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‘Arrgghh!!!’ people scream –
‘not this one’

‘Flat earth! – you’re nuts’.

‘Now you’ve lost me.’

Regardless of where you stand on this topic, (no pun intended), if you think this without reviewing the information on this page, you don’t belong here.


But, for the other people, this page is not about trying to convince anyone that the Earth is flat or a globe or anything else – end of the day, what does it matter whether it is or isn’t?

We’ll all wake up tomorrow as we always have and life will go on.

What anyone WANTS to believe is academic.

What this page IS all about is providing information to those who would like to consider the possibility that we’ve been lied to about all sorts of things and that, for some reason, the sort of Earth we live on is one of them.

And it’s reasonable to assume that  if there’s been so much effort, over millennia, to hide the truth from us then somehow the truth must be a threat to those who control us and what we’re told about.

As, it seems the truth might be more important than we give it credit for then this subject might be worth more investigation and there’s some excellent information here to help with this.

If anyone’s still here, our thanks to ALL the content creators, (who we don’t know), for their astonishing work in the creation of these videos for the benefit of everyone – along with the randomly selected video channels we link to, for hosting these priceless works of art.

And, once you’ve finished on this page,
then a trip over to the
‘Tartarian Mud-Flood’
page is recommended.

Those who are curious enough to explore the contents of this and the ‘Mud-Flood’ page of fascinating, related information will embark on a whole new world of discovery about the history of this world as we’ve been taught it.

More importantly, it raises the questions –
why are we not told the truth?
Why aren’t there any images of Earth from space?
could it simply be we’re supposed to endlessly argue?
and who is controlling the narrative?

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Some soothing music
to start with

which pretty much
sums things up

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Why would they lie about
flat or spherical
does it really matter?

Ian is a Flat Earther
and explains to me why we all
ought to take this theory seriously. 

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There is NO SPACE

𒐆𒐆𒐆 >>> MATRIX <<< 𒐆𒐆𒐆

>  There is no space, (in the way we are taught to think about it we live in a completely enclosed ecosystem under a dome called the firmament )

>   NO one can come visit from another planet because they can’t break through the dome.

>   For the same reason no one can fly to another planet.

>   When they talk about space and planets they mean deep ocean and other continents accessible only via the deep ocean.

  Antarctica is not a continent -it’s a giant containment ice-wall surrounding a crater called earth it’s also called the van Allen belt.

>  One can leave the earth crater only deep under the ocean through gates on the bottom of the ocean and reach other continents called planets.

>  The seven planets of our solar system are allegories and are not physical places/realms.

  We reside on this giant continuous terrain/realm called the universe.

>  There are many other continents called planets outside the Antarctica wall.

>  There are many living beings living on these continents outside the earth crater called aliens.

  These aliens are previous creations and some of them look humanoid.

>  There are humans being enslaved on the other continents outside of the earth crater -what they call space colonies hence why over [ 8 ] million humans disappear every year.

>  The original nepheline bloodlines are alive and well living underground the earth crater and on the other continents outside Antarctica belt.

  The earth is not as old as we are told - it’s way younger than we are told.

>  We are currently in year 723 +/- a few years A.D. and not in year 2023.

> 1300 years of invented human history never happened - they were simply added to obscure the destruction of Tartar and explain architecture and remaining artefacts.

Tartarian super-advanced technology was deliberately destroyed although it is unclear who destroyed it and who the parasites were Tartaria did exist although I believe its location is different than what we are told and also its original name is most likely different too its descendants have survived and live outside of the earth crater one thing.

I have been unable to confirm is whether the Tartarians are descendants / bloodlines of the Nepheline although I do believe that is most likely the case.

>  Most of the aliens are manufactured synthetic robotoids.

>  There was a mass manufacture of human [most likely cloned] babies therefore the sudden explosion of orphans with unknown origins in the late 1800s and early 1900s - it’s possible these were the original soulless NPC bloodlines that represent more than half of all humans today.

