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English Civil War

Unlike other civil wars in England, which were mainly fought over who should rule, these conflicts were also concerned with how the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland should be governed.

The outcome was threefold:

1. The trial of and execution of Charles I (1649);

2. The exile of his son, Charles II (1651); and

3. The replacement of English monarchy with the Commonwealth of England, which from 1653 (as the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland) unified the British Isles under the personal rule of Oliver Cromwell (1653–1658) and briefly his son Richard (1658–1659).

In England, the monopoly of the Church of England on Christian worship was ended, and in Ireland, the victors consolidated the established Protestant Ascendancy.

Constitutionally, the outcome of the wars established the precedent that an English monarch cannot govern without Parliament’s consent, though the idea of Parliamentary sovereignty was legally established only as part of the Glorious Revolution in 1688.

The Royal family today are traitors
and have sold us out
to these money lenders.


King Charles III – maybe not
Royalty – the Grand Illusion
and it’s relationship with the Cabal

In fact, it was one of the
main players – for centuries.

UK monarchy has done a magnificent job of hiding it’s true identity over the millennia – but the facade has now fallen and it’s ‘game-on’.

This page will do it’s best to reveal the truth about this bunch of monsters and the effect that it had over all of us until the ‘official’  death of QEII on 8th September 2022.

We’ll start with this video to discuss where the ‘firm’  is heading to into the future – where it really belongs, oblivion.

The ‘monarchy’ is dead – about time – now normal people can re-build their lives without the tyranny imposed upon us by the UK Monarch and it’s Admiralty Law that kept us all in debt-slavery all of our miserable lives.

Now, for the first time in the history of the United Kingdom, and the world, we will soon have an opportunity coming to actually build worthwhile lives of our own to live in abundance and without fear.

With the soon-to-happen removal of this band of monsters, once people ‘realise’ what’s it’s been ‘doing’ for centuries to rule our lives – and that it had it’s day in our Sun and it’s now GONE, NEVER TO RETURN – a whole new society will build based on community without crime.

We’ll start this page with this gem

Today’s ‘Charles III’ is
and never will be

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Political Doublespeak,
a governmental and private bankers weapon
used to deceive the illiterate into falling into contracts
that they may never have agreed with
if fully aware of the deceptions employed…

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The Royal Bloodline
British Royal Family

“The Windsor family
were originally from the
German Aristocratic family
of Saxe Coburg Gotha …

… that borrowed money from the House of Rothschild and provided a safe haven for the founder of the Illuminati … Adam Weishaupt … after he fled from Bavaria.

Soon thereafter … with Rothschild funding …the Illuminati infiltrated European Freemasonry at the Wilhelmsbad Convention in 1789 … transforming them from Christian values to a Luciferian ideology where they planned and instigated the French Revolution.

This combination of money, secrecy and royalty has gradually been evolving and about to reach it’s culmination as the long planned New World Order ruled from behind a curtain by the House of Rothschild … with the House of Windsor as their front puppet and the Lodges of Freemasonry as their secret agencies carrying out the totalitarian will of their “Unknown Superior” … the House of Rothschild! Fact is … the Money Rules!”

Next to Hitler …

Dutch NAZI Queen Wilhelmina exposed.

She left the Netherlands when WW2 started
to go to her NAZI reptile Aunt Lizzie
in the United Kingdom.

The Windsor family name is also a fable,
their real NAZI name is family Saxe Coburg Gotha,
the Netherlands does not exist as a country…

it has remained a province of Germany

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Was Queen Elizabeth II
ever really Queen at all?

You’ll have to make
your own mind up about that.

But … if it turns out she WASN’T
this opens up a can of worms
the world will not be prepared for

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Was Queen Elizabeth II
ever really Queen at all?

You’ll have to make
your own mind up about that.

But … if it turns out she WASN’T
this opens up a can of worms
the world will not be prepared for

Queen Elizabeth II –
King Charles III =
The Crown (Corona-tion) – 96

This will be a long decode…

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor = 96 Chaldean

Elizabeth died on the same date that the Moon reached 96% full

Elizabeth has died 96 days after her Platinum Jubilee celebrations came to an end on June 5th 2022

96 has an Aliquot Sum = 156 – the 156th prime number is 911 – Elizabeth died 911 days after CONVID was declared a Pandemic by WHO on March 11th 2020. 9/11 took place 15 weeks 6 days before the end of the year in 2001

The Queen has died aged 96, exactly 69 days after Princess Diana’s birthday on July 1st, which is also 9 wks 6 days, or 99,360 minutes between dates

It’s also 1656 hours between dates – 156th prime = 911

Queen Elizabeth II = 156 Reverse Full Reduction Ep

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

911 is a number the whole world recognises thanks to the September 11 attacks on the WTC (+WTC 7). September 11th 2001 is also the date that Lord Porchester died, the Racing Manager to the Queen and someone who is suspected to be her secret lover at one time – Lord Porchester would die the same day the WTC attacks took place and he died aged 77

WTC – during 9/11 flight 77 crashed into the 77 ft tall Pentagon building on the 77th meridian and Elizabeth just died 77 years and 7 days after World War II ended.

All of these 77’s remind me of Princess Diana dying in 1997, under a bridge that crosses the 777 km Seine River, or how Donald Trump was inaugurated at the age of 70 yrs, 7 m, 7 days, in the year the Hebrew calendar was the year 5777

The GG/77 Georgia Guidestones were not long brought down as well, they weighed 119 tons, this was around the time Boris Johnson resigned at 9;11 am, he was the leader of the G7/77 conference in Cornwall last year, which took place where Ia of Cornwall sailed to Ireland with the 777 saints.

