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Evidence of
Real Life Baby Farming
Repopulation and Reprogramming
in Ancient History

(video created by ‘Midnight Ride’
which is a popular channel that
supports itself
selling merchandise
so there’s a
few adverts
maybe go to about the 7:00 mark)

In the late 1800s there were millions of orphans
sold to families in the United States and around the world.

The first motion movie picture was basically
a sales video featuring cabbage patch babies for the World Fair.

There is evidence that Secret Societies had control over
the baby trade and the repopulation and
reprogramming of the United States.

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Ancient Cloning Factories:
Amazons, Foundlings, Incubators
& Test Tube Babies.

Mind Unveiled

An Excellent Collection of Alchemical and Occult Art and Ancient Pagan Religions

This is an eclectic mix of Ancient Region, Myth, Legend and the Greek Philosophers Musings on the Ancient gods. Though mixed with much speculation, it does cover some extremely interesting content.

Though this cannot in any realistic way be all tied together, it is still quite intriguing.


Were there Cloning Factories in the past? Did the Ancients ever think of the ability to artificially create man? Make sure to watch the images, as many symbols are unveiled through pattern recognition alone.

How about the myths and legends of old such as Prometheus and the sculpting of man, many myths were esoteric secrets disguised as legends.

Yet when we explore the question of Ancient Human Farming, we are led to the first gods and goddesses, the most powerful of which were the fertility gods.

One of the Wonders of the World, The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, was one of the largest buildings of its time, the largest bank, and home to the worship of Diana, or Artemis(The multi-breasted goddess), which goes back to the harlot gods of the Phoenician Astarte, and the Mediterranean Sumerian god Inanna/Ishtar/BAAL.

The symbol for the cult of Artemis is the QUEEN BEE, is there secret symbolism being used in the symbol of Diana of Ephesus, being that she is a repopulation symbol, and they are not breast but EGGS/OVA.

You can clearly see that the Statue of Liberty is linked to Libertas, which is connected with Minerva and other gods of liberty, who were all harlots.

Being a prostitute back in the day was linked to “liberty” and so the freemasons used it as a symbol.

Speaking of which, the Freemasons gave the gift of the “Statue of Liberty” or the Whore of Babylon during 1886, the photos look to be photo manipulated if you ask me.

Still, regardless this statue was meant to be an ode to Ishtar or the queen bee, A repopulation symbol representing how America got its new immigrants through Ellis Island.

This just so happens to be at the same time period that the orphan trains and “baby farming” were happening which hints at the inability of proper child care during the early 1900s.

These Baby incubators were actually connected and made for foundling hospitals originally, Why did the foundling hospitals have so many premature babies?

The incubator’s original design is based on a chicken incubator. Why does the foundling hospital have the Multi-Breasted Diana as its Logo, along with Libertas or the statue of liberty?

How long has the idea of artificial human creation or farming been around?

Is Alchemy involved?

The 5 rules to

Rule #1 – Everything you were ever taught is a lie by design;

Rule #2governments lie 100% of the time, they always have, and they always will;

Rule #3the Illuminati controlled mainstream media is not reality, but rather is lies, disinformation, half-truths, & fake events carried out by gov/media hired crisis actors (aka role players);

Rule #4 – Spirituality & Reincarnation are reality, whereas religions are simply government crowd control measures; and
Rule #5 – this plane(t) called earth is a flat, motionless plane, it is not a spinning ball hurling through outer space.

Furthermore, the 4 sources of disinformation
that are ALWAYS FAKE:
government, mainstream media news,
matrix sciences, & religion


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The Cabbage Patch Fairy
Lost Film is the first movie ever made
Alice Guy / Incubator Promotion

After the Repopulation Postcards and Cabbage Patch video, we received many amazing comments, one of which contained a link to an old movie named The Cabbage Patch Fairy.

The film on its own is incredibly strange, but after diving into the history of Alice Guy, and the alternative versions of this film, it became clear that the rabbit hole went even deeper.

Many found it hard to believe the postcards as any type of proof for repopulation, but now that we consider that the first movie ever made involves a baby merchant or fairy, showing off her babies in the cabbage patch… is it really that hard to believe?

It gets even stranger because it explains what all these postcards were for, For the incubators,

For Repopulation, For Reseeding, and For Selling Babies….

This seems to have been some type of operation and we are looking at the remnants of the artwork used to promote it.

The story is very interesting because outside of the repopulation subject, Alice Guy is known for being wiped from Film History, not too many people know about her, and there are over 300 lost films credited to her.

Is Alice or the Fairy, or the Merchant the same lady from the postcards?

If so, what are the implications?

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Babies were sold as
PRODUCTS in the 1900s
“À Vendre”
New Repopulation Postcards
Collection Update

Would it shock you to learn that babies might have been sold as PRODUCTS during the Victorian era?

