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What did you drop in for?

If it’s company and companionship
you’ve come to the right place

Probably, you’ve become ‘red-pilled’ – and seek more information about … everything

Likely, over a period of time, you became aware that something’s ‘going on’ in this world and have come to the conclusion that, after the insanity of the last couple of years, whatever it is, it doesn’t bode well for humanity globally.

Maybe you’ve come to realise that although the majority of humans on this planet think we’ve been living in democratically organised countries and that we’ve been relatively ‘free’ to make individual decisions about our life choices you now realise this is an illusion and, in reality, the entire world is more corrupt and controlled that any normal person could have possibly imagined.

Rather than be ‘free’ humanity is controlled, for all known history, by an invisible cartel which views us as nothing more than slaves to support it – including being it’s food when it suits.

It sees us as ‘cattle’
– to be harvested whenever it feels hungry –
– which is usually –

While we naively scrape every day just to stay alive in some kind of acceptable standard of living, others rob us blind and live lives of luxury – lives that we all contribute to to pay for.

Ironically, despite them needing us to support their existence the odd thing is, to them, we’re nothing more than ‘useless eaters’ taking up, (their), space on this Earth.

They have to assert complete control over us because, if we realise what they’ve been doing to us for so long there’s so many of us compared to them that if we choose to remove them there’s nothing they can do to stop us.

And they’ve decided, of late, there’s so many of us ‘waking up’ to them we present a danger to their control and they have to rid their world of the majority us to a manageable number.

And it’s time the Earth’s population
needs to be CULLED, (again),
and they’ve


You’ve probably come to realise that this cartel
gives us the illusion  we ohose our ‘leaders’ democratically.

We now realise, we haven’t – ever
and we NEVER have.

Instead, our govern-ments are filled
with their parasites they
and ALL OUR ‘GOVERN-MENTS’ are filled
with people they ‘selected’ not who we ‘elected’.

They cleverly did this by giving us the illusion they wanted to serve our communities
and begged us to ‘vote’ them into their positions of authority
and they would work for our communities with our best interests at heart.

Now, we discover they don’t work for ‘us’ 
at all and instead they work for the private corporations
that placed them in their positions – as it’s employees.

Instead, they work as to enrich themselves or gain power within the cartels
that put them into the positions they now fill in order to rob us to make profits for it.

And, instead of them being responsible to us
we are completely controlled by them
and  they’ve become so powerful
we don’t seem to be able to get rid of them.

We can’t ‘vote’ them out because
It makes no difference
who we ‘vote’ for – in fact it seems
unlikely our ‘votes’ are even counted.

And what’s described here is only the tip
of a much, much bigger iceberg.

The problem we have to face up to is so huge
it’s almost beyond belief to anyone other
than the most open-minded ‘awake’ truthers.

And it goes without saying that we’ll never
rid ourselves of the problems unless we
fully realise just how all-encompassing it is.

The pages in this website will attempt to illustrate
what they’ve been up to for, probably hundreds of years …

… what they’re up to now and what they intend
to get up to in the immediate future.

and … none of it looks good for the people of this world
no matter where you live.

There can be little doubt,
we’re in a battle between good and evil… a WAR
but you already know that, otherwise you
wouldn’t be reading this and if you didn’t know,
congratulations, you’ve just been ‘red-pilled’.

And trying to ‘vote’ it away isn’t going to do it – we’re past that.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve come to realise that if voting was actually important and made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.

But, maybe even worse, you can see a global population of people, still asleep to this, that seems to think that all the misery of pandemics, lockdowns, financial collapse etc. is a natural phenomenon that will all go away and their dull lives will return to ‘normal’ once ‘their government gets it fixed’.

Probably you now KNOW that
rather than be the solution
Government, including local councils,
are entirely the CAUSE of all our problems,
that they always have been
and always will be.

It could be, if you’ve really woken up,
you might have realised that the current state of affairs,
rather than be a unique situation controlling our lives
is in fact just the latest ‘event’ in a
worldwide history of similar ‘events’
that have been created throughout
our known, (and unknown), history.

You might know that this Cabal has been around for thousands of years and, for no other purpose than to keep their total control over us, they regularly and repeatedly use war, tyranny, debt and fear to stage events such as this – staffed by their leaders we thought we ‘voted’ into positions of authority but, in reality THEY installed.

Maybe time you recognise this is just the latest WAR
that’s just another WAR in a long list of WARS
they’ve created throughout ALL history
The difference is, this time, we’re AWAKE to their plans

But this knowledge alone won’t solve the problem
because all other wars they’ve always won!