The cube that was once placed in the Guidestones, and later destroyed on 25th September 2014, was destroyed exactly 777.18% of the common year between the 4th July 2022 (Independence day)

The Sistine Chapel has 343 Characters painted on the ceiling, this is because 7x7x7 = 343 and 777 is the number of balance, justice and harmony.

Mona’s coding = 199661777028 – Mona was born the 166th day of the year with 199 remaining, she would die on the 196th day of the year with 169 remaining (69/96)

The Mona Lisa is 77 cm x 53 cm = 4081 – The Queen just died 4018 weeks after WWII ended (Balmoral 1848)

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

The Queen died aged 96, in 2022, 77 yrs 7 days after WWII

Order out of Chaos = 96 Reverse Full Reduction
Order out of Chaos = 222 Reverse Ordinal
Order out of Chaos = 777 Jewish Gematria

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor = 222 Reverse Full Reduction EP – 2022 was her year

777 is the middle pillar in Kabbalah and this is why WTC 7 also went down on 9/11, the North and South towers being the main pillars of the Kabbalah tree of life, the Sun and Moon (Mona) and this was proven on 9/11 when the North Tower of the WTC was struck at exactly 8:46 am, later repeated in 2020 when it was originally stated that George Floyd was choked for 8 mins 46 seconds, on a date when the Sun set in Minneapolis at :8;46 pm.

The three pillars are 666 / 777 / 888 – Severity / Equilibrium / Mercy

846 / 864 – 8:46 is showing the 864,000 diameter of the Sun, also used by Leonardo da Vinci for the Last Supper painting which has dimensions of 8.8 m x 4.6m, everything about the Last Supper is connected to the Sun including the 36 squares on the ceiling which is showing the magic square of the Sun.

Magic Square of Saturn

These same numbers have been used by plenty of other artists, an obvious one to prove it is The Sun though, which is the painting done by Edvard Munch, a painting literally titled – The Sun

Edvard Munch’s ‘The Sun’ painting measures 179 inches by 307 inches – 179 + 307 = 486 (864,000) – 6480 is also the Dodecahedron, the fifth element and the spirit of the Sun, Aether.

Mona Lisa and the Gherardini: In case people can’t remember, or don’t know, the Windsor title has never belonged to the Queen, Saxe Coburg Gotha or Mountbatten, it was a name that you can find with Gerald de Windsor, who is the beginning of John Fitz-Gerlad Kennedy’s lineage. Gerald de Windsor was the son of Walter Fitzother, and the clue is in both the Fitz name and Other (Fitzother), Fitz was another name for bastard son

“The connotation of illegitimacy was introduced by Charles II who named one of his bastards Fitzroy, (‘son of the king’)”

The title of Other” comes from Otho Gherardini, and the Lineage of Mona Lisa Gherardini, a family to which JFK was directly related to.

Gerald de Windsor

Otho Gherardini was the Constable of Windsor and Sire of Montagliari, a name that would adjust to Montague as well.

The name Windsor would later be used by Gerald, who would marry Nest Ferch Rhys, the daughter of Rhys ap Tewdwr, the real Tudor’s.

Nest ferch Rhys

Balmoral’s Royal Acquisition:

On September 8th 1848 (Mona 4081), Queen Victoria and Prince Albert would become the first Royals to step foot in Balmoral Castle.

Sir Robert Gordon died in 1847 and his lease on Balmoral reverted to Lord Aberdeen, an agreement was made for the possession of the castle and land and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert would take the lease over, and under the Crown.

Albert and Victoria were married in 1840 (Mona 4081),, the year Albert was made a Knight of the Garter, which reminds me, this week the Pope has also dissolved the Knights of Malta leadership as well.

Between September 8th 1848 and September 8th 2022 there are 2088 months, the 288 number starts at the 33rd position of pi and is the date that Liverpool was founded in 1207, 28th August, by King John.

There are also 174 years between dates (Solfeggio), or 17,411.51% of the common year between dates

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

There were some very clear signals shown to the Queen and the links to both Balmoral and Prince Albert, with the recent stabbings in Canada, which has taken place in Weldon, Saskatchewan. Related to Saskatchewan are both ‘Regina’ and Prince Albert (Alberta).

Regina = Queen

The suspects were last seen driving in Regina, on Arcola Avenue in a Nissan Rogue with the licence plate number 119 MP1

Regina and Arcola Avenue have places such as Windsor Park Road, Buckingham Drive Prince of Wales Drive and Prince William Park

Regina, Saskatchewan

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

2022 Saskatchewan stabbings

77 year old Wes Petereson was one of the Victims named during the stabbing.

The two Suspects of the stabbings were named as Damien Sanderson, 31, and Myles-Brandon Sanderson, 30.

The surname Sanderson means “Alexander’s Son” – Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

King Alexander the III of Scotland –

“Alexander III was King of Scots from 1249 until his death.
He concluded the Treaty of Perth, by which Scotland acquired sovereignty over the Western Isles and the Isle of Man.
His heir, Margaret, Maid of Norway, died before she could be crowned.”

The name Myles-Brandon (Brandon) is also showing the Raven, or the Crow, Bran meaning Crow, or little Raven.

Their presence is traditionally believed to protect the Crown and the Tower; a superstition holds that “if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it”.

The Ravens are held ‘captive’.

The Crow and the Raven are linked to the Isle of Mann who hold British Crown dependency, their parliament, which is Tynwald, hold an annual tradition called Tynwald day, where they leave one seat open for the day the true Viking King and lineage of Godred Crovan and the Crovan Dynasty returns to the Island, which is also why the King of Norway is always invited to attends the tradition each year as well.

