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Where did you come from?

At some time in their lives, most people have wondered about where they came from, who their ancestors were.

Some have even spent money to trace their family ‘tree’ further back than ancestry services tend to go in an attempt to gain more knowledge about their great-great-grandparents earlier than the ‘mid 1800s-1900s’.

But have found nothing.

Nobody does.

Even the ‘Ancestry’ business’ won’t find any history prior to the mid-1800’s, if they go that far.

Spend more money and give them a DNA sample and they’ll come up with a story about who your possible ancestors could have been – but that’s pure speculation.

(And whatever happens to your DNA information along with your personal details is anyone’s guess.

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Maybe, maybe not.

Keep an open mind

Here’s another theory for no other
reason than to suggest what we’re been
led to believe may not be the whole truth.

Even though there’s been a massive effort to hide or destroy the evidence there’s enough of it left, right now, to confirm that a few hundred years ago ‘something’ happened in our past that resulted in buildings of the time to either sink into the ground or the ground level was raised around them.

That many of them are mostly upright the evidence suggests that the ground level was somehow raised and the theory of a mud-flood persists.

And it may be true but the
evidence is that something
is doing a good job of hiding
and destroying evidence
to keep the truth from us
and if we choose to accept
what they want us to believe,
without our own research,
they’ve succeeded.

If you think deeper, floods tend to wash into buildings too, not remain outside and many of these buildings lower interiors, unless they was cleaned out which seems unlikely, just appear to have ‘sunk’ into the ground or had the outside level raised with little or no damage to floors, rooms or cellars inside and are in use today – albeit now the ground or under-ground levels where once they would have been higher.

Closer scrutiny of photographs used as evidence of a flood suggest ‘tampering’ to remove people and that the buildings simply had soil and rubble pushed up against them for the benefit of photographic posturing to give some kind of credence to a narrative someone or something is keen to promote.

It also seems whatever the event was – and there certainly appears to have been one, or more, depopulated this world of a highly sophisticated species or population with knowledge of technology far superior to what we have even today – like free energy systems..

If that’s the case, then, the inference is that the destruction wasn’t ‘natural’ but more caused by a possible war or a deliberate act by a malevolent force.

If that’s the case, from a practical point of view, it would probably be a much easier to wage war by broadcasting sound or radio or vibration from a HAARP-type weather system to create a much more predictable effect needed to defeat a population than by creating a random, massive flood – but who knows, all this is pure speculation.

There’s also suggestion that our current society has not invented anything and merely inherited that technology that powers beyond our knowledge allow us to have from previous civilisations as they deem fit and timely and sort of drip-feed to us to give us the impression our society is ‘improving’ in some way.

This notion is reinforced by the fact that over the last 100 years or so people have made some brilliant inventions, like water-powered cars or free-energy devices which have been mysteriously ‘disappeared’ – often along with their inventor soon after they announced their invention to the world.

As you explore the rest of
the information on this page,
keep in mind there’s no doubt
something is trying to hide
the truth and deceive us.

Sound liquifies Earth

Here’s a link to another possibility
It’s a short video (HERE)
demonstrating the possible effect
of how sound and vibration
can liquify soil and cause damage to
buildings similar to that we find in their
remains we find around the world –
where the building seems to
have simply sunk into the ground.

(Though, if this was the case,
the building likely
would probably not rest at an
almost upright 90 degree angle.)

Maybe one day the truth will be revealed and turn out to be a combination of a number of realities.

In the meantime, enjoy the investigation of this fascinating topic but keep your mind open to the information here may not be entirely accurate.

It’s no-one’s fault – we just work with what we’ve got.

The parasites that control us have done a good job in hiding so many truths from us, aided and abetted by man’s limited perception of what could be possible.

But that’s another topic.

If historical remains around the world are authentic, it appears that these ‘re-sets’ have occurred in the past on a relatively regular basis and that we’re ‘due’ for another one.

The beauty about this subject is everyone can decide for themselves or do their own exploration or research.

For now,
all anyone can do is
stay frosty and
protect your DNA

Blackstone reaches
$4.7 billion deal
to buy

Your DNA information
why is it so valuable?
and look how valuable it is!

By Heather Perlberg

Blackstone Group is betting on your family tree.

The alternative asset manager is set to buy about 75% of, the business known for family history research and DNA testing, in a deal valued at $4.7 billion including debt, according to people familiar with the transaction.

… and who wants it?
they ain’t saying …!!

Singaporean sovereign-wealth fund GIC, which took a stake in 2016, will hold about 25%, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information is private.

It will be the first acquisition by Blackstone’s largest ever private equity fund.

Representatives for Blackstone and declined to comment.

New York-based Blackstone is flush with cash as investors continue to bet big on the firm amid the uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Executives have in recent months touted success in navigating the 2008 financial crisis to show that the business, which has $156 billion in dry powder, will be well positioned to benefit from the current upheavals.

Based in Lehi, Utah, has more than 3 million paying subscribers and more than 18 million people in its DNA network.

It sells at-home DNA testing kits to customers, competing with 23andMe. first went public in 2009, raising $100 million.

It was taken private in 2012 in a $1.6 billion buyout led by private equity firm Permira, and on at least two occasions since has considered going public again, though it never got the valuation it was seeking.

Many of Blackstone’s recent investments have been in growth companies and businesses likely to benefit from shifts in consumer behavior.

Last month, the group announced it was investing in Oatly — a plant-based drink that’s been rapidly growing in popularity — with partners including Oprah Winfrey.

Blackstone also owns a majority stake in MagicLab, the owner of dating app Bumble.

Deal talks regarding started a few months ago, when much of the world was still at home and looking for things to do, said the people with knowledge of discussions.


Possibly because your
ancestors never existed.

The ‘Tartarian Mud-Flood’ theory – identifies a period in our history we’re never informed or taught about uses a lot of compelling photographic and historical evidence to suggest that, surprisingly, our society could be no older than from about the year 1800-1850 – or a bit earlier – which gives the nay-sayers the opportunity of labelling  the ‘Mud-Flood’ theory no more than a ‘conspiracy theory’. 

This ‘Mud-Flood’ theory also suggests that other species, maybe not unlike us, existed before humans – or maybe for a time WITH us.