Well, why wouldn’t they?
they always control BOTH sides.

We’ve got our work cut out for us to make sure they don’t win this one,
because if they do -pretty soon, NONE of our lives,
if we have one, or that of our families will be be worth living.

And it looks like this last war looks like it could be
in it’s end-game and the plans for us if we lose it.


and they don’t intend for
this time to be wasted.

If this is already clear to you well done!
You’ve become ‘Red-Pilled’

Or maybe this is just the start of your journey of enlightenment in which case
you’ve come to the right place – welcome to your new life.

Now your journey has started,
You can NEVER go back now, only forwards, but,
our late start could be the end of us.

There’s a whole mine of information to inform and educate on this website.

Spend some time here and bring yourself up to speed.

Tell others about this website

We didn’t create any of this material and have no vested interest in it or hidden agenda.

It’s been selected to alert you to alternative possibilities.

Do your own research.

We’ve only selected that which we perceive to be the best and most informative and simplest to grasp.

It’s not our intention to confuse, merely provide a place to discover, confirm or add-to what you’ve probably already suspected… everything you ever thought was the TRUTH in your life has almost certainly been a complete LIE … (and the proof of that statement is rapidly being revealed).

All history as we thought we knew it is FAKE –
and there’s PLENTY of evidence on this website to support this statement.

The Tartarian ‘Mud-Flood’ page
is a good place to start.

– then ask yourself –

around the 1850’s?

since about 1850, (about 6 GENERATIONS),


Could they have been ‘different’
from what we believe humans are?


Everything EVER taught to us by schools and Universities has been carefully crafted to support their narrative – THEY OWN THE SCHOOLS AND UNIVERSITIES AND DETERMINE THE MATERIAL TAUGHT – by ‘teachers’ who are paid to teach what THEY have been TOLD to teach and are punished if they don’t..

Parents who try and have a ‘say’ in what is taught are ignored, bullied – even prosecuted.

It’s no accident that students are trained to
We were not EDUCATED, we were PROCESSED

ALL RELIGIOUS scripts have been tampered with and re-written with massive omissions and additions to alter their message. (In plain sight – there’s 66 books in the Bible, you can’t make this up – they just can’t help themselves with the numerology in our faces).

Our HEALTH SYSTEMS – they’ve made us reliant on are overloaded with people made sicker by their expensive and ineffective treatments which are expensive, bloated, inefficient – and run by the companies that made the drugs that made us sick in the first place.

Go see a medical practitioner – they are pill dispensers, remunerated by the drug companies that manufacture the drugs they prescribe.

If you get an adverse reaction to the medications they prescribe they don’t stop prescribing them – they just prescribe different medications or additional medications to hide the symptoms of those causing the (new) problem.

If they don’t prescribe enough of these drugs, or they opt for natural remedies, they’d be closed down – their careers over – even imprisoned – for ‘malpractice’.

You know this – they make sure the ‘news’, (which they own), makes their fate public to warn other doctors not to consider making the same decision.

Our LEGAL SYSTEMSrather than be above reproach are now demonstrably corrupt and just set up to take money off of us and keep us under control.

… and on it goes.

Now you’re here
stay a while and check it out.

Some of you, today, are doubting
what you’ve done to fight this fight.

Some of you, today, are wishing you’d stepped up sooner.

Pushed back harder.

Fought more battles.

I’m telling you, you need
to give yourself more credit.

You’re here.

You didn’t get the vaccine.

You stopped wearing the masks.

You told your friends and family what you REALLY think.

You tried to help them see things too.

You might’ve lost friends.

Some of you lost spouses.

Some of you haven’t spoken to your children in far too long.

Some of you haven’t spoken to your siblings
or parents in far too long.

Not because you chose to, but because they left you.

They thought you’d lost your mind.

That you supported a “racist”.

That you peddled conspiracy theories.

That you were endangering their lives.

You’ve been kicked off platforms.

Some of you have lost your jobs or
been pushed so hard you had to find new ones.

Some of you have been fined,
harassed and even assaulted.

Yet you’re STILL here.

You’re fighting for the truth.

Your searching for the truth.

You don’t care how ugly it is.

No subject is off limits for you.

All you want to do is know what’s true and to be
left TF alone to live in your God given freedoms.

You pray.

Not just for yourself, but for your enemies too.

Your heart cries out in pain because you FEEL.

You still feel and you see the world suffering.

Give yourself credit.

You may not have gone to a protest.

