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Fake Food
an observation in self-harm

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Murder by Mouth

Poison Food: We eat poison daily, we are forced into a corner with the food provided at the grocery store and get addicted to fast food that’s killing us…

We shower and clean ourselves with poisons daily… and drink fluoride if not micro plastics…

Germ theory: Scientists have done studies a long time ago to prove germs were bad and they couldn’t do it.

They injected mucus of a person with the flu into healthy people and they never got sick…

This video contains those studies and more..

We’ve been lied to… watch this video and be enlightened…

P.S. Sorry I left out the part about McDonalds being caught with Human Meat – Look that up..

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Your grocery store
is an “optical illusion”
it’s a well-crafted maze
controlled by about 10 companies


This article is related to grocery stores in the US and the way they are all set up.

Get ready for the most awkward illusion in your life! Join Our Telegram channel here:

Ten companies worked on the plan. “Sollozzo” made an interesting thread on Twitter and it will definitely blow your mind!

Your average grocery store has been monopolized by 10 companies.

Here’s what the hell is going on and what you can do about it.

75 difference names for sugar

They also understand how to create so many variations of flavour so that you are overwhelmed by optionality.

They also play around with nutrition labels and make them intentionally confusing.

For example, sugar can be hidden with 75 different names.

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Simple - because when milk first became popular people
kept their own cows and the sanitary conditions

they was kept in was unknown along with
any control over what the milk-producing cows at

It wasn’t the milk that was the problem

It was the unregulated and possibly
unsanitary environment it came from

All raw milk was different.

This is no longer the case and
everyone should consider consuming
raw milk

  Check out
'The brief History of Dairy'

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Why was milk
pasteurised in the first place
full article.

  Why was milk
pasteurised in the first place
full article.

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Why grass-fed milk is better

  Check out
'Why Grass-Fed Milk is better'

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7 reasons to drink raw milk
and 2 reasons not to

  7 reasons to drink raw milk
and 2 reasons not to

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Eat worms with
Nicole Kidman

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Eat worms with
Robert Downie Jr.

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You eat this bug
every day

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The disturbing history
of Coca Cola

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 Coca Cola

take out the liquid and what’s left?


I will tell you a little bit more about Sugar.

Sugar demineralizes your body, pulls calcium from your bones, causing osteoporosis, it damages your immune system, leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, throws off your hormones, fries your pancreas and clogs your arteries because unused glucose becomes saturated fat and cholesterol which is stored in your arteries, leading to high blood pressure and clots. Sugar turns into fat in our bodies.

Even worse- sugar is rocket fuel for disease, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungus, mold, yeast and anything that grows… including cancer cells. Here’s the scariest part-it causes your skin to wrinkle! *GASP* Next to cigarettes, sugar is the fastest thing to age you.

Forget cancer, wrinkles are really scary!!!!
(I knew that would get your attention).

Sugar causes inflammation in every cell in the body.

Got freckles or brown spots on your skin ?

That means sugar is damaging your respiratory and reproductive organs.

The only difference between cocaine and sugar is the time it takes to kill you.

Sugar is basically nothing but a concentrated, crystallized pure acid.

It’s one of the most addictive and destructive foods on the planet.

Addiction to sugar

Many may not think this is a programming
but it is a very deep one!

Although we are all powerful beings who can transmute anything we eat or drink, sugar was created as a very specific drug to keep us addicted, brain damaged, and distracted.

Sugar is the only food or substance we highly recommend limiting or cutting out altogether. Sugar highly effects our brains and creates an addiction cycle as well as a numbing and escaping.

Our brains use sugar as a way to fill a void or need that is actually emotional.

You may notice you crave sugar at particular times of the day or during stressful or emotional moments in your life.

If sugar is a daily craving for you, feel into what the sugar means to you.

Are you addicted to the sweet taste?

Are you addicted to the energy?

Are you trying to create an external joy because its lacking internally? There are many reasons we crave sugar, mainly because it triggers the same satisfactions in the brain that drugs and sex do.

