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April – 1 – 2024

The forced release of EPSTEIN LIST is much more than a list.

IT’S A DATA DUMP with thousands of pages that will be released.

MSM is reporting 800 pages, conservative news is reporting over 1500 pages and alternative media is reporting over 3000 pages of data and information from the court report, logs, police reports and witnesses full testimony……


BEHIND THE SCENES; White Hats are painting a picture for the American people and world that the [ EPSTEIN] CORRUPTION is connected to a world pedophile, human trafficking extortion ring and even greater is the connection that WILL lead to world money laundering system through [EPSTEIN] Israel, cia.mi6 , EU & U.S. military intelligence agencies.

This is just the beginning of the and is opening the doors to the CIA Pentagon Corruption system.

This was always the *PLAN …



White Hats are painting a picture for the world…

And the continuing EXPOSURE is going to lead and EXPOSE a controlled Military COUP over the U.S. government and elections. Including several countries across the world.

I have been telling you for a long time these events were coming and was going to happen.

Well it’s happening and growing.

You think it’s coincidence that Q military intelligence operations was the first to bring EPSTEIN into the Exposure on a world scale with hundreds of millions of ANONS and World Patriots searching for data on EPSTEIN


Pentagon is in major panic as their corrupt system and institution is inside a collapse and more data is coming and going to be dumped.

As the world gave up on EPSTEIN i have been telling what was going to happen and how it was going to connect to all branches of the government, Hollywood. Entertainment Industry.

Do you think it was coincidence that I told you the black community was being guided to expose the music and entertainment industry?

Do you think it was coincidence that I told you P Diddy was connected to massive pedo ring, sex extortion ring?

I gave you this information long ago and told you this would connect to the killings of Tupac and planned Black on Black hate/wars created through the music industry controlled by the CIA and Elites.

NOW you have MAJOR celebrities, musicians exposing P Diddy for sex extortion, pedophilia and sexual assault.

The truth is getting stronger as major forces come together and start to EXPOSE WILL SMITH having sex with men and being part of a male prostitution Elite ring (more is going to drop on Smith)

Sean P Diddy Combs killed his child’s mother Kim Potter, she had evidence P Diddy was part of a satanic cult and she had found him having sex with young boys and she knew about the killings at these elite parties.

She wanted to come forward but she was killed…

But new evidence will emerge in the year of P Diddy connection to sex extortion ring and the CIA and to [EPSTEIN]


White Hats operations have given the green light to Hollywood White Hats to go after OPRAH WINFREY her connection to the CIA, Harvey Weinstein, [Epstein] financial ring and the Clintons human trafficking ring will be EXPOSED in the next months…

Right now in Hollywood and on the Internet celebrities are attacking Oprah and exposing her control over the black actors and black entertainment community.

(Oprah was PLANTED by the CIA and Hollywood elites to take control of the black communities and unite them under the DNC and liberal agendas) …

In the next coming Months White Hats are going to connect JP MORGAN, Goldman Sachs Wells Fargo Blackstone BLACKROCK to A FULL CORRUPTION SCANDLE that is connected the Pentagon the CIA (Rockefellers + ELITES)

Why is the U.S. so important to world freedom?

Why is the U.S. 1st amendment important?

In order to free the world from the DARPA/ CIA ( Rockefellers/ Rothchilds) DAVOS + operations.

The fall of the Cabal must start from the U.S. and exposure of the Corrupt system

The United States is the child of Europe, the Elites corruption system of KAZARIAN money through fake stolen Jewish identity (kazars who became into Judaism through political movements) who help create the U.S. financial institutions.

The Rockefellers and Rothchilds both from South Germany help create the U.S. financial corrupt system with JP Morgan and their powerful control over the military industrial complex system, DARPA CIA and corrupt military intel networks controlled large portion of the world banks institutions and deep state cabal networks.

From the United States the CIA overthrew over 70 countries and installed central banking systems and democratic governments loyal to the cabal globalist regimen.

The European people can not overthrow the deep state and cabal in their own countries as all operations come from U.S. and Elites through military deep state operations that ratify all revoluts, in prison , kill ,torture out infiltrate movements that are against the CABAL deep state regime and agenda operations.

Countries through Europe and most of the world do not have the weapons to fight against the deep state military in moments of totalitarianism/military forced controlled by the world ELITES syndicates regimen.

The last final stance and hold out in the Western world that can over through the CABAL, deep state CIA DARPA/ [ DS] MIL. regimen is the citizens of the United States who is the only country in Armed with over 120% of guns per 100 people ratio in the world.

This is why the 1st amendment is vital to U.S. citizen and freedom the United States enacts upon the world is important, as over hundred million armed free Americans can defy the absolute totalitarianism agendas by the UN+CIA+DAVOS+world globalist plans to enslave humanity into a one nation world with never ending wars, depopulation agendas and infinite virus and mind control operations through continuous CHAOS EVENTS, where the globalist with deep state military network control the Order out of chaos dark evil control over world society.

It is vital the EXPOSURE of the corruption of CABAL deep deep regimen in the United States be exposed on U.S. soil and bring down the houses of the CABAL fraction began in the United States.


As the United States stands up for freedom armed to defend their family, life and country..

The Vibrations is felt across the oceans as the European people also stand strong against the Their corrupted Cabal deep state Systems.

We are all United across the world to bring down the Globalist operations hidden and known that is oppressing our societies across the world.

It is time now in the year of 2024 world United open Revolution begins against the deep state infrastructure and behind the scenes the heart of light of creation is guiding Military Alliance operations to activate society to fight for there God given freedom.

