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The root of
on this Earth

Time to take the gloves off and
stop bullshitting around this issue.

Millions of children have gone missing
and have all through the history of man on Earth
– what’s happening to them and why?

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Therefore freedom can only be obtained by removing the people claiming to be above you.

There is no other way to be free than freeing ourselves from a ruling class.

As long as there are people that can dictate what you can or cannot do, you will always be enslaved by them no matter how many privileges they allow you to have.

There is no such thing as a good or righteous ruling class because the very foundation of ruling over someone is to dominate them.


We can choose to align, embody and walk The Way, Truth, Love, Good, Right, Morality, Natural Law, Higher Self, Higher Will, etc. to create a wonderful world of Heaven for all sentient animate beings, or we can choose to deny and reject it’s importance and continue to go downhill and create more of a Hell to live in.

Aligning oneself with correct knowledge/ true principles/ truth seeking acts as food for the spirit which nourishes it to grow larger.

Truth does not waver ever, only our perception does.

And it is our moral obligation to align our perceptions with truth so that our gained wisdom can manifest itself as moral right action.

Freedom is the absence of a ruling class.

You cannot be free and have someone that rules over you, they are complete opposites.

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Everything you
were taught is a lie.

Babies were grown in incubators
and sent out West to repopulate
abandoned Tartarian cities.

The "Cabbage Patch Kids"
were sent on orphan trains
and distributed as free labour
to farms and factories.

  Video: Tartarian Babies


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Evil Walks Among Us:
Child Trafficking
has become big business
in America

By John & Nisha Whitehead

January 23, 2023

Follow links for more information

Children are being targeted and sold for sex in America every day.”—John Ryan, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

It takes a special kind of evil to prostitute and traffick a child for sex, and yet this evil walks among us every minute of every day.

Consider this: every two minutes, a child is bought and sold for sex.

Hundreds of young girls and boys—some as young as 9 years old—are being bought and sold for sex, as many as 20 times per day.

Adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in the United States alone.

In Georgia alone, it is estimated that 7,200 men (half of them in their 30s) seek to purchase sex with adolescent girls each month, averaging roughly 300 a day.

On average, a child might be raped by 6,000 men during a five-year period.

It is estimated that at least 100,000 to 500,000 children—girls and boys—are bought and sold for sex in the U.S. every year, with as many as 300,000 children in danger of being trafficked each year. Some of these children are forcefully abducted, others are runaways, and still others are sold into the system by relatives and acquaintances.

Child rape has become Big Business in America.

This is not a problem found only in big cities.

It’s happening everywhere, right under our noses, in suburbs, cities and towns across the nation.

As Ernie Allen of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children points out, “The only way not to find this in any American city is simply not to look for it.

Like so many of the evils in our midst, sex trafficking (and the sexualization of young people) is a cultural disease that is rooted in the American police state’s heart of darkness. It speaks to a sordid, far-reaching corruption that stretches from the highest seats of power (governmental and corporate) down to the most hidden corners and relies on our silence and our complicity to turn a blind eye to wrongdoing.

It is estimated that the number of children who are at risk of being trafficked or have already been sold into the sex trade would fill 1300 school buses.

The internet has become the primary means of sexual predators targeting and selling young children for sex. “One in five kids online are sexually propositioned through gaming platforms and other social media. And those, non-contact oriented forums of sexual exploitation are increasing,” said researcher Brian Ulicny.

It’s not just young girls who are vulnerable, either.

According to a USA Today investigative report, “boys make up about 36% of children caught up in the U.S. sex industry (about 60% are female and less than 5% are transgender males and females).”

Every year, the ages of the girls and boys being bought and sold get younger and younger.

The average age of those being trafficked is 13. Yet as the head of a group that combats trafficking pointed out, “Let’s think about what average means. That means there are children younger than 13. That means 8-, 9-, 10-year-olds.

They’re minors as young as 13 who are being trafficked,” noted a 25-year-old victim of trafficking. “They’re little girls.”

This is America’s dirty little secret.

But what or who is driving this evil appetite for young flesh? Who buys a child for sex?

Otherwise ordinary men from all walks of life. “They could be your co-worker, doctor, pastor or spouse,” writes journalist Tim Swarens, who spent more than a year investigating the sex trade in America.

According to criminal investigator Marc Chadderdon, these “buyers”—the so-called “ordinary” men who drive the demand for sex with children—represent a cross-section of American society: every age, every race, every socio-economic background, cops, teachers, corrections workers, pastors, etc.

America’s police forces—riddled with corruption, brutality, sexual misconduct and drug abuse—represent another facet of the problem: police have become both predators and pimps. As the Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “Hundreds of police officers across the country have turned from protectors to predators, using the power of their badge to extort sex.”

Young girls are particularly vulnerable to these predators in blue.

Former police officer Phil Stinson estimates that half of the victims of police sex crimes are minors under the age of eighteen. According to The Washington Post, a national study found that 40 percent of reported cases of police sexual misconduct involved teens.

For example, in California, a police sergeant—a 16-year veteran of the police force—was arrested for raping a 16-year-old girl who was being held captive and sold for sex in a home in an upscale neighbourhood.

A Pennsylvania police chief and his friend were arrested for allegedly raping a young girl hundreds of times—orally, vaginally, and anally several times a week—over the course of seven years, starting when she was 4 years old.

Two NYPD cops were accused of arresting a teenager, handcuffing her, and driving her in an unmarked van to a nearby parking lot, where they raped her and forced her to perform oral sex on them, then dropped her off on a nearby street corner.

The New York Times reports that “a sheriff’s deputy in San Antonio was charged with sexually assaulting the 4-year-old daughter of an undocumented Guatemalan woman and threatening to have her deported if she reported the abuse.

And then you have national sporting events such as the Super Bowl, where sex traffickers have been caught selling minors, some as young as 9 years old. Whether or not the Super Bowl is a “windfall” for sex traffickers as some claim, it remains a lucrative source of income for the child sex trafficking industry and a draw for those who are willing to pay to rape young children.

Finally, as I documented in an earlier column, the culture is grooming these young people to be preyed upon by sexual predators.

Social media makes it all too easy. As one news center reported, “Finding girls is easy for pimps. They look on … social networks. They and their assistants cruise malls, high schools and middle schools. They pick them up at bus stops. On the trolley. Girl-to-girl recruitment sometimes happens.” Foster homes and youth shelters have also become prime targets for traffickers.

Rarely do these children enter into prostitution voluntarily. Many start out as runaways or throwaways, only to be snatched up by pimps or larger sex rings. Others, persuaded to meet up with a stranger after interacting online through one of the many social networking sites, find themselves quickly initiated into their new lives as sex slaves.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, nearly 800,000 children go missing every year (roughly 2,185 children a day).

For those trafficked, it’s a nightmare from beginning to end.

Those being sold for sex have an average life expectancy of seven years, and those years are a living nightmare of endless rape, forced drugging, humiliation, degradation, threats, disease, pregnancies, abortions, miscarriages, torture, pain, and always the constant fear of being killed or, worse, having those you love hurt or killed.

A common thread woven through most survivors’ experiences is being forced to go without sleep or food until they have met their sex quota of at least 40 men.

As David McSwane recounts in a chilling piece for the Herald-Tribune: “In Oakland Park, an industrial Fort Lauderdale suburb, federal agents in 2011 encountered a brothel operated by a married couple. Inside ‘The Boom Boom Room,’ as it was known, customers paid a fee and were given a condom and a timer and left alone with one of the brothel’s eight teenagers, children as young as 13. A 16-year-old foster child testified that he acted as security, while a 17-year-old girl told a federal judge she was forced to have sex with as many as 20 men a night.”

One particular sex trafficking ring catered specifically to migrant workers employed seasonally on farms throughout the southeastern states, especially the Carolinas and Georgia, although it’s a flourishing business in every state in the country. Traffickers transport the women from farm to farm, where migrant workers would line up outside shacks, as many as 30 at a time, to have sex with them before they were transported to yet another farm where the process would begin all over again.

This growing evil is, for all intents and purposes, out in the open.

Unfortunately, as I document in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People and in its fictional counterpart The Erik Blair Diaries, the government’s war on sex trafficking, much like the government’s war on terrorism, drugs and crime, has become a perfect excuse for inflicting more police state tactics (police check points, searches, surveillance, and heightened security) on a vulnerable public while doing little to actually protect our children from sex predators.