>  The earth is a non-rotating stationary flat realm/crater within a much larger continuous terrain/plane/realm called the universe.

>  Souled humans are being farmed as animals the words male and female female actually depict the sex of an animal not human in the late 1770s and early 1800s humans were only described by the words man woman boy and girl and then suddenly for unknown reasons [or more likely under unknown influence] humans began to be described as female and male which was the way only animals were described at the time.

>  There is more than one great flood the question is who and what caused the more recent ones.

>  The Egyptian civilization is not the oldest one the Bosnian pyramids are twice as large as the Egyptian ones and have been hidden from the world for the longest time.

In fact there are pyramids all over Europe quite a few of them older and bigger than the Egyptian ones even the Mexican pyramids are older than the Egyptian ones - there has been a concerted effort to hide a vast amount of history from us.

> I come from a tribe that is 2500 years old one of the oldest in Europe I have the feeling that we will discover that a significant part of the Egyptian and Babylonian history is fabricated.

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Why would they lie about
flat earth?

from wikipedia

Flat Earth is an archaic and scientifically disproven conception of the Earth’s shape as a plane or disk.

Many ancient cultures subscribed to a flat-Earth cosmography.

The idea of a spherical Earth appeared in ancient Greek philosophy with Pythagoras (6th century BC).

However, most pre-Socratics (6th–5th century BC) retained the flat-Earth model. In the early 4th century BC, Plato wrote about a spherical Earth.

By about 330 BC, his former student Aristotle had provided strong empirical evidence for a spherical Earth. Knowledge of the Earth’s global shape gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world.

By the early period of the Christian Church, the spherical view was widely held, with some notable exceptions.

It is a historical myth that medieval Europeans generally thought the Earth was flat.

This myth was created in the 17th century by Protestants to argue against Catholic teachings.<

Despite the scientific fact and obvious effects of Earth’s sphericity, pseudoscientific flat-Earth conspiracy theories are espoused by modern flat Earth societies and, increasingly, by unaffiliated individuals using social media.

from video author

When confronted with blatant
NASA lies and obvious
globe inconsistencies,
the #1 most common
frequently asked question is undoubtedly:
‘but why would anyone lie about
the shape of the Earth!?’

For what purpose would there be a
multi-generational worldwide
conspiracy to cover up the truth of our home?

Why would NASA spend billions of dollars
building rockets just to prank the population about outer space?

What on Earth would be the
point of hiding the flat Earth?

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2 short videos I found
and joined them together
Hmmmmm ………
I’ve no idea what these are

Always something different 

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Earth is a

And the sun is the
hour hand

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theories abound
– one day, we’ll know –

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Aug 2022

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The most interesting video on Earth
Construct of Reality?

Take a journey with us to discover who we are, where we are,
why we are here, and where we are going.

Learn about ages, races, civilizations,
states of consciousness and more.

The cosmic egg and calendar explains all 5 epoch cycles,
and makes a bold prediction for the year 2020.

Shout out to NorbzWorld for this amazing content.

All of his information is below including links to
his channel and other great work.

My name is Avery Hill and I being a
beacon of light on this planet participate
in the sharing of knowledge
and information for the purpose of


Link to YouTube

Link to Bitchute

click link for video

Not only is Earth flat
it’s motionless?

click link for video

Flatten the curve

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Maybe nature
has been showing us …

Not sure whether snails in the Northern Hemisphere
have ‘spirals’ that go in the opposite direction
to snails that live in the Southern Hemisphere –
and it’s unlikely that snails that live on the equator
have no spirals at all.

Here’s some examples

Here are some examples of coils – often referred to a ‘Fibonnaci’ coils – their dimension are are, apparently also referred to as the ‘perfect number’ and found in every aspect of natural design and are the building blocks of the entire universe.

If the direction of the coils in snail shells was affected by the location of the snail on this world, wouldn’t it make sense the direction of the coils would differ accordingly in relation to Earth spin, gravity and electrical energy.

