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The year 2024 holds the promise of being an epochal period in American history, characterized by unprecedented events that will forever alter the nation’s course.

As we enter this pivotal year, it will become increasingly evident that 2024 will be defined by the revelation of the truth as a result of the Great Awakening of many people that took place over the last three years.

It will be a year when the pages of American and World history are filled with truths and revelations, challenging the very essence of what it means to be a patriot.

In 2024, the distinction between mere rhetoric and tangible action will be starkly highlighted, separating the truth from the lies and those who merely talk the talk from those who truly walk the walk.

Furthermore, this year will provide a unique opportunity to discern the presence of a set-apart remnant of individuals who are awakened to the truth.

In the annals of American history, 2024 will undoubtedly stand as a year that promises to redefine the nation’s narrative in unprecedented ways.

This year will be etched into
the collective memory as a
period of profound
transformation and revelation,
unlike any other witnessed
in the annals of
American or world history.

As the pages of history unfurl, 2024 will emerge as a testament to the resilience of liberty and the indomitable spirit of its people.

The year 2024 will be recorded as the turning point when the truth, long concealed beneath layers of rhetoric, corruption, and misinformation, finally comes to light.

It will be a year when the great awakening, a surge of collective consciousness, by wide-awake patriots, will reveal the stark realities and genuine intentions of individuals.

In this crucible of time, the authenticity of patriots will be tested; their resolve will be challenged in ways they never thought were possible, distinguishing those who merely profess allegiance from those who embody it in their actions.

As the curtains are drawn back, the nation will bear witness to a reckoning, where empty words give way to substantial actions by active patriots across America.

Amidst the unfolding of 2024, the set-apart remnant of Elohim, those who stand apart in their unwavering commitment to truth, justice, accountability, and the principles that define America, will emerge as beacons of hope and integrity.

Their unwavering dedication to the values that underpin the nation’s foundation will shine brightly for all to see.

2024 will be a year that challenges,
inspires, and ultimately elevates
America and the people of the world,
paving the way for a future defined by
the strength of character, integrity,
resilience, unity, and a shared commitment
to the ideals that have always been at
the heart of the human dream and aspiration.

The advent of Holographic Medical Beds, will replace traditional hospitals on a global scale, and it heralds a transformative era in healthcare accessibility.

Beyond their cutting-edge technology, these beds symbolize a profound shift towards prioritizing humanity’s well-being and equitable access to advanced medical care.

In the not-so-distant future, individuals from all walks of life will have the privilege of harnessing these remarkable healing devices.

 Go to ‘Med Beds’ page
on this website

When paired with the visionary concept of Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy Towers, it becomes evident that our world is moving closer to a more sustainable, inclusive, and interconnected future.

 Go to ‘Free Energy’ page
on this website

Such innovations not only reflect our collective desire for progress but also embody the unwavering human spirit to embrace the limitless potential of science and technology to enhance the quality of life for all.

Imagine a world where cutting-edge intelligence intertwines seamlessly with medical innovation, offering a profound promise of healing and rejuvenation. In this vision, the medical bed becomes a beacon of hope, capable of eradicating even the most formidable adversaries of health: cancers, tumors, and the relentless torment of fibromyalgia.

With a touch of its advanced intelligence, the scars of vaccine damage are gently erased, restoring bodies to their original vitality.

The concept of “aging” itself becomes an anachronism, as the bed’s transformative power renders joint pains and the insatiable demand for supplements obsolete relics of a bygone era.

For it becomes evident that many of our ailments were not mere happenstance, but rather calculated deficiencies artfully woven into the fabric of our existence by shadowy forces.

This bed represents not only a revolutionary leap in healthcare but also a resolute assertion of our right to reclaim the very essence of our well-being.

Imagine a future where the boundaries of science fiction merge seamlessly with the realm of possibility.

Think Jurassic Park Lysine Contingency, where the unimaginable becomes a reality, not through chaos, but through the marvels of human ingenuity.

Drawing inspiration from the futuristic vision of Star Trek:

The Next Generation, a world where tachyon and plasma energy fuel medical advancements, we find ourselves on the cusp of a medical revolution.

Here, healing is no longer an arduous journey, but a swift and accessible process for all. In this world, the medical bed stands as a beacon of hope and progress, endowed with the extraordinary ability to scan every inch of your body, pinpointing ailments with unparalleled precision.

It is a testament to the indomitable spirit of human innovation, a testament that whispers promises of a brighter, healthier tomorrow, where the frontiers of medical science are bound only by our collective imagination and determination.

With unwavering dedication and a profound sense of purpose, these visionary scientists harness the limitless potential of tachyon and plasma energy instruments to embark on a remarkable journey towards humanity’s well-being.

Their pioneering efforts promise to mend the very essence of our existence by completely rejuvenating the DNA, offering not just the hope of regenerating missing limbs and organs but the restoration of sight, the revival of ailing minds, and the gift of vitality.

In their noble quest, they not only extend the promise of renewed youth to our cherished elders but also bestow upon our revered American Veterans a second chance at life, allowing them to relive the vigor and vitality of their prime, all while inspiring the world with their unwavering commitment to the betterment of mankind.

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Tucker Carlson interview
with Vladymir Putin
(authors unknown)

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Mind-Blowing Revelation:
Unprecedented banking collapse
unleashes Pandora’s Box of tribunals
and shocking war crimes!

January 20 2024

Hold on tight! Brace yourself for the impending global financial catastrophe that is now unraveling before our eyes.

Prepare for a shocking exposé of heinous war crimes and a tsunami of tribunals like never before witnessed! Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds, once seen as symbols of stability, are flooding back, leaving the crumbling U.S. corporation and a bewildered world in utter disarray.

The fallout from this cataclysmic event is beyond imagination, as Europe and beyond teeter on the edge of a monumental COLLAPSE.

France stands exposed, with shocking revelations of citizen theft, triggering riots and civil unrest of unparalleled magnitude. Germany finds itself trapped in an eerie hyperinflation spiral, with its metal industry in ruins, weapon production halted, and corporations facing bankruptcy.

The spotlight shifts to Deutsche Bank, and jaw-dropping connections to Epstein emerge, even reaching Estonian banks. World courts launch relentless investigations that have the potential to shake the very foundations of the global financial establishment.

But the turmoil doesn’t end there; Israel faces its own dire straits, as its collapse looms menacingly. Banks scramble to mask the true extent of market unravelling, resorting to false gains.

Civil unrest ignites the streets, plunging the nation into chaos.

The colossal collapse of SVB BANKS in California unravels a chain reaction, echoing through multiple countries.

This heart-wrenching collapse
has been unfolding for
over a year and a half,
hidden behind veils of secrecy.

Now, the veil has been lifted, awakening the public to the shocking cover-ups and manipulated market reports by the Deep State. As the banking system unravels, it threatens to topple the Biden administration and expose leaders in France, Canada, the U.S., EU, and Israel.

In the shadows, military courts and The Alliance silently observe, as the collapse inexorably lays the groundwork for a military intervention—a long-overdue day of reckoning for governments involved in global plandemic schemes, money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and the instigation of proxy wars.

We stand on the precipice of an impending catastrophic event, a collapse of never-before-seen magnitude, catching unsuspecting U.S. citizens ill-prepared for the imminent chaos.

Yet, for those who have
meticulously followed the signs,

these events were foreseen from afar.

What lurks beneath this looming collapse holds a profound connection—a systematic dismantling of the NATO and UN powers that perpetuate human trafficking, orchestrate world wars, and maintain control over global banks and the depleted U.S. Treasury system.

This intricate web, woven by the oppressive Rockefeller-Rothschilds deep state cabal, is gradually coming undone, with the revelations of Jeffrey Epstein just scratching the surface.

In the depths of military intelligence lie the McAfee servers, holding terabytes of corruption data that expose worldwide child trafficking rings, illicit arms trades, and global drug cartels.

The truth cannot remain hidden any longer!

Behind closed doors, astonishing alliances are forming. Germany has forged deals with China and Russia, while Poland clandestinely joins both superpowers—a secret pact that Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, and others are also part of.

Under the umbrella of the EU BRICS alliance, their banks pave the way for a subsidiary system, aiming to expose the corrupt EU establishment and dismantle the NATO and UN powers.

The truth shall be captured on film, leaving no room for denial.

They can no longer bury the truth.

The triumph of truth is imminent.

Trust the master plan.

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The UK
is Unlawfully in the
World Health Organisation!

The Expose
24th – January – 2024

writes Dr Tess Lawrie, she added …

“ … good News:

The UK’s membership of the WHO
seems to be unlawful and legal action is pending”

Dr Lawrie continues
“This detailed research document underpinning the case
is authored by
The Peoples Lawyers.”
You can find out more about their case here.

Dr Lawrie has published the document in full to inform lawyers in other countries wishing to take similar actions.

It is only right that we at the Expose, do the same!

The following was published in Dr Tess Lawries’ Substack.

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Newly leaked data
shows just how dangerous
the COVID vaccines are

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Throughout my lifetime, I have heard people claim that the future will bring better technology and that science will make the world a better place and solve all our problems.

Yet, again and again, these promises fail to materialize, and we are perpetually stuck waiting for science’s promised future.

In many cases however, the technology was in fact developed.

The problem however was that the technology’s development threatened someone’s ability to make money (or gain power) so the technology was buried and never saw the light of day.

For example, throughout COVID-19 we heard numerous promises that a solution to the pandemic was around the corner (e.g., the miraculous vaccines) yet each time an un-patentable solution (e.g., ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine) was found, the pandemic-industrial-complex ruthless suppressed it to ensure their grift could continue. 

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UK Gov’t Bombshell:
“Over one million vaxxed
have died this year”

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Shot Dead
The Movie

This is the movie
we wish we didn’t have to make.

But this is a movie everyone needs to see.

For the first time ever, hear the stories of covid shot deaths as told by the parents who lost their children.

Hear from the families brave enough to speak up and admit that the shot killed their children.

Hear from the ones who have refused to keep quiet.

We all know that there are so many
who have sold out to pharma,
denying that their loved ones
were hurt or killed by the shots.

But there is no amount of money
or threats that can keep these parents
from speaking truth in honor of their children
…and so this doesn’t happen to one more child.

