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Witch-hunts in mid-millennial Europe
were inextricably linked with
concerns over climate change.

This was the era of the Little Ice Age, the period that roughly spanned from 1300 to 1850 during which the Northern Hemisphere experienced exceptionally cold winters.

The frigid weather violently disrupted harvests in Europe, especially the grain harvest.

Following particularly cold periods in the 1500s, it took 180 years for grain harvests to return to their previous levels.

The result, was ‘a long-term, continent-wide agricultural crisis’.

And this led to a staggering spike in witch-hunts.. ‘the accumulation of bad harvests and the constant fear of famine and illness’ led to the rise of ‘a particularly cruel collective hysteria: witch trials’.

Thousands of women, and occasionally men, were burnt for their alleged role in stoking contrary weather, in causing climate change.

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Professor Ian Plimer
renowned Australian Geologist
discusses real-science
behind climate change

If you haven’t seen it yet,
here’s a recent interview with a real climate expert,
Professor Ian Plimer from Australia,
on how there is no such thing as a climate crisis.

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