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This essay was written in 1552,
yet it sounds uncomfortably relevant today.

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“Poor, wretched, and stupid peoples, nations determined on your own misfortune and blind to your own good!

You let yourselves be deprived before your own eyes of the best part of your revenues; your fields are plundered, your homes robbed, you family heirlooms taken away.

You live in such a way that you cannot claim a single thing as your own; land it would seem that you consider yourselves lucky to be loaned your property, your families, and your very lives.

All this havoc, this misfortune, this ruin, descends upon you not from alien foes, but from the one enemy whom you yourselves render as powerful as he is, for whom you go bravely to war, for whose greatness you do not refuse to offer your own bodies unto death.

He who thus domineers over you has only two eyes, only two hands, only one body, no more than is possessed by the least man among the infinite numbers dwelling in your cities; he has indeed nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you.

Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy on you, if you do not provide them yourselves?

How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you?

The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own?

How does he have any power over you except through you?

How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you?

What could he do to you if you yourselves did not connive with the thief who plunders you, if you were not accomplices of the murderer who kills you, if you were not traitors to yourselves?”

– From “The politics of obedience:
The discourse of voluntary servitude”
by Étienne de La Boétie, 1552

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The Big Reset

The 'Big Reset Movie' shows the truth about
the so-called ‘pandemic’ and how
detrimental policies have been implemented
all over the world using fear and manipulation
it includes statements from a wide range of
experts who show what’s behind the Great Reset.


This film is
as it exposes the who, what,
when, where, why, and how.

The world’s population must attempt to
connect the dots to discern the truth.

I hope this movie will trigger a
massive awakening around the world.

The more it is shared and circulated,
the more lives will be saved

22 April 2023 - Jonathan Rothschild arrested for treason

This morning, (Jonathan Rothschild)
an important member of Rothschild family
was arrested in London by the Q Army
and transferred to a maximum
security prison in Nevada

Charge = treason

Do you know who
is the number 1 funder
of the new world order /
deep state and all those
other fucking monsters?



Everything they do and have done over time has been done thanks to us who financed them.

In short, we pay them to destroy us.

I’m aware that this truth hurts a lot and many won’t take it well and won’t accept it, but alas the truth is truth and it doesn’t necessarily have to please everyone.

The universe does not ask us for any tax and has never asked for it as a result I would say that the time has come for them to give us back everything they stole from us since it was all illegal under universal law.




And in our new world there are no more slaves but family and friends.



Click button for PDF of this letter


We the People, draw your attention to your employment with the misleading suggestion that you may believe you are a “public servant”. There cannot be such a role when in fact you are employed by a corporate entity with its own constitution and corporate objectives.

Your position is not an appointment by public, but is a role within a corporate entity for which you may not be aware, has no legal obligation to serve the people. Therefore, the work that you do for the corporation under the title of a “Government” department or elected official, is fraudulent and misrepresents the Commonwealth of Australia.

Most alarming is the allegiance your role demonstrates to unelected foreign globalist organisations such as; World Health Organisation (WHO), World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN).

Please be aware that the ethical operation of the corporate entity you are employed by or contracted with, has therefore been compromised by significant breaches of the Corporations Act 2001 for failing to declare interests and dealings with foreign entities, and the failure of its Executive, “Ministerial” or Governance Team to act in a manner befitting of a public servant of the Commonwealth of Australia, or an elected or appointed representative of the people.

This misuse of elected authority has cultivated a breach of trust, and the necessity for the people to declare “no confidence” in your public service employment organisation and the position you hold. Your immediate resignation is demanded, unless you recognise your community’s demand for higher moral standards, and take immediate action to stop facilitating foreign agenda of unelected private organisations, including but not limited to WEF, UN and WHO.

You have an obligation to do what is right, as opposed to supporting what is wrong! If you are helping to facilitate tyranny upon Australians, you and others may be held personally liable, whilst the victims, the local residents and associated groups, may be within their rights to pursue legal remedy against you for your role within this corporate entity.

Your involvement in carrying out any foreign agenda or policy orders against the public makes you nothing more than a “Policy Enforcer” for the corporate entity you are currently employed by. The Public are now waking up and declaring this arrangement to be fraudulent and misleading.