You may not have called a congressman.

You may not have gone to a school board meeting.

You may not have sent money to someone in need.

But you ARE still here.

And you need to know that you matter,

And you are still making a difference.

Give yourself credit for that.
Just don’t go back to sleep now.

Don’t tune everything out.

Don’t get the jab.

Don’t wear the masks.

Stand your ground in the ways you’ve ALREADY done.

You’ve PROVED you can do it.

Keep doing it.
You know you’re on the side of truth and guess what?

That’s God’s side.

God made it clear that
we must always seek what is true.

Do you doubt the truth?

You know you don’t.

So don’t doubt yourself either.

You’ve got this.

We’ve got this.

But most of all, GOD’S got this!

Don’t give up now.

Keep your head up warrior.

You’ve done more and are still doing
more than you give yourself credit for.

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click image for video

about what’s
really going on

90 seconds to explain the reason
why the world is in such a state.

It didn’t ‘just happen!’
It’s been deliberately manipulated
to be this way.

While this video appears to be comedy
it must have been over the target
as the show was discontinued
after this episode.

Seems they want to

Here’s just some of
how they’re doing it.

This website might help you
with links to a MASSIVE amount
of selected information
and growing daily.

This is YOUR journey into enlightenment –
it’s time for us all to ‘grow a pair’,
take our own paths and take responsibility
for our own futures – no holdy-handy here.

Once you’ve got yourself sorted
you’ll be able to help others

Every day more people, (check out the background images), are beginning to realise that maybe the ‘conspiracy theorists’ may be on to something and that their theories which use to look like the fantasy of a lunatic might actually be conspiracy facts and many are well on their way on their journey of awareness.

Melbourne, alone, had nearly a million people
at a ‘Freedom’ rally one Saturday November 2021.

Imagine, that was about
20% of the population of Victoria.

There was so many people in the city there was nowhere for them to fit. A rally of this size hasn’t happened since the ’70s Anti-Vietnam war rallies.

A ‘Freedom Rally’ in on 12th. February 2022 in Canberra attracted, by reports, over 2 million people from all over Australia. That’s about 10% of the entire population of Australia who was prepared to get off their bums and support this. The genie’s out of the bottle and he’ll never go back.

If we’re going to win this war we can’t do it as individuals.

We’ll need to get people together to become alert themselves and discuss what’s going on, share notes and inform and educate others in an environment where they can do so with like-minded people without fear of derision or abuse.

And we’ll need them to get off their bums and get in and get dirty.

Continue down the rabbit hole on this website and see what you recognise – and don’t forget to visit the ‘Rabbit Hole’ channels on Bitchute with hundreds of videos carefully selected to inform and create an awareness about the illusion that has been created for us to live in by the monsters who control this world, (and they DO).

Seems these controllers are no longer willing to share this world with us and they want it ALL for themselves with us (mostly) gone.

Whether they get their way really depends on us universally – but their gloves are off – and so must ours be.

There’s a lot of people getting a massive ‘wake-up’ call.

Sadly, for many of them,
it will be far too late arriving.

The whole world has been POISONED

It isn’t a big step from here
to come to realise the
whole world
has been
deliberately POISONED

to suit their agenda
which is to make us totally
reliant on THEM for EVERYTHING.

Add that to the fact that …

They’ve poisoned our work ethic with WELFARE – PENSIONS
they can take away if we don’t conform

They’ve poisoned
the AIR we breathe,
the WATER we drink,
the non-stick UTENSILS we use to cook with,
the LIQUIDS we drink,
the LAND we live on,
the OCEANS we swim in
the FOOD we eat,
the MEDICATIONS they prescribe to us
the SEEDS we grow,
INSECTS that give them life

The whole world has been POISONED


Q. Where’s the best place
to dispose of a body?
A. In a cemetery

They import and manufacture
and supply the
you and your children buy
very often with money you give them
and kill yourselves with

That’s why the drug ‘trade’ has
never been closed down
and never will be.

Because the biggest drug importers and suppliers are the
same people we assume are ‘fighting’ to get rid of them.
The ones who can create, sell and profit from drugs
without scrutiny or recourse.


In the USA, the CIA was SET UP
to work with WITH China
and Mexican drug cartels
and Afghan opium suppliers
and Ukranian people traffickers

In the UK it’s MI6
presumably, in Australia, it’s ASIO

(You think DRUG companies only supply
aspirin or prescription medications?
They LEGALLY import ALL narcotics by insisting
they use them as ingredients for legitimate medications
and their mates in high places let them).

