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“Let me tell you why you’re here…

You’re here because you know something.

What you know you can’t explain,
but you feel it.

You felt it your entire life
that there’s something very wrong with the world.

You don’t know what it is—but it’s there,
like a splinter in your mind,
driving you mad…”.

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We continue from the last Tartaria Explained and cover the connection between Orphanages and Asylums.

Who are the Odd fellows?

Why was their whole purpose to “Educate The Orphan” and why are they not as well known as their freemason brothers?

Is the IOOF the remnant of a secret occult order with the task of repopulating recently conquered old-world cities?

In the modern-day, most IOOF members have no idea of this hidden past and believe the organization simply strives for friendship, love, and truth.

We also take a look at some old photos of many popular US cities that seem to show the streets completely empty.

Source: Mind Unveiled


where did they come from?
where did they go to?

Why was they necessary?

What happened?

How do you know
what this year this is?

Why is it your
great-great grandparents

(go on! – try finding history about them)

Everything we’ve been taught
about our history is a lie.

Until we, as a species, community,
population of Earth
know the truth about our past
we can never have a future.

We’ve been lied to for hundreds of years

Maybe it’s time we demanded some answers.

Probably, we’re not going to get them. Those that lie to us are very well practiced and they’re not going to give up the truth without a fight.

We’ll need to find the answers ourselves.

But rest assured, as with all lies, the truth will eventually be made known.  Their deceit and lying is coming more apparent and more and more people are becoming ‘awake’ to it.

Truth is the only thing that can stand the test of time.

You have to decide for yourself what side of the fence you want to sit on but, that you’re reading this at all, probably  demonstrates your preference.

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Orphan Trains: Americans
Sent Children Away for Slave Work

The supposed foster care was a form of slavery

As many rural immigrants also flocked to New York, children had their competition in the job market. Affluent families started hiring local migrants as servants instead of children because these adults desperately accepted cheap labour.

Consequently, it pushed children to live and work on whatever jobs they could find on the street.

Some of them were as young as three years old.

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The Orphan Trains

Murder by Decree
Kevin Annett

Murder by decree

In Memory To the many tens of thousands of children who died while in the internment and death camps falsely called “Indian residential schools”;

To those men and women who have fought against impossible odds to recover the memory of those children and the truth of how they died, and bring to justice who and what is responsible;

And to those who suffer and die today at the hands of the same criminal system. “Earth, cover not their blood” And in Acknowledgment Of the heroic efforts of three ground breaking citizen-based Inquiries into Genocide in Canada:

The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada (1998), The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (2005) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (2010); and of Rev. Kevin D. Annett, who has fathered and led these movements from the beginning at enormous personal risk and sacrifice. What Canada and all survivors owe to him is incalculable.

Queen Elizabeth II
monster bloodline

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Where are the Kamloops children?

Book Link: Unrepentant

Kevin Annett’s book – Unrepentant