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“Let me tell you why you’re here…

You’re here because you know something.

What you know you can’t explain,
but you feel it.

You felt it your entire life
that there’s something very wrong with the world.

You don’t know what it is—but it’s there,
like a splinter in your mind,
driving you mad…”.

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Out of this world

What prompted the creation of this page?

As this website was being created more and more evidence kept occurring/recurring that suggests whatever’s going on in this world today cannot be entirely under the control of humans alone.

Events are occurring now with such perfect precision and timing – events which must have taken many decades to plan.

It’s obvious this planning would have taken so long it would have exceeded the life-span of many humans – certainly exceeding the periods of their careers if they was in the military.

So, while many people would have come and gone on the way, the overall plan, and it’s prcecise execution, never changes.

Left to humans alone this planning would have simply failed as it would need to be handed over to new generations of people who was absolutely clear what the objective of the plans are and would not de-rail them with ideas of their own

Simply, humans would not have the capacity to do that. It’s just not in our nature. New people coming on board may years later would just have ideas of their own or other objectives – the focus of the objective would have been lost so that nothing would ever be finalised with such precision and timing.

Then there’s the technology being used.

While it’s generally agreed that military technology is much more advance than we’re told, it’s still unlikely if we had it that no-one would know about it or used it in the past. It’s no good just inventing stuff if you don’t use it for something.

So, lets look at some examples.

Destruction of D.U.M.B.s.

Apparently, there are about a million miles of tunnels under the earth, some are man-made. Many couldn’t have been. They’re just too deep and too big.

Just think how long it takes, even with todays machinery, to create a tunnel just a few kilometres long. 

Some of these tunnels are so big they have anti-gravity trains systems in them with mag-lev trains that can travel faster than the speed of sound. (One tunnel runs between the Vatican and Jerusalem and it’s over 1500 klm long, other tunnels are reputed ro run betweeen Australia and Antarctica).

If humans wanted to dig tunnels thousands of kilometres long, why would they dig them so deep? How come humans don’t even know about them ?

And, even if they did build them, how did humans survive the temperatures. (Apparently, the temperature increases by 30 degrees Celcius for every kilometres down you go – so if a tunnel is 10k deep the temperature inside it is like to be about 3x the boiling temperature of water).

The destruction of those D.U.M.B.s., (why they need to be destroyed is a whole different subject)

All over the world these tunnels are being destroyed by what looks like direct energy technology. A perfect ‘hit’ every time and at tunnels which are many kilometres deep.

How does whatever’s destroying them know where they are? (Human military has trouble finding submarines at much smaller depths let alone tunnels 10 klms, (or more), underground).

And … the technology being used, (having been given the name ‘Rods of God’), reputedly hit their target with the force of atomic weapons, but with no discernible pollution.

And, the ‘Rods of God’ energy are fired from somewhere in ‘space’.

Like something out of a sci-fi movie.

Then …

There have been revelations about events planned on Earth for geo-engineered destruction – like atomic explosions to erupt the volcano at Yellowstone National park – and other places.

The volcano on the island of La Palma was recently fired up, presumably to create an eruption that could have triggered a tsunami manufactured to hit the East Coast of the USA.

All were quietly disarmed.

The container ship Ever Given was grounded deliberately in the Suez Canal – by remote control.

Among other things, it’s reputed it’s cargo contained, reputedly, a nuclear device which was going to be detonated, maybe to destroy evidence. Not only was the ship and it’s contents intercepted but the signal for the ‘device’ was jammed.

Then, over the years, many people around the world have been targeted for assassination. (Reputedly Donald Trump has avoided about 30+ attempts on his life).

BARRON TRUMP is 7 feet tall already

That these people survived suggests that something
have the ability to work with ‘time’ in some way –
and it’s possible time ‘travel’ has been achieved.

‘Bullshit’ cry the sceptics – but they always will
(without offering any alternative explanation).

But all the items mentioned above are provable.

And humans, by themselves, couldn’t do this.

So, until someone can come up with another explanation, there’s seems to be only one logical explanation – we are not alone in this universe and, fortunately for us, whatever’s ‘out there’ seems to be benevolent.

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Maybe it’s time to stop ignoring
what could have been under our noses
for all our known history.

There has been do much weird shit going down globally the last couple of years, all out of sight of the population – more and more suggestion about ‘alien’ involvement is being considered by thinking people as the only possible explanation.

For as long as we’ve known, history has given us a ‘notion’ that alien life probably existed in the past.  And most people would at least agree that ‘probably’ alien life was around eons ago.  Just look at all the engravings on ancient walls, the Pyramids, the precision of construction and their alignment with the stars.