These species were highly intelligent, more so than humans and and that they built and lived in a wonderful society with innovation, art,  invention, free energy and natural healing techniques far superior to what we have now.

Then this society disappeared,
along with all it’s population
and slowly, but surely, all evidence of
their existence and technology disappeared.

It seems that, by design, this era has been
deliberately removed from our history and then a
fabricated history has been created to cover it up.

Also, it seems, any physical evidence of it has
been deliberately destroyed over the centuries
very often under the cover of war.

If this is the case, why?

No-one can say.
But someone/something knows
the truth and they ain’t telling us
because it suits their purpose/
their agenda that we don’t know
and don’t find out.

Which is why this subject is never mentioned or taught about
but, luckily for us, there still a massive amount of evidence to
support the ‘mud-flood’ theory.

And as more and more people become aware about it
more is being discovered – and, surprisingly,
much of it has been ‘in our face’ every day of our lives.

When we take a closer look at some of the older buildings
around our cities we’ve been walking past every day
it becomes apparent, our ‘modern’ society didn’t build
as many of them as what we’ve assumed
it could be, we inherited  them along with
much of the technology we use every day today
we now have to pay for was NOT invented by ‘us’
at all – but has been taken over by ‘corporations’
over the years so they can make us PAY for technology
they stole and got for FREE.

If this has got your attention, once you familiarise
yourself with this topic, no-one can deny
there’s been a concerted effort to keep it from us.

If you’re not aware about the ‘Mud-Flood’
this page will provide you with an
excellent introduction into the
‘Tartarian Mud-Flood’ era and set you
on your own journey into a fascinating
part of the real history of this Earth
which will illustrate to you how our
slave-masters have been successfully lying
to us for generations about where we came from.

Welcome to the fascinating
subject of the
Tartarian mud-flood

Like all lies, ultimately time uncovers the truth and today there’s massive amounts of information available online – literally being ‘dug-up’ or ‘uncovered’ with a new level of knowledge.

Things in PLAIN VIEW we walked past without giving them a second glance or thought for hundreds of years are now taking on new interest with a better understanding that their existence just doesn’t fit the narrative we’ve been given/taught all our personal existence on this planet.

Now, hundreds Videos on online video platforms not only discuss some of these anomalies they can now do so with huge amount of pictorial evidence.

There’s a selection of inks to just a few of the better videos on this page by way of in introduction to this subject but there are many more.

Do your own research on the video sites
a simple ‘mud flood’ search will find many of them
and lead you to a whole new world of discovery
about the untold history of our world.

It might also alert you to start thinking that
history we HAVE been taught might have
also been altered to fit a narrative.

Also, be aware that massive amounts of evidence has been destroyed over the centuries in an attempt to cover up this history.

How much of the history has been changed?
ALL OF IT – like it doesn’t exist.

This is a fascinating, wonderful subject which,
if true,
makes a mockery of ALL ‘history’ we’ve ever been taught.

A few questions
you might like to consider.

How do YOU know this date is now 2023 … ?
(or whatever you’re told it is whenever you read this).

There’s some strong evidence that suggests that
1000 years was ADDED to our date.
but that’s a completely different subject.

How do you KNOW there was such as thing as a ‘Roman Empire’ and if there was it was the Romans who built all those roads and things that have lasted forever yet didn’t seem to do so well with the longevity of the buildings they’re supposed to have created which, if they still exist are mostly in ruin?

If the Roman ‘Empire’ existed at all, did the ancient Romans actually build them or did they inherit them too?

Let’s face it, the average Romans of that era aren’t particularly renowned for being anything other that treacherous crooks and thieves who would prefer to tax you to death or knife you in the back and steal what you got rather than create it themselves – much like today’s politicians.

Small wonder today’s Mafia’s Head-Office is Italy.

Why was so many cities in Europe systematically, unnecessarily and absolutely destroyed and turned to dust by bombing in WW2?

Surely resources could have been better deployed on aggressive targets than using them on defenceless locations of no military consequence.

For example, there was no military advantage or reason  to do so – but cities like Dresden were turned to dust.

    link to wiki: Bombing of Dresden in World War II

Maybe their real ‘crime’ was that they would have been full of old-world architecture possibly giving many clues to a different history than the one we’ve been told about.

Another example was after the Iraq war, American troops were given the task of emptying the museums.

Surely, after a war, emptying museums would not be a priority – but Iraq is one of the oldest civilisations in all of known history and it’s wealth of knowledge would be unfathomable – no good for hiding some truths of our past, if you wanted to.

How does anyone KNOW the
population of Earth is around 8 billion people?

Most people tend to agree the various structures around the world built with a precision we couldn’t copy even with today’s technology and so perfectly-aligned were probably not built by humans – well, not the sort of humans that exist today.

That means the only other options for the builders of these structures as being the possibility that aliens or extra-terrestrials that lived on Earth in the ‘past’ and, presumably, no longer do.

Eric Von Daniken began to discuss this topic in the late ‘1960’s with his book ‘Chariots of the Gods’.

His book must have ruffled a few feathers as a whole narrative was created to follow him since that he was a deluded, a crook, a shyster, maybe the original ‘conspiracy theorist’ in a pretty good job to bury his topic and make his reasoning out to be unreliable.

But … a consideration is, even if part of his theory is true, if they was so clever and living a good and healthy life on Earth, why did they leave?

Would you if you was living such a peaceful, plentiful life where you wanted for nothing?

Or, did they leave at all? Why would they?
Where would they go to?

Is it possible they just moved to another location
and could still be living on Earth to this day,
maybe even among us?

For the over 30 years, David Icke seems to think they are – or something is.

Maybe somewhere on Earth we can’t get to or, where no-one can visit.

If you’re not already up-to-speed with this topic there’s plenty on this page to set you on your journey. It probably won’t take too long for you to come to the conclusion that something has gone to a lot of trouble to hide our true history and any evidence of it from us over a long period of time.

They’ve also gone to an immense amount of time and effort to create a world we DO live in, that, without a history to refer back to, we take for granted as being the way it ‘is’, (for us).

Maybe it’s time we started looking a bit deeper into our true past because it stands to reason if something is so determined to hide this from us to suit it’s agenda it’s probably something we need to know about.