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Barry Young is a Whistleblower in New Zeeland that shows all the date on death after getting the jab.

He worked with a pay system program that gives money for every jab given.

In that program he noticed that many died shortly after the jab, Now he gives this information to the people.

He is risking jail for a long time.

This information will if going viral stop WHO and stop the jabs for all time! BUT if you don´t share there is no enlightenment in this!!!

James Freeman is an International Liaison at the World Council for Health, a former Member of European Parliament, and prior to politics was Head of UK Trade and Business Inflation at the Office for National Statistics.

James also has a masters degree in Psychology and plans use his unique set of skills to debunk the establishment’s narrative and wake-up the masses.

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Alex Jones
New Zealand whistleblower

Barry Young,
along with
Steve Kirsch

& Liz Gunn

Freed New Zealand whistleblower
gives first major interview after
exposing killer COVID jabs

  Link to longer
original article HERE

On 30 November 2023, entrepreneur Steve Kirsch gave a talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, claiming that New Zealand data showed COVID-19 vaccines have “killed over 10 million worldwide”.

Kirsch, who had been invited to speak by the student group MIT Students for Open Inquiry, has a record of propagating vaccine misinformation.

As documented in previous reviews by Health Feedback, Kirsch’s claims frequently rely on methodologically flawed analyses.

The video recording of Kirsch’s talk has been archived here and the slides he presented during the talk can be found here.

The Rumble video of the talk has been viewed more than 217,000 times.

The New Zealand data used by Kirsch turned out to be personal health information taken from government databases without authorization by Barry White, a database administrator who worked for Te Whatu Ora, New Zealand’s public health agency.

The New Zealand Herald reported that White was arrested on 3 December 2023 in connection with the privacy breach and has been charged with “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes”.

Prior to his arrest, White had appeared in a video with Liz Gunn, a former TV presenter and anti-vaccine campaigner, which revealed that he had taken the data from the database.

Kirsch uploaded the illegally acquired data online and signaled to his Substack readers that they could download the data for themselves, although he also claimed to have anonymized the data.

Te Whatu Ora has since been granted an injunction to prevent any publication of the data to protect the privacy of those affected by the breach.

Kirsch and other individuals have had their accounts on private hosting services taken down after using these services to host the data.

In this review, we examine the claims made by Kirsch and explain why the claims cannot be substantiated by the New Zealand data that he obtained.

We will also present the evidence showing that, contrary to the claim, COVID-19 vaccination isn’t responsible for “millions of deaths worldwide”.


  Link to longer
original article HERE

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WELLINGTON, New Zealand (LifeSiteNews) — A whistleblower who published alleged government data about excess deaths and their relation to the COVID jabs has been arrested and faces up to seven years in prison.

Barry Young, a data analyst and, until recently, an employee at the New Zealand public health agency Te Whatu Ora, was arrested and charged with “accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes,” 1news reported.

Shortly after being released from jail on bail, Young gave an interview to InfoWars host Alex Jones, in which he detailed his arrest. The whistleblower said that eight policemen arrived at his house while he was not home, “busted in the door,” and “thrashed the place,” apparently searching for evidence. When Young arrived at the scene in his car, the policemen surrounded his vehicle, dragged him out, put handcuffs on him, and took him away in a police car.

“It was like the Gestapo, honestly, it was awful,” Young recalled.

READ: New Zealand’s former COVID tyrant Jacinda Ardern appointed to censorship role at Harvard

Young was greeted by cheering supporters when he arrived in Wellington District Court to face his charges. According to The National Desk, Young could face up to seven years in prison for his offense.

A few days before his arrest, a video featuring Young and Liz Gunn, the leader of the NZ Loyal Party and outspoken critic of the COVID shots, was published on Rumble. In the video, Young shows data that he says he acquired from a government database that points to a correlation between excess deaths and the COVID jabs.

Young highlighted several tables to demonstrate a link between excess deaths in New Zealand and the rollout of the COVID jab campaign. According to official government data, over 90% of New Zealanders over the age of 12 have received the COVID shots.

In one of the tables, Young pointed out specific batches of the COVID-19 jabs that were related to an exceptionally high death count. According to this data, between 4.52% and 21.38% of recipients of these batches have died since getting the shots. Young explained that the underlying mortality rate should only be 0.75%, meaning that it would be expected that around 0.75% of people have died of various causes since receiving the jab. According to the whistleblower, these batches were administrated across all age groups, so mortality rates above 0.75% are cause for concern.

At the bottom of the table, Young stated that “Chances of these batches not being a Killer are 100 billion to one!” highlighting that it would be highly improbable that the high number of deaths is just a coincidence.

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What Is Coming:
Emergency Broadcast System
to Activate Martial Law,
GESARA Announced,
and the World Entering
the 5th Dimension!

December 13th 2023

The world as we know it is on the brink of a transformation so profound, it will rewrite the very fabric of our society. This isn’t just another news story; this is the revelation of a lifetime. The plan, meticulously orchestrated and hidden in plain sight, is about to unfold. It involves the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), Martial Law, the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (GESARA), and much more.

Firstly, let’s talk about the EBS and Martial Law. The EBS, long thought to be a tool for national emergencies, is set to play a pivotal role in this grand scheme. It’s expected to be the primary channel for announcing major changes, possibly including the implementation of Martial Law. This isn’t a drill or a mere speculation; this is a calculated move in a game of chess that’s been played in the shadows for decades.

Then comes the GESARA announcement, a moment that will mark the beginning of a new era. GESARA isn’t just a policy change; it’s a complete overhaul of the global financial system. It’s about rectifying centuries of financial injustices and returning power to the people. The Deep State Cabal, which has controlled the world’s wealth and resources, is about to be dethroned. This is not a bailout or a handout; it’s justice.

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What Is Coming:
Emergency Broadcast System
to Activate Martial Law,
GESARA Announced,
and the World Entering
the 5th Dimension!

December 13th 2023

The world as we know it is on the brink of a transformation so profound, it will rewrite the very fabric of our society. This isn’t just another news story; this is the revelation of a lifetime. The plan, meticulously orchestrated and hidden in plain sight, is about to unfold. It involves the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), Martial Law, the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act (GESARA), and much more.

Firstly, let’s talk about the EBS and Martial Law. The EBS, long thought to be a tool for national emergencies, is set to play a pivotal role in this grand scheme. It’s expected to be the primary channel for announcing major changes, possibly including the implementation of Martial Law. This isn’t a drill or a mere speculation; this is a calculated move in a game of chess that’s been played in the shadows for decades.

Then comes the GESARA announcement, a moment that will mark the beginning of a new era. GESARA isn’t just a policy change; it’s a complete overhaul of the global financial system. It’s about rectifying centuries of financial injustices and returning power to the people. The Deep State Cabal, which has controlled the world’s wealth and resources, is about to be dethroned. This is not a bailout or a handout; it’s justice.

The Redemption Centers, which everyone must pass through, are not just for those holding bonds and foreign currencies. They are the gateways to a new world, where the truth will be revealed in the “Disclosures.” These centers will expose the heinous crimes of the elite, including child trafficking and other unspeakable acts. The videos of Military Tribunals and Public Executions will be a testament to the end of an era of corruption and deceit.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is the cornerstone of this new world. It’s a system so advanced, it can detect and prevent crimes against humanity in real-time. This isn’t science fiction; this is the future of banking. The QFS will ensure that the wealth of the world is used for the good of humanity, not for the greed of a few.

The new Rainbow Currency, ready to be released, is the symbol of this new era. It represents transparency, equality, and prosperity for all. Your funds, including your 401k and other retirement funds, are safe and have already been transferred to the QFS. Beware of scams telling you otherwise; your financial security is a top priority in this new system.

The leveling of the playing field will be revolutionary. Debts will be wiped clean, credit scores will become irrelevant, and financial freedom will be the new norm. Student loans, credit cards, car notes, mortgages, and even past IRS payments will be settled. This is the debt jubilee we’ve been waiting for.

But it’s not just about financial liberation. This change signifies a shift to a higher consciousness, the 5th Dimension, where love and unity will prevail. The 4-day workweeks, the ease of life on the 5D New Earth, are just glimpses of what’s to come. We are transitioning from a world of debt and slavery to one of freedom and sovereignty

This transformation began with the farmers, who are now being compensated with $800 million. It’s a symbolic gesture, acknowledging the roots of this movement and the beginning of the end for the Deep State Cabal’s Central Banking System.

For those reliant on Social Security, a windfall awaits. Soon, beneficiaries will receive up to three times their current amount, potentially up to $5,000 a month. This isn’t just a minor policy adjustment; it’s a financial revolution, ensuring comfort and security in retirement years, previously unheard of.

The reduction of the retirement age to 60, possibly 62, is more than a mere tweaking of numbers. It’s a radical rethinking of our work-life balance, acknowledging the value of our senior years and granting millions the freedom to enjoy life earlier.

But this transformation goes beyond individual finances. It’s a societal overhaul, where care and compassion are not just buzzwords but the cornerstones of our new reality. The commitment to eradicate homelessness, particularly among veterans and the mentally ill, speaks volumes. This isn’t just about providing a roof; it’s about restoring dignity and offering a helping hand to those who have served and suffered.

In the near future, we’re not just looking at incremental changes. We’re on the cusp of a new era, where the structures that have long governed our lives are dismantled and reimagined. The IRS, a symbol of bureaucratic control and complexity, is on its way out, marking the end of an era of convoluted tax systems.

The real estate market, long a source of financial stress for many, is set to undergo a radical transformation. Imagine a world where housing prices revert to those of 1955, making home ownership accessible to all. This isn’t just a market correction; it’s a societal reset, ensuring that the basic need for shelter is affordable for everyone.

But the changes don’t stop there. We’re entering an era where our energy needs are met not just efficiently but freely, thanks to Starlink and Tesla energy innovations. This is a game-changer, not just for household budgets but for our relationship with the environment.

The healthcare landscape is poised for an unprecedented transformation. The end of Big Pharma as we know it marks the collapse of a giant that has long dominated our health choices. In its place, we’re looking at a future where hospitals and traditional care facilities become obsolete, replaced by Military Med beds and groundbreaking cures, unlocked from Nikola Tesla’s vault of 6,000 patents.