It must look like the citizens of the world fought for their freedom and the military only intervened at the end on the behest of the suppressed nations under Totalitarian government corrupt control and Agendas.


The Alliance military operations have already brought down the Globalist…

You are only watching and experiencing the ending SCENES of the military operations unfolding in overt operations and continuity of government control and DEVOLUTION OPERATIONS



But still you must rise and be part of the revolution in you countries and go through the dark part of moments of world collapse, coming martial laws.

And near civil war events.

To understand their full control over humanity
and keeping them controlled tied to the big lie.

By using the churches and religions as a means of control and implementing a belief system and rules.

Along with the nanotechnology and the illusions behind Operation Paperclip and the Reptilians, using their puppet world leaders, pastors, priests and popes.

Look behind every “patriot” that “promotes” religion and then see why the deep state used the media to always promote a negative view using them as crisis actors.

With the system’s Artificial intelligence to make stories with certain keywords as their 4am China talking points that was disseminated thru their media channels.

The start of the documentary was in 1999, referring to our Q drop #1082. Look at the worldwide events unfolding after COVID-19’s “15 Days To Slow The Spread” in a mirror of linear time.

Connecting the worldwide events in a reverse order is the DECLAS of Reptilian and Grey enslavement.

It has always been them, behind the Veil of religion – concealing their Galactic slave farming of Adrenochrome and Pineal Glands.

Our Q post #1455 and my message 11.N detail the COVID-19 Live Military Exercise markers and locations.

These cone markers pinpoint businesses, religious centers, medical facilities, arenas, schools and Government buildings of underground tunnels, entrances, exits and D.U.M.Bs.

A massive dark world is being exposed and My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫

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“What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people. January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again…

This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.“*1

January 20th 2017 was the death of the Deep State and the beginning of the rebirth of a Constitutional Republic long forgotten about.

President Donald J. Trump delivered an inaugural address so powerful that it sent the political establishment and its legacy media bullhorn reeee-ing off a cliff.

But for the millions of patriotic Americans throughout our country, we knew that the Inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States was life changing.

And looking back, his words continue to ring true, and his promises made continue to be kept.

Early in Trump’s speech, you hear him thanking his presidential predecessor Barack Obama, and visually you see the camera cut to an Obama close up.

That is, however, only the recording of that day’s events that the mainstream narrative wants you to see.

There does exist, a different video angle of that speech, one that was not live broadcasted that day and requires some digging on the internet to find.

This alternate angle provides meaningful and critical foreshadowing of events to come.

The speech begins at the 28:58 mark.

At about 45 seconds into his speech you can see the two Servicemen behind him guarding the entryway, shift their positions.

And as Trump continues with his speech, the camera changes angles.

The live broadcast immediately cut to Obama, but at this angle, you can see that at 1:17 into his speech that more Servicemen approach the stage, and gather behind Trump.

This moment was unprecedented.

Never before during an inaugural speech had Americans seen such an overt show of force quite like this.

For a brief moment our new President was surrounded by Servicemen as he gave his Inaugural Address.

They were gone as quickly as they came, like ghosts. If you blinked… or if the camera cut to a different angle… you would have missed them.

But as Trump said his next lines.

“Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning.

Because today we are not merely transferring power from one Administration to another, or from one party to another – but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the American People.”

He was surrounded by members of our great Armed Forces.

Men from the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines were all visible.

But what really stood out is the Military Intelligence Serviceman to the left, and a Judge Advocate General to the right.

Almost as if it wasn’t just our new 45th President that had just declared a transfer of power from DC to the American People, at that moment he was the voice of our Armed Forces as well.

How many times have you heard the phrase …

How many times have you uttered those words yourself?

And while you might believe you know exactly what that phrase means and represents, there is a section of our military that little is known about, but is so unbelievably crucial to that phrase’s mere existence.

Operators that hide in the shadows, at the tip of the spear, they are everywhere and they are nowhere all at once.

Some might even say they don’t exist.

But they are very real, and if you have stayed with me, with us, on this Reconstitution journey thus far, you might be feeling betrayed.


Angry that you have been living in merely an illusion of a free country.

A simulation of the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

We know this because we feel that way too.

But we can assure you that the brave men and women you will read about next, feel 17 times more betrayed, more hurt, and more angry.

The President of the United States has his own personal army of secret loyal soldiers, ghosts that operate beyond the scope of every other conventional and unconventional force alike.

And the full reign of the President-King has shown to abuse these soldiers’ loyalty time and time again.

For a brief moment in time, on January 20th 2017, Donald Trump gave these ghosts a voice.

You know of their victories, because they’ve had countless wins.

They’ve Captured or Killed America’s enemies over the last 20 years. Pablo Escobar, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden.

But the praise can never be awarded to them.

You will never see these silent operators receive televised funerals or celebrations, you will never see them at all.

They don’t exist.

Their selfless service, their sacrifice, their wins and their losses, all go unnoticed, unappreciated and unrecognized by most everyone.

Out of necessity, and by design.

ISA Insignia

A pretty biblical motto for any group to attach to themselves, let alone a top secret army that exists within the shadows of US Special Operations Command, SOCOM, for short.

But that is the exact motto
of what will be referred to as
The Activity”.

They’ve gone by many names, always changing to protect their intense secrecy.

Task Force Orange, The Intelligence Support Activity, The Army of Northern Virginia, Field Operation Group, Mission Support Activity, Tactical Concept Activity, and have operated under various code names: Grey Fox, Optimize Talent, Grantor Shadow, Quiet Enable… the list goes on and on.

