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Operation Popeye

In 1993, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US military, and the University of Alaska created the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, otherwise known as HAARP.

Since then, numerous conspiracy theories have sprung up surrounding the mysterious project, everything from satellites that can cause earthquakes to huge transmitters that can create tornadoes and tsunamis.

However, what most people don’t know is that there actually was documented project during the Vietnam War—decades before the creation of HAARP.

Operation Popeye was an five-year project in which the US government used the age-old technique of to increase precipitation during the rainy seasons over North Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Trail in order to disrupt the NVA’s moving of vehicles, weapons, and rations across the trail.

The general idea of cloud seeding is to send an airborne object, typically an airplane, flying through a cloud while releasing small particulates that give water vapor something to cling to so that it can condense and become rain.

What’s scary about this is if the military has done it in the past (and given the length of the operation, it must have been at least partly successful), what’s to stop them from doing it again?

Project Cirrus


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Creates a virtual antenna in the sky
that radiates extremely low frequencies
that travel worldwide and can be heard
in the deepest depths of our oceans

NO wonder sea-life
gets confused

Ionic alfven resonator uses the
ionosphere as an antenna.

It can be considered a geophysical weapon

Heating the atmosphere with high frequency
radio waves will produce Alfven waves.

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Geoengineered Transhumanism
Elana Freeland and Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons.

She is the Author of several books, including Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, under and Ionized Sky and most recently Geoengineered Transhumanism – How the Environment has been weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician and President of AM Medical LLC, an integrative health clinic with a focus on anti-aging and reversal of all diseases. Dr. Ana is the Award-winning Author of the book “Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity”.

She is an advocate for medical freedom. She also does Live Blood Analysis evaluating the effects of C19 injectables of shedding and is involved with international team of doctors and researchers working in this area.

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Drilling Under Lake Mead
To Drain The Last Drop

Many are now aware of and justifiably concerned about Lake Mead soon becoming what is known as a “dead pool”.

When this milestone is reached, the ramifications for tens of millions of Americans is beyond grave.

What is not being discussed is the Lake Mead 3rd intake drain that was designed to drain every last drop from this diminishing and dying largest reservoir in the US.

The remaining water will keep Las Vegas Nevada partying till the last possible moment.

Even more dire is the official denial of the ongoing drought inducing covert climate engineering operations that are the core causal factor behind the unprecedented drought in the Western US.

This six minute video provides much needed information on the unfolding cataclysm surrounding the collapsing Colorado River water source.

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This would almost be funny
if it wasn’t so seriously tragic

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Dane Wigington
Geoengineering, Chemtrails
& The Australian Weather

Dane Wigington of joins us to discuss how governments are poisoning us through our skies, engaging in weather warfare and manufacturing a climate crisis, with a particular focus on what is happening in Australia.

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The Australian companies
manipulating our weather

For over five decades in Australia, the study of clouds, rain and the atmosphere has been largely hidden from the public, as a secretive network of government agencies and private business interests continue to manipulate the weather around us to their personal benefit.

Also – check out the
HAARP page

on this website

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it’s WAR
but who with?

Floods in Queensland AGAIN today –
they never seem to stop

Not just Australia – not just floods.

Fires, earthquakes, hurricanes

It seems the long-term plan is, by engineering weather to look like ‘natural’ disasters, large areas will become uninhabitable for a while, forcing people to move to more hospitable areas to survive.

People fleeing these areas will have to sell their properties, if the still have one, for pennies in the dollar.

They’ll move to ‘smart cities’ which have been created to accommodate them – where they’ll get to live in expensive high-rise shoe-boxes they’ll spend the rest of their lives paying for and won’t own when they die.

Plans for these ‘smart cities’ are well advanced here in Australia and probably elsewhere around the world.

When the oil-rig ‘Deep Horizon’ polluted most of an area of fishing in the south of the USA some years ago this caused almost the entire population to sell-up for nothing and re-locate when their fishing industry collapsed.

Video - click image

Tartarian Truthers

This video from the Tartarian Truthers girls gives an excellent example of how Australia’s under attack and why.

Smart Cities – all planned for 2035 – but first, you got to get rid of the people who already live where they want to build them. Fires/Floods – maybe other stuff to happen repeatedly until residents just move on. (Seems Newcastle area is intended to be a world-wide template).

A view of ALL their videos is recommended – none of them are very long but ALL are informative and a credit to these brave girls who uncover all sorts of Australian shenanigans over the years.

A lot of visits to their YouTube Channel
is recommended

Video - click image

Nikola Tesla revealed that an earthquake which drew police and ambulances to the region of his laboratory at 48 E. Houston St., New York, in 1898, was the result of a machine he was experimenting with at the time which.

