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Silent Weapons
Quiet Wars

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The Public Education System

‘They did some research into
how long it would take
to indoctrinate a nation …’

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The best way to gain control
of the most powerful – intelligent
species on the planet

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Why you shouldn’t send
your children to
public schools

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How teachable are you? –

The image shows the
Teachability Index
or Bell Curve.

It goes from arrogant
all the way to naïve.

If you’re at either of these extremes — where you’re either rigidly sceptical and refuse to consider anything outside of your current belief system, or you’re extremely naïve and gullible and will believe whatever you’re told — you’re not going to truly learn anything.

A person’s teachability, or their ability to learn by being taught by another, is extremely dependent upon the open-mindedness or closed-mindedness of the person being taught.

Low teachability derives from arrogance and rigid scepticism, but also from naïveté and gullibility.

High teachability derives from a balance between healthy scepticism and an openminded willingness to learn, and more importantly, the willingness to change

True learning takes place when the mind has been alleviated of competing thoughts.

In other words, clearing out all the chatter such as focusing on trivialities, nit-picking and trying to find loopholes.

That isn’t being present in the moment.

It’s not truly listening.

It’s holding onto an idea or belief
in your mind while trying to dismiss any
information that conflicts with it.

People should consider with great care their sources for information. Because by refusing to present certain information, and by influencing people to dismiss certain information as unimportant or unnecessary to consider, many modern institutions (like the mainstream media, or so-called “educational” institutions) seek to control human perceptions, and by doing so, limit what human beings may come to understand.

By limiting what a person is able to understand, a person is automatically limited in what they are able to do, what they are able to change, and what they are able to create.

When you tell yourself that you have a genuine desire to know the truth on whatever topic it may be, only to outright reject something that you read or hear that seems impossible, ”out there,” makes you uncomfortable, or contradicts something in your mind, then you’ve lied to yourself.

You’re letting personal feelings and beliefs
interfere, and that only holds you back.

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” — Epictetus

People’s idea of truth is too often only what they want it to be, what makes them comfortable, or what aligns with an ideology or belief they already have.

They have pre-judged notions of information (often referring to socially accepted or established “facts” as a template by which to judge anything alternative to that information) and extrapolate their own meanings from someone else’s words.

They hear only what they want to hear. Because of this wilful refusal to truly listen, and refusal to even begin the process of genuine discovery, we’ve taken ourselves into a very dark age.

Most of what we “know” about the world is wrong.

We’re in a state of negative knowledge.

Most of what we’ve accepted as “truth” needs to be un-learned.

We need to come back to a zero point – to become a tabula rasa, so to speak – and re-learn how to learn using the correct methodologies of discovery.

Then we can become properly in-formed and then re-formed into a truly conscious being.

The reason humanity is so immoral today is because we’re so ill-educated.

We’re rejecting knowledge in favor of nonsense.

The more we become truly knowledgeable, the higher the chance we’re going to come to understand true objective morality and align ourselves with it.

“Ignorance –
the root and stem of all evil.”
– Plato –

Ultimately, the brain is in a state of imbalance.

We let one hemisphere of our Neocortex dominate the other instead of thinking holistically and looking at information objectively without pre-judging it.

No one can truly learn anything or be taught by anyone when this schism exists.

True learning has been deliberately replaced with belief and memorization.

Outcome-based education systems have conditioned us to believe that rotely remembering information makes us “intelligent.”

Remembering what you’ve learned is important, but it isn’t a mark of intelligence.

True Intelligence is two-fold, and it’s in the word:

Intelli – Gence

It is the Left-Brain Intellect aspect (logic, reason, analysis, etc) and the Right-Brain Generative aspect (creativity, empathy, intuition, etc) working in unity.

There are a lot of intellectual people, but that doesn’t mean they’re intelligent.

While Truth is discoverable and knowable, it isn’t always out in the open in an exoteric way.

You have to learn how to learn and discover the Truth for yourself.

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The 2 party system
and the deliberate
dumbing down
of America
and the

Greg Reese

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Laura Aboli

November 2023 Laura Aboli lays out
The Deep State agenda for humanity

It may be too late to stop this.

If it is –
it’s the end of humans as a species

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Prince Ea
If I was the Devil


just enough

Where does what we are taught live?

Memory, memory is in the movement of thinking.

Why society insists on our many years of ‘education’ during developmental age.

Many authoritarian unquestioned acceptances are placed in minds as children, which we grow to view the world through, active conditioned daily thinking.

The corruption of authority is not only external to our lives, it is internal. It drives life in an automatic movements of our thoughts.

Little point seeking a free world, from the position of a mind living in conceptual educated chains.

The true place we need bring to revolution is inside of us.

Our own minds, need be what changes.

When WE change, if we find freedom, (if this is even possible), we build a free world without a single co-ercion or argument about it.

The broken world we live in today is a mirror image of the divisions between us, which manifest in the actions which arise from our programmed thinking.

Involuntary Servitude
Survivability, Slavery, Sorcery

Here we are in society, with the requirements to engage in some form of economic survivability. 99% of the options are limitations of our potential.

They are required cogs in a machine for it to run as it currently runs.

We are then required to take up a position in the cog, after we are trained and indoctrinated, through outcome-based education, into the prerequisite mechanical skills to perform as the required function as a cog.

A human, takes up a position in this mechanical construction, as a universal constructor, constructing more of the machine, existing to continue to exist.

That is pointless and a cycle to nowhere.

Now, is it any wonder why some people choose the option of becoming a part of the centralized authority, with benefits and some security?

Some positions in the system even allow you to justify some imaginary right to rule over others, and act as their master!

For many this is more desirable, to be a part-slave like everyone else, but at least have the imagined power to be a master over others as well.

Then not only are you letting things continue, but you are actively perpetuating the master-slave relationship, but this time, as part of your “job”, and so the ingrained predator dominator mind-virus is perpetuated as a necessity, and even as a “good” and “right” instead of being recognized for the wrong that it actually is.

I speak of the police, military, government employees, and essentially anyone in a hierarchical structure of control over the economic survivability of others, or outright simple survivability as is the case with dangerous gang-thugs known as police and military that can murder you.

Belief is powerful.

Look at what it does.

People are infected with many bullshit belief systems, such as the predator dominator mind-virus.

Truth and Morality are the only remedy to cure the disease of believing whatever the fuck you want, engaging in the arbiter of truth “god” delusion.

Down we go to more chaotic contradictory living against Truth and Morality because our ego doesn’t want to admit how wrong we are behaving.