Ravens of the Tower of London

The Isle of Mann, Crovan and Donald Trump:

Donald Trump is said to be related to Viking Olaf the Black, who died in 1237 and was a member of the Crovan dynasty – Crovan = Crow Raven.

Olaf the black was from the Kingdom of Norway.

Olaf the Black

The Crovan dynasty also had a Viking named Godred Crovan who was responsible for taking the Isle of Mann on his 3rd attempt at the Battle of Skyhill in 1079.

I got the chance to visit Skyhill before I left the Isle of Mann at the end of August.

Battle of Skyhill

The Crovan Dynasty are part of the Ui Imair (Ivar), the lineage of Ivar the Boneless who was the son of Ragnar Lothbrok and the leader of the great Heathen Army that invaded England, Ivar would go on to take York, which was once our capital, essentially taking the Crown of Britain.

The Isle of Mann, Ivar the Boneless, Trump’s link’s to the Crovan dynasty and Norway, and how JFK was born in ‘Brook-line’ Massachusetts, Nor-Folk county are all very key, people who a part of my Patreon could tell you how many links were shown to the Norse Folk and the Men of the North, and especially the Brok-line of Ragnar Lothbrok, which both Donald Trump and JFK are apart of and so will Princess Diana by being a Spencer.

The Brok (Brook / Brooke) line of Ragnar is something I have found a lot of traces to over the past few weeks (on Patreon), especially through Henry Bolling-brok-e, the Son of John of Gaunt who was known as King Henry IV, the King who was responsible for taking the King of Mann title away in 1399, after the Isle of Mann held ‘King of Mann’ for 66 years from 1333.

A title which was held by the Montagues, an important name linked to the Montagliari and Mona Lisa, who is also JFK’s lineage.

Henry Bollingbroke was one of the main components for the War of the Roses starting.

Donald Trump and Q:

I’ve always stayed right down the line with this, never picked a side, knew that the majority of what was taking place was total Psyop stuff but I also knew there is no smoke without fire, and some of what started with the Q movement was very true, and the relation between Trump, JFK and Princess Diana is a very key one.

We all know that people like Jimmy Saville, Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew are all well connected to our New King Charles III over time.

Two of them are now dead and the other has his mother pay off his victims, all very true and that is the tip of the iceberg – so again, there were some very important parts to what Q was about and what people were posting.

The Q-ueen has just died 1776 days after Q made their first post on October 28th 2017

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

Elizabeth Alexander Mary just transferred power to Mary Elizabeth Truss before she died, I’m not sure you should ever ‘Truss-t the plan’ though, always best to have your own.

Liz Truss was a member of parliament for South Nor-Folk since 2010, I have a decode about her on patreon, she holds a lot of 47’s as well.

T-Russ – Rus-hdie – UK-Reign and the Kievan-Rus:

The Queen has died on the 8th September, on Marymas, the day of our lady Mother Mary

“Tradition celebrates Marymas as a liturgical feast in the General Roman Calendar and in most Anglican liturgical calendars on 8 September, nine months after the solemnity of her Immaculate Conception, celebrated on 8 December.

The feast is also included in the Tridentine Calendar for 8 September.”

The UK-Reign and the Ukraine and Russia war goes all the way back to the Kievan-Rus Vikings and Oleg of Novgorod and the Rurik Dynasty – people might remember how Trump and Putin were pretty good friends, at least that’s how it appeared on ‘stage’ – interesting that Russia and Scotland both have the same Patron St Andrew as well, Balmoral being in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Oleg the Wise

Also linked to the Kievan-Rus vikings is Harald Hardrada who was killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, HH Harald Hardrada, or Harald of Norway was killed at the famous battle, which Godred Crovan also fought in but managed to escape with his life and later become King of Mann and the Isles.

Harald Hardrada

Godred Crovan

Stamford Bridge being linked here is a key part, because at the same time the Ukraine Russia war started, the British Government went ahead and forced Chelsea Football club owner “Roman” Abramovich to give up the club because of his ties to Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Chelsea Football club play their football at Stamford Bridge stadium and when Roman Abramovich gave up the club, “Stewardship” (Stewarts) went to Bruce Buck, the Buck being the stag of Scotland, and something that was shown when a White Stag was shot dead in Liverpool last year.

Donald Trump, JFK and Princess Diana are all related to the Royal House of Scotland and the House of Stewart. During all the Q madness of 2020 i noticed an important link when Robert Kennedy Jr said to his Youtube/Twitter followers that his “family lost it all in 1909”, I realised he was talking about John ‘Stewart’ Kennedy and Louis Fitzgerald, with John dying in 1909 and Louis the following year.

John Stewart Kennedy was a 29th degree Scottish Rite Freemason and a member of the Jekyll Island millionaires club, he was a banker, and this is always down to banking wars mainly – a good sign of the was the return of the Medici bank in 2019, Lorenzo de Medici returned with his “Challenger Bank”, the Medici’s of Florence, Flora, Mona and da Vinci are obvious key to this, and JFK through the Gherardini.

John Stewart Kennedy

1066 and the Nor-Man invasion is very important to everything taking place, the Nor-mans were the Norsemen because William came from the lineage of Rollo the Viking and the men of the North.

The line of Ragnar Loth-brok.

Putin and Trump’s links to the Vikings along with the fact Q’s first post has come 1776 days before London Bridge has fallen is pretty in sync no matter which way it’s looked at, and so is the fact that Q’s last post in 2020 came on December 8th at 5:05:50 PM EST

(8th December is the date of Our Lady Mary’s Immaculate conception celebration)

5:05:50 PM EST – Putin announced his invasion of Ukraine on the 55th day of the year, at 5:55 am on a date when the Sun set in Moscow at 5:55 pm

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor = 5555 Squares

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci = 5550 Reverse Extended (Florence)

Between The Queen’s death, aged 96th, and July 15th 2022, the 196th day of the year with 169 remaining, it is exactly 55 days. July 15th is Mona Lisa’s death date.