These Med Beds, under the stewardship of the Military Secret Space Force Program, signify a leap in medical technology and accessibility. The notion that the rescued and trafficked children have already benefited from this technology is a testament to its potential.

Every single industry, from finance to education, from government to tech, is undergoing a radical overhaul. We’re not just evolving; we’re leaping into a new dimension – a 5D World, a Golden Era that promises equality, sustainability, and prosperity.

This new world order isn’t just about financial and technological advancements. It’s a cultural and social revolution. The move towards 4-day workweeks and a focus on creative and humanitarian projects represents a shift in our value system, prioritizing well-being and fulfillment over relentless productivity.

In this new era, the societal hierarchy is dismantled. Single mothers, the mentally ill, and the homeless are afforded the same respect and opportunities as celebrities and politicians. This is a world where kindness is the currency, and equality is not just a goal but a reality.

The transformation extends into our homes and communities. Parenting classes, a renewed focus on family values, and the de-weaponization of media mark a shift towards nurturing, supportive environments for all.

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Tokyo Police
American Embassy:

December 3rd 2023

The first Step in Trump’s
GESARA plan,
EBS activation,
and US Military’s new role!

The old world is crumbling,
and a new one is rising from its ashes.

Welcome to the
dawn of a new era.

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Tokyo Police
American Embassy:

The first Step in Trump’s
GESARA plan,
EBS activation,
and US Military’s new role!

In a striking turn of events, the world witnesses an unprecedented scene unfold in Tokyo.

On Sunday, December 3rd, a cavalcade of riot police cars storms into the heart of Japan’s capital, targeting none other than the American and British embassies, along with the hallowed Imperial Palace.

This brazen maneuver, captured live on YouTube, sends shockwaves across the globe.

What could possibly be the reason behind this audacious display of force by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department?

The scene is almost cinematic: a fleet of police vehicles, sirens blaring, converging upon these bastions of international diplomacy and Japanese heritage.

This isn’t your everyday police activity.

The entry of these forces into areas deemed extraterritorial, where even the local police dare not tread, speaks volumes.

This is no ordinary breach of protocol; this is a deliberate, calculated move.

But why?

Why would Tokyo’s finest suddenly decide to penetrate the American and British embassies, and even more intriguingly, the Imperial Palace?

The answer might lie in what wasn’t visible to the public eye.

The rumor mill suggests that this operation was a long time coming, a result of meticulous planning and coordination at the highest levels.

It whispers of significant arrests, of clandestine operations unfolding in the basements of these embassies, areas so secretive that not even embassy staff have access.

What secrets do these walls hide?

What prompted this sudden and aggressive incursion?

Parallel to this drama, a seismic event occurs.

The Philippines, rocked by a major earthquake, is on the brink of being hit by a massive tsunami.

The timing is uncanny. As the Japan Meteorological Agency scrambles with warnings and emergency calls, questions arise.

Is this natural disaster merely a coincidence, or is there something more sinister at play?

The plot thickens as we learn about the Filipino government’s decision to investigate the deaths of 327,000 of its citizens, allegedly linked to a certain injection.

The earthquake that follows seems almost too timely, a disruption that could be more than just a natural calamity.

Is this the last stand of a dwindling power, a desperate attempt to hold onto control?

And if that wasn’t enough, Indonesia’s Mount Marapi erupts, spewing volcanic smoke up to 15,000 meters high.

This isn’t just an isolated incident; it’s a pattern, a series of events that seem interconnected in a web of geopolitical intrigue and natural calamities.

The question on everyone’s mind is, how long will this go on? Are we witnessing the final chapters of a long, drawn-out struggle against unseen forces?

The events in Tokyo, the Philippines, and Indonesia might just be the tipping point, the moment where everything changes.

The dawn of a new era:
UBS American Group
aligns with
reformist US Military

On November 24th, 2022, a day that will be etched in history, the financial world as we knew it began to crumble. The Bank of Japan, a titan in the global financial arena, initiated its process of dissolution and liquidation around November 28th.

This wasn’t just a routine financial restructuring; it was the first domino in a series of events that are reshaping the world’s economic landscape.

Simultaneously, the world’s largest Swiss bank, UBS, also began its liquidation process.

This synchronized financial upheaval is no coincidence; it’s a calculated move in a much larger and more complex game.

The emergence of the UBS American Group, now in league with the reformist US military, is not just a rebranding exercise.

It’s a bold statement of a new power structure, a new way of governing financial and military might.

This is where the story takes a turn into the realm of what many would call the unbelievable – but the facts are right before our eyes.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), long a subject of whispers and conspiracy theories, is now at the forefront of this seismic shift.

We’ve uncovered that the EBS broadcasting team is undergoing a major overhaul.

This isn’t a simple change of personnel; it’s a strategic move to ensure the uninterrupted flow of information.

The American strategy of repeating an 8-hour video three times a day for 10 days is more than a broadcasting tactic.

It’s a methodical plan to ensure that the message – a message of monumental importance – is disseminated far and wide.

This transformation isn’t limited to the United States.

Countries around the globe, including Japan, are aligning with this new system. The EBS has reached its final stage, becoming a broadcast that you can’t afford to miss.

It’s not just about staying informed; it’s about understanding your role in this new world order.

The content of these broadcasts isn’t just news; it’s a directive, a call to action.

December 1st marked another critical juncture in this unfolding narrative.

The GESARA signing ceremony in Switzerland, attended by Mr. Trump, was more than a diplomatic event.

It was the official stamp on a new financial era.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is now the new gold standard, in compliance with Basel 3 regulations.

This shift signifies the end of traditional financial systems and the dawn of a new, transparent, and equitable financial era.

The reformist US military, under Trump’s leadership, is not just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

They are building a new ship, one that promises to navigate through the murky waters of past financial corruption and lead us into uncharted territories of fairness and transparency.

The dubious presidential election of November 3rd, 2020, is set to be exposed, unraveling a web of deceit that has ensnared the global populace for far too long.

As we approach December 4th, the question on everyone’s lips is whether EBS will become fully operational.

This isn’t just about a broadcasting system; it’s the herald of a new epoch.

This is about the unveiling of a reality that has been hidden under layers of manipulation and deceit.

It’s about the birth of a new world where truth is not just spoken but lived.

This is not mere speculation.

This is the reality unfolding before our very eyes. The financial world is being reborn, and with it, a new global order is emerging.

This is a time of awakening, a time to be alert and prepared for the changes that are sweeping across the globe.

The countdown has begun, and the future is unfolding right now.

Stay informed, stay vigilant, and be part of this historic transformation.

The old world is crumbling,
and a new one is rising from its ashes.

Welcome to the
dawn of a new era.

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December 1st EBS:
exposing political satanists,
revealing Rothschild Rockefeller collapse
JFK’s dream of true peace
and activating NESARA!

As the dawn of December 1st approaches,
the air is thick with anticipation.

The EBS Gyokuon Gokuraku Broadcasting
is set to go live,
heralding a seismic shift
in our world.

This isn’t just another media event; it’s the precursor to a transformation where love, light, peace, and harmony will reign supreme among us humans. The significance of this moment cannot be overstated.

Let’s rewind to a pivotal moment in history, a moment that resonates with the same fervor of change and hope.

On June 10, 1963, President JFK, in his graduation speech at American University, laid down a vision so profound, so far-reaching, that it echoes through the corridors of time.

His words weren’t just rhetoric; they were a clarion call for a new era of peace, not just in America but across the globe.

This wasn’t just a speech;
it was a blueprint for a future
where humanity could thrive in harmony.

But beneath this veneer of hope, a darker narrative was unfolding, one that has been meticulously kept away from the public eye.

The Rothschild Rockefeller, yielding to the nefarious designs of the Khazarian Jewish mafia, has been orchestrating events from Ukraine to Palestine, and then to the Corona crisis, setting the stage for what could be the third World War.

This isn’t just speculation; it’s a pattern, a design woven into the fabric of global events, steering us towards chaos.

In this grand scheme, entities like the Illuminati, the Vatican, the British Royal Family, and the Emperor’s Zaibatsu aren’t just passive observers; they are active participants.

Their influence, often dismissed as the stuff of legends, is very much real and potent.

They aren’t just power players;
they are the architects of a
world order that thrives on
conflict and division.

But let’s not lose sight of the essence of JFK’s message – the pursuit of true peace.

It’s a concept that seems almost utopian in today’s world, where cynicism has replaced optimism, where the idea of lasting peace is scoffed at as naïve.

Yet, JFK’s vision was clear – peace is not just a fleeting moment of tranquility; it’s a sustained state of existence, a world where conflicts are resolved not with arms but with tolerance and fairness.

Fast forward to the present, and we find ourselves at a crossroads.

Rumors are swirling about NESARA being activated in states like Georgia, Florida, Maryland, and California.

Reports of financial aid being distributed to the needy are emerging, painting a picture of a world where economic disparities are being addressed, where the forgotten are being remembered.

This isn’t just a policy shift; it’s a paradigm shift, a step towards realizing the world JFK envisioned.

But as we navigate these changes, a sinister plot is unfolding. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, has openly declared a war of financial dominance.

His threats of imposing sanctions and withdrawing funds aren’t just economic strategies; they are weapons of control, tools to enforce compliance and submission.

This is financial slavery in its most blatant form, a clear manifestation of the dark forces at play, forces that seek to control not just economies but the very essence of human freedom.

Schwab’s plans don’t stop at financial manipulation.

The agenda to implant microchips in humans, to turn them into programmable entities, is not just a dystopian nightmare; it’s a reality that’s being quietly rolled out.

This is about more than just surveillance; it’s about control, about reducing humans to mere cogs in a machine, devoid of free will and autonomy.

At the heart of this narrative
is the alarming revelation
that humanity is being covertly
led into occult Satanism.

This isn’t just a baseless claim; it’s a conclusion drawn from a series of interconnected events and decisions made by those in power.

The so-called Future Party, far from being a beacon of progress, is alleged to be nothing more than a front for devil-worshiping cults, where the devil himself is said to prolong his life through unspeakable means.

The DS, a term that has been whispered in hushed tones in certain circles, is reportedly at the forefront of these nefarious activities. Their reach is global, and their methods are chillingly effective.

