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Monica Smit
time EVERYONE sees
The Light

The only way we’re going
to get over this mess
is to wake up EVERYONE.

Despite our personal feelings about ‘normies’
who refuse to wake up to what’s
going on around them,
we need them to come on board.

They won’t do it until they’re forced to wake up.

Anything that speeds up that process
is OK in my book.

Get on board.
do your bit – so they’ll do their bit
when they eventually realise.

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EBS Update!
get ready for what Is coming…

  Medeea Greere – FULL Article link,
an independent publisher,
is now on Telegram at and exists
only on reader support as we publish
Truth, Freedom and Love for public awareness.

The ‘White Hats’ have been telling us for such a long time to prepare for an EBS.

And, if you listen to the ‘Truther’ or ‘Q’ channels it’s long overdue and almost about to happen.

The problem is,
they’ve been predicting the EBS
for about the last 2 years, at least.

Of-course, anyone listening to the mainstream mockingbird media has never heard that it’s coming, so we have to rely on Alternative News and sincere patriots to provide the information.

The ‘truthers’ rely on convincing us they get almost ‘secret’ information/intelligence coming from their own ‘trusted’ sources, usually in the military.

But, they haven’t
got anything right, yet!!

However, generally, there’s no ‘smoke-without-fire’. so to disregard this could be a mistaketoo.

What is the EBS?

It stands for Emergency Broadcast System.

This is where the ‘White Hats’, and the military, are pulling together to reveal to the world, what the evil tyrants are doing.

How forces we cannot see are harming and totally destroying life as we know it while keeping us in debt slavery.

And, on this, no-one can deny they are.

Those of us who comprehend a little of this say “Bring it on!”

The ‘EBS’ system is reputed to bypasses the ‘fake news’ and gets a message and instructions out to all citizens of the earth using military resources.

Is the ‘EBS’ really upon’ us as the alternative channels advise?

No-one knows.

In fact’s it’s not even clear where the notion of an ‘EBS’ came from in the first place.

The notion of an EBS started somewhere
about 2021 and has been a hot topic ever since.
Yet, there has been NO official confirmation
about ANY EBS or instructions to await one
– from ANY ‘official’ source –
only speculation from ‘truthers’
who are probably just passing on this notion
with high levels of ‘hopium’ –
just repeating what they’ve heard from others
and what they WANT to happen.

As the EBS is rumoured to be of
it’s unlikely there will EVER
be a warning to expect a broadcast

All these dates, some years-old, now are long past – yet the reports persist.

The suggestion here is …

If you choose to believe in the idea that an Emergency Broadcast System exists
and that it will be used to herald some kind of military action
to swiftly ‘clean up’ all the bad guys where you live then by all means
hold the thought – but the suggestion here is don’t be making ANY non-reversible
decisions about anything relying on it’s authenticity.

Years after the first ‘prediction’ there’s been no inkling of any military emergency action

anywhere in the world, other than to quell riots in some countries.

Even if it turns out to be true –
militaries are not renowned for
advertising in advance what their
intended actions are going to be.

Despite what they tell you,
no one will know in advance
despite how good they
reckon their ‘sources’ are.

Don’t be holding your breath waiting for an
EBS to happen where you are.
You might turn blue and die.

Updated August 2023


The Sound of Freedom
is produced by the same people
who run the business

Here's  a 4-part research into
Tim Ballard
and the organizations that
surround him and his partners.
Click image for link


Marina Abromovich,
Tony Podesta,
the Cartel,
CIA, Celebrities
and much more.
Click image for link


The Rosary,
Legionaries of Christ,
the Cartel,
and the Mossad Connection
Click image for link


CIA, Playboy, Rizvi,
Children Villages,
Queen Noor of Jordan,
Rothschilds, Ukraine,
and the Seven Rays of Light
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Exposing the Sound of Freedom Hoax
O.U.R. Operation Underground Railroad

Jul 27, 2023
Lynn Kenneth Packer

The mega-hit movie Sound of Freedom may carry the tagline “Based on a True Story,” but its primary plotline is pure fiction.

The film portrays Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), as a Rambo-like hero who ventures deep into a Colombian jungle to rescue a kidnapped child sex slave.

Finally, after years of trying, Ballard managed to get his Big Lie on the Big Screen and stands to make millions of dollars in the process.

My report reveals that Ballard began telling versions of his brother and sister rescue story more than a decade ago; no two versions alike.

The version that made it into theaters is about a boy and his sister being kidnapped in Honduras, the girl sold to a Colombian drug lord as a sex toy and the boy freed after his abductor tried to smuggle him into the United States through Mexico.

Other versions have the kidnapping occurring in Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Even though officers for Utah’s Angel Studios, which distributes the feature film to theaters, heard allegations that Ballard is a fraud, they proceeded with marketing the movie anyway.

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WEF caught
paying arsonists
to ‘burn down the world’
as part of
sick depopulation plan

September 2023

Far-left arsonists are engaged in
a globalist plot to “burn down the world”
according to a WEF insider
who warns that humanity has been primed
to fall for the globalist elite’s three-card trick.

The global elite laid the groundwork with the covid pandemic, training the masses to be compliant, while pre-programming them with years of climate change propaganda in the media.

As far as they are concerned, the wildfires are the final nail in our coffin.

Climate change is not only a hoax, it is a decades-old global depopulation plot, and WEF-infiltrated governments all over the world are going along with it.

According to the WEF, the wildfires will leave most of the world in chaos for years, and cause enormous fear and anxiety in normal people, and it is from this chaos that a phoenix will rise from the ashes, according to a WEF insider, who explained the global elite plan to seize control of the US, removing our fundamental freedoms, and ushering in the Great Reset.

Make no mistake, this evil plot has been in the works for decades and now we are seeing it play out before our very eyes in all its grisly detail.

In 1972 the Club of Rome published the Limits To Growth, a disturbing text that outlined the depopulation agenda that would be implemented by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum in decades to come.

Watch as the Limits To Growth co-author Dennis Meadows says that he hopes that we all die slow, painless deaths, so the elite can enjoy their time on a less populated Earth.

The DS cannot stop bragging about their plans for humanity. It’s part of the plan to condition humanity to become desensitized to the idea of children being burned into ash while they barricade roads, turn off the water, and incinerate millions of people.

Maui was just the beginning. These terrorist tactics are now being rolled out across the world. Expect more cities to literally burn while they barricade the useless people in “for their own good.”

Directed energy weapons (DEW) are being used to attack humanity, destroy their property, and force them to accept the agenda of the globalist elite.

All around the world, fake wildfires are being orchestrated by the globalist elite to poison our air, water, and soil, and redistribute property into the hands of the DS.

And all around the world, the WEF are leaving their fingerprints all over the crime scenes.

In Greece, far-left activists have been found responsible for igniting the devastating wildfires that tore through the country.

Billions of dollars to rebuild – but the town will be rebuilt as a 15 minute city, also known as an open air prison, designed for total authoritarian control and permanent lock downs.

Biden and the globalist elite’s catchphrase “Build back better” literally means destroying things first and then rebuilding according to New World Order plans.

In the wake of the Maui fires, Democrats and the mainstream media are now begging Joe Biden to declare a “climate emergency” which would grant his administration vast unconstitutional and undemocratic powers.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has signalled it already has its finger on the trigger, with Biden letting slip that he has already “practically” declared a climate emergency, and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitting Biden “is doing everything that he can” to “deal with this existential threat.”

The globalist elite cannot stop talking about their plot to depopulate the world, and now they are making their moves. Burning down the world is a key part of the Great Reset agenda.

The one percent of the one percent — and their cronies in media and politics — all seem to agree that the Great Reset is a great idea. And the fact no ordinary person shares their enthusiasm does not bother them one bit.

But the future does not belong to them and the people are slowly but surely waking up to their agenda.

Meanwhile, videos filmed by locals in Lāhainā reveal tell-tale “pulse flashes”, which are a feature of directed energy weapons.

And if you are wondering what a clear DEW strike looks like from a distance, here is video from Chile in May this year showing a confirmed DEW strike – and according to eyewitness accounts from Maui, we are dealing with the same technology.

The mainstream media are desperate to dismiss these claims as conspiracy theories.

But we now know for a fact that directed energy weapons are not conspiracy theories. They are conspiracy facts.

The devastation wrought by these attacks on humanity are not conspiracy theories either.

The mainstream media has covered up the extent of the carnage, but more evidence is emerging everyday.

Locals were barricaded in, refused water to fight the fires, and they were burnt to a crisp with their children in another crime against humanity.

Prepare for the unthinkable:
world economic collapse

September 2023

Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury bonds are flooding back to Europe and 110 nations, revealing the alarming truth that the U.S. Corporation is teetering on the brink of insolvency.

