year have unveiled mere fragments of a truth that has remained veiled for far too long, serving as but a prelude to the profound revelations that await us.

With every revelation, the foundation of our reality trembles, and the world’s belief systems are forced to recalibrate.

As the truth emerges from the depths of secrecy, the impact will resonate in every corner of our existence, shaking us to our core.

The shadows that have concealed this truth for decades are slowly receding, and what emerges will be a paradigm shift in our understanding of the world, a truth so profound that it can never be unseen, leaving us forever altered in its wake.



December 17th 2023

Author unknown

Q and team are on X but none of them have a verified account.

All verified accounts (and some don’t verified) selling themselves for Q or similar are AI run by FBI, CIA and all that mix of shit run by fucking demons and monsters servants of evil.

They will continue to manipulate and deceive you with dates and countdowns that will never lead to anything.

You will recognize them because the technique is always the same, first they will make you excited and then they will turn you off, and they will do it endlessly.

Until you are exhausted and turn off completely.

They are here on purpose to make you give up and divert you to chaos.

Do you want to open your eyes or not???

Choose who you follow carefully and unfollow everyone or you will be influenced and corrupted whether you want it or not.

And remember that if you make the wrong choice it will cost you your life because they will literally bury you.

This isn’t a fucking game or movie like you think,
they deceived you all about that too.

If you don’t open your eyes now
you will soon when hell is on earth.

Click image for video

Video: The History of Q
as we know it

In this project,
the panel discuss the origins
and history behind Q,
the impacting world events,
the Q “drops” and the
movement as a whole.

Join Whama, Ti, Qranker, Jet, Susan, I Am and Shane as they discuss the commencement events and beyond in the lead up to Q intel movement and story.

From Nikola Tesla and Prof John Trump’s influence, the Oklahoma bombing and 911, Project Looking Glass, to the drops and President Donald J Trump, the panel cover a lot of information and some short ‘rabbit hole’ dives to present, the History of Q as they know it!

click image for video

The Greatest
Show on Earth

September 2023

This powerful documentary
from Good Lion Films,
produced and written by
Nick Alvear,
shares the Cabal takedown
from the 2016 election,
to the capitulation tour of
President Donald J. Trump,
Covid-19, the 2020 election,
Joe Biden’s funeral, J6 setup,
and how the continuity of government
through the current events taking place
will usher in the greatest time
ever known on earth.

Click image for video

the plan to save the world

Many people reckon the Q-movement
is all psyop bullshit – based on hopium
(and they could be right).

They consider anyone who thinks ‘there might be something in this’ as sub-human, stupid beyond belief.

But one thing they invariably don’t provide is any kind of a solution to the problems we find ourselves in – it’s just ‘Q is bullshit and you’re an idiot if you think anyone’s coming to save you/us’.

And no-one can deny, they might be right.

But if they are,
their ‘I told you so’ victory
over us will by pyrrhic –
because if the Deep State
gets it’s way,
we’ll all be going down
them too.

Because, on thing no-one can deny – with at least 50% of the population with it’s head in the sand, still lining up to be ‘vaccinated’ against a virus that’s been proved to not exist, still refusing to believe governments are plotting our demise and the ‘jab’ they line up for is likely going to kill them we, as a species, aren’t doing much of a job beating the Deep-State by ourselves.

If there’s isn’t a ‘Q’,
we’re doomed.

Maybe they’d be better off joining the program and instead of spreading doom-and-gloom using their energy into helping those people who are desperately trying to find a solution – even if they are ultimately going to realise they’re misguided.

However … they might not be – and if nothing else you get from this website somethings making a lot of ‘stuff’ happen – too much to be a coincidence, maybe.

The reality is … everything exposed in the first few minutes of this video is true.

And, whether we like it or not, there’s nothing we can do as a species to stop it.

The group of people running this earth, and they are, for so long have had all our known and unknown history to gain the power and control they need to do just about whatever they want with us.

If Q is bullshit – we’re doomed.
It’s just a matter of time.

But, just for a moment, consider …
… if Q is real …


One day, the world will see
how close to the edge we were.

One day, the world will understand
why we’ve sacrificed so much
of our time trying to wake people up.

One day, everything will be clear.
The people will see
the war we fought for them.

One day,
our story will be written in history books.
Known as the second greatest story ever told.

One day, the world won’t view us
as conspiracy theories, but as heroes.

It will all be worth it in the end…

Click arrow icon below on right to see/un-see article

White Hats,
[23-Dec-23 7:39 AM]

Long ago in early 2021 I told you a
War was being set up and countries
were preparing ( nobody believed )
I said it would lead to NUCLEAR STANDOFF.

We are here now.
(growing quickly)
but don’t worry it’s all STAGING

I WARNED a MASSIVE WORLD COLLAPSE was going to happen that break banks and would escalate (that happened as nations went into recession including EU countries and hundreds of thousands of small banks collapsed through the world in 3 years ….. And major banks were bailed out and wall street lied about yearly reports on behalf of their corrupted governments and banks)
_as people gave up after the Supposed Trump lost and Epstein supposed death…

I gave you important information TRUMP Was COMING BACK EVEN MORE POWERFUL and the 2020 stolen Elections was military operations given purposefully to Biden to EXPOSE a U.S. corrupt captured system (I told in 2021 BIDEN would be forced to act erratically and be removed before 2024 elections…..That’s now happening ) ……

Click arrow on right for full article and to close

White Hats,
[23-Dec-23 7:39 AM]

Long ago in early 2021 I told you a
War was being set up and countries
were preparing ( nobody believed )
I said it would lead to NUCLEAR STANDOFF.

We are here now.
(growing quickly)
but don’t worry it’s all STAGING

I WARNED a MASSIVE WORLD COLLAPSE was going to happen that break banks and would escalate (that happened as nations went into recession including EU countries and hundreds of thousands of small banks collapsed through the world in 3 years ….. And major banks were bailed out and wall street lied about yearly reports on behalf of their corrupted governments and banks)
_as people gave up after the Supposed Trump lost and Epstein supposed death…

I gave you important information TRUMP Was COMING BACK EVEN MORE POWERFUL and the 2020 stolen Elections was military operations given purposefully to Biden to EXPOSE a U.S. corrupt captured system (I told in 2021 BIDEN would be forced to act erratically and be removed before 2024 elections…..That’s now happening ) ……

The EPSTEIN SAGA is only beginning and Congress has possession of Hunter Biden laptop.

Inside that laptop is [DS] military coded sequence files that CONNECT CIA. Epstein.


In 2019 I warned everyone the Deep State was going to release the virus (people thought was conspiracy)

2020 I gave all the info digital IDs would be initiated through the fake pandemic and Force vaccinations and lockdowns would occur (people thought was conspiracy)

I gave so much information on military operations happening through the world in tunnels to earthquakes ECT

I told you long before anyone MUSK was going to acquire Twitter and MUSK was receiving funding from Kash Patel>Ezra>Trump admin ( but a fake distancing was taking place between Musk and TRUMP)….

And Musk (Really the military) would use Twitter to RED PILL world….

That’s happening and continues

BILLIONAIRS RISING ALLIANCE/ > Bin Salman was with TRUMP and would go against Biden

So many things from Real Story of Las Vegas shooting, Trump saved Bin Salman

Secret deals of Germany/ Turkey)/Italy/France/with China. / Russia to create new sub-brics system in EU

So many things to mention

I also stated Celebrities were going to start coming forward & white hats in Hollywood would EXPOse the pedophilia. Human/ Child trafficking agenda and grow. (Now behind the scenes> Mel Gibson is talking with Iron man Robert Downey jr …. as Mark Wahlberg it’s already talking about the pedophilia ring).

I also stated last year WHITE HATS were going to go after the music industry and hip hop and Rappers would EXPOSE The Satanic industry on a growing massive level that would connect back to CIA/FBI control… Corruption….


*BEHIND THE SCENES;>]; P DIDDY connected to pedophilia. Raping Justin Bieber > blackmailing teenagers for sex > run gay hip hop rap escorts to Elites WILL be brought to light and IT ALL BEGINS with the EXPOSURE and reopening investigation case into TUPACs DEATH

WORD IS DIDDY paid killers 1 million to have Tupac killed and then had the hired killer Orlando Anderson killed. But his uncle Keefe D kept the original bullets from the shooting of Tupac (Keefe d was also part of the shooting but has immunity in California from prosecution)…. and Keefe D has records of Payments and recording.

The new investigation is in NEVADA and currently KEEFE D’s house was Searched and evidence was seized.

What going to happen?

From inside sources say the case WILL EVENTUALLY FALL APART in first 2023 STAGGING< … but this is PLANNED as lawyers,/ DOJ/FBI corruption WILL be uncovered in COVER-UPS and P Diddys own friends WILL FLIP as more evidence comes in the second round of EXPOSURE IN 2024 …..

THE TUPAC KILLING AND BIGGIE SMALL KILLING were both placed by P DIDDY and this will unravel a maze of money laundering, music industry blackmail system connected CIA FBI CORRUPTION…… And P Diddys pedophilia connection will evolve including some of hip hops most famous artists!!!!!!

Hmmmmmmmm 🤔 These white hats military operations are going after CIA. in Ukraine in. in Russia. In China. In Hollywood and now the music industry.

Even RFKJR, TRUMP is publicly going After the CIA …. White hats going after Fake Alien Invasion connected to CIA ops Pentagon ops .





Join @WhiteHatsQ

White Hats, [23-Dec-23 8:04 AM]

Lawyer Up [EPSTEIN] EXPOSURE has DC Elites in panic and [ they] are getting their lawyers ready.

NOW>The music industry and big time Executives are getting their lawyers ready along with Hollywood executives and Elites<

Everyone is in Panic over [EPSTEIN] logs, but they are also being told a bigger investigation into Epstein is taking place behind the scenes and MASSIVE force of power is going to LEGALLY EXPOSE EPSTEINGATE , CONNECTED PEDOPHILIA, CIA HOLLYWOOD MUSIC INDUSTRY BLACKMAIL PEDOPHILIA HUMAN TRAFFICKING EXTORTION CONTROL<<< (most people following Q and other Truthers already know this was coming and I have been giving the info through the growing Storm and what’s happening behind the scenes)


As the [ EPSTEIN] saga begins with the DROPping of the logs , major panic is happening in the New York music industry that will later connect to the full U S. Music industry< [CIA] [ Rockefellers ops]+ DARPA

(I have been warning and DROPping drops on this event happening<) ….. The current panic happening is the take down of Sean P Diddy Combs and all the information that is already coming out….. From his involvement of killing of Tupac, which was cia psychological operation to start a war in the black communities of the east and west coast regions that led to some of the most evil gangster rap killing songs that inspired generations of young hip hop teens to kill and go into mind controlled cia operations of using music to seduce children into criminal gang killing, drug selling gang mentality and illegal illicit activities. These CIA projects were designed in the 80s to bring about mass imprisonment of black youths by the millions to fill the largest privately owned Prison Systems in the world, which were created here in the U.S. >

Top music executives , music producers and distributions were largely part of unknown CIA [DS] military industrial complex operation to install hate music, crime music, gangster killing music to bring in a new era of growing Racism among blacks . Police. White communities and government fractions which all effected huge parts of the already controlled CIA Black neighbor hoods that were issued drugs through cia operations and gun weapons trade smuggling ring through CIA operations on Black neighborhoods for decades.

