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From the 2006 UN Council meeting
presentation on chemtrails

This is one of the hardest videos to find.
It has been removed everywhere
about chemtrails and what they do.

Clearly, chemtrails have been used on us for years
with the knowledge and support of the UN!

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Former FBI chief
Ted Gunderson says
chemtrail death dumps
must be stopped

Former FBI Chief, Ted L. Gunderson,
makes a statement regarding the
chemtrail “death dumps”,
otherwise know as air crap,
on January 12, 2011.

Ted says the following:

“The death dumps, otherwise known as chemical trails, are being dropped and sprayed throughout the United States and England, Scotland, Ireland, and Northern Europe.

I have personally seen them not only in the United States, but in Mexico and in Canada.

Birds are dying around the world.

Fish are dying by the hundreds of thousands around the world.

This is genocide.

This is poison.

This is murder by the United Nations.

This element within our society that is doing this must be stopped.

I happen to know of two of the locations where the airplanes are that dump this crap on us.

Four of the planes are out of the Air National Guard in Lincoln, Nebraska.

And, the other planes are out of Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

I personally have observed the planes that were standing still in Nebraska – Lincoln, Nebraska – at the Air National Guard.

They have no markings on them.

They are huge, bomber-like airplanes with no markings.

This is a crime: a crime against humanity, a crime against America, a crime against the citizens of this great country.

They must be stopped.


This has an affect on their population, and their people, and their friends, and their relatives, and themselves.

What’s wrong with them?

What’s wrong with the pilots who are flying these airplanes and dumping this crap, this poison, on their own families?

Somebody has to do something about it.

Somebody in Congress has to step forward and stop it now.

For more details, visit

For more details visit :

Yes he is real :

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light plane expose’

And we all thought
chemtrails was dispersed
by huge tanker planes.

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geoengineering projects
a “conspiracy theory,”
are now expanding globally
right out in the open

What was once just a “conspiracy theory” or “internet myth” confined to the fringes of society is now becoming official policy to keep the planet from “warming” or “boiling.”

We are talking about chemtrails and other forms of geoengineering, which those who propagate such things used to deny before eventually admitting that, yes, there are attempts being made to alter the function of the natural order to stop “climate change.”

Concepts like “dumping chemicals in the ocean” and “injecting reflective particles in the sky” are making headlines in prominent media outlets that once denied the existence of such things.

Because of the alleged “climate crisis,” deranged scientists are coming up with bizarre ideas like blocking out the sun with poison, which they claim will protect Earth from melting.

(Related: Last summer, Mexico banned chemtrails and geoengineering after an American startup firm tried to block out the sun with chemicals in Baja California Sur.)

Cloud brightening,
atmospheric chemicals,
dyed oceans

Just the other day, the Wall Street Journal reported on some of these newfangled projects, claiming that they stand to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions” at a much faster rate than existing technologies.

In order to stop “scary” things like heat waves, thunderstorms and floods, the climate industry is rushing to change the way clouds work and alter the pH levels of the ocean, among other large-scale planetary endeavors.

They still want everyone to stop eating meat and drive electric vehicles (EVs), of course, but those interventions are simply not enough to reach the “carbon-free economy” that they want to see take full shape by the year 2030.

One of the newest projects going on right now involves blasting a brine mixture into the sky to create larger, brighter clouds to reflect sunlight back into space.

This project is taking place at Southern Cross University in Australia with funding from the government, other universities and various conservation organizations.

Across the world in Israel, a startup called Stardust Solutions is spending $15 million in private funding to blast reflective particles into the sky at high altitudes to try to reduce solar radiation.

In the “next few months,” tests using the proprietary chemical blend will move from an indoor testing facility to the actual outdoors.

In the United States at Martha’s Vineyard, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute is planning to dump thousands of gallons of sodium hydroxide dyed with chemical colorings into the ocean to create a so-called “carbon sink” to draw carbon dioxide (CO2) out of the atmosphere and into the water.