Brace yourself for the impending catastrophic collapse that will send shockwaves throughout Europe and beyond.

France’s brazen act of pilfering its citizens’ wealth has ignited widespread riots and civil unrest.

Hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production, and pushing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy.

The Deutsche Bank’s entanglement with Epstein’s dark connections and its web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unravelling, as world courts launch far-reaching investigations that could shatter the global banking system.

Israel’s descent into chaos: an unfolding catastrophe.

The nation of Israel finds itself in dire straits as it hurtles towards an imminent collapse.

Concealing the true state of its markets, banks are fabricating gains as civil unrest spirals into full-blown riots.

Meanwhile, the colossal collapse of SVB banks in California, resulting in a mind-boggling loss of $10 trillion, sets off a catastrophic domino effect rippling across multiple countries.

The collapse, underway for over a year and a half, is finally unmasking the deep state’s cover-ups and exposing their false market reports.

As the Biden administration trembles, governments worldwide teeter on the brink, and the military courts, along with the alliance, silently monitor the collapse, knowing that it will lead to military intervention.

The intricate web of connections between governments, worldwide money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and incitement of proxy wars through the U.S. heralds an era of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a global plandemic.

The global event: we stand at the precipice of chaos.

Massive chaos looms on the horizon,
as citizens around the globe remain
shockingly unprepared for the
impending collapse event.

click image to link to article

The US Attorney in Utah
has given the
anti-vax movement
in America
the greatest gift ever
April 11th 2023

They charged Kirk Moore with a crime.

Dr. Moore is allowed discovery to prove his innocence.

This means he gets access to VSD (ER: Vaccine Data Safety link),
Medicare, NDI, and state death and vaccination records.


The US Attorney has given Dr. Kirk Moore
the right to request the state and federal
public health records.

Now the truth will finally be exposed.

Dr. Moore can single handedly do
something nobody else has been able to do: …

… expose the corruption and end the
COVID vaccination in the US and worldwide.

click image to link to article

Internal CDC Documents
Reveal the Agency Expected
Serious Issues from the COVID Jabs

“[From these contracts] they’re expecting
almost 700% more reports during this time
for COVID and they said only 5% [historically]
were serious…[but now were] expecting about 40%,
so what did they know??”

click image to link to article

Over 2 million excess deaths
recorded globally since the rollout
of the covid-19 injections

  Vaccinations CHART
ENGLAND – OFFICIAL to 31 March 2023

Operation Warp Speed
was a depopulation program

  FULL article HERE

Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is not saving lives.

The excess death data confirm the opposite
is taking place over 2021 and 2022.

Since the emergency use rollout of the covid-19 injections,
over 2 million EXCESS deaths have been recorded globally.

The US suffered 674,954 excess deaths in 2021,
and then another 434,520 excess deaths by week 49 of 2022.

Europe suffered 375,253 excess deaths in 2021
and 404,6000 excess deaths in 2022.

It’s not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”
as was advertised in 2021.

In fact, most “fully vaccinated”
adult populations are more likely to
contract covid-19, get sick and die.

While covid-19 vaccines aren’t the only vector
destroying people’s immune systems and
killing them off, they are obviously the driving force.

click image for NHS Report


They couldn’t hide the bodies forever

In the UK their Office of National Statistics have just released an updated data set Death by Vaccination Status, England with data for 2023 until the May.

  Deaths involving covid

Notably, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has similar data, but they refuse to publish it. I wonder why ?

This just published data shows that from Jan to May 2023 there were 8,766 Covid deaths in England

8,330 deaths (95.03%)
were people vaccinated

436 deaths (4.97%)
were people unvaccinated

That’s it.

The last card the vaccine pushers had to play, the claim that the jabs prevented covid deaths has fallen.

But its worse.

The just released data also shows that the vaccinated are overrepresented in all cause deaths.

The UK data is the best in world, and with this latest data release all remaining mandates must end and the vaccine must be pulled off the market today.

To allow another person to be injected after today when this data has been published would be criminally negligent.


Deaths involving covid19
by vaccination status England

click image to follow link

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia-Ukraine,
the UK Government quietly published data
confirming the Triple Vaccinated
are just weeks away from developing
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

click image for video


more MOABS Dropped!
PCR testing – it’s All Fake!
Stew Peters
with Dr. Ariana Love


click image for video

August 2022

click image for video


Pfizer : – Vaccines
NEVER tested before release

YOU are the test

Pfizer drops a bomb on the European Parliament
and tell them the bioweapon injections were
untested at time of release..

YOU and your relatives ARE the test according
to former President Barack Obama.

If you don’t get vaccinated, you’re anti social.

This is what the Dutch Prime Minister
and health minister told us.

You don’t get vaccinated just for yourself,
but also for others.

You do it for all of society.

That’s what I said.

Today, this turned out to be complete nonsense.

In a COVID hearing in the European Parliament,
one of the FISA directors just admitted to me,
at the time of introduction,
the vaccine had never been tested on
stopping the transmission of the virus.

This removes the entire legal basis for the COVID passport,
the COVID password that led to
massive institutional discrimination
as people lost access to essential parts of society.

I find this to be shocking, even criminal,
please watch the video until the end.

And I will speak in English.

So there are no misunderstandings.

Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping
the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?

If not, please say it clearly if yes,
are you willing to share the data
with this committee?

And I really want a straight answer yes or no.

And I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you very much.


Regarding the question around,
Did we know about stopping immunization
before it’s entering the market?


These you know,
we had to really move at the speed of science
to really understand what is taking place in the market.


This is scandalous, millions of people worldwide
felt forced to get vaccinated because of the myth
that you do it for others.

Now this turned out to be a cheap lie.

This should be exposed please share this video.

Transcribed by machine
ai and may contain syntax errors.

click image for video

Brett Sutton
Australian Health Minister

* Vaccines don’t work *
*Use Oral medications*


click image for video

2021 Documents Reveal:
the Australian Government
has openly planned a GENOCIDE

💥💥💥 Documents Reveal the Australian Government
has Openly planned to POISON its Citizens
& Children! Then A Mass Die-Off…... 👺☠️👺☠️👺☠️


click image for video



December 2022

Benjamin Fulford Mega Update!
Western Military To Occupy Switzerland,
700,000 Russian Troops To Finish Mission In Ukraine, 
Military To Occupy NY And Silicon Valley,
88% Canadians Refusing Further Vaccines, 
DEW Earthquake In Indonesia!

A decision has been reached by the military and intelligence agencies of the West to militarily occupy Switzerland in order to arrest the top leadership of the Khazarian mafia, multiple sources agree.

The Swiss armed forces are asked to stand by and not resist since this operation is not targeted at the Swiss people or nation.

The target of the attack will be the BIS, the Various UN agencies with extra-territorial powers (i.e. their headquarters are not Swiss territory), the Rothschild complex in Zug and the huge underground base complex along the Swiss Austrian border, they say.

In confirmation, a major military move is imminent former US army Colonel Douglas MacGregor says the Ukrainian state will be finished off by a Russian force of 700,000 over the next few weeks after the ground freezes.

Switzerland will be targeted around the same time, multiple sources agree.

A parallel military move will take place to occupy New York and Silicon valley as well as the Microsoft/Amazon complex in Seattle, the sources add.

Again, this operation is targeting Satan-worshipping gangsters and not the citizens of these regions, they say.

One of the key targets of this operation will be the “Samjase Pleiadian Anunnaki nicknamed ‘Uncle Sam.’”

Swiss patriots have identified this individual as one of the top Khazarian mafia leaders.

This writer has repeatedly been invited to Switzerland to visit the “aliens” top-level Western secret societies like the Black Sun and the P3 freemasons claim to take orders from.

At the same time, MI6 and Asian secret societies have warned this writer not to go because “it was a trap.”

Regardless of what is true or not true about the “aliens,” it is a forensically provable fact that the people located at the BIS. Zug etc. have been trying to kill off the majority of the human race.

It is also true they claim independence from any government on earth.

For example, even Swiss police authorities are forbidden from entering the BIS.

That is why a military operation to capture and neutralize these mass murderers has been authorized.

To understand the scale of the crimes committed by these monsters, we have decided to post a list of known poisons found in vaccines that has been forwarded to us by the World Doctors’ Alliance:

Here are just SOME vaccine ingredients
that are
being INJECTED into you and your kids;

Formaldehyde/Formalin – Highly toxic systematic poison and carcinogen.

Betapropiolactone – Toxic chemical and carcinogen. May cause death/permanent injury after very short exposure to small quantities. Corrosive chemical.

Hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide – May cause damage to the liver, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system. May cause reproductive effects and birth defects.

Aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, and aluminum salts – Neurotoxin. Carries risk for long-term brain inflammation/swelling, neurological disorders, autoimmune disease, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism. It penetrates the brain where it persists indefinitely.

