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Our DNA was modified
The TRUTH about ageing

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What are Soul Contracts?

A soul contract, in its essence, is a spiritual agreement made before birth, believed to influence the trajectory of our lives.

It’s a pact between your soul and others in your ‘soul family’ to meet in your earthly life, to aid mutual growth, and to learn life lessons.

These contracts come in various types, each serving a unique purpose.

Karmic Contracts

A common type of contract, karmic contracts, are formed with souls we have known in past lives and still have unresolved issues with.

These contracts are believed to be created to teach us major life lessons and to settle any karmic debt from past-life interactions.

Soulmate Contracts

Soulmate contracts involve a deep connection with another soul that we meet in life to learn, grow, and evolve together. Unlike popular belief, a soulmate isn’t always a romantic partner; it could be a friend, family member, or mentor who profoundly influences your life.

Twin Flame Contracts

A twin flame ( contract is often considered the most intense.

The twin flame is thought to be a mirror soul or the other half of your soul, which creates a deep and often tumultuous bond.

This contract’s purpose is believed to stimulate immense personal growth and self-awareness.

Soul Ties

Soul ties ( are connections formed through intense emotional or physical interactions.

While not always predestined like other soul contracts, they can have a significant impact on our spiritual journey.



What happen when you die?

(or, when your container stops/expires
and you ‘pass on’).

The fact is you NEVER die
(which is why you should stop
worrying about dying and
get on with LIVING your life
while you’re here – it’s why you
chose to come here in the first place)


The parasites that control us have brain-washed us
into the belief that when we die, we ‘die’.

One way they do that is to keep us in a 3rd. density world
where we have no memories of our previous incarnations –
so we think this life we have right now is ‘it’.

Our one and only existence – and when it’s over, that’s ‘it’.

There’s nothing else
It’s all over for us
We’re dead – dead

an eternity of oblivion
we’ve ceased to exist

Scary – eh!
and something to be avoided at all costs

The parasites do this to instil fear into us so that we’ll
fear death and do anything out of fear to not die.

And while they have us living in fear, we’re creating the negative energy they live off –
in fact, they created Earth and us and turned it into a ‘loosh-farm’ and we’re the cattle.

Check out an explanation of
loosh HERE (article)

And also do your own research
– it’s important you ‘get’ this.

We’re kept in fear to
harvest our negative energy
from the day we’re born
until our vessel/container stops working.


But, if you think about it, what we actually are isn’t our container – it’s what’s inside it that makes each individual what they are.

Your soul.

For example – pick someone you know in you mind.

Imagine you could swap your souls – yours goes into their body, there soul goes into yours.

Now, imagine the result – would their body become you?

Would your body become them?

Of course not.

You’d just be the same souls, the same people but in different vessels – you’d become you in their vessel and they’d become you in yours.

It’s your soul that makes you you and theirs that makes them,


So, your soul is the energy that makes your vessel what it is.

And you soul is immortal

If you get this,
it becomes pretty obvious
you CAN’T ‘die’.

Oh! – your vessel can, and will one day expire

But YOU (your soul) can’t.


Simple – and this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the laws of physics and the universe.

The law of the universe – neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed – they can only transform.

This means, when you vessel expires, the energy inside it, (your ‘soul’), is transformed/release into something else

Generally our souls return to ‘home base’ for a while for reflection on our ‘life’ here – and to decide what to do next.

Do we return to Earth for another ‘life’ experience – maybe we head off somewhere else in the universe.

The thing is, souls can never die.

We’ve all led many previous lives
maybe millions of them
and will experience many more

For a bigger discussion, have a look at the ‘SOUL CONTRACTS – WHAT ARE THEY?’ video ink  on this page.


“When you realize that other dimensions exist,
you’ll never think of life, death,
yourself or the universe in the same way again.”

Death is when a physical vessel dies,
the soul carries on in different dimensions,
frequencies and vibrations
so when we raise our vibes,
we can communicate with our loved ones
in that frequency.

Love them from a distance…

“If you don’t jump on this train,
I will have to leave you at the station.”

I once (literally) said those words to someone I deeply loved.

I tried to explain this was not a train I could get off from, it was not a journey that could be stopped, once you are on it, you are on it for life.

The destination is evolution, and as you evolve, you realise there is actually no destination, there is simply the celebration of each step travelled in the right direction.

As much as I tried to make him see, he could not understand. In his mind there was no reason for the journey to begin with, what on earth was I going on about?

Everything was just fine as we were!

What train?
What journey?
A journey to where?
And so my metaphorical train started moving and I had to leave him behind at the station, where he’s still at. In that station everyone is vaccinated, they wave blue and yellow flags, Gates is a wonderful philanthropist trying to save us and everything is Putin’s fault.

Do you know that station?

That station is so far behind me that I can no longer see it, in fact, I can’t even remember who I was when I first stepped on this train.
There have been so many ups and downs and twists and turns that you lose track of the distance travelled.
But, like many of you, I’ve come a long way and despite the roughness of the terrain, I still look forward to each step along this journey.