NOW with the full control of the music Industry the CIA operations intensionally created killing wars between the West and West Coast and moved a massive pedophile ring, human trafficking ring through the entertainment industry…….. All this is connected to cia. Rockerfellers subsidiary companies and associates> [EPSTEIN]

P DIDDY is connected to major killings in the U.S. ..a pedophile ring that includes churches and pastors …….. RIGHT NOW

( information. Videos. Recording. Statements. Money Accounts, full data and terabytes of information that he saved over 30 years…. He saved all this information in case one day they tried to kill him or the cia was would try to blame him for the music industry corruption<)///

PANIC in dc. Hollywood. Music industry as the EPSTEIN SAGA UNRAVELS 🔥


Sure sounds like Military alliance operations are moving steadily forward as PLANned< (I have been telling you dear Patriots these EVENTS would happen ) 😉 Join @WhiteHatsQ White Hats, [24-Dec-23 2:46 PM] WIRES>]; 2024_ Cables and EVENTS and what to expect…( A little bit of Christmas gift to you all…. These are Military CABLES>] & The World Alliance PLANS for the future….. we hope this brings a little smile for the holidays to your spirit)

THE DESTRUCTION OF UN & GLOBALIST ELITE >WOKE AGENDA< (Military OPS) through Devotional PLAN is controlling certain protocols and operations that WILL connect Trump to create laws against Hollywood propaganda and MSM controlled cia operations ( MOCKINGBIRD CIA OPS) _ >CURRENTLY several divisions in the DOJ and AG and coming ( installed by Kash Patel + mili) future leaders in Trump cabinet and government sectors are devising a legal plan to create laws against UN agenda Rockefeller/ Rothchilds cia TRANSGENDER PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS AND WOKE AGENDA

These new laws will shock Hollywood </ and the coming new laws will dismantle the Hollywood propaganda machine and mind control over the public ( this WILL come on the behest of the FULL EPSTEIN EXPOSURE of 2024 _ > Trump cards<// exposure of cia Military COUP and Stolen elections that coincided with MSM. HOLLYWOOD PRODUCTIONS. CIA OPS. JP MORGAN BANKING + + MUCH MUCH MORE) WOKE{ism) WILL DIE

The laws to come WILL effect the world

UN Agenda to indoctrinate world citizens/ children into transgender agenda psychological operations that were always meant to lead to open pedophilia laws and pedophilia protection ( this is why men are now allowed into woman’s bathrooms and allowed to shower with kids and little girls in schools. Swimming pool bathrooms and such public areas……. These Trans / gender operations were meant to confuse children and allow them to think this was the new normal and would indoctrinate them into the future where sexuality and pedophilia was normal as they grew into adult hood and world be easier to pass open pedophile laws and indoctrinate their own children..>> this was always the plan of the Carnegie endowment the UN and globalist agenda<<) _NOW PLANS ARE UNDERWAY BY THE ALLIANCE, + TRUMP AND WHITE HATS TO COUNTER THE DAVOS.WEF. UN CIA PEDO ELITES WORLD GENDER WARS OPERATIONS & THEIR CONTROL OVER HOLLYWOOD AND MSM PROPAGANDA MACHINE. _____ WIRES>]; 2024_

The Military World Alliance want a strong female Vice President as kari lake to become VP and have a strong relationship with the woman of the U.S. and world.

This Strong Woman Vice President WILL also have strong ties that will unite The COMING Revolution of China in 2025_26
( Currently General _Q_ Brown is in talks with the Chinese military chief of staff and getting ready for the down fall of CCP and China is projected to separate into different countries as Hong Kong wants is own country and laws and Tibet WILL be freed, these new Chinese countries will stay in power together under A New Chinese federation….. I have been telling you all for a long time XI is going to imploded his own power and destroy the CCP under his own guidance and rule , he WILL sacrifice his power and give true freedom to China…

Now you should understand why MUSK >USSF . SPACE X IS HEAVILY INVOLVED with the Chinese government to bring in a digital century……. And Trumps Vice President WILL have a major role in uniting China and U.S. relationship that will lead to BRICS + TRUMP global currency trade)


To bring the black communities of the U S. Into the Trump movement and Great Awakening movement and these operations WILL swing up 80% of the Black votes for Trump in 2024 ,>>> this will be insured as the Democratic party try to change voting laws in the U.S. for 2024 and see the full corruption of the DNC.

This will all connected with the EXPOSURE of cia propaganda in the black communities and music industry corruption and exposure of MAINSTREAM STREAM MEDIA CORRUPTION AND PROPAGANDA OPERATIONS CONNECTED TO DNC .CIA _CURRENTLY > The Military are positioning a powerful Strong Black woman that will lead them to Trump and a powerful Black Great Awaking Movement

White Hats, [24-Dec-23 2:47 PM]

Military operation with USSF and white hats in the intelligence will show clear corruption of A I. Systems corrupting the digital voting systems ( in the coming future tribunals COMING IMMINENTLY Microsoft the #1 corporation in the world will collapse and MUSK IS EXPECTED TO BUY OUT THE COMPANY >>>> GREAT MOVE BY THE WHITE HATS.. THANK YOU EZRA KASH TRUMP. USSF<<<< AND MICROSOFT WILL admit their part in a military coup and corruption in compliance with cia. Darpa)…


Happy holidays Patriots. Freedom fighters, World Patriots and ANONS….

Why the U.S. is pivotal to
global freedom and the
importance of the First Amendment

The U.S. as the battleground
for global liberation

The quest to dismantle the complex web of the Cabal — dominated by the DARPA/CIA axis, and financial moguls like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds — begins in the U.S.

This nexus of corruption, intertwined with elite families from South Germany who forged the U.S. financial systems alongside magnates like J.P. Morgan, has orchestrated a global dominion over military industrial complexes and world banking institutions.

>Historically, the CIA, an extension of these conglomerates, has destabilized over 70 countries, installing pro-Cabal central banks and puppet governments to maintain control under a guise of democracy.

The Infeasibility of European Revolt

Europeans, overwhelmed by the deep-rooted Cabal networks within their borders, find themselves powerless. The strategic military and covert operations led by U.S.-based elite forces crush any dissent.

The populace, mostly unarmed and unprepared, cannot contend with the militarized enforcements of totalitarian regimes backed by these globalist syndicates.

America’s Unique Position

In contrast, the United States holds a unique resistance capability thanks to its heavily armed citizenry — with gun ownership exceeding 120% per capita, the highest in the world.

This armament empowers Americans to oppose the tyrannical machinations of the UN, CIA, and globalist entities like DAVOS, who aim to usher in an era of continuous warfare, population control, and Orwellian surveillance states under the guise of chaos management.

Crucial Role of the First Amendment

The First Amendment is not just a domestic right but a cornerstone of potential global revolution against these oppressive powers.

It protects the free speech that enables Americans to criticize, expose, and mobilize against the Cabal’s insidious agenda.

In essence, it ensures that Americans can freely educate and organize themselves to resist the dystopian futures planned by these elite overlords.

The Domino Effect of U.S. Resistance

The fall of the Cabal must be initiated from the U.S., as its financial and military infrastructures are pivotal to the Cabal’s global operations. By dismantling these from within, the U.S. can catalyze a comprehensive collapse of Cabal influences across major global institutions like the EU, UN, and NATO, inspiring similar liberations across the world.

Global Unity and the Call to Arms

As Americans stand up to reclaim their freedoms and rights, their actions will send ripples worldwide, encouraging and strengthening the resolve of people globally to stand against their corrupt governments and deep state operatives.

2024: The Year of Global Revolutionary Tides

As we move into 2024, a unified global revolution seems imminent. Behind the scenes, enlightened military alliances are subtly undermining the deep state, laying the groundwork for public uprisings against totalitarian regimes.

These military interventions will appear only as a last resort, ostensibly at the urgent request of the oppressed societies, to maintain the facade that the liberation was solely by the people’s will.

The Unfolding Reality and The Final Push

The truth is, the collapse of the globalist agenda is already underway; what we observe now are the final throes of a dying beast.

As these covert operations continue, the public must ready themselves to take up the mantle in their nations, to navigate through potential martial laws, civil unrest, and the pivotal moments of societal reformation.

Trust the Plan.

The awakening is here.


Q has forewarned us.

The scenes unfolding are the culmination of a well-orchestrated devolution strategy to reclaim governance and restore power to the people.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for every global citizen to participate actively in their liberation. Rise, unite, and be the revolution.

Embrace your role in this
historic upheaval as we
stride towards a
free and fair world.

click link below for video


Feb 2024

Operation STORM 2024
70 Years Planning THE STORM
Surfacing Springtime 2024

Part 1


A battle for justice that spans seven decades in the making.

Yes you have it, 70 years of precision planing to unseat the Cabal’s monstrous banking structures and infiltrated government Deep State rule embedded in society since many centuries ago…

The Plan: Storm 2024

In a stunning disclosure that shakes the very foundations of international politics, a former Swiss Air Force officer unveils a meticulously planned operation, dubbed “STORM 2024,” aimed at exposing and combating grave crimes against humanity and corruption.

With boldness and unwavering determination, this individual reveals the intricate web of deceit and manipulation orchestrated by renegade factions within governments and organizations worldwide.

Unveiling the truth behind
Operation STORM 2024

Welcome, truth-seekers, to a journey unlike any other. Prepare to delve deep into the heart of darkness, where clandestine operations and nefarious schemes have thrived for far too long.

As the echoes of secrecy reverberate across the globe, one brave individual steps forward, armed with nothing but unwavering resolve and a burning desire for justice.

Chapter 1: A Call to Arms

“DISCLOSURE: Operation STORM 2024 – 70 Years Planning THE STORM – Surfacing Springtime 2024”, these words, seemingly innocuous at first glance, hold within them the key to unlocking a Pandora’s box of deception. But who dares to challenge the status quo? Who possesses the courage to confront the powers that be?

In a momentous act of defiance, a whistleblower emerges from the shadows, shedding light on the darkest corners of corruption and tyranny.

With a formal statement devoid of legal counsel, the truth-seeker boldly confronts the Office of the Secretary of Defense of the United States, exposing a web of lies woven by renegade factions within the Swiss government and beyond.

Chapter 2: The Crimes Unveiled

Behold, the gravity of the situation at hand.

The ongoing crimes against humanity and corruption laid bare for all to see, perpetrated under the guise of authority and legitimacy.

From illegal COVID-19 operations to coerced injections without consent, the depths of depravity know no bounds.

As the whistleblower presents irrefutable evidence to United States Space Force (USSF) and United States Air Force Judge Advocate General’s (UNAF JAG are military attorneys, called judge advocates (JAGs)), the magnitude of the atrocities becomes painfully clear.

No stone is left unturned as the truth-seeker reveals the complicity of organizations like WHO, GEF, and Gavi in perpetuating a global conspiracy of epic proportions.

Going back into time to grasp it all…

During Pres. Trump’s inagurarion as “President” and unusual event took place never seen before at any Presidential inauguration.

At about one minute and 16 seconds into Trump’s speech, ten military officers walked out from the west side of the capitol building to flank Trump.

Junior officers as well as captains and higher-ranking officers from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines gathered around the President for about 40 seconds—long enough for an image of Trump surrounded by uniformed military men to be broadcast internationally.

Do you now understand why the these Officers stood behind Pres. Trump during his inauguration and stood there just for a single sentence?

Listen to his words and see at what point the Officers turned their backs and walked away, watch this video carefully.

  see HERE

Donald J. Trump,
in reality,
has never been President…

because it’s been a Military Occupancy from
the start of the “U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Continuity Directive 1.
Issue Date: January 17, 2017″

seen HERE:

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Feb 2024

Operation STORM 2024
70 Years Planning THE STORM
Surfacing Springtime 2024

Part 2

It’s been a Military Plan from the start…

only those who know the Laws and Orders can weigh this out with a logical and critical thought process!

What Trump meant with his speach was that he was handing the full extent of the power over to the military (for the people), that it will be a full military operation till GESARA is announced.

The Q Military Intelligence made it crystal clear that the “Military is the only way (”. That’s when the ten Military Officers/JAG turned their backs to him and walked away.

Had Trump still been President they couldn’t have turned their backs on him, but in the military it is allowed, therefore, this powershift was executed in excellence. Donald J. Trump is now the Commander in Chief (CIC)!

Military Intelligence Serviceman stood to the left of Trump as Commander in Chief, and a Judge Advocate General (JAG) to the right.

JAG military officers advises the government on “courts-martial” and “administers the conduct of courts-martial.” The officers are judge advocates and counsel assigned to the accused come from the office of the judge advocate general or appointed by it to work certain court proceedings [Military Tribunals].

Trump was inaugurated as CIC to clean the Swamp and introduce GESARA with its 20 Reforms (!

Fast-forward to 2020 pre “Biden-inauguration” of the Corporation of the United States, not the Republic of the United States. The Army General said there was a peaceful transition of military power.