Thimerosal (mercury) – Neurotoxin. Induces cellular damage, reduces oxidation-reduction activity, cellular degeneration, and cell death. Linked to neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and autism.

Polysorbate 80 & 20 – Trespasses the Blood-Brain Barrier and carries with it aluminum, thimerosal, and viruses; allowing it to enter the brain.

Glutaraldehyde – Toxic chemical used as a disinfectant for heat-sensitive medical equipment.

Fetal Bovine Serum – Harvested from bovine (cow) fetuses taken from pregnant cows before slaughter.

Human Diploid Fibroblast Cells – aborted fetal cells. Foreign DNA has the ability to interact with our own.

African Green Monkey Kidney Cells – Can carry the SV-40 cancer-causing virus that has already tainted about 30 million Americans.

Acetone – Can cause kidney, liver, and nerve damage.

E.Coli – Yes, you read that right.

DNA from porcine (pig) Circovirus type-1

Human embryonic lung cell cultures (from aborted fetuses)

Fact check, as I did,
the vaccine ingredients here:

This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Here is another example:

High amounts of chemicals linked with heart disorders, diabetes, endocrine disruption, cancer, brain impairment, asthma, disabilities, cancer, birth defects and infertility have been found in popular sanitary napkins sold in India, according to a study done by a Delhi-based environmental NGO.

The highest concentrations of these chemicals were found in so-called organic products.

Although this study was in India, you can be sure such poisons will be found in sanitary napkins all over the world.

Similar poisons can be found in shampoo, toothpaste and processed foods etc.

This is deliberate poisoning because, if it was just a profit over safety calculation then, nobody would bother to put these expensive chemicals in daily products.

Remember so-called Western leaders,(who are mostly mind-controlled avatars like Joe Biden and Justin Trudeau), as well as people like Elon Musk and the fake Donald Trump (the one who appeared after January 31st 2020) have all been pushing these vaccines.

These “leaders” are thus guilty of mass murder because it is now proven that those who took the so-called Covid vaccines are dying at a much higher rate than those who did not.

These same fake “leaders” are also trying to use the vaccines and poisons to turn those who don’t die into human farm animals. As the Avatar of George Soros says, the vaccines were also used as “an instrument of control.”

Biden signed the G20 declaration to force Americans to use vaccine passports for international travel.

Canadian crime minister Justin Castrudeau is going so far as to try to force psychiatric medication for those that refuse mRNA injections or any kind of vaccination.

Since 88% of Canadians are refusing further vaccinations, you can guess what is going to happen soon to Castrudeau and his fellow traitors.

Remember, these criminals are also murdering children on an industrial scale.

For the latest proof of this, watch the attached video of a former CIA operative testifying Obamacare was created specifically for child trafficking.

As the information above makes clear, any military officer who resists the move against KM strongholds will have self-identified as a traitor to the human race and must be summarily executed.

Okay, now let us look at some of the latest battles in the war to liberate the planet earth.

Following the G20 meeting, the KM used a Directed Energy Weapon to attack Indonesia.

Indonesian Intelligence agency sources say the earthquake which occurred on November 21st

“was not a natural occurrence.”

This was done as a warning to the Indonesian government, that unless they handed over a very large amount of processed gold that is stored in the capital in a specific warehouse, under military guard, a “major earthquake would follow.”

The alliance promised the Indonesians that any such attack would be met with retaliation in the form of a hit against La Palma and other targets.

In any case, this attempted extortion is further confirmation the Rockefellers and their KM allies failed to get funding to keep their G20/UN clown show going on much longer.

This can be seen in the ongoing economic implosion of KM-occupied United States and Western Europe. In the latest sign of this, US West coast ports are empty and the Black Friday Christmas sale in the US was a total bust.

That is why European Council President Charles Michel is going on a begging mission to China this week to get funding for “a world with the UN at the center.”

He will return empty-handed because the UN has proven itself to be a corrupt and incompetent privately owned institution.

The Chinese are expected to offer to incorporate the benevolent and functional parts of the UN into a new world body that will be headquartered in Asia.

The Chinese want the headquarters to be in Laos, but this has yet to be decided.

In any case, it does not look like the current Chinese leadership in either Taiwan or Communist China will make the decision.

The Chinese people are in open revolt against them because of their complicity in the Covid/Vaccine crimes.

Last week Taiwan’s KM puppet President Tsai Ing-wen has resigned as head of the governing Democratic People’s Party (DPP) after it was trounced in local elections.

In mainland China meanwhile, the communists made a failed effort to keep their people obedient by blurring out the stands at the Qatar stadium so their people don’t know the world has moved on and doesn’t mask up!

Instead, open revolt has broken out all over the country because of the Covid totalitarianism as these videos show.

“The hazmat style white suits are worn by programmed AI humans,” secret space program sources say.

Similar revolts to those in China are taking place all over the planet.

In Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro has provided the courts with evidence of election fraud going back over a decade (In the US it goes back two decades).

Bolsonaro sent the following message to his people on social media:

We are not standing still, we are acting within the four lines of the constitution, and there will be many arrests.

There will be a bombshell scandal, with international repercussions, it is not a coup, it is justice.

Meanwhile, Silent Crooked Lula is not well.

Following his time in Hospital to treat throat problems, now doctors have forbidden him to talk, so he communicates by handwritten notes

In Malaysia meanwhile, Anwar Ibrahim has been appointed Prime Minister by King Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah. Prime Minister Anwar is expected to tell the world the truth about Malaysian airlines flight 370/17.

There are similar moves against the KM worldwide.

Turkey is ready to take on rogue, oil stealing KM forces in the Middle East. “We will soon use our tanks and artillery to destroy terrorist roots.

We will not inform Russia or the United States of planned strikes on targets in Syria and Iraq,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on November 22. ]:

The Egyptians, Saudis, Syrians and others support this move, Middle Eastern sources say.

In Africa meanwhile, Ghana’s government is working on a new policy to buy oil products with gold rather than U.S. dollar reserves, Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia said on Facebook on Thursday.

Other African nations are expected to follow this move, which will end centuries of theft of that continent’s resources (see map below).

There is action in Europe as well.

For example in France last week patriots beat up the avatar traitor Emmanuelle Macron.

In the would be Khazarian world capital of Astana, huge anti government riots broke out.

Polish liberation forces are also joining the fight with moves to liberate Europe.

Polish intelligence agency sources say the current corrupt Polish government “gave everything most valuable to freemasons in exchange for false promises of protection.”

As a result, they say “the planes circling over Poland control the Polish government (it is probably true in other countries too).”

Poland is being suppressed because “it has what the Americans don’t have, people with high awareness, they don’t want to cooperate, they don’t like their plans of wars and plunder; they want to be sovereign.”

Polish intelligence also provided what they claimed was information from Klaus Schwab Rothschild’s daughter about the KM.

According to her, “to be in power, you have to follow the rules and eat the hearts of the innocent” [As Queen Elizabeth II confessed to this writer].

She also says Elon Musk’s children participate in these rituals and it is normal for them, they are taught that way.

The “Children are taken from poor countries, bought for small amounts,” she says.

This sort of activity and much more will come out once Switzerland, Ukraine and the US are liberated.

After that, the big question is when will we find out the truth about Antarctica?

On this front, some very interesting news came out as the article linked below notes.

“Scientists may have found something unfathomably massive living under Antarctica”

According to a study published in Frontiers in Marine Science, researchers have discovered a massive living world below Antarctica’s icy surface that could be as big as 5 million square kilometers.

According to our SSP sources, “what they really found the under the ice is, the German base.”

However, there are hints it could be much more as Pentagon controlling Farnese sources hint.

The Palazzo Farnese in Rome was built around 1530.

It features a map of the world.

The map is incredibly detailed, with riverbeds, cities, ports and landmarks.

However, it differs from what we are used to with a Green Antarctica that is connected to the Americas via a land bridge.

The revelation of about 5 million square kilometers of life detected in Antarctica is just one of the many anomalies now emerging around the world.

Another one that hints at some sort of fundamental earth change is the emergence of weird circular movements around the world with sheep, ants etc, seemingly stuck in circular vortexes.

On that note, we will end this week’s report with the latest UAP sightings from around the world.

1. plasma energy interdimensional ship

2. Dorchester UK – November 2022 – SSP origin

3. cloaked ship in plain view

4. inter-dimensional ship goes into hyperdrive- India

Get in the habit of watching the sky, you might see one of these things with your own naked eyes as this writer has.

Benjamin Fulford

I am in absolute shock right now.

The main body of the Q drops revolved around a grand conspiracy, known as the deep state, comprised of the top seats in the DNC, the media, the DOJ/FBI/Intel community, big tech, big pharma, academia, etc.