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

Between the UK-Reign war starting and the Queens death it is 196 days

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

The Police Chief who is the head of the Canada Stabbing at the John Cree Camp and Weldon, his wife is named “Florence Sanderson” and this the link to Flora and Florence is important for the story back to Scotland, Balmoral and the Stewarts, because after the battle of Culloden in 1746, it was Flora McDonald, of Clan McDonald, who would help Bonnie Prince Charlie escape the battle and this is where Scotland really lost everything and the Crown along with it.

The battle took place on April 16th, the day after Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday.

Flora Mcdonald died on the Isle of Skye in Kingsburgh.

Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye is the seat of the McLeod Chief and Clan Mcleod, which is the Clan of Donald Trump.

Flora being linked to Bonnie Prince Charlie is another important thing being shown, because we have already had a King Charles III, and his name was Bonnie Prince Charlie, the young pretender, who Flora Mcdonald helped escape Culloden.

Flora MacDonald

King Charles III
(Scotland / Balmoral)

Charles Edward Stuart

Flora, Florence and McDonald are where the fast food chain comes from, hence Trump making light of how much he loves to eat at Mcdonald’s and you get easy clues to it all again when you see that the oldest operating Mcdonalds is on “Florence Avenue”, on the 33rd degree parallel at coordinates of:

33.9471, -118.1182

The 118 is also linked back to the Venetians and the Mask-querade, Venice is made up of 118 Islands.

Florence Avenue is a good clue but the most obvious of all is when McDonalds was bought out from the Mcdonald brothers by Ray Kroc, he founded the new brand of McDonalds on April 15th 1955, which is Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday and the date we have seen disasters such as the Hillsborough disaster when ‘96’ Liverpool fans lost their lives, which went to 97 last year when 55 year old Andrew devine passed from Injuries he sustained.

Or the 269 metre long Titanic sinking, which was registered at the port of Liverpool and would sink on April 15th 1912, or the death of Abraham Lincoln who died on April 15th 1865. The Lincolns are related to the Spencer family of Diana and JFK, they go very far back and Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Lincoln, who died in ‘Spencer County’, was also known as Nancy Hanks and is how Tom Hanks is related, you will probably remember him being linked to everything in 2020 as well.

Nancy Lincoln

Titanic – April 15th – Leonardo Di-Caprio – Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci – it was the 500 year anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death in 2019 when CONVID was announced, it was also the 900 year anniversary of the Knights Templar who founded in 1119

Co Vi D – D Vi Co
Da Vinci = 766 Jewish Gematria
Co Vi D = 766 Jewish Gematria

766 – On April 15th 1989, 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives at the Hillsborough disaster, where 766 people were also injured.

Hillsborough disaster

So there are more than a few clues back to Trump, Q, JFK, Diana, Da Vinci and Florence, the Vikings/Norsemen and the Royal House of Scotland, Including the first King Charles III, now we have real pretenders with a new one said to be on the throne.

Balmoral is at coordinates of:
57° 2′ 27″ N, 3° 13′ 48″ W
57.040833, -3.23

Balmoral = 77 LCH Kabbalah
Balmoral = 444 English Sumerian
Balmoral = 69 Jewish ordinal
Balmoral = 66 ALW Kabbalah
Balmoral = 74 English ordinal

Queen Elizabeth has died aged 96 years 4 months and 18 days old 96 is the 69 of Yin and Yang, Sun and Moon, the night the Moon reached 96% illumination and the 418 of the 4 months and 18 days is the Vesica Piscis, which depicts the two circles of Sun and Moon joining together – the Vesica is 153+265 = 418

Jesus and 153 fish and the 153 beads of a Rosary

Mona Lisa created in 1503 and measures 77 cm x 53 cm = 4081

This is the equivalent of 1156 months, which is the 156th prime number = 911

It’s also 844,896 hours between dates
and this is showing the 448 numbers
of the Hepteract, the HyperCube
and Demi Hepteract

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

Leonardo da Vinci died 24,488 days after he was born, or 804 months – Mona Lisa = 84 English Ordinal

Princess Diana died 2 days before the Solar eclipse in 1997 which had a greatest eclipse time of 4:48 am


There is so much more involved with the 448 but I’ve been breaking it all down on Patreon so I won’t do it all again now.

The Hepteract is however the reason why we find Liverpool so attached to things in many ways.

The Hepteract has a decimal value of 1.32288 which is a number showing both Liverpool’s March 22nd 322 date they got their coat of arms in 1797, and the 28th August 288 Liverpool were founded in 1207 = 1.32288

Hepteract Circumradius = 7/2 = 1.32288

Rhys Jones = 448 Satanic Gematria
Pratt-Korbel = 448 Primes

Between the death of the Queen and the Summer Solstice, and Prince William’s birthday on June 21st, a date when the Sun rises at 4:44 pm on the Isle of Mann, also known as the Isle of Mona – there are 11 weeks and 2 days (112)

Mona Lisa Dimensions reversed are 35 + 77 = 112, the same as the Sri yantra chakra has maths of 8 x 10 x 10 x 14 = 11,200

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

I realised da Vinci was showing the 112
for the most simple of reason’s… Nature!

