We have asked this question many times over the years. But as we have seen growing evidence that they are real, and having seen pictures sent to us by ex-USAF flight crew members, and having seen Agent Orange being used in 1967 when I (Mike Holt) served with the RAAF in Ubon, NE Thailand, we are convinced the evidence is overwhelming.

So, we asked people to send us pictures they have taken of chemtrails over their homes around Australia. The following is visual proof that Australia is, and has been for a long time, the victim of this deadly plot by the UN and New World Order to destroy our country.

The first 8 photos are of Chemtrails taken at Lonsdale, South Australia. All photographs are from the exact same GPS location. These are just a few. Many more photographs on file. My South Australian mate tells me he sees these in the sky almost every day.

What do you think they are trying to do to the people of South Australia?

If you have photographic evidence of chemtrails in your area email them to us Click on the link ) and we’ll post them up as well. You can attach your photos to the contact us form.

  1. Demonstrating contrail with Electromagnetic Frequency disturbances that affect the chemical content of the chemtrail fraction.
    Note the density fractionation by wind effect on the finer chemtrail to the right of the contrail.

2. One minute after Photograph 5 showing banding of the lighter (less dense) fraction. This could be either aqueous or volatile organic in nature.
The evidence that the contrail is the primary trail lays in the fact that the contrail shows the corkscrew effect of the turbine fans.

3. Demonstrating the presence of organic diluents in the middle section (Note: the clumping of the primary chemtrail (bottom) plus the ongoing fractionation in the lighter/more volatile (top)). This photograph was taken at a 15 degree angle from a 5G tower. Overall this photograph demonstrates the effect of the pulsed sign wave on the chemtrail.

4. Note: The pulsed wave configuration of this chemtrail. This is the same date and time as Photograph 3 with increased field of view.

5. Demonstrating the following:

  • Variable rate of activator release through the difference in thickness of the primary chemtrail,
  • Increased rate of fractionation in densest part of the trail.(right-hand up-peak),
  • Pulsed wave form from 5G tower.

6. Close up of Photograph 4, showing right hand side of chemtrail two minutes later. Note: the flocculation of the heavier chemicals (left bottom) and left to right fractionation bands forming at the top of this photograph.

7. Underneath another chemtrail showing the effect of wind causing left to right. The bottom of the photograph shows where the chemtrail is turned off.

The prominent striations between the separated fractions are due to hydrogen bonding in the H2O molecule, these striations will likely from ice crystals in the colder temperatures at the altitudes the these chemtrails are spread at.

8. Obvious flocculation of the chemtrail.

Note the horizontal bands forming in the top of this chemtrail. These bands are formed as a function of the density of the molecules that make up the chemtrail.

Photos from other locations

9. Chemtrails over Thredbo (sent by Debbie)

10. Mount Barker SA (sent by Karen)

11. Brisbane Grove NSW (just north of Canberra) sent by Jennifer

12. Fraser Coast, Queensland (Gary)