Who would not want to be on a journey
that makes you better?
More courageous,
more empowered,
more independent,
more understanding,
more empathetic…
And proud! Proud of the steps taken,
proud of the lessons learned,
proud of the choices made!
It’s a wonderful journey of discovering about the world,
about yourself about those around you and ultimately,
and most importantly, about God.

So to those that chose not to grow with us,
I am deeply sad for them,
but we can only wish them well
and continue to love them from a distance.

Will they ever catch up?

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Why is our societal system
so broken?

  For the rest of this article

What does it mean to be broken?

It means to be divided, to be pulling in different directions.

Not to be whole, and so an ‘unholy’ state of existence.

We are this today.

We have this ‘Great Reset’ no one asked for being forced onto our world.

We have politicians, divided in allegiance towards a set of rich globalist agenda desires, and their elected representations, which this day, visibly, transparently perceptively, have taken a forcible back seat.

We have talk of enforcing medications to deal with pandemic outbreaks of dubious origin.

We have talk among our so poorly named elitists, of trans-humanism, of the merging of the human body with machine.

We have rising robotic technology, just round the corner, threatening to remove mankind from the workplace forever.

Threatening armies of robotic soldiers carrying nuclear weapons in their backpacks.

We have genuine advances in the field of medicine, heralding a potential increase in the lives of those who have access to and who can afford such treatments.

Our children are being taught for perhaps the first time in the evolutionary history of mankind that their intellect may be the deciding factor over their gender, that sexuality is a matter of choice and decision, rather than a matter of natural universal design.

Our world is breaking in so many directions.

Unrecognisable to only a few short years ago.

The majority of humanity, what one might call ‘normal’ people, have no interest in trans-humanism, no interest in ‘building back better’ into a rich mans limited dream, no interest in much else other than living a life in relative freedom and in that freedom, living as life intended.

​As undisturbed by the self-interested desires of another, as is possible to be.

And yet we are being coerced, cajoled and manipulated towards the imagery arising in other men’s minds.

We are being dragged into the progress the financial giants of this world have decided upon this day, long planned.

We are being led into a ‘military style campaign on a war like footing’ during a ‘narrow window of limited opportunity’ into a new world order born from rich men’s minds.

Our enforced into ‘Great Reset’.

We are witnessing a fracture which has obviously existed for a long time within our society, yet which is only now being so transparently made visible.

Men of wealth have commanded control over our governmental systems.

It was perhaps inevitable that this day would rise to meet our race, for we are neurotically and tragically attached to self-interest, and we confuse wealth with money – we value self-importance, which is the major driving force in our world.

Pick any burning issue this day, and ask this question; is there any self-interest to be seen here?

Anyone powerful you may know, who profits in their self-interest through compulsory sought medications for long forecast prophetically arising pandemics?

Anyone self-interested in the actions of war?

Anyone profiting here?

Anyone profiting from the pandemic directly, from the losses of ordinary people’s homes, relationships, businesses, and even lives?

Anyone profiting from a broken and corrupt system of banking?

Self-interest, (selfishness), is behind every despicable act mankind makes against the life interests of another.

Self interest is the inner educated movement educated into us all, which is this day tearing what we know of our world into pieces.

  For the rest of this article

For decades prior to this imposition on our lives this day,
there were warning signs by the many to be seen.
The removal of taxes to be paid by those who
held the most responsibility to help society,
in the agreed upon prior structure
of how our society functioned.

“Foundations” grew to take the place of tax paying

We have heard so many things, ‘no magic money trees’, ‘trickle-down economics’.

We have endured decades of enforced political austerity, in great patience and humility.

We have watched our poorest cast to the streets and die.

And now, it seems, all decisions for our entire planet, are only rightly to be taken by the rich?

Does numerical value equate to life intelligence?

Who says so?

I question that man. Deeply.

What madness is this?

What insanity are we being led into?

I am not being critical, neither throwing stones, I am crying out in alarm at a race of people being led into a very dark rabbit hole by a few rich, beyond belief, mountains of material wealth, but also – almost completely blind individuals.

We are being led into a ‘Great Reset’ by the long standing plans of a group of ‘elitists’, centred around the World Economic Forum.

This is a direction being carved out by human thought.

By an inner movement we all take for granted inwardly, yet none of us have a great deal of understanding regarding the operational moment by moment functionality of.

Well, this man does.

For better or worse, he has spent the majority of his life, (over forty years), looking into this very area.

Some have spent decades gathering wealth and power to their lives.

Some have spent decades wasting their lives living unquestioningly in the wealth and power they have been born into.

Stagnating their way through life’s existence.

This man, has lived differently.

His eyes have looked elsewhere than to self aggrandisement as an acceptable approach to life.

His eyes, have turned inwardly, from an awareness of outer and inner chaos, and an urgency to make sense of a deeply conflicted life. To question what his life actually is.

Which is to question, what thought actually is.

For without thought, we find no individual life.

And so also, no individual death, but that’s a subject for another blog post, or film.

And so, this man feels suitably qualified to talk about such issues as today’s ‘Great Reset’, of ‘military style campaigns’ on ‘war like footings’ ‘costing trillions’.