We have to get out of the these traps that are set up all around us, all of the physical traps, as well as the psychological, mental, emotional, and “spiritual” traps.

These are all preselected pathways to direct our “spiritual” currency: our time and attention; and preselected pathways to direct the physical currency of our ability to construct and fashion things out of pre-existing Matter, to bring new Forms into existence.

That is powerful.

We are powerful. We have great potential. With that power comes great responsibility, to create great good, or create great evil.

We need to step it up and start to survive in New Ways, not the current preselected pathways of living that exist in this artificial social construct for living on this planet.

We can and must create a better one based on Truth and Morality as the baseline.

Imagine living without money.

If you can’t, your imagination has been deadened, and you need to awaken it to be able to reach the potential we can create. Otherwise, you will stay trapped and remain a slave.

It is insane that we are the only species on this planet that has accepted the spell of sorcery on our “minds” and “hearts”, that we need money in order to live.

That is not freedom.

That is slavery.

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No place for children

(David Adelman – Author)

Why does school demoralise and disillusion so many pupils, undermining and eroding their self-belief, natural playfulness and individuality?

Are you aware that this may be the result of deliberate global policy with schooling a tool of oppression for the many and a breeding ground of power for the elite few?

Why are school teachers quitting the profession in such alarming numbers, many not even completing their professional training? Did you know that school is not even compulsory, at least not in the UK?

Do you know about the alternatives?

Is it not time to rediscover the power of choice for your children’s sake?

This book reveals with dramatic testimonies the toxic effects of the modern schooling system on both pupils and teachers alike and explores the more child-friendly options that could save us all from the insanity of a system that is broken and rotten to its core.


No place for children

David Adelman

  Follow link to book
on Amazon HERE

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The Public Education System

‘used the Skinner-Pavlovian method

These psychological methods gave
teachers the ability to program student’s
behaviour in the same way as Pavlov
used to trained his dogs’

The Deliberate Dumbing Down
of America

by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt


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How school
ruined your entire life

Click image for video

The purpose of the school system
is to make sure you
stay stupid

Jordan Maxwell

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Dumbing us down

John Taylor Gatto

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In this blog post I wish to
take you back in time to your
school years, to those twelve plus
years of memorisation.

What was the primary direction given to your life by the authority of the education system, the teacher, your parents, in fact, the whole of society?

It was to gather and
remember knowledge was it not?

And then to participate in a grading system to prove your ability in how well memory managed to remember the mostly useless to life information of the knowledge crammed into juvenile brain cells in continuing year after year competition against peers under the dominating and ever watchful eyes of the authority figure of a teacher.

Do you know that, if you repeat something over and over again, over a period of a lot less than twelve years, it becomes automatic repetitive behaviour to the brain? This fundamental juvenile indoctrination into a patterned psychological approach to life we were subjected to, sees our lives living forever psychologically in the same mind rotting approach to life.

We gather knowledge.

And we live within the memories
of that limited knowledge
in daily thinking.

And so we live as and in the past.

What do you see when you
close your eyes and listen
and look ‘within’?

What do you see and hear?

Words and images in constant flow.

You feel like there is some inner living entity, a ‘me‘, which despite frequently being fearful, agitated, worried or depressed by this inner movement, is also somehow simultaneously, the unseen source, the living creator of this inner process of reflection.

This unseen observer, heard in the repetitive words of the inner ‘self’ or human ‘ego’, identified in life to birth name, a sense of patriotism, perhaps a religious belief, attachments and identifications by the score, arises in the consciousness of humanity by virtue of the child having been rewarded or chastised during those many years of childhood ‘education’, the child comes to identify their lives with an inner conceptual thinker of thoughts.

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In this blog post I wish to
take you back in time to your
school years, to those twelve plus
years of memorisation.

What was the primary direction given to your life by the authority of the education system, the teacher, your parents, in fact, the whole of society?

It was to gather and
remember knowledge was it not?

And then to participate in a grading system to prove your ability in how well memory managed to remember the mostly useless to life information of the knowledge crammed into juvenile brain cells in continuing year after year competition against peers under the dominating and ever watchful eyes of the authority figure of a teacher.

Do you know that, if you repeat something over and over again, over a period of a lot less than twelve years, it becomes automatic repetitive behaviour to the brain? 

This fundamental juvenile indoctrination into a patterned psychological approach to life we were subjected to, sees our lives living forever psychologically in the same mind rotting approach to life.

We gather limited knowledge.

And we live within the memories
of that limited knowledge
in daily thinking.

And so we live as and in the past.

What do you see when you
close your eyes and listen
and look ‘within’?

What do you see and hear?

Words and images in constant flow.

You feel like there is some inner living entity, a ‘me‘, which despite frequently being fearful, agitated, worried or depressed by this inner movement, is also somehow simultaneously, the unseen source, the living creator of this inner process of reflection.

This unseen observer, heard in the repetitive words of the inner ‘self’ or human ‘ego’, identified in life to birth name, a sense of patriotism, perhaps a religious belief, attachments and identifications by the score, arises in the consciousness of humanity by virtue of the child having been rewarded or chastised during those many years of childhood ‘education’, the child comes to identify their lives with an inner conceptual thinker of thoughts.

A movement within the memory cells
of the human brain. 

Factually, no such thing exists, although a division within the movement of thought certainly exists, between ‘thinker‘ and ‘thought‘, the product of the stupidity of this brainwashing system to dumb us all down which yet passes this day as an ‘education’.

Childhood drilled memory is what passes class tests, and no child is limited to his or her memory, although the part-Rockefeller invented system of education we still destroy our children’s lives with, ingrains within every young brain a necessity to see this inner falsehood, that this movement of remembered words and images is the very root of our being,  as the greatest of all truths.

What is this inner flow of confusion, desire, psychological suffering, religious belief, seeking of pleasure, desires, hurt, worries, pains, depressions and reflection of the outer manifested world we meet daily?

Why does it never stop?

This, is a movement of recorded knowledge. Having endured those twelve plus years of mandated childhood imprisonment chained to a class desk within the system which passes as societal education, the imprint of this limiting, disabling approach to life, is continuously running. Watch it. See it as it is, take my word for nothing.

Find out for yourself, coming to your understanding is an enlightening process. 

The brain records ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ events, and replays those inner and outer events, in words and images, in relationship to an unseen observer, the ‘thinker’ of thoughts, bringing pleasure, in the repetitive sexual act, in the pursuit of ‘success’, in the constant accumulation of ‘more’.

