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“Let me tell you why you’re here…

You’re here because you know something.

What you know you can’t explain,
but you feel it.

You felt it your entire life
that there’s something very wrong with the world.

You don’t know what it is—but it’s there,
like a splinter in your mind,
driving you mad…”.

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Jim Caviezel

leaves the audience speechless
Set yourselves apart
from this corrupt generation,

be saints
you weren’t made to fit in,
you were born to stand out,
God Bless You

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The 'Agent Smith' effect

Programming - Brainwashing

The Tavistock Institute



How to reject
‘The Great Reset’

Try to fulfil as many points as possible:

👉🏻 Have more than two children.
👉🏻 Eat lots of pasture meat, feed bugs to chicken only.
👉🏻 Stop eating more than 8g of sugar per day (it makes you addicted).
👉🏻 Consume alternative and objective media. Learn how to read and interpret scientific studies.
👉🏻 Learn one new hard skill per week/month.
👉🏻 Drive a robust car without many electronics.
👉🏻 Reject vaccination and CO2 passports, and digital IDs.
👉🏻 Be self-sufficient regarding water, food, and electricity.
👉🏻 Own your land and farm it (agroforestry and permaculture). Improve the soil of your land.
👉🏻 Insist on your privacy (look into Linux and CalyxOS).
👉🏻 Pay with cash, avoid bonus programs.
👉🏻 Consider home-schooling to avoid the kids getting brainwashed.
👉🏻 Connect with like-minded people.
👉🏻 Take responsibility for your own health.
👉🏻 Turn off your TV.
👉🏻 Continue expressing your opinion. Don’t comply!
👉🏻 Exercise more, and reduce your time on social media instead.
👉🏻 Buy local products; boycott Nestlé, PepsiCo, Kraft, etc.
👉🏻 Don’t walk; take the plane. (CO2 joke).
👉🏻 Practice spirituality of any (positive) kind.
👉🏻 Reduce the usage of Google and Meta platforms. They are data leeches and probably know more about yourself than you actually do.
👉🏻 Invest part of your money in gold, crypto, land etc. Don’t put all your trust in big banks.
👉🏻 Positive vibes are contagious.
👉🏻 Live in dignity.

Forwarded from Riccardo Bosi
& The Great Awakening

Many people are trying to get a grasp on why so many “resignations” are happening and why so much blackmail material on people like [Hunter Biden] is somehow being released and why so much is beginning to be exposed? Why is everything playing out like this? What’s going on?

The way this was all going to play out was decided a long time ago.

Behind the scenes, in the upper echelons of power that the public generally have no understanding of, white hats took control and agreements were made as to how all of this was going to go down. We can only begin to imagine the complexity of this plan and the series of events that led up to it and how incredible that conflict must have been.

In order to properly understand what we are living through right now, we need to remember that none of the public faces we see like politicians, big corporate CEOs, religious leaders like the pope, royal families etc .. make their own decisions. All of the big players that we see in the public eye are puppets controlled by entities that are much more powerful and much more advanced (for good or bad). These public figures mostly amount to nothing more than [blackmailed and controlled actors] being used to implement other (secret) agendas.

Everything we have been seeing play out over the last several years is all part of the planned systematic exposure of the truth and restructuring of society, done in a way that doesn’t destroy everything and enables the public to learn the truth in a way that empowers them but doesn’t break them.

It can be hard to believe but this world that we live in has always been managed. Managed on a level that is so sophisticated, most of us who consider ourselves to be awake are still far from fully understanding the entire picture and we may never be able to.

We are witnessing the systematic destruction of the old guard. An operation of such incredible sophistication that it will take hundreds of years of reflection to ever fully understand.

Allow your self to be free from old belief systems and feel a sense of mystery and adventure about our world and how it works, just like when you were a child.

Almost everything that we have been taught to believe is not accurate and the TRUTH is more incredible than we can imagine but in order to realise it, we need to loosen our grip on what we think we believe and truly open our minds again.

Change like this takes time and needs to be done carefully. Have patience, be strong and take this as an opportunity to grow and evolve, to free your self from the heavy burden of “understanding how the world works” because most of us never really have, anyway.

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Riccardo Bosi


by Dr. Sam Mugzzi
July 22-2022

For the next 4 weeks,
our world is going to change into
a higher vibration planet.

The Golden Age

Here is what to expect:

The greatest transfer of wealth from the DS thugs to “WE” the people. This wealth will be transferred into the QFS and then dispersed through GESARA/NESARA programs.

The new financial system is a gift from the Space Brothers.

New Elections begin November 3rd, after the July 27th restart of planet earth and the GESARA/NESARA announcement. All government positions were stolen through the Blackrock/Evergrande/Vanguard connection. The DC government is part owners in the Evergrande umbrella. They were not electing officials, they were placing them. Through Dominion voting machines and their Skittle servers and the 5 Eyes, they made sure to put their Satanic approved bloodlines into positions of power. It was all for the child abduction, adrenochrome and human slavery/sex programs. Did you know that Obama signed an EO to enslave us?

End of Taxation! Do you know where our taxes went? It was to support the dark web and money for Bit Coin, BioLabs, Bank Theft, Poisoned Foods, Western Medicine’s killing machine, Bribery money, control over Universities, fund the Tiers of agencies to support and push the Agenda of the Reptilians and Greys. Sunday/Monday looks like the beginning of the Black Swan event where all the house of financial cards comes down for the dark lords.

Supreme Court decisions rectifying bad laws and unconstitutional protocols. Roe vs. Wade was a scam to be able to kill babies lawfully. This was an agenda to feed the non human entities here on earth. By reversing Roe VS. Wade, we are reversing killing innocent lives and installing ethics back into culture. We are now allowed to protect ourselves from rioters. The SC just upheld the second amendment and this is going to put a little fear into the Antifa, BLM and baby killing groups.

Q is pushing the good patriot people of this country front and center, so we can be the law of the land. The SC upheld “just” voting by pushing for voter ID cards. The SC will also dispel climate change and other bogus initiatives that were intended to enslave us further. Lastly, the SC will over turn the elections and declare Trump as the real president. The SC is returning us back into God’s Laws creating a lawful and “just” Republic. This is a World Wide initiative and all great White Hats are cleaning the crap of darkness from our planet. The light of Brahma will return!

Bill Barr coming soon, and John Durhum is building a case against the FBI. He will be the one to take them down and all the other “investigation” agencies. There will only be military when he gets through with his big reveals. US attorney’s ‘apolitical’ reputation on the line as he reviews origins of the Russia investigation | CNN Politics

The arrest of Hillary is coming and Obama will run back to Kenya for protection. Joe will also go down, for he was vastly involved in horrible actions in the Ukraine. Don’t forget Hunter and his laptop.

Disney is also going to go down and their crimes against children is going to make you puke. Epstein was selling children to the elites so they could do what they wanted with them, is also going to be made public.

The rioters will send off the destruction of churches and planned parenthood facilities. Then we will see the nuclear show of the destruction of satanic constructs like dams, homes, museums, castles, Vatican, DC, Buckingham and more.

The Black Swan event is about Financial, Medical, Historical and Science fraud that has been MK into people’s minds. The lies that will be told during the days of truth is going to make a lot of people very ill.

The ECM (electronic counter measure) will unleash a power that wipes out our phones and computers.

These are horrible devices and full of radiation.

They will be destroyed and we will get new equipment that is in alignment with free energy.

Lightening causes the “BOOMS” of all Ba’al alters around the world.

‘Rods of God’ will be activated through SpaceX.

Coordinated efforts cause Airplanes and Trains to go on strikes so no transportation, everyone is meant to stay at home.

Gas prices and rationing will cause travel impossible so plan on very high prices.

Housing bubble will pop since Evergrande owns 80 % of all real-estate. When it goes down, it takes the mortgages and companies with them. Most banks used Evergrande’s backing. White House to issue loans to other DS companies.

Currently teachers and Antifa are rioting in big cities over Abortion rights. Since teachers are involved and they are also part of the Transgender movement…schools are going to close.

They are bad for your kids health. The Republic is going to issue vouchers to chose the school of your liking. If it’s a bad school then they get no credits and shrivel up and go bust. The way it should be.

After NESARA and new Quantum system, then the MedBeds will become available. Lots of frauds claiming to be, but they are not what they say they are, not the real deal! You have to have a faster and cleaner internet speed to run the new medbeds.

Only a few have the new Starlink system and that belongs to Space X and the militaries.

Everyone else is fibbing.

The best we have at this time, is the BioFrequency devices, Red Light Therapy and Tesla’s violet ray wand. Water is very important an the minerals are crucial.