That so many children continue to be victimized, brutalized and treated like human cargo is due to three things: one, a consumer demand that is increasingly lucrative for everyone involved—except the victims; two, a level of corruption so invasive on both a local and international scale that there is little hope of working through established channels for change; and three, an eerie silence from individuals who fail to speak out against such atrocities.

Video - click image

My fellow Americans,
“The Storm is Upon us…”

With the EBS and Our Great Military Activated during the transitional phase during COVID-19.

In coordination with Our Galactic Alliance and Ashtar Command, with over 17 individual species united against the Reptilian & Grey Enslavement of Humanity.

After all is done and told this will be forever known as the greatest plan in the world to save our children and humanity from the physical matrix enslavement from Draconians and pedophiles hell bent on the total annihilation of the human race.

Thank you President Trump and our fine men and women of our military

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President


Video - click images

Viewer discretion
this is a deep rabbit hole
so astonishing most people
won’t (want to) believe it.

Epstein/ MAXWELL CIA, Mossad MI6 (triple agents) deep state Elite blackmailers that ran human trafficking through CLINTON foundation using ROTHSCHILD estate and connected funding to Rockefellers/ GATES/ Vaccines companies…. ECT ECT ECT….)

The two ( Epstein and Maxwell) Evil World elite human Traffickers that blackmailed almost every high ranking official , military officials, entertainment industry, scientific community elite official, ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT…. around the world with sexual pedophilia set ups, Death threats , bribes and cohesion methods initiated by the CIA MKultra mind projects…..

The DAVOD (devil’s) group & UN help fund Maxwell and create a new [fake] environmental non-profit organization ‘The TerraMar Project’ that gave Maxwell rights to  diplomatic immunity as being the head of a fake Ocean/Sea Country estate with the ability to travel the world in a Submarine and enter countries under Oceans / underground bases without scrutiny.

Only until the of the world has been exposed to the world’s largest human trafficking industry in the world connected to the United States president CLINTON. OBAMA…

World elite organisation > UN NATO…

Which connects most MAJOR COUNTRIES and Presidents inside the human trafficking network and cover-ups…

This powerful elite system created by the DEEP STATE CABAL infiltrated every Nation and military rankings.. took control of mainstream Media CEOs…

This vast network reaches into the pharmaceutical companies big tech companies and controls Hollywood at the highest levels…

The Exposure of Epstein through Q …

White HATS MILITARY battalion drops has lead the World Wide Movement to the GREAT AWAKENING, EVENT..

Where Over a billion people are now becoming aware are of the deep state, tyrannical governments, and world cover-ups of human trafficking at the highest level…

All connected to a FALSE PANDEMIC (PLANDEMIC)…

And bioweapon release to create confusion and mass killings (create chaos) in hopes the [EXPOSURE] of the Deep State CABAL that controls world government’s and networks is not exposed


Epstein and Maxwell …
never thought they would set off the makings of a World WAR
that WILL trigger a WORLD NUCLEAR STANDOFF…and the
many deaths of the COVID 19 (SARS II) bioweapon release…

Vaccine bioweapon release
(coming deaths)

After the near death civilization EVENT experience….
The world will never be the same ...
And the sleeping sheep will never easily be
sung to sheep again by the lullabies deep state world CABAL …

The Great Awakening

The Fall of the CABAL

Often, you can’t TELL people the truth


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A Shocking Documentary About Sex
Trafficking In America

CONTRALAND is a powerful documentary that educates adults about the evils of sex trafficking in America.

It’s the brainchild of Craig “Sawman” Sawyer—a former decorated member of the elite Navy SEAL team 6.

The documentary begins with actress Nancy Stafford greeting the audience with horrifying statistics about sex trafficking in the United States.

Sex trafficking is a 38-billion-dollar industry that turns children into “contraband”.

This compelling documentary shows how Sawyer and his team travel to Utah, Connecticut and Arizona and work in tandem with law enforcement agencies in sex sting operations, which led to 22 arrests.

They host stings that lure predators only to arrest them for engaging in the desire to exchange sex with minors for money.

Sawyer says he’s only scratched the surface and plans to make more documentaries.

He says he’s able to offer the documentary at no charge because of donations to his non-profit organization, Vets for Child Rescue, and sponsors of the documentary.

CONTRALAND is well-produced and achieves its mission on getting the viewer’s mind on fire for justice.

Video - click images

How many Children
are reported missing
EVERY YEAR on average
(as of September 2022)

— Australia 20,000 missing children

— Canada 45,000 missing children

— Germany 100,000 missing children

— India 96,000 missing children

— Jamaica 2,000 missing children

— Russia 45,000 missing children

— Spain 20,000 missing children

— United Kingdom 112,000 missing children

— United States 460,000 missing children

— 900,000 missing children each year

Actual numbers are 8 million world wide

and 800,000 just in the USA

Video - click image

Stop the Traffick

click image for video

History Update
September 2022…

Why is this on this page?
Because it’s a long-overdue wake-up post
which will probably be more relevant
to older people who remember
these events and how they was
presented by the media at the time

  • Queen Elizabeth “died” Thurs. 8 Sept. 2022. Her staged death was a signal to bring down the financial Deep State infrastructure.

  • It was the end of the 2,000 year-old capture and control Masonic financial system used by the Holy Roman Empire Vatican, Crown City of London and Washington DC. Inc.

  • Queen Elizabeth’s death was announced exactly 1776 days after Q’s first post on 28 Oct. 2017.

  • The announcement of The Queen’s death also came exactly 911 days after the day the pandemic was officially declared, said to be “the day the world changed,” on 3/11/20, and 77 years and 7 days after WW2 ended.

    No coincidences here, right?

  • In 2018 the Alliance Special Forces took the Queen’s Kajillion$ in Gold & stashed it in Cheyenne Mountain. 

An incomplete list of
British crimes across the world
under the reign of Elizabeth II:

  • 1948-60: The British waged war in ‘Malaya’ to loot rubber and tin between 1948-60.

  • It had been preceded by the Great Famine in India 1876–78 – one of the most neglected cases of British colonial crimes.
    It covered an area of 670,000 square kilometers and affected 59 million people.
  • They also sprayed Agent Orange on food crops as part of their ‘starvation campaign’.
  • In 1952 Churchill argued Kenya’s fertile highlands should only be for white people and approved the forcible removal of the local pop. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyans were forced into camps.
  • In 1953, Britain under Churchill ordered the overthrowing of the democratically elected leader of ‘British Guiana’.

  • He dispatched troops and warships and suspended their constitution all to put a stop to the government’s nationalisation plan.
    • 1962-70: Britain carried out a covert war in Yemen which led to 200,000 deaths between 1962-70 and killed with impunity in Aden.

    • On 30th Jan 1972, the Bloody Sunday massacre was perpetrated by the parachute regiment of the British Army who killed 14 civilians at a peaceful protest march.

    • Following the massacre the British lied about the victims.


  • In 1972, British soldiers shot 26 unarmed civilians during an anti-colonial protest march in Derry, Ireland.
    Fourteen people died on Bloody Sunday.
  • There was a war of aggression against the people of Biafra where starvation against children was justified as a weapon of war.

  • Britain under the supervision of Queen wanted Biafrans dead so as to have access to oil.
  • Hell to Queen Elizabeth and her part in 500,000 missing Native children from 80 Canadian mainly Catholic Boarding Schools:
  1. Excerpts from some of the above articles about Queen Elizabeth:
  • William Combes of the Canadian Salish Tribe, witnessed the abduction of ten children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at the Catholic Kamloops Indian residential school in British Columbia – and died trying to expose the perpetrators.

  • On Oct. 10 1964 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were seen leaving a picnic with the ten children.

    Their local native parents haven’t seen their children since.

    In Feb. 2010 Combes died after speaking out about the Queen’s abduction.

  • Combes was a child at the school when his ten friends disappeared.

    As an adult the healthy Combes, who had been part of recent protests about 50,000 missing Canadian children, was told to go to the St. Paul’s Catholic hospital in Vancouver for tests.

    There he was put into a coma by injection, then was prematurely pulled off life support.


  • Erika, a former nurse at St. Paul’s, speaks of how she witnessed Combes final days.

    Erika was convinced that all of his symptoms indicate that he died of arsenic poisoning, not “tuberculosis” as the British Columbia Coroner claimed.