Fibonacci sequence – 1 + 1 = 2

It’s more obvious when you do it the way
da Vinci has coded it though…

112 + 112 = 224
112 + 224 = 336

112 + 336 = 448 – the Hepteract has 448 edges and da Vinci
has made The Last Supper to be 460 cm x 880 cm = 404,800

112 + 448 = 560 – the Hepteract has 560 cubic cells

112 + 560 = 672 – the Hepteract has 672 Square Faces

112 + 762 = 784

112 + 784 = 896

896 + 112 = 1008 – the Demihepteract = 8010 when added together

112 + 1008 = 1120

112 + 1120 + 1232

112 + 1232 = 1344 – the Demihepteract has 1344 pentachora


134 / Pi – The Last Supper is 8.8 m + 4.6 m = 13.4

The Queen has died 744,480 minutes
after Prince Phillip died aged 99 on the
99th day of the year the 9th of April,
or 12.408 days

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

The Queen has also died aged 96 – she died 96,480 minutes between dates before “King” Charles next birthday on November 14th 2022 – Charles born in 1948

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 303 Francis Bacon – The Queens mother, died 30/3 in 2002 and there are 1066 weeks between dates

1066 battle of Stamford Bridge / Hastings – Tetragrammaton = 166 English Ordinal = Mona Lisa born June 15th the 166th day of the year

Days Calculator:
Days Between Two Dates

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 99 Full Reduction

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 369 Reverse Ordinal

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 447

Franc Baconis – Tetragrammaton = 47 Chaldean (Hepteract)

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 447 Reverse Franc Baconis

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary = 4040 Reverse Trigonal

The Queen has died 4 weeks and 4 days (44) after the Lionsgate date on 8/8 – Tetraphobia, superstition has it this number is associated with death, Florence is the 44th comuni of Tuscany – YHWH the four lettered word of God and the Tetra-hrammaton 33 days before the 9/9 date of completion

Elizabeth = 33 Chaldean
Elizabeth = 88 English Ordinal
Elizabeth = 550 Reverse Primes
Elizabeth = 148 KFW Kabbalah

Christos = 1480 Greek Isopsephy, the 418 divine light of the Vesica lens and the 550 nanometres of the colour Green, and grey divine light HEX #555 which has 33.3% Red, 33.3% green and 33.3% Blue

55 + 33 = 88

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor = 5555 Squares (550/Green/Heart Chakra/Harvest)

The HEX code for divine grey light for the Vesica lens is found with HEX code #111 and the decimal value of 1118481

I’m sure there are plenty more things I’ve missed and plenty you can add to this one but it’s really gotten long enough so I’ll stop before it turns into a book…

click image for video

Royal rabbit hole

Documentary links
Queen Elizabeth
and Royal Family
to pedophilia and
satanic ritual Abuse

With the funeral of Queen Elizabeth getting headline news coverage around the world right now, many videos are popping up in the Alternative Media showing the dark side of the Royal Family that one is not going to read or hear about in the corporate media.

Many of these videos are very long to watch, and it is hard to distinguish the credible evidence from the information that is just being given with little or no documentation, and where one is just expected to accept the authority of the one making the claims, as often the information is just based on a single individual who claims to have first-hand or insider information, with no way to verify what they are claiming.

The best video I have seen so far is a 20-minute published by Nicholas Veniamin, of “We The People.” It was apparently produced by Jay Meyers Documentaries, before the Queen’s recent alleged death.

This documentary does a great job including clips of actual news reports and interviews, and it covers a LOT of material in only 20 minutes, so it is easy to see that topics such as sexually abusing minors, kidnapping children, ties to Freemasonry, Satanic Ritual Abuse, and the alleged murder of Princess Diana all have solid evidence behind them.

This is not a picture of the “Royal Family”
you will see in the corporate media.

Why is there so much anger
towards the ‘royal’ family?
(author unknown)

⚠️Charles best friend – Jimmy Saville
Knighted. Always in and out of the palace.
Britain’s most prolific pedophile and child and vulnerable adult abuser.

⚠️Charles favourite uncle – Mountbatten

A lord.

Murdered by the IRA and believed to be a prolific child abuser and pedophile,

Abused 8-12 year old boys and plied them with brandy and lemonade.

⚠️Prince Andrew implicated in the Epstein scandal.

Queen paid £12 million to the accuser so Andrew avoided prison.

⚠️Epstein and Maxwell often at Buckingham palace and the queens private estates.

Both convicted child traffickers to the rich, wealthy and famous.

⚠️Blair war criminal, Knighted, Whitty and Valance involved with and responsible for the greatest crimes ever committed against humanity, knighted.

⚠️Former MP Ted Heath child abuser and Pedophile at least 40 victims came forward and it was documented if he were alive today he would have been interviewed under caution. Knighted by the queen.

⚠️Kamloops orphanage in Canada and the missing children after the Royal visit in 1964. 

⚠️Massive investigation into child trafficking and abuse committed by many members of Parliament shut down by Theresa May while she was PM and Home Secretary.

⚠️MP Cyril Smith pedophile, abused 8 boys, police knew and government knew.

⚠️Leon Brittain, MP, knighted attended pedophile parties and covered up evidence submitted to him regarding many high profile MP’s involved in child abuse and rape.

⚠️Margaret Thatcher a Dame, her former deputy Peter Morrison attended pedophile parties and was known to be a child lusting sexual pervert and pedophile.

Morrison  received a knighthood by the queen in 1991.

Evidence was given to Thatcher by former under cover police confirming Morrison had an insatiable lust for young boys. Ignored and he was knighted.

So, baring all of this in mind, there’s much more because I haven’t even mentioned the deaths of Diana and Dodi, all of the above was from the queen, or her children, or her prime ministers, or her ministers, or her friends, or her sons friends or her relatives.