Pain, in failure, or in the loss or inability to attain that which pleasure has been derived or is imagined to bring from holding. More knowledge, more wealth, more possessions, more power, more of everything.

All in competition against another, which denies love and care. And so inevitable fear, of loss and less.

The higher the number, the greater the class and social standing, in a brutal world of idiotic competition trained to automatically compete against itself.

​This is all an inner computer type programme running within the brain cells of every human being, telling us what we are, what religion is, what is order, what is not.

And all of this is recorded knowledge, information stored in the brain cells from past experiences, from the meeting of life itself, or from the meeting of our inner ‘nature‘ in a state of eternal division, perceiving ourselves as ‘educated‘ – to be something eternal, at least up to physical death, and of greater substance than the fleeting passing movement of thoughts.

Thought, is movement in memory, a conceptual approach to life we have all been led into, which destroys any true meaning, quality or true understanding of life as it, for life as it is is not found in the dead remembered components of the past.

Because of this inner programming of our brain cells which sought more the obeying and following of the traditional corrupt structure of things present and long standing continuous before our arrival, our lives have been subjugated to living in the past. We become, our remembered past.

We become a talking inward memory.

The inner movement you hear inside which you likely and mistakenly think to be the product of what you are, is the living inner legacy of conditioned memory which brings every fear and problem, every inner conflict and depression inward to our lives, and is the root cause of every external conflict and war which has ever brought our race to suffering, not to mention, sees our lives lived out of sync and balance and harmony with the true living energy of this universe, which is sacred in nature, the ground of true religion, covered over by the best we can now do, captured and held hostile to our past experiences as so many of us are, in pointless educated beliefs.

What a suffering long standing continual tragedy the lives of humanity have become.

Living as our past, we seek the continuity of our past as the ground of security to our lives, and so we lead our lives into every conflict imaginable against the lives of others, for none of us shares the same past experiences, none of us have had the exact same ‘education‘, (religious or otherwise), none of us thinks the same symbolic words and images, and none of us therefore sees the same world, as we each view the world, which is the same for each of us as it is, through a screen of continuing words and images, ten feet thick.

The tragedy of human life, trained, conditioned, programmed and enslaved to living within inner educated conceptual time and valuing the recordings of past days more than the living and dying energy of the universe as it presents, which gave birth to us, and which we die back into, every moment of our lives.

Is there any chance of salvation for us?

Is there any way we can reverse the damage to our brains, now running divisively in position to each other, eternally destroying the lives of each other, destroying everything natural, in constant pursuit of ever accumulating ‘more’?

In constant ‘progress’?

There may be.

It is not that thought, per se, is the problem. Thought, is natural function to life, memory is useful in its right place. Try to drive a car, speak a language, play a guitar, or even find your way home, without memory.

But memory, has taken over the true place in life for the senses.

We meet life as it is, only, through our life given senses.

With a silent mind

Only we have been deeply and eternally ‘educated’ to value more the inner chatter of gathered past experiences, as a guide to our lives than to meeting the living and dying presence of that which life is, ever before our eyes, a movement of sacred creation, eternally out of reach, divorced from our impoverished lives, by the constant flow of fears, worries, pleasures, desires and pains, self-interest and conceptual future and remembered past we all now meet within.

​We need question, look into and bring to complete understanding this inner corrupted world of images and words. We need find the right place for thought, and put it there, to live well, to live as life intended, to live freely.

A free mind, is an unoccupied mind, and our minds are never unoccupied, so bedevilled are they with words and images, and the mundane daily repetition of it all.

Repetition of days past, carried into future conceptually conceived.

Can you watch the movement of thought? This is arduous work, as this is, by nature, a divided house, and a divided house is in conflict with itself.

Can you bear the arduous nature of watching this inner programmed movement of the brain cells?

If you can,
there may yet be hope for humanity.

Watching, leads to seeing, and seeing clearly, inevitably, leads to understanding, and understanding leads to correct action, which thought, limited to past experiences, self-interested in nature, (a concept), and divisive between us all, as none of us shares the same past experiences, is incapable to do.

Understanding our ‘inner nature’, (there is nothing natural about living life as a conceptual bag of words and images), is the only activity which carries potential to free the brain from this inner concentrated conceptual life destruction, to meet life, the universe, the world, our society and each other, as they are.

In true relationship, removed from the limitations which educated self-interest and the never ending flow of distorting words and images brings to our lives.

This is an inner spiritual battle,
for the very regeneration of
the soul of humanity.

Are you such a warrior?

Then begin this very moment, do not let one single thought pass by without seeing where it came from, do not judge, do not seek a thing, do not suppress, do not control, do not run away from.

In time, with passionate diligence, you will come to see the inner nature of this movement as it is, which is a unitary isolated conceptual memory based movement of knowledge with an incredible propensity to divide. You will come to see this inner corruption as it is – it is a part of what you are.

A very small part. 

In doing so, conflict between thinker and thoughts, observer and observed, inevitably comes to an end.

This inner collection of words and images, beliefs, fears, desires, pleasure and pains, can be met, and gone beyond.

The eternal beauty and mystery, the relationship, life and death of what is, (not what is imagined, projected or remembered to be), the true nature of the creative manifestation of this universe as it lives and dies, which you are a part of, may come to be found. That which you were ever a part of, yet led to feel from the earliest of years, to be ever divided from by a corrupting society seeking the continuity of it’s own immense stupidity and complete lack of life understanding.

In this meeting of authentic life, which is found in the death of presently lived mechanical like thought based functioning, the human heart fills with joy, and the suffering nature of what came before, will be resigned eternally to the dead past, to its own nature, although you, will no longer live there.

Your life will now be found in the eternal light of this present sacred moment of creation, which lives and dies together, in the only time which ever existednow, in this moment of completion.

You will have found all meaning behind the word ‘religion‘, and your life will be whole and complete, and so holy.

And only at this point in time, with a new mind, with a sacred mind, with a loving mind meeting life through the senses, can we ever hope to begin to build a new world.

  Full article HERE

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John Taylor Gatto
The Scientific Management of Children

click image for video

How war is
sold to Americans

George Carlin CLIP

In this eye-opening video, we dive deep into the critical and often controversial ideas of George Carlin and Noam Chomsky.

We examine their viewpoints on conflict, propaganda, and the subtle ways in which those in positions of power manipulate societies.

🌐 What You’ll Learn:

George Carlin’s unfiltered views on how wars are marketed to the public Noam Chomsky’s insights on propaganda and societal control.

How to critically analyze the narratives presented in media and by governments

The impact of societal manipulation on our perception of war and peace.