In parts of the world like Sweden and Scandinavia, experiments to implant microchips in humans have already been conducted.

These aren’t just any humans;
these are key figures in the DS,
now walking among us
with microchips embedded
in their arms.

This technology isn’t just for tracking or surveillance; it’s far more insidious.

At international conferences, the DS has used this technology to manipulate news and events to their advantage.

Even more disturbing is the claim that cloned humans, a concept straight out of science fiction, are being used by the DS.

When these clones are arrested, the implanted microchips are activated, causing them to vanish without a trace, erasing any evidence of their existence.

But there’s a glimmer of hope
in this dark tale.

The reformed US military is said to have completely shut down the DS’s plan to enslave humanity.

A new dawn is on the horizon, a dawn that only a select few are aware of.

This isn’t just a change; it’s a revolution, a seismic shift that will redefine our world.

In the realm of global finance,
a monumental transformation is underway.

The GCR, guided by the reformed US military, is set to dismantle the vast financial empire built by the Rothschild family.

This isn’t just about economic reform; it’s about breaking free from the chains of financial control that have long bound nations and individuals alike.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, both creations of the Rothschilds, have already concluded their last meeting.

The message is clear:
their game is already over.

The central banks, long considered untouchable pillars of the global financial system, are next in line.

The collapse of these institutions will have far-reaching consequences, reshaping economies and societies.

In Japan, the involvement of the Rothschild family in the Bank of Japan is a closely guarded secret, with claims that they own a significant portion of the bank’s shares.

This isn’t just a financial issue; it’s a matter of national sovereignty.

As we brace ourselves for what’s to come,
the schedule for the next week is crucial.

Starting from December 1st,
a wave of change is set to begin.

The broadcast of
EBS Gyokuon Gokuraku,
initially slated for November 23rd,
is more than just a media event;
it’s a psychological operation
against the remnants of the DS.

By December 2nd, this wave is expected to reach Japan, bringing with it a shockwave that will awaken those who have been in slumber.

This isn’t just about staying informed; it’s about being prepared for a future that’s radically different from our present.

As we share this Intel information, we’re not just passively observing; we’re actively participating in a historic moment.

December 1st isn’t just another day;
it’s a symbol of the change that’s upon us.

Let’s not just watch from the sidelines;
let’s be part of this monumental shift.

The future is here, and it’s
nothing like we’ve ever seen before.

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Global Currency Reset and
ISO20022 System Activation
A revolutionary shift
in global finance!

November 24 2023

Thursday morning, November 23, 2023, dawned with a sense of urgency and an undercurrent of tension that could be felt across the globe. The world as we knew it was teetering on the brink of monumental change, a change so profound that its ripples would be felt for generations to come. This wasn’t just another day; it was a day that would be etched in history, a day where the hidden truths and the silent battles fought in the shadows would finally come to light.

Let’s cut through the noise and focus on the hard-hitting facts. Banks around the world are bankrupt. This isn’t mere speculation; it’s a reality that’s been cleverly masked by those in power. But why? The answer lies in the ongoing war in Ukraine, a war that’s not just a geopolitical conflict but a battleground for financial dominance.

The Army and National Guard have been on high alert, a move that speaks volumes about the severity of the situation. This isn’t just about national security; it’s about safeguarding a financial revolution. On Sunday, November 19, 2023, a global currency reset was set to occur. This wasn’t just another financial adjustment; it was a complete overhaul of the existing system, a system that has been manipulated and controlled by a select few for far too long.

But let’s delve deeper. The war in Palestine and Israel, often portrayed as a mere regional conflict, is in reality a battle between good and evil, with both sides committing atrocities. This isn’t just a fight for land; it’s a fight for control, a fight that’s been raging for decades, hidden from the public eye.

The significance of Wednesday, November 22nd, cannot be overstated. It marked the 60th anniversary of JFK’s assassination and the 113th anniversary of the collapse of the Federal Reserve System with the activation of the GCR. This date was chosen for a reason; it symbolizes the end of an era of deception and the beginning of a new era of transparency and truth.

The military’s activation of its global emergency broadcast system on the same day was no coincidence. It was a calculated move, a signal to those in the know that the time for change had arrived. The Odin Project, controlled by the White Hat Global Alliance, is at the forefront of this change. This isn’t just a project; it’s a movement, a movement to reclaim power from the hands of the corrupt and return it to the people.

The military and police exercises around the Capitol since Sunday, November 19, were not routine; they were preparations for something much bigger. The movement of US troops towards the East Coast and the high alert status of the National Guard across the country are clear indicators that we are on the cusp of a major event.

The United States’ high alert status in preparation for riots caused by immigrant sleeper cells is a stark reminder of the deep-seated issues plaguing our society. The use of all hotel space in New York by the National Guard is not just a logistical move; it’s a strategic positioning in anticipation of what’s to come.

The 60th anniversary of JFK’s assassination and the 113th anniversary of the start of the cartel known as the Federal Reserve System are more than just historical dates; they are symbols of the struggle against a system designed to control and manipulate.

The announcement by the White Hats using three different emergency systems was a bold move, a declaration of intent to break free from the shackles of the old system. The rounding of the Iraqi Dinar and the green light for the world currency reset are not just financial adjustments; they are the first steps towards a new world order, a world where power is distributed fairly and justly.

The global currency reset that took place on November 19th may not have been announced yet, but its effects are already being felt. NESARA/GESARA, though still unannounced, is a key component of this new world order.

The deep state’s plans have been countered by the White Hats through game theory strategies, turning LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, antifa, and woke liberals against Biden. This isn’t just a political move; it’s a strategic play to dismantle the deep state’s control.

The DAVOS Deep State Plan and the simultaneous rejection of war by the LGBTQ, antifa, Black Lives Matter, and “woke” liberal communities are not just social movements; they are rebellions against the old guard, against a system that has long exploited and oppressed.

The largest protests and riots against Biden’s Mandatory Draft in 2024 are not just expressions of discontent; they are the voices of a population that has been silenced for too long, a population that is now rising up to reclaim its power.

The timeline for restoring the Republic is clear. The 113-year-old cartel known as the Federal Reserve System is coming to an end. The green light for the global currency reset and the release of the ISO20022 World Financial System are just the beginning.

The devaluation of US Treasury bonds, the bankruptcy of banks worldwide, and the beginning of the Odin Project are not just financial events; they are the dismantling of a corrupt system.

The potential start of World War 3, the end of the exchange period, and the establishment of global gold/asset-backed currencies are not just economic adjustments; they are the foundation of a new world order, a world where power is no longer concentrated in the hands of a few, but distributed among the many.

In the US, the significant increase in Social Security benefits and the start of SS R&R payments are not just social welfare measures; they are the redistribution of wealth, a move towards a more equitable and just society.

This isn’t just another conspiracy theory; this is the unveiling of a truth that has been hidden for far too long. The time for change is now, and the world is watching.

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The new Global Financial System
operating on the
Star Link Satellite System:
By Sunday, November 19, 2023
all banks must be compliant
with Basel 3 and ISO 20022!

In just a few short days, the global financial landscape is set to undergo a seismic shift.

By Sunday, November 19, all banks worldwide must be fully compliant with Basel 3 and ISO20022 standards, or face the dire consequence of being stripped of their banking privileges.

The stage is set for a financial revolution of unprecedented proportions, fuelled by the relentless march of technology.

In this article, we will delve deep into the significance of these compliance requirements and the transformative potential they hold for the Global Financial System, which now operates on the cutting-edge Star Link Satellite System.

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The new Global Financial System
operating on the
Star Link Satellite System:
By Sunday, November 19, 2023
all banks must be compliant
with Basel 3 and ISO 20022!

In just a few short days, the global financial landscape is set to undergo a seismic shift.

By Sunday, November 19, all banks worldwide must be fully compliant with Basel 3 and ISO20022 standards, or face the dire consequence of being stripped of their banking privileges.

The stage is set for a financial revolution of unprecedented proportions, fuelled by the relentless march of technology.

In this article, we will delve deep into the significance of these compliance requirements and the transformative potential they hold for the Global Financial System, which now operates on the cutting-edge Star Link Satellite System.

The Countdown to Compliance: Basel 3 and ISO20022 As the world hurtles towards November 19, a date etched into the calendars of financial institutions worldwide, the tension in the banking sector is palpable.

Basel 3 and ISO20022, two terms that have been whispered and debated in boardrooms and financial conferences for years, are finally taking center stage.

But what do these two regulatory standards entail, and why are they causing such a stir?

Basel 3: The Beacon of Financial Stability Basel 3, introduced by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, is a comprehensive set of international banking regulations designed to enhance the stability of the global financial system.

Its primary goal is to prevent a repeat of the catastrophic financial crises that rocked the world in 2008.

One of the key features of Basel 3 is the requirement for banks to maintain higher capital reserves.

This ensures that banks are better prepared to weather economic downturns, reducing the likelihood of taxpayer-funded bailouts.

The regulation also introduces more stringent liquidity requirements, making it essential for banks to have sufficient readily-available assets to meet their short-term obligations.

Failure to comply with Basel 3
will result in a harsh penalty –
the inability to operate as a bank.

For institutions accustomed to navigating the complex seas of global finance, this is nothing short of a cataclysmic outcome.

ISO20022: The Language of Modern Finance While Basel 3 focuses on the stability of financial institutions, ISO20022 tackles the way they communicate.

ISO20022 is a globally recognized standard for financial information, a lingua franca for transactions in the modern financial world.

It promises to revolutionize the way financial information is exchanged, bringing with it the potential for unparalleled efficiency and risk reduction.

At its core, ISO20022 offers a standardized data format for financial messaging.

This means that whether you’re a bank in New York, a fintech startup in Singapore, or a payment service provider in London, you’ll be speaking the same financial language.

This standardization simplifies transactions, reduces errors, and enables faster, more secure exchanges of information.

The Aggressive Transformation: Basel 3 and ISO20022

Now that we’ve grasped the essentials of Basel 3 and ISO20022, it’s time to dive into the transformative potential they hold.

Basel 3: A Financial Fortress Imagine a world where banks are no longer teetering on the brink of collapse during economic downturns.