Because he understands something about this inner movement which those taking such fatal decisions in the interests of all of our names, clearly do not.

If you follow someone, or something, must you not have confidence in the intelligence of who or what you are following?

If you follow a fool, you will end your life in a foolish place.

If you follow an ignorant man, or if you follow yourself, in ignorance, you will finish up in an ignorant place.

We must be certain of the level of ability of what we are following, before we can be certain that what we follow, is not going to lead us up a garden path of blood red roses and Giant Hogweed.

We are being told this day, our world needs a ‘Great Reset’. Every large dollar appears to be on board.

Kings, Princes, Bankers, Pharma, Tech giants, celebrities, the UN, the EU, many a global politician, all hugely wealthy and influential, have all seemingly divided from humanity in a calculated, long considered, thought out plan.

Led by Sir Klaus Schwab.

The founder member of the World Economic Forum.

It is hardly surprising, that great alarm is being felt across our nations in the lives of ‘ordinary people’ who seek to live differently than the suggestions coming from this camp.

  For the rest of this article

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Despite the violence,
suffering and chaos they have caused,
we allow them to remain at the top,
and in control

The left and right is an illusion(Hegelian Dialectic) designed for people(slaves) to have blind faith in following these puppets to a meaningless physical death.

For over a hundred years now both sides have been fooling the people, working together to damage the natural functions of the mortal form with humans, which in turn if the physical presence is destroyed this also consumes their inner light and the soul goes into spiritual death bringing the individual to a measure of becoming a spirit less physical entity vulnerable to sickness and evil to come into them.

When the person is disconnected from their soul their source has been taken out of them, the DNA is poisoned and they are in death having no connection with any type of spiritual evolving and if the spirit dies then the soul is gone forever, existing no more.

They have to bring the people fully into darkness through physical based lifestyles in order to bring more wickedness onto the planet and by taking the light out of them this is how they achieve their intention.

The more natural humans they kill, the faster they reach their aim of a “post human” world with only a soulless modified cloned race having enhanced dna and technology interfaces.

Through using nanotechnology a cellular regeneration of physical living body matter with synthetic genetic functions and neural active simulation, as the cells are living algorithms able to correspond as devices through computational DNA development in text programming.

This is their race with a new type human species that claims will be smarter, stronger, sexier, immortal and much improved compared to the current race of natural humans in life on this earth.

Keep in mind that long ago they also told some pures who were deceived into making the choice to become as them that they would be perfect in every way.

This was all lies for opening the door for evil to come into them with control, punishment and eventual death.

  For original article

What really happened
in 2020 and 2021?
(author unkown)

What happened in 2020 and 2021 was a test.

It was a test to see how far people would go, in order that they never grow up.

About 50% of the population were so afraid to grow up and face the truth about the rotting and evil aspects of their own societies, that they willingly sacrificed themselves and their own children, in order to stay safe in their childhood and infantilized illusions for a couple more hours.

Some lost their lives trying to stay “the forever child” and many more will lose their lives as the years pass but this is the rite of passage our entire society had to make, in order to finally mature and face the truth about what sort of society we all really live within.

Evil has infected the entire society, top to bottom…..and evil never shows itself to the door.

No one is coming to clean our society of this evil. It will be the responsibility of every true adult in the tribe to rid their own hearts of this darkness and work their way outwards.

The least you can do is to stop volunteering and waiting in line to take yourself and your own kids out via medical sacrifice. At least start there.

Can you at least do that or is growing up too scary?

Some people still don’t want to grow up, even after they can clearly recognize that they’ve been tricked, fooled and lied to their entire lives…..always needing an authority or parental figure to boss them around daily, as the child role is all they know and all they feel comfortable in.

Those weaker souls will indeed pass this fall when they’re asked to do it all again.

God will shake his head at them upon arrival to the pearly gates. Never be afraid to face down the greatest evil the world has ever known and not obey said evil.

Evil’s only effective weapon is manipulating us to destroy ourselves, as evil doesn’t have the power to destroy us by force… evil can only psychologically manipulate us to volunteer for our own destruction.

If the adults in a tribe won’t grow up and confront this ancient vampire at the door, that evil will consume the tribe whole.

Grow up, level up, adult up, show up and lion up in your own life. That was always the message.

Stop being a pleasure seeking, people pleasing, go along to get along, infantile, weak, good time useless article.

It’s time.

Start small but grow up fast.

That is the one and only solution when mental defectives try to take you out, in order to steal all your wealth.

It’s that simple.

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“The covid vaccinations cause a separation
of the human soul and spirit from the
physical body, with far-reaching consequences
for life after death.
It is from the transhumanist movement
that the covid vaccinations have originated.

The covid vaccinations serve to anchor
the transhumanist agenda within our bodies.”

  For the rest of this article


As we have explored in a previous article, “COVID Vaccines – Consequences For The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death,” [recommended to read first if you haven’t yet] based on the work of Thomas Mayer, the COVID jab has far-reaching detrimental effects for the soul, spirit, interfering with soul evolution and affecting the afterlife and future incarnation cycles.

Mayer’s entire book “Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective – Consequences on Soul and Spirit and the Life After Death” is now available in English.