If you choose to seek further information, various video channels like YouTube, Bitchute, Rumble and others provide excellent resources of visual evidence, though the information and mages can be repetitive after a while because of their limited supply.

Also, be aware, ALL social media –
along with MSM isn’t part of any solution.

It’s OWNED by the entity (yes, there’s, ultimately, only one),
that’s deluded us for so long and doesn’t want it’s secrets revealed.

Therefore ALL media sources
become part of the problem.

Treat ALL information as mis-information or
dis-information until you can verify it.
There’s now evidence that even some of the
photographic images have been ‘doctored’.

Don’t ‘follow’ any narrative from people who
seem to have your best interests at heart
listen to your own intuition
if it appears to be sending you warning messages
or revelations or realisations or new conclusions.

It probably is

We live in a society that wants you to believe
‘none of this is possible so whatever you’re thinking
must be wrong – it’s just a conspiracy made up
by someone else to trick you’.

Don’t talk yourself out of what it says using logic
or pre-conceived ideas that have been
holding back your personal inspiration for so long.

This was built
1000 years ago
by people using
horses and carts
and chisels and hammers

Imagine what they could have built
if they had some power-tools

click image for video

The world
prepared for us

Today, we open up a new question to this research.

We ask if it is possible that all of these incredible structures were put here, all for us…with them now all being taken over and used against us.

Destroying the ones that were always meant to be here to help heal us….

Were these buildings..these palaces meant for us.. and not for them?

We also go to Russia and find a painter that supposedly painted a cathedral before it was completed…and much more!

  My Lunch Break
Rumble Channel

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Tartaria Discussion 

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Click HERE
for one of the most astonishing videos ever made

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One of the most astonishing videos ever.

Don't miss this.

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the water which
connects everything

Video edition by

Essay by

"aEther is the material supposed to
fill the region of the universe
above the terrestrial sphere.

In mythology, it was thought to be
the pure essence that the gods breathed,

filling the space where they lived,
analogous to the air breathed by mortals"


(From wikipedia)

"aEther is the material supposed to fill the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.

In mythology, it was thought to be the pure essence that the gods breathed, filling the space where they lived, analogous to the air breathed by mortals"

All cities located at strategic points on earth along rivers, seas and oceans were star fortress and had electromagnetic energy extracted from the ether.

The energy was captured through towers and obelisks and stored in the red and white striped power stations of the high civilization called Tartary.

They always had a fountain with water near them.


This Planetary Civilization was destroyed in the 20th century through floods, energy weapons, scheduled mass exterminations, epidemics.

All the architecture and technology was then stolen and passed into the hands of parasites, who falsified our past and created the current ignorant civilisation

On the fictitious date of April-July 1887, a fictitious investigation, led by the fictional scientists Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley, intended to prove that the Aether did not exist.

The fabricated Morley-Michelson experiment concluded that there was no Aether.

It is in the shadow of this false experiment that the false theory of relativity, by equally false Einstein, and all current science rest.

All the scientists, including Mendeleev, whose names would glamorously fill the history books after our defeat, are false.

All the fundamentals of modern technology were reared by the Previous Civilization.

Nothing was invented
or discovered in the
19th-20th centuries - (by us)
that we use today.

Everything we take for granted now
is inherited.

It's 'invention' and and release
is timed to let us think
our society is 'clever'
and 'developing'.

If someone does invent something useful
(like a water-powered car or a 
medical device facilitating natural healing)
they'd be advised to keep it to themselves
as these people seem to have a habit
of disappearing, along with their inventions.

What they invariably do is go running to
the 'Patents' office to announce their invention
thereby alerting that they need special attention.

Everything already existed in the world empire
that I call 'White Federation'.

Some people are suspicious of Tartaria's existence
since they had never heard of it before they saw
the first version of my Aether video two years ago.

But they were blind.

These people fail to realize that
Tartaria' is just a word to designate
the Highly Advanced Civilization
that existed before the current
mediocre one and whose presence is
blatantly visible in all of the
whole world's infrastructure,
technology and architecture.

Trump Towers
Tesla Towers...
they are built of Gold

They are also
time travel machines...

Nikola Tesla made the
NewYorker building
into one...

Question :- Where would be a good place
to hide famous people in the
witness protection program?

Answer : - ... in hotel rooms that are
portals to time travel
... hidden in plain sight!


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History is made up.
Everything that happened
before 1860
is hidden from us.

click 'orphan' link to go to page

... the mystery gets deeper!

As time went on, our own research into this subject uncovered another mystery which, though it's likely related, we decided need it's own page as it's a huge subject all by itself.

It's about the ORPHANS that started appearing in huge numbers around the early-mid 1800s. 

Nor was they 'children', old enough to look after themselves, they was babies, that needed looking after by nurses in orphanages - of which there seemed to be an  ample supply of. 

Odd, given that promiscuity of 'fallen' women was frowned up in those times and that a baby produced by one could expect little charity from the society of that era.

It appears that a planned and organised re-population on earth was going on.

Who was responsible for this, why it was deemed necessary to hide it/lie about it- and why it was deemed necessary to keep it hidden from history is not know, (yet).

This page offers little in answers and much in question. 

Maybe an explanation will occur one day - but not if we allow it to remain in the darkness of our fake-world-history story we've been fed.

And by whom? 

And, then,  perpetuated in all taught,
(or more correctly untaught?), history.

Our research has not yet come up with an explanation to this subject - but there's so much material now coming to light we decided to separate into a new topic.

For now - check out the information below, (all sourced from elsewhere), bring yourself up to speed.

The various video platforms,
e.g. YouTube, Bitchute, Rumble ... etc.
will also provide a colossal amount of
information for those
who choose to research further.

Roman underfloor heating
the date we're told
makes no sense

Roman heating worked like this: hot gases were vented into cavities in the walls and floor, heating the dwelling, only then escaping through the chimney from the house.

But this system consisted of fireclay bricks, found by archaeologists.

The problem is that fireclay bricks are fired at 1'300-1'500°C in rotary kilns.

No idea how an ancient Roman could get it if the wood produced a maximum of 900°C and the coal 1200°C?

Not enough temperature! And that kind of temperature became possible closer to the 15th century.