To dissolve this addiction, one must first go cold turkey with it.

Once cannot balance out an addiction by simply reducing the usage, our system needs to first detox from the addiction, dissolving the emotional attachments to it, and then we can re-integrate it into our lives again with balance.

If this is one of your core programmings, commit yourself to at least 7 days with no sugar.

This will give your body time to purge the toxins out of the system and allow it to stabilize.

Feel into the emotional aspect of the addiction and then work to give yourself what you’re actually craving which may be joy, energy, happiness, or the sweetness of life.

Once you have dissolved the emotional attachment, and you are coming into balance, each time you are craving sugar feel into whether or not your body is asking for it energetically, or you are giving yourself some joy.

As long as it is ingested with integrity, sugar can be digested occasionally.

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natural sweetener

Stevia, a very popular sweetener,
and is now used by at least one major chain of coffee shops.


Everything you need to know about Stevia

But, here’s something else, not mentioned in the article

Do not use this sweetener –
unless you don’t want children.

People use it, instead of sugar or other chemical sweeteners …

Stevia is a contraceptive.

I first learned about it through reptilian Paul Ehrlich(*), high up in the Obama administration and writer of one of the first definitive Amalek sources of “solutions” to the fictitious “problem” of overpopulation.

(I bought this book, published in 1970, in hard copy because I wanted to have it to show to people).

“A South American weed, Stevia rebaudiana, has traditionally been used by the Indians in Paraguay as a contraceptive.

Each day the women drink a cup of water in which the POWDERED WEED has been boiled.”

In recommending Stevia as a stealth method to curb “overpopulation”.

Ehrlich further explains that animal experiments showed a 57-79% reduction in fertility lasting up to 2 months after use.

Stevia is the new “hot” sweetener, at every Starb-bucks and wherever else.

It often goes by the name “Truvia” as well.

Well, at least we know and have a natural contraceptive.

(*) Paul Ralph Ehrlich (born May 29, 1932) is an American biologist, (eugenecist),  known for his warnings about the consequences of population growth and limited resources.

He is the Bing Professor Emeritus of Population Studies of the Department of Biology of Stanford University and President of Stanford’s Center foConservation Biology.


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Which is Worse:
White Refined Sugar
or the Additive

Did you know that many who consume diet soft drinks actually end up gaining weight~sometimes quite a lot?

Something that has no calories, tastes sweet, and is marketed as letting us eat sweets without guilt seems pretty impressive, but is it really?

Although the product Aspartame does not have calories, it actually stimulates your appetite and is addictive.

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About one in five people in the U.S. consume diet drinks on any given day, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Most people rationalize that they can keep drinking and satisfy their soda addictions by switching to diet soda instead.

It’s a choice often fuelled by the marketing departments of large soda companies that convince us that switching to diet is a perfectly healthy alternative.

These claims are false, however, as diet soda has been proven time and time again to be destructive to the human body.

The culprit?


Aspartame Linked to Heart Attacks and Stroke

One of the largest studies of its kind has recently examined the link between diet drinks and cardiovascular issues like heart attack and stroke in healthy, postmenopausal women.

The study took place at the University of Iowa, and the findings were a little shocking.

60,000 women participated in the study, and it found that women who consumed two or more diet drinks a day are 30% more likely to experience a cardiovascular event, and 50% more likely to die from a related disease.

“This is one of the largest studies on this topic, and our findings are consistent with some previous data, especially those linking diet drinks to the metabolic syndrome,” said Dr.

Ankur Vyus, a Fellow in Cardiovascular Disease at UI Hospitals and Clinics and the lead investigator of the study.

The participants were split into four groups by the research team: two or more diet drinks a day, five to seven diet drinks per week, one to four diet drinks per week, and zero to three diet drinks per month.

After nine years of extensively evaluating the health records of each woman, the results showed that coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack, coronary revascularization procedure, ischemic stroke, peripheral arterial disease, and cardiovascular death, occurred in 8.

5% of the women who drank two or more diet drinks a day (compared to 6.

9% of those who drank five-to-seven diet drinks per week; 6.