In early 2022, a ‘research’ facility in
Melbourne has just been sprung
importing deadly BIO-weapons from Ukraine
Bio-Lab facilities.

No explanation as to why they was imported
has been officially asked for or provided.
In fact the MSM hasn’t even reported on it.

It’ll come as no surprise to discover that the
main investors in drug companies are the
corrupt politicians owned by the cabal who let
the drug companies do pretty much what they like
even if what they sell are untested POISONS.

In fact, history has shown time and again
the ONLY testing that’s done is on US

They’ve poisoned the MEDICATIONS they sell us
which make us sicker and then they sell us more of their poisons
to cover the symptoms of the sickness they created

which make us sicker still so they sell us
even more poisons to alleviate the symptoms
of the poisons that are making us sicker still (dah!)

They don’t create CURES,

They HIDE that, for every
NATURAL illness,
there’s a NATURAL remedy –

Yin-Yang, plus-minus, positive-negative
it’s the law of the universe.

Even worse, they use their power to scoff NATURAL remedies,
and belittle, ban, vilify, mock, belittle, ridicule – even prosecute and imprison
and made out to be fakes those who want to use or recommend them.

There’s no profit in natural remedies
there no profit in ‘cured’ illnesses.
there’s no profit in healthy, thinking people.

They OWN the MEDIA industry (all of them)

They OWN and poison the MEDIA we watch or read or listen to,
and the music videos created to advertise it.

Our children get to see them on streamed TV
filed with cabal satanic imagery and
high-level sexual content –

all for the benefit of our children –

In fact, it’s our children they’re after –
easily compliant and impressionable,
getting no guidance from useless parents
or parents too busy working to spend time with them
who likely had no parenting themselves.

Todays children get stuck in front
of a TV to get
their life values
from TV ‘programming’
not their parents
who, probably, did the same.


They encourage children
to disrespect their parents

They want to destroy the
cohesion of healthy families

Whatever they put in the food causes young girls to
develop physically and and look years older than they actually are.

They encourage naive young children to turn themselves into
looking like sexually active young adults by painting their bodies
with toxic makeup and lipsticks and nail varnishes
to be like the ‘celebrities’ they’re taught to adore.

Children learn and experiment because of ‘peer-pressure’
from equally brain-dead people they mix with.

They all want to be like each other
and equally brain-dead parents let them.

Children are encouraged to expose themselves on social media
to lurkers they don’t know
using the mobile phones and cameras parents buy them
to keep them occupied, because you haven’t the time to.

Now they ‘re being encouraged to
change their sex into something different

the MORALITY and FAMILY VALUES we live by
(‘greed is good’ – divorce or worse is ‘normal’ –
‘trans’ marriages are ‘normal’
marriage and family commitment unnecessary
collecting children instead of creating them
both partners working instead of parenting).

There’s a theory that it take just 3 generations
to set a mentality and change how a society functions.

If you think there’s nothing wrong with
any of this
then there’s no hope for you.


They poison  ENTERTAINMENT we watch on TV,
MOVIES are all CREATED by the SAME companies
and have pretty much the same script.

THEY get to create and choose the content

TV shows, (and most advertising), 
follow a set formula.

violence, (which we’ve become de-sensitised to),
dis-functional  relationships, broken marriages
forcing both parties to be working leaving
the children with no parental guidance
for long periods of time,
violent or aggressive relationships –
including the alpha-male-hero being effeminate
and weak to his children and wife,
(despite leaving an impressive body-count
of aggressors who aren’t female or children),

Snotty rude kids who NEVER respect their parents,
(mostly daughters), and talk down to them, junior kids
who are smarter than their dumbed-down parents
who have no clue about how the world functions
outside their chosen career.

Same-sex ‘marriages’, drugs, any kind of violent law-breaking,
trans-everything, violence, torture, murder- or worse,
sexual deviancy, prostitution, child trafficking, slavery

… this list can go on but will now be familiar/obvious
to you as you think about movies/shows you’ve watched.

Nearly ALL of them have a HERO or SAVIOUR
who might get beaten around a lot
but always returns to save the day or
wreak terrible revenge on someone. 
(They always do, and we cheer them on).

Some even get a ‘franchise’ where they get to chase after
the SAME arch-enemy-villain over-and-over
but never quite catch them.

But consider … ALL shows are the same formula. 

Pick ANY show on TV, Movie – even advertising.  

We know how a movie is going to pan-out
even before we  start watching it but we still do. 

Admit it – we’re brain-dead.