Then there was the infamous “Make Sunsets” geoengineering effort in California that eventually made its way down to Mexico, prompting widespread criticism and outrage because of the sulfur and other harmful chemicals that were released into the atmosphere.

The climate cult is finally starting to admit that its efforts to reduce carbon are not working, so this is why they are shifting to more extreme measures like trying to block out the sun and recreate atmospheric gas concentrations and ratios to “fix” whatever they think is wrong with the climate.

Over at the United Nations (UN), there is also growing talk that the age of “global warming” has actually ended, and now the world is shifting into a period of “global cooling.”

“All of this is a clear sign that the ‘climate crisis,’ or rather the ‘climate crisis’ narrative, is entering a dangerous new phase,” warns the National Pulse.

“Rational thinking increasingly leads to alarmism and, ultimately, hysteria about impending doom.

Under such conditions, the most unreasonable and ill-considered responses will seem reasonable and appropriate.”

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In 1993, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the US military, and the University of Alaska created the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, otherwise known as HAARP.

Since then, numerous conspiracy theories have sprung up surrounding the mysterious project, everything from satellites that can cause earthquakes to huge transmitters that can create tornadoes and tsunamis.

However, what most people don’t know is that there actually was documented project during the Vietnam War—decades before the creation of HAARP.

Operation Popeye was an five-year project in which the US government used the age-old technique of to increase precipitation during the rainy seasons over North Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh Trail in order to disrupt the NVA’s moving of vehicles, weapons, and rations across the trail.

Operation Popeye

The general idea of cloud seeding is to send an airborne object, typically an airplane, flying through a cloud while releasing small particulates that give water vapor something to cling to so that it can condense and become rain.

What’s scary about this is if the military has done it in the past (and given the length of the operation, it must have been at least partly successful), what’s to stop them from doing it again?

click image for video

Dane Wigington
Geoengineering, Chemtrails
& The Australian Weather

Dane Wigington of joins us to discuss how governments are poisoning us through our skies, engaging in weather warfare and manufacturing a climate crisis, with a particular focus on what is happening in Australia.

Video - click image


When this lady speaks
it’s a good idea to listen

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Chemtrails and their Purpose
Project Cloverleaf
The Science Behind it

It involves the combination of chemtrails for creating an atmosphere that will support electromagnetic waves, ground-based, electromagnetic field oscillators called gyrotrons, and ionospheric heaters.

Particulates make directed energy weapons work better.

It has to do with “steady state” and particle density for plasma beam propagation.

They spray barium powders and let it photo-ionize from the ultraviolet light of the sun.

Then, they make an aluminum-plasma generated by “zapping” the metal cations that are in the spray with either electromagnetics from HAARP, the gyrotron system on the ground [Ground Wave Emergency Network], or space-based lasers.

The barium makes the aluminum-plasma more particulate dense.

This means they can make a denser plasma than they normally could from just ionizing the atmosphere or the air.

More density [more particles] means that these particles which are colliding into each other will become more charged because there are more of them present to collide.

What are they ultimately trying to do up there — is create charged-particle, plasma beam weapons.

Chemtrails are the medium – GWEN pulse radars, the various HAARPs, and space-based lasers are the method, or more simply:
Chemtrails are the medium — directed energy is the method. Spray and Zap.

This system appears to be in Russia, Canada, the United States, and all of Europe. Exotic weapons can be mobile, stationary, land-based, aerial, or satellite.

It is an offensive and defensive system against EM attacks and missiles.

It uses ionospheric particle shells as defence mechanisms [like a bug-zapper shell]* against missiles and EM attacks.

That means they spray and then pump up the spray with electromagnetics.

When these shells are created using the oscillating, electromagnetic, gyrotron stations, it “excludes” and displaces the background magnetic field.

These shells can be layered one above another in a canopy fashion for extra protection from missiles.