The Romans just didn't know they didn't have the right technology.

Well, either the dating is wrong by a thousand and a half years. Or history is deliberately "aged" and "ancient"

Rome was in the 15th century.

click image for video

What is the
Tartarian conspiracy?

Brian Wilson breaks down more insights
into the history, advanced technology,
and architecture
attributed to the Tartarian people.

Click image for video

History that
has been hidden?

The greatest empire
that may or may not have existed.

What do we know about Tartaria?

I am joined by Guy Anderson,
author and reseacher,
who introduces me to the
so-called conspiracy of Tartaria.

This web page
background  image is
Bendigo Cathedral

Ground-breaking 1897
Completed 1977

Bendigo is a country town about
2 hours drive north of Melbourne Australia.

Bendigo experienced a
‘Gold Rush’ about 1851 onwards

In 1916, George Mackay
continued his popular series of
the ‘Annals of Bendigo’.

This third volume covers
the period 1892-1909,
and here you will find that this
wonderful cathedral was built
by mostly unskilled labour
using the primitive building techniques
and materials available at the time
for a population of Greater Bendigo
is listed as just 46,463
thanks to the statistics
from the 1901 Bendigo census
which have been recorded.

find HERE

Anyone who thinks this
story is accurate probably
still believes in the tooth-fairy.

click button for video


GLOBAL MANDELA EFFECT: Mud Food, Tartaria & Nikola Tesla inventions.

This episode takes a close look at what the Mandela effect is, and could it be responsible for a global “glitch” in the matrix of reality?

Was Tesla from the lost civilization?

Did Tartaria rule before the great mud flood?

Did Tesla have access to previous knowledge from the lost empire?

Mud flood channel

: Orphan Trains

: Tartaria

Mandela effect

click image for video

Forbidden History of Humanity
are we only about 200 years old?

click image for video

The old world
is it in the Catacombs?

Today, we go underground
and find a massive clue
to where the previous civilization
may have gone.

We find that there are thousands of miles
of catacombs present, all over the world.

All because the cemeteries were over crowded?

Or…is there a much darker secret to these tunnel systems
that hold bones of the past, that are placed into geometric patterns

Are you ready to take
this research to another level?

Are you ready to go
into the Catacombs?


  My Lunch Break

Rumble Channel

click image for video

We didn’t build our society
we inherited it

Were the railroads dug out?

Photo from the late
nineteenth century.

It is obvious that workers are digging up the railroad bed, which was in a flat area under a layer of sand and clay!

And to put it down to someone burying something which has become unnecessary to him is again not an option.

Not only because it is absurd, but also because it is impossible without construction machinery.

And then a reasonable conclusion arises of its own accord:

These railroads are being dug up, just as the buildings were dug up.

But then who built them, when, and why were they buried under a layer of sedimentary rock?

Indian village unearthed

An entire temple was dug up.

Photo from the late
nineteenth century.

The nature of the origin of the soil varied at different times.

In some places it looks more like mudflow deposits, while in other places it looks more like the soil was falling or flowing from above, rather than being brought down by a water current.

But our historians insist on the “cultural” layers, saying that at that time there was no one to clean up the cities.

click image for video

Tartaria –
A Visual Mix for a Species with Amnesia

A special DJ Mix by DJ CHEEZUS with hand selected tracks played to visuals

Disasterpeace – Title (from the IT FOLLOWS Soundtrack) 00:00 – 01:57
Run Lola Run – Casino 01:58 – 07:38
Atrey – Unknown 07:39 – 09:28
Earmake – The Sunrise Lullaby 09:29 – 13:19
DJ Shadow – Blood on the Motorway 13:20 – 16:19
Boards of Canada – Come to Dust 16:20 – 20:00
Resident Evil – Theme (Marilyn Manson) 20:01 – 21:48
Dust Brothers – Jack’s Smirking Revenge (Fight Club Soundtrack) 21:49 – 25:10
Prof. Zonic Zynth – New Los Angeles 25:11 – 29:20
Aphex Twin – Weathered Stone (pt1) 29:21 – 32:52
Juno Reactor – Mutant Message 32:53 – 35:27
Aphex Twin – Weathered Stone (pt2) 35:28 – 37:58
Power Glove – E-240 37:59 – 41:17
Com Truise – Flightwave 41:18 – 43:46
Sunglasses Kid – Cry Little Sister (Lost Boys Synthwave Cover) 43:47 – 48:31
Lazerhawk – Somnus 48:32 – 52:30
Lorn – Anvil 52:31 – 55:48
Cabaret Nocturne – Hidden Gate 55:49 – 59:04
Makeup & Vanity Set – Senses, Dynamics 59:05 – 01:03:55
Synthicide – Helium 3 01:03:56 – 01:10:47
DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like? (Part 2) 01:10:48 – 01:16:50
Nine Inch Nails – Right Where it Belongs V2 01:16:51 – 01:21:51

click image for video

Lost Kingdom


click image for video

Lost technology
impossible sculptures

click image for video

Dark Elves and Dwarves
Who is Really in Control
Tartaria Australia

click image for video


During our research on Old World Photoshop, we were looking through old surreal postcards and began to notice a very specific style of Old RPPC.

These postcards were early photo manipulations of orphans and babies from the 1880s-1910 period.

Something is disturbing about these old photos, which only worsened as we realized how many of these postcards there truly were.

They have been collected and used as a source of inspiration by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Paul Éluard, André Breton, Hannah Höch, Herbert Bayer, and Man Ray.

They show babies being grown in Cabbage Patches, hatching from eggs, cooked in fires, being hooked from the water, left in empty cities, being transported in trains or aerial vehicles, and sold as cattle.

There isn’t any information on the origin or purpose of these cards, we know they come in several languages, so it was not just one studio, but there are also many different styles.

There is a book on this subject, “Babylon: Surreal Babies”, however, the author does not connect these postcards to Resets and Orphans Trains but rather sees it as some inventive creative source for the rise in surrealism.

Whatever the case, there is something deeply wrong with these photos, and you can feel it.

For that reason, they will be called, REPOPULATION POSTCARDS as multiple translations reveal that they were selling babies, a lottery of babies, and both repopulation and relocation are mentioned.