The Twitter files lay out a paper trail that confirms there was malevolent coordination from these entities to carry out operations that assist the DNC in elections.

The Twitter files confirm Q’s entire main narrative.

Balenciaga confirms the rest.

Feelings and facts are two different things only a wise man can sift through!

There is no doubt that the planet earth is undergoing changes that exceed the Biblical scale.

Hence the ancient secret society, whose roots go back to the Biblical Jacob of Egypt, and space Nazis on flying saucers come out of the darkness.

This is because the esoteric war raging for thousands of years is coming to an end.

What we are witnessing is the end of a thousand years of satanic rule on this planet.

This is reflected in the major changes taking place in governments around the world, especially over the past week in China, the United States, Israel and Brazil.

Let’s start with the events in China, because they are the key to many other things that are happening and will happen.

Chief satanist Klaus Schwab Rothschild (Rothschild = satan’s red shield) touted China as a model for his new world order digital livestock farm.

The satanists’ plan for this planet was to genetically alter every human being so that he obeys like an animal on a farm, with a  microchip his brain which controls every aspect of his life through constant, intrusive digital surveillance.

In other words, the planet should literally turn into a giant human farm.

Communist China has advanced the furthest in this direction.

All the Chinese received digital identity cards, and the whole country was covered with cameras that could instantly identify anyone in the country.

Those who disobeyed could not travel by train, had no access to bank accounts, could not buy groceries, etc.

Then biological weapons and electromagnetic death rays (5g) were used as a pretext to force the population to complete obedience.

We’ve all seen these images of AI-controlled people in white suits enforcing the system.

Well, the satanists underestimated the Chinese.

Chinese history shows that people put up with many things, but when a certain moment is reached, they simultaneously explode and rebel.

That’s exactly what happened last week when Asian secret societies mobilized.

Firstly, the chief security officer and former president of the people’s republic of china Jiang Zemin died suddenly “after a long illness.

Then the police and soldiers arrived and began to dismantle the PCR testing equipment and arrest the zombie security officers in white suits.

Asian secret societies also know that the so-called pandemic was a combination of a 5g electromagnetic attack and the release of viruses by Rothschild-controlled laboratories in china.

It is no coincidence that Klaus Schwab Rothschild was spotted last week at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Washington, DC.

[Sept 29 – Benjamin Fulford Update]

As Pope Francis travelled to Asia and tried to have a meeting with President XI, but was denied and turned away ….

This last attempt was by the ROTHSCHILDS family and Rockefellers/OBAMA [ DS] in a made effort to Stop XI from Military operations to take down the CCP Regime and also asking XI to opening up the BRICS MONETARY RESERVE to the VATICAN banks. ..

But XI did not make any attempt to meet the Pope.

Within hours the ROTHSCHILDS ordered their next move to arrest XI and begin the COUP and activate MSM on the arrest of XI.
(Fortunately their plans had fallen a part for the moment..

AS I had reported XI was in safe protections after the meeting with PUTIN )….

Several CCP commanders loyal to XI Arrested several of the military commanders who helped in the Coup and stopped the full Coup from escalation for the current moment….

PUTIN advised XI to make and appearance on TV and counter the arrest MSM narration and send a message to the DEEP STATE letting them know their attempts failed.

XI and Putin had met earlier and discussed Growing black U.S. military operations with UK forces killing and targeting Russian Forces with Drones….

And what the next steps were to counter these offences in a major move

A fleet of Russian and Chinese Battleships in formation were ordered to enter U.S. waters.

(Update just 80 miles from U.S. Alaska territory the fleet was spotted with 2 Chinese naval war ships and 4 Russian Naval vessels and a Destroyer and lurking just a few miles behind … insiders: report up to 8 Submarines in the vicinity.)

The CIA [ DS] with mini Military subs had long planned to Explored the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline..

As BIDEN had publicly stated before he had operations in place to bring down the pipeline without German consent .

As Russian subs entered the Mediterranean Waters last week and cut gas pipelines to France from Algeria, the CIA counter move of taking down Nord Stream 2 Gas lines brings a long awaited Nuclear War ( awaited by Cabal) even closer (this EVENT was long planned by OBAMA, CLINTONS and DAVOS ECT ECT ECT..

To bring in a nuclear war through DARKWINTER22 classified projects ….

The agenda of depopulation and nuclear fallout would connect clearly to new vaccines countering supposedly radiation exposure to survivors and much more New World operations)

I was one of the first to drop INTEL Drops on these EVENTS COMING last year in January and February 2021 (many thought I was lying and just fear mongering and all the EVENTS I foretold have now come to past as we are in huge MILITARY EVALUATION AND NUCLEAR EVENTS STAGING AROUND THE WORLD..







In the underground mil. Channels, the word is COMMUNICATION SHUTDOWN EVENT.

buckle up buttercups…
Inside the STORM….

No oil for U.S. , Europe means.. Shut down!!!!!
There will be no gas for everyday things and businesses…
Complete shutdown EXPECTED. ..
MILITARY is the only way.

[22-Sept 24 – Benjamin Fulford Update]

The summer deadlock in the ongoing, but undeclared, World War 3 is about to end, multiple sources agree. This is because the collective West is about to face a catastrophic systems failure if events continue on their present course.

The question now is: will the Khazarian mafia try to surrender or are they planning a new offensive led by a slave African pope, possibly involving a fake alien invasion?

The biggest sign that something big is about to happen is this announcement by the Vatican:

‘The Holy See and the Institutions connected with the Holy See that are holders of financial assets and liquidity, in whatever form they are held, in financial institutions other than the IOR must inform the IOR and transfer them to it as soon as possible within 30 days from 1 September 2022.’

This appears to signal the end of the Rothschild and other Khazarian mafia families’ control over this institution. This is historic as they have been the Vatican’s private bankers since at least since the 19th century.

This is also extremely important because almost all so-called “world leaders” who appear at the UN are given a Vatican Bank account when they assume power. The leaders are then told “welcome to the rich persons club. You are free to use this money as you wish but, if you disobey us, we will kill you.”

The entire Covid nightmare, it now turns out, involved using an artificially created “pandemic” to launder over $1 trillion of FRB funny money into the world economy. This was done by bribing government leaders with money from the World Bank, the IMF, etc. to go along with the KM attempt to create a totalitarian world government. Lesser leaders were given shares in vaccine, mask and hand sanitizer companies etc. in order to join the chorus.

Also, many leaders who refused to go along, such as the president of Tanzania, were killed or removed.

This is now blowing up in the Khazarian mafiosis’ faces as side effects from vaccines and scientific scrutiny expose the entire “pandemic” as one of the greatest war crimes in world history.

This headline is typical of what is now beginning to dominate even the corporate news about the “pandemic:”

“Attorneys for Pfizer Whistleblower Say Company Could be Liable for $3.3 TRILLION in Damages.”

Now that the fear of bankruptcy, jail or execution is weighing more on leaders’ minds than the temptation of bribes, the ability to use Covid to launder funny money into the world economy is ending.

Rivers, waterways around the world drying up

Major rivers around the world suddenly dried up at the same time — no one knows why

Something ominous is happening to the world’s water reserves, as large lakes and rivers across the planet have suddenly dried up for unknown reasons. Just at the moment when the globalists proclaimed a global food crisis.

— Several sections of the Mississippi River in the USA had to be closed due to record low water levels. A state of emergency has also been declared on the Nile River in Africa due to water shortages.

The Nile is the main source of water not only for Egypt, but also for Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia. It is also, like the Mississippi, a vital economic river that supports both agriculture and fishing.
see video HERE

— The Amazon River in South America is another major source of water that is facing severe drought.

Flood waters from the Amazon destroyed crops and flooded entire settlements only to subside and make the region drier than it should be.

This remains a disastrous situation for Peru, Colombia and Brazil, which depend on the Amazon for hydration and economic activity.

— In Europe, similar drops in the water level are observed on the Rhine, which, like in the Mississippi, made trade through some sections impossible.
see video HERE

Europe is also experiencing a major energy crisis, which is compounded by the fact that due to the Rhine situation in Germany, it is difficult to extract coal as a last attempt to avoid a blackout this cold winter.

— The Yangtze River in China, the third longest in the world, is also drying up like others. This creates serious problems for the developing communist regime, which uses the Yangtze for strategic purposes.

It is reported that the current state of the Yangtze is a “record” in terms of damage caused by prolonged drought. It also affects river navigation, forcing several large companies to suspend their operations.

— In the southwest of America, the Colorado River basin is also drying up, which puts at risk states such as California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, which depend on this important natural water resource.

— The water level in Lake Mead, which feeds Las Vegas, is constantly falling to levels never seen before since the dam was built. This portends ominous consequences for major cities such as Vegas, Phoenix and the Los Angeles area of Southern California.