Explore these postcards from the early 1900s that seem to unfold a very particular narrative – these children are up for sale…

At first glance, it might appear as a quirky art collection, but as you delve deeper and connect the symbolism to alternative history narratives, their chilling message comes to light..

Click image for video

Everything you
were taught is a lie.

Babies were grown in incubators
and sent out West to repopulate
abandoned Tartarian cities.

The “Cabbage Patch Kids”
were sent on orphan trains
and distributed as free labour
to farms and factories.

  Video: Tartarian Babies

click image for video

The ‘official’ story
about these ‘orphans’
from the History Channel.

This video say that over 75 years
these trains brought more
than 200,000 children.

Where did 200,000 orphans come from?

The video gives the impression that these children were fostered into loving caring homes – it does not mention that many, most of the children endured abject poverty, cruelty and slavery in work-houses and industry.

Maybe/probably even pedophilia.

It seems they weren’t just ‘fostered’ – they was sold.

Not one out of 200,000 children.

This ‘fostering’ of ‘orphans’ was not unique to America at this time – this practice was ALSO going on in, at least, the UK, Canada and Australia.

The fate/experience of these children was similar in every country.

Many just ended up a slave labour – or worse, with no opportunity for help.

FACT: Nowhere have we been able to locate any report from any adopted ‘orphan’ who made it to adulthood to report on how lucky they consider they was to have been adopted by a caring family and what a wonderful life they experienced as a result.

Not one,
not a single report of any kind,
not from any country.

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Orphan Trains: Americans
Sent Children Away for Slave Work

The supposed foster care
was a form of slavery

As many rural immigrants also flocked to New York, children had their competition in the job market. Affluent families started hiring local migrants as servants instead of children because these adults desperately accepted cheap labour.

Consequently, it pushed children to live and work on whatever jobs they could find on the street.

Some of them were as young as three years old.

click image for video

The Orphan Trains

click image for video

The Vanishing

Queen Elizabeth II
monster bloodline

Video - click image

Where are the Kamloops children?

Book Link: Unrepentant

Kevin Annett’s book – Unrepentant


Murder by Decree
Kevin Annett

Murder by decree

In Memory To the many tens of thousands of children who died while in the internment and death camps falsely called “Indian residential schools”;

To those men and women who have fought against impossible odds to recover the memory of those children and the truth of how they died, and bring to justice who and what is responsible;

And to those who suffer and die today at the hands of the same criminal system. “Earth, cover not their blood” And in Acknowledgment Of the heroic efforts of three ground breaking citizen-based Inquiries into Genocide in Canada:

The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada (1998), The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (2005) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (2010); and of Rev. Kevin D. Annett, who has fathered and led these movements from the beginning at enormous personal risk and sacrifice. What Canada and all survivors owe to him is incalculable.

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Pied Piper

The evacuation of around
three million people (children)
to rural locations during WW2

The only information we can find is
from the ‘official’ reports and videos
produced by the government.

You’ll have to decide for yourself
their authenticity.

Seems if 3 million children was re-located
there’s few, if any, reports
from any of them about their real experiences.

One would think if it was such a successful
operation governments would be
 broadcasting details everywhere
and parading successful evacuees
in front of every camera.


Operation Pied Piper was
planned long before war was declared.

Seems the operation had little to do
with the safety of the children and
more to do with allowing mothers
to be available to work in war factories.


The evacuation of around three million people to rural locations beyond the reach of German air attacks deeply affected the nation.

This was the first time an official evacuation had ever been deemed necessary and the experience of mass evacuation – the biggest and most concentrated movement of people in British history – remains uppermost in the minds of those who lived through the war.

The majority of people who were evacuated were children and, for that reason, the operation was codenamed Pied Piper, fittingly named after the rather menacing German folk character.

Planning the evacuation

The scheme had been planned before the outbreak of war.

A committee led by Sir John Anderson was set up and met for three months from May 1938, consulting railway officials, teachers and the police.

Local billeting officers were appointed to find suitable homes for evacuees and they set about interviewing possible hosts.

Following selection, a host was compelled to take an evacuee; those who refused faced the threat of a fine.

In return, hosts could expect to receive payment via the Post Office.

A Phenomenal Undertaking

The organisation required to undertake the task of moving three million people around the country was phenomenal.

For four days the country’s major train stations provided a route out of cities.

Operations were coordinated by teachers and volunteers.

Children were tagged and allowed to carry a stipulated amount of luggage along with their gas masks.

They did not have an allocated foster family to meet them and were hand-selected on arrival, which led to the agonising experience for some of being chosen last.

Evacuation didn’t just take place from major cities, nor did all evacuees stay in the UK; some travelled abroad.

Britain also feared invasion from the sea and the eastern and south-eastern coasts were particularly vulnerable.