The chemtrail sprays have various elements in them like carbon which can used to absorb microwaves.

Some of these sprays have metal flakes in them that make aerial craft invisible to radar.

Spoofer sprays.

Sprays like these can be used to create colorful, magnetized plasmas to cloak fighter jets.

There are satellite weapons involved.

Activists are using meters and are getting readings of microwaves, x-rays, and some other kind of emission that they are not sure of, maybe a low-intensity laser.

They are also photographing gas plasma generation due to the heating of chemtrails by electromagnetics.

The technical names for vertical and horizontal plasma columns are columnar focal lenses and horizontal drift plasma antennas.

Various size of gas plasma orbs are associated with this technology.

These orbs can be used as transmitters and receivers because they have great, refractory and optical properties.

They also are capable of transmitting digital or analog sound. Barium, in fact, is very refractive — more refractive than glass.

What does that mean?

Our country has a history of experimenting on its citizens.

We are talking about satellite charged-particle frequency weapons attacking a person 24 hours a day.

Psychotronic weapons are considered weapons of mass destruction by the U.N.

HAARPs can create earthquakes and can also x-ray the earth to find underground military bases, gold, or oil reserves.

These ionospheric heaters can also operate as an over-the-horizon or under-the-ocean communications system.

This system can control the weather or create disasters.

Taken together with the aurora keyhole through-your-roof satellite surveillance system, Echelon electronic computer/phone sweeps, plasma-cloaked DOD Drug War helicopters and stealths, implants, and cameras on the street, it constitutes one, big global and space control grid.

These weapons involve beams.

Two beams overlapped will couple into a particle-ion beam that will bounce off of a remote target and send a holographic image back to the satellite for remote spying operations.

When you cross two strong beams, you can supposedly* create scalar energies.

These energies can be used as untraceable weapons for nuclear size explosions or for defence.

These crossed-energies can be used to cause a person’s physical electrical system to fail or with a lower frequency, administer a kind of remote electro-shock.

Visualize touching a positive and negative electric cable to each other on top of your head.

Scalar energies can be utilized in hand-held military guns and on tanks.

They can dud-out electronics or cause large, electrical blackouts.

Scalar energies are practically impossible to shield against.

You need lead, ceramics, and a deep underground facility to not be affected by these weapons.

Or, you need to be up and above the field of battle.

Video - click image

The Dimming is pleased to announce the release of our ground-breaking documentary that conclusively exposes the existence of global weather intervention operations.

Global weather engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told.

Who is responsible for carrying out these programs?

What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed?

THE DIMMING documentary will provide answers to these questions and many more.

This is the most complete documentary regarding climate engineering operations.

Thank you for viewing and for notifying others of The Dimming film release.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count.

Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard.

Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

Dane Wigington

  AMG NEWS Article

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The trusted Military website DEAGEL.COM is forecasting a huge Depopulation of the earth by 2025. This agenda has already begun as everyone can plainly see.

This was all planned out long ago by the elite class of billionaires led by George Soros, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, Rothchild Family and more.

With all the corruption taking place in the Biden government, Intel is now being leaked that his days are numbered.

Thousands of migrant refugees are now being allowed to cross over the border into Texas and with all this talk of Pandemic and disease, not many people are too happy about this policy not to mention his other insane moves along with his own health problems.

Video HERE:

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We are already in the “Pre-Build-Out phase”. This Smart Dust enhanced Neural Lace is already inside of all of us now… It isn’t coming as Elon Musk has been saying, it is already here and growing inside our bodies now…

What is the Transhuman Control Matrix? Well if you have been following this blog for any length of time then you will know that I have published several articles on this topic, including articles about Chemtrails such as my latest article titled “Chemtrails – What Are They Really | Full Spectrum Dominance“.

In this article I am going to explain to you what the end goal is with regard to the Chemtrail spraying campaign in our skies and how that relates to Morgellons Syndrome (AKA Morgellons Disease) and Elon Musk’s pet term “Neural Lace”.