There’s too much to go on for this page – just do your own research. Links will be added as appropriate from time to time.

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The Golden Ratio:
is it myth or math?

click image for video

Crater Earth

The documentary “Crater Earth” by Foundring delves into the fascinating mysteries surrounding our world, proposing that what we know as Earth is actually a small crater within a much larger realm.

The film investigates the works of Charles Fort, a pioneer in anomalous event documentation, and F. Amadeo Giannini, who theorized that Earth is not a globe but a flat plane surrounded by a plasma barrier.

The documentary presents the possibility that the moon is a reflection of our crater on this plasma, and that the planets are reflections of nearby craters.

It also suggests that Antarctica may hide an entire lost chapter of human history and that the Disney theme parks could be a soft disclosure of our true realm.

The film encourages viewers to question the accepted narratives about our world and consider alternative explanations for phenomena such as the moon landing, flat earth theories, and ancient civilizations.

Throughout the documentary, viewers are taken on a journey of discovery as they explore various theories and perspectives on the nature of our world.

The film’s engaging and thought-provoking content will leave viewers questioning what they thought they knew about our planet and its place in the universe.

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Aug 2022

Click image for video

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HERE’s something
no-one would have thought about

HERE’s something
no-one would have thought about


This “conspiracy theory” is based on the concept that the earth may actually be much larger than we were told, and there is a way to get into the unknown part through the so-called “summer gates”.

According to this theory, the outer worlds are hidden from us, while we are part of an obedient colony of slaves in the inner circle (the continents of the earth).

It’s an elaborate illusion to lock people in a restricted area so that people don’t even think to explore further.

according to the theory, ice melts in antarctica in the summer, and as a result, few gates are formed through which ships can pass into the open sea, where other continents unknown to us lie.

that is why planes do not fly through antarctica and ordinary people are forbidden to explore it.

Ask Elon Musk why he “explores mars” and not expedition from Australia 🇦🇺 🪃 to Antarctica, which is much closer btw than all the “planets” and space propaganda.

Deep State players know about it and many have been there, why not us?

  Click image below for video

click image for video

Are there more lands
Antarctica’s ice wall?

And what if the Earth we live in
is a giant farm owned by a
handful of very wealthy families.

And we’re the crop

click image for video


The maestro and FCB D3code present, based on their research about the flat earth topic, discuss their finding based on documents from NASA, US army and other facts and evidence, from the CIA files, the firmament and its purpose, plus much more.

When people think of flat earth they think on those funny images that google and YouTube portray, that’s a psyop.

Flat earth is a lot different, it’s not a pancake in the vastness of space, it’s different.

This what the cabal want you to think, to have their image that they have inplanted in the masses heads of flat earth, making it look ridiculous and to discredit the truth.

Together we will uncover the truth.

click image for video

The Strong Delusion,
NASA, Star Trek, JFK,
the Firmament, 666
and a most peculiar Timeline

In this segment from the second presentation I gave at the Beaumont, Declaring the End From the Beginning conference, I discuss the Biblical Strong Delusion and ask if the globe could in fact be a major part of that.

I also address issues with the “blue marbles” we’ve been given, showing how one of them in particular always seems to show up in movies and TV shows (such as Star Trek).

From there, I lay out what I believe to be a very peculiar timeline of events, including some bizarre statements by JFK and bombing the Fishbowl (of the Lord).

Chinese Astronauts
take photo of the flat earth

Chinese astronauts capture the above image of the flat earth.

Apparently the rocket engineers on the Shenzhou XIV mission forgot to attach a fisheye lens to the camera.

Yes, the straight edge of the earth confirms there is no curvature from two-hundred and forty-eight miles above the earth.

Why would China’s Manned Space Agency release a photo of the flat earth?  Perhaps we give the Luciferian elite who run this fallen world far more credit than they deserve.

Truth be told, so called astronauts have never landed on the moon.