8% who drank one-to-four drinks per week; and 7.

2% in those who drank zero-to-three diet drinks per month).

The results didn’t appear to fit the hypothesis that aspartame was the leading cause of heart disease.

However, the records did show that the women in the two or more a day group were significantly younger than the other groups, meaning that the diet sodas were causing health issues at an accelerated rate.

The women in this group also had the highest BMIs, the highest rate of diabetes and highest average blood pressure.

While there has been no official conclusions drawn based on the study, “we have a responsibility to do more research to see what is going on and further define the relationship,” Vyas explained.

“This could have major public health implications.”

While this study comes on the heels of reports of already slipping sales of diet soda, it is still important that we make certain to reduce the consumption of drinks that are destroying our bodies from the inside out.

Moving away from artificial sweeteners is one of the best things we can do to keep our health in check for future generations to come.

Besides, with the abundance of natural sweeteners out there that people can choose from, there really is no need for aspartame at all.

Aspartame is by far, the most dangerous substance on the market that is added to foods.

It is commonly sold as NutraSweet® and Equal® and typically found in “diet” foods (sugar-free and/or fat-free) as well as gum, processed honey, yogurt and some fruit juice.

Aspartame was actually discovered by accident in 1965, when James Sclatter, a chemist of G.D. Searle Company, was testing an anti-ulcer drug.

It’s made by joining together the amino acids aspartic acid and phenylalanine, and has been marketed since the 1980’s (1).

This synthetic sweetener is 200 times sweeter than sugar, which makes it dangerously addictive.

The problem with aspartame is that although it tastes sweet, it doesn’t actually provide any calories (energy), and the body misses out, making you crave more.

By tricking the body, aspartame makes you want more to satisfy the reward centres in the brain and provide energy for cells (2).

If you haven’t heard about the
dangers of aspartame,
now’s the time to educate yourself.

During metabolism in the body, aspartame is broken down in phenylalanine (50%), aspartic acid (40%) and methanol (10%).

Amino acid transport is blocked by excess phenylalanine, which contributes to reduced dopamine and serotonin levels (3).

Aspartic acid is actually a neurotoxin, which hyper-excites neurons.

It’s also a precursor to another amino acid that overexcites the central nervous system (CNS), namely, glutamic acid.

Methanol is also a problem, as it causes CNS depression, vision disorders, and other symptoms.

Chronic exposure (such as individuals who chug down diet sodas everyday) can lead to metabolic acidosis, and eventually coma.

Our brains also contain alcohol dehydrogenase enzymes that convert methanol from aspartame into formaldehyde (4).

Diketopiperazine is another metabolite of aspartame, which is highly carcinogenic to the central nervous system and contributes to the formation of brain tumours like gliomas, medulloblastomas, and meningiomas.

According to one study, aspartame “has been linked to paediatric and adolescent migraines.

Upon ingestion, aspartame is broken, converted, and oxidized into formaldehyde in various tissues.

” – a good explanation as for why I’d become dizzy, light-headed and migraine-prone whenever I drank diet sodas back in the day.

Not only that, but when you try to abstain from aspartame, psychological issues may result, as the sweetener impairs the transport of tryptophan, which, under normal circumstances, helps produce serotonin (5).

The Aspartame Toxicity Information Centre warned, in an open letter to the FDA, “Some of the many aspartame toxicity symptoms reported include seizures, headaches, memory loss, tremors, convulsions, vision loss, nausea, dizziness, confusion, depression, irritability, anxiety attacks, personality changes, heart palpitations, chest pains, skin diseases, loss of blood sugar control, arthritic symptoms, weight gain (in some cases), fluid retention, excessive thirst or urination.

Clearly, regular exposure to a toxic substance such as formaldehyde may worsen, or in some cases contribute to the development of chronic diseases.”

Aspartame Legality
at first, aspartame was
a banned substance.

Once its marketing began in 1980, the FDA banned the substance, after having 3 independent scientists study the sweetener.