Recently on March 2, 2017 a gentleman by the name of Ulf Diestelmann from Canada published his findings of an investigation he performed with a friend of his where they tested samples from the environment around his ranch and also samples of his own skin for signs of what is falling on us out of the skies.

What they discovered or rather exposed, will shock many people reading this to their very core.

I used his footage (with his permission of course) in my latest video which is posted below to help explain what is happening and I will also include a direct link to his video in the section below this article labeled “Source Information Links”.

Video - click image


Planet Earth is under an all out
weather warfare assault.

In this video, Dane Wigington gives another presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering, declaring that “there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER due to the massive global climate engineering.”

The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness.

The debate over whether geoengineering programs are going on is now a moot point. We have more than enough data to confirm it. We have actual footage showing tankers spraying. The materials showing up on the ground are exactly the same materials mentioned in the numerous geoengineering patents and documents. Visit our website for a list of these government patents and documents.

Our skies today are simply not normal. Upon examination this cannot be denied. They are filled with nanoparticulates of heavy metals. But the skies have been filled with grid patterns for so long now that we are used to them and do not see them anymore. Sadly, the fact is that people do not look up.

To be clear, what we are seeing is not cloud seeding to increase rainfall. These particulates are designed to block the sun and move the jet stream. Dane explains how this is causing the drought and deluge being experienced around the globe.

Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to geoengineering scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally tearing the planet apart and destroying life on earth.

Dane reports, among other things, on:

• Geoengineering related climate disruptions, extreme drought and deluge
• Methane release
• Drastic reduction in arctic sea ice
• Global oxygen content reductions
• Oceans on the brink of collapse
• Massive fish die offs
• 200 species becoming extinct every single day
• A drastic rise in Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia
• Crisis level forest reductions
• The sterilization of soils making it impossible for plants to grow without Monsanto’s aluminum resistant seeds

Dane Wigington presents hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of your own at their website —, and share this information far and wide.

Video - click image


This video reveals who the people and organizations are that are behind the research and development of the deadly chemicals inserted into chemtrails, including MORGELLON’S DISEASE.

Video - click image


As many of us now know, a vast amount of airplanes are currently spraying most of the Earth’s population with aluminum, barium, strontium, etc. Less discussed components of the spray programs include lab-created synthetic life-forms and other biological materials such as red blood cells, fungus, and self-replicating nano-fibers (Morgellons).

Massive and diverse geo-engineering operations are indeed occurring.

Video - click image


Video - click image

Evergreen Air is a CIA front company
for chemtrail operations …

… within the US, based out of Marana Air Park near Tucson Arizona and McMinville Oregon, near Portland.

A major missing piece of a grand conspiracy has been targeted by a drunk pilot. In a small town 30 miles east of the Pacific Ocean in Oregon is the center of a major global operation.

Chemtrails –
Australia is not left out

MASSIVE government conspiracy deceives
the whole human species

original post at

For those who know the obvious, can there be any greater government conspiracy than the one which covers up the skies around the entire world?

Chemtrails do just that.

That’s why they’re “The BIGGEST cover up of all time”.

The governments of the world allow the relentless laying down of chemtrails, which cover up the sky everywhere they are sprayed, and then they outright lie to the unsuspecting public by saying they are just normal contrails! This is their MO, and they somehow get away with it because of their coordinated collusion with the mainstream media (MSM)

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

Can you imagine that there are now FAA-established flight patterns which have multiple airliners flying in circles leaving their jet exhaust behind like some teenager doing ‘donuts and wheelies’ on his motorcycle in the empty school parking lot?!

In other words they would have us believe that the following photo is merely a snapshot of everyday contrail activity.

They would also have us believe that the picture below has captured regular contrails being ejected by your average passenger jets?!

Even when the location is no where near a major airport … or any airport for that matter.