Whatever you call them, or don’t call them, they are among America’s most elite, most secret, most skilled and most incredible….

If not THE most… intelligence unit to ever exist, or not exist.

Their other motto: Veritas Omnia Vincula Vincent- Truth Conquers All Bonds, is a telling representation of who they are and what they stand for.

You know their work, even if you don’t know them.

They’ve been the men and women behind every major counterterrorism mission the US has conducted over the last 20 years.

In short: They kill bad guys, including Osama Bin Laden.

Well, maybe not exactly… they Find and Fix their target and set up the environment that allows the two most elite operating units to ever exist… Delta and SEAL Team 6… to Finish the job and kill bad guys.

Together, Delta, Seal Team 6, and The Activity, make up the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) – The President’s Army

Secret military units and operations are nothing new, and ever since the founding of our country, presidents have always had access to their very own secret armies and spies.

In fact, we can date this all the way back to 1776 with Thomas Knowlton, a soldier whose valiant efforts while fighting during The Battle of Bunker Hill was recognized by his superiors and Congress promptly promoted him to Lieutenant Colonel.

Shortly after, President George Washington asked Knowlton to form a special Army Detachment that would carry out reconnaissance missions during the Battle of Harlem Heights.

The unit, known as Knowlton’s Rangers, is considered to be the predecessor of the Special Missions Units (SMUs) of today, the first secret spy unit, and the first intelligence organization in the United States.

“The Date 1776 on the modern U.S. Army’s intelligence service seal refers to the formation of Knowlton’s Rangers.” *2

“Knowlton’s Rangers, who are often also considered the first ‘elite’ unit of soldiers, performed dangerous secret missions for General Washington. *3

George Washington was quite fond of having his own secret armies.

A few years later in 1778 he ordered Major Benjamin Tallmadge, Washington’s head of the Continental Army Secret Service, to create a top secret spy ring in New York City.

The Culper Ring is known as the foundation of Military Intelligence. Known as Washington’s Secret Army, they took orders directly from President Washington.

The forerunner to the NSA, The Culper Ring was completely secret, and the mere existence of the unit was not even made public until over 150 years later in 1939.

They relayed coded messages published in newspapers and even used invisible ink.

“Over time the codes became so complex that Tallmadge even created a pocket dictionary that included the lists of verbs, nouns, people and places with corresponding code numbers” *4

“The information collected and passed on by the ring from 1778 to war’s end in 1783 concerned key British troop movements, fortifications and plans in New York and the surrounding region.

Perhaps the group’s greatest achievement came in 1780, when it uncovered British plans to ambush the newly arrived French army in Rhode Island.

Without the spy ring’s warnings to Washington, the Franco-American alliance may well have been damaged or destroyed by this surprise attack.” *5

The list of President’s and their secret armies is endless, we could write an entire series based on those units alone, so for the sake of telling the story of Reconstitution, let’s fast forward a bit to 1941…

…But wait, before we do… We’d like to briefly tell you about President Abraham Lincoln’s secret spy ring.

Because the fruits of their success will later be known as one of the many nicknames given to The Activity.

Lincoln was a big fan of clandestine operations and secret intelligence.

He himself commanded an entire network of spies during the Civil War, there is even a book written on the matter titled Lincoln’s Spies: Their Secret War to Save a Nation. In 1863 an intelligence unit was established within the Army of the Potomac (AKA Lincoln’s Army) that aided in the eventual surrender of General Robert E Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia (There’s the nickname).

The Bureau of Military Information (BMI) was headed by Colonel Joseph Sharpe, one of Lincoln’s very own secret spies, who would conduct covert missions disguised as one of the Confederate Army soldiers.

Although the unit disbanded at the end of the Civil War, its operations can be traced to the Office of Naval Intelligence est. in 1882, then to the Military Intelligence Corp est. in 1885, which would eventually go on as the direct predecessor of the present day United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).

Which just so happens to have been the first home of The Activity before it was moved to JSOC.

The Signals Intelligence or SIGINT branch of BMI known as Signal Corps, continued on in complete secrecy after BMI’s disbandment and is still a vital component of the Intelligence Community today.

…now on to 1941

As the headless 4th branch of Government grew, so did their secret armies.

Presidents were growing accustomed to having their own personal assassins and spies at their disposal.

In 1941 Roosevelt created the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI):

The office of the Coordinator of Information constituted the nation’s first peacetime, non-departmental intelligence organization.

President Roosevelt authorized it to collect and analyze all information and data, which may bear upon national security: to correlate such information and data, and to make such information and data available to the President and to such departments and officials of the Government as the President may determine; and to carry out, when requested by the President, such supplementary activities as may facilitate the securing of information important for national security not now available to the Government. *6

COI was predominately tasked with collecting intelligence, putting out propaganda, and conducting covert operations.

This is the organization that brought about one of the pioneers of the political propaganda bullhorn: Voice of America.

However, due to ongoing conflicts within the organization on whether its propaganda operations should be used for tactical military operations or for “public influence”, COI was dissolved and its functions were quickly separated into two new organizations one year later in 1942.

The first being the Office of War Information, which took over the public influence functions and preceded the United States Information Agency (USIA) est. in 1953, and its functions would later be absorbed into the State Department by the Clinton Administration in 1999.

The second, and more important,
was the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

The OSS was a powerhouse. Combining all previous covert and intelligence functions of each separate military branch.