“I was experimenting with vibrations.

I had one of my machines going and I wanted to see if I could get it in tune with the vibration of the building.

I put it up notch after notch.

There was a peculiar cracking sound.

I asked my assistants where did the sound come from.

They did not know.

I put the machine up a few more notches.

There was a louder cracking sound.

I knew I was approaching the vibration of the steel building.

I pushed the machine a little higher.”Suddenly all the heavy machinery in the place was flying around.

I grabbed a hammer and broke the machine.

The building would have been about our ears in another few minutes.

Outside in the street there was pandemonium.

The police and ambulances arrived. I told my assistants to say nothing.

We told the police it must have been an earthquake.

That’s all they ever knew about it.”

Then some shrewd reporter asked Tesla at this point what he would need to destroy the Empire State Building and he replied:

“Vibration will do anything. It would only be necessary to step up the vibrations of the machine to fit the natural vibration of the building and the building would come crashing down.

That’s why soldiers break step crossing a bridge.”

Tesla is the only person which after his death got raided by the FBI, they seized all of his blueprints, they cleaned out his room, closet, and even took his slippers.

His inventions have since then been perfected over this time.

They had all his blueprints and notes.

It would be naive think they did nothing with that information.

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The Great
Global Warming Swindle

The Great Global Warming Swindle caused controversy in the UK when it premiered March 8, 2007 on British Channel 4.

A documentary, by British television producer Martin Durkin, which argues against the virtually unchallenged consensus that global warming is man-made.

A statement from the makers of this film asserts that the scientific theory of anthropogenic global warming could very well be “the biggest scam of modern times.”

According to Martin Durkin the chief cause of climate change is not human activity but changes in radiation from the sun.

Some have called The Great Global Warming Swindle the definitive retort to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

Using a comprehensive range of evidence it’s claimed that warming over the past 300 years represents a natural recovery from a ‘little ice age’.

According to the program humans do have an effect on climate but it’s infinitesimally small compared with the vast natural forces which are constantly pushing global temperatures this way and that.

From melting glaciers and rising sea levels, The Great Global Warming Swindle debunks the myths, and exposes what may well prove to be the darkest chapter in the history of mankind.

According to a group of leading scientists brought together by documentary maker Martin Durkin everything you’ve ever been told about global warming is probably untrue.

Just as we’ve begun to take it for granted that climate change is a man-made phenomenon, Durkin’s documentary slays the whole premise of global warming.

“Global warming has become a story of huge political significance; environmental activists using scare tactics to further their cause;

scientists adding credence to secure billions of dollars in research money;

Politicians after headlines and a media happy to play along.

No-one dares speak against it for risk of being unpopular, losing funds and jeopardizing careers

Video - click image

The Dimming is pleased to announce the release of our ground-breaking documentary that conclusively exposes the existence of global weather intervention operations.

Global weather engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told.

Who is responsible for carrying out these programs?

What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed?

THE DIMMING documentary will provide answers to these questions and many more.

This is the most complete documentary regarding climate engineering operations.

Thank you for viewing and for notifying others of The Dimming film release.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count.

Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Dane Wigington

  AMG NEWS Article

click image for link to patent

Subliminal acoustic manipulation
of nervous systems


Experiments have shown that atmospheric acoustic stimulation of deeply subliminal intensity can excite in a human subject the sensory resonances near 1/2 Hz and 2.5 Hz.

The 1/2 Hz resonance is characterized by ptosis of the eyelids, relaxation, drowsiness, a tonic smile, tenseness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz that is used.

The observable effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include a slowing of certain cortical functions, sleepiness, and, after long exposure, dizziness and disorientation.

The finding that these sensory resonances can be excited by atmospheric acoustic signals of deeply subliminal intensity opens the way to an apparatus and method for acoustic manipulation of a subject’s nervous system, wherein weak acoustic pulses are induced in the atmosphere at the subject’s ears, and the pulse frequency is tuned to the resonance frequency of the selected sensory resonance.

The method can be used by the general public for control of insomnia and anxiety, and for facilitation of relaxation and sexual arousal. Clinical use of the method includes the control and perhaps a treatment of anxiety disorders, tremors, and seizures.

A suitable embodiment for these applications is a small portable battery-powered subaudio acoustic radiator which can be tuned to the resonance frequency of the selected sensory resonance.

There is an embodiment suitable for law enforcement operations in which a subject’s nervous system is manipulated from a considerable distance, as in a standoff situation.

Subliminal subaudio acoustic pulses at the subject’s location may then be induced by acoustic waves radiating from a venting acoustic monopole, or by a pulsed air jet, especially when aimed at the subject or at another material surface, where the jet velocity fluctuations are wholly or partly converted into static pressure fluctuations.

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