Not to mention the strange origin stories behind the cabbage patch kids.

Is this a symbolic reference to genetic engineering and cloning in the 1800s?

Diana of Ephesus?

The Queen Bee?


Ancient Cloning Facilities?

It’s also interesting to note that there is a lot of work put into these early artworks, they are early 1900s composites of babies, you would think there would be more information on these as there are hundreds if not thousands of these types of postcards.

Also, we didn’t mention Garbage Pail Kids, a series of sticker cards with some horrible imagery that is the dark horror version of Cabbage Patch Kids.

  This is unbelievable,
and RL Stine
turned these into stories!

click image for video

The Cabbage Patch Fairy
lost film is the first movie ever made
Alice Guy / Incubator Promotion

After the Repopulation Postcards and Cabbage Patch video, we received many amazing comments, one of which contained a link to an old movie named The Cabbage Patch Fairy.

The film on its own is incredibly strange, but after diving into the history of Alice Guy, and the alternative versions of this film, it became clear that the rabbit hole went even deeper.

Many found it hard to believe the postcards as any type of proof for repopulation, but now that we consider that the first movie ever made involves a baby merchant or fairy, showing off her babies in the cabbage patch… is it really that hard to believe?

It gets even stranger because it explains what all these postcards were for, For the incubators,

For Repopulation, For Reseeding, and For Selling Babies….

This seems to have been some type of operation and we are looking at the remnants of the artwork used to promote it.

The story is very interesting because outside of the repopulation subject, Alice Guy is known for being wiped from Film History, not too many people know about her, and there are over 300 lost films credited to her.

Is Alice or the Fairy, or the Merchant the same lady from the postcards?

If so, what are the implications?

Click image for video

Click image for video

Everything you
were taught is a lie.

Babies were grown in incubators
and sent out West to repopulate
abandoned Tartarian cities.

The “Cabbage Patch Kids”
were sent on orphan trains
and distributed as free labour
to farms and factories.

  Video: Tartarian Babies

click image for video

Where did we come from?

Our species is not native
for a purpose and the Earth
was ‘seeded’ with humans.
Humans are the aliens
on this Earth.

The ‘official’ story
about these ‘orphans’
from the History Channel.

This video say that over 75 years
these trains brought more
than 200,000 children.

Where did millions of orphans, worldwide, come from?

The video gives the impression that these children were fostered into loving caring homes – it does not mention that many, most of the children endured abject poverty, cruelty and slavery in work-houses and industry.

even pedophilia.

It seems they weren’t just ‘fostered’ – they was sold.

This ‘fostering’ of ‘orphans’ was not unique to America at this time – this practice was ALSO going on in, at least, the UK, Canada and Australia.

The fate/experience of these children was similar in every country.

Many just ended up a slave labour – or worse, with no opportunity for help.

FACT: Nowhere have we been able to locate any report from any adopted ‘orphan’ who made it to adulthood to report on how lucky they consider they was to have been adopted by a caring family and what a wonderful life they experienced as a result.

What’s odd …

Not a single report of any kind,
from any country about
what happened to any of these children
when they grew up with their new families.

Not one, out of  at least
200,000 children.

click image for video

Orphan Trains:
sent children
away for slave work

The supposed foster care was a form of slavery

As many rural immigrants also flocked to New York, children had their competition in the job market. Affluent families started hiring local migrants as servants instead of children because these adults desperately accepted cheap labour.

Consequently, it pushed children to live and work on whatever jobs they could find on the street.

Some of them were as young as three years old.

Where did they come from
in such great numbers?

Who was their parents?
Who was their mothers?

click image for video

The Orphan Trains

The global slave trade
wasn’t just about people from Africa,

in fact this was only a small part
of the global slave market.

How much better if you find children and simply
bring them up to create a workforce which has
no expectations of any other life.

Where did these babies/children come from?

Or what happened to them as they got older?

No-one can answer that question.

click image for video

Lost technology
impossible sculptures

click image for video

History is a Lie

Armoured Skeptic

click image for video

Free Energy is Real?
History is a Lie

Armoured Skeptic

click image for video

What is the ‘Mud-Flood’
in under 4 minutes

Paul Cook

click image for video


This video is an introduction to the mud flood theory and how it may relate to the lost nation of Tartaria, the reset of civilization, and the rewriting of history as we know it.

Are all these buried structures and ruins remnants of what existed before the great biblical flood?

Was this event more recent than we think? Could man since have flooded, destroyed, and reset the earth with more sinister motive?

Whatever the case the mud flood theory (or whatever you want to call it) holds all sorts of mystery and wonder about our true past.



click image for video

FREE electricity for everyone
a thing of the past.

There no money or control to be had
if people can plug in for no cost.

click image for video

Once you see these photos
you understand EVERYTHING

There no money to be made
or control to be had
if people run their cars on
water or free electricity.

click image for video

50 photos that are too much
for you to handle and change your life

click image for video

Giants – among us

click image for video

You see these pics,
you understand the reset
and what you are in life

click image for video

Don’t forget, that the
“horse and buggy”
people built these buildings
(irreplicable by modern builders)

(what is it good for?)

Energy Distribution Technology

Virtual Reality Matrix
under the dome!

The Motherboard distributes the electrical power from the PSU to the components within PC, providing them with the power they need to run.

Not only does it distribute the power, but it is a computer’s central communications backbone connectivity point, through which all components and external peripherals connect, such as: keyboards, mice, tablet pens, joysticks, scanners, monitors, speakers, printers, external hard drives, media card readers, etc., allowing all of the internal and external components to communicate with each other as one system.

In other words, the Motherboard is designed to functions in a similar fashion as the human body with all of the etheric cognitions, and physical organs in the body functioning as one system.

While the human body is Heavenly designed by our God Creator, Motherboard technology is intelligently designed to re-create and re-direct Energy Movement Pathways in human’s living surroundings, in order to influence human’s living conditions, by altering it in a positive or negative way, as I have explained in my previous posts.

Motherboard energy distribution technology is implemented and exists in Computers, in Living quarters on the ground we call ‘Cities’ where majority of humans live in, and in the Sky in a form of an Artificial Intelligent (AI) Clouds.

The word ‘City’ is derived from the word ‘Site’, means ‘Everyone’ in English.