Your employer carelessly exposed its position when it disrespected the inalienable rights of the people, continued to act dishonorably by imposing fake laws and regulations without constitutional support, and enforced compliance upon all who unknowingly placed their trust in a corrupt system. This has had the effect of alerting people to the systemic corruption within the system, and naturally they want to know who is to blame.

You are advised the truth is now out in the open and the people find blame in you. There is now a groundswell of NO CONFIDENCE arising in all local areas. Your name is now implicated with the crimes being committed by the corporate entity you are employed by or contracted to, and falsely representing an Australian Commonwealth Government Official.

To admit your position is untenable, is to recognise your wages are afforded by taxes paid by the people, but you demonstrate no moral accountability to the people, and you persist with your support for international crime syndicates, namely; WHO, UN, WEF, C40, ICLEI, and their coordinated campaign against the interests of sovereign nations worldwide.

If you respect the rights of the people, you must take this matter seriously. You are being asked to either stand down, or recognise your community’s demand for higher moral standards, and take immediate action to stop facilitating foreign agenda of unelected private organisations.

Moreover, the people are not happy being subjected to the unlawful use of potentially harmful 5G equipment, coerced to ignore their medical and privacy rights, suffering abuse and criminal behavior from Government and the Police. It is this widespread authoritarian control and disregard for the freedoms, rights and privileges of the people, that is perpetuating a decline into communism. You, unknowingly or otherwise, along with other corrupt public servants are currently part of that process.

Here are just a few of the problems being created by public servants without the consent of the people:

Mass surveillance and facial recognition cameras and databases, being used in public areas, without public permission or consultation, is typically the same as population control measures that are being forced upon the people in communist China. Australia by measure, could now be considered a communist country.

The reckless adoption of the 5G network by Governments and the localised facilitation of potentially harmful military grade frequencies by Councils, has never been tested for safety on humans and animals. We the people, call for a halt to the rollout of 5G until transparent and comprehensive safety investigations are completed.

Coercion of workers, medical patients and children to participate in experimental gene therapy trials using injection of mRNA (Covid19) non vaccines, was facilitated by media manipulation and the suppression of mass injury and death rates.

Police violently attacking innocent men, women and children in public locations who were wrongly accused of behaving illegally during unlawful lock-down mandates.

Corporate local Councils generally creating barriers and actively avoiding accountability while operating a culture of corporate dictatorship and implementing SMART 15 minute cities, digital ID, population control, and passing bylaws that infringe upon the people’s rights, without the consent of the people.

Chemicals containing heavy metals constantly sprayed from planes above our towns to manipulate weather, where several cloud seeding events, were evidenced days prior to excessive rain events creating property damage, flooding, hardship and deaths of people and livestock.

This OPEN LETTER TO PUBLIC SERVANTS, seeks either their resignation, or a conscious change in their behavior and moral culture to that which is not fraudulent and misleading, genuinely serves the people, acts truthfully and honorably in the people’s interests, upholds the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, removes corrupt and treasonous actors, makes good on past indiscretions and damaging decisions against the nation and its people.


There have been countless videos of hospitals that were completely empty.

The reason is simple, Hospitals are just an extension of the Reptilian/Grey/Nazi World Order experimentation on Humanity.

Fauci Lied and people died – Hydroxychioroquine has worked this entire time, all first responders were given HQ as the *pandemic” started.

TikTok owned by China, via capitulation outputs social media videos of Doctors, Nurses And Staff. Showcasing their choreographed dance videos during the deadliest pandemic, COVID-19.

They took an Oath to do no harm.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫

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Controlled Chaos

The current chaotic events that are being revealed in the globalscape drama are designed to perpetuate mass psychological operations against the earth inhabitants that ultimately serve the objectives of those negative Controlling forces, competing to succeed in their version of the One World Order agenda.

The purposeful orchestration of controlling mass perception through the intentional spreading of a genetically modified biological weapon to unleash a global pandemic, is setting the stage for the trigger event to be manipulated in the timelines.

Many people still believe that the current state of world suffering, poverty, disease and violence was created accidentally, and that what we see today in the globalscape was the organic evolution of humanity since the industrial age.

This is inaccurate.

The Power Elite families have methodically and patiently grown their global agenda through specific objectives, which they sought to create through the use of Social Engineering and hidden technological Mind Control, along with gaining surveillance over our every move.

Controlled Chaos is based on subjecting individuals to sophisticated methods of a global Psychological Manipulation designed to reform and suppress the mass consciousness, by Shaping False Narratives that destroy Unity and Empathy within humanity.