Picture a financial system where taxpayers are not forced to bear the brunt of financial mismanagement.

Basel 3 aims to make these dreams a reality.

By mandating higher capital reserves and stricter liquidity requirements, Basel 3 is constructing a financial fortress around the global banking system.

It’s an aggressive move towards ensuring that banks are more robust and resilient.

This translates to fewer bank failures, fewer government bailouts, and ultimately, a more stable financial world.

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The aggressive tone here is intentional. Basel 3 is not a mere guideline; it’s a demand for change, an ultimatum to the banking sector.

Compliance is non-negotiable,
and the consequences
of non-compliance are severe.

ISO20022: A Revolution in Financial Communication Now, let’s shift our focus to ISO20022, the catalyst for a communication revolution in the financial industry.

In an era where the speed of financial transactions can mean the difference between profit and loss, ISO20022 promises to be a game-changer.

Its standardized data format ensures that data flows seamlessly between financial institutions, reducing friction and enabling swift decision-making.

The aggressive nature of ISO20022 lies in its potential to disrupt traditional banking practices.

It challenges established systems and demands that they adapt to a more efficient and secure way of doing business.

Banks that fail to embrace ISO20022 will find themselves lagging behind, unable to keep up with the agile fintech disruptors that are quick to adopt this new standard.

The Star Link Satellite System:

A Technological Marvel One cannot discuss the aggressive transformation of the Global Financial System without mentioning the Star Link Satellite System.

This groundbreaking technology, developed by SpaceX, is the backbone of the new financial world order.

The Star Link Satellite System provides a global network that ensures seamless and secure communication for financial institutions.

It’s the infrastructure that enables the efficient implementation of ISO20022 and the secure exchange of data required by Basel 3.

Without the Star Link Satellite System, this aggressive transformation would not be possible on a global scale.

Conclusion: Embrace the Revolution or Face Extinction In the coming days, the world will witness the culmination of years of regulatory development and technological advancement.

Basel 3 and ISO20022 are the cornerstones of an aggressive transformation that will reshape the financial industry. The message is clear: Compliance with these standards is not optional.

Banks that fail to embrace this revolution risk being left behind, unable to compete in the new financial landscape.

The aggressive tone of these changes reflects the urgency and importance of the moment. As the clock ticks down to November 19, the financial world is on the brink of a new era.

It’s a time of aggressive transformation, a time when adaptability and innovation will determine the survival of financial institutions.

Embrace the revolution,
or face extinction.

The choice is clear.

The aggressive transformation brought by Basel 3 and ISO20022 is not a gradual process.

It’s an impending storm, and the deadline is November 19, 2023

Banks around the world are racing against time to ensure compliance.

The consequences of failure are dire, and there’s no room for error.

As this critical date approaches, the spotlight is on financial institutions of all sizes.

Compliance teams are working round the clock to implement the necessary changes, upgrade systems, and train staff.

It’s a race against time, but it’s also an opportunity for banks to demonstrate their commitment to financial stability and innovation.

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In a monumental shift towards financial stability, transparency, and decentralization, America is ushering in a new era where the US dollar reclaims its intrinsic value, firmly anchored and backed by the timeless allure of gold and silver within the revolutionary Quantum Financial System (QFS).

This transformative step not only rekindles faith in the nation's currency but also marks the dissolution of the Federal Reserve, symbolizing a departure from an era marred by corruption, money laundering, and the unchecked proliferation of paper money.

With this bold move, America paves the way for a future where integrity, character, and fiscal responsibility become the cornerstones of its economic landscape, ensuring that the lessons of history are heeded, and the foundation for enduring financial prosperity is laid.

In a world where the financial landscape is constantly evolving, America's decision to embrace the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and tie its currency to the enduring value of gold and silver is nothing short of monumental.

This pivotal shift signifies a return to the fundamental principles that underpin a stable economy - stability, transparency, and decentralization.

By anchoring the US dollar to tangible assets, the nation not only reaffirms its commitment to financial stability but also signifies a resounding departure from the era of the Federal Reserve, a period tainted by financial misconduct and unchecked fiat money creation.

This transition represents a rekindling of trust in the US dollar, as it transforms from a mere piece of paper into a symbol of enduring worth.

As the QFS takes center stage, the financial system becomes more transparent, and the potential for corruption diminishes significantly.

This shift heralds a new dawn, where the nation's economic landscape is built on a foundation of integrity and character.

It is a bold step that not only learns from the lessons of history but also ensures that future generations are equipped with the tools needed for lasting financial prosperity.

In this new era, fiscal responsibility becomes more than just a catchphrase; it becomes the cornerstone of economic policy.

The emphasis on tangible assets like gold and silver adds depth and substance to the currency, reinforcing its intrinsic value.

As the Federal Reserve has been dissolved, the unchecked proliferation of paper money comes to an end, and the financial system gains a new level of accountability.

With this transformation, America sets an example for the world, showing that a commitment to transparency, integrity, and decentralization can pave the way for a more prosperous and stable financial future, where the currency reflects the nation's character and the values it holds dear.

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Jesus at the Temple

Jesus entered the temple courts and
drove out all who were buying and selling there.

He overturned the tables of the money changers
and the benches of those selling doves.

“It is written,” he said to them,
“‘My house will be called a house of prayer,
but you are making it a den of robbers.’

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10 days of darkness
The Khazarian Mafia’s master plan
for World Domination!
“The world will never be the same!

In the murky depths of our world’s history, there lies a truth so potent, so unnervingly real, it’s been kept from the masses like a guarded treasure.

Today, we’re not just scratching the surface; we’re tearing it apart to reveal the raw, unfiltered saga of the Kazarian civilization – a saga that’s been meticulously erased, yet its echoes shape our very existence.

Picture this: a civilization, the Kazarians, thriving in the shadows between Russia and Ukraine, harboring a secret so vile, it chills the blood.

These weren’t mere mortals; they were devotees of Lucifer/Baal, cloaked in the guise of Judaism, a masterful deception to conceal their true allegiance.

This revelation isn’t just disturbing; it’s a seismic jolt to our understanding of history.

Fast forward to the Bolshevik revolution,
a bloodbath, orchestrated by these very
masquerading as Jews.

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10 days of darkness
The Khazarian Mafia’s master plan
for World Domination!
“The world will never be the same!

In the murky depths of our world’s history, there lies a truth so potent, so unnervingly real, it’s been kept from the masses like a guarded treasure.

Today, we’re not just scratching the surface; we’re tearing it apart to reveal the raw, unfiltered saga of the Kazarian civilization – a saga that’s been meticulously erased, yet its echoes shape our very existence.

Picture this: a civilization, the Kazarians, thriving in the shadows between Russia and Ukraine, harboring a secret so vile, it chills the blood.

These weren’t mere mortals; they were devotees of Lucifer/Baal, cloaked in the guise of Judaism, a masterful deception to conceal their true allegiance.

This revelation isn’t just disturbing; it’s a seismic jolt to our understanding of history.

Fast forward to the Bolshevik revolution,
a bloodbath, orchestrated by these very
masquerading as Jews.

Over 30 million souls perished, a staggering toll that’s more than just a number; it’s a testament to the ruthless ambition of a shadowy empire.

But the story
doesn’t end there.

These impostors, these wolves in sheep’s clothing, found their way into the heart of Israel during its formation, a strategic move that would alter the course of history.

As the world’s gaze was locked on Russia’s stringent emigration policies, these Kazarian Bolsheviks, Zionists, and faux Jews melded into Israeli society, their influence seeping into the Mossad.

This wasn’t just immigration; it was an infiltration, a silent coup.

Now, let’s delve deeper
into the abyss.

The cries of anti-Semitism that reverberate through our media – have you ever stopped to question their origin?

Is it possible that these cries are a diversion, a smokescreen crafted by those with skeletons in their closets?

The reach of this clandestine empire is vast, ensnaring the Illuminati, global politicians, Hollywood moguls, corporate giants, the justice system, and even the Democratic Party.

This isn’t a mere network; it’s an octopus, its tentacles squeezing the life out of truth and justice.

And then, the revelation that sends shivers down the spine.

The Clintons, Obamas,
and key Congressional figures,
entwined with global elites,
are not just power players;
they are alleged acolytes of Satan.

Their alleged crimes are not for the faint-hearted – pedophilia, organ harvesting, adrenochrome extraction, child sacrifice – all part of an international child sex trafficking ring, purportedly run from the dark corridors of the Vatican.

The UN, UK Royalty, the Vatican, the Khazarian Mafia, the Deep State Cabal, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Federal Reserve, the IRS – they’re all pieces of a diabolical puzzle, a grand scheme to erode America from within.

This isn’t just corruption; it’s an orchestrated apocalypse of morality and freedom.

In this nightmarish reality, there emerges a figure, a lone warrior aware of the monstrous enemy he faces.

He knew the depth of their evil, the breadth of their influence.

But he also knew he had a divine mission, a calling to stand as a bulwark against this tide of darkness.

The Kazarian saga is a chilling reminder that history is not a series of coincidences; it’s a script written by those who operate from the shadows.

But as we rip off the veil of deceit, as we expose the hidden truths, we take a crucial step towards reclaiming our destiny.

Be vigilant, be informed, for in this battle of light versus darkness, truth is our greatest weapon. And remember, in this grand game of power, every move, every revelation, every moment of awakening counts.

The 10-day blackout
that will change everything!

We’re diving headfirst into a reality that’s about to hit us like a freight train.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) isn’t just a blip on the radar; it’s the storm that’s been brewing on the horizon, ready to unleash a torrent of truths that many aren’t prepared to handle.

For a solid 10 days,
our lives will be hijacked by
what’s being called “DARKNESS.”

This isn’t your typical media blackout or a glitch in the system.

This is a calculated, deliberate move to shake the foundations of our so-called civilized world.

The EBS will be our only window to a series of revelations so jarring, they’ll make the most scandalous tabloid fodder look like child’s play.

For 10 days,
we’ll be force-fed
a diet of hard truths,

This isn’t entertainment; it’s an education in reality – the kind that leaves a bitter aftertaste.

We’re not just going to watch movies; we’re going to see the masks fall off, revealing the grotesque faces of those who’ve been puppeteering our society from the shadows.