His work has also confirmed what I have hinted at for a long time in my writings and videos over the years, which is about the ultimate end-game agenda from an occult [hidden] hyperdimensional perspective – to lock humanity into a frequency prison, dislodge humans’ souls [via genetic modification] and prime our bodies as incarnational vessels for demonic non-physical [hyper-dimensional] beings to take over and possess.

The COVID vaxx has been the Trojan Horse to lay the groundwork for the Transhumanism occult trap, body-snatching, and soul-harvesting via this mass inoculation by hyper-dimensional occult forces and soratic spirits working through their puppet big pharma scientists and useful idiots in media and government.

As Mayer concluded:

“It is from the transhumanist movement that the covid vaccinations have originated.

The covid vaccinations serve to anchor the transhumanist agenda within our bodies.”

– Thomas Mayer –

In this article, we’ll go deeper into the adverse spiritual/metaphysical consequences of the COVID jab and how it ties into Transhumanism as we enter Pluto in Aquarius, as everything will intensify.

We’ll look at it from an occult level in light of the hyperdimensional manipulation of humanity, how it relates to the end-days of Atlantis, ancient Egypt, collective Karma, the splitting of humanity, the danger of a ” New Fall of Humanity” resulting in disintegration, destruction, and the necessity to repeat the cycle, and more.

Click image for video

DNA 216000

“Mark of the beast?"
How many coincidences does it take ...?

Whatever you want to call them.

They’re here, they've always
been here like guardian angels and
they are now ready for contact.

Just because we can't see them,
don't know who they are or
what they are (yet) - it
doesn't mean they don't exist.

This is for those who are awake
and who recognise the
proof is all around us.

The others just won't 'get' it and
will complain at being challenged.

There are forces seen and unseen involved beyond our ability to remove, that have been controlling humanity for thousands of years.

These forces have been behind every war, every plague, every economic collapse, they thrive on the pain and suffering of humanity.

They are involved in everything from drug, child, and sex trafficking to human sacrifice.

They are now trying to bring us to another global conflict which will cause our demise as a species.

No problem for them - they've done it many times before in the history of this world.

The reason we don't know about it is because they write our 'history' - and control our education systems to omit any truth, other than what they want us to know.

And all we think we know is ONLY whatever suits their agenda.

What we're experiencing now is
simply our 'turn' in a scenario
that's been repeated many times before
in many places in the universe
they choose to inhabit.

Why now, probably because we're getting too smart and wising up to them or simply because there's too many of us for them to control.

We're becoming a threat and need to be culled - some would say, harvested.

Then, once we're gone, they'll simply start all over again - as they have many times in the past and a new bunch of cloned babies will appear, as it did in the mid 1800's, to start a new era of farming for them.

It’s time to wake up and grow up
because if they're not stopped
it's rinse-repeat for them
and we'll simply be the latest round-up
to be sent to the abattoir!

None of us have the luxury of denial
any longer - any semblance of our
society is being stripped away daily
by the demon-helpers who have
been moved into positions of
authority and power.

Our ultimate destruction is
long-planned and imminent
and we don't have long left.

Whistleblowers are coming forward in every agency including SSP Secret Space Fleet speaking about harvesting humans and abducting them as slaves.

This is also replete within the upper echelons of many of your institutions.

Most people cannot handle the depth of corruption and depravity.

Satanic/Luciferian forces within the global elite have taken control of almost every institution and have since the beginning of our history - which was re-written to suit their narrative of deceit and lies they used to control us.

But, luckily for us, somehow,
this is being rectified with help from
entities we cannot see or
communicate with, yet
and without this help we're
otherwise defenceless.

Why these entitites have chosen to become
involved in our salvation (this time around)
isn't known - but the alert realise
'something's going on that no-one can explain'
and, with their help it could be we'll make it out of this.

Which is fortunate they've elected to help us - because without their help we would be powerless to prevent the long-planned destruction of us as a species by other forces we can't see - but which we now realise have been controlling us entirely since the beginning of our known-time on Earth.

And the salvation plan is so precise, so perfect, all we see is the 'middle-management' clowns of our world running around in circles now without any instructions to follow or credible plan of their own due to the demise of their masters. 

Their empire, that has ruled over us for thousands of years is being/has been relentlessly destroyed - piece by piece.

The reason everything is
looking like theatre is because it is.

Many of our installed so-called 'leaders' who have been assisting in our demise have already been dealt with, many more will be removed as time goes on - but once the final cleansing process starts, it will be swift.

Right now, what you are seeing are actors, masks and CGI for the most part in an attempt to wake up the socially engineered brain-washed masses.

There are none so blind
as those who
- WILL NOT see -
- or CANNOT see.

Whether you can see it or not
there's a WAR going on
and if you're going to survive it
you'd better wake up.

Every day, we meet the socially engineered
who are devoid if any level of critical thinking,
base logic and are research impaired.

Maybe they're just too far
'gone' and there's
no hope for them.

No matter what your age now, we've all been involved in a war since we was born, and every war there's casualties.