We all remember how Bidens’ inauguration was pre-recorded. Weird, right? Fooling the people as to what really happened! Trump mentioned a pause.

They stole the election and used the media as their blow horn to convince the people. Trump stated that Biden only won in the eyes of the fake news media.

So, legally, on paper, Trump won?

With Trump’s “pause” he steps out of the way to allow the military to run the most sophisticated operation known to man where Trump must be persecuted for a reason…

“First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.

FIRST ARREST will verify action and confirm future direction.

They will fight, but you are ready. Marker [9].”

Q Military Intelligence.

Note, Trump’s popularity numbers go up after every indictment.

Well yes, the first arrest verified the future direction as they supposedly “arrested” (not in cuffs) Trump for more than once.

Thus, the future direction was verified with his popularity numbers increasing.

But more importantly, how do you inject evidence legally into the court system?

Now, we have a potential speedy trials to introduce never before seen evidence for everyone to see.

Re-litigation of 2020 election!

It seems CIC Trump and the military were always 10 steps ahead.

Trump is always calm about everything, because he is firmly insulated.

Trump repeatedly said, “we have a video of everything.

We caught them all.” (

Exposure is constantly happening, and even Durhams investigation shows that Obama and his minions were behind everything.

The important part of this Military Operation is that it is now documented.

I think people underestimate the complexity of what may be taking place, most just see Bond payouts, and can’t grasp that every minute step must be fulfilled to eventually obliterate the Cabal, which is the final goal

So, this Military Plan is hard for people to believe because it’s never happened before.

Americans have been watching a massive, controlled Military Operation which successfully trapped the Washington Establishment!

They had to see and witness a ‘Continuation of Government’ in the form of a “Presidential Administration” where these corrupt and evil people have, and will continue to destroy their system from within, until it’s time for the Military to visually step in.

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Feb 2024

Operation STORM 2024
70 Years Planning THE STORM
Surfacing Springtime 2024

Part 3

The Battle for Justice

Armed with nothing but the truth and an unyielding sense of duty, the whistleblower presses forward in their quest for justice. With references to presidential actions and legal statutes, the groundwork is laid for a confrontation unlike any other.

But make no mistake, dear readers, for the road ahead is fraught with peril.

As the whistleblower navigates through a labyrinth of deception and deceit, they must tread carefully to avoid the pitfalls that lie in wait.

Yet, with each step forward, the light of truth shines ever brighter, illuminating the path to redemption.

Chapter 4: The Countdown to Revelation

As the clock ticks inexorably towards June 1, 2024, the end of spring season in the northern hemisphere the stage is set for the final act of this epic saga (spring season starting 1 March).

With the FAA’s active U.S. military no-fly zone looming over the White House, the epicenter of power and intrigue, the climax draws near.

As the storm clouds gather on the horizon, a reckoning approaches, and those who have long wielded power with impunity shall be held to account.

As Operation STORM 2024 unfolds before our very eyes, let us stand united in our pursuit of justice, for the truth shall set us free.

Space Force: Project Odin

Space Force is flexing its might against the clandestine maneuvers of the Deep State, it unveils Project Odin, heralding a new dawn where power is wielded for the people, and secrets are laid bare.

Brace yourselves, for the stage is set for revelations that will shake the very foundations of our world.

The Space Force and Project Odin

The Space Force showcased its capability to silence the cacophony of misinformation that pervades our modern world.

With a resolute stance against the manipulative machinations of the Deep State, Space Force demonstrated its authority by signaling its ability to shut down communication channels at will.

Phones, radios, and mainstream media outlets trembled in the face of this display of power.

Operation STORM 2024:
The Unveiling of a
Global US Military Initiative

In a world where information is often shrouded in secrecy and obscured by political agendas, the revelation of Operation STORM 2024 comes as a thunderclap.

This article is not just a mere disclosure; it is a journey into the heart of a global military operation that has remained hidden, until now.

Brace yourselves for a riveting expose of unprecedented proportions, initiated by none other than the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, or shall I rather say Commander in Chief Donald J. Trump.

See (

It is time!

Time for the world to witness the culmination of a plan that was set into motion on December 20, 2019, when President Trump declared a global defensive war.

This declaration may have gone unnoticed by many, but it was the birth of an initiative that would change the course of history – Operation STORM 2024.

But what is Operation STORM,
and why was it initiated?

In this article, we will peel back the layers of secrecy and explore the constitutional perspective behind this audacious move.



The End

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Melania Trump

Who is she?

The Rothschilds funded Hitler, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

Jacob Schiff ordered the murder of the Romanov family from Russia because they refused to follow the bankers' plans.

The Romanovs were Christians.

The Communists brutally murdered the entire Romanov family in order to turn Russia into a communist country.

The bankers / globalists funded Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

We are fighting the same communists today.

Melania is a Romanov

Her grandmother is Anastasia.

One of Melania's sides has been tampered with.

She is Slovenian / Russian.

3 Romanov boys were put on a ship from Russia with packages assisted to the USA. 

❤️ Melania is more important than we know.

Using archival material, this film tells the story of the imperial family’s imprisonment, murder, exhumation, and state burial in 1998.

The film includes excerpts from the memoirs of the killers, as well as a detailed interview with Geli Ryabov, the man who was given information by the son of the killer Yakov Yurovsky, the commandant of the Ipatiev house, which led Ryabov and Al. Avdonin to identify a precise location and to begin informal exhumations, eventually discovering the first burial site with the corpses of five members of the Romanov family and those of their retainers.

The film also features rare footage with King George V, Alexander Kerensky, Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov, and scenes from the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War.

The original version of the film was produced and released in 2001, by Homevision Studio.

This version is a special edition by "The Romanov Royal Martyrs Project", featuring new music, newsreel footage, and colorized pictures by Olga Shirnina.

This video is produced as part of the project for the book "The Romanov Royal Martyrs”, which is an impressive 512-page book, featuring nearly 200 black & white photographs, and a 56-page photo insert of more than 80 high-quality images, colorized by the acclaimed Russian artist Olga Shirnina (Klimbim) and appearing here in print for the first time.

Click image for video

The Final days
of the Romanovs

The story of Melanie.

Melanie is the last  Romanov.

President Lincoln would not participate in the Rothschilds banking system.

He received help from the Tsar of the Romanovs Nicholas II

He promised president Lincoln his help if it was needed.

He did that to President Lincoln twice — the Rothschilds were furious and determined to exterminate the Romanovs.

In the history books is written that it happened by the Bolsheviks.

It does not include that it was commissioned by the Jesuit Vatican and the Rothschilds.

Better known as the Kazharian Mafia.

2 Rromanovs escape.

That were Melanie's grandma and mother.

So Melanie also has thousands of reasons to destroy the Kazharian Mafia — revenge for her family the Romanovs

Click image for link to full article

NOT assassinated
still alive
until 2021

President John F Kennedy
did not die in 1963:

but lived until 2021

In this article, I will do a short summary of the real story about the events of November 22 1963, which is popularly known as the day that President John F Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

  This article is intended to be a
written summary of the story
as I present in this video

Which is a summary of a 3-part report on this subject, which was based on the research of many people, over many years.

The 3 parts of a longer series on this:

Part One NESARA March 2021 

Part Two Updates for March 2021

Part Three Updates April 2021

As well, there is another video about the
faked death of JFK Jr, who remains alive to this day:

JFK a closer look

This video shows an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr
who talks about the assassination of his father, Robert Kennedy.

Robert Kennedy Jr.
was right about the CIA

In reality, President Kennedy was subject to an assassination attempt not by Lee Harvey Oswald, but by the CIA, who had at least 7 snipers positioned around Dealy Plaza, where President Kennedy’s limousine drove on that fateful day.

None of these snipers accomplished their goal, the death of President Kennedy.

The CIA urgently wanted to kill President John F Kennedy, because he had learned of the existence of the Deep State, and intended to dismantle the CIA, which he realized was part of it.

click either image for video

Queen declared dead
August 8th 2022

Notice – the statement ‘
declared dead’ not ‘died’.

Looks like the Queen wasn’t too highly respected by
the UK Military judging that the flag over her coffin,
lying in ‘state’ and on the procession as few days later
is crumpled, upside down and just slung over the coffin
like a table-cloth indicates a ‘traitors’ death.

Once you see it –
you can’t un-see it

Watch the official video
of the Queen’s funeral procession
@ about the 27 second mark.

Seems that orb isn’t reflecting
the crumpled table-cloth
over the coffin – a traitors funeral.

Could be the orb is transparent
and displaying it’s contents
because the reflection
doesn’t seem to move with
the coffin or camera angle

Click image for video

Romanovs: Imprisoned,
Murdered, Exhumed
a shocking story of
tragedy and death

The Rothshild’s financed Hitler, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

Jacob Schiff ordered the murder of the Russia Romanov family because they refused to go along with the Bankers plans.

The Romanov’s were Christians.

The Communists brutally murdered the entire Romanov’s family in order to turn Russia into a Communist Country.

The Bankers/Globalists funded Hitler, Marx, Lenin, Stalin and Mao.

We are fighting the same Communists today.

Using archival material, this film tells the story of the imperial family’s imprisonment, murder, exhumation, and state burial in 1998. The film includes excerpts from the memoirs of the killers, as well as a detailed interview with Geli Ryabov, the man who was given information by the son of the killer Yakov Yurovsky, the commandant of the Ipatiev house, which led Ryabov and Al. Avdonin to identify a precise location and to begin informal exhumations, eventually discovering the first burial site with the corpses of five members of the Romanov family and those of their retainers.

The film also features rare footage with King George V, Alexander Kerensky, Lenin, Trotsky, Sverdlov, and scenes from the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War.

The original version of the film was produced and released in 2001, by Homevision Studio. This version is a special edition by “The Romanov Royal Martyrs Project”, featuring new music, newsreel footage, and colorized pictures by Olga Shirnina.

This video is produced as part of the project for the book “The Romanov Royal Martyrs”, which is an impressive 512-page book, featuring nearly 200 black & white photographs, and a 56-page photo insert of more than 80 high-quality images, colorized by the acclaimed Russian artist Olga Shirnina (Klimbim) and appearing here in print for the first time.

Click image for video

The Bolshevik Revolution:
Darkness Descends

click image for video

of the CABAL
by the greatest

Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation, working hand-in-hand with the President of the United States. Some could easily argue that Donald J. Trump was hand chosen years ago by the United States Military to aid them in this critical and historic operation.

Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan).

Some of the objectives are:

A massive information dissemination program meant to :-

1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people.

2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their “great awakening”.

B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide.

C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history.

It certainly does appear that we as a country are lawfully living out The Declaration of Independence once again.

“That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends,

it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

The Declaration of Independence

Due to the classified nature of much of the information/evidence Q team holds, they can not just come right out with it, however, they can drop breadcrumbs that the people, often the 8chan “Anons”, can dig into and help us all discover the truth.

Further, it must be understood that the enemies in this war are monitoring Q as well.

Therefore, some of the information Q drops is strategically misinformation/disinformation.

Think Military game theory and “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.

Sure, none of us want to filter through and try to discern truth from falsehood, however these warfare tactics really cause “We The People” no harm when they must be used, however they are devastating to the enemy and a necessary part of warfare.

Military planning at its finest!

A different perspective …
as an intelligence tool

Q is useless

Regardless of whether Q is
the real deal or not – consider
what value does Q have
from a practical intelligence
point of view?

The fact is, Q messages are posted online to be decoded by amateur ‘Q’ enthusiasts or decoders.

A bit like ‘Star Trekkers’ Q followers research every drop – and very often come up with credible explanations about their meaning.

But, consider … If ‘Q’ drops are real ‘intel’ that needs to be coded and, presumably, hidden from those in opposition how come Q posts them publicly for any decoder who knows how to to decode the drops?

Does ‘Q’ reckon the ‘bad guys’ lack the capacity to interpret and decode the Q messages – like the enemy is a bunch of dunces and absolutely clueless?

Q drops are, very often, a bit like sending an email to warn an enemy you’re on your way over to attack them.