In essence, the EBS phenomenon is a wake-up call, a siren blaring in the dead of night.

It’s a call to arms for those who’ve been seeking the truth, and a nightmare come to life for those who’ve been hiding from it.

As we brace ourselves for this tidal wave of revelations, let’s not forget what’s at stake here.

This isn’t just about changing channels; it’s about changing the course of history.

The Great Awakening isn’t just coming;
it’s here, and it’s demanding that
we open our eyes.

author unknown

November 30th 2023



Be ready for the
unfold to


You will know we are right around the corner from a NEW WORLD

Do not get angry, and do not panic.

This is NEEDED.

Yes it TRULY must HAPPEN like this so we can TRANSITION to a BRIGHT FUTURE.

It is part of the SCRIPT and LAST PHASE of, indeed gut wrenching, AWAKENING movie that was necessary to AWAKEN the masses.

This will ensure EVERYONE is SAFELY placed in their HOM and able to WITNESS the HISTORICAL moment that REVEALS all of the TRUTHS, cover ups etc. through the EBS which is imminent.


Circle the DATE on your calendar and PLEASE pay attention.


There must be a TEST and then a review of all OCCURRENCES and ACTIVITIES.

The possible implications on a NATIONAL and GLOBAL level can be quite COMPLICATED so things must be in ALIGNMENT to the PROTOCOLS.

Yes there are many consequences if things aren’t done with PRECISION and perfection.

This is the PRACTICE run before the REAL ONE to see responses and accuracy to what is FORTHCOMING which changes HUMANITY.

We hear the SCHEDULE is now FINALLY firm, but again I’m just the MESSENGER.

Be READY to adjust if needed in regards to possible TIME changes.

Only a SELECT few know the MOMENT of exact and precise TIMING of EVENTS.

For SECURITY and other obvious reasons it must be properly kept PRIVATE.

Again the EBS is going to AIR playing an 8 HOUR VIDEO.

It will be replaying 3 TIMES a day for 10 DAYS Communication DARKNESS.

During those 10 DAYS of Communication DARKNESS the following things will happen.

We will RECEIVE 7 TRUMPETS aka EBS text MESSAGES on our PHONES alerting US to tune into our TV at this TIME.

Our PHONES will only work for 911 and we are INFORMED the Signal App, which is MILITARY encrypted will be available.

Our TV’s will only show 3 EXPLANATORY MOVIES on a continuous loop for the 10 DAYS.



Our INTERNET will not work during that TIME.

Our ATM’s will not work.

After the 10 DAYS of Communication DARKNESS, we will connect to a new QUANTUM internet.

People are urged to STOCK UP on at least THREE WEEKS of FOOD and WATER.

We are PROMISED the new Star-link Internet System by the end of the month.

Again I repeat be PREPARED with FOOD, WATER, TOILET PAPER, generators etc. for this GREAT AWAKENING REVEAL.

As we speak the TEAMS coordinating this IMPORTANT HISTORIC EVENT are revamping the EBS to ensure the utmost SECURITY for all INVOLVED so remain PATIENT as things get finalized.

They want to make CERTAIN there are not any interferences of any sort at all.


Those making the PLAN want no ONE to PANIC because it’s simply the release of the TRUTH.

After the EBS and we’ve gone through the 10 DAYS mainstream media BLACKOUT and sat through all the 24/7, (eight hours long movies) do we go back to NORMAL like business as usual?

Answer is: After EBS and the 8 hours long 24 7, movies all will change.

The, LIFE support, attached to the OLD and EVIL systems will be PULLED.

HUMANITY, and PLANET EARTH simultaneously move to QUANTUM reality consciousness system (PEACE and PROSPERITY).




We will have new CURRENCY called the USN US NOTE and GOLD backed.

The TIME is now to ALERT as many who will LISTEN.

Do not have too much PRIDE.

Go WARN those you LOVE even though they think you’re CRAZY.

Your GOAL for OTHERS is TRULY to HELP absorb the SHOCK of what is COMING.


SUPPLIES for the EVENTS happening and coming.




Click image for link to original article

November 12 2023

The secret plan to
replace the US Dollar
Gold-Backed Currency in 2024:

QFS Gold Backed
Digital Currency

This information is being repeated in
different media sites –
let’s hope they’re not getting their information
from the same source.

In a ground-breaking development
that is poised to reshape the
global financial landscape,
January 1, 2024,
is marked as the date
when the traditional
fiat US Dollar will undergo
a historic transformation.

The US Dollar, as we know it, is set to be replaced by the gold/asset-backed US Note, establishing a one-to-one parity with all other global currencies backed by tangible assets.

Brace yourselves for the imminent monetary revolution that will send shockwaves through the world economy!

Breaking News:
The transition to a
Gold-Backed US Note

The world as we know it is on the cusp of a monumental shift, as the United States prepares to bid farewell to the traditional fiat US Dollar and usher in the era of the gold/asset-backed US Note.

This transformation, set to take effect on January 1, 2024, is not merely a change in currency; it is a seismic shift in the very foundation of the global financial system.

What’s driving this transformation?

The driving force behind this historic change is the need for greater stability and security in the world of finance. In recent years, the fragility of fiat currencies has become increasingly evident, as governments worldwide grapple with economic uncertainty and mounting debt.

The US government, in a bid to safeguard its economy and restore investor confidence, has taken the audacious step of backing its currency with tangible assets, primarily gold.

One-to-One parity
among Gold-Backed currencies

The most striking aspect of this transition is the establishment of a one-to-one parity between the gold/asset-backed US Note and other global currencies backed by similar tangible assets.

This bold move is designed to create a level playing field in international trade and finance, eliminating the dominance of any single currency and reducing the risk of currency manipulation.

The secret plan unveiled

While this transition may appear sudden, insiders suggest that the plan to replace the US Dollar with a gold-backed currency has been in the works for years, shrouded in secrecy.

The details were only recently revealed, shocking the financial world and sending ripples through the halls of power.

The Gold Rush begins

The impending switch to the gold/asset-backed US Note has already ignited a global “gold rush.” Investors and nations alike are scrambling to amass gold reserves to secure their positions in the new financial order.

re: – This ‘surge in demand for gold has sent prices skyrocketing, leading to frenzied buying and selling in the precious metals markets.’

Note: Do not use this report
as a basis for any investment decision.

This ‘Buy Gold’ message is common
with price of gold ‘skyrocketing’
on many web sites

Simple research suggest that Gold prices
have not ‘sky-rocketed’ at all.

Gold/Silver prices might adjust
up or down in the future –
they might not.

Also research the costs/fees of bullion dealers
in a buying/selling process –
they are not insignificant
(circa 20% in total)
added to any DROP in price you paid
prior to when you sell.

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ceased to exist
as a
– owned corporation –
and is no longer
a country


Israel as an independent sovereign nation was registered as a corporation in 1947 when the state of Israel was created.

Israel’s registration
expired on October 31, 2023.

A corporation cannot register itself twice under the same name particularly if it is bankrupt.

Once a corporation is formed it exists as a separate entity from its owners meaning it has its own name, tax ID number, legal rights and obligations as a corporate structure.

Israel is bankrupt and when it enters that status it has zero contract rights.

It means that if Israel was involved in human trafficking its assets are frozen.

Click image for link to original article

Criminal complaint
Ms von der Leyen
and others at the
International Criminal Court
in The Hague

December 4 2023

click image to link to article

WEF caught
paying arsonists
to ‘burn down the world’
as part of
sick depopulation plan

September 2023

Far-left arsonists are engaged in
a globalist plot to “burn down the world”
according to a WEF insider
who warns that humanity has been primed
to fall for the globalist elite’s three-card trick.

The global elite laid the groundwork with the covid pandemic, training the masses to be compliant, while pre-programming them with years of climate change propaganda in the media.

As far as they are concerned, the wildfires are the final nail in our coffin.

Climate change is not only a hoax, it is a decades-old global depopulation plot, and WEF-infiltrated governments all over the world are going along with it.

According to the WEF, the wildfires will leave most of the world in chaos for years, and cause enormous fear and anxiety in normal people, and it is from this chaos that a phoenix will rise from the ashes, according to a WEF insider, who explained the global elite plan to seize control of the US, removing our fundamental freedoms, and ushering in the Great Reset.

Make no mistake, this evil plot has been in the works for decades and now we are seeing it play out before our very eyes in all its grisly detail.

In 1972 the Club of Rome published the Limits To Growth, a disturbing text that outlined the depopulation agenda that would be implemented by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum in decades to come.

Watch as the Limits To Growth co-author Dennis Meadows says that he hopes that we all die slow, painless deaths, so the elite can enjoy their time on a less populated Earth.

The DS cannot stop bragging about their plans for humanity. It’s part of the plan to condition humanity to become desensitized to the idea of children being burned into ash while they barricade roads, turn off the water, and incinerate millions of people.

Maui was just the beginning. These terrorist tactics are now being rolled out across the world. Expect more cities to literally burn while they barricade the useless people in “for their own good.”

Directed energy weapons (DEW) are being used to attack humanity, destroy their property, and force them to accept the agenda of the globalist elite.

All around the world, fake wildfires are being orchestrated by the globalist elite to poison our air, water, and soil, and redistribute property into the hands of the DS.

And all around the world, the WEF are leaving their fingerprints all over the crime scenes.

In Greece, far-left activists have been found responsible for igniting the devastating wildfires that tore through the country.

Billions of dollars to rebuild – but the town will be rebuilt as a 15 minute city, also known as an open air prison, designed for total authoritarian control and permanent lock downs.

Biden and the globalist elite’s catchphrase “Build back better” literally means destroying things first and then rebuilding according to New World Order plans.

In the wake of the Maui fires, Democrats and the mainstream media are now begging Joe Biden to declare a “climate emergency” which would grant his administration vast unconstitutional and undemocratic powers.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has signalled it already has its finger on the trigger, with Biden letting slip that he has already “practically” declared a climate emergency, and Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre admitting Biden “is doing everything that he can” to “deal with this existential threat.”

The globalist elite cannot stop talking about their plot to depopulate the world, and now they are making their moves. Burning down the world is a key part of the Great Reset agenda.