The best and brightest can only ascend to a maximum low earth orbit.

High earth orbit is unobtainable because it is on the other side of the impenetrable sea firmament dome.

We live in an enclosed system.

And until death, we’re not going anywhere.

Twenty two thousand two hundred and thirty six miles is the fictitious distance a geosynchronous satellite orbits the fictitious planet earth.

Such an altitude would submerge all satellites in the vast ocean positioned above the sea firmament dome.

Images refer to this layer of the atmosphere as the thermosphere, where temperatures reach four thousand degrees.

Yet somehow twenty five thousand satellites and three hundred and seventy thousand pieces of space junk haven’t melted or crashed while orbiting the earth ball at twenty two thousand miles per hour.

Our child like faith is in astrophysics is breath-taking.

Even the origin of the word satellite is steeped in the annals of a prolific science fiction writer who had his fictional word co-opted by the space program.

Satellites only circumvent the first heaven of the third dimension below the sea firmament dome.

Everything is to scale.

Satellites are positioned in low earth orbit below the sea firmament dome.

By their own admission, the International Space Station conducts all of its missions in a low earth orbit.

Numbers, numbers, numbers…

The orbital speed necessary to maintain a stable low flat earth circuit is four point eight miles per second.

Relatively slow when compared to the speed of light, one hundred and eighty six thousand miles per second.

Thirty eight thousand one hundred and ninety three times faster than the ISS.

Astrophysicists postulate that the moon doesn’t rotate because the gravitational pull of the earth paralyzes it into a fixed stationary position.

Truth be told the moon is a hollow, flat, translucent, crystalline, self-illuminating disc.

One that generates a unique type of cold light.

During a full moon cycle, the luminaries can been seen shining through the moon’s disc, confirming its translucent composition.

Genesis Chapter 1 verse 16, “For God made two great lights, the sun and the moon, to shine down upon the earth.” The Book of Enoch, Chapter 60, “How the portals of the winds are reckoned, each according to the power of the wind, and the power of the lights of the moon.”

On earth, the temperature of radiate moonlight is always colder than its adjacent moon shadow.

If moonlight was the result of sun rays reflecting off earth, then the illuminated moonlight reflecting back onto the earth should be warmer.

Moonlight is colder, proving it projects its own light.

The Book of Enoch, Chapter 77, Verses 4-5, “In the orb of the sun there is a seventh portion of light, which is added to it from the moon.

By measure it is put in, until a seventh portion of the light of the sun is departed.

They set, enter into the western gate, circuit by the north, and through the eastern gate go forth over the face of heaven.

When the moon rises, it appears in heaven, and the half of a seventh portion of light is all which is in it.” 

In essence, the sun transfers or puts in one seventh of its light into the moon, where it is stored, illuminated and eventually extinguished upon completion of its phase cycle.

The moon does not reflect the sun’s light from its exterior surface, rather it projects moonlight from its translucent interior.

Repeating the cycle again and again, ad infinitum.

The Book of Enoch Chapter 77 Verses 12-13, “Uriel likewise showed me another regulation, when light is poured into the moon, how it is poured into it from the sun.

All the time that the moon is in progress with its light, it is poured into it in the presence of the sun, until its light is in fourteen days completed in heaven.”

The Book of Enoch Chapter 78 Verses 10, “And Uriel showed me another law: when light is transferred to the moon, and on which side it is transferred to her by the Sun.”

One more thought to contemplate: If the geosynchronous moon is responsible for the tides, why doesn’t it effect the Great Lakes?

Because they’re not directly connected to the flat earth oceans, therefore unaffected by the rising and falling of the floating flat earth.

An earth which is set upon the bosom of the great deep below.

The variation in tidal height is attributable in part to the different configurations of adjoining lands.

Diamagnetism is the force which repels a magnetic field.

For example, the oceans salt water is repelled by a magnet.

On my flat earth the Sun and Moon act as a battery.