Providing an organization that would house Human Intelligence (HUMINT), the Signal Corps SIGINT functions, Special Operations covert paramilitary functions, psychological operations(PSYOPS), and espionage all under one roof.

If Knowlton’s Rangers and Culper Ring were the ancestors of SOCOM, OSS would be the grandfather.

The organization’s spearhead logo is still used by SOCOM today.

Unfortunately, President Truman issued Executive Order 9621 shortly after WWII, terminating the OSS and once again splitting its functions.

Here is where the grips of the headless 4th branch start showing signs of bruising.

The espionage, counterintelligence research and analysis functions would be taken over by the State Department.

And in 1947 the National Security Act brought us the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which took over OSS’s covert paramilitary and covert intelligence functions. OSS essentially splintered into good vs evil – operations being carried out by those who swore an oath to protect us on one side, against those who only ever seemed to protect themselves.

There is a super secret unit embedded deep within the CIA that is the direct predecessor of the paramilitary functions of OSS.

The Special Activities Center (SAC) we mention them because SAC houses two Special Operation groups, one seemingly on the “right side” and one on the “wrong side.” the Special Operation Group (SAC/SOG) which works directly alongside JSOC and can be directly tasked by the President.

This coupling of the CIA and JSOC units are known as Omega Teams. And the Political Action Group (SAC/PAG) a PSYOP covert activities group that engages in political influence, economic warfare and cyber warfare.

Some of their specialties include forcing election results, public influence, financial support to their favored candidate, political organizing efforts, counter advertising campaigns and just all round public influence to achieve a certain outcome in an election.

Come to think of it, doesn’t that sound a lot like ANTIFA?

The splintering and compartmentalization of both our intelligence apparatus and covert operations by the growing headless 4th branch has acted like a shattered mirror.

Their fractured reflections in the broken pieces are scattered throughout the agencies and organizations we have grown up believing to have our best interests in mind, when really they are just mirages of a power hungry President-King, who by 2001 had just begin to reach his final form.

Embedded in all of this splintered mess are our soldiers; our brothers, our sisters, sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, that swear an oath to faithfully defend our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and to obey the orders of the President.

We are about to find out what happens when that very President becomes the enemy they swore to protect us against.

The Units

Our country has been overrun by corruption for the greater half of the last century.

Presidents with questionable ethics relentlessly experimented with new ways to use and abuse the power given to them for the short amount of time they’re elected into office.

Whether originally by design from a foreign terrorist entity, or just by human nature, they have mutated and diseased the elected office of the presidency into a monarchy, which was never its intent.

Throughout the Cold War, presidents have manipulated the rank of commander in chief, and formed their own secret armies, to protect their throne and kill or capture their enemies.

That’s the problem right there. THEIR enemies. Potentially not even enemies to America at all, but more like a crime boss pursuing a personal vendetta.

This has gotten an exorbitant amount of soldiers, operators, civilians, and even presidents killed.

By the time the “War on Terror” kicked off with the horrific terrorists attacks on the twin towers in New York City, the throne of the President-King was already in full swing, as well as the formation of his own personal royal assassins.

The modern day history of the President’s Army starts in the 1970’s with the creation of a short lived elite Green Beret unit named Blue Light.

In the wake of Vietnam there was a growing terrorist threat against the United States emerging across the globe.

Finally understanding the need to counter that threat, the U.S. Military agreed to Colonel Charlie Beckwith’s relentless demands to create an elite Counterterrorism Unit which could exist outside the purview of Special Forces and combined the existing skills of all Military branches.

Beckwith was given 24 months to complete this task.

The Green Berets however, did not want to wait that long.

And during those 24 months, 5th Special Forces Group formed America’s very first Counter-terrorism unit, Blue Light.

The new unit — Blue Light — was staffed with commandos brought in directly from 5th Special Forces Group’s 2nd Battalion into a subordinate unit.

There, they would be trained in an array of skills necessary for counter-terrorist mission and be readied for real-world operations*7

Meanwhile, Beckwith was still pushing forward organizing and training the Counter-terrorism unit that he was tasked with creating. And in 1977, 1st Special Forces Operation Detachment- Delta (SFOD-D) was born.

Delta Force Insignia

Delta Force predates not only JSOC, but all of USSOCOM entirely. Known as the original Tip of the Spear, their primary focus is on Counterterrorism, Direct Action missions, hostage rescues and raids on High Value Targets (HVTs).

While Blue Light existed within the existing Special Forces command structure, Delta Force circumvented Special Forces altogether, bypassing all organized command structures and reporting directly to the National Command Authority (aka the President and Secretary of Defense), and were given free rein of recruits, including from Blue Light itself.

The creation of Delta Force rendered Blue Light essentially useless altogether and in 1978, the short lived unit was disbanded.

But Former Blue Light officers played a part in Delta’s first mission.

Which is also where the first instance of the abuse and misuse of these elite operators begins.

Operation Eagle Claw

During the nights of April 24th and 25th in 1980, or two “periods of darkness” as JSOC would later use to describe their hours of operations, Delta Force set out on its first official mission alongside the CIA’s paramilitary team (SAC/SOG), rescuing hostages being held captive in a U.S. Embassy in Tehran.

The operators of Delta Force, also known as The Unit, Task Force Green within JSOC, and in later years Combat Applications Group (CAG) and then Army Compartmented Elements (ACE), are “masters at the dark arts of counter terrorism.

The unit’s operators are highly skilled in sniping and close quarters combat (CQB), dynamic and covert entry, explosives and hand-to-hand combat.” *8 

But at its inception, these elite operators were commanded by conventional commanders, and the full spectrum of their unconventional skills were poorly used with lackluster results.

