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Subliminal Messaging

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Pushing back
against the evil

26 Oct 2023

Yes, we have been poisoned and dumbed down,
but we are awakening to the scams and evil deeds,
and taking back control of our own incredible lives.

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Television is super-charged
Bread and Circuses

Mikael Hagenbo

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Google this number
US6506148 B2

and see what you get

No matter what the discussion says
or what you choose to believe,
the creatures who are paid to
design and patent these things
believe they’re on to something –

They don’t care about you
or your family in particular.

Remember this
every time you
turn on the TV in your house
to sit in front of yourself
or put your children
in front of one to just to
‘keep them occupied’.

  Here’s a link
Mind Manipulation:
How Credible Are the Claims
in the 6506148 B2 Patent?

Here’s another one

  Nervous system manipulation
by electromagnetic fields
from monitors
in the 6506148 B2 Patent?

This Draconian Slave Ship
matrix veil has cracked
we have reached the

The moment we have battled for has come to fruition, the MSM has been forced to expose themselves.

Their mask mandates and policies that have destroyed countless lives and forced many into third world living conditions.

Exposing in itself the system that was created to produce these outcomes.

As these policies reverse, they in Itself expose that the boosters and vaccines were never needed.

The Human body has absolutely zero need for vaccines.

They engineered the diseases, they know that Hydroxychloroquine is the CURE and the VACCINE.

Revealing the connections of Big Pharma and Governments, Media & Health Officials.

A system which puts the ROOT of all EVIL at the highest level.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫



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PROOF of how
the Main-Stream Media 
thinks it
you see – or don’t see.

Never let the truth spoil a good story

Rather than

it MAKES the news
or modifies or ignores it

to suit it’s agenda

You get to see what the media wants
regardless of whether it’s true or not.

Video - click image for video

Fake media
They’ve been doing it for years
and we fall for it.



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Patent US6506148B2
“Screen Control”

US Patent Number 6506148 B2
is an incredibly interesting,
yet terrifying invention which allows for
Electromagnetic manipulation
of the human nervous system
through common household screens.

Is it effective? Is it in use?
Or is it just manufactured hysteria
that cycles through social media
every few years.

TV – Hollywood
News Reports

Programming – Brainwashing

The Tavistock Institute
Dan Willis

1921 – The Tavistock Institute became the center for the study of human behaviour, mind control, propaganda, and social manipulation.

Created at Oxford in 1921 by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and is the center for the study of human behaviour, mind control, propaganda, and social manipulation.

Created in London, it spread overseas with the financial help of the Rockefeller Foundation. Its influence increased when it combined the study of anthropology, economy, organizations, politics, psychology, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, and sociology. In secret, Tavistock guides powerful multinationals such as the Rand Corporation. It is the nerve center for the global manipulation of human consciousness.

Tavistock played a future crucial role in the creation of the OSS (precursor to the CIA) under the guidance of Dr. Kurt Lewin, with the help from Allen Dulles (33° Freemason), the German Nazis and the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Under the direction of Kurt Lewin, who pioneered the concept of deprogramming an individual of their traditional beliefs through trauma to allow for reprogramming according to the controllers’ wishes. Tavistock was also the major force behind the formation of NATO and is deeply connected to the Club of Rome.

Tavistock portrays itself as a non-political/non-governmental organization, but this is simply not the case when you look at how deeply entrenched it is with governments and organizations connected to the government, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Today after 90 years of research,
one of Tavistock’s main discoveries concerns child sexuality.

This has a great influence on the development of personality.

Early sex stimulation they found produces adults whose emotional development is similar to that of a neurotic child. Their second discovery is related to fear and stress.

Tavistock researchers found out that people under controlled stress became more infantile and gave up strongly held beliefs under group pressure to conform to popular opinion.

This may explain why in the mainstream media there is so much violence, sex and fear-inducing messages. This turns people into scared, submissive children who try to evade the stress of daily life through emotional sublimation of television, radio, movies, and video games.

Kill and hurt humans programming

It is known that humans are impressionable and sometimes mimic what they see.

Does it really seem “normal” that so much of the images being broadcast through television and movies into the subconscious of millions of minds, showing humans killing and hurting other humans, that are delivered through the huge assortment of crime dramas and violent movies?