I have explained this in one of my early posts called ‘All World Languages appeared for the first time about 200 – 300 years ago’!

Motherboard Technology
implemented in Computers
is explained above.

Motherboard Technology in the Cities is implemented in a way the cities’ streets, houses, and buildings are arranged, so that Energy Distribution which supplies people within the cities they live in, can only be distributed through the specific pathways that streets and roads run through the cities.

Depending in which way the houses, buildings, and streets are arranged, has a great impact on people’s living conditions in a positive or negative way.

Motherboard Technology built in artificial Clouds in the sky, are designed to block and hack into the biologically beneficial Electro-Magnetic atmospheric surroundings which exists in the form of Lay lines generated by the Dome’s Torus field sphere, responsible for human-kind creation, and reflected in All Life on Earth, creating Macro and Micro Cosmos!

This was also explained in my early posts as well called ‘Dome’s Torus filed sphere is reflected in All Life on Earth, creating Macro and Micro Cosmos!

By blocking and hacking this beneficial atmospheric energy from Ether, Motherboard Technology built in artificial Clouds distorts, re-creates, and re-directs Energy Movement Pathways, in order to target and negatively influence the population on the ground by broad-wave radiation beam.

Toroidal energy fields exist around everything: people, trees, animals, Dome. The Dome is the key to everything because your entire life is created by and from this domain. Most torus dynamics contain two toruses, vortexes, or “tori” – like the male and female aspects of the whole – one is spiralling upwards and the other downwards (outward – inward from the centre), exactly like the Dome does.

The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field produced by the body.

An exchange of electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs when people touch or are in close proximity of one another.

Have you ever met someone and just thought, “Wow they have such a nice aura about them.”

Well, the human aura’s shape is that of a torus.

The human aura is not a fixed shape; it is a continuous movement.

Dome’s energy from all around a person streams into this dynamic form.

The Dome’s life energy field is infinite and unlimited; this is the reason why we are all connected.

Within our bodies, each chakra, each acupuncture point, every energy centre is a toroidal flow, and it flows within itself.

The human torus is connected to Dome’s Torus by resonance, which is the main source of life on Earth.

In that sense we are distinct individuals, yet we are all interconnected by fractal geometry.

This is where human connection, love, and knowledge can take place.

The space in the air around us is filled with unlimited energy from the Ether, in fact we are swimming in the Prana energy from Ether, and in every square mm. of empty space, there is concentration of potential energy of more than one atomic bomb power.

But the problem is
how to harvest and collect
this huge potential energy
for our benefit.

The recent Tartarian Old World civilization had the answer for it, with an amazingly simple structural application the way they built their houses, buildings, streets, and roads, as well as their Cathedrals, Star Fortress complexes with power stations, Domes, Towers, Minarets, Bridges, Obelisks, etc., synchronised with the Dome’s Torus field sphere Energy Distribution Lay Lines for a maximum health benefit for all.

Old World scientists extracted electromagnetic energy from the Ether simply by building those buildings using architectural sacred geometry and golden ratio structural patterns on them, simulating the patterns of the electrical cloud spin around the nucleus, and by synchronizing the shapes of the building material with the electrical spin of the energy, thus making these houses, buildings, and cities as energy resonating, generating, and accumulating machines.

Cities in the Tartarian Old World, and cities which we live in today, are not just cities in a colloquial meaning of the word, but all cities in the world are intelligently designed Motherboard Energy Distribution Machines, specifically designed to re-create and re-direct Energy Movement Pathways in human’s living surroundings, in order to influence human’s living conditions, by altering it in a benevolent positive or malevolent negative way.

The Central processing unit (CPU), or the brain of a city, is where the command headquarters is located at, and whoever controls it, controls the masses.

Couldn’t help including this.

‘Arrgghh!!!’ people scream – ‘not this one’

‘Flat earth – you’re nuts’.

‘Now you’ve lost me.’

If there’s one topic that will trigger
cognitive dissonance in people it’s the ‘Flat Earth’  argument.

Once again, if you think this without reviewing
the information on this page, you don’t belong here.


For the others, if anyone’s left,
our thanks to EWARANON,
(who we don’t know),
for his astonishing work in the creation
of these videos for the benefit of everyone –
along with the randomly selected
Bitchute channels we link to,
for hosting these priceless works of art.

Click image for video

Did another civilisation
build our past?
(our historical lens)


EWARanon reconsiders
previous opinions
on his earlier works.

All possibilities need to be examined.

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth
Series 1 episodes 1-7

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth
What on Earth Happened?
episodes 1-13

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth
Series 2 episode 1

The Great Flood

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth
Series 2 episode 2

The Master Key

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth
Series 2 episode 3

The Two Books of Mankind

click image for video



Mind Unveiled
YouTube Channel

Loads of high-quality content videos

click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
part1: The Irish Connection

In Plato's TIMAEUS we find a very interesting story that can shed some light to this TARTARIA MYSTERY.

We explore possible reasons for the fall of the Tartarian Empire and possibly it's origins.

click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
part 2: Phoenician Architects

This is part 2 of the Tartaria Mystery where we go over unexplained Architecture, the Phoenicians, and mysterious tech.

click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
part 3:

click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
part 4:
Ancient EMF Technology



click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
Part 5:


click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
Part 6:


click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
Part 7:


click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
Part 8:


click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
Part 9:


Who Built them?

click image for video

TARTARIA Explained!
Part 10:


click image for video

End of Great Tartaria

click image for video

United States B.C.
(before Columbus)

This episode, United Stated B.C. (before Columbus),
will take us on a tour of pre America and the old United States.

We will also explore star forts in America, old town Chicago,
craters in the Carolinas, the noble ancient cities of the great
Salt Lake, and the Bermuda Triangle.

click image for video

Beginning Our History

This little video, Beginning Our History, is about the Chicago Worlds Fair of 1893.

The official narrative explains to us that over 200 buildings were built for the fair only to be torn down within years of the Chicago Worlds Fair.

These photos may be a great example of our false historical narrative.

click image for video

Designation of the Nations

In this episode we will examine the chateau Frontenac in Quebec Canada, the Parliament Palace in Bucharest Romania, and finally the Prague Castle and the giant books found within.