This was exactly the case during Operation Eagle Claw.

Every branch of the Military wanted a piece of the action, resulting in mismanagement, confusion, and mixed intelligence.

That overt, “all hands on deck” mindset, along with faulty withheld intelligence from the CIA, and some seriously messed up helicopter malfunctions, resulted in the entire mission being aborted, casualties, and zero successful rescues of the hostages.

While Operation Eagle Claw outlines the abhorrent misuse of the spectacular skill and attention to detail that these operators endured, the failed mission was not for nothing.

As we outlined in our previous article The 47 Ronin, the ashes of Eagle Claw spawned a multitude of even more clandestine super powers in its wake. No longer would it need to pull helicopters, pilots and aircraft from the Air Force, Rangers and supporting task forces from the Army; SEALs, and reconnaissance from the Navy, and no longer would it fully rely on intelligence and surveillance from the CIA.

While the mission was deemed a failure, the legacy born out of Eagle Claw endures today.

The events of April 24, 1980 highlighted the need for compatibility and interoperability between the United States’ various special operations components, thus creating Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.,” *9

And like feeding a Mogwai after midnight, Delta Force now suddenly had a handful of other highly skilled, elite specialty units working alongside them to ensure mission success.

The Night Stalkers, The Activity, Seal Team 6 and of course JSOC are all direct results of the Eagle Claw failure.

Together, along with The Unit and later, the 24th Special Tactics Squadron, these Tier 1 Special Mission Units would soon become the invisible army on the front lines of an invisible war, fighting an invisible enemy, and changing the course of America’s future forever.

160th SOAR insignia

160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (160th SOAR), also referred as The Night Stalkers, are known for their unique ability to fly completely blacked out helicopters, in the darkest of nights, equipped with only the glow of night vision and infrared technology through the most dangerous low level terrains. In JSOC they’re known as Task Force Brown.

A rapid response aerial task force that acts as a sort of taxi service for JSOC, the Night Stalkers solved the aviation problems that stunted Delta during the Eagle Claw mission.

The pilots and crews of this elite unit excel in navigating through enemy territory, at very low altitude flying “nap-of-the-earth” and often in foul weather.

The Night Stalkers hide under the cover of darkness in order to avoid being detected by the enemy.

Using the latest night-vision technology and tactics that allow them to fly low-level, the 160th SOAR specializes in delivering special operations forces safely into some of the most dangerous places in the world, whether in an enemy’s backyard or a high altitude mountain hideout.

They are experts at executing high-risk, low level reconnaissance, attack and air assault missions*9

SEAL Team 6 logo

SEAL Team 6, the Frogmen, later known as the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, or DEVGRU, work alongside Delta as the largest and most elite hostage rescue and counterterrorism unit in all of Special Forces.

They’re also the most secretive. While Delta can recruit operators from all branches of the military, including SEALs, DEVGRU only recruits within its own Navy ranks.

Their history is murkier and less clean cut than Delta’s to say the least, but that only adds to their mystery.

They are known inside JSOC as Task Force Blue. A creation of the infamous Commander Richard Marcinko, and with only two other SEAL teams in existence at the time “Marcinko called the new group SEAL Team Six, supposedly because he hoped Soviet analysts would overestimate the size of the U.S. force” *10

Around the world, they have run spying stations disguised as commercial boats, posed as civilian employees of front companies and operated undercover at embassies as male-female pairs, tracking those the United States wants to kill or capture.

Almost everything about SEAL Team 6, a classified Special Operations unit, is shrouded in secrecy — the Pentagon does not even publicly acknowledge that name *11

SEAL Team 6 is responsible for JSOCs greatest win, the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

But they are also casualties of JSOC’s greatest loss, when during the Period of Darkness between August 6th and 7th 2011 a Chinook under the call sign Extortion 17, carrying 38 people, including a service dog, and 15 Navy SEALs, was shot down by an Afghan militant.

There were no survivors.

But arguably the most important outcome of the Eagle Claw failure was the creation of the Intelligence Support Activity by Colonel Jerry King.

Specializing in Human (HUMINT) and Signals (SIGINT) Intelligence, among “other” capabilities and functions, The Activity was originally formed in 1980 under the name Field Operations Group (FOG) as an ad hoc intelligence organization to be called upon as needed…

I am going to pause there because I just can’t help myself.

The previous sentence is the “official” history of The Activity.

And while I will not report on any of its current or even recent operating capabilities, or cover names out of respect and love for these spooky silent ghosts, I can provide a few tid-bits of their history that I have found while digging through declassified archives that seem to deviate from that sentence above.

There appears to have been at least two other groups that also fit the operating description of The Activity, and they predate the 1980 narrative.

“JSOC is awesome” – George Bush

Over the course of the next 2 decades after Eagle Claw, the president gained an entire secret army made up of the most skilled and precise operators, spies, and assassins that our US military has to offer. JSOC, and its subordinate units.

“We’re the dark matter. We’re the force that orders the universe but can’t be seen,” -Navy Seal *13

Yes, they sound like bad guys, but these are our family, our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and friends, who pledge an oath to their country and their Constitution, with nothing but good intentions and the hope and determination of keeping our country safe, keeping us safe.

But the President-King doesn’t care about keeping us safe, doesn’t care about these operators, and certainly doesn’t care about the Constitution. The President-King only cares about personal gain.

The morning after the Twin Towers fell in New York, the entire United Sates was united in ways many people had not seen since World War 2.

Friends, family, loved ones all affected in some way and the fear was palpable.