Divide and rule strategies encourage divisions, conflicts and chaos among the opposing groups to prevent the formation of strong alliances and unification that could challenge the power of the Controller or Ruler.

This extends to the negative entities, such as the Luciferian or Satanic groups, that exert further control over their human representatives that have been socially engineered to carry out their divide and conquer agenda against the human race.

Comprehending the motivation of the controlling power elite means understanding their spiritual and ideological beliefs connected to using controlled chaos against their opposition, which essentially is to continually incite chaos and division in order to control the rest of earth’s inhabitants.

Controlled Chaos is understanding the role of chaos theory that is used in military based decision making, when planning divide and conquer tactics being targeted against any group, demographic or nation.

Controlled Chaos is used both as a spiritual warfare strategy on the metaphysical front by non-physical dark forces, and as a propaganda-based disinformation tool and weakening tactic aimed against the masses in the physical world.

This is a global strategy for full spectrum domination of earth carried out by the Evildoers forces, who use human controllers on the ground that have been handed access to unlimited wealth and resources of the planet in order to manage the rest of us in a Controlled Chaos.

By methodically destroying the cohesion and unity that exists within any targeted group, organization, state, or nation, the group is weakened by internal division and chaos, whereby outside organized forces that use controlled chaos tactics can intercept and easily impose control over the group’s resources.

As a case study, the intended destruction of a powerful state could be potentially desired by multinational corporations, crime syndicates and institutions that intend to gain aggressive control over the global financial, military and information resources in that state.

Strategies would include saturating the death culture propaganda into the population by reinforcing destructive behaviors; such as increasing destitution and homelessness, handing out free heroin needles, pushing sexual misery to reduce birth rates and increase death rates. When there is indifference to the suffering, misery and destitution of others, people become suicidal and lose their will to live. This acts as a general euthanasia mechanism for facilitating a eugenic strategy or kill off in the targeted culture.

Instigating and seeding continuous chaos, particularly through natural disasters or emergency situations, overwhelms the capacity for supporting sustainable living and disrupts the stability and cohesion that is necessary to restore order to the disorder.

Uprooting people from their homes, creating refugees and mass migrations are tools used for destabilization and psychological warfare, by gaining control of these areas through inciting chaos while destroying the local culture.

When the natural environment and earth beauty is being destroyed, such as trees, plants and animals, this decimation produces a Dehumanization and demoralization effect upon the people living there.

Living in a barren, desolate wasteland as a result of abject poverty, war and cataclysmic events is not highly desirable to evolve consciousness and develop the local culture, it produces primitive values and barbarism.

Through conditioning propaganda of continual controlled chaos as a way of life being seeded as the global Death Culture, it achieves the aims of the Controllers in various ways.

Controlled Chaos strategies and intentionally inciting the forces of chaos in the world at large are also entwined with the overall Satanic Ideology and its highest principles.

Those individuals that are either moderate or extreme occultists in their different branches of the satanic belief system are also practicing the same divide and conquer strategies in order to gain advantage and oppress the masses, through Lack of Empathy and compassion for others plight.

Satanism promotes the rise of master manipulators and sociopathic personalities to exploit all human psychological and emotional weakness for personal gain.

For the Satanic occultist, psychic attacking and Black Magic is designed for siphoning soul energy for producing spiritual weakness along with the premeditation of complex strategies that are designed to destroy their opposition at any cost.

Hence many Satanists are master propogandists, using complex deceptions for psychological manipulation in attempting to indoctrinate the public into various forms of moderate to extreme Satanic Ideology throughout the controlled mainstream media.


click image and links for videos

Controller NWO

Every action you take to educate yourself, any action that is taken to help educate others on these topics, no matter how small, helps to bring an end to slavery and human suffering from servitude.

Together, if we can understand what is happening on the earth and open our eyes to actually see these hidden agendas of Satanism and Luciferianism, across all paths, we can unite to end human slavery for the future generations.

Do Your Work!

What are the primary goals and methods used by the NAA and Power Elite in their quest to fulfil the Luciferian Covenant and install the Ne World Order, a totalitarian and dystopian nightmare of consciousness enslavement?

Many people still believe that the current state of world suffering, poverty, disease and violence was created accidentally, and that what we see today in the globalscape was the organic evolution of humanity since the industrial age.