Strategies to uncover the truth amidst widespread misinformation<./p>

🤔 Why It Matters:

In an age where information is abundant yet truth is scarce, understanding the mechanisms of societal manipulation becomes crucial.

This video not only sheds light on Carlin and Chomsky’s thoughts but also equips you with the tools to think critically about the narratives you encounter daily.

Schools are
government controlled
indoctrination centers

They incorporate complete slave and fear training now.

Seriously a school is a government operations facility set up and ready for all their agendas.

They can and do teach your children to be either good slaves or good enforcers of the system.

We are made into their vision of the “New Man”, less authentic, less aware, therefore more “unconscious” in living, like a robotic Golem living out their will as our own will.

Influence, indoctrinate, engender and condition a degradation in people’s ability to discern truth and reality, and in most cases what results is a willing slave, happy in their servitude, living an illusion, unable to see the true condition they are living in.

The masters and rulers, through their manipulation, deception and mind control, have conditioned us into a certain mould, shape and form, to fit into and feed the systemic Golem of the current way of life.

We become cogs in the machine = willing slave.


“99 [students] out of 100 are automata, careful to walk in prescribed paths, careful to follow the prescribed custom.

This is not an accident but the result of substantial education, which, scientifically defined, is the subsumption of the individual.” – So stated William Torrey Harris, US Commissioner of Education (1889-1906).

He was right, and he should have been, for he contributed, along with other elitists of his day, including John D. Rockefeller, to our current system of brain rotting education.

Did you ever wonder at the true purpose of the years of waste of your school years?

Did you ever wonder why you had to memorise SO many things of no interest, and of no relevance to life?

Names of poets, dates of wars, names of Generals in wars, words from songs, surface coated information on so many subjects, and no in depth investigation into any.

Sure, one learns useful things at school – how to count, maths, how to speak.

But the majority of an eight hours a day five days a week twelve year duration of our young and impressionable lives, was not societally instilled with an educational order to bring all of our lives into the magnificent fruition of a life lived intelligently.

The purpose of our education, was to dumb us down. And they did it.

Twelve years in constant memorisation is long enough for every child to develop an automatic inner drive of approaching life in occupation and always living in memory.

Thought, is memory.

Do you hear words and images flowing inwardly?

This is not natural to life, this is legacy of school.

School instils into us many habits, damaging to our lives, to our society and most of all, to our relationship.

We are led into memory, a life of living inwardly in inner conceptual time built on past memories and seeking security in life, in continuity of that which came before.

School programs into us an ideology that life is about ‘success’.

And a human being may only become anything, in time. Becoming, is a psychological movement of continuity, from remembered days, into a ‘future’, which is a modified continuity of the same past.

‘Becoming’ sees human consciousness deeply and eternally focussed on two self projected and imaginary time zones.

A present moment, to a mind ‘educated’ to this life destruction, is rather insignificant.

A fleeting moment between where I have been, and the future I seek to build, the projected prize of future ‘success’ in my divided life. The future, does not exist to life.

Life carries no sense of, nor interest in where it is going. Life’s energies, are directed to this moment of time, where educated mankind is no longer free to look.

The future, is a concept built on past memories, and the past, is a remembrance dead and gone, though kept alive and continued in the programmed automatic approach to life, of living in memory.

‘Seeking success’, divides the totality of humanity, one from another.

We are now each living dividedly, each moving into differing conceptual futures, driven by our divided past remembered and continued experiences.

I seek my success, you seek yours.

We are two train tracks which never meet.

Our ‘relationships’ become divisive affairs, insular, selfishly obsessed with my own projected world and my life in it, selfishly unconcerned with the life of any other.

We are conditioned to many patterned mental habits in these twelve years of disguised elitist designed brainwashing.

We are conditioned to always follow and seek the assurance of an authority in life, by virtue of always being led by a teacher.

We are conditioned to compete against our peers, and we greatly lose our ability to work together in any natural life given sense of co-operation.

We are programmed to live in memory, and a mind of repetitive words and images, a mind built on the inner structure of an educated language, is the end goal manifestation of educational desires.

Within an inner chatter of memories, we are educated to build a deep sense of conceptual self. An ego. An incessant chattering ‘thinker’ of thoughts.

Which is nothing other than a psychological illusion.

We live in conceptual time, in a programmed inner movement of conceptual becoming, denying the life born in deep and loving relationship every new born and young child meets through direct connection to life through the senses.

We are educated to always live within the solution of problems, for this is what school presents to our young and growing minds, and so our brains, as we grow into adulthood and old age, continuously seek out and find and entertain new problems to carry inwardly.

And so, we are psychologically, always living within problems.

School harms us, psychologically.

It removes from every child’s life an ability to meet life in complete silence, which is the only way to see and meet the living quality of this Universe in this living present moment.

I cannot see clearly when my mind is divided between inner distractive chatter, and the outside world I wish to look at.

The only way to truly relate, meet, and care for another human being, is from a ground of inner silence.

The educated brain of seeking success, is a corrupted brain working on a learned approach to life which denies relationships and leads every life caught in this programmed approach to life, to absolute disorder.

To a world of divided lost souls each seeking their own conceptual future salvation in ‘becoming’ something.

Accumulatively, it is this inner disordered artificial ingrained approach to life, which is destroying our world.

The future seeking of ‘becoming’, is the very same educated school principle behind the movement of the Great Reset.

The human mind is what we need to bring to freedom.

If we can do so, our world will follow suit.

All else, is a repetitive movement within the corrupting patterns of divided psychological existence programmed into all our brains when too young to question and too naive to understand the importance of doing so.

Click image for video 'I sued the school system'


What if school rather than teaching us all to reach for the stars and screw everyone else, taught us to become nothing at all other than a caring, sharing individual?

Instead of teaching us to seek growth and benefits for ourselves, it taught us that if we are to grow as a species and a community to, instead, seek these for others so we could grow together – much stronger than we can as individuals.

Including our planet and all life on it. What if our schools taught us, rather than looking after number one, that we only cared and looked after others?

Place ourselves at the end of the line, not the beginning?

What if school taught principles of co-operation, in favour of competition?

If we all looked after others as a matter of priority, never giving a second thought to ourselves, we would occupy a world where everything was cared for.

What about me?

When all others are caring for me, I have little interests or need to even focus there.

We was taught to get it back to front by people who knew nothing different themselves.

Ask anyone who ‘succeeded’ as an individual but ended up with no friends on the journey

Life is more about caring than it is for a battle.