— The Indus River in Asia is another source of water that is being depleted, leaving fishermen without means of livelihood. For centuries, the Indus has remained the center of civilization in South and Central Asia, including Pakistan, where plants that feed 220 million people require water from it. (


The Gulf of Mexico is empty – you can walk across it
See video HERE

The Euphrates river is empty – you can walk across it – the bed is just dirt.
See video HERE

click image for full article


You remember this when the Switzerland hid all its GOLD in the mountains in the summer….

And you remember the Russian special forces that blew up the airport and WEAPONS that were in cargo in the airports around the same time…..

Well several sources now report …


Switzerland has long been the devils bank and first money laundering operations dating back centuries,

The CIA keeps large amounts of gold, silver, money there dating back to 1956.

WIRES reports, the same Russian special forces and U.S. MiL ALLIANCE are targeting the SEIZURE of the assets.

As Evelyn ROTHSCHILD was forced to commit suicide during the Blood Moon and the Death of the Queen (she was dead long before) happened near the same time…..

Mil. Operations took control of UK, Germany, ITALY and the COLLAPSE of NATO, EU is becoming evident

The next Step is to go after the GOLD in Switzerland and END the DEEP STATE regimen there controlled by ROTHSCHILDs. ROCKEFELLERS CIA ECT.

Things are heating up

German and Russian forces prepare to attack Switzerland

The military and intelligence services of the West have decided to militarily occupy Switzerland in order to arrest the top leadership of the Khazarian mafia, according to several sources in agreement.

Swiss forces are asked to stand by and not resist, as this operation is not directed against the Swiss people or nation.

The target of the attack will be the BIS, the various UN agencies with extraterritorial powers (i.e., their headquarters are not on Swiss territory), the Rothschild complex in Zug and the huge underground base complex along the Swiss-Austrian border, they say.

Former U.S. Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor confirms that a major military buildup is imminent.

He says the Ukrainian state will be annihilated by a Russian force of 700,000 in the next few weeks after the ground freezes.

click image for full article

USA spent millions on banned
bioweapons labs in Ukraine!

How come all these “conspiracy theories” turn out to be true?

Maybe because they were true all along….

…and “conspiracy theory” is just a term made up by the media to distract from a real story.

Well, another theory has fallen as the U.S.-funded biolabs in Ukraine have now been confirmed.

Not only were the bio labs confirmed, but they were funding banned biological weapons research.

So forget the cover story that tried to claim that there were labs but nothing evil was being researched.

Yes, that was all a lie.

Every Single one.


All lies.

And we have Judicial Watch to thank again for getting to the bottom of it.

Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained 345 pages of documents from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), a component of the U.S. Department of Defense, showing that the United States funded work on an anthrax lab at a Ukrainian bio lab in 2018.

Dozens of pages are completely redacted, and many others are heavily redacted.

The records show that the Ukrainian biolab program was funded with more than $11 million in 2019.

The records were requested in response to a Feb. 28, 2022, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Judicial Watch to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) to obtain records of Black & Veatch funding related to biosafety laboratories in Ukraine in any way.

The records discuss three phases of work, several of which are said to have taken place “on-site” at Ukrainian laboratories.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency submitted a report that exempts information from disclosure if a foreign government or international organization requests the withholding or the national security official concerned has determined in a rule that releasing the information would have a negative impact on U.S. government interests in obtaining related information in the future.

Included in the documents is an Aug. 1, 2019, purchase order for supplies or services awarded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency to Black and Veatch Special Projects Corp.

The total amount of the contract award is $11,289,142.00.

The contract contains approximately 35 contract line items, which are outlined in a statement of work (SOW) dated March 5, 2019, titled: “Implementation of Electronically Induced Disease Surveillance (EIDSS) and Pathogen Control System (PACS).”

The statement of work, which is 24 pages long, was not provided, nor was there any explanation for the withholding.

NEWS update
11th December 2022

[EU] unraveling [collapse], as the union begins a witch hunt against each other

Before the collapse becomes more evident and banks closing slowly in the eu and several countries inside the union have issued warnings of a massive economic crises incoming (what’s interesting about this fact is,,,, anons, freedom fighters and world patriots were well aware of the this fact 18 months before hand through several channels.

How is it that we know about the economic collapse.

The vaccine bio-weapons made to kill people – blood clots .

Blood to sludge, from election fraud in many countries to human trafficking – Biden< to central banks money laundering systems.

How did we become the news before it’s news?

Who’s working behind the scenes?

Now the EU is attacking their own as a big scandal is hitting their parliament and their vice president Eva Kaili office was raided by police and seized were her computers phone and servers, and two other high ranking socialist leaders in the union are under investigation in the incident of corruption and bribes and were part of the Friday round up by police and intelligence agencies.

The investigation alleges direct bribes (it’s expected money laundering will be added in the next week’s) from Qatar middle east money buying influence inside the the European Union.

What’s not known or reported is several European leaders inside the parliament are connected directly to Chinese CCP money laundering operations in EU and this current dog eat dog , witch hunt is basically a distraction to keep the exposure of half trillion in money laundering connected to crypto inside the European EU connected to the top leaders.

As the collapse is happening, EU countries are going to continue to attack each other, blame each other and with this will come major intel leaks from several EU mil intel agencies to back up their countries and leaders inside the fight and collapse.

As the musk is exposing the U.S. democratic regime FBI, Pentagon, Big tech for election interferences, exposing CDC for controlling twitter and a host of several other agencies connected to the corrupted DNC, Obama, Biden CIA regime.

The EU has now come into the kill box as thousands of elite politicians begin dumping information on twitter and attacking each other.

As more and more information comes out in twitter of the vaccines and their effects on blood clots and myocarditis , the EU is panic as the blame game intensifies and EU is trying desperately to shut off twitter.

Twitter has began a reckoning as countries after countries are exposing the [UN][DAVOS][WEF] and their connections to funding a Ukraine war.

Several countries and divided governments and leaders are now publicly denying to fund Ukraine and see an agenda unfolding and blame the U.S. Biden regimen for inciting the war.

As the collapse continues the final cards the EU [DS] members want to play and ordered from the Kahzarian, CIA, DAVOS WEF U.S. Rockefellers is to create false flag events in EU and blame misinformation, conspiracy as their scape goats as they are being exposed.

The final plan to censor free speech (information exposing them) and put in place new laws that connect hate speech, misinformation to censor ship of freedom of speech.

Twitter is ground zero.

Behind the scenes Apple has flipped the military alliance.

Musk gave information directly to apple CEO Tim Cook that his involvement in the military coup against trump is fully documented and military tribunals coming can mean death.

Inside sources report Apple human trafficking, money laundering and the massive first beginnings of child pedophilia rings software designed for world elites and back doors channels to Apple pedophilia ring is connected to Epstein CIA pedo triangle.

Musk is withholding major information uncovered on Apple is all for a reason.

Heres what’s going to happen.

The next huge crypto currency corruption scandal is going to hit with the collapse of a major U.S. bank and hundreds of small banks across the U.S.

At the same time the military alliance through musk is going to drop [2023] on CIA DOJ DHS Biden Clintons which will from musk  going to open doors to pedophilia networks in collusion with Facebook, Google, YouTube and the letter agencies.

At the same time congressional hearings is going to expose big tech, operations inside collusion with DN FBI CIA DOJ .

The storm of evidence from whistleblowers in 3 letter agencies coming forward will be phenomenal and more hearings will connect Fauci gain of function to bio-weapons, [DS] mil. operations DARPA control of big tech financed by the Rockefellers.

SCOTUS is going to go after 2020 election fraud ( this means a [DS] military coup took place with foreign adversaries and agents inside conus and domestic countries) this will connect 5 eyes agencies, DAVOS, UN, NATO.

Durham 4th (unknown) case is coming and will hit the 🎯 target .

Durham is going after the biggest fish so far coming up congress will back him with evidence/ twittergate 2023 will connect gateways.

🍎 Apple will be caught inside the storm of corruption.

Military coup, Human trafficking.

Musk is supressing information on apple on purpose.

It all leads back to gates.

The storm is going to reach the farthest corners of the earth.

[WU] DAVOS NATO in panic panic panic panic pain.

The world is connected Q.

In the mean time drip drip drip drip [ eu] [ ds] in panic

The drip will open up the flood gates
and the flood is going to drain the world wide swamp.

Hackney Explosion
29th November 2022

click image for video


MOABS Dropped!
It’s All Fake!
Stew Peters’

mind-blowing rant
decimates Deep State Cabal’s end game!

Absolutely – a must see!

ANYTHING that I could tell you here about this EPIC DEEP STATE TAKEDOWN could NEVER do it justice, so just sit back, BUCKLE UP and ENJOY THE SHOW!