This is inaccurate.

The Power Elite families have methodically and patiently grown their global agenda through specific objectives, which they sought to create through the use of Social Engineering and hidden technological Mind Control, along with gaining surveillance over our every move.

Let’s review a brief summation of these goals.

Main Goals of Controllers:

➝ Before and during World War II, the Black Suns promoted German idealism into mind control via their Social Engineering experiments designed by their German academic counterparts that were the most revered and famous philosophers during that time.

These guys were Black Suns connected to the Bavarian illuminati and were used to infiltrate the most prestigious academic institutions worldwide with deliberate misinformation that would eventually be spread as the standard curriculum in most colleges.

Many of these social engineering programs got their start from the Institute for Social Research, Frankfurt School, which was used by the Black Suns and practicing Satanists to endorse and spread a faux communist ideology that was really designed as a eugenics program.

This Black Sun flavor of social engineering experimentation is being used aggressively today to target prestigious academic institutions throughout the United States, with the hidden agenda to attempt to destroy the American Constitution in favor of Socialism or Communism, in order to rapidly enforce the globalist agenda for instituting the New World Order.

➝ Intentionally directing Social Engineering and mind control programming to dehumanize and demoralize the earth population, by denying them their basic rights to fundamental human needs and to generate depravity through increasing criminal behaviors, traumatic addiction, suicides and growing the homeless population.

This includes propaganda to spread spiritually abusive behaviors as socially acceptable in the death culture, like legalized drugs, killing others, pornography and prostitution that are distractions from becoming aware that the earth is being used as a prison farm for creating more loosh for the predatorial parasites.

➝ Promote spiritual abuse and the rejection of God by spreading the anti-soul or anti-Christ religions and their related practices that destroy the inner spirit or inner Christ connection, that exists inside every angelic human being that is incarnated on the planet.

Spread violent religions, and replace the ancient Christos Essene Gnostic teachings and call it Luciferianism.

➝ Control the weather and climate by intentionally poisoning and polluting the earth and natural resources through hidden technology and secret military agendas, in order to make these resources as scarce as possible, while spreading misinformation in the mainstream about environmentalism and climate changes.

➝ Use people’s genuine concern about the environment as a way to manipulate the unaware population into approval for directing tax payer’s dollars and massive funding into the Controller’s inverted systems, via their organized institutions to launder money into approved projects like chemtrailing and gang stalking.

These schemes are designed to profit a few in order to protect the major industrial conglomerates, while actually enforcing and promoting policies that destroy the environment, rather than protect the earth’s environment.

➝ Systematic globalization agenda and economic terrorism used to eventually collapse the global economies in order to generate chaos and world-wide humanitarian crisis.

To achieve this goal, the Controllers must patiently orchestrate their covert agenda to infiltrate all world governments, divide and conquer independent nations by destroying them from within their own country, carried out by their own people.

The first stages of this agenda are to fully exploit cheap labor by forcing indentured servitude in the impoverished populations of less developed nations, while cultivating more debt slaves in the first world nations, in order to destroy the economic stability and financial power, to collapse the autonomy of that nation.

This is designed to force economic, political and societal collapse in order to force all nations into dependence and collusion with the One World Order agenda.

➝ Control the bio-neurology of the human population through electromagnetic signals, prescription drugs, medical devices, GMO’s, and an assortment of toxins and poisons placed in the air, water and food supply, that generate many human diseases, while ensuring that the knowledge to cure these diseases is made unavailable to the masses.

➝ Promote disinformation and suppression of accurate knowledge within the hard sciences, academia, inventions, and advanced technologies with the exception of those that are approved to promote the death culture objectives of the NAA and Controller groups.

➝ Consistently control the mass perception of reality to be created in terrorism, cataclysm and pestilence fear programming that is carried out through the beliefs held in the biblical revelations, through an artificial mind control program known as Armageddon Software.

Armageddon programs are designed to trigger subconscious memories in the collective consciousness, of previously hidden timelines of traumatic devastation that was caused by the NAA, such as the warring events that took place during the Luciferian Rebellion and Atlantian Cataclysm.

This keeps people in a constant state of survival and poverty consciousness, unable to develop the personal strength required to cultivate self-determination and personal sovereignty.

➝ The use of inverted systems in the non-profit organizations and religious institutions that are set up as storefronts used for international money laundering or criminal activities under the guise of humanitarian causes or charities, when the funds are collected for the express purposes to continue to enforce human misery and human suffering.