    Erika describes her impressions in this June 2018 interview with Kevin Annett:

  • In 2013 six international judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels tried a court case against Queen Elizabeth.

    Even though Witness Combes was dead they had other witnesses to the abduction, plus Combes’s testimony on video.

    The international court convicted Queen Elizabeth of Crimes Against Humanity for the disappearance of the ten native children, all around the age of ten, on Oct. 10 1964.

  • Notice the use of the number 10 in that Oct. 10 1964 date – a common practice of Satanic worship.

    Witnesses testifying before the ICLJ Court in Brussels accused the Queen and other Royals of participation in Satanic Child Sacrifice rites at secured locations around the globe including a military base in Australia.

  • A Citizens’ Grand Jury was convened with international jurists to investigate the ongoing disappearance of aboriginal families on Canada’s west coast.

    Its mandate included the power to convene a Common Law Court trial that would issue subpoenas and summonses to top officials of Canadian Church, State and Corporations.

  • The Citizen’s Grand Jury report on this and multi other cases surrounding multiple deaths and disappearances of native Canadians would be issued in the spring of 2019.

  • 7 2019: As of February a Citizens Grand Jury investigation has expanded from a kidnapping of ten children by Queen Elizabeth into a probe of a suspected medical killing ground for aboriginals – St. Paul’s Catholic Hospital in Vancouver Canada.

    The Grand Jury inquiry involved thousands of missing native men, women and children on Canada’s west coast.

  • The probe actually began back on Oct. 10 1964 with the disappearance of ten Canadian native children in Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s care and a witness to the abduction who mysteriously died in 2011 just before his testimony before a London Tribunal investigating the kidnappings.


  • Queen Elizabeth’s ten children were residents of the Catholic Kamloops Indian residential school in British Columbia.

    On Oct. 10 1964 their disappearance was witnessed by several children, including ten year-old William Combes.

  • In Feb. 2011, 47 years later, Combes mysteriously passed away after speaking out about the Queen and the disappearance of his fellow classmates.

    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police had forcibly admitted Combes to St. Paul’s Catholic hospital in Vancouver for unneeded tests.

    There he was put into a coma by injection, and then prematurely pulled off life support.

  • The recent inquiry into missing Canadian natives was a result of the International Tribunal for the Disappeared of Canadians (ITDC), an international coalition of jurists and human rights groups formed in September 2018 to investigate disappearances of aboriginal people in Canada and prosecute those responsible.

    The ITDC was said to arise “because of continued efforts by the Canadian government to subvert justice by concealing and falsifying the truth of the genocide of native people in Canada.”

  • For years the Canadian government has refused to do a comprehensive investigation into the matter of over 350,800 missing native children – and the more recent native children who continued to go missing.

    It included 32 known child mass gravesites on the grounds of 80 mainly Catholic native children residential schools across Canada – that have continuously been refused excavation by the Vatican and Canadian government even though evidence of children’s mutilated bones have been documented.

  • Like a huge baby-burning furnace, the government of Canada under leadership of Queen Elizabeth, appeared to have done everything possible to get rid of evidence and wipe clean the memory of its mass murder of over 60,000 native children – with a deadly cover up that appeared to still be going on today.

  • It happened again at the scene of a mass murder of 215 native children at the Kamloops Residential School in British Columbia.

    A mass grave containing tortured remains of native children lay just south of Kamloops – the same location where Kevin Annett’s friend William Coombs witnessed the abduction of ten Kamloops school children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on October 10, 1964.

  • Back in October 2011 Mohawk Elders and Annett did the first excavation of bodies of tortured children in mass graves believed to be on 80 Indian residential school grounds across Canada.

    The dig took place in Brantford, Ontario, but after discovering and verifying children’s bones, the team of forensic experts was forbidden to enter the property by Catholic and Canadian authorities.

  • Unfortunately the cover up of child mass grave sites across Canada involved much more than just the Canadian government and Queen Elizabeth.

    It expanded to the Vatican and CIA mind control experiments on children that involved huge international pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Bayer and Eli Lilly.

  • As early as 1922 the Canadian government made a deal with band council chiefs that in exchange for benefits, they would round up children from their tribes and deliver them into over 80 residential school death camps and hospitals across Canada.

    The chiefs also agreed to track down runaway children and bury those who died in secret.

    Is it any wonder that the same chiefly families were now posing as the good guys by digging up a children’s mass grave?

  • In 2019 a Citizens Grand Jury investigation expanded from the kidnapping of ten children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip into a probe of a suspected medical killing ground for aboriginals – St. Paul’s Catholic Hospital in Vancouver Canada.

    The Grand Jury inquiry involved thousands of missing native men, women and children on Canada’s West Coast – and like other investigations in behalf of the 60,000 missing native children – went nowhere.

  • After enduring years of sodomy, torture on a rack and electric shocks at the Kamloops school, and just before he was to give his testimony before a citizens’ Grand Jury in February 2011,

    William Combes was killed by arsenic poisoning at the Catholic St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver.

    His death never investigated, let alone the criminals charged.

  • The British Columbia Coroner announced that he would be on the scene working closely with the Tk’emlups Band Council to “investigate” the child mass grave site at Kamloops, as if that’s a good thing.

    It isn’t, actually, since the BC Coroner has a long and sordid history of issuing fake certificates to concealed the real cause of death of murdered Indians.

  • William Combes suffered such a fate at the hands of the Coroner’s office.

    The BC Coroner claimed that William’s death was due to tubercular meningitis.

    Though, his attending nurse Chloe Kirker testified under oath that William had no symptoms of TB, but rather the bloated face and darkened fingernails was of one who had been poisoned by arsenic.

  • The very fact that the BC Coroner was showing up in Kamloops now was a sign that an official cover up was at work.

    You could be assured that any incriminating evidence found on those little bones would be expunged as quickly as were their lives.

click image for video


click image for video

child sex trafficking

The CIA, Mossad, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, CCP, Burma, Thailand and the government of Myanmar all had their hands in the world’s largest drug and child trafficking operation, the GOLDEN TRIANGLE.

Also involved in the TerraMar project.

Myanmar is the largest drug and child trafficking country in the world.

Your governments, three-letter intelligence agencies, elites, Hollywood, Vatican City and the royal family are responsible.

ALL islands, Epstein, Biden, Depp, Winfrey, Nygard, Branson etc.

The kids are taken in planes, submarines, containers and into the tunnels. Even the Black Forest in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France.

They are tortured, raped, eaten, murdered and experimented with animals and ETs.

It takes 7 months to recover from this.

Some will never recover from this evil when they find out that it was never about a virus, but always about the children of the world.

Military is the only way in the world.

child sex trafficking

I am proud to be Dutch.

Then consider the following: The Netherlands has an almost 80% share in child/human trafficking and abuse worldwide! Beatrix was the leader (Executed 2020), all Royals worldwide were part of it (All Executed 2020)

John de Mol is also a leader.

Actually the elite of every sector.

Police, army, judiciary, politics, pharmacy, science, multinationals, media you name it.

That’s why you don’t get anywhere.

They completely cover each other. 

All of them have been tempted with illegal practices and now they are blackmailable.

That is how it works!

There is literally an ‘underworld’ under the Netherlands, of tunnels and Dumbs.

The Netherlands is evil to the bone.

Sodom and Gomorrah are nothing.

It’s gonna get worse.

The Netherlands does not officially exist as a country.

The Netherlands is a province of Germany

The Nazis never left

The dutch national anthem starts with: I am of German blood (Nazis) .

Yes, they are, but not the people.

click image for link

USA Government
Child Sex Abuse


Click image for video

Child trafficking deal going down

The kids on the ground look drugged.
The kid on the right is tied to the pole

No idea where this video came from – 
speculation only ….
hopefully it was being used for evidence
in a sting operation – as the guys
with the money kept their faces covered
while the ‘sellers’ didn’t seem to care.

Click image for video

The End of the World
as we know it
The fall of the Cabal 08


  • About the hunting parties of the European royal families.
  • The ‘elite’, Pizzagate, Adrenochrome, survivor accounts, the English royal family.
  • Their connection with Jeffrey Epstein.
  • The naked boy trying to escape from Buckingham Palace
  • The ITCCS
  • Kevin Annett and the 50,000 murdered Canadian children
  • The evidence about the sacrifice of children throughout the ages
  • The tradition of the red shoes.