The security detail and intelligence surrounding the queen is off the scale, every letter, parcel, phone calls, contact, journey, party, state dinners, trips abroad, functions are monitored, checked, double checked and triple checked.

⚠️ Now tell me she didn’t know any of the above?
⚠️ Tell me Philip didn’t know?
⚠️ Tell me her closest staff members didn’t know?
⚠️ Tell me the intelligence and security services didn’t know…they did, all of them and they told the PM’s and minsters to get it to stop and investigate it but they let it happen, covered it up and took part in it too.

Everything above is in the public domain look it up on any search engine it will shock you to the core.

Let’s give a state funeral, let’s worship a monarch of seventy plus years because she was a great servant to our country, the commonwealth and the empire.

Let’s spend billions of our money to honour someone who allowed and turned a blind eye to the abuse, rape and murder of thousands and thousands of children during her reign, with her knowledge by her close family and friends and by her prime ministers and ministers…

Really, should we?

Maybe ask the victims or the victims families who can’t speak out because they are dead or committed suicide because of the trauma they faced with the blessing and the knowledge of the establishment. The head of this establishment was the queen.

Personally I say no.

It’s time the so called royal family was dethroned
and they make their own way in life and we
reclaim all of our stolen land, buildings, money and treasures.

This is why we are in this mess, these are our so called ‘elites…’

They’re not elites they are parasites,
pedophiles and they have a lot of
blood on their hands.

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in the World
was the Royal Family
(Queen Elizabeth II) and Vatican

Medeea Greere, an independent publisher,
is now on Telegram at
and exists only on reader support as we
publish Truth, Freedom and Love
for public awareness.

In a realm shrouded in mystery and power plays, some tales remain best kept secrets, hidden away from public scrutiny.

Yet, there are whispers that pull back the curtain on a chilling tale.

A tale that connects the resplendent British Royal Family, the holy sanctum of the Vatican, and the treacherous world of the global drug trade. Brace yourselves, for we’re about to tread on forbidden grounds.

Once, a wise man whispered,

“In politics, nothing happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Now, imagine a web so intricately woven that it connects emperors, holy figures, and underworld kingpins.

The opulent halls of Buckingham, the sacred chambers of the Vatican, and the dimly-lit opium dens of Asia – what could they possibly share? Dive in, for this is no mere fairy tale.

This is a rendezvous with conspiracy, a dance with the shadows of history.

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UK Royalty
drug dealers

Opium Wars
with China

The BIGGEST DRUG TRAFFICKERS in the world was the Royal Reptilian Family (Queen Lizardbeth II) — they supplied the Vatican mafia with heroin + opium through the CIA & other agency agents.

Think the Opium Wars in China — a war pushed to allow sales of opium & heroin in another country.

The Opium Wars were two wars waged between the Qing dynasty & Western powers.

The First Opium War, fought in 1839–1842 between Qing China & Great Britain, was triggered by the dynasty’s campaign against the British merchants who sold opium in China.

The Second Opium War was fought between the Qing and Britain & France, 1856–1860.

In each war, the European force’s modern military technology led to easy victory over the Qing forces, with the consequence that the government was compelled to grant favourable tariffs, trade concessions, reparations and territory to the Europeans.

The wars and the subsequently-imposed treaties weakened the Qing dynasty & the Chinese imperial government, and forced China to open specified treaty ports (especially Shanghai) that handled all trade with imperial powers.

In addition, China gave the sovereignty over Hong Kong to Britain.

The Vatican supplied the world with heroin from the Golden Crescent — meth & opium from the Golden Triangle, tied to Myanmar.

Myanmar the largest drug & child trafficking country in the world.

The Golden Triangle has been shut down.

Queen Dead August 8th 2022

Looks like the Queen
wasn’t too highly respected by
the UK Military judging by
that the flag slung over her coffin.

While she was lying in ‘state’
and on the procession
a few days later, it’s just crumpled,
upside down and
just slung over the coffin
like a table-cloth

In military symbolism
this indicates a ‘traitors’ death.

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Taking the Oath

‘It would have been easy to be
distracted today by
pageantry and pomp,
all the music and marching,
that’s the name of the game
on a day like today…
… razzle dazzle ‘em.’

Neil Oliver shares his thoughts
on King Charles’ Coronation
and the British Monarchy.

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Queen Dead
no-one seems to be sad



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King Charles III
proclaimed as Lord of Mann

His Majesty King Charles III will be proclaimed as Lord of Mann at Government House at 12 noon on Sunday 11 September 2022.

Only 3 days after official death of QE2 – which is odd, because Charles wasn’t coronated until May 2023.

The Proclamation will be read by the Lieutenant Governor, His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir John Lorimer.

Whilst the public are able to attend, regrettably there is only limited on-site car parking at Government House.

Therefore, the public are instead encouraged to attend the second Proclamation Ceremony in St John’s at 11 am on Friday 16 September 2022.

The second Proclamation will be made from Tynwald Hill, the ancient seat of the Kings and Lords of Mann.

Following this, a resolution of loyalty and condolence will be put before a sitting of Tynwald Court in the Royal Chapel.

This ceremony is based on the one held at St John’s in February 1952 to proclaim Queen Elizabeth II, and is similar in outline to the normal Tynwald Day ceremony.

It will begin with a short act of worship in the Royal Chapel. The actual Proclamation will take place on Tynwald Hill and the sitting will conclude back in the Royal Chapel.

The public are welcome to witness the proceedings on the Hill. Sound amplification will be put in place as far as possible in the time available. The event will be broadcast on Manx Radio and live-streamed online. There will be no grandstand seating.

Office-holders who formed part of the processions at the most recent Tynwald Day will be contacted by the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office with detailed instructions.