The casualties of this war are not only physical or mental but will include those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and those who are morally impaired to the point they are no longer redeemable.

As time goes on, more evidence
will come to light to prove that
the so-called vaccine
was just a weapon used against us.

You don't want to believe any of this that's OK it's your choice, and always has been, but make no mistake, whatever side or the fence you decide to sit on, there's no such thing as a free-ride.

Some very hard lessons are coming for those who choose not to see that have already learned by those more alert.

Those that refuse to learn from them may still have a future but it could be, not here.

Generally those who capitulate first are among the first casualties in any conflict.

click image for video

Council of Thuban

Supposedly the oldest council in the milky way galaxy, residing in the 12th dimension, which is outside of the physical universe, in the void.

They are supposedly the ones who planted the reptilian brain into our mammal brains.

Say that the sirians are humanity’s best friends.

Allegedly in charge of the harvest.

Thubans need to genetically manipulate homo sapiens into becoming dragonized “starhumans”, ready to approach the 5th dimension.

It has to be done with technology – no such thing as “natural ascension happening without interference”.

Interfering with, and genetically manipulate, an ascending species is the natural way.

The thubans say that they are us in the future, but also our ancestors – the ferocious dragons.

They claim that the whole universe consists of only humans in different stages of development.

Due to that time is simultaneous in a fluid multiverse, earth is now being visited by our future selves in form of the grays, who are here to steal our dna in order to regain their emotionality and personalities; both of which they lost along the way in the machine kingdom we humans are *about to create for ourselves in our present now*.

In other words, there are no other “aliens” in the universe except humans in different stages of development!

This is what the Thubans are teaching, and this is what most other channelled sources and galactic federations are teaching us as well, although most people ignore that fact and don’t even notice it.

Thuban guardians will wait for those who are due to ascend and will transport them to the correct place in the astral where they can obtain their 5d bodies which are there for them, ready to use.

Inside you there’s a battle between your flourishing self – the person you were created to be – and your languishing self.

‘What’s that?’ you ask.

Your languishing self feels uneasy and discontent.

You’re drawn to bad habits like mindlessly watching TV, drinking too much, misusing sex, excessive spending – things designed to temporarily anaesthetise pain.

Your thoughts automatically drift in the direction of fear and anger.

Learning doesn’t feel worthwhile.

You think about yourself most of the time. Whereas flourishing [thriving, blossoming, and prospering] takes place:

1) In your spirit. You sense you’re beginning to receive ideas and energy from an outside source.

And you are. You’re being empowered by God’s Spirit. We talk about being inspired, which literally means ‘God breathed’.

God breathes into you; you come alive and feel like you’ve a purpose for living.

2) In your mind. Your thoughts are marked by joy and peace.

You have a desire to love and to learn.

You’re literally being transformed by ‘the renewing of your mind’ (Romans 12:2 NIV).

3) In your time. You wake each day with a sense of excitement, and you realise you’re never too young to flourish. Mozart was composing brilliant music when he was five.

Paul told Timothy,

‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young’ (1 Timothy 4:12 NIV).

You also realise you’re never too old to flourish.

Grandma Moses was sixty-nine when she took up painting, and artist Marc Chagall did some of his best work in his nineties.

It’s humbling to acknowledge you can’t be anything you want.

But once you accept that and seek to maximise what God created you to be, you start flourishing..

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The Mysterious Figurines of Acámbaro 1 - 3

The Mysterious Figurines
of Acámbaro
are they depicting humans
co-existing with dinosaurs
(or something else)?

In 1969, Erle Stanley Gardner (of Perry Mason fame) published a book titled ‘The Host with the Big Hat’, which is mainly about a train trip Gardner took through Mexico.

Unexpectedly, a large part of Gardner’s travel narrative is devoted to the story of the Acámaro figurines and how he came to be connected to them.

The story, as Gardner tells it, began in 1951 when the Los Angeles Times ran an article about a series of mysterious figurines that had been discovered around the town of Acámbaro in Northern Mexico.

Amazingly, the subject matter of this collection of figurines seemed to be focused entirely on dinosaurs.

The article attracted the attention of a mysterious ‘foundation’ an unnamed private organisation with an interest in such things and apparently a lot of money.

Sufficiently intrigued, this unnamed foundation sent archaeologist Gustav Regler down to Mexico to investigate.

Regler returned from Mexico “with his eyes bulging.”

He must have made a good report back to the foundation, though, because they next contacted Professor Charles Hapgood, a historian and authority on ancient civilisations.

Hapgood was a good choice for the task.

Gardner describes him as a “historical detective” who was “fair” and “cautious.”

Hapgood was also unorthodox and open-minded and had greatly upset the establishment already with his theories of crustal displacement and pole shift.

He also believed that civilised man had been on Earth far longer than traditional orthodoxy maintained.

Hapgood had survived the tarnishing of his reputation more times than he could count, and another attempt wouldn’t hurt.

Hapgood’s first task was to discover the figurines’ provenance and then to prove their authenticity – or not.

If there was fraud, Hapgood felt it would be easy to prove it.

Hapgood met with the owner of the collection, Waldemar Julsrud.