Atlantis is returning and its a 5D planetary system. Is this where we are moving to? Hmmm, don’t know for sure yet. However, God is absolutely flushing out all the Satanist so he can clean the planet of evil. Its happening!

All riots are being monitored and the National Guard, Police and Sheriffs have taken the oath to protect the people. It should be mentioned here, God allowed for 2 years for people to show their true colors. He is choosing the people for his new world. He wanted to see who respects life, their babies, their children, their bodies and want a better way of life.

Who are the ones Homesteading and grounding in for a new reality? God wanted to see what we would do with no rails on. This is also true, those that allowed their kids to be jabbed, are not in favor with God. They did not protect their young ones and therefore, will have a terrible time trying to conceive for many years to come.

Remember, God said he was removing branches from the family tree. These people will return to the 3D fortress to develop their inner selves. They are not ready to live in a rails off environment. They still need teachers telling them what to do or not do. No judgement, just the truth.

During the 120 days between July 27 and November 3rd, you will witness the transitioning into the new world. Q is not playing, nor are the White Hats. They are pretty disgusted at how STUPID people have become and allowed themselves to be fat, lazy, and non caring about life in general. Q says, “Being idle is Satan’s playground”. Therefore, we are all going to need to roll up our sleeves and help Q and friends create the new world. Its going to take education, and training to learn how to best serve our communities.

4th of July, this is a time for celebration and booms!
Arrest and destruction of the old world is happening in July.

Russia is taking down London Bridge with a missile called Poison.

N. Korea and Nuke strike and Iran too. It’s Defcon and Red October time.

August is the launch of new structures and establishments.

September is the launch of the new financial system.

October, building planning, redesigning and learning, learning, learning.

Don’t think for one minute the Sheep won’t be allowed to panic over what is crawling through their veins.

March 6, 2023 is the new inauguration.

This will more than likely be for JFK Jr.

Trump is already King over in the UK.

Patrick Kennedy is King of Russia.

This case threatens the federal government’s ability to write and enforce any regulations that was created by EO. This action will also cause a domino effect because we no longer need Congress.

The States will step into their position making it prioritize “WE” the people.

WE are discussing the legitimate authority of any government agency created through an Executive Order. Powers not delegated to these agencies through the people’s vote is now seen as unlawful!

No more top down regulations. It’s the Republic first in rule of the land and it puts God back on top of the pyramid of control. All the agencies have now lost their enforcement ability and effectively nullified. This is HUGE for a step closer to FREEDOM and the protection of our general well being and welfare.

What you are seeing is the creation of our Republic!

Other countries will follow suit as America is rebuilt and created for a Golden Age.

I must warn you it looks like the White Hats are going to allow the DS to throw their last card.

This is to crash the monetary system. Those in the blockchain and part of the 20022 QFS system should be safe. Everything else is debatable.

In other countries banks are closing with the people money still in it. Banks are broke and only a few will be able to debit their money freely. The rest will lose it all. It’s already happening.

How do you awaken the sheep? You take their money away!

B. COMEX RULE: It is the Bible 1 to 15 ratio in Rubles.

The Biblical Gold and Silver Ratios will be installed and the SWIFT Bankers can’t manipulate the price anymore.

Silver and Copper are heavily under priced and junk silver is just as valuable as the shiny rounds.

C. POTUS is protected and safe. There will be some fear mongers trying to spread dis-info about him being targeted and such. However he is away and under protection.

During the NWO “pretend” take over; POTUS will not come on the stage. The White Hats will stand down so the Sheeple can see. After the NWO takes over the banks, shopping food stores and causes a nuclear war (watch NATO), then the military will be ushered in with the sound of the blaring horns: EBS will be activated!

This is how regulation for Basil III takes place as well.

F. AFRICA just got trillions of dollars in gold. The even playing field just injected Africa with the wealth they deserve. They “found” a gold mine worth gazillions and this will be enough to pay back for the RV bonds. This has to go through the BLOCK-CHAIN!!!!

There is no meeting with someone that can kill you and steal your wealth.

It’s all done in private at home on your computer. You will have a way to access the bonds from Zimbabwe and this will probably be through Bianance. They will be the international stock exchange. They will use XRP to send you funds and then you convert them to XLM. From their you will use a Lobstr account to convert your funds into Tokens that are then invested into companies you like.

For instance we like BANKS! The new Banks like DZ Bank in Germany. This one is going to be huge but there is also CBTX from China, also huge and backed by John MacAfee some how. Great investment opportunities coming up once we get our bond XRP.

I repeat, the likelihood you will go to a bank and sit down with someone is extremely thin. It’s not safe and unless it’s the military controlled operation (they created the blockchain) in charge! When the EBS sounds off the National Guard moves out.

They will take over all the DS businesses like banks, hospitals, food stores, fast food places and gas stations. Expect gas prices to double in the next 30 days.

G. EMP (electro magnetic pulse) can kill all nanite and the mark of the Beast chip! It is an electrical thing and watch for Thor’s Thunder.

H. General Raising Caine that POTUS spoke about is non other than JFK Jr. Cities were designed as circuit boards and were created for specific paradigm experiences.

J. Supreme Court Decision announcement soon to Reinstate Trump. This will free up Biden so he can be formally arrested. The Democrat society will be demolished and their crimes revealed to the world. Then the Republicans come down because they were also involved.

The whole US DC Illuminati criminal enterprise will finally be defunct and never to return.

Then the Rods of God will further take it down. This will also lead into the practice of Treason and voter fraud that happened in all states. The whole net of DS puppets will be arrested during the National Guard operation.

They will also be working with the Police and Sheriffs to conduct this huge enterprise of unsealing indictments and arrests. This includes the Secret Societies and all their off shoot clubs.

K. The two most recent decisions have a much wider impact than what you realize. When the Supreme Court makes a decision, it is usually using the small agenda which eliminates the big agendas as well. A great example is Ghislaine Maxwell. She got 20 years so she got a “CRIMINAL” verdict. Everyone else will too and that means anyone in her black book. This will take down all the top officials, Kings, Princes, Queens, and so forth. All of them who went to the Island of Hell will get terminated.

L. Another great decision is about the Indianans. The people who took the Indian children and committed crimes on sovereign land, used to get away with these crimes because the laws were not part of the US Constitutional Law. There was no protection. Clarence Thomas just reversed this and gave protection back to the Indians and anyone that committed crimes on their soil can now be persecuted under America’s Republic.

M. Israel is last because it is the final card to take the whole evil empire down. It will never return because they are all being destroyed along with the spider webs they created. Humpty Dumpty goes boom and you will never glue his keister back together again. NEVER!

Netanyahu requests court postpone opening of trial – It looks like the Israel is taking their 120 days and then in November will hold elections.

They must be under the GESARA and Marshall Law rule now.

Look for Netanyahu to be arrested next for he was the one that took down 911 and attacked the USA.

He used Mossad agents and the Queen Lizzy signed of on it.

Iran is not the bad guys and they are one with the US and Russia. They will work with us to help destroy the DS.

Hitler was a Rothschild, and Obama was his Grandson.

Therefore when Israel goes down, so does Obama and his connections.

This will take down the Jews, Mossad, ISIS, Zionist, Khazarians, Illuminati, Cabal, Nazi, and Secret Societies that work for them. When Balfour came down so did the Rothschild’s control over this country.

Saudi Arabia also played a role in the demise of America and this was through the CIA and the Queen owns both.

The Jews stopped the 9/11 NESARA that was suppose to be released.

The Pentagon stole the money that was intended for the people.

There was suppose to be a reset at that time but due to the hive of Satanist they decided to steal our future. That is what 9/11 was about.

The Pentagon stole the money 24 hours prior to the planes hologram hitting the buildings. This set off the bombs that were installed by the ISIS Mossad art students who had placed them within the building.

The money was stolen by the Bush family and they moved it out through California in shipping containers at Huntington Beach.

Then the money was circled back to the Vatican where they hid the gold in a massive underground tunnel system that was ancient. Once the gold was stolen, then the Rothschild’s and Israel had the funding to control the world!

The Event should be 3 days, this is the WW3 sirens and EBS.

10 Days of shutdown – this is the time to learn and the EBS takes over the TV, Radio and internet

Fall of London and Fiat currencies including 99% Crypto backed by nothing. Money will go to digital backed through the QFS and block chain.

All voting goes through the Block Chain.

What sets us free?

The Quantum Internet, Quantum Financial, Free Energy, 6000 cures, MedBeds, Replicators, 1955 prices, better quality foods, less government, equal treatment to everyone, prosperity, Pi/Q Phone, better schools, free education, less threat to our livelihood and existence, flying cars, automatic truck drivers, speed rails, automatic taxi services, cleaner environment, living nicely with nature, homesteading and not living without, working a career you love and all the systems and structures to support it.