King Charles III proclaimed
as Lord of Mann
What’s REALLY going on

  What’s REALLY going on?

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King Charles III
The Coronation Oath:
the centrepiece of
King Charles’ coronation

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Charles III
is NOT king
of England

It’s said that the Companie of Merrie Men — the progenitor of today’s Bar Association  — arrived in Britain as a troupe of actors and “mummers” — pantomimes, during Shakespeare’s last days at the Globe Theater. 

He commented on their arrival and deemed it an “ill wind”. 

We are left to assume that he was already aware of their activity on the Continent.  

This past weekend, the British people witnessed a pantomime in which the former Prince Charles was ostensibly being crowned — at least verbally,  as the Protestant King of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, but was actually crowned as His Imperial Majesty and a pagan Roman Emperor, instead.

That’s what the Imperial Crown used in the ceremony means, and it is a public admission — entirely silent, but obvious — of what is actually going on.  It doesn’t matter what they say, it only matters what they do.  

Imperial crowns belong to Emperors, not Kings. 

The same kind of crown landed on the heads of Napoleon Bonaparte and Kaiser Wilhelm II just prior to the demise of their respective empires.  

So, after all these years, Charles III isn’t King of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 

He couldn’t be, thanks to The Norman Settlement. 

Like his ancestors, he is limited to working as the Pope’s Overseer of the Commonwealth, so not only is he not a King, he’s a Protestant obligated to serve the Pope, plus, he’s a German who has just been crowned as a Roman Emperor.

We couldn’t possibly make this up.  

This situation and the failure of the British CROWN to act upon BREXIT and the failure of the former Queen’s Government to effectively monetize the British Pound Sterling (not that they could do that on their own) has led a group of British Landlords who have reclaimed their natural political birthright to join our Claim and act on behalf of their lawful Government.

They claim the land and soil of Great Britain, including but not limited to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, the Orkney Islands and other outlying British Possessions worldwide.

They claim the British Pound Sterling and the Gold Sovereign as their lawful money, and they stand with the Lord High Steward, Ivan Talbot, as the actual Throne is unoccupied.

They reject Charles III’s offer to reign over them as an Emperor sitting on The Chair of the Estates — estates formed as a result of the original Dead Baby Scam we have described earlier — instead of the Throne owed to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  

They decry the attempted substitution of an Emperor for a King which they witnessed on Saturday.  They refuse the offered contract on behalf of themselves and their lawful government. 

They cite the High Court case of YAH v Regina as historic precedent, revealing purposeful fraud and substitution of Offices, which is happening again.  

As a result no contract exists and none is agreed upon with regard to the Kingdom and Countries of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the British Possessions worldwide.

In the interim and until the actual Throne is occupied, the land and soil jurisdictions will be administered by the traditional lawful government under the guidance of the Lord High Steward; whatever administration is provided by Charles III acting as the comptroller of Municipal Corporations, must be regarded as a private Subcontractor arrangement with the Pope and the City of Rome.  

Further confirmation of this deliberate action will be forthcoming.

They simply asked that Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court and the Archbishop of Canterbury be fully informed that the Imperial Crown offer has been rejected, and so, Notice is hereby served to the Principals and the Agents.  

We regret that it has come to this, but the defense of the British Homeland against legalized usurpation against the Constitutional Monarchy by foreign Municipal Corporations must be objected to, both privately and in public.

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UK Politicians
taking the oath
to King Charles

But which one?

This BBC video shows
UK politicians declaring
their allegiance to King Charles

NOT King Charles III
after the death of the Queen

This is not correct and
it’s not an accident or oversight
this ‘king’ is not what it seems

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There was a bizarre conspiracy theory circulating the web about queen Elizabeth being a cannibal — how exactly does the queen of England manage to stay so active and vivacious at such elderly age?

— British historiran Hubert Humdinger claims it’s because she must be consuming human flesh & adrenochrome — in 2012, a website called dear dirt America confirmed Hundinger’s theory after an employee at Windsor castle discovered human ramains in the queens private freezer.

— They are not human & princes. Di knew this — that’s why she faked her death

click image for video

The British Royals
and the Reptilians

Reese Report

The British Royal family, who own over sixteen percent of the entire planet, seems to be falling apart.

Which is nothing to mourn, for they are one of the most monstrous families on Earth.

In 1964, the Queen and Prince Philip visited a school in British Columbia.

Former resident William Coombes claims that ten of his classmates were taken by the Queen and Prince Philip, never to be seen again.

The notorious pedophile and necrophiliac, Jimmy Savile, was close friends with the Royal family.

Charles wanted him to be Prince Harry’s godfather.

He was awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 1971, and Knighted by the Queen in 1990.

Prince Andrew has been a regular at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island.

King Charles was close friends with a bishop who was convicted of raping over a dozen boys.

A former student of Aldenham school claims that students were routinely raped and tortured by members of the Worshipful Company of Brewers, which was frequented by Jimmy Savile, King Charles, and Lord Mountbatten, who has been accused of raping an 11 year old boy.

Jeanette Archer says she was abused by the Royals as a young child, and says that they are Reptilians.

According to Princess Diana’s friend, Christine Fitzgerald, Diana’s nickname for the Windsors was “the reptiles” and used to say that “they are not human.”

While this may sound strange, most Royal blood lines in history were said to be the offspring of Reptilians. Often described as dragon or serpent people.

In an interview with David Icke, Arizona Wilder, told her story of being bred for the express purpose of conducting rituals for the Royal family.

“I was bred for this role that I fulfill.