As no credible opponent is going to do that, (other than for distraction or dis-information), why does Q bother? – (if it actually does), to encrypt messages that any Q decoder can decode and then post online for the whole world to see. (‘Look how clever I am, I just decoded this Q message’ – don’t tell the bad-guys, we don’t want them finding out what it says).

Seeing as Q doesn’t seem to be concerned about who are what sees it’s drops, why ‘code them at all?

Wouldn’t Q drops be more useful if they was posted in simple, easy to understand messages that anyone can understand and leave out the mystery and likely opportunity for errors?

But, then, that would be no fun for the Q-believers who like to feel clever at their decoding accomplishments.

A bit like the Star Trekker displaying their best costume at the rally.

For example, one of Q most famous drops was ‘let’s play a game’.

Maybe that’s all Q is, a game that’s captured the imagination of people who are desperate for a belief that there’s some kind of secret special force out there coming to save them?

Make your own mind up.

Be safe – protect your DNA

Q – Get Ready ANONS
June 2023

Hold onto your seats, as the global financial system teeters on the brink of disaster, triggering an unprecedented wave of tribunals and exposing heinous war crimes! Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds, initially hailed as symbols of stability, are now being returned en masse, leaving the U.S. corporation in tatters and the world reeling.

The repercussions are cataclysmic, with Europe and beyond facing a monumental COLLAPSE. France, engulfed in scandal, is caught red-handed stealing from its citizens, while riots and civil unrest erupt in response. Germany, trapped in a nightmarish hyperinflation spiral, witnesses its metal industry crumble, weapon production grind to a halt, and corporations go bankrupt. As the spotlight turns to Deutsche Bank, shocking Epstein connections emerge, reaching as far as Estonian banks, prompting world courts to launch relentless investigations that could shake the global financial establishment to its core.

Israel finds itself in dire straits, as its own collapse looms large. Banks scramble to conceal the true extent of the market’s unraveling, resorting to false gains, while civil unrest ignites the streets, plunging the nation into chaos. The colossal collapse of SVB BANKS in California, with losses totaling a staggering $10 trillion, sets off a domino effect, reverberating throughout multiple countries.

This harrowing collapse has been unfolding for over a year and a half, but now, the blinders are off, and the public is awakening to the Deep State’s cover-ups and manipulated market reports.

The unraveling of the banking system threatens to bring down the Biden administration and exposes the French President, the Canadian leader, and leaders across the U.S., EU, and Israel. Military courts and The Alliance silently observe the collapse, knowing that it inexorably leads to a military intervention—a reckoning for governments involved in global plandemic schemes, money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and the instigation of proxy wars.

We stand on the precipice of a catastrophic event, a collapse of unprecedented proportions, and the unsuspecting U.S. citizens are ill-prepared for the imminent chaos. However, for those who have followed closely, these events were long foreseen.

The looming collapse holds a critical connection—a dismantling of the NATO and UN powers that perpetuate human trafficking, engineer world wars, and exert control over global banks and the depleted U.S. Treasury system.

This intricate web, crafted by the Rockefeller-Rothschilds deep state cabal, is gradually unraveling, with Jeffrey Epstein’s revelations only scratching the surface.

Military intelligence possesses McAfee servers, containing terabytes of corruption data linked to worldwide child trafficking rings, illicit arms trades, and global drug cartels.

The truth cannot remain hidden!

Behind closed doors, stunning alliances are forming. Not only has Germany struck a deal with China and Russia, but Poland has also clandestinely entered into agreements with both superpowers. Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, and others have forged a secret pact, paving the way for their banks to join a subsidiary system under the umbrella of the EU BRICS alliance.

Poland’s seemingly contradictory actions, like sending jets to Ukraine, actually serve to expose the corrupt EU system and bring down the NATO and UN powers.

The truth will be captured on film.

Embrace the plan, for the banking collapse serves a purpose—to dismantle world banks, including the IMF, WHO, Gates Foundation, and CDC, thereby toppling the very foundations of their control.

The Great Awakening unfolds in stages, from declassification to covert operations, overt operations, military intervention, tribunals, and ultimately, a global housecleaning.

They can no longer hide.

The truth shall prevail.

Trust the plan. Q

Content is sourced from
several places and may repeat.

We chose this option
rather than edit content
as authors deserve
full acknowledgement
of their work.

Think International Water treaty rights….

The dock goes to the water [like trafficking] and it is well defined in the gate system showing that it is a piece of England’s territory…

There are post office boxes to mark it off along with a gated fence around it and a plaque stating that it belongs to the city of London.

There’s a door that goes into underneath the bridge that would lead into the tunnels…

ALL Governments in the WORLD
are being removed by MILITARY.

Once Governments are removed. Federal & State Etc. We will be electing people governments that are 10% the size of what they are currently.

There will never be

2 Party Preferred Politics ever again.

No more Democrats,

No More Republicans,

No More Liberal,

No More Labor.

EVERYONE will be using gold-backed COINS
EVERYONE will be getting U.B.I

This is all product of the Reversal Of The 1871 Act of England.
#1776 Common Law for ALL.

If elected Governments do not work FOR THE PEOPLE
they will be removed by the Military.
They will only be 20 to 25 People sized.

P.S I think U.S only has to elect Congress.
Julian Assange said 98% do not survive.

China is also going to be a Republican Government.

White Hats, [01-Aug-22]
be the first to FALL

Are the forces behind the pandemic, world wars, human trafficking, weapons trade, bioweapon BIOLABS in Ukraine, Nicaragua, Australia Congo, Nigeria, India, Kenya, Ghana, Haiti, Ethiopia, Georgia, ect

The growth of the CABAL after Israel/Egypt (KAZARIAN Mafia dominance) [DS] begins it’s world domination from the Old Country >EUROPE>Italy.

The Roman empire the VATICAN who created the first Centralized banking systems through the Knights Templar a Catholic Military, the most wealthiest of the Christian order who like today’s CIA created Wars in many countries for control of resources and installing regimes faithful to the Jesuit/KAZARIAN M. monarchy

The only way to defeat the CABAL is to destroy their Regimen in Europe. [ COLLAPSE] the oil and gas.

PUTIN knows what he is doing

Cutting off the Gas/oil…./// The DEEP STATE in EU have been dependent on the oil for many reasons that is connected to Share holders through VANGUARD/ BLACKROCK/State Street ….. Hundreds of BILLIONS € is traded through the resources of oil, gas and petroleum products daily, that connect to shipping, supply chains, production in all industries through the European Union…

The boycott of Central banking system backed by USD (in debt nearing $250 trillion) is happening through the world and systematic COLLAPSE of the EUROPEAN UNION is happening!!!!…


Russians and others have cut off gas to the E.U because nobody wants to accept their nothing backed fiat money as payment.

Italy and Slovakia reported receiving less than half of the usual volumes of gas from Russia. France has had no gas since June 15th. Poland, Bulgaria, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands have already had their Russian gas deliveries suspended. Germany is also facing a cut off soon.

The Europeans cannot find gas elsewhere.

Algeria, for example, has also cut off half the gas supply it sends to Europe via pipeline

The fake Biden regime promised Europeans they would replace Russian gas but, their main gas export terminal has been blown up and will not resume full operations before years’ end.

The squeeze is also being put on oil. The oil the Europeans have been stealing from Libya ever since the murder of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 has been cut off.

Also, Ukraine’s largest oil refinery has been destroyed, cutting off another major source of European oil.

How do you EXPOSE the OLD GUARD CABAL IN THE E.U that controls NATO, UN and the world AGENDA that created the PLANDEMIC and almost everything through the world connected to Jesuits DAVOS/VATICAN KAZARIAN MAFIA ROTHSCHILDS ECT. ORGS?


People still
don’t understand yet
(December 2022)

The collapse of banks through EU, Middle East. South America, Canada, UK, Australia, United States is going to happen and is happening and began last year .

The bank collapse is going to expose the crypto world money laundering system through all the countries .

The deep state is in panic as [they] try to protect FTX [exposure] and the coming collapse the federal reserve will now go after full control over U.S. Digital Currency and try to hide the exposure of the collapse and money laundering systems.

( I told you long ago). 

Deep state in U.S. is going to create full authoritarian money control by implanting central banking digital currency

But this operation will collapse in the first run and expose full corruption of the deep state shadow government several congressman and senators Cruz, Cotton, Paul including the richest man in the u s are all going to expose CBDC system.

Like I said.

Trump, military have plans to build back American after the failure of the first CBDC launch.

Trump has plans to bring back a working country.

Make America great again.

But first, inside the fanatical storm of arrest wars 2023 begins.

Even if trump gets arrested, indictment you have to see the full view of a masterful plan.

(Trump is protected at the highest levels of miiitary)

As the deep state pushes for the final world lockdowns and vaccines push/ nuclear war push.

[All distractions] .

These events are meant to bring full global control over free speech to surpass the exposure of all cabal controlling governments.

Agencies, big pharma, big tech etc..

We are in the critical moment as [DS] CIA wants to run several false flag events through the world.

Keep faith patriots as white hats in all countries are exposing the crime of the century, plandemic, bio-weapons, crypto, human trafficking etc etc.

You are inside a war for humanity, a war for over 7 billion humans to be free.

This takes time – 8 year operations of Q

Benjamin Fulford

I am in absolute shock right now.

The main body of the Q drops revolved around a grand conspiracy, known as the deep state, comprised of the top seats in the DNC, the media, the DOJ/FBI/Intel community, big tech, big pharma, academia, etc.

The Twitter files lay out a paper trail that confirms there was malevolent coordination from these entities to carry out operations that assist the DNC in elections.

The Twitter files confirm Q’s entire main narrative.

Balenciaga confirms the rest.

Feelings and facts are two different things only a wise man can sift through!

There is no doubt that the planet earth is undergoing changes that exceed the Biblical scale.

Hence the ancient secret society, whose roots go back to the Biblical Jacob of Egypt, and space Nazis on flying saucers come out of the darkness.

This is because the esoteric war raging for thousands of years is coming to an end.

What we are witnessing is the end of a thousand years of satanic rule on this planet.

This is reflected in the major changes taking place in governments around the world, especially over the past week in China, the United States, Israel and Brazil.

Let’s start with the events in China, because they are the key to many other things that are happening and will happen.

Chief satanist Klaus Schwab Rothschild (Rothschild = satan’s red shield) touted China as a model for his new world order digital livestock farm.

The satanists’ plan for this planet was to genetically alter every human being so that he obeys like an animal on a farm, with a  microchip his brain which controls every aspect of his life through constant, intrusive digital surveillance.

In other words, the planet should literally turn into a giant human farm.

Communist China has advanced the furthest in this direction.

All the Chinese received digital identity cards, and the whole country was covered with cameras that could instantly identify anyone in the country.

Those who disobeyed could not travel by train, had no access to bank accounts, could not buy groceries, etc.

Then biological weapons and electromagnetic death rays (5g) were used as a pretext to force the population to complete obedience.

We’ve all seen these images of AI-controlled people in white suits enforcing the system.

Well, the satanists underestimated the Chinese.

Chinese history shows that people put up with many things, but when a certain moment is reached, they simultaneously explode and rebel.

That’s exactly what happened last week when Asian secret societies mobilized.

Firstly, the chief security officer and former president of the people’s republic of china Jiang Zemin died suddenly “after a long illness.

Then the police and soldiers arrived and began to dismantle the PCR testing equipment and arrest the zombie security officers in white suits.

Asian secret societies also know that the so-called pandemic was a combination of a 5g electromagnetic attack and the release of viruses by Rothschild-controlled laboratories in china.

It is no coincidence that Klaus Schwab Rothschild was spotted last week at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Washington, DC.

click image for video

Monday 27th June 2022
Roe vs Wade overturned

Jane Roe was Norma McCorvey
the plaintiff in Roe v. Wade).

Her case gave rights to kill 63 million innocent lives since she won case in Texas in 1973 ( behind the scenes CIA, ROCKEFELLERS ROTHSCHILD ORGANIZATIONS DEEP STATE paid off, threatened, blackmailed SCOTUS to pass the abortion laws)

After winning the court case for legal abortion Norma McCorvey had three children. And never had abortions!