Everyone will get their Golden Age.

No matter which dimension you are on…you get a Golden Age.

Look for the Fourth to also bring in the XRP! The SEC is now going after Trump’s Truth Social and the company that works behind the scenes.

This will not work out well for the SEC.

There will be regulations and a cleaned house so the White Hats can bring in the new financial system. QFS blockchain.

The operations are called:

Black Swan – Stock market/Financial crash of Humpty Dumpty 11.5

Poseidon – China’s next then the Russian missile that takes out the London Bridge

Red October – Nuclear War Scenario that brings the whole Reptilian Matrix down and also SpaceX activate the Rods of God.

Here is where the 34 Satanic alters go boom!

Kill Net activated: Massive Cyber attacks have started and over 1000 websites have crashed in Lithuania. Multiple government sites and portals down. Mobile services frozen. Several private investment firms hit bottom.


As we move into the “Storm” this is when food shortages will be happening.

The hospitals will be transitioned into military centers and there will be military on the streets.

We are moving into Global Marshall Law.

The unsealing of all the rest of the indictments happens during this time. Watch for the green armor trucks.

Looks like they are transporting criminals.

Housing markets will crash, banks crashing, ATMs frozen, stores locking their doors and total lockdown of planet earth.

This is for 10 plus days as the dark world is erased from the old matrix, and the Golden one is plugged in.

Then, once the dust settles, the celebrations come out. The Fourth of July brings fireworks.

Remember, George told us years ago, the Fourth would be a magnanimous day. He said it would be a celebration like no other and truly a FREEDOM DAY!

July 10th is Nikola Tesla’s Birthday.

We should see his Free Energy on this day being introduced to the people. July 11th is the historic Flood (7-11) which is the flooding of the dams and then the new world appears.

Lots going to happen in July so buckle up, and shift into flexible mode. Life needs to change so swing with it.

Keep your kids close and watch over them. Help them enjoy our freedom as the cleansing occurs.

No one has to suffer.

Fur babies too and don’t forget the ones outside.

They need our attention too.

Peace is finally ours!

Black Swan!

The Lost Gospel of Q – The Sayings of Jesus

Europe Union Will be the first to Fall!!!!!

This is huge!!!

A. This latest Supreme Court ruling will allow the demise of the power the EPA. In a landmark case, West Virginia vs. EPA, it was decided that these congress created establishments are not part of the Republic.

This will soon end the FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, IRS, NIH, CDC, FDA, School Boards and more!

This cornerstone case is now set up to take the whole corrupt government down.

The power is being returned back to the people and government will be curtailed to 10%.

That means, all Executive Order DS POTUS created agencies that were unconstitutional, can now be demolished! All three letter agencies, blown up! All, All, All and the States that don’t follow suit, well, it will be a fast trip to GITMO.

Now the States will step up and take this landmark case West Virginia vs. EPA and eliminate all installed organizations and branches of DC government corporations.

This can also include Cities since they are also incorporated by Executive Orders!

Ask yourself this,
why have we gone from COVID,
to UKRAINE, to monkeypox
all in this very short period of time?

This is evidence that their narratives are falling apart at the seams and can no longer be justified to hold people under their spell.

Never in history have the cabal had to spin narratives this quickly, they work on a generational scale.

Never have they been forced to come out of the shadows to fight like this before.

These people are on life support and fighting for their very lives and they will stop at nothing to take us down with them, but in this process of lashing out and sloppiness they only further bring about, and escalate their downfall.

This is why us anons laugh, because it has become so overwhelmingly insane, and inverted that you have to. This distortion of reality is shaking peoples belief systems to the core, so much so that it WILL wake up even the most uncaring or asleep of people.

I have come to realise that the worse it looks, the better it gets. Until you come to this realisation that this has to occur you will likely continue to get worried, angry and frustrated.

The wheels of justice are moving, have patience.

We are watching what is termed a “death blossom”, these are the last insane moves by an out of control and soon to be extinct group of people who have lost all semblance of reality and are so out of touch with humanity they may as well come from another planet.

Embrace the chaos my friends, because what lies on the other side of it is a beautiful new future for us and our planet.

We are living history, don’t just let it pass you by!

RV Start
(Saturday July 30-2022)

The military has a 3 day advance to get our RV start no later than Monday.

We anticipated that our bond traders would receive an initial 1% of their funds at any time.

As soon as they’re done, it’s back to us. We will have about 10 days to exchange or redeem our currencies and bonds (Zim).

It was held on 10 days for financial interference for banker arrests happened. They arrested some bank managers from an unknown bank who wanted to limit withdrawals to only $ 10,000.00, NOT part of the rules in the future. They also had to reshape the London banking system. Contact with the Air Force, the military loaded thousands of drones onto ships in order to deploy them at the right time for surveillance. Everything is handled through the QFS (Quantum Financial System)

Judy Note: Our society has been permeated from the lowest levels to the top with Satan’s worshiping pedophile child sacrifice leaders who have been blackmailed and manipulated to sabotage our political system with the aim of turning it into a communist New World Order state.

Watch out for the water: this week the streets of Washington DC were inundated with floods without it raining, which was an odd occurrence. Trump literally appeared to be draining the swamp by blasting the DUMB tunnels buried two miles under Capitol Hill. These tunnels were connected to a network of underground tunnels in the United States and around the world.

Millions of people say with one voice that enough is enough.

US 2nd Lady Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy: “There are child sex trafficking tunnels and bunkers under the White House that lead to the Capitol, where members of Congress have frequently sexually abused children. Trump was informed of the discovery by the military on December 20, 2020. “

“DRAIN THE SWAMP -TRUMP It wasn’t just a slogan …. He DETERMINED it! … DUMB’s. TUNNELS underground cities ../ Bio-laboratories. Torture chambers..Clone facilities. // Foreign occupation troops TRUTH: Explosion / Beirut Port months ago was aimed at DUMB Bio-Anlage / ARMS

“Bigwigs” who have visited the Bohemian Grove: George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, Alan Greenspan, Walter Cronkite, Newt Gingrich, Henry Kissinger.

“Many of today’s top US politicians are occult members who attend satanic ceremonies like the annual Bohemian Grove in California. Prince Philip also attended the ultra-mysterious ritual meeting of elites in Bohemian Grove. Politicians run around naked in the woods praying a child sacrificing person Owl God on, but I’m the crazy one ?! “

Since July 2019, US special forces, in collaboration with other countries, have rescued millions of abducted and tortured children from underground tunnels, discovering millions of corpses, underground cities, laboratories, torture chambers, cloning facilities and foreign occupation forces.

The evergreen ship that blocked the Suez Canal was another water event. The evergreen containers were discovered to contain chemicals that are causing climate change and increasing the number of CV-19 cases. Navy Seals found 1,200 dead children while rescuing over 1,300 children. The Russian and US military worked together to hijack the ship that the Chinese Communist Party was loading six stories high with containers containing weapons of mass destruction designed to cause as much damage as possible.

Q says arrests and EBS are coming, flood gates of the Three Gorges Dam now, not later: the sign you’ve been looking for. The QFS basically fixes our rigged voting system! The DS has tied up all of its fiat money in the Crypto World. China has a lot of BTC data mining in / under / next to the Three Gorges Dam & Big Pharma Labs in Wuhan time. A confirmation. Arresting Gear Arresting Gear “System” Emergency Readiness Yea. g3orge = Flood 3Gorge Buckle Up.

6 Yrs later they merged with Skull n Bones. Rothschilds, Schiff, Rockefellers, Scherff aka Bush, Kissingers, etc.

The UK Royals artificially inseminated by the Rothschilds had taken control of the Satanic Sanussi[HASSAN]Family of Libya.

See the Sanussi Family [BLACK FLAG]

ISIS was already created, it was just merged over.

Skull n Bones_ISIS Assassinated JFK.

See JFK meeting Crown Prince HASSAN of Libya & King HASSAN 2 of MOROCCO.

See Obama’s first year of Presidency 2009.

Green Day released a song called Know Your Enemy.

They told you ISIS will rise & don’t be blinded by “Lies in your eyes.

Zbigniew Brzezinski created Tim Osman/OBL in late 70s.

In order to understand what is happening now, you must go back, right back in time. Humanity was hijacked in 1871. No coincidences Big Pharma began in 1870

The answer to 1984 is 1776

In November 2018 the NSA & MIL Intel took control over the CIA and it’s partnered intelligence agencies.

CIA/Mossad and FVEYS intelligence agencies.. For Australians ASIO is a part of FVEY.

Every leader in the world President, Prime Minister, King or Queen must STAND DOWN this includes President Trump.

Don’t worry he will be back.