About Anthony Weiner’s laptop,
his ‘Life Insurance’ file, blackmail,
and the murder of those who speak up …

Click links for videos

D.U.M.B.S and
Underground War,
[07-Jan-23 3:08 PM]



The Black Nobility Jesuit Order:
Founders of Fascism, Freemasonry,
Illuminati, The Vatican & Zionism


 The Vatican; Holy Roman Empire Association:
World Terror Organisation



Information intel from Jayne on
U.K. and Ireland
DUMBS and Tunnels

Bentwaters/ Rendlesham Forest is or was a Nuclear Storage Facility, MK Ultra & child sacrifice, harvesting of organs.

Berkshire under the town of Peasemore, conducting Project Mannequinn which is an extension of MK Ultra, cloning operations to create Super Soldiers.

Berkshire DUMB under Newbury.Berkshiren RAF Greenham Common. Berkshire Lambourne (UK’s Area 51 equivalent) Anti-Gravity aircraft storage facility, headquarters for MI16 Project Mannequinn mind control & genetic manipulation, A1 Hybrid Program. Berkshire RAF Welford. 

Cornwall St Ives sea access dumb for submarines which have access to the world sub system.

Cornwall under the small town of Zennor, quantum energy grid that connected it to Montauk & the Men An Toi ancient stones.

Lancashire Liverpool a complex of underground tunnel systems beneath the whole city.

Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral full of Masonic sybology, Liverpool Anglican Catherdral dumb tunnels below the Cathedral also dumb tunnel entrance has Masonic black & white floor.

London CLC1 Base under Westminster Parliament, massive tunnel dumb facility which has intricate tunnels expanding out of the city area. Access via New Victoria Tube Line, Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park tube station which is part of the Maglev System, tunnels to the residencies & Offices of Downing Street. Manchester DUMB is connected by tunnels to DUMBS in Wales & Ireland.

Oxfordshire Harewell Laborotories.

Oxfordshire Watchfield Military Science College Defence Academy Institutation, Shrivenham DUMB & tunnels is located between Shrivenham & Watchfield in the Southern West corner of Oxfordshire (Vale of the White Horse), Suffolk RAF Lakenheath beneath the BASR Monsoo – 1 facility, Wiltshire Rudloe Manor (formerly RAF Box), Wiltshire just outside Bath between the town of Box & Corsham (very nasty demonic beings in the DUMB & tunnels, the tunnels go all the way accross Hadrians Wall & into France.

Wiltshire Corsham Computer Centre holds blackmail documents.

Wiltshire Porton Down, chemical & Nuclear storage, 6 levels, Hybridization research, Project Mannequinn & MK Ultra, this site is the worlds longest running chemical weapons testing on humans & is a huge facility.

Wiltshire East Knoyle has access from Cloud House owned by Aleister Crowley, massive demon presence.

York RAF Fylingdales, space operations & mission support. Ireland Mayo County dumb entrance from a feeder to the Aille River on the foothills of the Partry Mountains 12 miles east of Westport while heading to Lake Carra this is an ancient facility more than 1000yrs old, Station Island, High Level demonics SRA & 9th Circle sacrifice area.

Wales Brecon Beacons the whole are is a very ancient DUMB facility.



Ghislaine Maxwell’s
Elite * Trafficking [Vol. 1]



Click links for video



(with thousands of miles of underground tunnels linking them).



WalMart was planned & prepared as



Click links for video

By using covert
and symbolism

it kept the deep dark
pedophile rings
hidden from the light.

Creating a coded language and embedding those keywords in the EXIF Tag of images and videos.

Keywords are then used in specific search engine queries that lead to child pornography/pedophilia material.

These exact symbols and keywords can be found at your local groceries, medical facilities, federal buildings, restaurants, schools and more.

Gloves were used as markers for murders, masks were used with color coding.

Just as cone markers Q1455 mark DUMBs, underground tunnels, bunkers, torture chambers and businesses connected Via Executive Order 13818.

It had to be this way, to disseminate all available information to prepare you for what you are about to learn.

We are at the event horizon, where all the Quantum rolling timelines converge, where all the roads lead to one.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Only The Strong Survive.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫


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THEY used HEK 293 cells that are derived from aborted fetus’, along with fluoride – the endless poisons in the name of ‘science’ to keep crops ‘growing.’ To keep water safe, to keep the air safe, the airwaves safe – an endless pursuit of full control of the population.

By using the medical industry to comply vaccines be injected to new-borns, the use of feminized cells has an unnatural effect. This has caused feminization of men for their end goal, depopulation and sterilization. Allowing them to expand their hybrids, clones & robot population.

Using adrenochrome as their supply taken from children that have been raped and tortured to elicit the highest levels of the adreno from the body.

They’d have Spirit Cooking events, which was how they would end up – eaten.

With the remains they would poison the food supply, the air, the water, each ingredient was masked with a name as ‘natural flavors. ‘

By cutting off the supply, President Trump has put an end to their poisoning and abuse, removing these toxins and putting each and every paedophile FRONT and CENTER for the world to HEK 293 cells see,

My fellow Americans, HEX 293, HEK-29 293 cells, also on referred to as is precisely as HEX celi ad tam an aborted fetus the Storm is upon us……….

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

The Reptilians, Greys, Cabal,
Deep State puppets and
clowns in America all have one agenda

To deny Adrenochrome harvesting, rape and torture of innocent children. Experimenting on half-Human hybrids, Cloning Labs and Adrenochrome harvesting in Deep Underground Military Bases and torture chambers beneath the surface.

These locations were all connected to each other in a vast network of underground tunnels.

Just as the roads above, each tunnel follows a specific path to traverse certain geographical locations.

Most were connected to these tunnels directly through their fictitious businesses, just like Comet Pizza, Epstein Island, Biden’s Island – The Getty Center, Griffith Park Observatory, UCLA Tunnels, and sadly – much more,

I Put Them Front And Center For The Whole World To See.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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  • What’s New In The RECUT:

    Issac Kappy – Dead Mans Switch
    Pizza Gate Murders
    Dreamer Heaven Level’s – Rains Demise of Reptile
    The Boy With The Henna Tattoo
    Pedophile Hunter Footage
    Tami Predator Groomer Updated Section
    Deep Web Pedophile Interview
    Snap Chat Filter Global New Coverage and more.
    Source: Surviving Life

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In The Storm News

This video is all about child sex trafficking on the southern border – the Evergreen / Cern / Wal-Mart / New World Order / DUMBS /Playboy.

Trump on child sex trafficking / Torture of children / Epstein Island


Video - click image for video

on the Southern Border


Video - click image for video



Video - click image


Child pornography
and abuse
in Minnesota

Warning – adults only

‘Child Predators count on us not understanding just how dark their hearts are, and how much deviant pornography they have consumed to reach such a state of inner psychopathy…

… to where they can target, groom, and use minors for their own deviant sexual gratification.

They also count on lawmakers going easy on offenders in terms of the Sentencing Guideline and the criminal penalties they enact, when such an offender is “only ” found in possession of child pornography…

… which inevitably also means the distribution/dissemination of the same kind of heinous material.

And, that is why ‘Shattered’ is such an important film, as it is intended to help lawmakers understand that the possession and distribution/dissemination of child pornography by an offender really is only the tip of the iceberg of the harm they are causing, and that such offenders are inevitably doing much more behind closed doors.’

Forwarded from Q17

In Dutch politics there is a lot of dark activities in the field of Satanism.

Many politicians and senior officials are aware of this.

It involves actively participating in satanic rituals involving the killing of children and adults through pre-conceived ritualistic acts. Many politicians and senior officials have participated in this over the years.

Participating in satanic rituals is a token of distinction for a politician. You then belong to the top of the elite, the highest layer of the Dutch power structures.

Almost all Prime Ministers participated, as did members of the royal family.

Satanic rituals take place worldwide.

The participants in this need human sacrifice as food to maintain their body structure.

Without this nourishment, the body decays and dies.

Several high-ranking Dutch politicians travel the world to participate in satanic rituals.

They do this together with many leaders of other countries.

Because of this they know from each other that they are participating in something that would absolutely not be accepted by the people of their country.

This has made them blackmailable.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has been appointed as master blackmailer on earth by the highest draconian order, seated in layer 1 of the matrix.

This means that he blackmails almost all government leaders for their secrets, including participating in satanic rituals.