I was being abused and traumatized and, on purpose, for the mind control that, that they need someone to go through to, to do whatever they say.” ~ Arizona Wilder

She explained the importance of blood rituals.

“What it’s all about is that the blood, and the menstrual blood, contains something that is important for the propagation of this race that is controlling things on this planet.” ~ Arizona Wilder

She explained the infamous Adrenochrome

“For it to be secreted in the blood, is they need terrorization of, of their victims.

They are killed at that moment as they are staring into their eyes.” ~ Arizona Wilder

She said when the Royals and others smelled blood, they would shapeshift into Reptilians.

“When the victims are starting to be sacrificed it’s the scent of the blood. They start shapeshifting at that point in time. They can’t hold their shape when, when this happens, they…” ~ Arizona Wilder

“The human shape?” ~ David Icke

“The human shape they cannot hold.

They go back into reptilian shape as this is happening, because it’s a type of, of excitement of the kill.

I have seen at rituals, I have seen George Bush.

I have seen the two sons when they were young.” ~ Arizona Wilder

“These are the sons that have become governors since?” ~ David Icke

“Yes. One is in Florida and one is in Texas. Madeleine Albright.

I have seen Henry Kissinger.

I’ve seen the Queen Mother there, and I have seen Princess Margaret there.

I’ve seen Charles there. And they shapeshift.” ~ Arizona Wilder

“What have you seen the queen or any of the royal family do in relation to that?

You’ve seen them, have you seen them sacrifice and, and consume human flesh?” ~ David Icke

“I’ve seen all of them drink human blood and consume human flesh.

There are certain times when there will have been someone doing a sacrifice and it’s not happening fast enough for them.

So they will step in and finish it themselves.

These reptilians live hundreds of years and so they have to have taken more than one human body to live in.” ~ Arizona Wilder

David Icke predicted years ago that the Royal family would be removed to make way for a one world government.

And Dr. Michael Salla, who has been researching exo-politics for twenty years, has a different theory which could explain the fading of the Royal family.

“The ousting of the Sakara Reptilians in 2021 and how the Deep State is panicking with or without their overlords.

What about these reptilian extra-terrestrials and what do you know about this?” ~ Clayton Morris

“What we have is a lot of evidence going back thousands of years that there are these reptilian species that have played a big role in controlling the Earth.

And the name of this kind of apex reptilian is Sakaa.

So these are kind of like dragon like creatures, you know, eight foot to twelve foot tall.

And they apparently have been forced to leave our solar system recently with the arrival of these kind of more senior species.

They’re here to watch our emergence into a planetary, into a galactic culture.

They’re here to watch that.

But once that has happened, over a period of maybe a dozen years or so, they’re going to leave and then we’re going to have to fend for ourselves.

So it’s almost like, you know, we’re, we’re breaking out of the shell.

But once we’ve broken out of the shell, like, like any little animal that’s just broken out of a shell, you know, the parent has protected you, but you’re on your own now.

You know, good luck!”

~ Dr. Michael Salla

click image for video

Queen – the Grand Illusion


a good idea to see this
before you jump to
any conclusions
if you know – you know



click image for video

Princess Diana
the repto Queen

There was a bizarre conspiracy theory
circulating the web about the
Queen Elizabeth being a
shape-shifting lizard cannibal.

British historian Hubert Humdinger
claims it’s because she must be
consuming human flesh & adrenochrome

In 2012, an employee at Windsor Castle
discovered human remains in the
queens private freezer.

They are not human
and Princess Di knew this …
… that’s why she faked her death
and escaped.

click image for video

Queen – the Grand Illusion


Don’t be fooled that the Queen seemed quite small
and maybe even non-threatening.

When she took on her true form
she would be about 20 feet tall.

click image for video

Prince Philip

Was the ‘patron’ of the
World Wildlife Fund.

He used to get donations from caring public people for the WWF who thought they was donating to a good cause of animal protection and welfare.

He used these donations to  create game reserves in places like South Africa – which, oddly,  no ‘normal’ person ever got to see – and advertised them as animal ‘reserves’ which was returning animals to their normal habitat.

He could then rent these reserves out to rich people and his mates so they could go hunting and kill the exotic animals they ‘nurtured’ at these reserves.

One of Phil’s greatest roles as grandfather to Willie and Harry was to teach them how to kill animals at the various ‘hunts’ he hosted at the Royal properties in Scotland – where hundreds of animals at a time, including birds and deer, were efficiently dispatched by a barrage of shotgun-toting guests.

Animals that might still be alive when retrieved were often kindly bashed to death by the Queen.

click image for video


click image for video


An investigative poem by
Heathcote Williams.

Narration and video by Alan Cox.

A series of short films each
detailing a crime of the British monarchy.

The great reset has happened
many times throughout history.

New world order is nothing new.

It’s ancient.

And it will continue to happen
until people wake up and stop
buying into their control system.

The royals and nobles run all the religious organizations, secret societies and covert organizations like the Jesuits, Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Scientologists, Skull and Bones, Kabbalists, Wiccans, Five Percenters, Knights of Columbus, Knights of Malta, Shriners etc.

They own the organized crime syndicates including all mafias, drug cartels, street gangs, and biker gangs.

They oversee the global organizations like the United Nations, NATO, World Bank, IMF, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, CERN, Maritime Law, INTERPOL, Conference on Disarmament, Red Cross, Geneva Conventions, etc.

These criminals have infiltrated every government agency in the world through pedophilia, child sacrifices, criminal financing, bribery, secret organizations, and mafia tactics.

They have designed all governments as corporate entities and chartered subsidiaries of their corporate houses and monarchies.

They are mass human traffickers, mass murderers, and war criminals who commit crimes against humanity at all times.❗️


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