We’ve been trained, as a society, to disrespect old people
– as if they have nothing to offer our society and are merely
a drain on our resources.

Yet these are the people who have something that can
only come with age – wisdom – and most will pass it on freely,
without any other agenda than to benefit anyone
who’s prepared to just listen.

This is probably why there is a concerted effort to kill
as many of them off as possible using covid
treatment as a cover.



These bodies are OWNED by the Cabal

they NEVER worked for us – and still don’t.

Many of the people in them are, in fact, TRAITORS
the others just don’t know who their bosses are
or care as long as they get a pay cheque.

Ironically, in reality, it’s the police, militaries and governments worldwide that are completely controlled by the cabal – think about it. What’s the point of trying to control the world and all the people in it if you have to go fight a war with each country’s military or police or government to get what you want.  Much easier to just own them all and just make out they’re working for the country. By the time people find out they’re NOT, it’s too late.

And how they do that is to make them all Freemasons – if you want to get on in the police or military, you must be in the ‘club’. But, if you’re in the ‘club’ they swear an oath to the ‘club’ which negates ANY oath they swore to protect the country or people in it.

Own the country’s government – it tells the military and police what to do.  Like right now.


These governments, are populated by people who begged us, (with all sorts of promises), to ‘elect’ them – give them a ‘go’. In fact, they FORCED us to by making voting COMPULSORY. (Imagine the absurdity of that. ‘This is a democracy and we’re a free people but you MUST vote’).

And in our usual apathetic and well-trained way, we believed them, and did just that. And voted ‘in’ either of a 2-party system. (Little did we know even if we hadn’t voted for either it wouldn’t have made the blindest bit of difference, both parties are the same and any ‘alternatives’ there might seem to be end up selling their souls to one if they actually get enough voted to make a difference, like the ‘Greens’).

Now, we find out that not only was the real intention of government ‘officials’ to wage war against us, we worked as slaves to pay them their ever increasing amounts to do it.

We funded their armoury and allowed them get on with their business of what appears to be genocide.

And, while we’re ‘locked down/closed down’ and in dire financial straits ourselves, they’re still getting paid IN FULL and giving themselves INCREASES on a regular basis.

And now, we realise, we can’t get rid of them or, if we appear to take one out, the casualty just gets replaced by a new face that simply carries on where the last one left off.

This just confirms what we’ve
suspected for many years.

That by just replacing the current government with a new one it doesn’t solve the problem as the new Government will just be a copy of whatever is moved out. (There’s more about this in the ‘Australian Traitors’ link).

And, to make it worse, the ones that go generally continue to get paid ever increasing amounts by us until they die, which could take forever – and the new one, (like we created a ‘clone’), just ADDS to the salary bill we fund.


Now they really DO ‘own’ us


They think up every tax, fine, levy, fee expense they can to ensure most of what we ‘earn’ is sent to them before we even see it. They ensure it’s loads of individual costs because if they took the 80% of our income in one hit we’d notice.

By keeping the taxes separate they get us to think the costs we incur are by the financial choices we make but if you manage to save any money, they’ll find a way to get it off of you in fees or taxes or levys or fines for non-compliance.

One day, a genius even thought of a way to get young people into debt even before they joined the workforce – it’s called ‘student’ debt. It’s no more than another tax on learning stuff other people know.


If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense, unless you think it’s OK for people to take ownership of knowledge, even if they got it for free.

It’s a life-lesson all by itself – ‘we know stuff,
if you want to know stuff we know you’ll have to

But, YOU must PAY US for it,
YOU can’t just have it for FREE,
(like WE did),
and if you can’t afford to pay us
we’re happy to LEND you the money.

It’s a common theme.

They convince us they own everything.

But, consider, land, air, water, food, electricity, gas.

It’s all there equally for everyone
belonging to no-one and
belonging to everyone equally
but, these days, to get them
you have to pay someone for them
because, somehow, they got to own them.

And we let this happen, so who’s to blame?

Now young people have to PAY to learn things to get them through life, ironically in higher-paid jobs that they’ll be taxed MORE doing.

They pay to get them then pay more in taxes if they keep them. They’ll at the very least spend many years paying it off in low-paid employment, if they ever do.

Young people should not have to pay for ‘education’.

 ‘Education’ is a birth-right and teaching and learning is a function of the human species on this Earth.

How many bright people miss out on an opportunity to excel because they can’t afford to pay for what should be free to those who want it.

And as a society we also miss out on their excellence.