The Sun has a positive charge and the moon a negative charge.

In essence, the Sun repels the salt water at low tide and the Moon attracts the salt water at high tide.

These opposing forces cause the tides and constant movement of the oceans.

The ball earth theory believes the moon’s gravity overpowers and controls seventy percent of the earth’s surface.

All the while the earth’s gravity holds the moon in a stationary position.

Now that’s faith!

The sun and moon rotate clockwise below the sea firmament dome as the moon alternates evenly below and above the sun.

During the day the blue sky is visible through the dark part of the waxing or waning moon.

Since the fifteenth century there have been fifty eclipses featuring the sun and moon above the horizon.

Impossible if ball earth casts its shadow on the moon.

With an equatorial circumference of six thousand seven hundred and eighty three miles, the sun and moon are the same size.

It’s the reason they look same size during an eclipse.

Your eyes are not deceiving you,

The Book of Enoch Chapter 77 verse 3, “These are the two great luminaries; their circumference is like the circumference of the heaven, and the size of the circumference of both is alike.”

The debate surrounding the shape of the earth could be easily resolved by flying over the South Pole.

The Luciferian elite have brainwashed the masses into believing astronauts went to the moon six times, yet there isn’t a single video of any jet or rocket flying over the earth’s South Pole and popping up on the other side.


Because there isn’t a South Pole.

And it’s illegal.

All flights over the fictional South Pole were banned in 1958.

Known as the Nation State Treaty, it’s the only geopolitical agreement the nations of the flat earth have honoured for over six decades.

The truth always hides in plain sight.

For example,

The International Maritime Organization, World Meteorological Organization, International Civil Aviation Organization and The Air Map of The World all display a flat earth flag.

Adding a layer of Masonic intrigue, the UN flat earth flag is divided into thirty three Freemasonic sections.

Although the South Pole doesn’t exist, the continent of Antarctica does have a distinct interior frozen border wall over two hundred feet in height, a three hundred and sixty degree circumference extending sixty thousand miles, containing all of flat earth’s oceans.

Magnetic North Pole is at the center of the flat earth.

Not surprisingly the Arctic region is much warmer than Antarctica.

The highest recorded temperature in Antarctica is nine degrees below zero.

If the earth were a ball with a somewhat identical North and South Pole, their climates should also be similar.

Summer temperatures in the Arctic can reach into the eighties.

While at the same Antarctic latitude the temperature stays below zero all year.

The North Pole is a magnetically charged, toroidal vortex ring generated by a closed rotating curve, which is responsible in part for tidal fluctuations.

The massive hole produces a vacuum and the toroidal vortex ring that extends from the surface into the hollow earth.

Yes, the flat earth is also hollow…in various sections.

The heliocentric theory postulates a round earth ball rotating through a cold indifferent universe, without reason, purpose or hope.

The Ancient of Days’ oldest book points to the truth.

The geocentric theory is not a theory.

Job Chapter 38 verses 4-7, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell me, if you know so much.

Do you know how its dimensions were determined and who did the surveying?

What supports its foundations, and who laid its cornerstone as the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?”

Video - click image

The Next Level

Hibbler Productions

click image for video


Hibbler Productions (2021)

In May 2022 I posted
“The Next Level”,
which is the sequel to this video,
here on my Rumble channel.

I should probably have posted this one first.

I did not, so here it is now.

Unavoidable truth that cannot be stopped, no matter how hard the powers that be try.

They try to make us look foolish.

They try to “debunk” the truth by creating their own videos that mock the models that show the truth.

They try to convince us of their “science” which they say is “settled” when TRUE SCIENCE is NEVER settled.

We are always learning, always asking questions.

THAT is how science works in real life.

If it is settled, it is NOT science, but tyranny.

click image for video

Level with me

Hibbler Productions (2024)


Video - click image

Chemtrails vs. Curvature

Contrail, also called condensation trail or vapour trail, streamer of cloud sometimes observed behind an airplane flying in clear cold humid air.