What had did happen was her bank accounts substantially increased (CIA paid subsidiary partners/handlers paid her legal fees in back channels) and she began partying and night clubbing and eventuality came into a lesbian relationship (again by MOCKINGBIRD projects she was used to push the gay/ lesbian agenda as she had wide credentials for being the face of Woman’s rights.

She later admitted the lesbian relationship was just for show and she was no longer a lesbian after 35 years…

The relationship was only platonic she said.

She left her lesbian partner as she suffered a stroke in 2006 … a time she was needed most in their relationship.

After all nuisance in creating Pro abortion laws and helping kill 63 million lives (abortions since Roe v. Wade) Norma the snake McCorvey switched sides and took half a million $$$ from church groups and anti-abortion representatives to speak on the behalf of Pro-life …

She then took additional hundreds of thousands speaking on TV. documentaries representing anti-abortion movements.

Later in her “deathbed confession”, McCorvey said her anti-abortion activism had been “all an act”, which she did because she was paid, stating that she did not care whether a woman got an abortion. “I was the big fish. I think it was a mutual thing. I took their money and they’d put me out in front of the cameras and tell me what to say. That’s what I’d say,” McCorvey said.
“If a young woman wants to have an abortion, that’s no skin off my ass”

The BILLIONS lost in riots/ destruction of property and communities since 1973-2022 because of civil unrest between Pro-life & Pro-choice ( abortionist movement) that was created through Roe v. Wade is finally going to come clear …


GRAY ZONES … It’s all created propaganda, placed well by CIA mockingbird media operations through Hollywood TV News..

All to bring U.S. citizens into a state civil conflict for decades and avoid the truth and knowledge of other DEEP STATE operations take place in domestic and foreign territories

CIA Drug trafficking, human trafficking, modern day slavery, money laundering, planned PLACED wars , War money mongering and controlled colour revolutions through world countries by CIA ( DS CABAL ops) to take control of countries and their economics.

The DEEP STATE AGENDA of dividing American citizens through Roe v. Wade and creating civil unrest WILL be EXPOSED.


Wednesday 8th June 2022

This is it!

•   All countries were on High Alert.

•   There were 1.4 billion humans expected to die from the vaccines (Bio-weapon Attack) and the death counts chaos has already started.

•   Something Big was Coming. All the right people are scared, very scared. It’s Show Time! …White Hats

•   “Let’s finish what we started. Are you ready?”…The Donald

•   Trump Is Still The Commander In Chief & We’re Closer Than You Think….White Hats (Q)

•   White Hats Intel indicated that Biden would resign (due to pending arrest over evidence found on his son Hunter’s laptop about his role in Ukraine bio-weapon labs that created the CV-19 and other Viruses set for release on the population), Kamala would step into the role of a Fake President, but would botch it during a Scare Event, leaving the Military to take over and save the nation.

•   Inside the Pentagon top Generals were waiting for the perfect moment to strike and arrest treasonous Deep State spies in their Military ranks and government.

•   China was preparing for war. Inside sources say China knows the imminent moment is coming when the U.S. Military will respond against China’s Covid-19 Bio-weapon attack.

• Throughout the world China is currently positioning their Military Warships in over 60 countries and plan to take Taiwan soon.

•   On Tues. 7 June 2022 Biden declared a state of emergency in the USA because of the threat of a shortage of power generation capacity for consumers and disruptions in energy markets.


•   A Caravan of 12,000 and growing armed would-be illegal immigrants were presently marching toward Eagle Pass, Texas.

•   Sam Walton was a CIA Agent – the Heinrich Himmler of the US – who was setting up FEMA Concentration Camps at his WalMart stores across the nation.

•   The Deep State Plan was crumbling at many levels due to exposure of their crimes leaking out.

•   The Deep State fiat US Dollar was beginning to be worthless and could no longer be used for International Trade. Banks around the world were being shut down. High level Banking execs were either under investigation, or arrested and charged with treasonous crimes.

•  To date this year there have been 56+ plants that manufactured food which had been destroyed, mainly by fire.

•   The global food shortage was real, expected to be in full bloom by Fall and last through the end of 2023.

You were advised to be prepared with food,
fuel and water for your family
and others who would need your help.

Click Button for full report

Trust the Plan

We are in a war

I am so fed up with these whiny cry babies that scream and kick their feet because they ‘are so fed up with this shit show’.

”First of all this is far from a “shit show”.

We are GOING THROUGH a war.

The white hats stepped up to save us all.

Yes, many have paid a very heavy price but in war, that heavy price definitely takes its toll on all of us.

We already won the war.

This part that we are now feeling is the great awakening.

We were told that we are watching a movie.

Why do you think that is necessary?

If the white hats just told us straight out what they have had to do to save mankind then no one, not even most of you, would have believed them.

So the best and only course of action was not to just tell us, they had to show us…take us to the precipice….

Make us feel the pain… that is the only way that we would truly understand.

That is also the only way that we would learn not to find ourselves in the same predicament in ten or twenty years.

This was necessary to break our brainwashing….

To break the hold that our slave masters had over us.

Yes, it has been very painful…we have lost friends and family that call us crazy or state we are in a cult….

But we have been doing our research and we have been digging for all the truths and dispelling lies upon lies that we were told to us our entire life.

So c’mon you few whiny cry-babies… open your eyes or please return to your flock and stop pretending that you are awake because if by now you cant see just what is happening then you are definitely fooling yourself when you think you are awake.

The rest of us have done the necessary digging.

We see what has been happening.

Our eyes are wide open and we truly understand the necessity of the hows and whys this movie is just that….

A movie.

We acknowledge that all the high levels were already taken out…put thru military tribunals and dealt with by either execution or gitmo’d.

We get it.

We learned by putting in our time and efforts and doing our due diligence.

So for those that are whiny because it is taking too long, think logically.


At this stage you should be able to think both logically and strategically.

If not, pick up a copy of the art of war – sun tzu.

Also understand that trump and the white hats are playing 5d chess.

Yes…it has been mighty painful for most of us.

Its difficult when family and friends don’t want anything to do with us because of our beliefs but this is a war.

We are on the right and winning side.

We were chosen by god to stand up and do our part in the great awakening.

And for those whining that it is taking way too long because you have had to wait a few months or even a few years…get over yourself!

There are people that have been fighting this war for decades and have had to do it by pretending to be dead!

The disruption to their whole lives and their family’s lives and they still do it for total love of country and mankind.

You think i am kidding or exaggerating?

My red piller and his entire family have dedicated and given their lives to taking us from dark to light.

Trump and his family also sacrificed his lifestyle and reputation to save humanity.

As well as the flynns and many others….

So I truly have no sympathy any longer for those whining it is taking so long.

This will be done on god’s timing.

Not a moment sooner.

The white hats are god’s chosen leaders.

By now we all should truly understand that this is biblical.

This is a war between god and satan and good vs evil.

We are nearing the end.

Lets continue to hold the line by staying united.

Stop letting your impatience throw you off course.

Truly awakened patriotic people can feel that we are coming to the end of this portion of the mission.

We know the alternative if we dont continue holding the line.

For the majority of frogs that have made this mission strong…i salute you.

You never wavered or doubted the mission.

You knew you were on the right side of this war.

You buckled up your armour of god and stayed strong in the fight.

All I am asking is that before you start whining you realize by doing that you are aiding the enemy.

Its one thing to whine privately or on a one on one but when you do it in a public forum than that is indeed aiding the enemy.

If you need to vent, please do but don’t do it in a way that you aid the enemy.

We are all stressed out but just remember why we got into this mission in the first place.

We all chose to be here at this time and experience this battle.

Let’s get it done.


Trust the Plan

Every time you see MSM narrative that RUSSIA is losing the Battle or significant Loses and the Russian forces are quitting or receding. Or being pushed back…..

This FAKE NARRATION and propaganda is created and pushed so more innocent civilians join the military quickly and feel like it’s the final moment to Win … But they are being played and tricked and used inside 4rth generation warfare and old tactics to keep a WAR running….. Get sympathy from the public ( who are also being played)

PUTIN is playing very important ♟ Chess ♟ moves that has kicked off the RISE OF THE DEEP STATEWAR

Unfortunately many have died from the vaccines, Bioweapons virus release and a century of deep state controlled companies organizations deliberately> poisoning our foods , water, air ,land and killing hundreds of millions through Cancer and other well placed products and poisons that we consume daily….

Even our children crawl on the floor where chemicals disinfectant and cleaners are used but were deliberately contaminated with poisons to effect the children crawling


Be strong Patriots ANONS for the hardest part of the WAR COMING ….{hope lost}>the part that’s been WARNED many many times ….

FULL CENSORSHIP/countries are now finding ways to create laws to stop all disinformation, (ideas they don’t agree with that goes against their NARRATION). They will pass these laws through infection laws in some countries already, through FALSE FLAG terrorist staged EVENTS and blame the Patriots world Wide.

As the FULL CENSORSHIP is inserted Quickly in many major countries, all MAJOR media, social networks, news station , will go down in succession and those breaking the [DS]laws will be fined.

Imprisoned and Banks accounts blocked seized…

After the FULL CENSORSHIP the Deep state Will push their final AGENDA on their controlled unchallenged mainstream news, outlet media and world sources to heavily Brainwash/ MKultra the last regimen of humans dedicated to the MAINSTREAM MEDIA mass mind control… [ DS] will encourage CIVIL Revolt/Was against those who do not comply with MSM/DS gov. Laws.

Their plan was always to create civil war…. For many reason.. Including bring UN to major countries for control and use left wing military parties,/generals to help with the [DS] UN ops….


This is what [they] PLANNED….

I have been stressing this _EVENT for over a year now ..

But IN the END>>> END GAME

Cyber-Attacks continue and many countries will have short blackouts, ATM problems, shortages, de-platforming, FULL ON PROPAGANDA CONTINUING.



All humans must see the END GAME and experience the PAIN and near death civilization EVENTS.

NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING, (it’s not a slogan… you’re inside the Storm of the century…)


The end won’t be for everyone.


Click image for video

Adrenochrome agenda

Create pandemic (plandemic).

introduce bio-weapons vaccines and kill population (severe cases of death connected to vaccines, slow death through blood clots, damaging central nervous system and shutting down immune system and causing myocarditis and heart attacks, death Is a torture technique and the body excruciates adrenochrome in this death process.

The hospitals are ordered to secure (all) the blood immediately after death, pump out all of the blood and interstitial fluids and replace them with an embalming solution.

The blood saved from the deaths is shipped to several countries as China and Switzerland for medical purposes of study ( actually sold, as the same when people donate blood world wide.

100 billion dollar operation over ten years.

Less then 15 percent of donated blood is used in local communities.

once the blood of the dead is collected and shipped to unknown facilities across the world, the blood that contains adrenochrome is harvested.

(But this enough and a slow process and much more dead babies are needed, children extract the most adrenochrome)

Create super pandemic 2 2023 a much more stronger bio-weapon virus release that targets babies and younger kids.

(Bill gates is planning ‘catastrophic contagion’ that kills children and young adults), this sick agenda is connected to securing adrenochrome directly from the deaths, (torture from blood clots and heart attacks), and neurological attack on the central nervous system before death creating large amounts of adrenochrome in the children)

One of the several ultimate goals for vaccine bio-weapons is to create genocide (use the dead bodies to blood extract adrenochrome after suffering harshly torturously from the vaccines death).

Then have the vaccine bio-weapons create miscarriages, stop the reproductive system, at the same time kill woman through cancer that who have HPV and the bio-weapons vaccines spike proteins use the HPV virus as a delivery system to enhance cancer epidemic this all leads to hundreds and hundreds of millions of deaths, perhaps as the [DS] cabal Gates have issued open statement to bring the civilization down to 500,000 (that means killing over 7 billion people in the largest planned genocide taking place).

This deep state cabal satanic operations to kill the population of connected to adrenochrome harvesting taking place.

And connected to 2023 super plandemic.

The final plan is to kill as much woman as possible (the sacred woman who birth children into this world) and kill as many people globally as possible.

And then the satanic controlled elites and establishment want to create human birthing fields (like the video above ☝️ shown).

A system where babies are grown at will through world human farming’s using technology that will host newborns conceived through super technology that doesn’t need a human womb or human nurturing care.