Once he makes it official( His big decision coming) then we have to have elections within 120 days. It is here where we elect governments 10% the size of what we have now. We will never have Democrat vs Republican or Liberal vs Labour again.
Under GESARA we get scrubbed back to original constitutions and sitting leaders will be in power for as long as they want, til death or they do wrong. If they do wrong by the people they get removed by Military.

Now draw a line from the Vatican to the Rothschilds Banking System (Central Banks & Federal Reserve) The Rothschilds own the Vatican and it’s bank.

Now we have a massive Operation in Europe called OPERATION : DEFENDER EUROPE. This started on March 17 2020.

This is taking control of the Vatican, it’s Mafia’s and seizing all of the Rothschilds Central Banks.

There is some Central Banks ie Riksbank in Sweden, Europe Central Bank and Deutsche Bank who had casualties of Coronavirus.

Draw a line from Intel Agencies to Royal Family and write March 2019.

The Royal Family are the owners of all of these Intelligence agencies.

They own the CIA. They own all of FVEY. They created the Mossad in Israel and they created the Saudi Intel as well.

Now the Royal Family QE1 & QE2 are of Germanic Origin. They created World Wars with the higher ups too. They stole all the opium from the Middle East and Asian Wars. (Vietnam & Korea) using their intel agencies and would supply the Vatican Mafia’s with Opium to turn it into Heroin and supply the world.

These Intel Agencies create Terror Organisations, Terror Attacks & False Flag Attacks. They participate in all kinds of Trafficking. Drugs, Children, Bombs or whatever else..

So Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild. When the war ended they smuggled he and 12000 Nazi’s to Argentina as part of Operation:Paperclip.

Also who you know to be the ‘BUSH” family are really the SCHERF family of Germany. George Bush Senior served in the German Navy and he was smuggled along with a Nazi Assassin to the USA with the MK ULTRA mind control program.

So that was a brief outline of what the Royal Family have done. So in March 2019 the USA had gone over and stripped all of the Royal Powers after the CIA was under full control.

Next you want to draw a line from the Royal Family to the Vatican. The Vatican own the Royal Family.

So in 2019 the Vatican was raided twice and you can search this. They also arrested 5 or 6 at top of the Vatican and also had arrested some Vatican Mafia.

Just like in 1999 when military forced Bill Clinton to sign Nesara. The military forced Boris Johnson to get Brexit through. So what did Brexit really do? It cut the strings to the Vatican.

Once all these were well and truely under way.. In November 2019 the US Military went and stripped all of the Royal Assets. The USA now has complete ownership of the Commonwealth and intel agencies.

Then in Feb 2020 Brexit becomes official. The Royals have officially been stripped from the Vatican ownership.

So you can write down 3 dates here.

Mid 2019 or the dates of Vatican raids

November 2019 Royal Assets Stripped.

Feb 2020 Brexit.

You know how i just broke the process down. You found out the Royal Family controls the intel agencies. This includes Israeli Mossad and Saudi Arabia..

It was these guys and the German Bush/Scherff Family that created 9/11.. (Royal Family/Nazi) attack on the USA to stop NESARA/GESARA and create another depopulating/Opium and Oil controlling war.

So PBK was sent to the UK and lived in numerous places and he was a Chief Marine Engineer for 20 years.

In 1855 ISIS was formed by Kings of Morocco & Libya. [HASSAN Family]

They signed in the Mohameddi Law which was to Kill The Bloodlines of Jesus Christ

August 2022
Remember Trump EO on Child & Human Trafficking?

Trump owns the World now.
GESARA LAW all signed off at the HAGUE (International Court Of Justice)
Reversal of 1871 Act Of England –
Reverses Balfour Declaration.
Crown No More.
Australia listed on New York Stock Exchange.
Trump EO13818 & 13848 – Seizing Assets of those involved in Crimes Against Humanity & Foreign Election Interference. (New York Stock Exchange/Wall Street)
There Australia by Default is in the Care of Donald J Trump.
All the Central Banks were seized in Operation Defender Europe 20 & 21.
Vatican had the Snakes chased away on St Patricks Day last year when 50k troops descended on Rome.
Buckingham Palace = Empty.
City Of London Bankrupted
Vatican Empty & Bankrupted – Pope told you that.
Washington D.C Empty and Bankrupted.

Fetal-maternal microchimerism

“When pregnant, the cells of the baby migrate into the mothers bloodstream and then circle back into the baby, it’s called “fetal-maternal microchimerism”.⁠

For 41 weeks, the cells circulate and merge backwards and forwards, and after the baby is born, many of these cells stay in the mother’s body, leaving a permanent imprint in the mothers tissues, bones, brain, and skin, and often stay there for decades. Every single child a mother has afterwards will leave a similar imprint on her body, too.

Even if a pregnancy doesn’t go to full term or if you have an abortion, these cells still migrate into your bloodstream.
Research has shown that if a mother’s heart is injured, fetal cells will rush to the site of the injury and change into different types of cells that specialize in mending the heart.

The baby helps repair the mother, while the mother builds the baby.

How cool is that?

This is often why certain illnesses vanish while pregnant.

It’s incredible how mothers bodies protect the baby at all costs, and the baby protects & rebuilds the mother back – so that the baby can develop safely and survive.

Think about crazy cravings for a moment. What was the mother deficient in that the baby made them crave?

Studies have also shown cells from a fetus in a mothers brain 18 years after she gave birth.

How amazing is that?”

If you’re a mom you know how you can intuitively feel your child even when they are not there … Well, now there is scientific proof that moms carry them for years and years even after they have given birth to them.

I find this to be so very beautiful.

Benjamin Fulford,
[02-Aug-22 8:02 PM]

Sometimes it is important to take a break from the daily struggle for planet Earth and look at the big picture. Here the evidence is obvious. The planet Earth is moving towards some kind of Cambrian explosion, and dark forces are trying to prevent it. In other words, we are dealing with something much more important than just the political struggle of the 21st century.

To understand what we are talking about, let’s turn once again to the Cambrian explosion. For about 3.5 billion years, life on Earth was microscopic in scale. What we could see with the naked eye would be brown foam or perhaps algae clusters. Then suddenly, about 530 million years ago, macro-life exploded. The oceans were filled with a dazzling variety of life forms that were trillions of times larger than anything that had existed before. It was the evolutionary equivalent of the big bang.

Now we are facing a similar type of evolutionary Big Bang. The reason is that people have learned to control and direct the life force. Now we have the technology to use the basic genetic building blocks of life to create new forms of life. We are also close to gaining immortality and superpowers.

For example, now we can take an ordinary chicken and turn it into a creature similar to a tyrannosaurus, weighing several tons, with just a few genetic changes. Whether we want to create hunting grounds filled with T rex mutant chickens is another question; the point is that we now have the ability to do such things.

We can also change our own genes to have the strength of an ant, eagle eyes, radar like bats, sonar like dolphins, electric senses like eels, etc. We can also become virtually immortal. So we could all become immortal super-beings. It’s not science fiction, now it’s really possible. This means that we need an open debate about what to do with this newfound godlike power that we have. At least, I think most of us would prefer to live much longer than we do now.

The standard argument we hear against immortality is that “the planet will become overpopulated. That’s a lie. First of all, at present, if we gave each person a Chinese-style subsistence economy, we could accommodate the entire population of the earth in the state of Texas. In addition, with suppressed energy technologies, we could create whole new ecosystems in deserts, frozen wastelands and underground. We don’t even need to refer to “free energy.” This can be done using hydrogen taken from water, for example, using solar energy. This means that we could support many times more people living in harmony with nature than we do now, even if we were not allowed to colonize space.

However, something or someone is trying to prevent this. If we look at what has happened to us, especially in the West, over the past two years, we will see that an influential group has tried to change our genes with vaccines designed to turn us into pets. As Henry Kissinger once boasted: “In the future, it will be as impossible for ordinary people to rebel against us as it is for a sheep to rebel against a farmer.” We are fighting against a tribal group that wants to monopolize the ability to become superhuman. They want the rest of us to have a short ignorant life of inevitable and permanent slavery.

In other words, humanity is at a crossroads. Either we will embark on the path of permanent enslavement or we will rise to a completely new level of existence. None of my friends wants to become livestock living in inhumane conditions, so we have a battle ahead.

To defeat the high-level psychopaths who control us, let’s see what a forensic, fact-based investigation can tell us about who or what is trying to prevent a new Cambrian explosion.

Because of this, I want to share my own direct experience of this evil entity trying to stop the development of humanity with many new readers who may not have heard this story.

My involvement in the secret struggle for planet Earth began when I read the UN reports of the 1990s, which stated that by the year 2000, poverty and environmental degradation could be stopped.