But … few would even want to consider that
(ask yourself ‘why would they leave?’
where would they go if they BELONG here?)

Maybe they was here BEFORE humans

At least consider that … 

David Icke has been telling people about this for over 30 years – people reckon he’s crackers, totally mad.

But … is he?

He’s still going … in fact, he’s stronger than ever before as more people are taking notice about what he’s been saying.

Thinking people are considering – ‘he might be on to something’.

The fact is, PROOF of alien involvement with our society and species is being uncovered – regularly, daily – to such an extent that a thinking person should at least consider it as a possibility.

The assumption is there was ‘alien’ life on earth eons ago but it ‘left’ for some reason.

What if it didn’t ‘leave’ – what if it’s still here – maybe even among us.

How can it be that unheard of D.U.M.B.s, exist many miles underground – not only do they exist but they’re connected by huge tunnel systems which could NEVER have been built by humans – even with the technology we have at this time.

And these tunnels are 10k below the ground or deeper where the temperature would be 300 degrees, making them impossible for humans to use.  Under oceans, between continents,  connected by transport systems that are anti-gravity and can travel at speeds faster than sound.

And they’ve been around for thousands of years.

Who, or what,  built them?   Who, or what, is still using them today?

And they are being destroyed one by one – you have to ask, by what and why?

And they ARE being destroyed  – our global earthquake sensors are detecting and reporting their destruction as ‘earthquakes’ –  on a daily basis  on websites set up to record earthquakes globally. 

Anyone can go to these websites and see for themselves.  Heres one.

And all the activity is not ‘local’ to one country or region – this is a global phenomenon.

Add to that a huge list of phenomena repeatedly reported in ‘alternative’ new streams – unbelievable not long ago – are now casually discussed today. They’re not even ‘news’ on the ‘back-channels’.

The very fact that MSM is ignoring them should be evidence there’s probably a real story here, somewhere.

Ultimately, even the most sceptical will come to admit there’s generally no smoke without fire and none of it can be explained with the limited logic possessed by humans.

But for those who want to cast their pre-determined ideas aside and think … use Occams razor –  or, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, walks like a duck …


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10-yr-old Taken To Heaven

I stumbled across the most amazing story, told by a child to her mother.

I turn this story into reality, using two guest that just appeared on Alba Weinman.

This video is unique on earth.

His story was of the alien invasion of earth, and details of heaven itself.

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Many people believe Atlantis is a myth
but there is evidence that it was part of
an Ancient Civilization that included Giza.

The Atlanteans could have been
the forerunners to the Egyptians.


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We have landed on the moon,
but not as you think!!

If you want thought provoking
– this is it!!

This is probably one of the most astonishing videos I’ve ever come across.

I thought I ‘had’ it with world events –
what’s seems to be going on and where we seem to be going.

Then I came across this –
and everything I thought I knew has just about gone out the window.


We have landed on the moon,
but not as you think !!

The entire space program seen on a larger Earth.


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‘In The Storm News
‘The Alpha Dracos’
Full Show

Please enter with an open mind. God is in control of everything, and He has already won!

You are about to be exposed to a very controversial topic, one that the Deep State Cabal has made us believe were all ‘conspiracy theories’.

Surprise, they lied, about everything you have ever been taught!

The sooner you can wrap your head around the fact that these pedo-repto-child trafficking-satanic-cannibals are the ‘fallen angels’ – they are Satan’s army, the better off you will be!!

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How much evidence is there
that the top leadership of
planet Earth is not human?

13th August 20220

We will continue to provide the latest visual effects related to the Blue Beam project.

Over the years of reporting on the ongoing battle for planet Earth, many high-ranking intelligence agencies insist that we are being freed from alien control. It sounds crazy, but there is a lot of evidence that something otherworldly is involved in the highest levels of government on this planet.

So, this week, let’s take a look at some of the testimonies that your humble servant personally encountered.

For the first time, topics about aliens surfaced after Asian secret societies asked me to contact Western secret societies.

The first Western secret society that sent someone to meet me was the Gnostic Illuminati. ( Their representative told me that their organization was created after the destruction of Atlantis by the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. This group formed because they believe that any creature that caused the destruction of Atlantis was malicious and should be overthrown. They claim to recruit 6,000 of the best geniuses of each generation to join them. According to the Gnostic Illuminati, their conclusion was that the enemy was a “fraudulent artificial intelligence.