Heavy-Handed Propaganda

The first day of the evacuation was portrayed in the national press was a great success and an example of the people’s optimism, strength and commitment to the war effort.

But many witnesses remember only chaos and confusion, and parents were heartbroken to see their families divided.

And the process wasn’t always the answer to securing children’s safety.

In the same account of an evacuation from Norfolk, it was recorded that: ‘[The children] sailed from Scotland and, after a week, we were awakened early one morning by the telephone to say that the ship had been torpedoed, but that our girl had been taken by a tanker to Glasgow.’</span

A life-Changing Event

For some children this was their first taste of living in the countryside or abroad; not all of them found the change easy to adapt to.

Some children were treated badly.

Others, however, found new friends and enjoyed new experiences and, when the war came to an end, the return to city life was equally emotional.

A short documentary was produced in 1939 called ‘These Children Are Safe’ which showed how Operation Pied Piper was helping to settle children into their new safer homes.

This documentary as a piece of research cannot be trusted entirely, whilst it gives details of the exact events that occurred, it goes to great lengths to persuade us that these children were living happy lives.

This is clearly a piece of war propaganda
designed to ease concerns of parents
who’s children had been sent off
to the countryside areas.

This second documentary titled ‘Operation Pied Piper – Evacuee Stories’ supplies us a much better view of what this time period was like for the civilians involved in the evacuation.

The piece has several accounts of events during the war from the children of the evacuation, it tells us more about the terror suffered during the beginning of the aerial raids and the reality of how children and women were treated in their various accommodations across the countryside.

Not all evacuees had it bad though during Operation Pied Piper, and the youthful optimism of children prevailed through this trying time. They would find pleasures in the little things in life.

In one account of a girl named
Enid’s tale of her time as an evacuee she states:

“We lived on the flat part of the valley and had small mountains both sides.

Evacuees had never seen such scenery before so after school we would race over the railway lines, through a broken fence and up the mountain.

The best part was running as fast as we could downhill, often falling on the grass until we reached the road.”

 Enid’s story
click image or see below

“Torpedoed as they clutched their teddies:

The harrowing story of how Nazis sunk a ship carrying 90 children from the Blitz to America.”

During the beginning stages of the Evacuation our interviewee was due to be transported away to Canada but before they could get there the boats were blown out of the water by German U-boats.

This was a key moment in our interview as we established from previous conversation that Maurice found telling this particular story was quite saddening for him.


Three new sisters

I was born in 1934 and lived with my aunt and uncle in a valley in Wales.

I knew my uncle had an important job because we were the only people in the street who had a telephone.

My uncle Tom was a Relieving Officer for our area; this means that when people got into trouble with money, or they would go barmy, they would come to our house to ask him to help them.

So one day my aunt told me that there would be three sisters coming to stay with us from Hanwell, just outside London because England was at war with Germany.

She called them evacuees – I never heard the word before

It was my Uncle’s job to meet these children and teachers at the station and one by one show them the houses they were to stay in.

I remember looking down the street at these strangers walking towards us clutching their gas masks, suitcases and food bags, looking very tired.

They had left their mothers at Paddington Station in London to travel down to our village…

I felt very excited about having girls my age living with me.

Can you imagine what they felt like?

They walked into the living room and stood looking at a big coal fire burning in the grate.

I remember wondering why they stared at the fire but after getting to know each other, they told me they had never seen such a fire before and Diane, the youngest said when she felt the warmth, it made her feel very happy after such a long journey

Diane the youngest was a year older than me, Audrey, two years older and Jil about ten, known as the Aylott family

In the beginning I found their accent hard to understand and they said we talked funny!

This difference in accent -although we were all English – became a problem at school because one day I was in a class of thirty – the next sixty!

Can you understand what it felt like to my school-friends to try learning with accents in a very crowded classroom

We lived on the flat part of the valley and had small mountains both sides.

Evacuees had never seen such scenery before so after school we would race over the railway lines, through a broken fence and up the mountain.

The best part was running as fast as we could downhill, often falling on the grass until we reached the road.

The girl’s mother worked full-time so they had been brought up to carry out tasks for themselves and around the house; polishing shoes, making their own beds, laying out the supper-table.

I found this very strange as our mothers never worked so we never had to do any jobs at all

The girls stayed with us for about a year and went back to London but returned a couple of years later when the bombing became bad.

Diane and Audrey came back with their friend Gretchen who lived across the road from them in London.

I didn’t like her because she was jealous of our friendship.

I also didn’t like her mother who was not very nice to my aunt, but I did like Mrs Aylott.

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And when God had compassion over them and had desired to multiply them upon the face of the land, he ordered his earth to receive them to be preserved therein till the time of their growing up, after which the earth opened its mouth and vomited them forth and they sprouted forth from the city like the herb of the earth, and the grass of the forest, and they returned each to his family and to his father’s house, and they remained with them.

Jasher 67:56