Reports say it only takes $200 billion a year to end poverty, and $400 billion a year to stop environmental degradation.

I realized that this could be achieved by convincing the Japanese to act. Japan was sitting on $7 trillion generated from exporting cars, televisions, etc. to the rest of the world.

That’s why I tried to convince the Japanese to spend their money for this purpose. As the head of the Asia-Pacific Bureau of Forbes magazine, I was a regular participant in a prime-time TV show in Japan. However, when I started talking about Japan’s decision to spend its own money to save the planet, I was blacklisted. The TV producers told me they would like me to be there, but they were told not to.

In Japan, the blacklist was created by the government of Junichiro Koizumi, his henchmen Isao Iijima from Japanese intelligence and Finance Minister Heizo Takenaka. When I started exposing these high-ranking criminals in the Japanese government, many Japanese journalists told me that if a Japanese had reported what I was doing, I would have been killed long ago. It is well documented that since the Second World War, the occupiers of Japan have used organized Japanese criminal groups to kill journalists, politicians, etc., who criticized the regime.

To understand what is really going on, I found sources in Japanese ninke organizations (they are usually called yakuza, but this is a pejorative term). They were told that they could only kill Japanese and that they were subcontractors of the CIA and Mossad.

In any case, the real journey down the rabbit hole began after I started reporting that Takenaka had transferred control of all public companies in Japan to foreign “vulture funds.” A judicial investigation revealed that these funds were controlled through donations by people such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. At that time (around 2004-2006) there was literally not a single hint on the Internet about the true power of these controllers. The closest I could find was one sentence in an Israeli chat that said, “There are rumors that the Rothschilds helped found Israel.”

When I had the opportunity to interview Takenaki (he thought it was done to promote his book), I told him that he had transferred control of all registered Japanese companies to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

At that moment, I opened Pandora’s box. Takenaka (who was in Davos recently) later sent a self-proclaimed ninja assassin to me. He informed me that I would get the position of Finance Minister of Japan, but only if I agreed with the plan to kill 90% of the world’s population. He stated that it was necessary to “protect the environment”, and since the war is not killing enough people, this time they will resort to disease and starvation (I have it on film). If I don’t go, I will be killed, he added. This self—proclaimed murderer later gave me—at great personal risk-a tape recording saying that the people behind this plot to kill 90% of humanity were the “elders of Zion.”

Around the same time, Kaoru Nakamura, a cousin of Emperor Hirohito, came up to me and gave me a videotape showing evidence that 911 is the work of an internal organization. At the time I thought: “This is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that I read about in the New York Times.”

However, as soon as I was finally persuaded to look at the evidence, it became obvious that 911 was the work of their own hands. Being a journalist by training, I started tracking the evidence to its source.

In short, the investigation led me directly to David Rockefeller through Heizo Takenaka and his contact Henry Kissinger. When Rockefeller came to Japan to promote the Japanese translation of his autobiography, I managed to get an interview. He obviously believed that his people had arranged this to publish his book.

After Rockefeller’s interview, a whole string of secret societies and groups jumped out of the ground. The Gnostic Illuminati sent Sasha Zarik, also known as Alexander Romanov, to meet with me. Zarik said he was recruited by former chess champion Bobby Fischer. This group recruits 6,000 influential people of each generation who do not belong to the old ruling blood elite. He said their group was responsible for the American, French and Russian revolutions. Common to these revolutions was an attack on the genealogy of the aristocracy. They are particularly influential in meritocratic organizations, such as the US military, and among self-made billionaires. So it’s good that the line-up includes people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. The Gnostic Illuminati told me

Then I was contacted by the P2 Masons through Leo Zagami. They told me they had ruled the planet for 26,000 years based on a plan given to them by extra terrestrial beings. The plan was calibrated according to the movements of the moon and planets. Zagami said that the plan expired in 2012, but after that date, the supervisors decided to act independently in order to remain in power. This group claims to control the Vatican, the mafia and world communism. They told me they were going to get rid of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and Papa Ratzinger, and they did.

P2 has also made a deal with Asian secret societies. They promised to bring a black communist to power in the United States in 2008 in exchange for further funding from Asia. This led to an agreement to use 700 tons of Asian gold to create 750,000 tons of gold-backed bonds. This has led to the creation of $23 trillion that will keep the US government afloat until 2020, when the funds run out.

Here you can see how Lord Blackheath talks about this port in the British Parliament.

P2 also blamed Japan for the Fukushima attack on March 11, 2011. This was done in order to force Japan to give up the $7 trillion it has earned since World War II.

Over the years, a long list of other groups has appeared, including: the dragon family, the Japanese society of three-legged crows. Mossad, CIA, NSA, FSB of Russia, MI6, Red Swastika, various Chinese secret societies, Red Dragon (Communist China), Blue Dragon (old Middle Eastern Assassins guild), secret US space forces, etc.

In any case, I personally met with representatives of these groups, who clearly proved that they are real and powerful.

These groups have now formed an alliance to liberate planet Earth and start a new Cambrian explosion. A group known as the Khazar mafia, which seeks to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest, is now fighting for survival.

HMM is now desperately trying to achieve its goal of killing 90% of humanity through events such as a pandemic, a vaccination campaign, an artificial nutrition crisis, the war in Ukraine, etc.

The Alliance is taking retaliatory measures by tracking down agents of HM and arranging an international boycott of the United States and other countries still under the rule of HM. .

Forwarded from Way of Sparta
The Training of Spartan Males

Suffering and enduring pain without complaint was part of the Spartan Way. Thus, the Spartan boys were proud of the amount of pain they could endure through clenched teeth, and let us remember that Nietzsche also said that the degree of suffering a man is capable of reaching determines his hierarchical place. It is understandable that this type of stoicism can be interpreted as a masochistic worship of suffering, but we must avoid falling into this error of interpretation. Suffering in Sparta was used as a means to awaken the warrior instincts of man and to connect his body with the Earth itself. Suffering was not meekly accepted with bowed head, but it was struggled to be dominated, and everything was aimed at achieving indifference to suffering.

Loyalty was another very important part of Spartan training. According to Seneca, “loyalty constitutes the most sacred good of the human heart” and according to Goethe, “fidelity is the effort of a noble soul to be equal to another greater than itself.” Loyalty directed them towards superior forms of being and served to magnify them. Spartans were instilled with an unwavering loyalty to themselves, their fellow Spartans, and their own Order—that is, the Spartan state. For them, loyalty was an ascesis that led them along the path of dharma, of right order, of the morality of honour and compliance with sacred duty.

As has been said, obedience was also paramount in Spartan instruction, but to what extent did this obedience go? The answer is that it had no limits and it was put to the test day by day. For example Spartan child might be ordered to fight with a fellow Spartan brother, and it was assumed that he would ask no questions, but would obey quietly and efficiently. They could give him seemingly absurd orders to test him, but the important thing was that, without hesitation, he sought obedience to the order. Spartan obedience was sacred and basic, because it was understood that the superiors would never demand something that was not necessary and that the superior knew what the subordinate did not yet know.

Spartan boys were constantly put to the test. All this, to laymen, may seem exaggerated and outrageous, but such laymen still do not understand what it means. When the individual is sure of belonging to something higher — of being directly at the service of the Divine Will, orders are not questioned because they come from Above, from there where they cannot be understood — for the time being. To serve a similar but superior individual is to serve oneself, since that command represents at that moment the whole, of which the individual is a part. When all the pieces of a whole assume their function with conviction, it gives a general feeling of calm, confidence and order that allows men to carry out the most dangerous and heroic deeds with the greatest serenity and naturalness.

If something strange was ordered, it was understood it was for the greater good, and so no questions were asked. They obeyed for the love of obedience itself, as part of a monastic-military discipline. To obey an order was to obey oneself and the clan, because the chief was an embodiment of the will of that clan. This magic of loyalty, duty, and obedience is what lead Spartans down the path of glory.

As nutrition, boys were given a small & measured daily ration of food which included the famous rough and bitter Spartan black bread and the famous Spartan black soup which was totally and utterly inedible for any non-Spartan. It is said that it contained, among other things, blood and pig entrails, salt and vinegar. Probably the ingestion of such a concoction was in itself a self-control practice that helped harden the mouth, stomach and digestive system. Spartan food was generally considered by other Greeks to be very strong, if not disgusting.

Strict and meagre food rations were also meant to inspire Spartan boys to learn to find their own food by hunting and gathering, and to learn how to cook it themselves. In Sparta they wanted to people to to know how to get food on their own, to get them used to this idea, and to make them be adaptable to a way of life of uncertainty and possible deprivation. Xenophon said that “a hunter, accustomed to fatigue, makes a good soldier and a good citizen.”