Once in debt, people will do anything just to keep their ‘jobs’, like wear masks, (that someone is making a fortune manufacturing), or line up for medications using poisonous untested drugs, (over-and-over), without question.

And, the irony is, all these monies we pay end up in THE pockets of private corporations THEY OWN.

What we're experiencing now isn't a recent thing and it's been downhill ever since.


James Bond movies started in the early 1960’s.

In this movie (Dr. No),
the ‘hero’, James Bond – (the good guy),
executed the unarmed and defenceless ‘bad guy’
for no other reason other than he, (Bond), had the gun.

The image of the scene is above.

I was about 9 years old

I remember, it shook and confused me
how could the hero just
execute/murder an unarmed person?

It was my introduction to unnecessary violence,
and I’ve remembered this scene all my life.

And this HERO worship thing is really dangerous –
it DUMBS US DOWN into thinking
there’s always going to be a
mysterious entity out there that’s
going to ‘SAVE US’ from whatever’s
going on around us we have no control over.

It keeps us ‘dumbed-down’.

We don’t have to worry about fighting any battles ourselves
or looking for any kind of a solution when we encounter problems –
and if it all goes pear-shaped we don’t can blame it on someone else.

There’s always a hero going to fight out battles for us.
A knight in shining armour, the cavalry arriving at just the right time.

Just like the police sirens on movies,
or MILTARY force
(which always seem to arrive AFTER it’s all over).

Ask yourself WHY?

No prizes for the answer.
It’s because media creators are TOLD, if they want FUNDING
to make TV or FILM they MUST include this type of content
or characters by the organisation that provides the FUNDING.

And it’s no big guess who these
funding organisations are  owned by.
The corporations with all the money
that control the world.

No mention of Hollywood here
it’s a subject all by itself.

They OWN the FUNERAL industry

You can’t make this up.

The funeral industry is
mostly owned by

As of April 2022
the Funeral industry
is experiencing a
increase in ‘business’.

They kill us off then
profit from seeing us ‘off’.

The ‘Agent Smith’ effect

Programming – Brainwashing

The Tavistock Institute



(I’d been looking for somewhere to put this image
Here seemed like a good spot.)

It’s likely you now begin to see –
we as a species have got to FIX this – NOW!

But … herein lies a new problem you’re about to experience, if you haven’t already, and one you won’t be able to overcome easily.

It will leave you bewildered, frustrated maybe angry but certainly isolated.

This is a war the
like of which we’ve
never experienced before
and don’t now how to fight.

It doesn’t involve bombs and bullets
or invading armies.

This is a psychological war
and it uses fear, isolation,
anger and division
to get us fighting among ourselves.

The only way wars get won is when people, collectively, get together to fight them. The tactics of this enemy is to get us to do the opposite and fight amongst ourselves – and it appears to be winning in this respect.

If you don’t realise this yet,
consider this …

It’s likely you’ve probably tried to discuss or share your ideas with other people you know in order to warn or alert them – for no other reason than you care about them.

But, to your amazement, you often find the people that you try and discuss/alert/warn not only they don’t want to know what you have to say they may even become hostile towards you for trying and shun you from their lives.

This will include close friends, (with children), and even your own family.

You’ll leave them, baffled and bewildered not only by their indifference and inability to grasp the dire straits we’re/they’re all in but also their total disregard about how it will affect their families and the children they’re supposed to protect.

You may even find yourself apologising for trying to tell them.


it gets worse.

Because, likely, you’ve come to realise that
the current state of affairs is


You realise that no society can continue on survive with such divisions of people fighting amongst themselves or living in isolation and you can see yours and other societies of the world are headed for self-destruction.

You’ll recognise that whatever
(once again)
their plan is for our destruction
it has to be in it’s end-game
and that OUR time is running out.

You feel you want to at least TRY to DO something to help bring and end to the stampede towards the cliff that the society YOU live in seems to be on.

This is a lemming looking for a cliff.

Maybe you sense that Governments appear to be losing control of whatever it is they started and seem to be getting more and more frantic and unpredictable and the facades they created are falling.

More and more ridiculous mandates and rules are being issued on a daily basis, many are contradicting and confusing.

All you know is if you even, accidentally, break one it can incur a serious on-the-spot fine from a police ‘officer’ who cares little about whether the fine is legitimate or not.

This suggests whatever their failed ‘plan’ is, it must be nearing it’s endpoint and even though we’re not really sure what it is we agree it ain’t looking good for any of us and a fear is that by some perverse acts these people will try and inflict as much damage as they can on their populations, (us), on their way out.