In the name of fear, the people of America thought it was reasonable to sacrifice their liberty for safety.

It was the prudent thing to create the TSA, it seemed logical to pass the Patriot Act, and it seemed right to go after Osama Bin Laden.

After all, he was the enemy, right?

There was another equally deviant and dangerous enemy lurking right beneath our noses.

An enemy who could not wait to use a national tragedy like 9/11 to expand his powers and further the plan to destroy our country:

George W. Bush.

And expand it he did.

Sending JSOC on a permanent Kill or Capture mission to destroy anyone that Bush deemed his enemy.

The young men and women who answered the call to join the military because of those attacks (some that very day) did so with clear eyes and hearts full of patriotism.

For them, this was personal and it was the right thing to do.

Their sense of duty and willingness to fight could be compared to that of the 300 Samurai of Lord Asano.

And while their allegiance was to the flag and their oath was to the Constitution, there were those who were loyal to the Commander in Chief George W. Bush.

Imagine that after all you have sacrificed, all that you suffered, and all that you lost because of war, you find out the whole reason for the war was a lie.

Imagine losing fellow soldiers and friends to improvised explosive devices (IED) and sniper fire only to discover it was for nothing; all the gains you made were surrendered back to the enemy years later.

For some, the sense of betrayal was too much.

For others, it was enough to inspire them to fight back and restore honor when called upon.

By the time the twin towers were hit (for whatever reason that happened is a whole other issue) George Bush had everything he needed at his disposal to use that devastating event to his advantage.

Lucky for him, as we have discussed in previous articles, there were plans already drawn up to safeguard our country in the event of a crisis. On September 11 2001, George Bush’s chain of command initiated a Continuity of Government plan in alignment with Presidential Decision Directive 67, signed in 1998.

Seems like the right thing for POTUS to do right?

Well, more than 20 years later it has never been rescinded.

And every single president, every single year has extended it.

“Our ‘war on terror’ begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there. It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated.”*14

That quote from then President Bush is what ties togetherProclamation 7463 with the crisis that enabled immediate action of Continuity of Government (COG).

The Bush administration put COG plans into operation for the first time in U.S. history in the hours directly following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

They have never been rescinded. *15

How do we know that our country has been operating under a type of devolved government ever since?

Well, Congress didn’t even know COG was activated on 9/11 2001 until more than a year later, in 2002. *16 And in 2007, Bush replaced PDD 67 with new guidelines and policy, under National Security Presidential Directive 51.

This caused numerous news outlets to report on the fact that we were still operating under COG guidelines.

We also know that NSPD 51 was revised and replaced by both Obama and Trump, all while renewing Proc. 7463 every single year, including Biden in 2021.

Throughout the “War on Terror” our country witnessed with our own eyes, the tragedy that fell upon the President’s personal army.

Under the guise of operating as the most complex, elite, counterterrorism with one single purpose – to find, fix, and finish America’s enemies and greatest threats.

JSOC and its subordinate commands are rarely written about in news headlines, but you know their work.

They’ve killed scores of our enemies, including Bin Laden.

But they’ve also been killed themselves, including the events of Black Hawk Down, Extortion 17 and Benghazi. JSOC was abused and misused by its reporting chain of command time and time again.

The National Command Authority, comprised of the President of the United States, and the Secretary of Defense.

Extortion 17

August 6, 2011 – Tangi Valley Afghanistan – 02:00 hours

A twin blade CH47 streaked down the Afghan valley in the dead of night.

On board were 38 men who were there to both crew the aircraft and to support the mission of the 15 members of DEVGRU Gold Squadron.

Their mission was to eliminate Qari Tahir and his group of Taliban fighters.

Just after two in the morning, while on approach to the landing zone, a Taliban militant fired an RPG that struck the aircraft.

The damage to the aircraft was severe enough that pilot could not land the aircraft and it impacted the valley floor and broke apart, killing everyone on board.

America lost 38 brave men that day, and an equally brave service dog.

The mission was extremely risky and did not do much to further the interests of the United States.

There have been many rumors surrounding the tragic events of Extortion 17, one of them coming directly from the families of the fallen soldiers.

Claiming that Obama’s disclosure of the fact that it was SEAL Team 6 that killed Osama Bin Laden, led to events that allowed the Taliban to be tipped off on what would be Extortion 17’s final mission.

I am not about to argue that theory, as the disclosure of what should have been top secret information did happen.

But the Obama Administration’s policies of drone strikes and de-emphasis on HUMINT made these missions far riskier than they needed to be.

The Direct Action units of JSOC are the tip of the spear, but there are hundreds of people, both military and civilian, who support such an operation.

All of those quiet professionals who staff JSOC are part of one team.

It was devastating to the team to lose 38 men that night.

Back in the Tactical Operations Center or TOC, the shock of losing so many operators would be quickly set aside in order to implement an immediate rescue mission. In the days after the mission, the remains of the fallen would be placed in a hangar in boxes draped with 38 American flags.

All of the support staff for this mission would have an opportunity to remember the lost and say goodbye.

Without a doubt, one of the intelligence directors who would have been informed of the casualties was General Michael Flynn.

Just over a year later American citizens would be left to die in Benghazi, by a selfish elite trying to smuggle weapons out of Libya and into Iraq and Syria to arm ISIS and make a ton of money along the way.

Somewhere in the time of these events something flipped in JSOC.

To be clear – we are not accusing any single officer or soldier of any unit or branch with any specific boundary crossing action.

To do so would be to make an accusation of insubordination, and that’s not what happened.