All of these measures created a body of great hardness and stature: tall, compact, solid, flexible, slender, hard, agile, resistant and athletic bodies, used to the maximum extremes, with a concentrated, trimmed and fibrous musculature not prone to injuries and with great resistance to pain, fatigue, hunger, thirst, heat, cold, illness, blows, to explosive or prolonged effort and to the most terrible wounds.

They were not bodies with overdeveloped musculature, requiring a huge diet and constant impractical maintenance, but concentrated & proportionate bodies, adapted to to survive with the bare minimum, perfect biological machines in which every vein, every tendon, every ligament, every muscle and every muscle fiber exposed to the skin could have been studied with the naked eye.

Their strength must have been impressive, otherwise they would not have been able to live, march and fight with the full weight of their weapons, armour, shield, etc. Plutarch explained that the bodies of the Spartans were “hard and dry.” Xenophon said that “it is easy to see that these measures would produce a race outstanding in construction and in strength. It would be difficult to find a more healthy and efficient race than the Spartans.”

Theirs was the most appropriate body for the combatant. Plato, in his “Republic” made it clear that the meticulous regimen of diets and specific exercises carried out by athletes makes them not perform well when they are suddenly deprived of their daily routines – during a military campaign, for example – since their bodies were used to having and depending on nutrients. In these extreme situations, such bodies reacted instinctively by reducing their muscle mass, producing exhaustion, weakness, and discomfort. By getting Spartans used to hunger and adapting to anything that happened, these situations were avoided.

As we can see from their lifestyle, the Spartans were certainly muscular, but not exaggeratedly muscular. They were not massive individuals like the bodybuilders of today, and to be sure of this, it is only necessary to see the rationed portions that they were fed, as well as the exercise regimen that they practiced, very abundant in intense aerobic efforts. The level of definition and muscle tone on the Spartan body must have been impressive.

Spartan boys were taught to observe, to listen, to learn, to be discreet, to assimilate quietly. Spartan children were taught to feel a strong dose of disgust towards their enemies, whom they were taught to despise. They were taught that retreat or surrender in battle was dishonourable, that any combat they engaged in must end for them in victory or death, and that, as Xenophon said of the Spartans, “a death with honour is preferable to life without honour.” Or in Nietzsche’s words, “one must die with pride when it is no longer possible to live with pride.”

The lifestyle that Spartan children led would kill the vast majority of adults today in less than a day. How did they bear it? Simply because they had been bred for it. From a very young age they had been taught to be tough and strong, to be one with Nature and to despise the comforts of civilization. And thus the children’s bodies and spirits learned quickly and adapted easily to any situation, quickly developing the qualities they needed to survive. They were not allowed contact with anything that might soften them in the slightest, and so they grew up uncorrupted and uncontaminated.

As they grew older, the children’s discipline became harsher: puberty was approaching. Said transition, in a society as close to its tribal roots as the Spartan, must necessarily have been accompanied by some kind of ritual initiation, surely in the brotherhoods to which they belonged, since it is in adolescence that young people begin to develop their own masculinity, and in Sparta they were well prepared so that the advent of masculine forces would not take their innocent instincts by surprise.

Thus, all throughout childhood, on a day-to-day basis, they were learning to become men without the chaotic physiological and mental maladjustment currently associated with the arrival of adolescence. Spartan boys were fully prepared for the arrival of manhood; indeed Spartan boys before puberty were already more manly and masculine than any modern men today


What is there in for
young men to fight for?

author unknown

Maybe have a look into the following, if you want to understand why the young men have given up.

Divorce laws (only protect and benefit women)

Royal commission into family law courts (suicide rates, false accusations accepted without evidence, etc)

No parental rights

Gender quotas for comfortable well paying jobs (why no quotas for sewage workers?)

High divorce rates (women file 80+%)

University scholarships for women (even though woman are majority of students)

Domestic violence: men are just as likely to be victims, but get no help.(

Education has been geared towards the feminine style of learning(i.e. sit, listen), resulting in decling male attainment and ADHD medication.

Being raised in single mother homes.

Homelessness (men are 80+%)

Underfunding medical research(e.g. breast cancer and prostate cancer kill at same rate yet breast cancer receives magnitudes more funding)

Suicides are one of the biggest causes of death in men under 45yrs.


The plandemic is just one battlefield in a much larger war. It is FULL SPECTRUM WARFARE.

Vectors of attack:

Air: chemtrails, pollution, etc

Water: fluoride, estrogen(from pill, Atrazine, etc)

Food: GMO, pesticides, etc

Psychological: propaganda, indoctrination/education, etc

Financial: fiat currency, taxation, manipulation, etc

Physical: police brutality, war, etc

Family: Marxism, feminism, sexualisation of society, gov & legal.

If you wanted to destroy a nation, would it not be wise to first destroy it’s warriors? (what do you think they’ve been doing for 60yrs?)

All I’m trying to point out is, society and women have been attacking men for 60 yrs for being men.

Now all of a sudden you want them to be men again.

And are using shaming tactics to try and persuade them.

Unless people wake up to the bigger picture, this war is lost.

The Swiss game

You won’t see it until you understand it

Understand that there are higher dark forces at the power wheel of this planet who are in control.

Powers that do not want the best for you and me.

This is your wake up call

WEF/ WHO/ WWF/ UN/ CERN and Switzerland

Switzerland, one of the few countries to remain completely independent during the Second World War.

A lot of people talk about
(WEF) World Economic Forum,
(WHO) World Health Organization
(WWF) World Wide Fund for Nature,
(UN) United Nations
(CERN) European Council for Nuclear Research.

Where are the headquarters of these organizations located?

All in Switzerland.

If you delve into the wonderful book ‘The great Reset’ by Professor Klaus Schwab, you will soon discover that this book is a summary of all the ideologies of all these organizations.

These organizations are completely led from the rulers of the world.

The people with the most money.

They are also all maintained by the same shareholders.

All these organizations act as if they want the best for people, but if you look at what they actually do, you will soon notice that this is not the case.

Also, all these organizations are led by people who claim to have many titles, but are mainly concerned with public administration and total control of the entire world.

The Great Reset begins with Schwab explaining how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the entire world.

If you realize that this entire pandemic only exists because it was worked out in CERN and then declared as a pandemic by the WHO, you understand that this is only a continuation of the elaborated plan.

The conceived climate crisis has been completely indoctrinated by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to give us the idea that they were really busy saving nature and animals.

The WWF is also an independent foundation registered under Swiss law but led by the International Presidency.

The shareholders of this organization are again The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Rothschild Foundation and well, it is fully funded from The Bilderberg Group.

The WHO (World health Organization) also claims to be an independent organization that fully stands for global leadership on human health.

This organization also consists entirely of gifts from shareholders.

Shareholders who keep coming from the same corner.

The UN (United Nations) proclaims that it is there for all people and that it wants to help solve poverty and especially war. They often use the slogan “There is only 1 Earth”

Also, the UN (United Nations) is an intergovernmental organization whose purpose is to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations between nations, establish international cooperation and be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations.

The UN was founded in 1945 in Switzerland and has been in full control of many things ever since.

I personally think that “there is only 1 earth”, it is better to change to “There is only 1 boss”.

Because if you look at the shareholders of the UN again, you will find out that these are the same people again. And well, these people invest a lot of money in creating war in order to keep their own finances optimal.

Because all these organizations ultimately have only 1 goal.

To completely monopolize the whole world, and to treat ordinary people like animals.

WEF uses the slogan “Committed to improving the state of the world”

Which world? I wonder then…

Because Mr Klaus Schwab may be the founder of this Forum in 1971. He is also, according to the information, the sole chairman of this Forum.

Still, if you look at who really run the forum, you’ll come across the names Rothschild and Gates again. The WEF is also fully linked to the Bilderberg Group.

The indoctrination of the school system is already optimal and is also completely controlled from the WEF, only by George Soros, the great philanthropist who also wants nothing more than to help the people.

In any case, he says.

You can’t tell me that sex education for children from 4 years old contributes to improving the world.

But this is what all these leaders do. They give themselves titles and buy people’s adoration with a lot of money. If you really look at whether these people actually have knowledge, this is often not the case.

It is an illusion with wizards and warlocks who under the guise of saving the world are currently destroying the whole world and are more concerned about how to exterminate people than they are really busy making one good world for everyone.

Money and power always come first with the Elders of Zion.

With this they have been playing their ultimate divide and conquer game for years.

A game that the common people really have nothing to do with.

Symbolism is very important for this group of people.

If you look at the logos you will also encounter these a lot.

The comparison of the logo of the red cross and the Swiss flag is clear I would say.