➝ Transhumanism and Transgenderism are used to further promote the death culture’s intended agenda to destroy the heart and Soul, the compassionate and empathic divine human being, through the intended annihilation of the true essence of both the Masculine and Feminine. In order to disrupt or destroy the unifying potential of the androgynous lightbody in the DNA of the human being, the first directive would be to attack the inner and outer gender principle in all ways possible.

The NAA promote counterfeit creations through inciting confusion in the death process, obliterate the knowledge of the Lightbody and Soul, spin confusion in sexual conduct and concepts of marriage and children, instill gender confusion in expected roles, and then start to blend human bodies with animals and machines.

➝ Child Abuse and Child Sacrifice is an Archontic Deception Strategy of the NAA.

The NAA and Satanists prefer to use children as targets in order to harvest negative emotional energy or Loosh, and as a result, child abuse, child sex slavery, child porn, child organ harvesting and child sacrifice are immensely profitable for those in the criminal network.

➝ The mind control used for gender reversal distortions are the most traumatizing, from painful memories existing between men and women being forced to abuse each other, over and over.

These gender distortions have been used to propagate some of the deepest levels of spiritual abuse, Sexual Misery and personal torture that could occur to a race of beings.

True spiritual marriage as a part of natural biological spiritual Ascension was stolen from humanity through the NAA alien invasion, and the pain of that theft and the emotional abuse has damaged many people’s hearts.

➝ Human Trafficking is the sale or barter for humans into slavery by other humans and non-humans.

This is a massive epidemic on planet earth, and it also exists off planet earth and is referred to as Galactic Human Slavery.

Generally, a person is culled for certain purposes and then abducted, captured from their families and sold or bartered for many purposes including manual slave labor, sex trade, engineering, and manufacturing.

The person is mind controlled under a system of threats, intimidation and torture to remain compliant and submissive to the acts they are forced to perform for their handlers, who may be human or non-human entities.

In poverty stricken third world countries, or during mass migration of refugees, children are grabbed from inattentive parents or offered a few hundred dollars to take their child.

This level of human trafficking brings in many hundreds of thousands of people per year into the slave trade both on and off planet.

Currently, the World Slavery system is used to parasitize soul energy but also to superimpose karmic exchanges on the masses, and is an important reason the NAA fight so hard to retain their control and access over earth and the trafficking of its inhabitants.

It is estimated that at least 8 million children worldwide go missing each year. It is estimated that nearly 800,000 children will be reported missing each year in the USA; 40,000 children go missing each year in Brazil; 50,500 in Canada; 39,000 in France; 100,000 in Germany; and 45,000 in Mexico.

An estimated 230,000 children go missing in the United Kingdom each year, or one child every 5 minutes.

➝ Culture Wars

The current Culture Wars are using aggressive mind control tactics to purposely attack Individualism, Autonomy and Self-Leadership, to cultivate a generation of non-critical thinkers who automatically follow collectivism, coercion and blind obedience to another level of global tyranny.

The problem, reaction, solution stage is being set, pushing for another round of Cultural Marxism or socialism instigated from the World War era, designed to fulfill the satanic collectivist nightmare of the New World Order.

➝ Controller Agenda is NWO

In our planet today, we have levels of geometric architecture, you might hear about the Vesica Pisces, “VP Network” or dodecahedron and pentagonal controls over carbon matter.

These alien structures are AI systems that build binary Bi-wave Geometric Systems that have been installed in the planetary brain to create a certain low level frequency field, movement directing energy in the field, in terms of how energetic current is projected throughout the planet in Ley Lines and meridian systems.

So these geometries actually are a part of the program that is the governance of where these energies are directed and what they’re used for.

This is the game with the Negative Alien Agenda, with the artificial architecture which collects energy, harvests it, and sends it to off-planet sources, or to their preferred people, namely the Milab, Secret Societies and the New World Order group that are carrying out the controller agenda.

So those collective energies are collected and basically given, with preference, to the beings who have sold out humanity and serve whatever their Control based agenda is.

➝ 911 Timelines of War, Cataclysm

Suns of Belial, the Nibiru-Annunaki reptilians of the New World Order or NWO crews of the 911 Timelines Agendas, have headquartered themselves in the 11th Stargate of the United Kingdom and Stonehenge.