The substance was linked “without a shadow of a doubt” to brain tumours and brain cancer by the FDA’s own toxicologist, Dr.  Adrian Gross.

In 1981, Donald Rumsfeld, CEO of Searle (the company behind aspartame) weaselled his way through the scientific proof set out in 1980, thanks to his connections with Ronald Reagan’s government.

Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, Jr. , was the new FDA commissioner, and aspartame was soon FDA-approved for use as an alternative sweetener.

Aspartame quickly gained popularity in processed foods, and it became an important source of income for the Searle company.

In 1985, Monsanto bought out Searle, and we all know what happens when Monsanto becomes involved.

Avoiding Aspartame & alternative options
always check your food labels
before buying anything.

If you’re currently addicted to aspartame, stopping cold turkey is the only way.

Abstain from purchasing anything that has aspartame anywhere in the ingredient list.

If you can’t go cold turkey, reduce the amount products you eat with aspartame each day, until you no longer require them.

Replace them with healthy, whole food options.

In fact, there are many ways to sweeten food without refined sugar and poisonous sugar substitutes like aspartame.

Some of my favourites are dates and date paste, vanilla, raw honey, cinnamon, maple syrup, lucuma powder, yacón syrup and fruit juice.

There is no need to fear natural sugar substitutes.

Consuming plenty of fresh, juicy, ripe fruit will satisfy that innate craving for sweet things, all the while keeping you full and blood-sugar stabilized.

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Apartame , found in diet sodas, is composed of aspartic acid & phenylalanine

These chemicals excites brain cells to their death, which can lead to:  parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia & lupus

They try to get people sick in the world in various ways and then sell us medicines to control the symptoms, but not cure it.

The same that make us sick — it’s all about the depopulation program of humanity in the world.


Aspartame – Brain Damaging Neurotoxin?

In this video we cover one of the most
dangerous ingredients currently in the food supply.

I briefly cover how aspartame breaks down in the body,
the real history of its approval,
and the scope/volume of personal testimonials
throughout the decades.

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Please spread this information abou
t energy drinks and save their lives!

Anyone who sees this
will never have an energy drink ever again.

No wonder people get sick!!!!!

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Here’s what’s in
your bottled water

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Where do the children go?

About time someone asked.

Video - click image

They’re planning for us
is much worse than
you can comprehend

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under the microscope

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Food industry secrets
(you won’t want to know)

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Companies that use
aborted human fetuses
in their foods


Dangerous Chemicals
found in 80% of fast food
This is POISON

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How imitation Crab
is made

Video - click image

Human Meat Markets
Tainting Ancient and
MODERN Civilizations

Are Pigs an ancient tribe of humans who were transformed into swine via some past hidden technology?

It may seem out there, but there are actually many similarities between pigs and humans.

Science is actively researching the similarities between both genomes and has found they are almost exactly the same.

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Disgusting facts

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Chicken sandwich craze

THEY used HEK 293 cells that are derived from aborted fetus’, along with flouride – the endless poisons in the name of ‘science’ to keep crops ‘growing:

‘ To keep water safe, to keep the air safe, the airwaves safe – an endless pursuit of full control of the population:

By using the medical industry to comply vaccines be injected to new borns, the use of feminized cells has an unnatural effect:

This has caused feminization of men for their end goal, depopulation and sterilization:

Allowing them to expand their hybrids, clones & robot population:

Using adrenochrome as their supply taken from children that have been raped and tortured to elicit the highest levels of the adreno from the body:

They’d have Spirit Cooking events, which was how they would end up – eaten:

With the remains they would poison the food supply, the air, the water, each ingredient was masked with a name as ‘natural flavors:

‘ By cutting off the supply, President Trump has put an end to their poisoning and abuse, removing these toxins and putting each and every pedophile FRONT and CENTER for the world to HEK 293 cells see,

My fellow Americans, HEX 293, HEK-29 293 cells, also on referred to as is precisely as HEX celi ad tam are an immortalised specific cell line aborted derived from an aborted fetus or human embryonic kidney cells grown in tissue culture taken from a female fetus in 1973



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