Who was it that engineered the schools system and the curriculum it followed?

What was THEIR motives?

Maybe answers to these questions should become apparent on this page.

Click image for video 'I sued the school system'

I been thinking about this
for a while.

I’m a ‘boomer’.

When I went through the entire skool system in UK during the 50’s, and 60’s I was always a dud, (the kept telling me).

Just couldn’t hack it.

And I ‘failed’ evert ‘test’ I was ever given.

I hated being there and left it as soon as I could just at my 16th birthday.

In ‘older’ skool I just couldn’t understand why I was being taught stuff that I had no idea was any value – but was told, sort of, ‘it was for my own good’.

Like the Na-Zees did as they loaded people onto trains.

I was intimidated by the ‘clever’ guys who seemed to breeze through the entire skool years and were clever at everything – seemingly with little effort.

While I never ‘passed’ a test, they easily was at the top of the list – every time.

While I was filling shelves in the supermarket, many of them went on to university then into careers in the education or management industry.

Many of them kept in touch during their adult lives and I caught up with them on a Friends Reunited group they made some years ago – not that I had anything in common with any of them.

I got booted from the group when I posted something they didn’t like.

No idea what it was because no-one had the courtesy to tell me.

Wouldn’t have been anything too bad but, hey, they always did stand to stand in judgement of peeps and didn’t take kindly to alternative thoughts.

But … this is my point …

As I think about them now I’ll betcha every single one of them rushed off for multiple jabbies when they was instructed.

Yet, dumb ole’ me somehow saw that jabbies is bollox from day 1 and never went near it.

Now, the last 3 years has educated me about all sorts of stuff no-one could ever have imagined and these ‘clever’ people STILL don’t know.

And are so smart, they don’t WANT to.

Funny thing, life.

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The truth has been
deliberately kept from us …

For thousands of years the ruling elite classes of monarchies, priests, black nobility, pharaonic blood lines, secret societies, money changers, dark occultists and Cabalists have been keeping knowledge from humanity, dividing and ruling us through fear and ignorance while all the while setting up a system of enslavement based on creating ignorance and division amongst us.

Mental slavery is the worst form of Slavery.

It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love and defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those who are trying to free you or open your eyes!

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PART 01 –

Our world is currently held
in the grip of an apparent
“Great Reset”.

Industrialists, financiers, and
their private foundations
soon became the ones bankrolling
the compulsory schooling movement.

Between 1896 and 1920, Gatto reveals,
they had spent more money on the cause
than the actual government to use schooling
as a tool to control the minds of the masses
and perpetuate their own interests.

Consider this statement by Frederick Taylor Gates,
president of the General Education Board,
a philanthropic organization founded by
oil magnate John D. Rockefeller, in 1906:

“We shall not try to make these people
or any of their children into philosophers
or men of learning, or men of science.”

“We have not to raise up from among them,
authors, editors, poets or men of letters”

“We shall not search for embryo great artists,
painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors,
preachers, politicians, statesmen,
of whom we have an ample supply . . .”

“For the task that we set before ourselves
is very simple as well as a very beautiful one:
to train these people as we find them
to a perfectly ideal life just where they are”.


Our world is currently
held in the grip of
an apparent
“Great Reset”.

We are being expected to conform to the visions of others.

Wealthy others. Without consultation.

It seems that by the year 2030, we are all to be very happy owning nothing.

According to the WEF (World Economic Forum).

Yet so many of us are deeply suffering today, and there seems little help coming from the top down.

On the contrary, our elitists have doubled their already exuberant wealth, at our expense, since Covid began.

Wealth, which is extremely unlikely to be given back.

Our lives are multiplying with problems.

This video explores why humanity, (us), as a race, have developed into this highly destructive behavioural pattern of living divisively and of forever following and obeying an authority.

Why are we all so uncaring towards each other?

Why are we so divided and unable to act as one people in our own interests? (Human interests).

Why is ‘the economy’ the only consideration for our elitists and our governments?

Why do we not place our own lives in higher consideration than that which we own?

Of money, our own invention. Why are so goddamned superficial?

What may come of a surprise to many viewers of this video is that humanity has already endured a great reset.

The proposal on the table today is second time around.

Our thinking brains divisive inner and outer behaviour, thought based, centred in knowledge, self interested to the extreme, divisive and therefore conflict causing between and within us – is partly the result of traditional living, but greatly unrecognised also, is the hand elitists of over a century ago played behind the scenes, in constructing and conforming the brains of humanity to behave in a manner which suited their wealth driven power and control based ideologies.

Humanity has been programmed to follow leaders, to live dividedly and to live in deep self interest.

And we live dividedly because our thinking is based in educated (divisive) knowledge.

Knowledge is repetitive, automatic, and deeply limited, therefore limiting.

It also frequently has little relationship to truth, as there is always more to know in any subject area, therefore our esteemed knowledge, which drives all of our thought based actions, from billionaire to starving pauper, lives alongside and steeped in great ignorance.

When we act on our knowledge, we are acting in ignorance and therefore bringing havoc to our world.

The results are everywhere to be seen today. Our people (human beings), are divided because we have all been educated to place our security in differing conceptual identifications.

Nations, religions, wealth, beliefs, ideologies, names.

Modes of continuity offering limited security.

It is the content of our thought based, incessantly talking knowledge based minds which divide us all in this life, whether these divisions be of wealth, nationality, religion, ideology, or simply a name.

All divisions between us harm us.


We are one people.

Our divisions are conceptual, educated and reside within the patterns of our daily thinking.

Our world will change, when we change.

We will only ever come together as a race, if we can ever end the conceptual values educated into us, which now divide us and lead us communally to the misery of living in the dangerous and broken world we exist in today.

Although our world desperately needs to change outwardly, the most needed of changes, is within the skin of each human being – and the divided thinking mind of broken mankind.

If we do not ALL have security in this world, there is no security anywhere in this world.

Security is not only for America, or Russia, or for the super rich, or even for the desperately suffering rising numbers of poor.

It must be found for ALL of us, or there will be none. And our suffering planet, another victim of our ‘economy’.

It is being concerned with the lives of all of us and our environment, which will bring benefit to all of us.

In other words, looking after all, not only the rich, or the population of any single nation.

We are all educated to self interest, to achieve, to progress, in time.

Self interest has little care for others, making it difficult to come together to challenge the insane top heavy structure we all endure daily through every stumbling step of our unnecessarily difficult lives.