Julsrud was a German businessman who had gained archaeological fame for discovering the man businessman who had gained archaeological fame for discovering the relics of the Chupicuaro culture which had existed in that part of Mexico around 500 BCE.

Julsrud often went horse-riding and would take note of the potsherds and artefacts poking out from the sides of hills – sometimes the artefacts would be pieces of broken bowls, and sometimes they would be parts of bodies, like little arms and legs.

Julsrud realised that these little arms and legs were not relics of the Chupicuaro culture but something different and much older.

The Mysterious Figurines of Acámbaro 4 - 10

click image for video

talks about
the splitting of

In this shortened excerpt of one of Dolores Cannon’s past talks, Dolores talks about what we are experiencing now as an evolution of the Earth raising its vibration into a new higher dimension.

Those who inhabit the Earth and stay out of fear, and raise their vibration with her, will ascend into the new dimension.

I personally saw a vision of the Earth splitting into the higher timeline the weekend of the 4/4/20 portal.

Many Lightworkers around the planet held mass meditations and focused on Gaia/Earth sending her love on this day.

Plus from a higher perspective, the virus was put in place to get the people off her back for a moment of time so she could heal herself practically overnight, and raise her vibration into the 5th dimension.

The Lightworkers rose into that timeline with her. Now, the Lightworkers are working in both 3D and 5D consciously.

Dolores Cannon is the founder of QHHT, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and passed on in 2015 to help more from the other side.

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We have been so used to living in a 3rd Dimensional world that we thought that there was no other way of living.

In effect we have been living in a cage and now the cage door is open, but some might wonder whether to fly out or stay in our comfort zone — inside the cage.

The world that you have known is changing fast, and we’ll need to change with it.

Many people think that life is slowly getting back to “normal” after the p[L]andemic, but this is far from the case.

Our lives will never be the ‘same’ again.

Much information will be coming out about what has been hidden from the world.

Some people’s worlds will be turned upside down as they begin to realize how wrong they have been in the past.

From the cradle to the grave, you have been kept in a [Matrix] control system of lies and manipulation.

People who have believed the narrative of the governments these past two years will have much inner work to do when the truth comes out, and will need our help to come up to speed with what has actually been going on.

The real Truth that the way-showers woke up to many years ago, will be slowly coming out now — and there will be much shock when this happens.

Our mission as way-showers was to wake up first, so that we will be able to help and heal others when they awaken.

The Light has won, and the Truth is slowly being dripped out to the masses.

There will be dark souls who will not evolve, and souls who have chosen to leave the planet at this time — so be prepared for this mass exit.

Change is coming!

Keep your vibration high.

Have no fear.

All is well.

Refrain from watching the Main Stream News Media.

We stand at a great crossroads.

We have the ability to ultimately transform this planet from a prison to a paradise.

The only thing limiting the progress of each person, is him or herself.

We are on the cusp of
a utopian Golden Age.

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Dr Michael Salla interviews

Dr Michael Salla interviews
well-know and well researched
Androneman contactee Alex Collier
who gives fantastic revelations
of the current events involving
good and bad ETs and
repercussions of all events
now that will blow you away …

Alex Collier, a long-time andromedan contactee, reveals what he knows about the return of enki, the Anunnaki geneticist who played a leading role in the genetic modification of humanity:

Alex explains how the anunnaki’s genetic experiments were the latest in a series of modifications of early humans by up to 22 extraterrestrial civilizations stretching back millions of years in time:

He describes some of the races that preceded the anunnaki’s genetic intervention, and why humanity’s innate potential was recognized by enki, but opposed by his half brother and rival, enlil:

Alex shares his insights about elena danaan’s claims in her latest book, the seeders, that enki has returned with the code of humanity’s 12 stranded adamic DNA:

After Enki’s departure due to an Anunnaki civil war, humanity’s adamic DNA was corrupted by the victorious enlil faction, which wanted to degrade surviving humans to a simple slave species:

Alex believes that restoration of the adamic DNA can be achieved through both technological and spiritual means, and that an alliance of extra-terrestrials and white hats will expedite the process:

He also discusses the ongoing war in Ukraine and why extra-terrestrials will not allow nuclear weapons to be used in the conflict:

A grey area however involves a dirty bomb which could be detonated as part of a false flag operation by the deep state:

Alex Collier’s insights on the Anunnaki, nuclear weapons, the final days of the deep state, and realization of humanity’s galactic potential, are a series of eye opening revelations that outline the incredible future that lies ahead for humanity:


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Geoengineered Transhumanism
Elana Freeland and Ana Mihalcea, MD, PhD

Elana Freeland is a writer, ghostwriter, lecturer, storyteller, and teacher who researches and writes on Deep State issues, including the stories of survivors of MK-ULTRA, ritual abuse, and invasive electromagnetic weapons.

She is the Author of several books, including Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, under and Ionized Sky and most recently Geoengineered Transhumanism – How the Environment has been weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology.

Dr. Ana Mihalcea is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician and President of AM Medical LLC, an integrative health clinic with a focus on anti-aging and reversal of all diseases. Dr. Ana is the Award-winning Author of the book “Light Medicine – A New Paradigm – The Science of Light, Spirit and Longevity”.

