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Electro culture

One of the mysteries of this Earth is that things that have been around since the beginning of time are being discovered and labelled as ‘new’

One of these is Electroculture which is still in it’s infancy – only coming to the attention of people in the last few years.

Anyone could be forgiven for considering that this could have been part of a bigger plan – maybe by business that sells chemicals and fertilisers for plants or crops or food.

This page cannot be a definitive guide into electroculture

It merely serves as a brief introduction with links to selected information which may or may not prove to be useful.

No knowledge of any person who has even dabbled with electroculture who has had an adverse experience is known.

The suggestion is –
give it a try and see
how it pans out for you.

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After six months looking into electroculture it seems to me the most commonly asked question is “which way do I coil my wire when making an antenna of any kind?”

Stick with me and I will help alleviate any confusion in this post.

Cosmic & Earth energy

There is more to this story because our coiled antenna (which are basically just larger and more conductive snail shell replicas) can be viewed from two perspectives, from the ground up or from the top down.

This is a crucial factor because there are two types of energy we are attracting with our antenna, Cosmic & Earth energy, one of which always comes from the sky, the other from the ground.

As I mentioned, energy likes to move in a clockwise direction so if we coil clockwise from the base we are predominantly sending Earth energy upward.

Whereas if we coil anti-clockwise from the base (clockwise from the top) we are sending Cosmic energy downward.

You choose which way
you want the energy to go.

In Conclusion Clockwise is the way of the world and with this in mind we can build our devices to fit each situation.

Just as the moon cycle dictates where the growth of the plant happens (in the roots or upper parts of the plant) the cycle of the seasons dictate in which direction we should be sending our energy.

In the winter when plants are small or even non existent I would argue that Cosmic energy wants to be directed downward into the soil, vitalising the seeds and roots.

But in the Summer when those plants have all grown up, in many cases (particularly in the fruit category) they will benefit from Earth energy being sent upwards.

Root vegetables will obviously require a downward energy while if you are looking for beautiful flowers, upward energy will be preferable.

so,  which is the
best way to coil
your electroculture devices?

Suggestion …

get a fast car and
follow that snail   

Just a note …
not sure whether snails in the Northern Hemisphere
have ‘spirals’ that go in the opposite direction
to snails that live in the Southern Hemisphere –
and it’s unlikely that snails that live on the equator
have no spirals at all so probably
best to make your coils in
the same direction as their shells.

You can’t get it wrong!

If you reckon you’ve got it wrong,
all you have to do is turn the electro-stick
the other way around into the soil.

Really, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’
all that determines success
is the results you get.

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Electroculture basics:
harvesting terrestrial
& cosmic energy
with magnets,
cables & antenna
part 1

In an effort to document clearly the many electroculture experiments going on at the moment I am making this series of videos which will provide the knowledge you need to get started, ultimately producing better quality food which grows faster & larger, with a higher density of nutrition and a heightened ability to cope with drought and untimely cold snaps (both of which will become more common as we enter deeper into the Grand Solar Minimum).

In this first part I show you some of the devices that have been introduced to our land over the last six months and also how to install home made beeswax covered magnets in order to harvest terrestrial magnetic energy in your soil and boost the growth of your plants.

The plant I refer to as a Jerusalem artichoke is in fact just an artichoke.

This is my third year growing food
and I am very much still learning.

click image for video

Electroculture basics:
harvesting terrestrial
& cosmic energy
with magnets,
cables & antenna
part 2

In this second part I show you an antenna which today I want to make bigger and connect with one of the magnetised cables running through the land.

I break down exactly what the antenna is and also show you how I am going to use a metal grill found in the forest to enhance the effect.

Beyond this I show you a few results from around the garden.

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breaking up the Chemtrails

During the resets from (1900s to 1940s)

They removed the fractal antennas
from the old world buildings
because they balanced out the atmosphere.
Thankfully with electro culture
we can bring that back!

  Learn more HERE :-

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Gardening Techniques
for Beginners
Elevate your garden

What is Electroculture?

Electroculture is the an ancient practice of increasing yields utilizing certain materials to harvest the earth’s atmospheric energy.

This energy is always present and all around us also known as Chi, Prana, Life force, and Aether.

When using electroculture there is no need for the use of pesticides, manure, or fertilizers.

This is primarily why this information was suppressed. 

All you need is the sun, the clouds, the rain, the nitrogen in the air, and the ability to harness atmospheric energy.

These atmospheric antennas can be created from materials such as wood, copper, zinc, and brass.

When adding these atmospheric antennas to your garden, soil, or farm they will amplify your yields, combat frost and excessive heat, reduce irrigation, reduce pests, and increase the magnetism of your soil leading to more nutrients in the long run.

How do I make an electroculture antenna?

Atmospheric antennas can be made out of wood dowels found at Home Depot, or a local piece of wood from your backyard.

The taller you make the antenna the larger your plants will grow. Justin Christofleua recommended 20 feet+, but any height will do.

You can wrap the wood dowel or local wood with copper & zinc wiring making a fibonacci spiral or vortex up in the air facing Magnetic North.

The combination of zinc and copper can work like a battery when the sun hits the the antenna.

You will then place this antenna about 6-8 inches into your soil and let Mother Nature do the magic.

Get creative, try different designs, and you will see the true potential of electroculture. 

Can I just use a copper pipe instead of making an antenna?

You can use a copper pipe, but the best results coming from copper coils.

The copper coil harness the flow of energy.

Does electroculture work on indoor plants or potted plants?