Other topics include the Romanian underground and New Earth Channel video commentary.

click image for video

Old World

In this little episode,
Remembering the Old World,
we will discuss the ancient civilization
myth through maps, coins,
art, and pictures.

click image for video

Melted Cities of the Past

click image for video

Excerpt of
Repopulating the New World –
19th Century Charities, Orphans,
Infantoriums, & Immigration

Visit Michelle Gibsons
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


click image for video

What are
‘Star’ forts?

Michelle Gibson

Visit Michelle Gibsons
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Click arrow on right for images and to close

Some Star fort Images

There a theory that star forts
were not built in the traditional way.

The theory suggests that they are so perfectly proportioned and shaped that they was actually created by sound frequency re-shaping the Earth

Either way, they are magnificent structures, many of which still exist today.

Here’s some images.

Click arrow on right for images and to close

Star forts

click image for video

What on Earth
was going on in the 1800s?

Michelle Gibson

Visit Michelle Gibsons
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


click image for video

The Manner in which
a Global Canal System
has been kept
from our awareness

Michelle Gibson

Visit Michelle Gibsons
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


click image for video

Exposing Exhibitions, Expositions
& World Fairs Since 1851

Michelle Gibson

Visit Michelle Gibsons
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


click image for video

How monuments & memorials
hide the advanced ancient civilization

Michelle Gibson

Visit Michelle Gibsons
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


click image for video

A tall tale …
or …
Mundi Authentica …

Michelle Gibson

This video project is a collaborative effort between myself, Brother B, the Authentiq and Almost-Ancient Hermit of the Hills, also known as the Blackall Ranges in Queensland Australia, and his friend, 7-string master guitarist Paul B. Clement.

It is based on a manuscript Brother B sent me back in January of a tale he crafted last year for a friend who was troubled by recent and past events.

I read through it, and it made a considerable amount of sense to me.

I saved a copy of it and didn’t look at it again for several months.

Then, just a short while ago, I re-read it, and it made even more sense to me than it did the first time I read it back in January because my research has led me to the same conclusions about what the Old World was really like and what has taken place here with the onset of the New World Order time-line we find ourselves living in.

So I sent him an email asking if it was okay for me to turn his tale into a video, and here we go:

Visit Michelle Gibsons
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


click image for video



Video - click image

Video - click image

A Brief History of Australia
(Part 1)

An introduction to a history that
doesn’t fit Australia’s mainstream narrative.

Alluding to the fact that there may have been
a lot more going on in Australia
before the First Fleet’s arrival in 1788.

The is the first episode of many that will take you
on a journey and will have you rethinking everything
that you were ever taught about Australia and its history.

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Tartaria Australia
talk to
Tartarian Truthers
Australia and it’s BS History

Video - click image

The Building Blocks of Australia
(Part 1)

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

The Building Blocks of Australia
(Part 2)

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

The rest of the World
(Episode 3)

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Episode 5:
Mudflood Australia

Tartarian Truthers

In Episode 5 we take a look at the
mudflood theory
and explore how it
could fit into Australia’s history…

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Great Australian
Gold Rush

Tartarian Truthers

In this weeks episode we look deeper into the history
and mystery that surrounds the gold rushes
that took Australia and other countries by storm in the 1850’s.

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Female factories and gaols
Tartarian Truthers

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Rookwood Cemetery
part 1

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Rookwood Cemetery
part 2

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Australian Railways

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

melted coastlines

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image


Battle of Castle Hill

Tartarian Truthers

Visit Tartarian Truthers
MASSIVE channel
on YouTube


Video - click image

Tartarian Truthers  Episode 14
Demolishing Old World Australia

Episode 14 is one of our favourite ones so far…

Not only do we get to explore some of Australia’s beautiful old world structures, sadly demolished; but we also discuss some really interesting diary entries from 1819, that leave us absolutely mind blown!!!

Video - click image

Tartarian Truthers Episode 15

Casey meets some of lovely Ballarat locals who show her around some very interesting underground areas of the city, she is also blown away by the amount of incredible old world architecture that appears on almost every street corner.

Video - click image

Tartarian Truthers Episode 16
Budg Bim

Casey takes us on a journey through Budj Bim national park and uncovers a fascinating ancient history that will have you once again questioning Australia’s mainstream historical narrative.

Video - click image

Tartarian Truthers Episode 17
Flood Zone Australia

Rain bombs, super charged climate events, weather modification?

What’s really going on?

Video - click image

Tartarian Truthers Episode 18

Australia’s Secret Inland Sea

Did Australia once have a vast inland sea? In this episode we try to find out using some juicy material from previous Truth Hunter magazines;

Video - click image

Stolen History of the World
(Part 1 – Introduction)
Lifting the Veil of Deception

The official version of human history is a construct of lies.

We are in a state of collective amnesia.

Let’s free ourselves from the artificial matrix that has been imposed on us.

Video - click image

Stolen History of the World
(Part 2)
Destruction of the old World

Video - click image

Stolen History of the World
(Part 3)
The Mystery of the World Fairs

click image for video


Heaven Bearers

a novel
created around the fabled
Great Reset of 1834
and the Mud Flood’

Janine Helene

The Great Reset of 1834 and The Mud Flood
Stolen History Resources

Heaven Bearers Great Reset Flood

Having a curious mind is a wonderful thing.

You can see the world differently to others, at least with regards to certain aspects.

I followed the path followed by most, went to University, got my degree and went to work at a respectable firm.

In the meantime, YouTube started to boom in popularity.

The internet is a both a blessing and a curse.

You can find anything and everything on it, but it can also lead you down some very weird paths.

My family is from Europe and I visit every couple of years.

I remember walking around the town square of a big city and I was admiring the magnificent buildings all around me.

I noticed some had very big doors while others had windows that were semi submerged into the ground.

I found it odd at the time, but I am no expert in anything relating to construction, so I didn’t give it much more thought.

I continued to enjoy the different buildings, their details, the workmanship and their size. Especially their size.

I noticed that the buildings were almost the same all over Europe.

Sure, some had different building styles but a lot seemed to be built by the same type of people.

There were even similar buildings in Australia and in Africa.