A contrail forms when water vapour produced by the combustion of fuel in airplane engines condenses upon soot particles or sulfur aerosols in the plane’s exhaust.

When the ambient relative humidity is high, the resulting ice-crystal plume may last several hours.

The trail may be distorted by the winds, and sometimes it spreads outward to form a layer of cirrus cloud.

On rare occasions, when the air is nearly saturated with water vapour, air circulation at the wing tips of an airplane may cause sufficient pressure and temperature reductions to cause cloud streamers to form.

In the 1990s a popular conspiracy theory arose claiming that long-lasting contrails contained chemicals (“chemtrails”) that were sprayed by governments for purposes such as controlling the weather or dispersing drugs to influence the general population.

However, atmospheric scientists have explained that some contrails last longer than others because of factors such as the humidity of the air (which can vary quite sharply over short distances) and the temperature of the airplane’s exhaust.

Video - click image

The best
Flat Earth

Eric Dubay

The following 6-hour documentary is currently
the most complete and comprehensive presentation
of the Flat Earth truth available that I know of.

Narrated by myself, Eric Dubay,
this video book covers the majority of my
best-selling book,
“The Flat Earth Conspiracy”,
which is guaranteed to awaken even the
sleepiest sheeple to the global deception.

Video - click image


“If you tell a lie, make it big, and then keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”.

The globe is the biggest lie, ever told, and ever believed.

Time is running out for the globe during the information age, so stop defending their lies and wake the fuck up!

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth

Series 1 episodes 1-7

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth

What on Earth Happened?
episodes 1-13

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth

Series 2 episode 1
The Great Flood

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth

Series 2 episode 2
The Master Key

Click image for video

Lost History of Flat Earth

Series 2 episode 3
Two Books of Mankind

Video - click image

Flat-earth map
used by all
airplane autopilots

The Flat Earth map is used by
all airplane auto-pilot navigation.

Like the Bible states,
Earth has a firmament‼️

click image for video

The SUN is NOT 93,000,000 miles away
(150 million km)and
432,459 miles wide
(696,340 km)

(it’s more like 4,000 – 6,000 miles away
and about 4,000 miles in diameter)

Great, simple, experiment

Great experiment that demonstrates and shows
how the sun is not 93 million miles away, but local to us.

Video - click image

No Curvature on Earth

Video - click image

1958 encyclopedia Britannica
admits they found the dome

click image for video of map

A zoomable version of the
Urbano Monte 1587 World Map
(almost 10×10 feet)
can be found in the
David Rumsey Map Collection

“An extraordinary 60 sheet manuscript world map made in 1587 by Urbano Monte has been added to the David Rumsey Map Collection at Stanford University.

At 10 foot square, this map or planisphere is the largest known early map of the world.”

This map has it all; unknown lands, giants, mystical creatures.

According to certain historical maps, the polar regions were snow and ice free and teeming with life as little as four centuries ago. How can this be when modern science says the polar regions were there for millions of years?

The Urbano Monte Flat World Map of 1587 Shows Ice-Free Arctic and Antarctic Lands Teeming With Incredible Life.

Then the Catastrophic Reset of “Christian” European Colonialism (1450-1950) went full throttle destroying this wondrous past “In the Name of God” and supplanting it with our “Modern” Era”

While the Spanish, Portuguese, and French conquistadores and colonialists were the first to exploit and ravage the Americas in the 15th to 17th centuries, as well as other lands including the Arctic and Antarctic, it wasn’t until the 18th to 20th centuries that the full onslaught began under Great Britain and America.

By 1750, the Alien/Illuminati induced Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain, and she sailed the seas with formidable ships and weapons and religious fervour to conquer and convert the world brutally under Yahweh, and many nations and peoples were subdued or destroyed, and many beasts of lore were vanquished never to be seen again.