Electroculture works wonderfully on indoor plants! A simple chopstick can be used to create your indoor antenna.

Instead of creating an electroculture antenna can I just wrap my plants in copper?

The issue with wrapping plants in copper is not all plants enjoy being entangled.

It is best to make a simple antenna and place it near the plants you want to help. 

How tall should the electroculture antenna be?

You can make your atmospheric antennas as tall as you like.

On average the best antennas are 6 feet+ to gather more atmospheric energy. 

How much square footage does an electroculture antenna cover?

On average, one 6 foot antenna can cover about about 225 sqft. 

Which direction should I make my electroculture antenna?

If you live in the Northern hemisphere you can wind your antenna clockwise.

If you live in the Southern hemisphere you can wind your antenna Counter-Clockwise.

Where can I find copper wire for electroculture?

You can find copper wire at any hardware store. 

Does the copper thickness matter for electroculture?

Any thickness of copper wiring will work, but if you would like you can always use a heavier gauge.

Copper Gardening tools versus Iron Gardening tools: What we were never told

When Victor schauburger was studying agriculture he noticed Copper/Brass/bronze tools would not impact the magnetism of the soil like those made of Iron.

Iron tools decreased the magnetism of the soil, made the farmers work harder, and caused drought like conditions.

While on the other hand copper/brass/bronze tools did not alter the magnetism of the soil, lead to high quality soil, and required less work when used.

When Victor showed this to the local council they said his work would impact their profits on the fertilizer they are promoting.

They decided to petition against him with the help of the local media to inform farmers they would yield too much food and it would lead to less money in their pocket.

The farmers went against Victor’s work and this knowledge was lost in the 1950s.

It is also noted that slugs only come around when high amounts of iron are present in the soil to clean up the mess their antennas are picking up.

When using copper tools or atmospheric antennas the slugs disappear.

Some interesting findings of Justin Christofleua* on electroculture plant growth:

  • In fields in which were not manured or irrigated Oats grew upwards to 7 feet+
  • Potatoes grown in the same condition 6 feet 3inches high, carrying 30 to 35 tubers, and weighed 1 to 2 pounds per potato.
  • Grape vineyards impacted by Phlyloxera were healed and rejuvenated. The grapes ended up sweeter and had a much richer flavor.
  • Carrots grew to the lengths of 19 inches, beetroots to 18inches, and nearly 17 inches in circumference.
  • An old pear tree which had hardly any bark left was fully rejuvenated by electroculture and started producing pears of up to 1 pound each.

*  All without the use of manure, pesticides, or fertilizer just the atmospheric energy, magnetism and telluric currents of the earth.

A simple solution to solving the shortages we are all facing.

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a lost farming technology

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Probably, when the Earth
was being created it
didn't include visits to
the local hardware store for 
any chemical or fertilisers
to make it happen.

When using the
natural (nature's) energy
of electroculture
there is no need for
the use of pesticides,
manure, or fertilizers.

A cynical person might assume
this is primarily why electroculture
information was suppressed.

All you need is the sun, the clouds, the rain,
the nitrogen in the air, and the ability
to harness the abundant energy from
the atmosphere Earth's (Gaia).

Atmospheric antennas to harness and direct
this energy can be easily created from

materials such as wood, copper, zinc, and brass.

When adding these atmospheric antennas to your garden,
soil, or farm they will amplify your yields,
combat frost and excessive heat, reduce irrigation,
reduce pests, and increase the magnetism of your soil
leading to more nutrients in the long run.

It's generally assumed 'bigger is better'
and that the taller you make the antenna
the larger your plants will grow.

This may or may not be the case as
examples further down this page
might illustrate.

The name of the game is to experiment
and ANY antenna you create will be
better than none.

They only take minutes to make
and don't have to cost much, (if anything
if you already have some old cables (wires)
laying around in your shed doing nothing).

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My Electro Culture
(so far)

Nothing technical here ...
... just a few pics I took
October 1 2023

If you don't measure,
you can't manage.

I've been experimenting with different size
'electro-sticks' with different size construction.

Seems, bigger isn't necessarily better.

I put a volt-meter into the soil
and onto the coil -
and got some varying readings.

In most cases the smaller and narrower 'sticks
gave better reading in the pots.

But ... IMO these thing should be placed
in Earth's 'ground' - this is where the
energy is.

I'm not an electrician so, likely,
I'll get called out by those who
do know how to do this properly
as some kind of a 'dunce'
for doing it this way.

if I've got it wrong
and anyone wants to let me
how to do it properly
message me (below).

Readings fairly consistent
even for different size 'sticks'

click image to follow link to article

These potatoes doubled in size
over the course of a week!

click image to follow link to article

How I make my 'sticks'

1. Wind copper wire around something to make the coil -
to make like a 'spring'.

2. Leave a good 8-9 inches (12 cm?) each end

3. Make a small 'hook' each end

4. Use bamboo sticks -
slide bamboo stick down middle of 'spring'.

Sticks can vary in length
to suit length of
copper wire you have.

Experiment with different
coil widths and lengths

5. Stretch 'spring' and hook each end
into the hole in the bamboo stick each end

End result -
coil is suspended on stick
with an antenna at one end and a 'leader'
at the other end to slide into soil or pot.

Which way around is anyone's guess right now.

Don't wait for a definitive answer to that -
just do something and see what happens


This website is always
'work in progress'.

None of the content of this website is original
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be considered untruthful and inaccurate until
you've done your own research.

We are not responsible for the accuracy
of any item on this website -
if you choose to accept it and act on it
without doing your own research,
that's down to you.

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