What struck me most was that buildings all over the world had sunken windows and massive doors and I found the details on the ceilings or on the roofs over the top.

It was beautiful, but was it necessary?

I thought about what it costs to build the average three building house in a medium-sized city.

I couldn’t even begin to wonder what it must cost to build these buildings especially in cities in America.

People arrived as immigrants and built up a life there, working hard and not having much.

Who paid for some of these magnificent buildings and why spend so much on them in the first place?

During high school I attended an exchange programme with a German school in Reutlingen and we were taken to the Cologne Cathedral.

Wow, this building was massive.

I couldn’t believe that people, with less technology than what we have currently, were able to build something so big and intricate.

There is perfect symmetry everywhere.

Every stone or brick was cut with precision and I wondered how these more “primitive people” managed to lift these heavy blocks of the different types of material up so high.

Was this even possible?

Standing down below and looking up my logic told me it wasn’t.

They didn’t have cranes and the material would just be too heavy.

I had many questions that were left unanswered and it bothered me.

But not enough to sit down and spend hours researching it.

I also found it interesting that we couldn’t replicate those buildings but more so that we didn’t want to.

We, as a modern society, preferred to build less appealing glass buildings sometimes with very weird architecture that we classed them as “modern”.

Truth is they are completely out of place and don’t belong in some of these city squares.

These modern building, no matter how big or expensive they are, could never compare to the beauty and workmanship of the older buildings.

Not even a little bit.

At least, in my opinion, and those of friends and family.

Years passed by and I still wondered about these anomalies here and there, but I put no effort into my curiosity.

And then one day I stumbled upon a video on YouTube.

It was about interesting rock formations.

I watched it briefly and another video caught my eye, it was “recommended” and so I gave it a try.

It was long and one of three parts.

It was all about odd photos from the 1800’s and the narrator had an interesting accent that really caught my attention.

He displayed photos from many of the different cities in Europe showing these immaculate buildings.

But what was strikingly odd was that there were hardly any people around in all of the photos.

There would be a person here and there but city squares were empty and seemed deserted.

I scrolled down to the comment section and noticed there were many people talking about something that happened, rather about something that they think happened and that no one talks about.

They call it the mud flood.

I have heard about Noah and the flood, but never of a mud flood.

It piqued my interest and I watched all three of the videos in a single sitting.

There were pictures depicting what looked like mud being cleared away from buildings and there were some odd piles of sand or mud, but the pictures were old and I couldn’t quite make out anything specific.

It would all be assumption on my part and so I kept digging.

I noticed there were other old photographs of buildings that were “dug out”.

Yes, I couldn’t believe my eyes, but there were buildings that extended many metres into the ground and they had been “modified”.

Entrance doors has been added to them or windows has been turned into doors even though the original entrances were way below, in the ground.

Fascinating I thought.

But perhaps this was all just a coincidence and this happened to one building and only in one city.

Further research revealed it was not coincidence and there were many buildings that extended into the ground.

A simple Google search of the “mud flood” revealed buildings all across the world that extended into the ground and it finally made sense why some windows were semi-submerged.

The architects would, surely, not have built like that without a good reason and what reason did they have?

I couldn’t think of one, neither could I find one.

The theory of a mud flood began to make sense.

There were plenty examples and although I can’t know for sure if something such as a mud flood happened it was evident that the buildings were a lot bigger, higher rather, than what the average personal realised or could see from the ground level.

I implore you to google it some time, then you can understand what I mean.

A simple search term such as “mud flood” will yield many results.

Photos of renovations of the Capital building in the USA will appear, a row of buildings in France and even some in Russia, among many others.

Take a look at Salt Lake City, what about the Parliament building in Budapest?

Take a few minutes out of your day and really look at them.

Whether there is some truth to the mud flood or not, the photos definitely are very interesting to look at. I was pretty convinced by the mud flood theory, I had to admit.

I even warmed up to the idea of a so-called societal reset of some kind.

The theory goes that whole cities of people disappeared or died and new people were introduced.

They didn’t know what the different buildings were used for, so they gave them a purpose – i.e. they didn’t build the buildings, they inherited them.

Sounds crazy, I know. I found information on some of the weirdest things.

Look at any old map and you will notice a place called “Tartaria” situated near Russia.

The same name is on all the old maps, which means this place did exist at some point in the past.

I, however, had never heard about it, nor was I taught anything about it in school.

Weird right?

No, it gets weirder.

There were orphanage type homes, called foundling homes and they were filled with unwanted children.

There were many photos and in them were these creepy old men in suits.

Possibly another coincidence, I am not sure.

But and these children were then shipped all over the world, especially to the Americas which became their new homes.

There were photos of many people, with no children and vice versa.

Then there were the “Electric Parks” in America, that were some kind of Amusement Park, which strangely enough had babies in incubators as an attraction.

People paid a couple of cents to view these babies and it seemed to be a very exciting attraction with the way this was advertised.

Very weird, I thought.

I don’t think I’d want to pay to see that at all.

But that is just me, I guess. Weirder still, in the photos of the “Electric Parks” there were never children, at least none that I could see.

Where are all the children?

In the Foundling Homes perhaps?

Star Forts (bastion forts) were another topic I found interesting.

They are in almost every country, all over the world and are always built near the water.

Their function was explained away to modern society as a type of fort where canons were stationed and they were used to fight off any approaching enemy.

Does make sense, but also it doesn’t.

There are thousands of them, they all have a similar shape, but they are not all built the same.

The sizes and styles differ, but they all seem to be based on the same concept.

Then the kicker, the Statue of Liberty, currently found on Liberty Island in the New York Harbour.

Take a look at the shape of it.

It is a star fort.

My mind was blown.

Most of all I wondered why?

What was it used for, really used for, and why put a statue on it? There are even whole towns built on star forts in the Netherlands and Belgium, among other places.

It isn’t noticeable from the ground but a bird’s eye view is a magical thing.

I found the topic of the mud flood and the missing “Tartaria” fascinating and with my active imagination, I decided to turn it into a fictional story.

And although this story, including the characters, are completely fictional there are some truths, rather gaps in our history and the official narrative, which does leave some unanswered questions.

Does the mud flood topic interest you?

Write me an email:


visit my blog  

or follow me on instagram @authorjaninehelene

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