Mark Rutte fulfils his role as master blackmailer with verve and has set up an organization to perform his role.

This organization contains about 1000 employees.

Satanic ritual gatherings require a lot of organization.

In the Netherlands, about 1000 people are also involved. Some of these people work in politics.

The Zandvoort, Netherlands complex, where satanic pedophile activities took place, as well as torture, tribunals (which is against the satanism) and other hell activities, extends miles out.

Namely under the circuit to the north to 4 kilometers below IJmuiden.

East to 2 kilometers left of Bloemendaal and Santpoort.

West to near the coast. In the area there are entrances, there are exits.

At the edges of the area are entrances and exits.

The complex is connected via the corridor system to all corridors under the Netherlands, Western Europe and a large part of the world. In the complex there are 10 abattoirs, 5 kitchens, 27 baby rooms, 245 ritual rooms, 423 rooms for the staff to sleep.

Furthermore 546 guest rooms for victims, adults and children

456 dungeons and prison spaces.

210 spaces to torture.

45 spaces around judiciary and tribunals.

40 spaces for cleaning crews and resources.

There are special rooms for royal guests, such as Demmink and his son Mark Rutte and Maxima, Sybrand Buma, other people from noble bloodlines and non-aristocratic but still noble bloodlines.

These spaces are decorated with gold, platinum and even more expensive, extra-terrestrial in origin.

The complex was built in the early 1960s.

On December 16, 1965 at 5 o’clock in the morning the first ritual took place, in the presence of the gynecologist, Bernhard, Juliana under heavy mind control and drugs, Beatrix, Jo Cals, Anne Vondeling, BarendBiesheuvel.

Special Investigation: Spies, Lords and Predators — The biggest political scandal in Britain’s history.

This mind-blowing investigation exposes the paedophilia at the upper most powers of Britain, including politicians, lords, and even MI6 spies.

Video - click image

A Childs Voice

A Child’s Voice is a 2018 supernatural thriller film distributed online.

While the film is fictional, it was made to shed light on the trafficking of children.

With regard to the film’s mission, producer John Paul Rice said in a posted video,“If you go to UNICEF and you look up ‘child sex trafficking’ or ‘human trafficking’ you’ll find a statistic, globally, worldwide, according to the United Nations, that 40 million people a year are trafficked around this world.

40 million.

It’s a 150 billion-dollar a year industry.”

The plot centres around two teenagers, played by Joey Burke and Angela Mavropoulos, who are led by the ghost of a murdered child, played by Jonathan Matthew Wilson, to stand up to a network of human traffickers.

Video - click image

Out of Shadows


Video - click image

Jeanette Archer
Exposes Royal Family

Jeanette Archer exposes UK Royal family
and her personal experiences of
ritual satanic abuse at Windsor Castle.

From on or about
12 October 2021

Audio mp3 - click image

European Royals
killing naked children
for fun
at human hunting ‘parties’.

Audio MP3

Video - click image

Modern Day Slavery
Child Trafficking

play video

PDF - click image or button

White Cargo

The forgotten
Britains white slaves
in America

Of course, black slavery had hideous aspects that whites did not experience, but they suffered horrors in common, many of which were first endured by whites.

In crude economic terms, indentured servants sold their labour for a set period of time; in reality they sold themselves.

They discovered that they were placed under the power of masters who had more or less total control over their destiny.

The indentured-servant system evolved into slavery because of the economic goals of early colonists: it was designed not so much to help would-be migrants get to America and the Caribbean as to provide a cheap and compliant workforce for the cash-crop industry.

Once this was established, to keep the workforce in check it became necessary to create legal sanctions that included violence and physical restraint.

This is what led to slavery:
first for whites, then for blacks….

Video - click image


Video - click image

An open secret

An open secret was released in 2014 and looks at the lives of children betrayed and abandoned by a system that essentially funnels them towards sexual predators without any oversight or regard for their safety.

It documents not only these young peoples’ experiences, but also how some have emerged stronger for their speaking out.

It begs the questions of why children working in entertainment aren’t afforded the same protections they are afforded at school, and argues for more effective treatment and stronger penalties for child sex offenders.

Video - click image


video & PDF links

Eyes wide open

Eyes Wide Open is not a biography as such, and descriptive dialogue is limited.

Consider it more a reference book designed to meet three distinct aims:

1. Provide the relevant historical basis for understanding the existence and coverup of CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse, and mind control.

2. Document my personal experience of this abuse in Australia and the USA.

3. Offer information for combating the techniques which cults, the military and intelligence agencies use to artificially induce dissociation and achieve radical and strategic behaviour modification.

I explain the nature of Trauma-Based Forced Dissociation including the victim selection process, why most therapy is ineffective, and why a Trauma-Focussed Integration approach is essential.


Do you really wanna go down the rabbit hole?

Watch these two videos


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exposing, elite child sex trafficking, satanic rituals, cannibalism, Hollywood slaves, dark cabal, pedophilia, sacrifice, torture, child abuse, royal conspiracies, human hunting, illuminati hierarchy, entertainment industry, deep state, planned parenthood, Vatican, cults, pizzagate, pedowood, hollywood, pervywood, pedowars, EXPOSEthePEDOSendOfTheCABAL, QWARRIORSWORLDWIDE, VOTER FRAUD, VOTING MACHINES, 2000 MULES, TREASON, HIGH CRIMES, GITMO, GitmoTV, CLINTON, HRC, EVERGREEN, BTC, BITCOIN, 3GD, CRYPTO, MINING, STORM, THE STORM of the CAPITOL, EXPOSE the PEDOS end of the CABAL

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The Reptilians, Greys,
Cabal, Deep State puppets
and clowns in America
all have one agenda

To deny Adrenochrome harvesting, rape and torture of innocent children.

Experimenting on half-Human hybrids, Cloning Labs and Adrenochrome harvesting in Deep Underground Military Bases and torture chambers beneath the surface.

These locations were all connected to each other in a vast network of underground tunnels. Just as the roads above, each tunnel follows a specific path to traverse certain geographical locations.

Most were connected to these tunnels directly through their fictitious businesses, just like Comet Pizza, Epstein Island, Biden’s Island – The Getty Center, Griffith Park Observatory, UCLA Tunnels, and sadly – much more.

I Put Them Front And Center For The Whole World To See.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

The DUMB operations in Australia,
specifically under Melbourne
and under CIA  black site pine gap,
have been a complete success.

1000s of children alive and teetering on death have been rescued by my light being families, and have been transported to their motherships and taken off world for the 1st stages of healing.

Many dead and dismembered children also found, and they also have been taken off planet for proper burial on earth 2.o, planet Eden in the Hercules constellation.

Every Reptillian, Draconian, Archon, Reptoid mankind hybrids, and everything non-human has eradicated and liquified.

We really enjoyed, the fear in their eyes as we made puddles out of them.

After those missions were completed, I was informed by the Arcturian council, Andromeda council, Pleiadiens Confederation of Light and my Venusian council of 9, that every dumb on the planet, with the exception of the dumb under lake Geneva, has been cleaned, evil eradicated and all weapons of mass destruction secured, and these dumbs are now in control of the WW alliances and are being destroyed.

Geneva next in line for the hammers of dark2light.

Peace and much love to all humanity in the world

❤️vt👽 —


click appropriate image for
parts 1 and 2


The order was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964.

After nearly a year of litigation Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia.

In 2017, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was asking concerned citizens to demand Cunningham’s immediate release. The ITCCS successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children.

remains of 215 children found

The abuse, trafficking, torture and murder of children appears endemic and continues to be actively practiced, and condoned, protected, by church, state, judicial and police globally.

click image for video


Today, on the 58th anniversary of the permanent disappearance of ten children from the Kamloops Indian residential school, new evidence has surfaced linking British monarch King Charles to their fate and to the death of other native children.

A group of witnesses have presented their affidavits to the special Tribunal that has convened to investigate Charles’ complicity in both the abduction of the ten children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on October 10, 1964, and the medical murder of eyewitness William Combes in February 2011. (Breaking News, September 19/20, 2022: King Charles ordered to appear before International Tribunal over the death of William Combs and Others. – Murder by Decree)

According to the Tribunal’s Public Information Office,

“Our Tribunal has today received sworn statements from British and Canadian nationals. They claim to have witnessed the personal participation of Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, aka King Charles III, in ceremonies involving native children that occurred in Carnarvon Castle in Wales and at the former Catholic Indian school in Fort Providence, Canada, on October 30, 1964, and July 11, 1970, respectively.