What happened is that it became painfully clear that the civilian leadership of the US Military was serving their own interests and had forgotten about their duty to serve the interests of the people of the United States.

Once aware of this problem, the military could no longer continue as before without being complicit in the crime of embezzlement and corruption.

This is a situation that we touched on in 47 Rōnin.

How do elite operators like those of JSOC respond when faced with a Catch-22 like this?

Should they continue to blindly follow orders and in turn be complicit in the crimes of the civilian leadership while they further their own corrupt personal interests?

Or should these operators just walk away and quit the service, while knowing nothing would change and they would be replaced with other operators forced to obey the same corrupt commands?

Or maybe mutiny, and be charged and convicted as a criminal?

No. There’s another solution to this problem.

You bring down the mountain.

In HBO’s epic series “Band of Brothers” the exploits of the 101st Airborne division, Easy Company are dramatized in a ten part series.

In Episode 8, “The Last Patrol” one of the Easy Company platoons is ordered to go on a dangerous mission into enemy lines to try to grab a German prisoner.

This mission isn’t necessary to achieve an objective, it’s made clear that this mission is for the Company Colonel to have bragging rights with the other staff officers of the Division.

Right before the mission, Major Dick Winters comes in to the pre mission briefing and asks the platoon not to go.

He orders them to stay put and report that they had no contact with the enemy to him in the morning.

Notice the very subtle and crafty orders given.

The Platoon commander can report to Major Winters in the morning, “no contact with the enemy” in 100% truth and honesty.

This will then be written up in an action report and filed in the reams of paper generated by the Army when troops are in action.

These orders by Major Winters kept the men of the platoon safe from unnecessary danger and at the same time conveyed to the leadership that orders had in fact been followed.

Imagine this on a massive clandestine scale within JSOC and you’ll have a very good idea of what happened.

The Operators

Chris Miller, Kash Patel, Mike Flynn, Ezra Cohen Watnick…. All come from elements of JSOC.

Chris Miller joined special forces in 1993. Participated in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and was the Company Commander for 5th Special Forces Group (remember them? They founded Blue Light), a unit that works with JSOC.

He commanded special forces units in 2006 and 2007 and was promoted to colonel in 2009. Later he worked on counterproliferation task forces in Iraq and Syria, likely with The Activity; as there have been reports of him serving in Task Force Orange.

His entire career has been dedicated to counterinsurgency.

Kash Patel worked as a liaison officer for JSOC, and as a Public Defender for Special Mission Unit operators.

He also coincidentally fits the exact description of an Activity civilian spy.

That cannot be confirmed, and even if true, likely never would be.

But The Activity, as well as the entire JSOC intelligence apparatus, does have civilian interagency liaisons.

And it would not be unlikely for them to use one to perform deep reconnaissance of its target.

It is in fact, the exact way that The Activity brings down the mountain.

Which brings us to Ezra Cohen Watnick.

While little is written about his career and personal history.

Watnick always wanted to be a spy, according to sources close to him growing up.

And he did train at The Farm.

One would argue that means he must have been recruited by the CIA at some point right?

Not exactly.

The Activity also sends recruits to train at The Farm. Again, because The Activity operates under plausible deniability, where there is evidence of its existence, it’s usually passed off instead as the CIA.

According to a former senior intelligence official, Cohen-Watnick later served overseas in Afghanistan at a CIA base. “He was embedded with the Agency guys,” said a person familiar with Cohen-Watnick’s career. “But the Agency guys were all like ‘Fuck this guy, he’s just here to spy on us for Flynn and the DIA.’” *17

Watnick later went on to work for the National Reconnaisance Office, another DOD secret spy organization.

To top it all off, he was Flynn’s protege at the DIA.

General Mike Flynn.

Where do We even begin with his footprint on this entire operation?

Along with General Stanley McChrystal, the two of them in tandem, changed the course of JSOC’s history forever.

Flynn as head of intelligence, and McChrystal as JSOC Commander perfected the operating flow of the entire command.

According to the book Relentless Strike by Sean Naylor – “That’s when JSOC became the JSOC on steroids”. McChrystal’s mantra as JSOC commander was “it takes a network to defeat a network”.

Flynn and McChrystal also perfected JSOC’s “unblinking eye” the 24/7 relentless Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance style that began with a high tech camera equipped on a Surveillance aircraft that sent video feeds to a Joint Operation Command facility, where it was streamed on multiple TVs (known as Kill TV) and could be watched 24/7 by intelligence operators and commanders.

Somewhere around the tragedy of Extortion 17, the abuse of these Tier 1 units’ operating and intelligence skills, along with the growing evidence available that our own intelligence apparatus has been involved with methods to repeatedly install new unruly President-Kings, and then forced to do their bidding, these elite Units have had enough.

They came up with a plan to bring down the mountain that was the permanent terrorist state sitting in the White House.

Camouflage – The Art of Hiding in Plain Sight

This begs a question:

How can JSOC hide a covert operation whose goal is to take down and destroy a domestic enemy within our own government?

How does JSOC operate under oversight from the very individuals they are targeting?

Answer one: Through the Security clearance system and Special Access Programs (SAPs).

Security clearances are like a driver’s license that say the individual is trusted to view sensitive information.

But SAPs are an entirely different animal.

To see information in a SAP, one must be “read into” the program.

This means that only a select group of trusted people know of such a program’s existence and mission.

Even the President of the United States cannot know what’s going on in a SAP, because he’s not “read in” and has no “need to know”.

Answer two: A close alliance with US companies.