Every day, they seem to be trying to impose MORE control; in an attempt limit their exposure to the revenge people will inevitably wreak once they realise what the true situation is and what these monsters have been doing to us for so long.

Could be, you’re feeling like
a walking leper colony.

But sooner or later you’ll come to realise that if you want survive yourself in order to be there when the reconciliation happens and be part of it and to have some kind of existence in this crazy world while you wait, your options are limited. …

  • 1. Surrender, capitulate to be ‘one of the crowd’. Ignore everything you stand for. Join them in their dumbed down lives and capitulate to THEIR useless existence – and experience the ultimate consequences.
  • 2. Move on from them stay quiet, keep your head down, say nothing to anyone.
  • 3. Stay true to your soul – and do whatever you have to do to follow that ‘path less travelled’.
  • 4. Find others like you to share your journey and travel that path with you.

But where do you find them?
It seems you’re on your own.

Maybe not

Let’s look at a possible
remedy to your sense of
isolation and frustration.

First – realise.

While it seems to you, and people like you, you appear to be a minority in a population that’s been cleverly trained to blindly follow the official narrative of the powerful controllers of this world without question.

They’ve been trained to label the ‘thinkers’ as ‘conspiracy theorists’ and instead of even considering information which could even save their lives they simply ridicule them and shun them from their lives like a leper.

But, rather than feel alone, it turns out, there’s demonstrably millions of people (probably billions, worldwide)), who are in EXACTLY the same situation as you – and they’re getting angry and restless.(Check the NEWS page for more about this).

These ‘conspiracy theorists’ will likely be trying to tell people THEY KNOW we’re at war – the most unconventional war we’ve ever experienced in the known history of our species and that it’s a global war that has no second place for the loser.

And they won’t be believed. Instead, they’ll be scoffed. (Imagine how David Icke’s theories were received 30 years ago).

The good news is, there’s a lot more people paying attention these days – it’s just that they’re not people you know – and you’ll not get to meet them because they’re staying out of sight too.

The start of a solution.
and if you can’t do this, you deserve what you get



(If it’s ‘free’ YOU are the ‘product’)

CANCEL NETFLIX and other streaming ‘services’



and attack each other

DO NOT USE GOOGLE to search for information



Instead find input from ‘alternative sources’ like
channels on MeWe, Telegram , Gab – others –
but be careful here too – paid trolls post propaganda
to send you in the wrong direction.

if you don’t do ALL of this, you’re wasting your time.

If you find you CAN’T cut them off,
if you’re joined-at-the-hip
to your mobile phone and
social media platforms,

you’re doomed, you’re a junkie
and they’ve ‘got’ you.

That’s it – all over for you.
Just like a drug-addict, you’re lost.

Probably you was one of the first to line up to have something squirted into you, that you’ve no idea what was in it and by someone you don’t know who they are – or ever will.

A genius, in your own mind.

Maybe not a good idea for you to be looking too deep into ‘alternative media’ to see massive amount of information about what this ill-informed ‘lifestyle’ choice may eventuate into for you. This gets even worse if you encouraged others or YOUR CHILDREN who trusted you with their safety, to do the same thing.


‘Caring’ parents did this

click image for video

Council for Foreign Relations
An exposé of Secret Societies

The Myron C. Fagan Files –
Satanic Plot To Enslave The World
Audio, PDF

Myron Coureval Fagan (October, 31 1887 – May, 12 1972) was a Jewish American writer, producer and director for film and theatre.

He arrived on Broadway in 1907, where he quickly became one of the youngest playwrights in American Theater.

Over the years, he worked in the theater with such luminaries as Alla Nazimova, Douglas Fairbanks, and John Barrymore.

He also directed plays for the top producers of the era such as Charles Frohman, David Belasco and others.

Fagan also became the dramatic editor of The Associated Newspapers.

Many of the actors including Humphrey Bogart, Brian Donlevy and Robert Ryan whom Fagin directed or who appeared in his plays or screen adaptations later became stars in Hollywood.

In the mid 1940’s Fagin launched a one-man crusade against what he claimed was a “Red Conspiracy in Hollywood.”

Out of this crusade would come the Cinema Educational Guild.

The culmination of this crusade would be the 1947 congressional hearings where more than 300 famous stars, writers, and directors from Hollywood, Radio, and TV were investigated, many of whom were blacklisted as Communists.