By 1950 the Anglo-Saxon empire controlled one fourth of the world’s land and wealth fulfilling Yahweh’s promise to Abraham that Ephraim (Great Britain) and Manasseh (United States) would become great nations ruling the world.

And rule they did, but it was a violent rule at the cost of much destruction and many lives.

The natives of the Americas, Africa, India, Asia, Australia and Antarctica put up much resistance but were no match for the guns and fire power of the invaders who brooked no opposition.

You either converted or were slaughtered.

What happened in colonial times is the modern version or continuation of what happened in ancient times when Yahweh helped the Hebrews conquer the “pagan” nations in their trek across the Sinai desert towards the Promised Land(New World). Because of their disobedience, it took ancient Israel some 2520 (721 BC to 1800 AD) years to fulfil that promise, after being invaded by the Babylonians and Assyrians and carried off in a north-westerly direction through Europe and ultimately to North America.

Not only did the modern day tribes of Israel (Great Britain, USA, and North-western Europe) and their other Christian, Judaic, and Islamic cousins conquer and destroy many nations and peoples, but many rare creatures and animals which they saw as “Satanic” -such as the centaurs, mermaids, and dragons perished as well. Such creatures(which may have been genetic experimentations) existed right up to around 1900 AD, and many still exist today, mostly underground.

Antarctica in particular was rich with them.

Most of the deserts and snow regions today were once warm and teeming with life and activity, as early as three or four centuries ago, until the “gods” came in and ruined everything.

This was no doubt accomplished with powerful and sophisticated technology which has always existed, and which Yahweh no doubt was in possession of.

The world was very different before the last major reset of the early 1800’s which ended with the Mud Flood.

Giant trees and humans and mythological creatures existed, which were all done away with by our technological gods and aliens. Earth was mined leaving ugly quarries such as the Grand Canyon, and huge mounds of toxic chemical waste we now call volcanoes.

Some of these quarries were quickly covered over with grass and much smaller trees.

Australia, with perhaps the richest diversity of unique life was bombed into a desert, as was the Sahara, and the Artic and Antarctic became nuclear winter wastelands.

Many of the “ancient” and “medieval” buildings created by the Tartarians and others all over the world, however, were left alone and later used as government buildings.

The giant humans were killed and a new shorter and less intelligent variety was genetically introduced.

The destruction continued with World Wars I and II, which were artificially created by the Cabal to further bring in their New World Order.

These were major resets, and a third, if it is allowed to be completed, will achieve the end or total slavery of humankind.

Even after World War I, traces of the Old World existed, with the Zepplin airships and largely free energy, but World War II cleaned everything up and paved the way for the modern Orwellian government dependant and enslaved nightmare we now find ourselves in.

Sure, the post-war era wasn’t all bad -there were definitely good times and benefits, especially for Western society, but it was all on the backs of the poorer Third-World nations and economies.

The West prospered materially or financially but all of the urbanization, finance, industry, and science would ultimately become traps for the dehumanization of the human spirit, as we are seeing in these last decades.

Modern history, of course, doesn’t teach you this, but the evidence is right in your face. We’ve been tricked by the powers that be to believe in the modern fairy tales of astronomy, evolution, organized religion, hi-jacked science, pernicious politics, and false history, when the ancient records and mythologies were right all along.

Humans have always become physically smaller and dumber with every reset and now they want to turn us into mindless and heartless machines.

The Nazi New World Order is Satanic and wants to eventually rid this planet of all humans.

Fortunately there are good factions of “Gods” who, as in the days of the Great Flood of old, will preserve at least some of us.

1675 map by
Athanasius Kircher
with the telling title

“A Geographical Map of the World
After the Flood”

If not distracted by Atlantis, shown near North America, the map shows the coastal part of the continents that has gone under water in recent years.

The Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea are connected into one body of water.

What is worth paying attention to: the map is drawn as if the author witnessed the events or redrawn from other more ancient maps.

What archaeologists are now finding underwater is perfectly overlaid on this map.


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