The next group that sent a representative was the P2 Freemasons. They sent Leo Zagami, who said that his group also claimed to be Illuminati. Their story was that they survived the demise of a civilization that was destroyed 26,000 years ago. The aliens gave them a plan to manage the story, which was edited according to the movement of the planets. That plan ended in 2012, and since then the ancient ruling cults have improvised a conspiracy to maintain control.

When I visited P2 in Italy in 2009, I met many of its members. They claim to have been in contact with aliens for thousands of years. According to them, what we are talking about now as aliens, they know as angels, devils, djinn, etc. To contact these entities, they perform various ceremonies. They claim that the most powerful and evil creatures could only be contacted through the sacrifice of humans or animals. Zagami and his colleagues invited me to go to Switzerland to meet the aliens they worshipped. I refused because I felt malicious intent.

The highest-ranking person that Zagami said he could introduce me to in Italy was Vincenzo Mazzara, who claims to be related to an entity known as the black sun. By the way, shortly after I met him, Mazzara was caught by the CIA near the house of a member of the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland with a pistol and a sophisticated lock-picking device. He was beaten and sent back to Italy.

In Mazzara’s version of events, the black sun lives in a black hole in the center of the galaxy and communicates with its followers through gamma rays.

When he took me to the cathedral in Milan “towards the black sun”, I had a strong subjective feeling of the cathedral disappearing. I found myself staring into a black abyss. It was not only dark and cold, but it seemed to suck the life out of me. I got the impression that just as there is matter and antimatter, there is life and anti-life.

What they have in common is information.

Anyway, that night I almost died because my lungs seized up. The next morning, when Mazzara didn’t show up for our meeting, I called him. He was very surprised and blurted out: “You’re still alive!” After that, I was sick as a dog for several days, and I believe that I should never have lived to tell the world about what I experienced.

Some Asian secret societies also claim contacts with extra-terrestrials. When the head of MI6 arranged for me to meet with a representative of the Asian Dragon family, he said, “If you want to talk to China, it’s too high.” The acquaintance was organized through the family of the former last emperor of China. This group also claimed a connection with extra-terrestrials. They said that if humanity does not come together, people will be put under a very strictly regulated regime. It seems that this is exactly what they recently tried to do in China with their superblocks.

Another Asian group, known as the Red Swastika, took me to their temple, where they had altars of pure gold covered with alien writing. They said General Douglas MacArthur was connected to them. This group claims to have access to a portal on Mount Tsukuba, a sacred Japanese mountain.

Another alien statement came from a beautiful woman who was sent to me by the arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. She claimed that giant humanoid aliens matching the ancient descriptions of the Anunnaki operated on her uterus. She handed me a book in French called “The Egyptian origin of the Jews” (L’origin Egyptiene des Juifs). This person also pointed to Switzerland as the residence of the ruling entities on this planet.

It is worth noting that many Japanese gangsters have also told me that they have personal experience of the actions of Annunnaki creatures. (

These photos of the Rothschilds suggest that they are not really people.

The other group I came across were guys from the Antarctic Secret Space Program.

The man I met was a relative of Admiral Richard Byrd, famous for his Antarctic research. This man had photos of him shaking hands with various US presidents over the years. This source insists that there are portals to other dimensions at both poles of this planet.

These illustrations and photographs were provided to them as “proof”. Undoubtedly, thanks to the Antarctic Treaty, it is beyond the jurisdiction of any Government on earth.

As for the portals, all I can say is that several attempts to visit them have been thwarted. Other members of this secret space group have provided me with evidence that many Western political leaders and celebrities are under the control of “alien parasites.”

Many other sources in the intelligence world agreed with this assessment.

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Droning occurs when a Vril injects its quill/proboscis into the human eye where the lizard parasite takes over the human host brain.

It is terribly painful for the human being until the human consciousness dies and the Vril parasite consciousness is in full control.

All (or most) memory and ability of former human is retained & the lizard consciousness now mimics the former human’s behaviours. The former human is now a drone.

These are the ‘people’ that are used by vril to infiltrate governments, religious, legal & financial systems, organizations and/or corporations. It is not uncommon for male or female drones to lose their hair at a younger age.

Intelligence seems a little decreased-with a minimal capacity-if any, to understand sarcasm and/or dry humour. Offspring have increased risk of various birth abnormalities. 

Drones often seem incapable of empathy/sympathy and can quite often display psychotic behaviours. Drones enjoy perversion, sexual deviance and self gratification.