These hearings resulted in the imprisonment of the Hollywood Ten.

and Council on Foreign Relations – PDF

Video - click image

Kennedy tried to warn us
in 1961

but we ignored him
and the Cabal ensured
he didn’t get a second chance

Click on the image below to see what he said
on the very day of his inauguration


Click image for video

Raymond Reddington

introduces the Cabal to the Media

(and the rest of the world)

in ‘The Blacklist’

The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series
that premiered on NBC on September 23, 2013

When this series first came out it was creepy.

Watching it today it’s
almost a documentary.

This episode Reddington, (James Spader),
introduces to journalists
The Cabal – Deep State –
New World Order almost perfectly.

Raymond “Red” Reddington, a former US Naval Intelligence officer who had disappeared twenty years earlier to become one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, surrenders himself to FBI Assistant Director Harold Cooper at the J. Edgar Hoover Building in Washington, D.C.

Taken to an FBI “black site,” Reddington claims he wishes to help the FBI track down and apprehend the criminals and terrorists he spent the last twenty years associating with individuals that are so dangerous and devious that the United States government is unaware of their very existence.

Click on image for video


The MSM – Main Stream Media
did NOT report that a freedom rally
in Canberra attracted up to about
10% of Australia’s population

Maybe it’s time we got a bit ANGRY about the media’s BS

If you read this and it doesn’t make you angry – angry enough to either want to do something about it or to try and prove all this wrong, there’s no hope for you or your family.


Go ahead
challenge this!
Prove us wrong!
 (we’d like that).

Has it become clear to you yet – main stream media (MSM) and social media works for the machine that’s destroying our lives and world daily. It’s owned by the same people that are deliberately creating the problem.

Rather than report that nearly 1 million people attended a recent ‘Ani-Lockdown’ rally in Melbourne on the weekend, (and that tens/hundreds of thousands of people attend rallies EVERY weekend around Australia and the rest of the world), and why.

Instead, MSM will be reporting on important stuff like what the Kardashians had for breakfast, someone you’ve never heard of has just got in divorced, a recipe for meatloaf or a paradise travel location no-one can go to. These two, below, are ‘no longer friends’.

Does anyone GAF? Who ARE they anyway?

MSM news is SILENT that people are losing their jobs and business because government mandates decree prevent business from opening or operating.

And governments are ‘in’ on it – they OWN ALL politicians.

People are going broke, losing their homes, committing suicide because of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse as they try and cope with what’s going on, out of their control – and MSM is ‘reporting’ people you don’t know are ‘no longer friends’ – and we keep paying them to do it.

MSM is also quick to report latest misery mandates, designed to protect us, and what a good job governments are doing to control these ‘recent’ problems – generally giving the impression that an end is in sight – to create false hope so we won’t rise up against them.

Two years after a 14 -day lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ and there’s still NO end in sight – and there never will be, there was never meant to be.

Where is MSM reporting on the complete failure of governments world-wide to do ANYTHING useful? It never will – the media is owned by those who are responsible for all of this.

They’re at WAR with us – and it’s time for even the dimmest of people to at least start to recognise that – and join in with others to combat those who want to annihilate the people on this planet, which included them and their family.

Why can’t everyone see this?
we’ve all been brainwashed since we was born.

TV – ask yourself, why are they called ‘programs
and their structure ‘programming’?

They’ve been planning this time for hundreds/thousands of years.

Their ultimate end is our demise, their time is NOW  and we won’t be able to stop them unless we choose that Red Pill.

While you’re at it, why not grab a handful of Red Pills and give them to others.


you thought you knew
about this world is true

Every one of the items mentioned on this page opens up a whole new can of worms about the lies, deceit, treason – WAR we’ve been living in since the day every single one of us was born, our parents was born, and back for HUNDREDS / THOUSANDS of years before that

Probably for ALL of our Earth’s known history

It’s pretty clear now, entire civilisations in the past have been COMPLETELY ERADICATED by these monsters many times before – the last time as recently as about the year 1800-1850 and that our history books and everything we’ve been taught have been re-written to hide this.

It could be, they’ve at least attempted to do it again
but we think we’re going to make it this time round
if for no other reason, for us,
it would already have been over by now.
One way or another this mess is
unsustainable and has to end soon.

You owe it to yourself and the people you love to at least bring yourself up to speed on what’s been going on throughout history and what it may mean for us – right now.

Follow the topics below – down a much deeper rabbit hole.

In the meantime, visit us often
there’s new content being added
and will continue to be
until all this is over.

If you have content or links
that can add to this website,
send them to us.


Don’t let your
guard down

The monsters will soon be back
for another go!

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