Here’s what we mean:

A contract specification goes out to General Dynamics or Oracle for “contracted services” legal, organizational, data storage & management, etc.

That information is now classified AND shielded from a FOIA request because it’s proprietary information and secure under the 4th amendment.

A company is also reasonably safe from a search warrant, because search warrants must be specific, and if the prosecutor doesn’t know what they’re looking for…

Bringing Down the Mountain

During WWII there was a super secret unit of the US Military that worked alongside our conventional forces to deceive the Germans.

Oh c’mon, did you really think We were going to deliver you an entire article about Ghosts without discussing THE Ghosts? Oh no friends, we just saved the best for last… well, second to last.

There is one more secret army we have to share with you.

But first, our friends, the Ghosts.

The 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, also known as the The Ghost Army was a tactical deception 1,100 man unit that was deployed to Europe during WWII with one single mission: Deceive the Germans and pull off a win for General Patton and his army.

There was one small sleight of hand… these men were not soldiers and the entire unit was fake.

They were artists, tasked with the job of creating an illusion of an army.

They used inflatable tanks and all modes of audio and visual deception to make the Germans think the Americans were invading at X spot, putting themselves in the line of fire, they became the target, so that the actual army would have a clear path to invade and defeat.

If anyone ever tries to argue that artists are not anything short of badass, show them this unit.

They were extremely effective. And were one of the reasons we won. (Our name, 17th Special Operation Group, is an homage to the Ghost Army.)

I believe that it was elements of JSOC, both former and acting, that asked Trump to join their fight against the Presidential Monarchy, have him conduct a sort of specific tradecraft and espionage on the enemy, and eventually run for President. Trump would act as their “inflatable tank”, look here not there.

He’s the decoy, a loud, boisterous spy that infiltrated their world via Epstein and reality TV, gathered intelligence and fed it back to the units that would finish the job.

For 4 years the units involved in bringing down the President-King mountain were able to out-manoeuvre and destroy the enemy under complete cover.

Because everyone was taking shots at Trump.

Look here not there.

Trump needed to remain this loud, boisterous Orange Man Bad to make the enemy concentrate on, and aim fire at, the wrong target.

Trump was able to use all of the inflated powers of the President-King to his advantage, and when he left… he took it all away.

Rendering Joe Biden ineffective.

A civil servant to a people that don’t want him serving.

Joe Biden stole a presidency in the hopes of earning a seat on the throne.

But what he got instead was a civil servant position serving a republic that doesn’t want him, doesn’t like him, and no longer needs him.

There does exist one more Tier 1 Special Mission Unit that Donald Trump has at his disposal.

One that no other President before him was able to activate.

A top secret army that when operating together as a team, is arguably the most powerful army in existence.

That unit? 

The forces pushing this mission forward found our enemy years ago, they fixed their eyes on their exact location, and they are relying on us, We the People to finish the job.

Constitutionally, and with eyes wide open. In order for this nightmare to end, Congress must veto the national emergency declaring the “War on Terror” that is propping up this long chain of abuse.

The 2021 extension of Proclamation 7463 is set to expire on September 14, 2022, so sometime within the next coming days, you will likely see Joe Biden declare the extension, for the 21st year in a row.

We must remain vigilant, we are the unblinking eye now.

Trump put everything into position, reconstitution of our government is already underway, it is up to us to set forth our constitutional right as citizens of this great country, to vote in members of Congress and open positions throughout all levels of our government, that love this country as much as we do, as much as Trump does, as much as our military does.

And end this nightmare for once and for all.

Let’s bring down the Deep State mountain.


In Closing

In James Cameron’s pivotal film Aliens;

Newt, a 10 year old girl who survived the zenomorph outbreak on LV-426, confides in Ellen Ripley.

In a lamentation about her dead parents, Newt says the following line:

“My mommy always said there were no monsters
not real ones…

But there are.

There are monsters in this world, and sometimes they come out to play upon the earth.

This is a truth that is sometimes hard to accept – even for adults.

However there’s another truth that rides along with the very real fact there are monsters in the world.

There exists a small fraternity of skilled men that hunt monsters for sport.

Such warriors make the monsters of the world quake with terror – for the soldiers of light hunt their prey in the dark, and no matter where they hide, these evil monsters cannot ever escape the green eyed gaze of the masterful hunter.

God speed to the fallen warriors of Extortion 17, to all of the loved ones lost during this endless War on Terror, and to those who are still fighting:

We love you.

And may almighty God bless the United States of America.

The process of the plan is acquiring
as many people to wake up

The process of the plan is acquiring as many people to wake up. Everyone playing a “part of this “movie” is aware of these TRUTHS.

This includes President Trump, by rallying and encoding high level MIL INTEL in his speeches to the normies.

Carolyn And I infiltrating the Deep State Cabal puppets, behind enemy lines.

Exposing The Truth About Fake Religions And Clowns In America, Destroying Nanotechnology, Capturing Archons, Invisible Enemies, Online Al that fabricate news, issues, false flags, countries, religions and genders – not by humans – but by machine.

It’s a cycle with the same information consumed differently.

The proper time is coming for FULL DISCLOSURE, where the truth is revealed.

This Slave Ship Was Used To Process Adrenochrome, Pineal Glands And Body Parts For Consumption.

Making the public overweight, diseased, weakened, fragile – the same as giving “GMO” to cows to create bigger cows.

Do your due diligence – those Clowns In America are there for only one purpose, to PREVENT YOU KNOWING THESE TRUTHS.

They do not have your best interest in mind.


John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫

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