Just when you think you know the CABAL and their FAKE NEWS CO-CONSPIRATORS, you find out you don’t even know the HALF of it!

Stew delivers a MOAB SIZED WALLOP to the Demonic Democrats, the RINOs and all the other Deep State Demons in this BLISTERING RANT that will have you jumping up and down, screaming for MORE.


September 8th 2022

Just thoughts… looks like the ‘doctors’ got it right. 

Trying to picture what to expect…

I’ve finished Derek’s first document and have scrolled through the others.

It’s clear to me that the military is in control of everything.

I mean, everything. Not bits and pieces, but all of it.

This is all theatre from both sides and from the media, designed to crumble the matrix and end in unity for everyone.

They are going to take the country to the precipice, it’s the only way to set up the planet for the next 1,000 years & free the minds of those stuck inside Mk Ultra hypnotism/psychosis.

There could not be any other way. Alliance countries are helping, and by alliance I mean Saudi Arabia, NK, BRICS etc.

That’s my take.

Any mention of Nuclear war is staged.

Any ‘Sum of all fears’ scenario is staged.

Half of the players on the board are actors, the other half have been flipped and are being monitored.

There’s still more to go, China taking Taiwan etc, Queen’s death and the complete flip over for banks to run on the QFS.

Even SWIFT have announced a complete flip to ISO20022 standard crypto in the next 3 months (Meaning Ripple wins and all other crypto’s are going to basically disappear).

We are extremely close, and by close, I mean months/ weeks.

On top of that, when the corporation is declared gone, so do go all of the debts to that corporation, then GESARA, a return of stolen wealth back to the people.

I imagine that may have something to do with the Vatican demanding all funds and assets be returned to the vaults within 30 days of Sep 31st, and it has something to do with the Knights of Malta’s 1000’s of years of tradition essentially being dismantled.

Looks like the Queen wasn’t too highly respected by
the UK Military judging that the flag over her coffin,
lying in ‘state’ and on the procession as few days later
is crumpled, upside down and just slung over the coffin
like a table-cloth indicates a ‘traitors’ death.

Evelyn de Rothschild
8 November 2022
age 91

(For the newbies)

Last week a warning was sent to the heads of the Rothschilds in the United Kingdom, a community of 300 people, and around the world, that the operations of the Red Coat regime and the control of the World Bank were coming to an end.

This warning was that Evelyn de Rothschild must die – which happened on the eve of the Red Blood Moon – a symbol that the Alliance was exercising control and ushering in a new era – the Golden Era.

Most people are not aware that they are living in the New World Order.

That era is now over.

On the eve of the Red Blood Moon, Evelyn de Rothschild receives a heartbreaking pill on behalf of the Alliance.

If he defied the order, his family and children faced a future that would quickly destroy their heritage and possessions.

Lady Rothschild was a sleeping mole (coup plotter) within the Rothschild regime.

She maintains important connections in the world – which are now turning against NATO, the UN and the elite.

The Rothschilds were the royal family of the Khazar Empire under the name of Bauer, once stationed in the southern Russian and southern Ukrainian territories, reaching as far as Kiev.

The Khazars worshipped Satan as their god and sacrificed small children and babies to him, then drank their blood and ate them.

They were known by neighboring peoples as spies, thieves and cheats, and most of the children they sacrificed to Satan were stolen Russian children.

Kiev was the capital of Russia at that time, and in 965, after repeated warnings, Prince Svyatoslav of Kiev destroyed their land and expelled them from there.

Their royal family, the Bauer family at that time, stole the treasury and in one night on their ceaseless flight managed to reach the city of Frankfurt in Germany, where they renamed themselves the Rothschilds.

As they fled, they swore eternal vengeance on Russia and have followed that line ever since.

Many of these people have remained in these countries in their former homeland, posing as Jews to cover up their bad reputation.

Zelensky is also one of these Khazars.

The Rothschilds are not Jews – they are the royal family of the Khazars, but they pretend to be Jews to cover up their bad reputation.

Later they settled in London, established the City of London as an independent state in England, killed the rightful royal family in the 17th century at the hands of Oliver Cromwell, and later put their own representative on the throne.

From London they led the struggle against Russia, staged the so-called October Revolution in 1917, assassinated the royal family and destroyed the Russian Empire, killing millions of Russians.

Today, the war in Ukraine against Russia is again being waged by London.

The British Empire is the greatest historical enemy of both Russia and the United States.

We are witnessing its destruction by the new global alliance led by Presidents Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Poor India was a British colony for 300 years.

Soon, all that will be left of the former Great Britain will be a little England.

To connect the DOTS, WATCH:

click image for video

Evelyn de Rothschild
8 November 2022
age 91

Blood Moon

Evelyn de Rothschild, banking heir and financial collaborator to the queen, dies at 91 just 3 months after Queen Elizabeth II declared dead.

If anyone cares, Sir Evelyn was the son of Anthony de Rothschild and Yvonne Cahen d’Anvers of the Bischoffsheim banking family.

He is widely recognised as one of the leading philanthropists and financiers of his generation and was knighted by the Queen in 1989 for services to banking and finance and because he owned the UK Royal Family – as can be demonstrated in the image below giving instructions to one of his favourite Royal bitches.

Evelyn continued in the philanthropy of the Rothschild family which goes back many centuries and includes financing every war since the French revolution which, reputedly allowed the Rothschild family to break The bank of England and create central banks which have kept the population of the world in poverty and debt slavery ever since.

The attached video gives a history about this.

A keen horse trainer and owner, Sir Evelyn’s horse Crystal Ocean won the Hardwicke Stakes at Royal Ascot in 2018 which, apparently, is a huge accomplishment and news-worthy.

Well, let’s face it, winning horse races is so important to the world’s rich people and they can afford to spend huge amounts of money to buy pedigree horses that make them look good by being able to run fast and win races – like they ran in the race themselves.  Nah! – get a pedigree horse someone else bred to do it for you and if it doesn’t get the job done …

In a statement, his family said: ‘It is with great sorrow that Lady de Rothschild announces the death of her beloved husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild after a short illness with, reportedly, Rommel disease.

Given that EDR was reported to have died about 7 years ago there’s some speculation the reports have it right this time, we can only hope on their accuracy.

‘Sir Evelyn passed away peacefully yesterday evening at his home in London with his loved ones by his side.

Wouldn’t have been many real people there, then.

‘The family appreciates thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.’

Let’s pray the reports are accurate.

Any survivors of the Romanov family, if there are any, might like to comment.


Coincidentally, the 8th. November was an unusual blood moon which are sometime considered to bring good vibes to Earth – it’s been a busy few months, let’s hope good fortune for this world continues.

September 9th 2022

White Hats


VATICAN announcement of ALL Central BANKING system assets across the Globe in nearly every country must be returned to the VATICAN Bank. This includes all paper/coin money including Gold, Silver,  precious metals and minerals.

ALL deeds and collection of debts connected to World banks, housing markets, loans, marketed services and debts must Returned to the VATICAN between September 1 through September 30 .

This MAJOR announcement from the VATICAN comes at the same time (week apart) the death of the Queen of UK Majesty had been publicly announced (but for my Q The Storm Rider subscribers I had said three months ago [they] were getting ready to announce her death and had been preparing the EVENTS…..

As we inside the Great AWAKENING movement knew she was executed years before as a warning from MILITARY ALLIANCE GENERALS that the end of the DEEP STATE CABAL was nearing. Her death was recorded and sent to [DS] LEADERS & DARK MIL. GENERALS and was a direct Warning to the VATICAN and KAZARIAN MAFIA.

With the execution of George Bush Sr.(who planned the killing of JFK and help give massive power to the world CABAL in his lifetime and operated Human Trafficking networks with the Clintons C_A) the Q OPERATIONS began overtly in the deep state Elite world corruption rings.

NOW the death of the Queen insures the [COLLAPSE] of the WORLD CABAL DEEP STATE regimen. With 14 countries controlled by the Queen including Australia. New Zealand. CANADA …..

Now these certain countries are heading into a REPUBLIC STATE

Who long wanted freedom from the British control and Queen. (What this all means is the GDP of these countries into Trillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ WILL STOP paying the CABAL Installed Royal Monarch regimen).


Now with the VATICAN in FEAR of losing its assets and control through the World [they] have asked STATE Street, VANGUARD, BLACKROCK to return assets back to the VATICAN Bank as the world [COLLAPSE] CONTINUES.

[13-Aug-22 Forwarded from Ghost Warfare]

A criminal organisation is trying to indict the 19th President on espionage charges in an illegal and fictitious legal system owned and operated under a foreign owned corporation known as the crown corporation.

The 19th President is the President of the Republic, not the corporation. He does not recognise the corporation. He recognises the constitution.