These are the creators of the teeth chomping technology of the Nephilim Reversal Grid (NRG). Comprising primarily of Fallen Elohim genetic lines, this reversal network was a rebellion to the hybridization attempts of Lyran-Elohim races, who were responsible in commissioning Nephilim races for genetic DNA hybridization healing.

The failure of that program, the banishment of Nephilim (The Giants) and killing of that race, resulted in Nephilim Wars, and subsequently, the NRG was placed in the UK land mass to reverse all pair bonded hybridized genetics, especially any genetic material (like the Krystal DNA Matrix) that was designed to unify or marry genetics in hierogamy or embodied Hieros Gamos.

➝ Negative Aliens and NWO

Because the planet is ready to collapse timelines from the previous 3D cycle where the planet is playing out as the result of the Luciferian Rebellion from Atlantean time cycle, there is a struggle to dominate upcoming events that would influence these future timelines to be solely in Negative Alien or the NAA control.

These groups have infighting, and the two primary groups have infected their headquartered control mechanism in two major stargates and power vortexes on the planet. Black Sun Program have headquartered themselves in the 10th Stargate or Iran Gate of the Golden Eagle Grid and lodged their technologies in Iraq/Iran to gain dominance over the power spots in Giza, Egypt.

Most of them are Reptile Insectoid Collectives that are sourcing from out of the Phantom Matrix spaces in the parallel systems, and formed alliances with the Fallen Angelic Annunaki Groups to take control over the earth, which are referred to as the NAA.

This is why they chose these areas of the planet to dominate, it was easier to invade from the genetic key level.

The Sons of Belial, the Nibiruian-Annunaki reptilians of the New World Order crews that engineered the 911 Timelines Agenda, have headquartered themselves in the 11th Stargate area in the United Kingdom, this is also known as Stonehenge.

➝ Adam Belial 9-11 Ritual for NWO

Apparently, it is believed when the luciferian ritualist opens the portal of Daath, the heart complex and physical heart chambers are filled with life force, which supposedly grows a soul from those sacrificed and harvested, on behalf of those who are soul-less.

For those of us aware that the Sons of Belial are behind the New World Order and the 911 Timelines, it becomes clearer that humanity was held captive at a global scale, to witness the sophisticated orchestration of an Adam Belial Luciferian ritual that destroyed the Twin Towers and killed many innocent people for the purpose of Blood Sacrifice for the soul-less.

The Belial Program described is one faction of the NAA attempting to force the planet to serve the multiple invading species agenda, through imposing artificially replicated time fields, inverting the system and generating a false reality based upon masterful lies, deceptions and illusions.

➝ What is the Space Fence?

Although the USAF and Lockheed Martin tell us that the purpose of the Space Fence is to detect, track and catalogue space debris, we must acknowledge that the MIC (Military Intelligence Complex) is at the helm of the New World Order and is routinely engaged in Psychological Operations against the rest of the population. See Frequency (Static) Fences.

➝ Armageddon Software

The Armageddon Software Mind Control programs, such as War (Terrorism), Pestilence and Cataclysm fears, or many other fear programs which can be interchanged as they are similar bio-warfare Mind Control programs used on the earth to suppress and control human consciousness by propagating artificially generated False Timelines.

This is a Psycho-Spiritual Warfare strategy used against humanity by the Negative Aliens through their False Gods and False Father Satanic religions to use SRA to repeatedly enslave, kill and torture humans through Religious Violence and Military control through terrorism, war and population control, in which their goal is to institute global tyranny via the New World Order.

The Armageddon Software is the enslavement companion Mind Control system which is activated through the Crucifixion Implants in Holographic Inserts embedded into the planetary body and human body.

The Armageddon Software is a mind control program to terrorize humanity through enforcing the militarization of planet earth and is carried out through Military Grey Alien Technology and the continual development of the hidden underground and space alien technology war machine agenda.

➝ Global Human Slavery

Currently, the World Slavery system is used to parasitize soul energy but also to superimpose karmic exchanges on the masses, and is an important reason the NAA fight so hard to retain their control and access over earth and the inhabitants.

The humans controlled by the NAA have Stockholm Syndrome, and have been dehumanized to such levels of fragmentation they act like a feral animal cornered in a cage, defending their enslavement, not comprehending how they can exist any way else but to be in the Mind Control matrix enmeshed in a codependent Parasitism with these dark forces.