These human baby farms they want to create across the world is the final agenda to control the mass production of adrenochrome

Fortunately Q operations, and god and heavenly angels and host of millions of white hats across the world have other plans to expose the satanic cabal and the world deep state human/ child trafficking system .

Using interdimensional portals,
reptilians and archons –
referred to as soul suckers …

They performed these rapes & sacrifices harvesting to increase their negative energy they use to transmute into controlling the world population.

Having enslaved humanity with vaccines & nanotechnology – any energy could be transmuted and placed into someones body to accomplish their tasks.

Using humanity as a an endless energy source by keeping the population in a negative energy state.

Infiltrating through each facet of Government and Businesses, through the education systems, newspapers, televisions, movies, advertisements, sports bars, alcohol, restaurants, games, entertainment centers and so on.

Using nanites via wireless transmissions controlling people via their cell phones, mirrors, electronics, televisions, laptops they were able to control the people to the highest level.

After all is done and told this will be forever known as the greatest plan in the world to save our children and humanity from the physical matrix enslavement from reptilians & pedophiles hell bent on the total annihilation of the human race.

ThankQ President Trump And Our Fine Men And Women Of The Military.

Where We Go One We Go All.

click links for videos

Those in the MSM timeline
are now converging into
our perfect timeline.

As more crumbs come out for the Martial Law Activated in Hawaii, our Great Military will Phase back into cohesion.

With this comes the Military Tribunals and the beginning of the GOLDEN AGE.

Trust The Plan

We’re exposing the deep state puppets, expending their ammunition.

We are in a digital battlefield, not everything is going to be clean.

Rest assured, Our Military and Galactic Alliance – alongside with Q&Z teams and Space Force Are In FULL CONTROL – removing all the Reptilians, Grays, Archons & Nanotechnologies


COVID-19 Was A Live Military Exercise, Under The Fog Of War – We Don’t TELEGRAPH our MOVES.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President


Q ANON what you know
and what you think you know.

They call us crazy they so scared of us
and all we do is drop memes and use our brains.

We see thru the bull shit oh and Q sent us


During my red pilling sessions,
these words were repeated to me
on a regular basis: “Think Logically!”

At this point in the mission, those words are so very important because we need to remember we are at war…yes this IS a movie but we are still at war and must play our parts.

How the heck can that be logical?

Ok here goes…yes, Q told us this is a movie because all the major evil players were taken out (military tribunals, execution or gitmo-forever-more) before most of us got involved.

As in every war, there is clean-up and that is what we are watching happen now.

But….. what about the movie?

Well the movie needs a plot, main characters and an audience so they are eased into total understanding why this was played out behind the scenes.

That is where we came in as Flynn’s digital journalists….as Flynn’s F.R.OG.s!!!

We started our campaign with the most powerful piece initially…our ‘Save the Children’ campaign. Once we awakened many on that, we showed them who, what, when, how and why our children needed to be saved.

From there we moved on into more detailed information exposing adrenochrome, red shoe club, black eye club, pizza club, cannabalism etc. and because of getting that info out to the public, we were able to enlist more frogs to assist us.

We exposed the politicians, Hollywood, sports and music elite etc. as our team of frogs grew dramatically.

We became the news.

Then we became the digital journalists that others trusted for the truth.

The enemy never saw us coming.

They were confident that the majority were completely brainwashed.

We surprised them.

The silent majority got off their couches and joined us.

Do NOT let anyone tell you we are NOT the majority now because we ARE!!!

Yes, many are still “sheep” but not because they haven’t heard the truth.

They are sheep because they choose to be.

They enjoy being slaves and told what to do every second of their day.

There are others that also just think we are all conspiracy theorists.

Those people want proof but when we submit the truth to them, they choose not to believe because they don’t want to admit that we have all been being brainwashed for decades… so now it is time to “think logically”… stop believing the mainstream media’s reports and bogus covid numbers.

Heck, why are you even bothering to still be watching or reading their crap???

Think logically…Q said disinformation is necessary…an example…

When asked, Q said JFK Jr was not alive.

I know personally and without a question that John is very much alive.

Why would Q say he isn’t alive?

You can figure that reason out for yourself, right?

In war, you never give your game plan to the enemy.

Have you noticed lately all the “that can’t be true” news stories happening and the supposed patriots “in fighting” going on?

Think logically.

Sometimes a distraction is necessary to keep all eyes on one hand while the other hand is getting the job done.

I have been asked if General Flynn is really with Cabal…and if so was I going to have to rename my Signal groups which are all called “Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s”.

Holy crap frogs…absolutely, positively NO NO NO!!!

I actually got to look into the General’s eyes and his passion is so extremely true and loyal to the USA and to its citizens!!!

He is also strongly true to President Trump and the White Hats!!!

Think logically.

Think distraction.

Think patriots at the top levels that must do a heck of a lot of personal sacrifices for this mission. Speaking of personal sacrifices, look at all the personal sacrifices that you, as frogs and patriots, had to go through.

My point here today is that when you hear something that doesn’t quite ring true to you, THINK LOGICALLY and look to see what the other hand is doing.

Just trust that together we are strong!!!

It has never been more important than now to research everything for yourself.

You truly need to think for yourself.

You truly need to trust yourself.

Above all trust in God.

Trust in the Plan.

If you do your research you will understand the plan much better.

In the meantime – it’s here for reference.

Don’t leave it to us.

Do your own research.

From John F Kennedy Page
on Telegram 4 March 2022

This image is posted here as it was
found on what’s purported to be the
John F Kennedy Page
on the Telegram platform.

Just because anything is on this website,
it doesn’t mean it’s authenticity is assumed
we’re fully aware that this might be a big FAKE.

Material that’s proved fraudulent in the future,
will be removed from this website

In the meantime – it’s here for reference.

Don’t leave it to us.
Do your own research.

click image for video

Hello Deep State
we are the plan

Let’s hope so.

Click the images for videos

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click image for video



video originally released
March 2021

click image for video

There is going to be a big
biblical scenario
The World is about to change …

There is going to be a big biblical scenario where they make out it’s WW3 but really they are activating militaries then bombing all of these satanic Luciferian landmarks.

Enacting GESARA funds and we the people rebuild.

The event.

It is biblical. What are some of the very big satanic illuminati landmarks in the world?

Q showed us them. Vatican, Buckingham Palace, White House x 2 (USA, Germany), 3gd in China. Cern on the Swiss/French border possible.

Big pharma in Wuhan = Israel Israel/Khazarians controls CCP.

The media etc 34 satanic buildings and dams will fall.

Rods of God/DEW worldwide planes & trains grounded lights/power switched off changing over to Tesla Free energy bitcoin servers/data center hit and turned off for good.

99.5 of crypto gone China coins.

Enter ISO coins backed by precious metals.

WW3 scare event.

Nuke sirens water event, stock market crash global martial law castle rock -scenario Julian Assange.

Quantum systems.

Project Odin switched on.

NESARA/GESARA/RV election flipping via military courts – FISA military tribunals/confessions/10-day movie – 3 8 hr sessions.

10 countries will be running EBS to cover the whole world.


Inauguration the Israeli Mossad control the world’s media out of the us.

Attached is Q1871 outlining this.

Project Odin as mentioned by Ron codemonkeyz is a powerful anti-deplatforming tool.

Project Odin is part of Quantum Starlink.

Our new quantum systems are to be protected by secret space programs out of the cabal’s reach.

Q2337 tells you Mossad media assets will be removed.

Think people like Alex Jones, Anderson Cooper etc and also Mossad satellites.

Israeli intelligence – stand down.

Media assets will be removed.

This part of 2527 tells you that something powerful is going to knock out Mossad media satellites.

This will blackout the media worldwide, switch us over to the quantum systems.

This is project Odin.

All in all give the reason to activate the military EBS.

If you look up the Turksat rocket that launched from the USA in January you will see it was specifically for military comms to peoples TV’s & radio’s in Africa, Middle East, Europe & central Asia.

The event has many facets too it.

The worldwide blackout to change over to Tesla energy.

Knocking out media satellites, QFS, Rods of God on Dams & 34 buildings & much much more.

34 buildings will be in the event.

They are very significant. I.E White House, Royal Castles, Buckingham Palace, Vatican, Getty Museum, Playboy mansion and the like.

This will surely make the stock market collapse as will precision cyber linked to executive orders 13818 & 13848.

It is all a show.

Swapping from Rothschild’s central bank notes to rainbow treasury notes now backed by precious metals (not oil/wars) are we still comfy?

Or are we scared?

A little bit of both is normal.

Trump keeps his promises.

Have faith in the Lord our God.  He will comfort you through the storm.

Who saw in January up to 10 countries at once have their power all turned off by the space force?

Just before that Israel had that happen for 30 mins too.

If they can turn 10 at once off all together they can do the whole lot.

Welcome to Tesla.

Blackout necessary.

Have a look at all the global military “exercises” now being put in place.

Its all happening in front of you.

It’s the largest global military operation in planet earth’s history.

Transition to GRSARA/greatness.

Now they just have to play out a fake WW3 scenario to ring sirens in every national military command center.

This is to justify to the whole entire planet many things that have been taking place already.

The fact that GESARA military law has been in place.

The secret military tribunals, confessions etc.

The executions the lot.

And like all militaries normally do they will help build new things.

God won patriots, hold the line, buckle up and trust the plan!


click image for video


Become the Storm


click image for video



video originally released
October 2019

We must consider all possibilities
even if they’re not something we want to hear

Trust the Plan

Abraham Lincoln/Kahlooni
had 4 sons!

The Kahloonis
descend from the Druze.

A descendant tribe from the house of David,
the Davidic line from which came Jesus

1. William Wallace (became a freedom fighter
in Libya Benghazi against the Italians
where today a museum is named after him).

William Wallace had 1 son and 3 daughters.

His son was executed by the Italians in Lybia in 1942.

His 3 daughters were named




Mary married a prince from the Golan Heights
named Said Issa Kahlhooni (again a Kalhooni )

They had 2 sons, born in Lybia Benghazi

Joseph Patrick Kalhooni * 25.07.1915

John Fitzgerald Kalhooni *29.05.1917

Both boys grew up in the Kennedy family in the USA.

Joseph Kennedy/Kalhooni/Lincoln/Kalhooni
is the father of General Michael Flynn.

2 Edward Lincoln

3 Robert Lincoln

4 Thomas (Tad) Lincoln

General Patton is the biological father of Donald Trump/Patton/Lincoln/Kalhooni and the son of Robert or Edward Lincoln he is also a grandson of Abraham Lincoln.

General Patton/Lincoln/Kalhooni and Benito Mussolini/Lincoln/Kalhooni are brothers.

Mussolini would then be Donald Trump’s uncle

Elvis Presley and his 3 brothers Jesse, Tony and Franki are descended from Thomas Lincoln.

All are family and cousins.

All are descendants of the bloodline of Jesus who to this day are hunted by the Khazarian Mafia to eradicate them.

The GOOD, the JESUS bloodline against the EVIL the Khazars.

That is why the whole Trump/Patton/Lincoln/Kahlhooni family.

The descendants of JFK and Joseph Kennedy/Kalhooni/Lincoln

The descendants of all 4 Presley brothers to this day in mortal danger!

THEREFORE, they were all hidden in other families to protect them and preserve their bloodline.

They are all the descendants of Jesus and that is why Q says from the beginning, it will be biblical

Trust the Plan

Q We hear that sometimes
the Inner Earth beings

intervene in events
taking place in our society.

How and when is that decision made,
and who does the intervention?

Adama ~ ❤️ Inner Earth beings are not allowed to intervene in the af¬fairs of the surface dimension, or to interfere with the free will of humanity.

We are members of the Galactic Confederation of Planets and under the direction of The Council of Twelve.

When intervention on the surface of this planet is needed, this council is in control.

We would or could intervene only at their request and with their full authorization.

This does not mean that we have never intervened in any way, but we want you to understand that until now, until the “Grand Experiment” on planet Earth is over, it is not appropriate for us to interfere with the free will choices of humanity.

We have not interfered with the sinking of two major continents, nor have we interfered with all the wars and devastation you have chosen to initiate.

The Divine intervention this planet is about to experience is indeed an intervention directly called forth by your Creator.