Having a bad day?
got an unhappy personal relationship?

Why not head off to a bar and get drunk.
Hey! – all the heroes do it.

You might even get an opportunity to get into a fight
with someone who pisses you off for no reason.

It won’t matter if you do – you’ll over over it by the next scene

Guess who owns the liquor manufacturing industry and all the breweries

In soap dramas having to do with relationships,
deception is a common theme.

Are we being programmed that this is the new “normal”?

You can see in the news “copycat crimes” and other situations of extreme violence that have been occurring with greater frequency in the news.

In China they have created an entire industry of removing the violence out of movies that come from the US, as they believe them to have an unhealthy effect on their society.

The influence of television can not be underestimated as the average American watches 153 hours of television a month.

The reality makers

Media expert Hal Becker once said:

“I know the secret of making the average American believe anything I want him to.

Just let me control television… You put something on the television and it becomes reality. If the world outside the TV set contradicts the images, people start trying to change the world to make it like the TV set images.”

Statistics from 1988, which I’m sure is mild compared to today,
showed that during one week of TV watching,
viewers witness 670 murders, 15 rapes, 848 fights,
419 shootings or explosions, 11 armed robberies,
8 suicides, 32 hostage takings, 27 torture scenes,
9 defenestrations, 13 strangulations, and 11 war scenes.

Tavistock hastened to study the effects of television
on human behaviour as early as the 1940’s .
Its researchers discovered that 30 seconds after
one starts watching TV, the brain automatically begins
to produce alpha waves, a modified state of consciousness.
The viewer goes into a trance-like mode,
a type of light hypnosis.
All their attention becomes concentrated on the screen,
while the rest of their environment is ignored.
In this semi-conscious state,
they become highly susceptible to
the messages contained in the programs.

Method of embedding suggestions
over high definition television

Today with HD-TV High Definition Digital Television which allows a far greater amount of information in order to transmit Silent Sound Spread Spectrum or SSSS.

This once secret Pentagon psychotronic technology has been operational since 1990. In 1991, it was used during the first Gulf War to manipulate Iraqi troops into surrendering en masse.

Like compliant children, 200,000 men came out of their desert bunkers and fell to their knees before approaching US troops.

The SSSS can be transmitted on both high definition digital television HD-TV or any digital streaming video which allows any person with a personal computer linked to the Internet to access and watch popular television programs.

This is available for free through companies such as Hulu. In this way, computer monitors and HD-TV screens broadcast SSSS and combine it with subliminally-pulsed images to bring about specific emotions and physical responses to all listeners or a selected type of DNA (Blacks, Orientals, women, etc.).

If a sample of a person’s DNA is obtained, it can even target selected individuals. Experimentation has shown that it is effective – with varying levels of efficiency – with about 85% of the population, while the remaining 15% seem to be immune to such mind control attempts.

You can see why some people say…

What we see on television and the realities created by the actors of entertainment, suggests to the subconscious mind possible realities.

Although the conscious mind negates unacceptable realities, the subconscious accepts all without judgement.

The power of suggestion should never be underestimated in how it can affect our lives.

It is important to know that each one of us is connected to a global collective consciousness, and that collectively we create an “agreed upon reality” that we experience.

Disturbing things that happen in the world continue as we give our consent for them to continue, as we are made to believe they are necessary and that there is no other option.

Know that these control elements of the mainstream media have invested greatly into psychologically “engineering consent” of the masses through the mainstream media to believe certain actions are necessary.

Therefore if you see anything in the media that you do not wish to give your consent to, instead evoke your personal power and authority and mentally and or vocally exclaim something to the effect that “I DO NOT CONSENT TO THAT”.

The more people do that, the less support for that reality in the collective consciousness all of us are connected to holographically share, and therefore the support for that reality in the collective is diminished.

Know that your thoughts and what you give consent to does count and makes a difference. Ref

Social Engineering



Big Tech companies such as Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TIkTok and much more curtail the “News” for YOU.

THEY all conspired to ENSLAVE the People Of The World with Nanotechnology/Graphene Oxide.

Each company has their nanotechnology programmed a certain way – Google will never show you the truth about George Soros on their search pages.