The Swiss
Octagon Templars

The Octogon Group: an ultra-secret globalist network based in 🇨🇭Switzerland🇨🇭, consisting of powerful Catholic and Jewish families whose lineage dates back to the Egyptian Pharaohs. It is the wealthiest, deadliest and most technologically advanced mafia in the world with hundreds of front organizations. Their various insignias contain 8 points, sides or elements.

Octogon group is in the process of being dismantled by a global revolution involving populist insurgencies, covert military operations turncoats within the Octogon ranks who have seen the writing on the wall;

That the cult of the dead will ultimately lead to self-destruction.

Octagon Flier PDF

Finally, after 500,000 years of oppression, planet Earth is on its way to complete liberation from its alien oppressors who have installed their own pawns on Earth, such as pharaohs, kings and subordinate spiritually controlled government officials.

The people who are experiencing this now are the chosen ones who can contribute to this liberation.

Those who think it will take too long are not yet ready to contribute and therefore will not go to the new 5D world.

The Deep State, to which the above belong, is the source of everything negative on planet Earth.

In order to survive the hard times we are in now, it is important to understand what it is all about.

The Deep State is made up of the top brass of more than a dozen powerful agencies such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, IMF, CFR, BIS, high-ranking generals, admirals and other military officers, veteran parliamentarians, congressmen and senators, directors of major regulatory agencies, and CEOs of most major multinational corporations, the majority of whose stock is owned by Deep State cronies.

All government agencies are the cabal’s backers, so to speak.

Satanic control is the result of a highly organized long-term conspiracy aimed at establishing the New World Order based on the Luciferian revolution against God and nature.

The real top of the pyramid is formed by the Luciferian pharaonic rulers of Octogon based in Switzerland, who are the core of the global octopus structure of ruling elites with their tentacles in every niche of “our” society. These are the pharaonic Templar bankers of Switzerland with their 5th column of Masonic followers.

They form the ruling oligarchy all over the world.

The ruling Pharaohs originate from the occult mystery religions of Lucifer which originated in Babylon and Egypt. They are now identified as the global elite or the cabal of the Deep State, who consider us their slaves and property to do with as they please.

At the top of the pyramid hierarchy are the Swiss OCTOGON templars, followed by the second layer consisting of George Soros and the Nazis. Actually, the Nazis are an integral part of the Octagon and somehow belong at the top as well.

According to the highly recommended documentary The Pharaoh Show. (also available in German and French).

The last stronghold of the Crusaders, the Templars, fell on May 18, 1291, and just two and a half months later, on August 1, 1291, Switzerland was founded. According to the document, the treasure of the Knights Templar was hidden in Switzerland, which was used to found the Swiss banks.

The Freemasons evolved from the Templars.

The Pharaohs are still present and rule the world through secret societies, although it is said that “the Pharaoh and his army disappeared into the sea”. In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh was the most powerful person. The Pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people and held the titles: ‘Lord of the Two Lands’ and ‘High Priest of each temple’.

The headquarters of the Deep State

Their headquarters (HQ) is located in Switzerland, 6,000 meters below the surface of Lake Geneva, with one of their entrances in the CERN complex. Their name Octogon is a top secret Nazi organization established at the end of World War II to acquire their assets from looted Nazi gold and funds deposited in Switzerland to be used for future wars and illegal actions.

The following are the ten reasons
why Switzerland became the
headquarters of the Deep State..

Switzerland is located in Central Europe.
It is the only neutral nation on earth.
It is the only sovereign nation on Earth.
It is the home of Onyx Interception Systems.
Switzerland is the home of the Holy See, i.e. the Holy See means CIA.
Switzerland is the home of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).
The names for Switzerland are CH and Suisse, which correspond to CIA and SS.
Swiss national holiday coincide with the anniversary of the Temple of Spies.
Switzerland is closely associated with dictators such as Hitler, Mussolini, Jong-Un, etc.
Switzerland was originally founded by the Knights Templar and the Order of St. John.

CERN serves as a secret entrance to CIA headquarters, located in the undersea alpine canyons of Lake Geneva, accessible only by subways from CERN and by submarines traveling through a 275-kilometer subway tunnel that begins in Genoa, Italy, and ends in Lake Geneva.

Satanic Hierarchy

The true purpose of governments and authorities everywhere is to enable the few to exploit the many. The current Deep State monetary system is a clever way to do this. The modern world of industry, commerce and investment operates on the basis of win-win software.

Only governments, with their penchant for fighting, wars, taxes, tariffs, commandments and prohibitions, continue to operate on the basis of primal programming, plundering the public for what they can grab.

“Satanic rituals” that invoke the power of demonic and other negative entities to subjugate humanity in spirit. Putin said in his 2013 State of the Union address that the New World Order actually worships Satan.

Dark magic ceremonies are routinely held at various energy vortexes or “sacred sites” around the planet, as many occult researchers, including Fritz Springmeier in his Bloodlines of the Illuminati book series, have revealed.

More recently, Brad Olsen, an experienced researcher and author, has exposed many of these black magic/satanic practices in his Beyond Esoteric book series.

People are being completely controlled; the thought that black magic could be used to control the masses is disturbing. The occult is now being used in a new kind of fascism to completely control every aspect of our lives, from health and finance to politics and education.

Agenda 2030 was designed to give voice to the satanic hierarchy and tell it who will rule the world on planet Earth: the name of Lucifer. And on the spiritual level, the Lord of the world of Satan.

In today’s world, greed, sex and material wealth play the most important role in the lives of people whom Satan has inspired to help draw up the plans for the New World Order.

Most of them see the economy as an important means of creating a New World Order. But eventually it became the Covid pandemic to exert a broader and more sinister influence, which proved to be much more successful.

Meanwhile, the pyramid structure of the global elite, including most governments and corporations, has become dysfunctional. The structure that created class divisions and fed the belief in “scarcity” and the lies about “global warming” is coming to an end.

Abandoning fossil fuels is the key to unleashing a host of alternative free energy technologies that have been suppressed since the early 20th century.

These technologies have been suppressed since the beginning of the twentieth century. Similarly, many other suppressed technologies, such as electromagnetic and holographic healing, will be released and replace most of the soon-to-be discredited hospitals, medical facilities and pharmaceutical companies.

This will be the result and will soon usher in the revolt of the populations against the forced vaccination policies of the medical mafia and the big pharmaceutical companies that have reinforced and administered these toxic injections.

The real change is in consciousness and thinking

When free energy, transportation and replicators are available to all, all are equal. No one is a slave anymore, people can do what they want, have enough free time to think and be creative.

There is no need to hoard anything.

Advanced civilizations don’t wonder where their next meal will come from, how they’ll pay their rent, how they’ll get from point A to point B.

But fundamentally, the real change is in the change of consciousness and thinking.

The time of great change in our society is approaching. It is time to change the pain and suffering of the past into joy, peace and prosperity! A new day is dawning that will usher in a caring and respectful era for humanity!

It should be remembered that more than 6,000 patents have been suppressed by the cabal, citing national security from the intelligence agencies. Most of these suppressed patents are related to alternative energy and medicine.

The new 5D world is waiting for us

When the collective consciousness of humanity is sufficiently developed to adapt to the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension, the golden age of wisdom, love and peace will begin.

It must be made clear to humanity that the global elites have lost the battle to take over planet Earth. The new 5D Earth can use the Antarctic portal to travel to other planets.

The QFS money system, Gesara
and other projects are ready
for immediate implementation.

Before the main cabal figures are removed from planet Earth, people must have the opportunity to see their enemy face to face in order to open their consciousness to the truth. As painful as this process is, it is necessary.

Incredible new era

A new timeline has begun in which the world is moving toward new financial, health and energy systems that will revolutionize our lives.

There are more revelations of facts that have been suppressed for over 70 years, such as Admiral Byrd flying his plane directly through the hollow earth from the North Pole to the South Pole. He was able to tell about it even on his deathbed. And he also told about an impressive underground city in Antarctica called Shamballa.

After Admiral Byrd’s death, his son found his diary and eventually published it.

This is a small excerpt from the book titled The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd by Richard Evelyn Byrd.

It is still available in major bookstores.


The removal of the UK prime minister (BORIS) has led to Long expected plans of Military control of the country. This long awaited EVENT took over 16 years to bring into play.

As the fake UK majesty dynasty (German bloodlines loyal to the communist VATICAN regime) has fallen.

Over the past 4 years Buckingham palace was closed, their gold was seized under military operations in the end of 2017. The majesty royal crest embed with real gold was removed through the country.

Operations through the UK underground bunkers and airports that housed bioweapons, BIOLABS and human trafficking/experiments has comes to a near end as the country has now been seized by Military FULL control.