Are the masses of people really that addicted to deception?

Just how long will the people of the world allow their governments to deceive them with such transparent falsehoods? Especially when the conspiracy concerns the unrelenting and pervasive blocking of vital and necessary sun rays worldwide.

Who among us is not adversely affected by such an ill-conceived and misguided geo-engineering program?

Is there a farmer anywhere who would not want to know that their skies overhead were being permeated with chemicals which are intended to block the sun? They refer to this technique as Solar Radiation Management. By the way some of those chemicals falling back down to earth are downright toxic? What is a certified organic farmer to do with such an impossible predicament?



How about the weathermen and weather-women?

How long will they be permitted to present predictably inaccurate weather forecasts to their audiences. How can they possibly predict the weather in light of the obvious and massive impacts that chemtrails have on the local weather patterns across the planet? How much other human activity depends on accurate weather prediction for both safety and health reasons?

This list of those individuals and institutions who are negatively affected by the global chemtrail program is, of course, extremely long if not endless. The sun, after all, influences the planetary biosphere more than any thing else. Trying to control the primary forces of the sun is not only the height of folly; it is also guaranteed to backfire like so many other harebrained schemes that have been hatched within the antiquated and fundamentally flawed scientific paradigms still in use today.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to easily understand that the incessant spraying of chemtrails, like the one pictured below, will ultimately produce catastrophic unintended consequences, collateral damage and toxic side effects, often when, where and how they’re least expected.

The ongoing conspiracy of silence is as deafening as the conspiracy of deception is overwhelming in scope, reckless in its implementation, and shocking for its complete lack of conscience and intellectual integrity.

Now is the time to ask ourselves as a civilization the following critical question. Have we arrived at a point where we will allow government officials, university professors, research scientists, think tank experts, and many others such as the entire mainstream media (MSM) to knowingly and deliberately lie to the national populations around the world about chemtrails. Here’s a perfect example of MSM running major interference:

MIT – Using Aerosol Injections for Geoengineering » MIT – Using Aerosol Injections for Geoengineering |

Their purposeful deceit and transparent lies increase by the day concerning avery aspect of geo-engineering because so many are waking up (read “looking up”) by the day. How can we as a human race continue to accept the multifarious harmful consequences occurring all over the planet 24/7.

Are we to remain content just going along with the official lie?

Here is a very recent dialogue on the Colbert Report which brings into sharp relief the degree of deception which is routinely utilized in the promotion of geo-engineering by way of chemtrails. Be sure to watch and listen for both sides of the chemtrail clown act in this video, particularly where it concerns the deliberate and thorough obfuscation of the core chemtrail issues.

An “Open-and-Shut Case” Against David Keith and Kenneth Caldiera

That was David Keith in the video, a Harvard-educated, -trained, -sponsored, and -funded scientist who is considered one of the philosophical heavyweights of the current and predominant school of geo-engineering. As chief protagonist for global chem-trailing, he has knowingly misrepresented the geo-engineering program as much as any person alive on the planet. In the words of one fiercely anti-geoengineering advocate, “David Keith is the devil himself, especially where it concerns the aggressive promotion of such an inherently destructive geo-engineering disaster”.

The same environmental advocate has also pointed out that “if it is true that the devil is in the details, then Keith is as fast and furious as they come where it concerns omitting and mis-stating the facts”.

Should the reader question this assertion, please feel free to review the previous YouTube video. The categorical evidence of making so many false statements is enough to convict David Keith as a primary co-conspirator in this ongoing plot to deceive the entire world.

Click on this YouTube video to watch a “lecture by scientist David Keith (Harvard University) on the use of aluminium aerosols for atmospheric geoengineering to combat global warming.”

The only way to effectively reveal the coverup and unravel the conspiracy is to expose the primary suspects. By their own words they shall be revealed. David Keith is only one of many who ought to be held to account for denying the existence of chemtrails in the recent past.