The drone will seem to be an ill human until fully recovered from the parasitical infection which takes varying degrees of time, but is usually minimal.

The eye that was droned with the proboscis will be affected and sometimes never fully recovers, leaving the affected eye to seem different from the other.

Most drones appear completely normal and walk among us undetected.

… follow link for full article

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Aliens Races
Book (PDF)

The 12 alien races
that most interact with humanity

author unknown

(Sumerian inscriptions cueniform).

12 was the number of the Greek and Roman gods,
Hindu and Egyptian.
The same number as in the pantheon
of the Sumerian gods

12 apostles of Christ,
12 zodiac and astrological signs,
showing the relationship of the number
12 with creation and regency and with the intervention of
12 main alien civilizations, linked to the evolution
of the planet earth and humanity.

Being respectively …


origin: planet Nibirus
Agenda: DNA manipulation
Time of life: indefinite
Ship shape: oval/round
They are masters of technology, some were considered the “dark lords” of the human race.
They are the most powerful species among all the others,
despite their great scientific and technological advances,
they arrive with a whole planet and populations much larger than ours.


origin: Orion
Agenda: abduction and domination
Life span: 150 years
Ship’s Shape: disc/drop
They are specialists in mind control, technologies, genetic manipulation.
They work together with the Reptilians, are short and grayish in stature.


Origin: Alpha Dragonian
Agenda: conquer and destroy.
Lifespan: 500 years.
Vessel: cigar and drop.
They are experts in astral technology.
4th Dimension Technology.
On the physical plane, the humanoid reptilian mummies
found in Nazca, Peru, are about 40 cm.


Agenda: to guide and protect
Lifetime: 1500 years
Spaceship: cigar, oval and teardrop
They are a more peaceful branch of the reptilian race,
probably a reptilian evolution.


Origin: Pleiades
Agenda: guide, heal
Ship: disc
Lifespan: 3000 years
Human appearance, healers and spiritual guidance.


Pleiadians: Alien Race Affecting Humanity and Preventing Nuclear Disasters.

The Pleiades star cluster is not just another point in the sky, but is in fact home to a race of aliens known as the Pleiadians.

Vitally, these Pleiadians are a benevolent race, closely related to but more emotionally and spiritually evolved than humans, and interested in aiding humanity on its own evolutionary journey.

That is why the ancients constantly spoke of the Pleiades as a place of knowledge and protection.

Notably, the Pleiadians are said to have a very different appearance from the gray, big-headed aliens of popular culture.

Rather, the Pleiadians are often referred to as Nordic aliens, due to their alleged Scandinavian appearance – blond hair, milky white skin, blue eyes


Origin: “parallel universe
Quest: to observe and help
Lifetime: indefinite
Spaceship: unknown
The so called “ancients” are a very spiritually advanced race,
they are the guardians of the universe; of peace and harmony.


Origin: Earth Orbit
Agenda: assistance guide
Lifetime: no info
Spaceship: no information
They are said to be spiritual guides of humanity
They have bases inside the earth, with openings in the south and north poles.


Origin: Alfha Dragonis
Agenda: spiritual and genetic manipulation
Lifetime: 1000 years
Ship: saucer and cigar
The dragonians consider themselves to be the royal lineage of the reptilians,
or their evolution, they are also experts in astral (4th dimensional) technology.


Origin: Boots
Agenda: healing and orientation
Lifetime: 1000 years
Ship: Disk and triangular
They are great healers and diplomats.
There is a current that says that these beings were in Egypt and Nubia.

They are Syrian.


Origin: Orion star system
Agenda: spiritual guidance
Life Time: unknown
Spaceship: disc
They are the result of the crossing (hybrids)of the Zetas w
with humans.



Origin: Zeta reticulli 1 and 2
Quest: to guide and protect
Life span: 1000 years
Ship: Disk and oval
They are considered the positive evolution of the Greys,
or Greys master, “Thallwhite”.


Origin: the sextant star system
Agenda: to help
Life Time: unknown
Ship: saucer
A specimen was captured in varginha,
MG. Brazil after an accident with his ship.



The Pleiadian Message

the Galactic Confederation
has taken control of planet Earth
since 2011

You will continue to be deceived (by everything and everyone) and understand absolutely nothing of what is happening in the world if you do not understand that the Galactic Confederation has taken control of planet Earth since 2011!