The one percent of the one percent — and their cronies in media and politics — all seem to agree that the Great Reset is a great idea. And the fact no ordinary person shares their enthusiasm does not bother them one bit.

But the future does not belong to them and the people are slowly but surely waking up to their agenda.

Meanwhile, videos filmed by locals in Lāhainā reveal tell-tale “pulse flashes”, which are a feature of directed energy weapons.

And if you are wondering what a clear DEW strike looks like from a distance, here is video from Chile in May this year showing a confirmed DEW strike – and according to eyewitness accounts from Maui, we are dealing with the same technology.

The mainstream media are desperate to dismiss these claims as conspiracy theories.

But we now know for a fact that directed energy weapons are not conspiracy theories. They are conspiracy facts.

The devastation wrought by these attacks on humanity are not conspiracy theories either.

The mainstream media has covered up the extent of the carnage, but more evidence is emerging everyday.

Locals were barricaded in, refused water to fight the fires, and they were burnt to a crisp with their children in another crime against humanity.

Prepare for the unthinkable:
world economic collapse

September 2023

Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury bonds are flooding back to Europe and 110 nations, revealing the alarming truth that the U.S. Corporation is teetering on the brink of insolvency.

Brace yourself for the impending catastrophic collapse that will send shockwaves throughout Europe and beyond.

France’s brazen act of pilfering its citizens’ wealth has ignited widespread riots and civil unrest.

Hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production, and pushing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy.

The Deutsche Bank’s entanglement with Epstein’s dark connections and its web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unravelling, as world courts launch far-reaching investigations that could shatter the global banking system.

Israel’s descent into chaos: an unfolding catastrophe.

The nation of Israel finds itself in dire straits as it hurtles towards an imminent collapse.

Concealing the true state of its markets, banks are fabricating gains as civil unrest spirals into full-blown riots.

Meanwhile, the colossal collapse of SVB banks in California, resulting in a mind-boggling loss of $10 trillion, sets off a catastrophic domino effect rippling across multiple countries.

The collapse, underway for over a year and a half, is finally unmasking the deep state’s cover-ups and exposing their false market reports.

As the Biden administration trembles, governments worldwide teeter on the brink, and the military courts, along with the alliance, silently monitor the collapse, knowing that it will lead to military intervention.

The intricate web of connections between governments, worldwide money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and incitement of proxy wars through the U.S. heralds an era of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a global plandemic.

The global event: we stand at the precipice of chaos.

Massive chaos looms on the horizon,
as citizens around the globe remain
shockingly unprepared for the
impending collapse event.

click image to link to article

Internal CDC Documents
Reveal the Agency Expected
Serious Issues from the COVID Jabs

“[From these contracts] they’re expecting
almost 700% more reports during this time
for COVID and they said only 5% [historically]were serious…[but now were] expecting about 40%,
so what did they know??”

click image to link to article

Over 2 million excess deaths
recorded globally since the rollout
of the covid-19 injections

  Vaccinations CHART
ENGLAND – OFFICIAL to 31 May 2023

Operation Warp Speed
was a depopulation program

  FULL article HERE

Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is not saving lives.

The excess death data confirm the opposite
is taking place over 2021 and 2022.

Since the emergency use rollout of the covid-19 injections,
over 2 million EXCESS deaths have been recorded globally.

The US suffered 674,954 excess deaths in 2021,
and then another 434,520 excess deaths by week 49 of 2022.

Europe suffered 375,253 excess deaths in 2021
and 404,6000 excess deaths in 2022.

It’s not a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”
as was advertised in 2021.

In fact, most “fully vaccinated”
adult populations are more likely to
contract covid-19, get sick and die.

While covid-19 vaccines aren’t the only vector
destroying people’s immune systems and
killing them off, they are obviously the driving force.

click image for NHS Report


They couldn’t hide the bodies forever

In the UK their Office of National Statistics have just released an updated data set Death by Vaccination Status, England with data for 2023 until the May.

  Deaths involving covid

Notably, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has similar data, but they refuse to publish it. I wonder why ?

This just published data shows that from Jan to May 2023 there were 8,766 Covid deaths in England

8,330 deaths (95.03%)
were people vaccinated

436 deaths (4.97%)
were people unvaccinated

That’s it.

The last card the vaccine pushers had to play, the claim that the jabs prevented covid deaths has fallen.

But its worse.

The just released data also shows that the vaccinated are overrepresented in all cause deaths.

The UK data is the best in world, and with this latest data release all remaining mandates must end and the vaccine must be pulled off the market today.

To allow another person to be injected after today when this data has been published would be criminally negligent.


Deaths involving covid19
by vaccination status England

click image for video


more MOABS Dropped!
PCR testing – it’s All Fake!
Stew Peters
with Dr. Ariana Love


click image for video

August 2022

click image for video


Pfizer : – Vaccines
NEVER tested before release

YOU are the test

Pfizer drops a bomb on the European Parliament
and tell them the bioweapon injections were
untested at time of release..

YOU and your relatives ARE the test according
to former President Barack Obama.

If you don’t get vaccinated, you’re anti social.

This is what the Dutch Prime Minister
and health minister told us.

You don’t get vaccinated just for yourself,
but also for others.

You do it for all of society.

That’s what I said.

Today, this turned out to be complete nonsense.

In a COVID hearing in the European Parliament,
one of the FISA directors just admitted to me,
at the time of introduction,
the vaccine had never been tested on
stopping the transmission of the virus.

This removes the entire legal basis for the COVID passport,
the COVID password that led to
massive institutional discrimination
as people lost access to essential parts of society.

I find this to be shocking, even criminal,
please watch the video until the end.

And I will speak in English.

So there are no misunderstandings.

Was the Pfizer COVID vaccine tested on stopping
the transmission of the virus before it entered the market?

If not, please say it clearly if yes,
are you willing to share the data
with this committee?

And I really want a straight answer yes or no.

And I’m looking forward to it.

Thank you very much.


Regarding the question around,
Did we know about stopping immunization
before it’s entering the market?


These you know,
we had to really move at the speed of science
to really understand what is taking place in the market.


This is scandalous, millions of people worldwide
felt forced to get vaccinated because of the myth
that you do it for others.

Now this turned out to be a cheap lie.

This should be exposed please share this video.

Transcribed by machine
ai and may contain syntax errors.

click image for video

Brett Sutton
Australian Health Minister

* Vaccines don’t work *
*Use Oral medications*

click image for video

2021 Documents Reveal:
the Australian Government
has openly planned a GENOCIDE

💥💥💥 Documents Reveal the Australian Government
has Openly planned to POISON its Citizens
& Children! Then A Mass Die-Off…... 👺☠️👺☠️👺☠️


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September 8th 2022

Just thoughts… looks like the ‘doctors’ got it right. 

Trying to picture what to expect…

I’ve finished Derek’s first document and have scrolled through the others.

It’s clear to me that the military is in control of everything.

I mean, everything. Not bits and pieces, but all of it.

This is all theatre from both sides and from the media, designed to crumble the matrix and end in unity for everyone.

They are going to take the country to the precipice, it’s the only way to set up the planet for the next 1,000 years & free the minds of those stuck inside Mk Ultra hypnotism/psychosis.

There could not be any other way. Alliance countries are helping, and by alliance I mean Saudi Arabia, NK, BRICS etc.

That’s my take.

Any mention of Nuclear war is staged.

Any ‘Sum of all fears’ scenario is staged.

Half of the players on the board are actors, the other half have been flipped and are being monitored.

There’s still more to go, China taking Taiwan etc, Queen’s death and the complete flip over for banks to run on the QFS.

Even SWIFT have announced a complete flip to ISO20022 standard crypto in the next 3 months (Meaning Ripple wins and all other crypto’s are going to basically disappear).

We are extremely close, and by close, I mean months/ weeks.

On top of that, when the corporation is declared gone, so do go all of the debts to that corporation, then GESARA, a return of stolen wealth back to the people.

I imagine that may have something to do with the Vatican demanding all funds and assets be returned to the vaults within 30 days of Sep 31st, and it has something to do with the Knights of Malta’s 1000’s of years of tradition essentially being dismantled.

Looks like the Queen wasn’t too highly respected by
the UK Military judging that the flag over her coffin,
lying in ‘state’ and on the procession as few days later
is crumpled, upside down and just slung over the coffin
like a table-cloth indicates a ‘traitors’ death.

Evelyn de Rothschild
8 November 2022
age 91

(For the newbies)

Last week a warning was sent to the heads of the Rothschilds in the United Kingdom, a community of 300 people, and around the world, that the operations of the Red Coat regime and the control of the World Bank were coming to an end.

This warning was that Evelyn de Rothschild must die – which happened on the eve of the Red Blood Moon – a symbol that the Alliance was exercising control and ushering in a new era – the Golden Era.

Most people are not aware that they are living in the New World Order.

That era is now over.

On the eve of the Red Blood Moon, Evelyn de Rothschild receives a heartbreaking pill on behalf of the Alliance.

If he defied the order, his family and children faced a future that would quickly destroy their heritage and possessions.

Lady Rothschild was a sleeping mole (coup plotter) within the Rothschild regime.

She maintains important connections in the world – which are now turning against NATO, the UN and the elite.

The Rothschilds were the royal family of the Khazar Empire under the name of Bauer, once stationed in the southern Russian and southern Ukrainian territories, reaching as far as Kiev.

The Khazars worshipped Satan as their god and sacrificed small children and babies to him, then drank their blood and ate them.

They were known by neighboring peoples as spies, thieves and cheats, and most of the children they sacrificed to Satan were stolen Russian children.

Kiev was the capital of Russia at that time, and in 965, after repeated warnings, Prince Svyatoslav of Kiev destroyed their land and expelled them from there.

Their royal family, the Bauer family at that time, stole the treasury and in one night on their ceaseless flight managed to reach the city of Frankfurt in Germany, where they renamed themselves the Rothschilds.

As they fled, they swore eternal vengeance on Russia and have followed that line ever since.

Many of these people have remained in these countries in their former homeland, posing as Jews to cover up their bad reputation.

Zelensky is also one of these Khazars.

The Rothschilds are not Jews – they are the royal family of the Khazars, but they pretend to be Jews to cover up their bad reputation.