“The first ceremony involved the ritual killing of Cecilia Arnold, age ten, and Edward Arnuse, age ten, two survivors of the original ten children abducted by Charles’ parents from the Kamloops Indian school. The second ceremony involved a similar ritual killing of an undetermined number of Inuit children provided by the clergy of the Catholic Sacred Heart Indian residential school in the Northwest Territories.

“Another witness, a former government employee, claims that then-Prince Charles had personal knowledge of and sanctioned a ‘kill order’ issued by the British MI-6 against William Combes, the sole living eyewitness to the October 1964 Kamloops abductions. Combes subsequently died of arsenic poisoning administered to him in St. Paul’s Catholic hospital in Vancouver on February 26, 2011.”

Click button below to see
nurse Chloe Kirker’s
video statement on YouTube

This new evidence and accompanying documentation has been entered into the docket of the Tribunal and will be presented at its opening session on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Charles Mountbatten-Windsor has been issued a Public Summons to appear before the Tribunal.

Ten days before he was murdered by royal decree, William Combes met me at the Ovaltine café on Hastings Street in Vancouver. He was happier than normal because our movement had just held another church occupation and, in the glow of that victory, William had given up drinking the alcohol he needed to dull the memories of his torture by electric cattle prods when he was a child. With a shy smile, he handed me some poems he had just written.

After I read William’s poems, he asked me to hold on to them for him. We shook hands but we didn’t say goodbye, because we expected to rendezvous that same month in London, England, where William was scheduled to speak to our common law court about what he saw Queen Elizabeth do in Kamloops on October 10, 1964. But the crown struck first. Ten days later, William Arnold Combes was dead from arsenic poisoning.

The ones who killed my friend think that enough assassinations and midnight burials and official lies can rewrite history and swab memories. But fortunately, the truth can’t be controlled by us, because it comes from elsewhere, and has a life and force of its own that eventually wears down time and crime. And so now, even the enormous lie the crown and church have built around their Christian death camps is crumbling.

Today, it collapsed some more. William Combes has come alive and is pointing his accusing finger at the killers through living eyewitnesses who are telling our Tribunal who killed William and ten Kamloops children and many tens of thousands of other innocents. And that finger points directly at Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, the so-called King of England.

Here is what we know so far:

1. At sunset on Saturday, October 10, 1964, in the hills above Dead Man’s Creek 40 miles west of Kamloops, eight of the ten children who were abducted by Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten-Windsor from the Kamloops catholic residential school were ritually and brutally killed.

We know from a retired British security officer that both Elizabeth and Windsor were present at the ritual.

Two of the ten children were kept alive and brought to England, to the Roman-built Carnarvon Castle in north Wales.

The two children were Cecilia Arnold, an interior Salish girl from Kamloops, and Edward Arnuse, a Metis boy from Quesnel.

Both children were ten years old.

Barely two weeks later, at midnight on Samhain, October 30, 1964, Cecilia and Edward were ritually raped, tortured, killed, and cannibalistically devoured in the sub-basement crypt of Carnarvon Castle by a coven of the Vatican-led Ninth Circle cult.

Present and participating that night in that blood feast were Philip Mountbatten-Windsor and his eldest son Charles, who was inducted into the cult that night: the man now called the King of England.

2. On July 1, 1969, Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales in the same location, at a ceremony in Carnarvon Castle.

Exactly one year after, on July 1, 1970, Charles Mountbatten-Windsor began his first official visit to Canada along with his parents and sister Anne.

The ultimate destination of this so-called “royal tour” was rural aboriginal communities in Manitoba and at Fort Providence in the Northwest Territories.

And there, at another catholic residential school called Sacred Heart, aboriginal children once again died at the hands of the Mountbatten-Windsors and their Vatican accomplices.

3. In the ocean of blood deceptively called Indian residential schools where child murder was the norm, these killings remained cloaked in secrecy and terror.

But years later, the sole surviving eyewitness to the Kamloops abduction spoke publicly of what he saw.

William Combes was then ordered to be killed by a royal decree enacted through the British foreign intelligence agency MI-6 and its counterparts in the RCMP in Canada: specifically, by the west coast “E” division of the Mounties under the authority of its black ops coordinator Inspector Peter Montague.

On February 19, 2011, William was forcibly abducted from his East Pender Street slum hotel by three Mounties and brought to the catholic St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver.

William’s nurse Chloe Kirker states on record that he was in good health and had no symptoms of his official cause of death, tubercular meningitis.

But by February 23 he developed what are called Mees’ Lines on his fingernails, which indicate arsenic poisoning.

And yet nurse Kirker was ordered by St. Paul’s administrators to keep William off any intravenous and thereby dehydrated: in hindsight, to allow the poison to disseminate quickly and fatally.

After William died, nurse Kirker was threatened not to speak of it.

After she was subjected to repeated of harassment and death threats, she quit her job and moved out of the country.

4. The Vancouver Coroner, Claire Thompson, took nearly four months to issue a report on the death of William Combes.

On June 13, 2011, Ms. Thompson stated on record that William Combes died of “disseminated tuberculosis”, despite William’s absence of TB symptoms and the indication of arsenic poisoning.

Ms. Thompson refused to answer all inquiries about William’s death.

The Vancouver Coroner’s office threatened to sue anyone who publicly challenged her report.

5. William Combes died the same week that Kevin Annett was invited in writing by Mohawk elders to begin investigations into mass graves of children at the former Church of England school in Brantford, Ontario: the same “Mush Hole” school where British and Dutch royal family members abducted aboriginal children routinely for over a century.

A church insider with considerable evidence of these abductions and the ritual killings of children at the Mush Hole, Leona Moses, was officially silenced by Anglican Archbishop Fred Hiltz after Kevin Annett appeared in Brantford in the spring of 2011.

Hiltz acted under the direct instructions of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, according to Leona Moses.

But Leona died and her incriminating evidence was destroyed in a house fire after Kevin came to Brantford and commenced investigations at the Mush Hole mass grave site.

Prior to that, while Kevin was in London, England researching the Mush Hole archives, he was summarily arrested and deported from England, on May 26, 2011: three months to the day that William Combes had been murdered.

All of this proves again the murderous and criminal nature of the British Crown and its Vatican accomplice in genocide.

For many years we have exposed and proved this crime in courts of law and through the suffering and blood of eyewitnesses like William Combes.

But the criminals are still in charge, and they have absolved themselves of the crime and erased their atrocities and now even are erasing the erasure.

And so, the genocide continues.

We have learned there is no possibility of justice in their system, which is why we have created our own inquiries and our own courts of law outside their jurisdiction.

Our present Tribunal that is putting King Charles on trial is a continuation of that struggle.

But we are also arming ourselves with the means to enforce the verdict of this latest trial, by building our own common law Republics that can fight and overcome these crimes against humanity.

For we are engaged in a war to the death against tyranny and mass murder; and the first step in resisting those evils is to collectively declare our independence from their genocidal system in London, Rome, Beijing, and elsewhere.

If we refuse to honor and learn from our fallen heroes like William Combes, we not only dishonor their sacrifice for us, but we ensure our own destruction.

Remember, pick up their fallen sword, and carry on, lest the darkness hold final sway over humanity.

click image for video

Charles Windsor
was summoned to appear today,

September 20,
before an international Tribunal

to answer charges of his complicity in
the death of
indigenous children
and eyewitnesses like William Combes.

The summons can be read in its entirety at under ITCCS Updates
for September 20, 2022.
Issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.
(Note: The Date is according to Greenwich Mean Time)

Book Link: Unrepentant

Kevin Annett’s book – Unrepentant


Click text for full article

Murder by decree

In Memory To the many tens of thousands of children who died while in the internment and death camps falsely called “Indian residential schools”;

To those men and women who have fought against impossible odds to recover the memory of those children and the truth of how they died, and bring to justice who and what is responsible;

And to those who suffer and die today at the hands of the same criminal system.

“Earth, cover not their blood” And in Acknowledgment Of the heroic efforts of three ground breaking citizen-based Inquiries into Genocide in Canada:

The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada (1998), The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (2005) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (2010);

and of Rev. Kevin D. Annett, who has fathered and led these movements from the beginning at enormous personal risk and sacrifice.