She is an advocate for medical freedom. She also does Live Blood Analysis evaluating the effects of C19 injectables of shedding and is involved with international team of doctors and researchers working in this area.

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Words Cast Spells
in our Twisted Terminology.
Be careful of what you say
and the words you use

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….”no plan for the future will ever successfully bring about anything of any value for mankind.

Not from the rich, not from the privileged, not from the poor and the downtrodden.

Because formulated plans to move into a conceptual future, arise from our thinking.

And thinking, is rooted in knowledge, which is recorded into our brain cells, and from which our thinking arises from.

Thought, is movement in memory.

You cannot think about anything you have not experienced.

You can invent, based on imagination, but such invention, is based on a modification of what you know, which comes from the past.

What this means, is that any planning for any future, is never anything new at all, it is only a modified continuity of what came before”….

And what came before is hardly worth continuing, and in no way can be realistically called a reset.

It is a continuity.

The same structure, in modified form.

So what’s the answer?

Is is not to free ourselves from forever repeating the past?

To do this is not so easy, as to sit around a coffee table with my friends and dream up a desired future for the world, based on our pasts, which is all we can think about.

This necessity demands a thorough detached, and therefore non prejudicial investigation into what is truly wrong within our society.

How can we build back better, without understanding how we built so badly, on the first place?

Society is a relationship between human beings.

This relationship is born and continues in our processes of thinking, from which all of our actions arise.

A true change in society, therefore demands a change within our thinking minds.

The conflicted society we live in, is given birth by the opposing conflicting ideologies which continuously arise from within our thinking minds, limited in knowledge, experience based, past rooted – which is the movement of our thinking.

Our enemy to our continuity is within us, our thinking is to be examined and understood, certainly not to be acted on in continual division against others, who themselves, are the same as us.

All human beings seek and need security.

The limited thinking of one group of people, no matter how rich, how powerful, how clever, how erudite, can ever hope to succeed to bring such a thing about.

This is a task for all of us, for this world, gave birth, to all of us.

In freeing our minds from the movement of past, in understanding what we are psychologically, we will come to a new world.

For a free mind, is the only thing capable of building a free world.

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The Timeline Deception
Exploring Tartaria

Part 1

A couple of videos from Michelle Gibson
with an unusual perspective about what’s going on
in this world – and why.

Michelle has a huge collection
of impeccably researched information.

A visit to her channel on
YouTube is recommended


click image for video

The Timeline Deception
Exploring Tartaria

Part 2

A couple of videos from Michelle Gibson
with an unusual perspective about what’s going on
in this world – and why.

Michelle has a huge collection
of impeccably researched information.

A visit to her channel on
YouTube is recommended


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Everything you
were taught is a lie.

Babies were grown in incubators
and sent out West to repopulate
abandoned Tartarian cities.

The "Cabbage Patch Kids"
were sent on orphan trains
and distributed as free labour
to farms and factories.

  Video: Tartarian Babies


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Evil Walks Among Us:
Child Trafficking
has become big business
in America

By John & Nisha Whitehead

January 23, 2023

Follow links for more information

Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.”—John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

It takes a special kind of evil to prostitute and traffick a child for sex, and yet this evil walks among us every minute of every day.

Consider this: every two minutes, a child is bought and sold for sex.

Hundreds of young girls and boys—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex, as many as 20 times per day.

Adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States alone.

In Georgia alone, it is estimated that 7,200 men (half of them in their 30s) seek to purchase sex with adolescent girls each month, averaging roughly 300 a day.

On average, a child might be raped by 6,000 men during a five-year period.

It is estimated that at least 100,000 to 500,000 children—girls and boys—are bought and sold for sex in the U.S. every year, with as many as 300,000 children in danger of being trafficked each year. Some of these children are forcefully abducted, others are runaways, and still others are sold into the system by relatives and acquaintances.

Child rape has become Big Business in America.

This is not a problem found only in big cities.

It’s happening everywhere, right under our noses, in suburbs, cities and towns across the nation.

As Ernie Allen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children points out, “The only way not to find this in any American city is simply not to look for it.

Like so many of the evils in our midst, sex trafficking (and the sexualization of young people) is a cultural disease that is rooted in the American police state’s heart of darkness. It speaks to a sordid, far-reaching corruption that stretches from the highest seats of power (governmental and corporate) down to the most hidden corners and relies on our silence and our complicity to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing.

It is estimated that the number of children who are at risk of being trafficked or have already been sold into the sex trade would fill 1300 school buses.

The internet has become the primary means of sexual predators targeting and selling young children for sex. “One in five kids online are sexually propositioned through gaming platforms and other social media. And those, non-contact oriented forums of sexual exploitation are increasing,” said researcher Brian Ulicny.

It’s not just young girls who are vulnerable, either.

According to a USA Today investigative report, “boys make up about 36% of children caught up in the U.S. sex industry (about 60% are female and less than 5% are transgender males and females).”

Every year, the ages of the girls and boys being bought and sold get younger and younger.