Twitter will never allow you to speak the TRUTH.

These BigTech companies all have one thing in mind, and it’s not for your benefit.

They’re a VIRUS inside The Matrix, keeping their POWERS over you.

The programming of these nanites can be described as the resistance in YOUR mind, It’s referred to as Cognitive Dissonance, the physical blocking of information.

These nanites interact with the environment it was programmed in, just as phones have turned people into robots responding to notifications. Remember the Antenna Gate from Apple?

Your ENERGY disrupted the connection, not their excuse of improper hand position.

BigTech actively attacked, blocked and removed any information regarding Hydroxychloroquine during the beginning of the “Pandemic.”

Why for a 99.98% (Q&R) survival rate?

For a virus that doesn’t exist? Governments can’t produce VIRUS data, they’re just activating the PROGRAMS in the nanotechnology to make you sick COVID-19 Is A Live Military Exercise.

Pedophiles Are The Virus.

The US Military, We’re The Vaccine.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

Mind Control

You should be aware that the most effective prisons are made of beliefs and not stone or steel.

The most effective mind-control tool on the planet today is television.

Those who control the television content can control your thoughts, your beliefs, your attitudes, and your expectations.

Television was invented as a method of control. Repetition is key to believing something is true. TV works on this principal.

It is structured in a repetitious way: Flashy INTRO, then SHOW/NEWS, flashy OUT, COMMERCIAL, REPEAT.

Within the commercials and TV programming (notice how they even call it programming) the same messages are repeated time and time again.

This is social engineering. “Illuminati” are able to dictate cultural norms and trends through TV repetition.

They appeal to your most base desires like sex and food so your mind is constantly in lust, never able to think for itself.

Nervous system manipulation
by electromagnetic fields from monitors:

US Patent: US6506148 –
Hacking into your mind using LCD screens


Children are most susceptible.

Monkey see monkey do.

The media has been becoming more and more sexually explicit over the years and their target audience keeps getting younger.

The sooner they can hook somebody, the deeper their agenda of mindlessness for the average citizen can drive into the brain, and the harder it is for the individual to undo the programming.

The mainstream media continuously feeds viewers fear-related stories.


Because when people live in fear they are much more easily mind manipulated and their behaviours controllable and predictable.

When people live in fear, they are much more likely to trade freedom for security.

TV commercials commonly show a group of friends living the fictitious life that many viewers would like to be living.

The actors have above average looks and strongly imply both financial and sexual success.

The overall goal of television is to produce a consumer mentality that is even more easily manipulated by the next artificially created crisis.

Television is like the fluoride in your toothpaste and in your drinking water, despite numerous studies that indicate that fluoride is a neurotoxin.

Presently, our collective, mass consciousness has been Poisoned.

Collectively, humanity is in deep suffering and cognitive dissonance because we are indoctrinated.

Conditioned into “believing” that somehow our behaviours, our systems of control (finance, government and religion) are necessary to prevent chaos.

Humanity has been led astray from the perfect KOSMOS that is inherent in the vast Universe.

For a comprehensive understanding as to how we, as individuals are responsible for the environment in which we live, simply by complying with the demands of those who call themselves “Authority”, and then learn real world “how to” METHODS how to take that power back into yourself.

We can not possibly, as an intelligent species, expect to manifest solutions to the suffering in the world if we continue operating on the same level of consciousness that created the problem.

What we need, to rectify the damage done, is to “become the change we wish to see in the world”.

This is accomplished, not by doing anything extra.

No, it is accomplished by Stopping the behaviours that facilitate the growing of the problem.

Saying No to immoral orders issued by people who wish to control us through fear.

Ever notice how the news is always bad? We are kept in a state of panic.

We then act with emotion instead of logic, and constantly look for comfort.

Many are in a perpetual state of adolescence, unable to think for themselves. They turn to the comfort of the digital family.

Digital dad who’s been right there in the living room with you every night will tell you what to think.

You’ve probably heard “consciousness gurus” tell you not to watch television.

Here’s why they say that.

Television is a phenomenal tool for mind control because it significantly influences and often dominates the mind of the viewer.