➝ Treaty of Altair

The NAA effectively declared an edict of war against the Christos Founders, and all of the Maji Grail King lines, Indigos, as well as the earth population on September 12, 2000.

Exactly one year later they staged an Adam Belial ritual in order to institute a public ceremony announcing their New World Order plan with the culmination of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 in New York City.

The destruction of the Twin Towers and Blood Sacrifice of those killed at the World Trade Center, was intended to be the line drawn in the sand to show the NAA were proceeding with their full domination and slavery agenda of humanity and earth.

This event brought forward what became known as the 911 Timelines, the institution of the false reality timelines in order take the planet into AI Assimilation Timeline which is the Fallen AI Timeline Loops that the NAA fully control from within the Phantom Matrix.

➝ One World Order

The current chaotic events that are being revealed in the globalscape drama are designed to perpetuate mass psychological operations against the earth inhabitants that ultimately serve the objectives of those negative Controlling forces, competing to succeed in their version of the One World Order agenda.

The purposeful orchestration of controlling mass perception through the intentional spreading of a genetically modified biological weapon to unleash a global pandemic, is setting the stage for the trigger event to be manipulated in the timelines.

click image and links for videos

The hidden hand
(click image for video)

As in all things use your discernment. Take what you can or need, leave what you do not want.

The Hidden Hand is a controversial Award-winning documentary that explores the possibility of an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.

The film takes a keen look at a spectrum of topics like alien abduction, human/alien hybridization, the military’s reverse-engineering of alien technology and the government cover-up of anything related to extraterrestrials.

Is preoccupation with E.T.’s a form of cultural madness, or is something really going on?

How would E.T. contact change the religious and political institutions of our society?

The Hidden Hand is full of riveting interviews with experts and experiencers alike: Whitley Strieber, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the 6th astronaut on the moon, Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defence Minister, Richard Dolan, Jim Marrs, Linda Moulton Howe, Col. John Alexander, Lyn Buchanan, Clifford Stone, Nassim Haramein, David Icke, Dr. Roger Leir, Graham Hancock and Paola Harris, among others.

The shadowy world of UFOs is suddenly brought to light.

Source: The Serapeum

More videos from my channel:

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Aaron Carter pleas for help –
It looks like they killed him?

This is what Trump says
about the Covid vaccines –
Any questions?

Remember this –
These groups were exempted
from getting Covid shots in 2020.
Never forget this

Knife wielding man in fight with cop
with a shotgun is taken out by dude
with a coconut.
Crazy times

Dr. MCCullough explains
what is causing people to
die suddenly or in their sleep.


Karma – the fat kid
should not have been such a gluttonous pig
on Halloween


New wheels?
Bet it goes real fast –
but can you drive it?

click image for link to patent

Subliminal acoustic manipulation
of nervous systems


Experiments have shown that atmospheric acoustic stimulation of deeply subliminal intensity can excite in a human subject the sensory resonances near 1/2 Hz and 2.5 Hz.

The 1/2 Hz resonance is characterized by ptosis of the eyelids, relaxation, drowsiness, a tonic smile, tenseness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz that is used.

The observable effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include a slowing of certain cortical functions, sleepiness, and, after long exposure, dizziness and disorientation.

The finding that these sensory resonances can be excited by atmospheric acoustic signals of deeply subliminal intensity opens the way to an apparatus and method for acoustic manipulation of a subject’s nervous system, wherein weak acoustic pulses are induced in the atmosphere at the subject’s ears, and the pulse frequency is tuned to the resonance frequency of the selected sensory resonance.

The method can be used by the general public for control of insomnia and anxiety, and for facilitation of relaxation and sexual arousal. Clinical use of the method includes the control and perhaps a treatment of anxiety disorders, tremors, and seizures.

A suitable embodiment for these applications is a small portable battery-powered subaudio acoustic radiator which can be tuned to the resonance frequency of the selected sensory resonance.

There is an embodiment suitable for law enforcement operations in which a subject’s nervous system is manipulated from a considerable distance, as in a standoff situation.

Subliminal subaudio acoustic pulses at the subject’s location may then be induced by acoustic waves radiating from a venting acoustic monopole, or by a pulsed air jet, especially when aimed at the subject or at another material surface, where the jet velocity fluctuations are wholly or partly converted into static pressure fluctuations.

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