Other perpetrators, such as Ken Caldiera, also serve to bring their polished credibility and institutional prowess to the table of public discourse. However, up until now, a great majority of folks have simply bowed down to them as though they are the final authorities on all things having to do with geo-engineering.

We are all frogs in the boiling water, and chemtrails only turn up the heat.

Such blind acquiescence and ignorant cheerleading by the establishment and MSM is precisely what has created our current global stew pot. That global warming is a reality of our times is now indisputable; even so, they just keep turning up the heat so as to ensure that the worsening planetary predicament will continue to only get worse.

“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a critical level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the current civilization will relinquish its right to continue as it is.”
~ Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Clearly, the planetary civilization has come to a major milestone. It will either continue down the road to weather Armageddon as we have ALL witnessed and/or experienced first hand over the past twenty plus years. Or, we can shake off the misplaced allegiance which so many blindly display for the current scientific paradigms. Just because Harvard and Stanford provide the academic and research platforms for such shockingly ill thought out geo-engineering schemes, doesn’t mean they possess an ounce of intellectual integrity.

In fact, so beholden are these ‘venerable’ institutions to the corporate interests who are actually behind worldwide chemtrailing, that they must now be viewed with great scepticism and justifiable derision. How else are the billions of other residents around the world to take back their home planet? These heretofore self-proclaimed experts must be outed for using the perilously bad science and untested technology which they carelessly put to work everywhere they want to.

Foul the air and the entire biosphere will degrade to a point of extremely low quality of life for every living inhabitant.

Furthermore, the entire human race risks pushing the planet beyond critical thresholds which just might exceed dire points of no return regarding key scientific parameters concerning human health and the medical markers which now serve as the norm.

Were certain triggers to be pulled, the entire global environment could be sent into a downward spiral which might be irreversible. Mutually reinforcing negative feedback loops have a tendency toward producing these kinds of planet-wide phenomena, so this word to the wise comes at an exceedingly crucial time in human history.

Mind you, we are talking about what is potentially the greatest unintended consequences to Earth’s environment ever seen or imagined.

AWESOME Earth Changes Coming Around The Corner – Can we avert them?

So, one of the most significant questions is: Do we really trust the CIA (see photo below) to implement a global weather modification program with any degree of integrity, or transparency?

Can the US Department of Defence or DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency or DIA (Defence Intelligence Agency) ever be counted on to make decisions that are based on sound (really sound) science or taken in the best interest of the citizenry. These are war-making entities whose purpose it is to execute military operations and battle plans against enemies near and far.

In those bellicose undertakings, truth is always the first and greatest casualty. It has always been that way, and it will always be.

The US Government Commits Chemical Assault Against Its Citizen With Chemtrails

In light of these grim realities, We the People have before us an unprecedented societal imperative, as well as unparalleled national necessity. If ever there was a serious need for a global grassroots movement to shut down an undisclosed, unapproved, black-budgeted, government-sponsored, worldwide, weather modification program that essentially poisons the skies of the world, sky chem-trailing is it. Every person who looks up to the sky and sees the horrific coverup of chemtrails is surely responsible to do their part.

Therefore, all people of good will ought to be enlisted to do whatever they can to immediately terminate the extremely inferior and dangerous form of geo-engineering known as chemtrails.

They must be stopped once and for all — by all means necessary — wherever and whenever they manifest around the globe.

Should the current generation fail to respond to this call, and do so with all deliberate speed, the viability of Planet Earth will continue to hang in the balance.

Truly, humankind ignores omnipresent atmospheric engineering at its peril. The livelihood of all future generations has been placed at great risk. It would seem that those of us who know the truth have the duty to right the course for all of those who have yet to be born on this beautiful blue orb.


Taking A Stand Against The Unrelenting Chemtrail Assault | The Chemtrails Must STOP !

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: December 14, 2013

Proof Australia is being
blanketed with Chemtrails

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