Words: Viewers listen to the thoughts, beliefs and verbal expressions of those whose voices are broadcast over television;

Sounds: Viewers hear sounds depicting actual sounds heard in the external world;

Pictures: Viewers see visual images and scenes from the real external world;

True stories: Viewers hear and see news stories and in-depth reports about actual events — events the likes of which they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives;

Dramatic Representations: Viewers see dramatic depictions of all kinds of things they would never consciously and intentionally welcome into their personal lives.

Commercials: Viewers hear and see thousands of brief messages intentionally designed to influence their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations, and to change their behavior.

Feelings: These words, sounds, pictures, and dramatic representations often generate strong feeling (internal emotions). This combination of words, sounds, pictures, and the high emotion they generate strongly influence the viewers.


First, we have to recognize that there does exist a problem.

Next, we have to make an accurate diagnosis of the causal factors that put the problem into effect.

Then we must take action to rectify the causes.

This is called the 3 step problem solving process.

In society today, and in the generations past, mankind has only been focusing on “symptoms”; the alleviation of arising symptoms.

We have not been striking at the root cause that put the problem into effect.

And for any student of history, anthropology, social science, or philosophy, an honest look into the methods by which Man has arrived to where we are at, one should notice it all boils around control and domination.

The concept of authority and whether or not it is a “natural” concept should become the question that we all ask ourselves.

Do we have any Right to cause harm to another sentient being?

Sadly, some people will say that we do.

They will also say that the “ends justify the means”.

Inherently however, when we listen to that small still voice inside called conscience, it is screaming that taking that action will burn us… but we do it anyway.

Is that called insanity or what?

The group of people who want to tout themselves as representatives of truth and “real news”, are in bed with the CIA, still mostly likely to this day.

It’s official in the 50, 60, and 70s through a long running Operation Mockingbird to pay heads of major media companies to influence the minds of the public as propagandists and gatekeepers for the establishment.

They manipulate data, twist and spin things to create narratives for people to accept about what is happening in reality.

With the use of CGI,
the entire entertainment industry
has been one stage after another.

Take a closer look at the previous shows on TV.

Using advanced technology to render faces using software specifically designed to create the perfect illusion.

That which you thought you saw on TV, was never real – it’s all been an entire X Files Season 10 scam to the American people.

Take a look, for a moment – and realize the deception ran deep.

After 1999, THEY used stages, scripts, artificial intelligence, CGI, doubles – anything to keep THEIR deception going.

Take a look at the motion of the hair movement, facial expressions, unnatural body movement – look closer upon the details and the entire charade falls apart.

My Fellow Americans, It’s Time To #StandUp and #FightBack.

There’s footage of 9/11 without the planes but with explosions, why?

Simple – layers that allow the video editor flexibility in their illusions.

As we initiate Phase IlI, the CGI Masks come off.

The Truth Is A Force Of Nature.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫

click image for video - Disney Demons

Disney Demons

The Disney topic is huge
and whole volumes of books
will one day be written about this.

Just be aware
what you see is not what you get.

Disney has been
messing with your mind forever

Best thing,
avoid all Disney products
from now on.

• The Disney Occult Deception: Walt Disney has accomplished some truly amazing feats when it comes to tricking people, seeming to provide thrilling yet wholesome entertainment while delivering witchcraft and Occult Mind Control right into their homes.

— Disney has been able to achieve this by skilfully creating characters, scenarios and plots carefully crafted to make people think along certain lines, using powerful subliminal messages, imagery and symbolism, from occult, witchcraft, pagan, Illuminati, Masonic, Sexual and other Satanic origin.

— The lines between good and evil are blurred and often good is made to appear subtly or overtly evil, boring or plain wrong, while evil is presented as good, or somehow interesting, fascinating, glamorous, exciting and desirable.

— It is quite well known that Walt Disney was not only a pedophile who liked little boys, but also a Satanist, some sort of male witch, a 33rd degree Freemason and member of the Illuminati.

To be a 33rd Degree Mason you were required to go through a Satanic rite in honour of Satan where you sexually abused and killed a child.


click image for video

The most evil place
on Earth (video)

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The ‘Agent Smith’ effect

Programming – Brainwashing

The Tavistock Institute


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