What Canada
and all survivors
owe to him
is incalculable.

follow links as necessary

International Child Sex Trafficking,
Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring
Run by the Vatican

Voice of the Republic,
Kevin Annette

•    The word is said so easily, so casually, so lifelessly: Genocide. The word means nothing to most people. To the rest, it is little more than the self-serving rhetoric of politicians and popes. But when I hear the word, I hear the tortured screams of little children that never stop, day or night.

•    I see a Vancouver Island Priest electrocuting a five-year-old boy with a cattle prod until he dies, his body tossed onto a pile of other small corpses and then buried in a secret grave barely a mile from where I would work one day.

•    I smell the sickly scent of burning flesh as other dead children and even living, newborn babies are incinerated in the Christian death camp furnaces that burn day and night.

•    I watch as children are made blind in deadly experiments and others have their teeth yanked out without painkillers by upstanding Canadian doctors.

•    I see other children battered and raped and left to starve to death by men and women who sing Christian hymns the next Sunday in church.

•    I watch as Harry Wilson shows me the scar on his tongue through which United Church minister John Andrews shoved a needle when a young Harry spoke of the dead girl he found.

•    I witness a lone and stumbling survivor named William Combes, too crushed to speak publicly of his tortures but somehow willing himself to, against every odd, even as the world hates him for it and finally kills him without consequence: just another dead Indian.

•    I hear Jackson Steene describe how his testicles shriveled and died as he was sterilized under an X ray machine at the Anglican hospital in Alert Bay, along with all five of his brothers.

•    I listen as Ricky Lavallee sobs and describes being forced to bury the body of his brother Ernie by the same Catholic Priest who had just flogged him to death.

•    I witness the people of my country and its churches commit or excuse or pay for these abominations decade after decade, and still today, without a flicker of conscience or remorse; and then, when they are exposed, they destroy the evidence and the secret graves of their victims while absolving themselves, rewriting and normalizing their wrong, and getting away with their mass murder of over 60,000 children by issuing some pay cheques and a glib apology.

•    And I wonder how people can do such things so easily and still consider themselves human beings. I also remember how some of us fought so long and so hard to confront this murder and coverup until the truth was finally exposed at an enormous cost, including the death of seven of my friends. But then I watch as what we exposed is buried again and a false, sanitized history of the Canadian Holocaust is reissued by the killers and adopted as if none of these atrocities had ever happened.

•    And finally, I witness the world and everyone I know turn their indifferent backs on this carnage as if it doesn’t matter; as if it has nothing to do with the plague that is now sweeping the world and all of them.

•    I know these things so deeply because my own life has been shattered by them. It is not another issue. It is all completely personal to me, for it has been my life for almost thirty years. And still do the spirits of the fallen walk with me and struggle to cry out through my inadequate and solitary voice, knowing that our screams are inaudible to the legions of the walking dead, and that whatever is spoken and attempted now will not stop the abomination from continuing. There now stands only that judgment that is on all of us.

•    So, in these last days, remember as an epitaph that whatever justice has come from the seeds we sowed is only because they were watered with our blood and suffering. Perhaps some of you will earn and redeem this sacred inheritance by your own sacrifice: the cost of your departure from this bloody Land of No-One.

    Genocide in Canada and Around the Globe:



Queen Elizabeth II
monster bloodline

Video - click image

Where are the Kamloops children?

Click image for link to article


The Canadian Cabal
Pedophilia, Murder and Treason

Dating back to 3000BC the Cabal
has been involved in strange sexual practices.

There is evidence that Pierre Trudeau
was a communist and a pedophile.



Under oath in her deposition, Nucatola confirms, “If I was aware that it was a donation case, yes” she would change where she grasped the baby with her forceps in order not to crush certain organs.

When asked about her description of flipping a baby to breech position in order to obtain intact organs, Nucatola first seems to deny doing so. But when confronted with her conclusion on the undercover tape, “We’ve been pretty successful with that,” Nucatola admits, “I was referring to PPLA.” Asked if that included herself, Nucatola testifies, “Yes, including me, I worked at PPLA.”

Using ultrasound guidance to manipulate the baby from vertex to breech orientation before intact extraction is the hallmark of the illegal partial-birth abortion procedure (18 U.S.C. 1531), which attempts to draw a brightline between abortion and infanticide by criminalizing the intact extraction of a living baby for the purpose of killing the child afterward.

The new video also includes testimony from Mary Gatter, former medical director for PPLA, admitting that after internal debate in the organization, she “evolved” in her thinking to believe that changing abortion “techniques” in order to harvest higher quality fetal tissue was acceptable.

Gatter testifies that Planned Parenthood makes a distinction between the abortion “technique” and the abortion “procedure,” and that changing the former is allowed while changing the latter is not. The federal law at 42 U.S.C. 289g-1 prohibits any changes to the “procedures used to terminate the pregnancy,” and not simply “the procedure” as a singular category.

Responding to the footage, David Daleiden, the founder of CMP and the lead investigator behind exposing Planned Parenthood’s aborted body part sales, told that these depositions prove the abortion company broke the law.

“Planned Parenthood reflexively proclaims innocence to the public and to a compliant establishment press, but when Planned Parenthood abortion leadership is placed under oath, they testify to crimes against women and infants. Criminality in the national taxpayer-funded abortion industry will continue to spread unless federal authorities hold them accountable once and for all,” he said.

Click text for full article

Vatican, Global Elites
Found Guilty of Child Sacrifice

by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO,
Child Abuse Recovery;
Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”

Since 2013 over 60 eyewitnesses have testified against well known global leaders, claiming that on a regular basis they were kidnapping children and youth for the purpose of holding paedophile parties that included human sacrifice.

The Ninth Circle rites were said organized and sponsored by an office at the Vatican.

In two separate trials six judges at the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels handed down guilty verdicts on various global elites including Pope Francis and the former Pope Joseph Ratzinger – who then immediately resigned from his office.

In 2014 authorities in the US, Australia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Colombia cooperated in hundreds of raids on a Ninth Circle child exploitation ring suspected run by the Vatican office.

In this video Holland therapist Toos Nijenhuis discussed child sacrifice experiences done by global elites as late as 2010. Eyewitnesses gave accounts of human hunting parties in the Netherlands and Australia organized by the Ninth Circle.

In both cases they said children and teens were stripped naked, sexually abused, hunted down and killed by European royalty and other global elites including Nicole Kidman’s father and US businessman George Soros.

No one has been investigated, charged or tried for the disappearance – suspected murder of over 50,000 missing native children in Canada.

The government, British Crown and Catholic, United and Anglican Church officials ran 80 mainly Catholic native residential schools wherein now hide at least 32 child mass grave sites.

All have been legally absolved of responsibility.

The ICLCJ international judges also ruled that on Oct. 10 1964 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip took ten children, all around the age of ten, from the Catholic Kamloops native Residential School in British Columbia.

Their parents haven’t seen them since and two eyewitnesses to the kidnapping died of mysterious causes prior to their testimonies before the Court.

In 2014 an investigator for the Irish Garda Police Force testified that “Marks on some bones of 796 children found in an Irish Roman Catholic Nun septic tank indicated they had been ritually killed.”

Another child mass grave site located on Catholic-owned land in Spain may be connected to an unknown number of children of political prisoners who disappeared out of Catholic orphanages during Argentine’s Dirty War – under arrangements of the now Pope Francis.

On April 30 of this year sexually abused, beaten and starved babies and children, all below age six, were found in small padlocked cages among frozen body parts of prior victims.

The raid by ITCCS teams ( ) and local police disrupted Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice rites at Catholic facilities in Zwolle Holland, Dijon France and Lucerne Switzerland.

The 19 Ninth Circle cult members arrested gave recorded statements.

Photos of the evidence collected included children’s blood-stained clothing, blood-marked torture devices and other Satanic regalia. All cult members arrested were released the next day without being questioned, nor charged.

Some of the participating police officers have been transferred, while others were fired.

Sadly it was assumed that Ninth Circle child sacrifices proceeded as planned in the US and Canada after all members of the three ITCCS teams in Vancouver, Montreal and Washington DC were arrested by plain clothed security forces who refused to show identification.

One of those ITCCS team members remains missing.

Other April 30 human sacrifice rites by global elites had been scheduled at Catholic facilities in Rome, London, Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Frankfurt and Tara, Ireland.