Because of this, countless extra-terrestrials from millions of star systems, your Space Brothers, who love you so very much, are now here by the billions to prepare for and to as-sist you and your planet during the “Great Shift.”

Among the many various ET civilizations here to help are the Arcturians, the Pleiadeans, the Andromedans, the Sirians, the Venusians, those from Alpha Centauri, the positive Nibirians and Orions, and many others.

The Space Brothers, whom many of you long to reconnect with tangibly, are members of your soul family.

They are friends and family of your “future selves.”

They have often intervened by protecting the Earth from major space disas-ters that could have caused much destruction.

Unknown to you, they have protected the Earth and all of you many, many times from major invasions by space cultures who have not yet learned to embrace unconditional love and true brotherhood.

The Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadeans and many others have been your most devoted Space friends and guardians.

They are still here at this time in great num-bers to assist you and to stabilize your planet during the coming changes and dimensional shifts.

They send you love every day.

It is with a great deal of sadness that we observe how you treat your planet and each other, as members of God’s family.

The only intervention that beings who live within the Earth have been allowed is to send you Love and Light, and to comfort you when you are in pain, sadness and sorrow.

For eons, from the other side of the veil, all from the Earth’s interior have guided and instructed you.

We have shared our wisdom, our grace, our love and the workings of true brotherhood for peace and prosperity with you.

We have worked with you in your dream state and between your incarnations.

Again and again, for millennia, prophets, great sages and avatars were sent to you.

Unfortunately, most were ignored, persecuted or very often killed.

There was an agreement made a long time ago between the Inner Earth people and the collective of souls evolving on the surface dimension of the planet that your experiments with separation were to be “hands off.”

The way you had chosen to evolve and learn your lessons was not to be interfered with.

The same with your Earth Mother; she has allowed you all your choices at the expense of the comfort and beauty of Her own body.

She allowed all your choices until the day it was decreed by the Prime Creator that, “the Great Experiment on Earth is now over.”

This day, my friends, has come.

The decree from your Creator for your re-awakening and the restoration of your divinity, has been heard through¬out this entire universe and beyond.

All on Earth are now in intensive preparation for the “Great Reunion” and the “Great Shift.”

It is time to go forward; do not seek to go back.

Let go of the old to embrace the New World.

Trust the Plan

We are watching
the plan
unfold before our eyes.

I’ve said for a few years now that the election would be overturned in the courts.

There was a reason trump prioritized appointing judges to fill the record amount of vacancies that Obama left for Hillary.

So why was appointing judges and flipping the courts so important?

What is it that everyone wants and people constantly complain about?

When will we see justice, and why is it taking so long?

I can try to answer both of those questions and help explain what I believe has always been the plan.

In doing so, I will also share why the courts are such an important part of that plan.

We were told by Qq that we are at war and fighting an insurgency that hasn’t just infiltrated our government at every level, but has also infiltrated our entire society.

What is an insurgency?

From Q post #4700: (all definitions and excerpts courtesy of the counterinsurgency guide.)

The insurgent political strategy

To gain the support (or at least the acquiescence) of the people, the insurgents may apply a combination of persuasion, subversion and coercion.


often involves the promotion of insurgent ideology, but it can also include the provision of money, basic social services, control of land, or positions of authority.

Propaganda is a key element of persuasion and is used at the local, national and often international levels to influence perceptions of potential supporters, opinion leaders, and opponents in the favor of the insurgents; promoting the insurgent cause and diminishing the government’s resolve.

More specifically, propaganda may be designed to control community action, discredit government action, provoke overreaction by security forces, or exacerbate sectarian tension.


The action used by insurgents to penetrate, manipulate, undermine or disrupt government institutions and organizations.


Can either augment or replace persuasion as a means to mobilize support, depending on the ability of government forces to protect the population.

Insurgents seek to intimidate government supporters or collaborators, and force community leaders to take sides in the conflict.

This often entails the use of violence.

This is what trump was up against the day he was sworn in and he knew it.

There was a military plan in place long before trump ever announced he was running for president.

Trump became a wartime president the moment he was sworn in and we’ve been fighting a war ever since.

It’s an unconventional war where the main battlefield is the media.


Because it’s a battle for the hearts and minds of the people, and the media have been the enemy’s greatest weapon.

So how do you defeat an insurgency?

Q told us in the same post #4700:

This was the second part of the post.

After q explained what an insurgency is, he then explained how they were going to defeat it:

The counterinsurgency guide

Q posted the link to this guide four times—in posts #4008, 4363, 4364 and 4700.

Q did it for a reason.

it was not only important to know what the military strategy was, but also why it has taken so long.

Counterinsurgency may be defined as ‘comprehensive civilian and military efforts taken to simultaneously defeat and contain insurgency and address its root causes’.

Comprehensive = complete and including everything that is necessary:

Comprehensive civilian and military efforts simultaneously.

This is important to understand; if you don’t grasp this aspect of the strategy, you will not understand what is happening and why.

You’ll also continue to be frustrated by the slow pace of the justice as it unfolds.

The strategy involves simultaneous civilian and military operations.

Trump set up devolution and cog (continuity of government) right before he left office, so that the plan would continue under Biden.

The civilian operations are very public—many playing out in the courts and the media—while the military operations are clandestine.

Think about the scale of this global war and the time the insurgency has had to infiltrate all parts of our society, not just our government.

The war is being fought on many fronts at once, involving many moving parts; it is more complicated than we can imagine.

Remember when Chris Miller praised Mike Pence for helping him during some of the most complicated military operations in our history?

I believe Chris Miller was referring specifically to this counterinsurgency strategy.

So what is it?

How does it explain what we’ve seen happening and why it’s taking so long?

Purpose Coin differs from other civil-military operations both in the methods employed and in the purpose of the undertaking.

The purpose of coin is to build popular support for a government while suppressing or co-opting insurgent movements.

Building popular support takes time.

Trump built major support for his government while he was president.

He increased his vote totals for re-election by ten million votes, which is a record for any president.

He is the most popular president in history.

But this isn’t just about building support for trump; it’s also about turning the population against the insurgency.

The plan is to build support for the constitution and rule of law as trump is off the stage.

We are in the process of building popular support for the courts, who are supposed to be the guardians of the rule of law and our constitutional rights.

We have had more wins in the courts over the last two years than i can ever remember; overturning roe v.

Wade was monumental, and there are more big wins coming.

What’s the counterinsurgency strategy?

Best practice coin integrates and synchronizes political, security, economic, and informational components that reinforce governmental legitimacy and effectiveness while reducing insurgent influence over the population.

Coin strategies should be designed to simultaneously protect the population from insurgent violence; strengthen the legitimacy and capacity of government institutions to govern responsibly and marginalize insurgents politically, socially, and economically.

Q told us our military has been working behind the scenes to protect us from violence by infiltrating, mapping and hollowing out the insurgency’s foot soldiers in Antifa and BLM, which is why they couldn’t form any resistance against the overturning of Roe v. Wade, even though the decision was leaked ahead of time.

I would suggest that the only part of our government that has been strengthened and made legitimate is the judicial branch.

It is true that the courts all tossed out election fraud cases in 2020 for technical reasons, but trump reminded us several times that the courts have yet to see the evidence.

When they do, they’ll have a big decision to make.

This is a military operation and has been from the beginning.

The strategy is to defeat the insurgency while containing it and addressing its root causes.

How do you address its root causes?

The great awakening

Information strategy

information is the foundation for all other activities, and provides the linkages that allow discrete functional elements to cooperate as an integrated whole.

The collection, formulation, storage and dissemination of information are crucial in shaping perceptions of the conflict by all stakeholders.

The whole purpose of q was to create what general Flynn described as a digital army of truth tellers in order to combat the lying media that’s been spreading the enemy’s propaganda for generations.

It’s been an incredible success.

We’ve seen the power of the media greatly diminished, as their lies are now being exposed within hours, which has taken away their control of the narrative.

Messages are delivered partly through media operations, but more prolifically and often more credibly through the thousands of daily interactions between the population, the government and the security forces.

Every action in coin sends a message, which means that words and deeds must be synchronized.

Messages cannot be simply spin, they must be grounded in truth and reflect a genuine willingness on the part of the affected government to undertake real reforms that address the people’s needs.

Failure to honor promises is usually extremely counterproductive, so officials should be cautious in making promises, and should track any that are made, with the aim of meeting and exceeding the expectations of the population.

Is there any doubt about the power of the q operation?

This was a military intelligence operation that exposed the lies and encouraged anons to dig for information and then share it everywhere, especially on twitter, which is the largest and most effective propaganda tool the enemy had.

It forced the enemy to ban them, along with trump, and then censor all kinds of subjects.

The timing of Elon Musk purchasing twitter and taking it private was no coincidence; the enemy lost one of its most powerful weapons and it is now being turned against them.

No coincidences.

Trump also keeps his promises, which was an important part of the strategy.

He is making it a point to meet and exceed expectations.

All these corrupted systems controlled by the insurgency had to be exposed to the people; it’s the only way the people would demand permanent change.

Security strategy

Security sector reform (SSR)

A whole system is developed, including the civil institutions that oversee the security forces and intelligence services, the legal framework and the justice institutions (prosecution services, judiciary and prisons) that implement it.

It is particularly important that a sense of civil ownership and accountability should extend to the local level and that all elements of the security apparatus should be trusted by the population.

These last few years were needed to expose corruption in our justice institutions.

Devin Nunes first publicly exposed the Russian collusion framing of Trump.

It’s congress’ responsibility for oversight of the FBI and DOJ, and they are preparing to launch investigations into it again when the new congress is seated in 2023.

There is now much more evidence available for congress to amplify to the population in this media war.

Indeed, effective SSR (especially reform of the justice sector) may address many of the grievances that initially fuelled the insurgency.

This is why trump made it a priority to appoint a record amount of judges who follow the constitution and rule of law.

The most important part of the plan is to remove the two-tier justice system we’ve lived under for many generations.

The only way that happens is with judges who follow the law and treat everyone equally.

The plan was always for the main public push to be through the courts.

It was vitally important that the constitution and rule of law be restored, not by trump, but by the justice sector itself.

Political strategy

Political strategy is the key function in a coin effort, because it provides a framework (of political reconciliation, reform, popular mobilization and governmental capacity-building) around which all other programs and activities are organized.

In general terms, the progress of a coin campaign is only as good as the political strategy it supports.

What was the political strategy?

Make America great again!

Do you understand the brilliance of this political strategy?

The strategy focused the American peoples’ attention on the failure of Obama, but also the insurgency-driven enfeeblement of our country in every way imaginable.

It also placed the insurgency on the defensive by forcing them to come out against popular MAGA policies, while at the same time forcing the enemy to defend the policies of Obama/Biden.

Political reconciliation?

We are witnessing the complete destruction of the democrat party, and rinos are retiring or being voted out in larger numbers every election cycle.

The country is actually in the early stages of being unified like never before and the big stuff has yet to be exposed.

The democrat party won’t survive what’s coming.

Could we have picked a better candidate to lead this strategy than trump?

He loves this country and its people.

He was born for this moment in history and I thank god for raising him up to defeat this global insurgency.

An effective political strategy focuses on strengthening the government’s capability and capacity to respond and be seen to be responding to the needs of its people.

Look at the huge contrast the American people are seeing between the trump and biden administrations on leadership.

Trump was a problem solver and tackled some of the biggest problems our nation has faced for generations.

He made peace with North Korea.

He gave us peace in the middle east with the Abraham accords.

He ended the wars in Afghanistan and Syria.

Let’s not forget he destroyed ISIS in a few months by taking the gloves off the U.S Military.

Real peace.

He rebuilt our military and was the undisputed leader of the free world with a record of accomplishments that will show up in the history books.

Economic strategy

Counterinsurgents often seek to generate a rapid and obvious improvement in quality of life and economic opportunity in areas where security operations are suppressing insurgent activity.

The aim is for the population to see clear benefit in government control.

I think the American people easily see the difference between trump’s economy and Obama’s, and it’s been an even greater contrast between Trump and Biden.

Trump grew the economy and created a record amount of jobs.