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We’ve been
and it started when we was

‘delivered’ to the
Educayshun ‘process’ call SKOOL
by the people we TRUSTED THE MOST
– our parents –

Has it become clear to you yet – the reason we’re so eager to comply with whatever an apparent ‘authority’ tells us to do is because we’ve been TRAINED TO since the very first day we entered a school at the age of about 6 and then every day after that for the next 10-12 years.

Since about 1900 when ‘normal’ people were able to get an ‘education’ paid for by the government, the education system has been sponsored by bodies that insist on having an influence on the curriculum.

Despite what ‘schools’ say, they don’t want people who ‘think’. There’s no place for individual ‘thinkers’ in today’s schools. Schools today want people who can be trained to remember things without question and who can pass tests to make sure they have.

We wasn’t educated
we was processed.

Since about 1950, the education systems worldwide was designed to not teach life skills for adulthood but, instead, to turn us and our children into compliant zombies who do not buck the system to do what we’re told without thinking.

There’s no place for individual ‘expression’ in today’s schools. Instead, schools train children to be like each other. Any child who expresses a desire to be ‘different’ is likely to be labelled ‘unruly’ and will probably be ostracised or removed from the class and often punished for having the audacity to think differently or question the authority the school wants to impose.

Parents deliver their children to schools to ‘learn’ in order that they can grow as individuals.  Ironically, once they start school, the only ‘learning’ they do is to be a clone of the other kids in the school – anything they may have ‘learned’ as an individual before they started going to school is forced out of them, to un-learn, if it doesn’t fit the school narrative.

Add to that, much of what we was ‘taught’  is, demonstrably, a complete lie – created to support narrative designed to keep us in line, and delivered by employees of that system who have likely never left school themselves who have few life-skills themselves but are happy to have a job that requires little thought on their part.

Zombies teaching kids to be like them

And this persists today.

Children are still being processed, mostly by people who’ve never left school themselves and who are completely dependent on the ‘system’ for their own financial security and are completely controlled by their educational employers, unable to think or act outside strict guidelines.

Don’t believe this?
just ask one!

VIDEO: I SUED the school system

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Earth Truths

Clever man!

He knows the truth about oil and its origin.

And it is not organic – because of some dead dinos and trees, it is naturally built in the earth’s crust the very moment we are speaking now, it is UNLIMITED.

This alone abolishes the fraud about dinosaurs, evolution and therefore the spinning ball earth.Prof. Konstatin Meyl denonstrates in front of some major oil magnats how he can produce petrol in minutes, no dead dinos!

A nation of workers:

How public education
is dummying down
our labor force

 Ken McElroy 
August 15, 2016
Intelligent citizens are difficult to govern.

It’s just a fact.

The more intelligent you are, the more likely you will know the issues and be aware when you are being fed a bunch of crap.

Now ask yourself, how did education in America transform from a system that imparts knowledge to one that uses behaviour modification techniques to influence the attitudes and beliefs of those passing through it?

By systematically trying to create a nation that works instead of thinks, that’s how.

Because the less educated they are, the easier the masses are to control. But how beneficial is that really for the progress of our country?

You see, the aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment; it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed a standard citizenry, to suppress dissent and originality.

Public education does not encourage critical thinking nor does it foster imagination.

It does not teach emotional intelligence.

It does not encourage the pupils to work together to solve problems.

It does not seek out and help nurture an individual’s innate skills and abilities.

It just gives you tasks.

As Albert Einstein said, “Never confuse education with intelligence.”

In his book, The Dumbest Generation, Mark Bauerlein reveals how a whole generation of youth is being dumbed down by their aversion to reading anything of substance and their addiction to digital “crap” via social media.

In American schools the culture exalts the athlete and the comely cheerleader.

Conversely, overtly-intelligent and intellectual students are commonly referred to as “nerds,” “dweebs,” “dorks,” and “geeks,” and are relentlessly harassed and even assaulted by the more popular “jocks” for openly displaying any intellect.

Summarily, we are creating a world of dummies.

Angry dummies, who feel they have the right, the authority, and the need not only to comment on everything, but to make sure their voice (however inane) is heard above the rest — and to drag down any opposing views through personal attacks, loud repetition, and confrontation.

When you argue with an idiot, you have two idiots.

Don’t agree with me?

Then sit down with someone you know and watch an episode of Jeopardy.

If neither of you knows the answer to anything other than the television or film questions, you’re in trouble.

Now extrapolate that against an entire population of Americans who don’t know the answers either.

Take away the calculator on their phone and the newest generation of workers cannot add or subtract.

Take away “spell check” on their computers and they are helpless to spell accurately.

These are basic skills Americans used to learn in one-room schoolhouses heated with a wood-burning oven.

They could also tell you the branches of the US government and a whole lot more than today’s graduates.

Why are they in the workforce?

The truth is, America needs workers that aren’t that smart.

Ask anyone responsible for the management of an organization — from a local bakery to a major corporation — what their primary problem is and they will tell you it’s finding good workers with even the most basic education or skills to perform any job with a minimum of competency.

This is the result of an education system that has been foisted on this nation and its been that way since Rockefeller and Carnegie pulled American farmers into their factories in the early 1900s.

In 1902, John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board at the ultimate cost of $129 million.

The GEB provided major funding for schools across the nation and was very influential in shaping the current school system.

As Rockefeller put it,
“I don’t want a nation of thinkers,
I want a nation of workers.”

Even more compelling are the words of Frederick T Gates,
business advisor to Rockefeller:

“We shall not try to make these people
or any of their children into philosophers
or men of learning or of science.

We are not to raise up among them
authors, orators, poets, or men of letters.

We shall not search for embryo
great artists, painters, musicians….”

It’s time for a reality check.

We need to start properly educating the coming generations.

Because the more educated you become,the better choices you have, period.

I am certainly proof of that and I speak from personal experience.

The choices I made after school were the ones that opened up my world to more possibilities.

Regardless of what happens with education in this country, the intelligent will continue to survive.

It is my belief that if we don’t do something, the illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but rather those who cannot unlearn and relearn.

So we need to reform our public school system, encourage the latest generation to put down the smartphone and pick up a book, and turn this nation of workers back into a nation of thinkers … before it’s too late.

Written in 2016 – what would he write now.

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00:00 – intro

02:00 – Sacred knowledge of the Essenes (primitive Christians)

04:25 – Sacred texts reveal your body is a temple of god

05:55 – The sacred secret secretion oil (Christos)

06:55 – Ancient mystery of the solar plexus (relationship with solar system)

09:00 – The psycho-physical seed born out of the solar plexus every 28.5 days

11:30 – How to eat the fruit of the tree of life (within you)

13:25 – Constantine: the man who changed everything

15:07 – Jacobs ladder (the 33 vertebrae of the spine)

16:55 – Jacob – heel catcher in Hebrew (the man in the sky)

18:10 – The true zodiac revealed

*note – unsure why the reader says 29.5 days
when the text reads 28.5 days multiple times.