The current UK government under military guidance has now reached a deal with RUSSIA/U.S. Military Whites HATS to bring the Ukraine War down (as is in earlier statements Russian WILL have Eastern Ukraine and West Ukraine will be reconnected to Poland and central Ukraine will remain).

The new UK government under military control has now started to comply with bringing down the UN. And NATO by FULLY restructuring the regimes.

All assets deployed to other countries including the return of their GOLD in 2021 ( direct flights from Cheyenne mountains U.S military base delivery) that helps run the northern EU currency is now coming into FULL Whites HATS control as the Euro falls and EU continues to FALL under the regimes of the 4rth Reich.


(I have been telling you this information from Q the Storm Rider official page and Twitter since early 2021 these events would happen ,.. And are now currently taking place)

Xi, China white HATS are watching the development of the new UK system being put into place. The old Central Banking system help created by the VATICAN/ROTHSCHILDS/ Chinese clans has come to an end and the Chinese Dragon families who help create allot of the chaos in the world through deceit given to them are now making sure EU . U S DEEP STATE falls apart.

The old Dragon families of China had been lied to several times through the VATICAN and U.S. handlers to hello create a better equal world and had given trillions in Gold back in early 1900s to develop the world into unity but the lies of the CABAL led to World Wars and the creation of deep state world banking system…

Now the Chinese Elders, clans and dragon families are helping current their mistakes and also dismantling the CCP communist regimen in their own country.

SpecialQForces, THEY used HEK 293 cells that are derived from aborted fetus’, along with flouride – the endless poisons in the name of ‘science’ to keep crops ‘growing.’ To keep water safe, to keep the air safe, the airwaves safe – an endless pursuit of full control of the population. By using the medical industry to comply vaccines be injected to new borns, the use of feminized cells has an unnatural effect.

Using adrenochrome as their supply taken from children that have been raped and tortured to elicit the highest levels of the adreno from the body. They’d have Spirit Cooking events, which was how they would end up – eaten. With the remains they would poison the food supply, the air, the water, each ingredient was masked with a name as ‘natural flavors. ‘

My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…

Friends Of Earth!

As you observe life in this waking dream, it might be easy for some to feel or assume that the magnificent force of creation has abandoned you, was never there, or the doctrine of your choice is proving not to match in the promises given since the beginning of division through written word.

Indeed, the way of humans is blame and more solutions by throwing money at nature and making schemes of changing the very landscape of your world.

Understanding you are spirit having a temporary human experience should give you wisdom to know that issues are never created on the physical plane of existence.

Earth was created to change, adapt and survive. this intention was for every being that would arrive. the intention was never to remain on earth, but to learn and grow with expanded consciousness and progress through the ages with technology and abilities.

Humans were never meant to alter the earth, pollute the oceans or emit toxic gases and chemicals to poison food, animals or to block the natural flow of the relationship between the sun and earth.

Without the sun, you would not exist. there would be no discussions of climate change.

You would not be here.

There are natural cycles that have always occurred.

Fifty six million earth years ago, sea levels were much higher. there were no polar ice caps and rainforests were abundant. in these moments the earth warmed naturally from both poles and the seas warmed greatly. There was a sudden spike in carbon monoxide from thriving forests and plants. Different types of carbon caused methane to be released which caused further change. These gases came from mass forest fires and changes continued. methane was released in oceans that became suddenly warm. The release into the air caused changes in all life forms. the rate was subtle and life adapted.

Compared to today, the levels were safe for life. but the carbon emissions have continued with no thoughts of changes on earth until now. the often spoken of ‘greenhouse effect’, is a large political phrase that has little to do with any remedy. Indeed, the shift will change all of this and there will be no issue at all.

As life has continued, heat and humidity allowed some life to thrive while the effect on human life is devastating. now you find yourself living on a planet that is being destroyed by methods of living that will not sustain the planet as it was created. Carbon dioxide and methane trap the sun’s heat in earth’s atmosphere. while some of this is normal, there is no remedy in this lifetime to correct the damage done. Regardless of the political talking heads with ridiculous answers as they fly in jets that fill the air with gases that slowly fall on your food and body, we say enough!

There has been an effort by the elites to destroy people, animals, crops and so much of the sacred place you call home. In these moments, fires have been deliberately set, weather has been tampered with to change the atmosphere to create droughts and starvation. You only have to see the news for one day to understand the plight of earth. Cattle and horses are dying. Chickens are being destroyed intentionally. People are dying from heat stroke and the elderly are suffering in lack.

So what you are experiencing would be partly natural and the rest would be amping up what is possible to sustain and survive over time. Things will grow worse. Prepare with water and supplies. Be prepared for blackouts with no cooling. Purchase fans with batteries. Assure animals have food, water and shelter.

These will be the times spoken of as the great tribulation. But do not give up!

The galactic federation is always adjusting and saving lives. None of this is a surprise. We have always known that our intervention would be the light that covers life. We are here now!

There are not enough years left to change the damage done. This will allow you to understand the shift will be.

We do not share times or dates as this would prevent you from living your lives and continuing in growth!

You are safe and so loved!

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the mental conflict that occurs when core beliefs are contradicted by new information.

The unease or tension that this conflict arouses in people is relieved by one of several defensive manoeuvres: they reject, explain away, or avoid the new information; persuade themselves that no conflict really exists; reconcile the differences; or resort to ridicule, anger or any other defensive means to preserve stability of their conceptions of the world and themselves.

Our individual and collective human system is used to a certain “normal” way of operation.

A way of understanding and perceiving this life, that we have become familiar and comfortable with.

We like our comfort zone.

Change causes the human system stress.

We rather stay in the known, even if this known is faulty, then accepting the challenge of diving in the unknown.

Our human survival Mind demands control to find familiarity and regain safety in stress of change.

But if you like it or not change is here.

We will no longer look away!!!

And no one will ever have the same perspective again because everything is changing in this worldwide virus of Truth coming to Light.

It is forcing and teaching us, by confronting us with our own and collective mental conditioning that blocks expansion and change.

Triggering every lower aspect in your emotional database with memories of fear, insecurity, lack and loneliness.

In the now we are all confronted with these aspects in our own personal way, revealing our own hi-story of fear.

Fear about safety, fear about health, fear about death fear about being laughed at or being called crazy when we bring our True emotions

Fear, the lowest dense vibration that causes the human design to transit from creation of life to survival for life.

Fear is the most devastating hormonal virus in the human body.

We have two systems in our human design that can operate and sit behind the stirring wheel, navigating this portal of change:

1. Mental – your Subconscious Mind

With your subconscious Mind you surpress, deny and reject fear and activate survival behaviour of Fight, Flight, Freeze, Hide and Fawn.

This behaviour of the Mind does not actually deal with the fear but finds a way to relate to it. And if fighting and flying from it is no option, like with this virus and our Lockdown, we move into Freeze, Hide and Fawn. We adapt and submit to our surrounding narrative to regain the feeling of belonging and safety.

2. Emotional & Spiritual – your Conscious Heart

With your full consciousness you understand the triggers, the emotions that you feel, the survival mode based on your hi-story that kicks in automatically.

You see and observe what happens but you discern.

You are able to hold on to the driving wheel, reverse, sit back and feel your way through the emotion, quiet your Mind and remain in the Now.

When you break through the cognitive dissonance you release fear and enter your heart space.

There you can feel what your heart and Spirit are telling you. What is right for you in this moment connected to all. What is your truth aligned with your path and your values and mission in this Life connected to all there is.

Your Mind builds up a persona/ego in the early age of childhood. This is the protection asset of the human design system.
For as a child you have to be able to adapt to your surroundings in order to get what you need; love, attention, basic needs etc.

This means you have to deny and repress those parts of you that see or feel different emotions then what your family or others allow you to deal with.

So your Mind adapted to this narrative to survive the reality back then.

It is to devastating for a child to acknowledge the fact that your parents could, would or can not give you what you needed, so you make it go away with your Mind.

To make this reality acceptable, your younger self build up a persona/ the Ego that found a way to hide your truth and adapt to collective narratives and do what was asked of you to belong.

The plan to hide NESARA worked well for a time, but gradually news of NESARA began to be leaked to the public.

To circumvent any public action to enforce NESARA, “plan B” was created.

The plan was to forever delay the enforcement of NESARA by fooling the people with trickery.

NESARA was embroiled in fictitious legal procedures and court orders by both the United States Supreme Court and the International Court of Justice.

This game of deceit could be played forever, NESARA could be permanently delayed, and the people of the world would never be the wiser.

I believe the time is here for us to move into this 5D state of structure where equality, peace and justice prevail.

However, as always, (YOU )the viewer / reader are advised to use one’s own discernment in evaluating the information.


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