Later they settled in London, established the City of London as an independent state in England, killed the rightful royal family in the 17th century at the hands of Oliver Cromwell, and later put their own representative on the throne.

From London they led the struggle against Russia, staged the so-called October Revolution in 1917, assassinated the royal family and destroyed the Russian Empire, killing millions of Russians.

Today, the war in Ukraine against Russia is again being waged by London.

The British Empire is the greatest historical enemy of both Russia and the United States.

We are witnessing its destruction by the new global alliance led by Presidents Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Poor India was a British colony for 300 years.

Soon, all that will be left of the former Great Britain will be a little England.

To connect the DOTS, WATCH:

click image for video

Evelyn de Rothschild
8 November 2022
age 91

Blood Moon

Evelyn de Rothschild, banking heir and financial collaborator to the queen, dies at 91 just 3 months after Queen Elizabeth II declared dead.

If anyone cares, Sir Evelyn was the son of Anthony de Rothschild and Yvonne Cahen d’Anvers of the Bischoffsheim banking family.

He is widely recognised as one of the leading philanthropists and financiers of his generation and was knighted by the Queen in 1989 for services to banking and finance and because he owned the UK Royal Family – as can be demonstrated in the image below giving instructions to one of his favourite Royal bitches.

Evelyn continued in the philanthropy of the Rothschild family which goes back many centuries and includes financing every war since the French revolution which, reputedly allowed the Rothschild family to break The bank of England and create central banks which have kept the population of the world in poverty and debt slavery ever since.

The attached video gives a history about this.

A keen horse trainer and owner, Sir Evelyn’s horse Crystal Ocean won the Hardwicke Stakes at Royal Ascot in 2018 which, apparently, is a huge accomplishment and news-worthy.

Well, let’s face it, winning horse races is so important to the world’s rich people and they can afford to spend huge amounts of money to buy pedigree horses that make them look good by being able to run fast and win races – like they ran in the race themselves.  Nah! – get a pedigree horse someone else bred to do it for you and if it doesn’t get the job done …

In a statement, his family said: ‘It is with great sorrow that Lady de Rothschild announces the death of her beloved husband, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild after a short illness with, reportedly, Rommel disease.

Given that EDR was reported to have died about 7 years ago there’s some speculation the reports have it right this time, we can only hope on their accuracy.

‘Sir Evelyn passed away peacefully yesterday evening at his home in London with his loved ones by his side.

Wouldn’t have been many real people there, then.

‘The family appreciates thoughts and prayers at this very sad time.’

Let’s pray the reports are accurate.

Any survivors of the Romanov family, if there are any, might like to comment.


Coincidentally, the 8th. November was an unusual blood moon which are sometime considered to bring good vibes to Earth – it’s been a busy few months, let’s hope good fortune for this world continues.

September 9th 2022

White Hats


VATICAN announcement of ALL Central BANKING system assets across the Globe in nearly every country must be returned to the VATICAN Bank. This includes all paper/coin money including Gold, Silver,  precious metals and minerals.

ALL deeds and collection of debts connected to World banks, housing markets, loans, marketed services and debts must Returned to the VATICAN between September 1 through September 30 .

This MAJOR announcement from the VATICAN comes at the same time (week apart) the death of the Queen of UK Majesty had been publicly announced (but for my Q The Storm Rider subscribers I had said three months ago [they] were getting ready to announce her death and had been preparing the EVENTS…..

As we inside the Great AWAKENING movement knew she was executed years before as a warning from MILITARY ALLIANCE GENERALS that the end of the DEEP STATE CABAL was nearing. Her death was recorded and sent to [DS] LEADERS & DARK MIL. GENERALS and was a direct Warning to the VATICAN and KAZARIAN MAFIA.

With the execution of George Bush Sr.(who planned the killing of JFK and help give massive power to the world CABAL in his lifetime and operated Human Trafficking networks with the Clintons C_A) the Q OPERATIONS began overtly in the deep state Elite world corruption rings.

NOW the death of the Queen insures the [COLLAPSE] of the WORLD CABAL DEEP STATE regimen. With 14 countries controlled by the Queen including Australia. New Zealand. CANADA …..

Now these certain countries are heading into a REPUBLIC STATE

Who long wanted freedom from the British control and Queen. (What this all means is the GDP of these countries into Trillions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ WILL STOP paying the CABAL Installed Royal Monarch regimen).


Now with the VATICAN in FEAR of losing its assets and control through the World [they] have asked STATE Street, VANGUARD, BLACKROCK to return assets back to the VATICAN Bank as the world [COLLAPSE] CONTINUES.

click image for video

Nuclear Diamond Batteries

Batteries that last forever.
Coming soon to a place near you?

Click Image for full report

March 2022
Aussie Cossack reports on news
that Australian Research centre
the ‘Doherty institute’
has received samples of
Ukrainian Bio-Weapons

Video: Click Image

Australian Government
sanctions people for
sharing unauthorized thoughts

click image for video

PROOF of how
the Main-Stream Media 
thinks it
you see – or don’t see.

Never let the truth spoil a good story

Rather than

it MAKES the news
or modifies or ignores it

to suit it’s agenda

You get to see what the media wants
regardless of whether it’s true or not.

Video – click image
Australia – Canberra Freedom Rally
Feb 12 2022
Video showing small part people who travelled, some for many days, (e.g. from WA about 3-4000 klms away), and from all over Australia to be there – with their children.
That distance is like Seattle to DC
I was there, you can probably see me.
There was no violence – it was like a family picnic and the cops played ball and had no interaction with the crowd – they was almost friendly.
The video is of a moving procession which went on for hours so those people at the back would have made their way to the front then back down the side towards Old Parliament House.
The guesstimate is between 2-3 million people. I lost count at 1.75 mill. Either way, that’s about 10% of Australia’s entire population
Aus media reported 10,000 people with violence.


The Sound of Freedom
is produced by the same people
who run the business

Here's  a 4-part research into
Tim Ballard
and the organizations that
surround him and his partners.
Click image for link


Marina Abromovich,
Tony Podesta,
the Cartel,
CIA, Celebrities
and much more.
Click image for link


The Rosary,
Legionaries of Christ,
the Cartel,
and the Mossad Connection
Click image for link


CIA, Playboy, Rizvi,
Children Villages,
Queen Noor of Jordan,
Rothschilds, Ukraine,
and the Seven Rays of Light
Click image for link

Click image for video

Exposing the Sound of Freedom Hoax
O.U.R. Operation Underground Railroad

Jul 27, 2023
Lynn Kenneth Packer

The mega-hit movie Sound of Freedom may carry the tagline “Based on a True Story,” but its primary plotline is pure fiction.

The film portrays Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), as a Rambo-like hero who ventures deep into a Colombian jungle to rescue a kidnapped child sex slave.

Finally, after years of trying, Ballard managed to get his Big Lie on the Big Screen and stands to make millions of dollars in the process.

My report reveals that Ballard began telling versions of his brother and sister rescue story more than a decade ago; no two versions alike.

The version that made it into theaters is about a boy and his sister being kidnapped in Honduras, the girl sold to a Colombian drug lord as a sex toy and the boy freed after his abductor tried to smuggle him into the United States through Mexico.

Other versions have the kidnapping occurring in Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Even though officers for Utah’s Angel Studios, which distributes the feature film to theaters, heard allegations that Ballard is a fraud, they proceeded with marketing the movie anyway.

Jim Caviezel - Tim Ballard:
The shadow that shows

October 2023

This research led to info about a annual CHILDREN’S Film Festival located in a small town of Giffoni, Italy.

It designated as "J. Caviezel Tribute Day" that was held at a festival in 2007.

Described in media as “a summer camp of sorts…where A-list celebrities engage with children.”

Asking questions because of concern for children.

Uncomfortable Connections:

• Roman Polanski (Pedophile)
• Freemasonry Symbolism
• Pedo symbolism
• Vatican Officials
• Pope Francis
• Compromised Actors
• Corporate Sponsorship (Pepsi, Coke, Bayer, etc.)

● Recruitment of children from other countries for attendance of film fest

● Connected satellite Giffoni festival locations including Hollywood (Richard Branson Attendance)

● Expansion of fest. reach in Giffoni includes building a Multi Media Complex “meetings and congresses will host events focusing on psychoanalysis to medical science…”

● Thousands of children from multiple countries attend, 10-day fest. Photos show children w/o parents in attendance.

I want you all to think of the long list of Pedophiles on Jeffrey Epstein Island (Blackbook). Most of them were A-List correct? What did I tell you about Richard Branson Island? Everyone already knows Roman Polanski is a Pedophile. Juan O. Savin-(Wayne Willott) is good friends with J. Caviezel.

Did you know in 2007 they held a “Rosary Bowl” with Jim Caviezel, Eduardo Verastegui, and Pedophile Cardinal Roger Mahoney which also included a guest Knights of Columbus speaker?

Did you know famous Hollywood “trainer” and MK Ultra handler Harley Pasternak, who contacted Kanye West prior to him vanishing then coming back…completely different was also the trainer of Jim Caviezel?

People do you see this connections?

Do you understand the implications?

Do you think this is just a small world or a large network who happens to work together?

We all know Jim Caviezel & Tim Ballard worked together.

We know Tim Ballard worked with OUR.

We Know Glen Beck also worked with Tim Ballard.

We also know The LDS Church worked with Tim Ballard.

For what cause? To save the children right? Then why is everybody now distancing themselves from T. Ballard?

-Glen Beck



And soon to be his wife are all separating themselves from T. Ballard. Why?

What happens afterwards?

Remember I showed you all that Tim Ballard is sponsored by WME Studios? Who else are their clients?

Whoopi Goldberg (Pedo)

Hugh Jackman (Spirit Cooker)

Matt Damon (Ukraine Agent)

Did you know Anne Gallagher scolded Tim Ballard for his amateurish raids on child trafficking hubs?

Did you know the 26 kids he rescued were released after 24 hrs and were no where to be found?

The Sting Operation is not exclusive to Hollywood.


Mainstream Media

Music Industry


Medical Industry


“Tim Ballard & Jim Caviezel are to human trafficking, what Gregg Phillips & Catherine Engelbrecht are to auditing elections.“


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