Child rape and killings were also to be in a sub-basement crypt at the Vancouver Club; in a sub-basement hall at Marie Reine du Monde Catholic Cathedral in Montreal and within the St. John’s Episcopal Church near the White House in Washington D.C.

Canadian Cardinal Lacroix, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Denis Lebel, the Ninth Circle and it’s mafia arm Ndrangheta have been under investigation for the planned sacrifice of two children in Westmount Quebec on Aug. 15 2014.

Ninth Circle members appeared to be preparing for human sacrifices of two children when they were arrested by deputies from the ICLCJ Court assisted by Montreal police including Head of Ottawa’s Human Trafficking Division Kal Ghadban.

A couple of months later Ghadban died under mysterious circumstances.

Evidence collected at the scene included blood samples from a stone altar, metallic torture devices, ceremonial swords and sophisticated film equipment containing child pornography.

One of the suspects later confessed that the two children to be killed were being held in a special facility at McGill University in Montreal.

The informant was granted protective custody and flown to the ICLCJ Court in Brussels.

In a Sept. 2014 nine-day sting 30 Romanian children targeted for human sacrifice were rescued and over 2 tons of drugs seized by European INTERPOL police. Evidence from pedophilia and murder cases of the ICLCJ Court helped the INTERPOL police arrest 1027 suspected Ndrangheta mafia and Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members from six countries.

“I have personally provided evidence of the identity of known child traffickers to INTERPOL and police agencies in three European countries” said a ITCCS spokesperson in Sept. 2014. “Arrests in Europe included members of Ndrangheta criminal syndicate who were transporting thirty Romanian children to ritual sacrifices in Belgium and Holland.

We identified these criminals to the police as well as the addresses where they were being sent, including in Zwolle, Holland and a suburb of Brussels.”

“It was hoped that police would cooperate in taking down executives of the Cargill corporation in Minneapolis who were engaged in child trafficking and killing” the spokesperson continued. “Police in three European nations have been working directly with the ITCCS to arrest global elites who feed children into Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifices and paedophilia.

Cargill Corporation Executive Kerry Brick is among the suspected Ninth Circle members. Months ago a survivor testified that as a child they were taken to Cargill Corporate Headquarters in Wayzata Minn where they were forced to observe a child sacrifice.

The wife of Ninth Circle Ndrangheta Mafia boss Blijenburgh claimed in a hearing of the ICLCJ Court, “By order of Dutch Queen Beatrix the Ndrangheta Mafia worked from 1960 through today organizing the murder, torture and rape of children of Netherlands youth detention centers.

I have been taken to their ceremonies three times and seen a child killed each time.”

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Vatican Pedophile Ring,
child trafficking,
mass graves
missing children

Last week leaked documents from the Vatican – a 2,300 page report – verified Pope Francis’ cover up of a Vatican Pedophile Ring.

On Friday twenty Chilean Priests
who went public on their connection
to that very same Pedophile Ring,
were killed in a plane crash
right after their meeting with Pope Francis. 

Francis was not immune to charges on Vatican child exploitation. Back on July 20 2014 the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels found defendants Pope Francis Bergoglio, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby guilty of rape, torture, murder and the trafficking of children.

As with the Vatican Pedophile Ring, the dramatic story of Pope Francis child trafficking never made the Main Stream Media, even though over 48 eyewitnesses had verified that the Vatican was paid big bucks to regularly funnel children through their Pedophile Ring to Satan worshipping businessmen, politicians and members of European royal families.

  Vatican Pedophile Ring,
Child Trafficking,
Mass Graves
and Missing Children

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Child Mass Gravesite Found
at Vancouver University

A fresh mass grave said to contain bodies of recently murdered Canadian native women and children from the Cowichan region has been uncovered – the evidence and bodies ordered to be destroyed by the Canadian government and Vancouver University.

The mass graves were discovered near the former Nanaimo Indian Hospital next to Vancouver Island University.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Police informant claimed that recently Canadian government agents, the United Church of Canada and Vancouver University officials jointly ordered the destruction of human remains in the mass grave since the site also contained bodies of not just recently murdered natives, but generations of women and children used in mind control experiments (run by the CIA), drug and sterilization testing who were killed at the Vancouver University. For over fifty years the NIH was an experimental center run by the United Church and the Canadian military in cooperation with the CIA.

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9,000 children died
in Ireland’s brutal homes
for unmarried mothers and babies
run by the Catholic Church
in the 20th century,
damning report reveals

In total, 15 percent of the 57,000 children at the 18 institutions investigated by the Mother and Baby Home Commission died between 1922 and 1998

The report published yesterday said the homes ‘provided refuge’ for the mothers when they had nowhere else to turn and found that blame ‘rests mainly with the fathers of their children and their own immediate families’

But the women faced appalling emotional torment at the hands of the nuns – forced to work scrubbing floors while being called ‘fallen,’ ‘sinner’, ‘dirt’ and ‘spawn of Satan’

Commission said high death rates among infants ‘probably the most disquieting feature of these institutions’

Click image for video

The Pre-School Predators:
The Finders
(Warning: Hard to swallow Proof)

Shockingly there are Pre-Schools around the world that have been created to secretly abuse children.

The Finders have “organized” Pre School human trafficking and have created most of operations in America and this is continuing to this day.

You must know the signs for your own children.

This is graphic and shocking but if you aren’t aware of this you and your family are vulnerable. Please share this so other parents know the signs.

This video is not a waste of time and contains heavy facts.

Click image for video


Members of The Finders were arrested in the late ’80.

A secretive group with suggested satanic ties with CIA and FBI connections.

In November 1999 the FBI released heavily redacted documents surrounding an investigation into The Finders cult.

Where steps taken to cover-up the findings?

You decide!

Click image for video

The Barbary Pirates
& England’s White Slaves

Did you know that at the same time that the British were involved in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, white Britons were being sold into slavery in Africa?

For over 200 years, from the reign of James I right up until George III, Muslim pirates from the abducted thousands of British sailors and sold them in the slave markets on the Barbary Coast in North Africa.

They even landed in Cornwall raiding coastal villages and taking men, women and children into captivity.

It is a fascinating and little known story from British history.

For a period of 200 years, English merchant and fishing vessels were regularly attacked by the Barbary pirates and thousands of sailors sold in the slave markets of North Africa – most never to return home.

Exactly how many?

Poor record keeping means we cannot be sure. But here is one example.

In 1616, the Admiralty reported that 466 vessels with their crews had been seized in the previous 7 years.

In 1625, a petition was presented to parliament from 2,000 wives of captured sailors requesting assistance to pay ransoms for the return of their loved ones.

Meanwhile the mayor of Poole in Dorset, reported 27 ships and 200 sailors had been seized off the Dorset coast in a 10 day period.

There were reports of deserted boats drifting off Sussex and raids on Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

But, it was the South West peninsular that bore the brunt of these pirate activities.

In 1625 fishing vessels from Looe, Penzanze and Mousehole were found floating abandoned.

In August 1625, the Barbary Corsairs boldly landed in St. Michael’s Bay in Cornwall, raiding local settlements and carrying off 60 men, women, and children into slavery.

In the late 1620’s the Barbary pirates audaciously seized the island of Lundy in the Bristol Channel and used it as a base for their operations for the next 7 years It was from Lundy that they raided Iceland in the summer of 1647, carrying off over 400 inhabitants.

It was also from the island that the Barbary pirates under a Dutch muslim convert swept down in the Irish settlement of Baltimore in County Cork capturing 103 villagers.

Only 3 were to return home from slavery.

Estimates put the number of English sailors and civilians abducted during a 20 year period from 1622-1644 as high as 7,000.

We will never know exactly how many English white slaves were carried off by the Barbary pirates.

What we do know, is that due to geography, the numbers from Mediterranean countries were larger.

Historian, Robert Davies, from the University of Ohio estimates that over a 200-year period, the Barbary pirates probably seized up to 1.2 million captives from Europe.

Other academics have challenged that figure but haven’t come up with an alternative.

Whilst a twelfth of the estimated figure of slaves transported from West Africa to the Americas, 1 millions is still a huge figure.

Click image for video

TRUTH about the Irish
First slaves brought to the Americas
Forgotten History

Slavery is perhaps one of the oldest profit making endeavors in human history and the Irish were a special target for a thousand years, persecuted by one faction or another, to include enslavement and indentured servitude.

But were they the first slaves in the Americas?

Find out here.


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