He may well be arrested, but even that will swing public opinion in his favour, and even when it all looks like it’s going south and all hope is lost, the military who recognise the constitution and the legitimate president, not the corporation, will free him.

It’s likely they will arrest him, but nothing can stop what is coming. Their system will collapse and be dissolved.

Yes. Free him after he’s arrested.

The entire legal system operating in America is under the Crown Corporation.

The flag with the gold tassels represents that corporation.

Different types of warfare exist, in this case the British didn’t win 1776 but they were successful in overruling the constitution and installing their corporation inside America in which every president since the 19th has served up until 2000, since 2000 every Presidency has been fake including Trumps, but when the mass population doesn’t know, then the show goes on.

The entire legal system serves the crown corporation (Queen).

Ask yourself why the announcement of the Queens death is such a big deal?

Why did Trump bankrupt the corporation of America?

Why was the corporation of America recently dissolved?

Why is Joe Bidan (not Biden) serving under White House Inc and not the Corporation or constitutional Republic of America?

What is going to happen to the legal system that serves the crown corporation?

What will happen when it’s revealed that the enemy has been inside the gates for the past couple hundred years?

Trump gave the green light for the military to act internally.

What happens when Trump gets arrested in an illegal, foreign owned system, and the world gets to a Nuclear standoff, and Trump, the 19th President of the Republic, who holds the Nuclear football is sitting in a cell? While the enemy has absolutely no answer to a (faked) Nuclear threat from Russia, China, NK or all of the above?

You can be damn sure there will be EBS, military storming the jail and removing Trump and their Commander in Chief, and then major Declas as Trump neutralises the Nuclear threat and the foreign owned gangsters all get put in handcuffs.

This message
dated 25th June 2022

Is this the beginning of the end of this
world-wide disaster?

We can only hope.


Secretary of Military
Head of the Provisional Military Government
of the United States!

To my colleagues from Bulgaria:

I understand from your comments that there has been a great fever and commotion in Bulgaria regarding the visit of the US Secretary of Military, concerns that this man will force Bulgaria into war with Russia.

I bet many of you joined in later and still believe the Media that the United States has a new government headed by the deceased 3 years ago Joe Biden.

I also understand that many people do not read my posts carefully or visit my page by accident.

Briefly: US elections on November 3, 2020. were won by President Donald Trump in all 50 states.

The Deep State tried to fake them and the Media reported that Joe B. he has won them over. BUT! The official ballot was electronic watermarked, which the counterfeiters were unaware of. So every vote cast for President Trump was recorded on a quantum server and the fate of each ballot is known.

The Military Alliance, which stands behind President Trump, decided to show people how deeply corrupt all government institutions are, and since then, we’ve been watching a movie that really aims to open our eyes and wake us up so this never happens again.

So, on January 20, 2021. at 12:00 noon the United States was taken over by a military government led by Secretary of Military General Christopher Miller and Commander-in-Chief, the lawfully elected President Donald Trump.

Until the November 2020 elections General Cr. Miller was Director of the National Counter-Terrorism Service, a student of General Michael Flynn.

The role of the fake Joe B is played by three actors, I wrote about it and I will not repeat it.

Also, his entire “crew” is a cast selected by President Trump’s team.

All his ministers are actors whose actions have no legal value. Including this fake military minister who visits Bulgaria and causes such a fuss – Lloyd Austin.

All these actors are talking and doing as President Trump and the White Hat Military are telling them to do.

This whole show is about waking people up and doing a lot of work behind the scenes.

The White House and Capitol and all federal buildings in Washington have been empty and closed as of January 20, 2021.

These people have never set foot there, nor have they any access to the Pentagon! They are ACTORS ! Hold on to that!

President Vladimir Putin is currently shattering the last remnants of the New World Order.

They are allies and collaborators with President Trump.

Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the US Army is President Trump!

He would never send U.S. troops against any nation on the planet! So there is no reason to fear American soldiers.

Here in Greece, people are looking forward to them for the second year as liberators from the junta.

There will be no world war!

Russia and the United States have been allies in all wars so far.

It’s all just propaganda from the last remnants of globalism.

The new global Alliance of White Hats controls the situation of the entire planet. Soon it will all be over!

In a few days time!

Everything is under control!

Bulgarian political leaders are controlled by Soros, but they don’t know he is gone and are following orders from the World Economic Forum in Davos via Brussels headquarters.

This movie is going to end.

The man who will appear in Bulgaria as a Military Minister is not such a man, but an actor from the People’s Awakening Team.

His actions have no legal value. Probably the rulers in Bulgaria themselves do not know this.

We are witnessing the most incredible movie in the history of mankind with Biblical script.

What is coming is so wonderful that our suffering mind can hardly contain it!

At any moment the movie will end and everything will fall into place.

We have another clean up – Taiwan.

There, the work will be done by Chinese President Xi Jinping, and this operation will begin at any moment

Click image for Riccardo Bosi video

doesn’t exist

It’s all planned

Monkey Pox is planned
– copy and share –
this is global

After the 21:00 mark
Riccardo starts to talk
about this report

Link to PDF report Riccardo’s
talking about

Next event
June 10th 2022

Clock’s ticking

click image for video

Nuclear Diamond Batteries

Batteries that last forever.
Coming soon to a place near you?

click image for video

Mel K interviews
Benjamin Fulford
April 25th 2022

A great interview


Click image for video

The Cures Act:
long-calculated plan
to mass murder
the American people

Stew Peters
20 March 2022

Karen says it’s all buried in a normal-looking law called 21-st Century Cures Act, a bill pushed by Democrat Diana DeGette and Republican Fred Upton.

Despite the name of the bill, Karen says the bill’s purpose was to gut the legal and ethical standards that govern the FDA and keep it from approving dangerous or defective drugs and medical devices.

The bill also made it easier to collect research data from human subjects. Fans of the bill included Big Pharma, medical device manufacturers, and the National Institutes of Health. You know, the place Tony Fauci works.

The actual FDA itself at the time opposed the bill.

They begged Congress to not pass it, because they said it would sabotage their safety efforts.

But you won’t be surprised to learn that well-paid Big Pharma lobbyists carry a lot more weight in Washington than FDA safety inspectors.

The CURES act gave the NIH the right to spend billions of millions of dollars on “high risk, high reward” research, without the oversight that would usually be used in research.

Traditionally, high-risk high-reward research was done by DARPA in the U.S. military.

It’s for advanced military projects of crucial national security importance.

Now, Congress is using it to power up Big Pharma.

The CURES Act also allows for the institutional review boards at the FDA to waive the right of informed consent, which is supposed to make sure that experimental subjects know what is being done to them and what the risks are.

Now, that rule can just be ignored if the board claims that providing informed consent would make it difficult to conduct the study.

All they have to do is say the risk is “minimal.”

What guarantees that it actually is?

Why, the judgment of the same people who have spent two years telling you that masking kids for two years isn’t a big deal, and that it’s a great idea to inject five-year-olds with a barely-tested shot with unclear side effects and operating on novel medical technology.

21st Century Cures Act

What is the cures act and what does it mean for you as a practitioner?

Click image for video


Click Image for full report

March 2022
Aussie Cossack reports on news
that Australian Research centre
the ‘Doherty institute’
has received samples of
Ukrainian Bio-Weapons

Video: Click Image

Australian Government
sanctions people for
sharing unauthorized thoughts

What’s in your medication
here in Australia?

We got this video from a friend.
March 2022

Had some Neurofen at home and a big magnet so tried it ourselves.

SAME RESULT – tiny black things about the size of dust, (smaller than in this video), attracted to magnet – followed magnet around the glass and more joined the cluster as we went around the glass.

We’ll try and make a video of our own tests but, in the meantime ….


click image for video

The Collapse of the 2020s,

Mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis initiated a socioeconomic chain reaction that has only begun to play out.

This story has a silver lining; a chance to make the world a better place. But it has to start with an honest assessment of how we got here, and point to a positive course of action.

click image for video

Ukraine Crisis

The European and American public are being systematically lied to about the Ukraine crisis.

click image for video

what you don’t know about
the war in Ukraine

February 26th, 2022.

click image for video


February 14th, 2022.

After four years of peace with Russia under President Trump, it has taken Joe Biden and his gang of warmongers a little over a year to get us to the brink of World War 3.

The question that has to be asked, however, is why?

Why is Biden doing this? The answer may have just been slipped by Nancy Pelosi, who I believe gave away the ‘game plan’…

click image for video

PROOF of how
the Main-Stream Media 
thinks it
you see – or don’t see.

Never let the truth spoil a good story

Rather than

it MAKES the news
or modifies or ignores it

to suit it’s agenda

You get to see what the media wants
regardless of whether it’s true or not.