The pineal gland, a small endocrine gland located in the brain, has been referred to as the “third eye” in various spiritual and metaphysical traditions for centuries.

The pituitary gland produces several hormones that regulate various functions in the body, including growth, metabolism, and the function of other endocrine glands.

It produces the hormone melatonin, which helps regulate the body’s sleep-wake cycle and it also plays a role in regulating blood pressure, water balance, and body temperature.

It also produces and releases small amounts of other hormones and neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and dopamine, which have a number of important functions in the body.

it is an important part of the endocrine system, which is the system of glands and hormones that helps regulate many of the body’s functions.

The pituitary gland has two main parts: the anterior pituitary (also known as the adenohypophysis) and the posterior pituitary (also known as the neurohypophysis).

In some spiritual and metaphysical traditions, the pineal gland is believed to be a “bridge” between the physical and spiritual worlds, and is often associated with psychic abilities, intuition, and spiritual enlightenment.

However, these beliefs are not supported by scientific evidence and should be approached with caution.

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear, watery liquid that surrounds and cushions the brain and spinal cord.

It is produced and maintained by the choroid plexus, a network of small blood vessels found within the brain.

Sacred secretion oil is a term used to describe an endogenous essence produced in the human body, influenced by shifts in the magnetic lunar energies.

It is likened to DMT, but with more resonance to a person’s unique frequency as it is produced endogenously.

It is also known as christ within, heaven on earth, christ oil, raisi and other names.

The sacred secretion is a rich fluid that ascends and descends along the central nervous system, bathing the pineal gland and connecting our physical being to the non-physical plane.

The anterior pituitary produces hormones that control growth, metabolism, and the function of other endocrine glands, such as the thyroid gland and the adrenal gland.

The posterior pituitary produces hormones that regulate the body’s water balance and blood pressure.

The story of Jacob’s ladder is found in the Hebrew bible, in the book of genesis.

According to the story, Jacob was a patriarch of the Israelites and the grandson of Abraham.

One night, while he was on a journey, Jacob had a dream in which he saw a ladder that stretched from earth to heaven.

The ladder was guarded by angels, who were ascending and descending on it.

At the top of the ladder, Jacob saw god, who spoke to him and made a promise to protect and bless him and his descendants.

The story of Jacob’s ladder is often interpreted as a metaphor for the connection between god and humanity, with the ladder representing the path that allows people to reach out to god and receive his blessings.

In this interpretation, the angels are seen as intermediaries between god and humanity, helping people to connect with god and receive his guidance and protection.

The story is also seen as a symbol of the continuous communication between god and humanity, with the angels representing the constant flow of divine messages and blessings.

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Public Service Announcement
for ALL Australians

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10 Letters We Dropped From The Alphabet

Statue of ‘Liberty’
or is it?

Symbolic meaning of Isis

The statue of liberty is in fact a representation of lucifer.

the torch represents the flame of knowledge, which lucifer has given to his followers in order to maintain his cult.

the left foot of the statue is chained up.

In our cycle america was planned from the beginning by the corrupt controllers to be a colony of satan/lucifer.

when the immigrants from europe arrived in the states, the first thing they saw was the imposing statue of lucifer.

It is a dark symbol to show you
who the NWO worships in reality.

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Gravity does not exist

Click image for link to article

Human consciousness
is divided,
divided by memories.

Thinking is a process of memory, a movement in the memory cells of the brain stimulated, programmed and continuous, by an activity educated into us all as children during at least twelve years of what is considered suitable as education by our society.

We are educated into what to think; we hold little to no understanding at all of how we think.

And what we think is naturally based on what we have been told by others.

And so we live our lives
and die our deaths
as second hand, lost,
manipulated and lonely,
isolated people.

We are told what to think about our living daily approach to life, that we are the most important thing which exists to us, and that we live in a world of brutal competition, and the only true virtue is that of becoming something.

Of eternally progressing in time towards a state of being more than what we are this day.

Of possessing more, of loving more, of gathering more material wealth, more knowledge, more understanding, greater enlightenment.

Many are the roads we walk into our societally conditioned divisive futures.

We are told and willingly accept, for we are told this all at an age when the value of questioning and doubting remains non understood, and we are blind and naïve to the possibility that we may be led astray on our journey into our natural born life, which is never permitted to remain natural for long.

Perhaps, a few years.

We are told what religion is, and that this understanding of ourselves and the universe is a matter of belief and the following of the words of another.

Belief, is the following of the words of another. We are greatly and diligently led into the understanding that order lives in an authority, that those who stand above us on a pyramidal structured ladder ever narrowing towards the top position of a few, ever widening towards the bottom position of the many, is a natural and orderly approach to life.

We are judged as valuable or valueless based on how well we can conform to our educated insisted upon mental patterns and compete against our brothers and sisters, and carve our way in brutal competition, to the top of the class.

To the top of the pyramid which permeates every structure of the ordering principle of our lives.

We are fed problems, year after year after year, the problem of learning language, the problem of mathematics, the problem of memorising and passing never ending class tests.

And so our brains become accustomed to living with problems.

Naturally, as we grow older, as we age into our teen years and into our adulthood, our brains work within this pattern offered by our society as orderly.

We ever seek our own success, in competition against the lives of others.

We ever seek the nodding head of an authority in every field to make certain we are on the correct approach to life.

We seek to stand above and in a higher position than others in every area of our lives.

We view our lives as the most important.

We work always for our isolated future fulfilment, we work from an isolated past remembered.

This movement of psychological time is also legacy of our school years, of ever accumulating knowledge of subjects mostly useless to life, to pass futile exams in areas few of us hold any genuine interest.

The movement is always to gather from the past, and to seek a reward in a future conceptual state, forever, standing on a ground of competition against our peers, which is a subtle form of violence.

As we are educated to view our own lives
as the most important component in life,
we naturally come to divide.

As we have, in each and every corner of the world, been educated to accept different understandings of our lives, (which offer no understanding at all), we each view life as a differing manifestation, and we each view our approach to life, as the only correct approach which exists.

The way we are educated also divides the human mind within itself, between an image of a continuing ‘thinker’ and thoughts, this is the inner division responsible for every inward trauma mankind suffers, of which there are many.