The average age of those being trafficked is 13. Yet as the head of a group that combats trafficking pointed out, “Let’s think about what average means. That means there are children younger than 13. That means 8-, 9-, 10-year-olds.

They’re minors as young as 13 who are being trafficked,” noted a 25-year-old victim of trafficking. “They’re little girls.”

This is America’s dirty little secret.

But what or who is driving this evil appetite for young flesh? Who buys a child for sex?

Otherwise ordinary men from all walks of life. “They could be your co-worker, doctor, pastor or spouse,” writes journalist Tim Swarens, who spent more than a year investigating the sex trade in America.

According to criminal investigator Marc Chadderdon, these “buyers”—the so-called “ordinary” men who drive the demand for sex with children—represent a cross-section of American society: every age, every race, every socio-economic background, cops, teachers, corrections workers, pastors, etc.

America’s police forces—riddled with corruption, brutality, sexual misconduct and drug abuse—represent another facet of the problem: police have become both predators and pimps. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “Hundreds of police officers across the country have turned from protectors to predators, using the power of their badge to extort sex.”

Young girls are particularly vulnerable to these predators in blue.

Former police officer Phil Stinson estimates that half of the victims of police sex crimes are minors under the age of eighteen. According to The Washington Post, a national study found that 40 percent of reported cases of police sexual misconduct involved teens.

For example, in California, a police sergeant—a 16-year veteran of the police force—was arrested for raping a 16-year-old girl who was being held captive and sold for sex in a home in an upscale neighbourhood.

A Pennsylvania police chief and his friend were arrested for allegedly raping a young girl hundreds of times—orally, vaginally, and anally several times a week—over the course of seven years, starting when she was 4 years old.

Two NYPD cops were accused of arresting a teenager, handcuffing her, and driving her in an unmarked van to a nearby parking lot, where they raped her and forced her to perform oral sex on them, then dropped her off on a nearby street corner.

The New York Times reports that “a sheriff’s deputy in San Antonio was charged with sexually assaulting the 4-year-old daughter of an undocumented Guatemalan woman and threatening to have her deported if she reported the abuse.

And then you have national sporting events such as the Super Bowl, where sex traffickers have been caught selling minors, some as young as 9 years old. Whether or not the Super Bowl is a “windfall” for sex traffickers as some claim, it remains a lucrative source of income for the child sex trafficking industry and a draw for those who are willing to pay to rape young children.

Finally, as I documented in an earlier column, the culture is grooming these young people to be preyed upon by sexual predators.

Social media makes it all too easy. As one news center reported, “Finding girls is easy for pimps. They look on … social networks. They and their assistants cruise malls, high schools and middle schools. They pick them up at bus stops. On the trolley. Girl-to-girl recruitment sometimes happens.” Foster homes and youth shelters have also become prime targets for traffickers.

Rarely do these children enter into prostitution voluntarily. Many start out as runaways or throwaways, only to be snatched up by pimps or larger sex rings. Others, persuaded to meet up with a stranger after interacting online through one of the many social networking sites, find themselves quickly initiated into their new lives as sex slaves.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, nearly 800,000 children go missing every year (roughly 2,185 children a day).

For those trafficked, it’s a nightmare from beginning to end.

Those being sold for sex have an average life expectancy of seven years, and those years are a living nightmare of endless rape, forced drugging, humiliation, degradation, threats, disease, pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages, torture, pain, and always the constant fear of being killed or, worse, having those you love hurt or killed.

A common thread woven through most survivors’ experiences is being forced to go without sleep or food until they have met their sex quota of at least 40 men.

As David McSwane recounts in a chilling piece for the Herald-Tribune: “In Oakland Park, an industrial Fort Lauderdale suburb, federal agents in 2011 encountered a brothel operated by a married couple. Inside ‘The Boom Boom Room,’ as it was known, customers paid a fee and were given a condom and a timer and left alone with one of the brothel’s eight teenagers, children as young as 13. A 16-year-old foster child testified that he acted as security, while a 17-year-old girl told a federal judge she was forced to have sex with as many as 20 men a night.”

One particular sex trafficking ring catered specifically to migrant workers employed seasonally on farms throughout the southeastern states, especially the Carolinas and Georgia, although it’s a flourishing business in every state in the country. Traffickers transport the women from farm to farm, where migrant workers would line up outside shacks, as many as 30 at a time, to have sex with them before they were transported to yet another farm where the process would begin all over again.

This growing evil is, for all intents and purposes, out in the open.

Unfortunately, as I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People and in its fictional counterpart The Erik Blair Diaries, the government’s war on sex trafficking, much like the government’s war on terrorism, drugs and crime, has become a perfect excuse for inflicting more police state tactics (police check points, searches, surveillance, and heightened security) on a vulnerable public while doing little to actually protect our children from sex predators.

That so many children continue to be victimized, brutalized and treated like human cargo is due to three things: one, a consumer demand that is increasingly lucrative for everyone involved—except the victims; two, a level of corruption so invasive on both a local and international scale that there is little hope of working through established channels for change; and three, an eerie silence from individuals who fail to speak out against such atrocities.

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