Click images for links

The CDC Is A Political Organization

Steve Bannon’s War Room
with Dr Robert Malone

Click images for links

We the people, demand to see the data!

CDC withholding evidence
concerning COVID vaccine safety
is scientific fraud.

The C.D.C. isn’t publishing
large portions of the Covid Data it collects

New York Times, February 21, 2022

The agency has withheld critical data
on boosters, hospitalizations…

“Two full years into the pandemic, the agency leading the country’s response to the public health emergency has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected, several people familiar with the data said. Much of the withheld information could help state and local health officials better target their efforts to bring the virus under control”…

Two full years into the pandemic, the agency leading the country’s response to the public health emergency has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected, several people familiar with the data said…

“The C.D.C. is a political organization as much as it is a public health organization,” said Samuel Scarpino, managing director of pathogen surveillance at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Pandemic Prevention Institute. “The steps that it takes to get something like this released are often well outside of the control of many of the scientists that work at the C.D.C.”

Let me translate that quote for you. Basically, a non-governmental spokesperson for the “official” public health scientific community is throwing Rochelle Walinsky under the bus, and saying that the politicians forced us to commit scientific fraud by withholding key data.

The Global Summit Doctors and other brave medical practitioners who have stood up to the lies and tyranny – who have been harassed, jobs lost, medical licenses lost, smeared and libeled are right. The data are being withheld.

The main stream media owes a whole lot of us scientist and physicians a huge apology. The main stream media has to stop being the mouthpiece for the government. This is not communist China!

The government owes the American people a huge apology. People in the government who have lied to the American people need to be charged and must be held legally accountable. We the people must demand to see ALL of the data from the CDC and the FDA.

Let’s talk data. The CDC is using cumulative data from the beginning of the vaccine roll-out in early 2021 to prop up the lie that these vaccines are effective against Omicron.

The CDC is clearly hiding the data about safety. The (thoroughly biased) NYT piece above writes further on this.

Pfizer’s data supported the safety of the vaccine, but researchers said the effectiveness wasn’t there with two shots.

“It was effective in the younger kids so those six months to two years but in the two to four-year-old age group it didn’t quite meet the levels of antibody response they expected to see,” said Dr. Christina Canody, BayCare Pediatric Service Line Medical Director.

Now instead of just having an EUA meeting about two doses, Pfizer is continuing their trial for three doses and will present that data once they have it…

Concern about the misinterpretation of hospitalization data broken down by vaccination status is not unique to the C.D.C. On Thursday, public health officials in Scotland said they would stop releasing data on Covid hospitalizations and deaths by vaccination status because of similar fears that the figures would be misrepresented by anti-vaccine groups.

Precisely what we have been saying.

Why is this important?

If the CDC released the age stratified data for COVID, it would be clear that a vaccine for most Americans is not necessary. If the vaccine risk ratio of those vaccinated and hospitalized were published for Omicron – it would be clear that the vaccine benefit is not observed.

The FDA have not revealed what the efficacy of the boosters for children is. They have not released the safety data. They have withheld the safety data on the vaccines for children and adults.

This must stop. We are deep into outright Scientific Fraud territory.

Let’s remember where this started… We have been manipulated from the VERY start of this pandemic. The government has been deciding what has been written, removed, censored by media and the big tech giants. This is propaganda.

I am posting the HISTORIC references from the beginning of 2020 to show that our government has been involved in scientific fraud from the beginning. Do not forget – this goes back to 2020.

1. World Health Organization holds secretive talks with tech giants Google, Facebook and Amazon to tackle the spread of misinformation on coronavirus.

Daily Mail February 17, 2020.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and other tech giants spent a day in secretive talks with the World Health Organization to tackle the spread of coronavirus misinformation.

Social media companies including Twitter and Youtube have already been working to remove post about the virus that are proved to be fake.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has offered to work directly with the companies on fact checking in a bid to speed up the process. 

Posts on the virus that needed to be removed have ranged from those calling it a fad disease or created by the government to claims it can be treated with oregano oil.

Companies at the meeting agreed to work with WHO on collaborative tools, better content and a call centre for people to call for advice, CNBC reported.

2. Bloomburg. Amazon, Alphabet among tech firms meeting with White House on coronavirus response. LA Times. March 11, 2020.

White House officials discussed combating online misinformation about the coronavirus and other measures during a teleconference Wednesday with tech companies including Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc.

U.S. Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios led the call, which also included representatives from Inc., Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., IBM Corp. and other companies and tech trade groups.

The discussion focused on information-sharing with the federal government, coordination regarding telehealth and online education and the creation of new tools to help researchers review scholarship, according to a statement from the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy.

“Cutting edge technology companies and major online platforms will play a critical role in this all-hands-on-deck effort,” Kratsios said in a statement. He said his office would unveil a database of research on the virus in coming days

3. White House asks Silicon Valley for help to combat coronavirus, track its spread and stop misinformation. Washington Post. March 11, 2020.

The White House on Wednesday sought help from Amazon, Google and other tech giants in the fight against the coronavirus, hoping that Silicon Valley might augment the government’s efforts to track the outbreak, disseminate accurate information…

The requests came during a roughly two-hour-long meeting between top Trump administration aides, leading federal health authorities and representatives from companies including Cisco, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and Twitter, as Washington sought to leverage the tech industry’s powerful tools to connect workers and analyze data to combat an outbreak that has already infected more than 1,000 in the United States.

Three participants described the phone-and-video conversation on the condition of anonymity because the session was private. Most tech companies in attendance either did not respond or declined to comment.

The evidence above makes it crystal clear that the government has been manipulating data from the start. Now that Omicron is here and the vaccines are clearly not working. That we have data from other countries that there are issues, we much demand transparency and a stop to the manipulation of the American people. Free speech is free speech.

Scientists and physicians must be allowed to discuss data on the Internet. We ALL must be allowed to discuss data. It is time to stop the madness.

How this all ties into the globalists is becoming more and more clear.

The Next Step for the World Economic Forum Brownstone Institute, February 20, 2022

It has been obvious since early 2020 that there has been an organized cult outreach that has permeated the world as a whole. It’s possible that this formed out of a gigantic error, rooted in a sudden ignorance of cell biology and long experience of public health. It is also possible that a seasonal respiratory virus was deployed by some people as an opportunity to seize power for some other purpose. 

Follow the money and influence trails and the latter conclusion is hard to dismiss. 

The clues were there early. Even before the WHO declared a pandemic in March 2020 (at least several months behind the actual fact of a pandemic) and before any lockdowns, there were media blitzes talking about the “New Normal” and talk of the “Great Reset” (which was rebranded as “Build Back Better”). 

Pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Astra-Zeneca were actively lobbying governments to buy their vaccines as early as February 2020, supposedly less than a month after the genetic sequence (or partial sequence) was made available by China.

As a person who spent his whole professional career in pharmaceutical and vaccine development, I found the whole concept of going from scratch to a ready-to-use vaccine in a few months simply preposterous. 

Something did not add up.

Read more at Brownstone…

My last thought for the day: The US government appears be complicit in the creation of this virus. 

Again, the people are being manipulated.

The NIH and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency at the US Department of Defense must be held accountable and they must release the data as to what they have funded and what they knew when – about the creation of SARS-CoV-2. It is time for our government to come clean. It is time for an investigation.

Congress must lead the way.

They can not shirk their responsibility any longer.


From the Wakaminenga Maori Government
Aotearoa Nu Tireni New Zealand

Official Statement

Web Page

Declaration of protection for protesters at Parliament

Video – click image
Australia – Canberra Freedom Rally
Feb 12 2022
Video showing small part people who travelled, some for many days, (e.g. from WA about 3-4000 klms away), and from all over Australia to be there – with their children.
That distance is like Seattle to DC
I was there, you can probably see me.
There was no violence – it was like a family picnic and the cops played ball and had no interaction with the crowd – they was almost friendly.
The video is of a moving procession which went on for hours so those people at the back would have made their way to the front then back down the side towards Old Parliament House.
The guesstimate is between 2-3 million people. I lost count at 1.75 mill. Either way, that’s about 10% of Australia’s entire population
Aus media reported 10,000 people with violence.

Weekly rallies Melbourne

Usually people who have formed closer relationships because of them now attend the rallies in Melbourne EVERY WEEK.

They meet outside the Imperial hotel, opposite the Parliament buldings in Spring St. about 12:00 midday.

If you want to meet and join with them, everyone’s welcome – it’ll be a good idea to message here so we can warn them to let them know to expect you – and send you a contact number to help you find them.


You are not alone




So many people they didn’t fit anywhere.

Guesstimate about 750,000+ people.
The biggest rally since
anti-Vietnam rallies in the ’70’s

The city was FULL of fully aware
and informed people.

People spread out for miles.

Same in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide

The media did not report on these rallies.

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