Some of us are raised to belong and believe in the teachings of the Catholic faith. Others, are raised Protestant. Some are Muslim, others Jew. Some Buddhist, some, nothing at all.

Some are raised to be ‘Americans’, others to be ‘Russian’, some ‘African’, others. ‘Indian’.

Some are told, by virtue of nothing more than holding ability to conform to the mundane system of learning conceptual outlooks and ideologies of life, that they are very clever, and their sense of self-importance grows.

On the other side of the coin, those not so adept at conforming to the dictates of another, are left to feel themselves not so important.

Some are born into families long standing on a ground of the upper echelons of societal pyramidal divisive material and ideological concepts, so named ‘Royalty’, or ‘Aristocracy’, banking families and are educated to view their lives as much more important and valuable than the lives of others.

All of this scholastic activity offers so little benefit and great injury to our species, ensuring the continuity of unnecessary divisions between us all, which have done little but continue immense sorrow for our race over thousands of years of recorded history.

Whatever we are educated to, whatever we blindly accept in life as true when too young to question, this knowledge is recorded into a child’s memory based brain cells, and from this unquestioned knowledge, thinking arises in life.

This is the patterned approach to life every child has been conformed to live, to gather knowledge, and for knowledge later to arise from inner memory cells.

This is the pattern mundanely repeated countless times across our world daily, forced into every child during twelve years of ‘schooling’, necessary to pass class tests and university exams.

The brain of every child finds security in this pattern, and the pattern remains functional throughout our lives.

This is where thinking comes from, from past recorded and remembered knowledge.

Thought, is the past.

All knowledge belongs to the past, you cannot know the present moment, the present moment is a living thing, moving, changing, from moment to moment, you can only know something past, something dead.

Nor can you know what is yet to be, although we all greatly attempt the impossible act of foretelling the future, imagining an oppositional state to what we find this day, and so the future now becomes a mere continuity of the past, for that which we foresee, is born in the memory cells of the brain, within the area of thinking, which is human consciousness, which is gathered knowledge from the past, and so the future becomes a mere modified continuity of what came before, the future, becomes of the same quality and nature of the past.

A mere modified continuity of what has always been.

This conditioned approach to life is a tragic limitation to every man’s life, the reason for every human despair, this is the fracturing point giving rise to every conflict ever born in the lives of men.

Thought is mechanical, it works away and is self-generating and self-continuous, and man lives within this injurious limitation, a psychological prison cell to every life few ever have found any escape from.

The feeling of self, the human ego, is a movement within this consciousness of human conditioned memory.

A program, running within a broader field of programs.

All memory based. I feel myself to exist, yet this self I feel to exist stands on the shifting inner ground of moving words and images ever present in human consciousness, ever divisive between each and every man.

I feel myself to be something completely different to you, yet the difference is a superficial one, the difference exists in the content recorded and which arises within consciousness.

The difference, is between the Arab and the Jew, the Christian, and the Muslim, the American and the Russian. The difference is superficial; the difference is memory.

The structure of memory is identical in each of us, only the content differs, as it must, for the content is based on past memories, and no human being on earth passes through the very same life experiences from which these recordings play out.

These memory-based recordings of knowledge become a colouring and distorting screen which tells us both what we are, what is valuable to life, and through this screen, which divides us in differing images, each of us looks at life.

And so, of course, we naturally all come to divide. ​And division between us all, is the very ground of conflict we all stand upon.

The conflict this day between
the Russian and the American,
and the Ukrainian,
between the east and the west,
between every religious dogma,
the conflict between political ideologies,
the conflict between rich and poor,
the conflict between the expert and the layman,
and even the conflict between husband and wife,
and brother and sister.

All our conflicts, inner and outer, arise from our process of mechanical programmed and scholastically conditioned thinking and the divisions these naturally impose onto our lives.

This is the area we need study if we seek to ever bring peace to the lives of humanity.

We are futile to act as we live, for we act from this inner centre of limited memories, which is divisive between us all and so our every action, as we remain conditioned, can only lead to greater conflict and suffering in the world.

We can see this with our own lives if we are sensitive, we can see this in our outer world of rich and political domination, where very step to solve a problem, led from an initial ground of biased and coloured observation, only creates more suffering, sorrow and pain for the majority of humanity.

We need bring this inner learned and traditional psychological divisive state to revolution.

We need be the change the world needs to see

How is this accomplished? First of all, there can be no ‘how’.

Do you see this? For a how, is a method, a movement in time, from the current position, to a more desired state, and this is the very action which leads us into trouble.

A seeking of a revolutionised future state in continuity from the present corrupted inner movement, and so, a continuity and carrying over of the same movement which needs to end, if any change is to be possible.

The change, when and if it happens, and it must happen, or mankind will never know peace or the meaning of the word love, must be immediate, the change, must happen now.

This, in initial consideration, may seem an impossibility, but consider this, the past is dead and over, the future is a mere conceptual continuity of the same past, the only true time, which ever existed, is now.

You can never be anywhere other than where you are, and you can never exist in any moment other than the present moment.

And now, is the only time anyone can act.

You cannot act in the dead remembered past, nor in the conceptual future that past projects into.

All action is now.

Can you simply watch the turmoil of the inner divided state of human consciousness?

This is the only approach.

Awaken the senses to the inner divisive and so conflicted condition of human consciousness, the consciousness of the entirety of humanity?

When you view without choice your inner world of thoughts and images, fears and desire, despairs and hopes and longings, you are viewing the consciousness of the entirety of humanity, what differs, are only the images this consciousness carries.

Memories, from an isolated past.

And so, if you can bring this inner state to change, and change demands an ending of what came before, then you are affecting a change on the entire consciousness of the totality of humanity.

Watching without choice, is the only valid approach which may lead to such a change.

If you watch with a motive, seeking to change then you are occupied, focussed once more on a state of future conceptual becoming, and so, you are not completely holistically watching.

Watch from silence, that the inner nature of human consciousness may come into the light of it’s own awareness, that thought itself may become, without any choice, aware of its own deeply conditioned and divisive nature.

That the danger of how we are all living, may come to be seen.

When we see a danger clearly, we act to remove our lives from that danger.

The challenge is to see clearly, which is to see from a position of silence, allowing thought to reveal itself in entirety.

This is arduous work for the consciousness of humanity is a divided field, and division is the ground of all conflict.

Be of strong mind and resolute heart, face the enemy of humanity, which lives within each of us, which lives in the very nature of what we have been societally conditioned to be.

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