He made us energy independent for the first time and brought gas prices lower than anybody thought was even possible.

He gave us the biggest tax cuts in history, which have helped us survive this inflation and recession under Biden.

He massively cut regulations in order to help small businesses, which is the engine of our economy.

Control strategy

The four functions (information, political, security and economic) contribute to the overall objective of enabling the affected government to control its environment.

This implies the ability to contain insurgent activity (the tempo of operations, level and intensity of violence, and degree of instability that it engenders) such that the population will, in the long run, support the government against insurgents.

This is a plan that looks long into the future.

The foundation must be laid to awaken the population to the insurgency in order to give us the power back, and allow us to resist it in the future.

First phase of control: establishment

During the initial phases, a government conducting coin seeks to establish control over the environment.

This requires controlling terrain, key infrastructure, economic production assets, population movement, resources and information flow.

In the initial stages there will almost always be a need to catch up with insurgents who have gained the initiative, made inroads into popular support and undermined the government.

Trump cancelled the trade deals that were stealing our manufacturing and placed tariffs on china and Europe to bring our manufacturing back home.

Trump actually built the wall that all our politicians gave lip service to for decades.

He hired more ice agents and was shipping illegal immigrants back home, while forcing others to remain in Mexico.

He also restricted legal immigration from countries promoting terrorism.

From the beginning, trump waged war against the propaganda media, effectively branding them with the term “fake news.

He used his bully pulpit to control the narrative and forced them to cover the subjects that promoted MAGA, as he spoke over them and directly to the American people.

Establishing control requires not only the military defeat of insurgents, but also their political marginalization and the provision of economic and governance benefits to the population in order to reduce the insurgents appeal.

Anybody think the insurgency hasn’t been politically marginalized in a huge way over the last two years?

Second phase of control: consolidation

This phase is typically the longest in duration, lasting years or even decades.

In coin, establishing control over population groups and population centers is more important than control of the territory.

This is the phase we are currently in.

For the last six years, there has been a focused strategy to turn the population against the insurgency.

The danger of a civil war is now greatly diminished, which is why i believe we’ve entered the final part of the consolidation phase; this will begin to bring the justice we all have waited for.

The timing has to be perfect.


The process of consolidation must be carefully managed to ensure that it does not progress too slowly (leading to popular frustration and regression to insurgent control in key areas) nor too quickly (leading to premature fielding of inadequate local security forces, or premature transition before control is fully consolidated).

Trust me.

Trump and the military are closely monitoring the sentiment of the people.

Every time the people seem discouraged, something big happens.

I believe it’s all been planned and timed.

It’s no coincidence that huge news now drops multiple times per day.

The end game is coming.

Third phase of control: transition

Transition is used to describe not just the transfer of authority from an intervening nation to the host nation but also the handover from indigenous military forces to local civilian authority (an essential step in normalizing the environment and ending insurgency).

This is where we are heading, my friends.

This has been the plan from the beginning.

We are witnessing a handoff between military and civilian authority.

How do we get there and why do i believe the plan was always to go through the courts?

Trump purposely walked away and let [them] steal the election, so we could be where we are now as part of the overall strategy.

Overturning the election was one of the major goals, but it is more than that.

It’s about exposing a nationwide conspiracy to not just steal our elections, but to violate the peoples’ constitutional right to vote.

It’s about exposing and tearing down this corrupt election system, so we can replace it and give the power back to the people.

The plan to do that always involved the courts, since we are supposed to be a nation of laws, with a constitution as the law of the land.

Our constitutional rights must be protected, and we must also get rid of the two-tier justice system.

I often hear people frustrated that the military hasn’t already stepped in, since we have all the evidence.

Here’s the reason:

Coin is a complex effort that integrates the full range of civilian and military agencies.

It is often more population-centric (focused on securing and controlling a given population or populations) than enemy-centric (focused on defeating a particular enemy group).

The long-term solution is to awaken the population to the extent of the corruption and the ways in which they have been deceived.

Anything less is a temporary band-aid.

Justice will come, but in order to prevent another insurgency in the future, it’s important for the population to understand why justice is deserved.

Note that this does not mean that coin is less violent than any other conflict: on the contrary, like any other form of warfare it always involves loss of life.

It is an extremely difficult undertaking, is often highly controversial politically, involves a series of ambiguous events that are extremely difficult to interpret, and often requires vastly more resources and time than initially anticipated.

How much of what we’ve witnessed over the last six years has been highly controversial?

How many precedents have been set?

A president spied on, framed, falsely impeached, constantly investigated, raided and ‘exposed.’

The insurgency has attacked trump in every way imaginable and he has welcomed it.

He wants these legal precedents set for past and future presidents, so nobody is above the law.

He knows he’s got nothing to hide, which is why he gladly takes the slings and arrows.

There is no doubt that in a war where information is a weapon, there is deception on both sides to create and control the narrative.

Trump is always playing the victim of a corrupt insurgency because it’s an optics advantage to do so.

The Mar-a-Lago raid is a perfect example.

Trump himself announced the FBI raid; the enemy knew nothing about it.

The FBI gathered evidence and then trump played up the narrative that, once again he was the victim of a corrupt DOJ, even though he knew he wasn’t the target of the investigation.

Things are often ambiguous because optics are very important when you’re running an influence operation on a population in order to defeat an insurgency.

Even though this has been a military operation from the beginning, there is coming a time when the military will publicly take control.

The trigger will be a constitutional crisis and I believe it will come from the courts.

I believe the plan has always been to reveal nationwide election fraud evidence in the courts, with the supreme court throwing out the election of the illegitimate government.

This will cause a constitutional crisis, with the military stepping in temporarily to control things until we have a new election ordered by the court and with safeguards.

Once a new government is elected, the military will hand back authority to the civilian government elected by the people.

But how is that going to happen?

I thought the Kari Lake lawsuit would be the catalyst to expose and overturn the election.

But I might be wrong about that.

I read the judge’s ruling and it is sound.

Lake is going to appeal, but unless the other eight counts are included and she has more evidence, I don’t think it’s going to be overturned.

The burden of proof to overturn an election is purposely set extraordinarily high, as it should be.

In another court case I often refer to, another judge said the same thing.

Kari Lake doesn’t possess the evidence required to overturn the election in my opinion.

Facing that reality reminded me of the big elephant in the room that I think we’ve all forgotten.

Only the military possesses that evidence needed, because this involves national security.

That changes things.

So how does that evidence get into a courtroom?

I’ve reverted back to the opinion Ii held before the midterms happened and kari brought her lawsuit.

This isn’t about an election challenge.

Prosecutions are the only way.

Eugene Yu seems to me to be the keystone.

the key to a nationwide conspiracy using the voting machines connected to the ccp.

Elections are critical infrastructure and this conspiracy, if true, represents an act of war.

The military has the evidence and i believe they have communications from many democrat and republican operatives who helped the Insurgency complete the steal.

Will election officials be indicted?

Is there a big RICO case happening in the background?

Prosecuting election officials gets you over the high burden of proof needed to overturn an election.

But will it happen, and if so, when?

I think the national security issue is guiding all of this and i also believe the charges being dropped against Yu create another possibility—that he’s flipped and is singing like a bird.

Is a new indictment coming for him?

My guess is ‘yes,’ but i firmly believe the military is in control.

Exposing election fraud in the courts through prosecutions not only exposes the conspiracy to steal our elections and violate the American peoples’ right to vote, but it would also re-establish the rule of law and the constitution as the supreme law of the land.

This has been the plan from the beginning, and …

The best is still yet to come!

Trust the Plan

Patriots and Frog Family
(Fully Reliant On God)
I proudly and strongly admit
that I am a staunch
Q digital warrior and patriot!
(author unknown)


Because I did my own research.

I refuse the new world order and globalist agenda.

I refuse to stay enslaved or accept their brainwashing any longer!!!

My eyes were opened when I was shown the “truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” by my red piller.

I have been shunned by those that are dearest to me for my strong conviction that we are in a war of good vs evil…God vs Satan.

I have been called bat-shit crazy and gullible and that I must get out of this “Q Cult” or I am banished.

Well banished I will remain until all truths come out and these same loved ones come running to me for answers and understanding….and that they will, I have absolutely no doubt.

I have had years to learn the truth.

They will be hit all at once.

I do feel for them because I do remember my red pilling sessions…

I felt like a sledgehammer was taken to my life.

I initially tried to negate everything I was shown but I started digging and digging.

I got shoved down a couple nasty rabbit holes.

I learned quickly after that.

My eyes were totally open and I hungered for the truth.

Several years later I still dig and dig to learn so many more truths that were hidden from us.

It amazes me now that we allowed ourselves to be so brainwashed…so controlled and enslaved.

I was always a researcher to perform my occupation but I was no more than a dutiful slave for not challenging things openly when it made no sense.

How could I teach such dribble?

You see my occupation was environmental health and safety specialist.

I could break down regulations and make the workforce understand them.

The problem was I would go to OSHA EPA DOT etc and ask why this…why that…

I drove them crazy with my doubts and questions on some of the regulations yet I taught these regulations anyway.

Then Q “cult” came into my world.

I was told that everything I had ever learned was a lie.

That we were systematically being brainwashed and would eventually be led to slaughter like sheep.

So I started furiously digging to find out if what I was being shown was crazy conspiracies or lies.

The more I researched, the more my red piller was proven right.

It was and is not easy to learn the truths.

We were programmed and made “property” by and for these evil-mongers.

We were used and abused by their need to control and enslave us.

Yes, today I stand firmly and proudly shout “I am a proud Q digital warrior and patriot.

I am a F.R.O.G. And Fully Reliant On God.”

I no longer am afraid to challenge what makes no sense to me.

I had finally found my voice and joined this so-called “conspiracy cult” openly and proudly.

When doubters proclaim that I am “obsessed” with conspiracies, I ask them to show me one “conspiracy” that they can prove to be untrue.

Now even the most brainwashed must admit that Q is NOT a cult.

It is a movement.

It is a movement to gain our freedom…to know all truths whether they are good, bad or ugly and as we have all witnessed many are hideously ugly..but we still stand for getting to the truth.

God did choose his warriors carefully knowing that we would eventually become relentless in getting the truth out in the open.

God gifted us with our Armor of God for protection. Knowing we have this protection enables me to go out each day and learn more truths and dispel more lies.

I joined this mission to help more see the truth.

I spend hours and hours each day in the trenches with my frog family and patriots.

We have been able to accomplish what no others dared to attempt before.

We took on the evildoers and outnumbered them.

We did this by uniting internationally under the guidance of God’s chosen leaders.

For those that still think I am bat-shit crazy conspiracy theorist then so be it.

I will be here when you are ready to learn the truth.

We have so many lies still to uncover but as a very united patriotic frog family, we are getting the job done.

This portion of the mission is coming to an end soon.

We will all cross the finish line and take on new responsibilities in leading, healing and rebuilding our world.

There is absolutely no doubt that God chose us for this time in history to fight for what is right…to right the wrongs.

We have not let Him down.

We are succeeding.

The White Hats have succeeded.

God has already won.

We have won.

The movie will be coming to an end and our real work will begin.

I am ready!!!

Are you?

Remember why you are fighting.

You are fighting for your children, and your children’s children.

You are fighting for the one’s who don’t know they are in shackles.

You are fighting for the one’s who have lost hope.

You are fighting for the one’s who no longer have the will to fight.

You are fighting for freedom and justice to be restored to this beautiful Earth.

Do not forget your oath!

You are living through the most important time on the Earth in thousands of years.

You are Warriors

Decide for yourself (be free from outside opinion).
Decide for yourself (be objective in your conclusions).
Decide for yourself (be true in your own beliefs).
Decide for yourself (be open to following the facts).
Decide for yourself (be strong in defending your beliefs).
Decide for yourself (be resistant to BLINDLY accepting fact-less statements).
Decide for yourself (be free)

Those who attack you.
Those who mock you.
Those who cull you.
Those who control you.
Those who label you.
Do they represent you?
Or, do they represent themselves (in some form)?

Mental Enslavement.

The Great Awakening (‘Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).

When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.

“Free thought” is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Trust and put faith in yourself.

You are not alone and you are not in the minority.

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.


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