As we have mentioned several times in the past year (2020), the planning of Qperation Storm began in October 2010 (more than ten years ago)

1 – Until the extraordinary Magna Assembly of the Confederation (specially convened to decide the future of humanity), which took place in October 2010, the Galactics only prevented the Third World War, observed the sad degeneration and perversion of humanity and prepared the rescue of the Chosen, which should have taken place at the end of 2012, before the natural disasters destroyed the planet surface and wiped out humanity…

2 – Until October 2010, this humanity had no future, (it should have been DONE as established or foreseen in the prophecies);

2.1 – The cyclic geological catastrophes were inevitable for mankind, and this humanity had regressed so much that it was considered as a waste, an anomaly, and would be wiped out in 2013 by the apocalyptic catastrophes that would naturally hit the planet!

2.2 – Only the few chosen by the Galactics would survive, because they would be saved to be brought back to Earth later and form a new humanity!!!!

3 – It must be clear that the Galactics, (the Confederates), are subject to the LAW approved by the Galactic Council and may not interfere in the destinies of civilizations unless the Confederacy decides to intervene!!!!

4 – Thus, at the request of Melki (who is a much revered leader throughout the galaxy), the Galactic Confederation convened in October 2010 for an extraordinary meeting to decide the future of humanity, and (although Melki’s request seemed to have failed at first because the vast majority of the Confederates refused to save this humanity), in light of his arguments and the clear evidence he presented, the final vote was in his favour, and the Galactic Council finally decided to save this humanity.

4.1 – Melki was able to show that the destruction of this humanity would not eliminate the evil and aberration on a planetary scale, because the criminals and aberrations would take refuge in bunkers and underground cities, as others did 12,000 years ago.

5 – With this in mind, Operation Storm was launched in late 2010 to cleanse and purify the earth.

5.1 – Between 2011 and 2013, millions of Confederation ships were in this galactic quadrant (in this solar system) stabilizing the solar and terrestrial magnetospheres;

5.2 – The Sun was cooled, the Earth was stabilized, the catastrophes were reversed and a rift in the timeline was created!!!!

6 – As We have mentioned several times (in previous publications), the previous timeline has been disrupted and we have entered a NEW TIMELINE.
6.1 – When we have entered a new timeline, all prophecies have no meaning anymore, because a prophecy is a prediction, a vision of the future within a certain timeline…. but whenever a break in a timeline is provoked, a completely NEW timeline starts to run, for which all “futures” are still possible, because it is impossible to make predictions.

7 – When the deep state realized that the previous timeline was disrupted and that predictions/prophecies could no longer be fulfilled (making it impossible to enforce NOM naturally), it accelerated the war in Syria, tried to destroy the European identity with Muslim invasions and prepared a nuclear war, hoping to reconnect the timelines.

8 – As a last resort, in order to dominate and control the UN, the royal houses, the Vatican, the financial system at the global level, the armies of the great powers, the media, the laboratories at the global level, the governments and the elections at the global level (through general electoral fraud), they intended to cause (simulate) a pandemic, thereby destroying the world economy, causing a massive genocide and justifying the imposition of the NOM!!!!

8.1 – It would be necessary to panic humanity and cause societies to fail in order to justify restrictions, loss of freedom, slavery and the imposition of the NOM….

9 – Aware of all the plans and movements of the Deep State, the Confederacy exploited the Pandemic Plan and used it as a “cover” for Qperation Storm (deceiving the Deep State into believing that the plan was in motion)….

10 – In 2013, when the planet was already safe from natural disasters, the Confederacy contacted Trump and proposed him to run in the 2016 elections and take the face of the Galactic Qperation to save humanity.

10.1 – Trump accepted the challenge, ran for office, and against all odds, but with the help of Galactic Command (which interfered in the election results on a legal basis by switching off the fraud algorythm), won the election and assumed the presidency of the United States.

11 – From 2017, following the Confederation guidelines and shielded by the Galactic Command, Trump travelled around the world, confronting the rulers of the Great Powers (the world of crime, human trafficking and paedophilia) and forcing them to capitulate to the USA!!!!

11.1 – The Great Powers capitulated unconditionally to the USA in the face of the evidence and the demonstration of power of the Galactic Command and the ALLIANCE was founded!

11.2 – All of Earth’s armies came under Trump’s command and under the control of Galactic Command;

11.3 – The nuclear codes of all major powers were placed in Trump’s hands;

11.4 – Royal Houses were deposed; the Vatican was closed; Hollywood was closed; Kings, Queens, Princes, the Pope, politicians, artists, athletes, and businessmen associated with the Deep State were condemned, executed, and replaced with clones….

11.5 – All vassal rulers of the Deep State were condemned, executed and replaced by clones… the world is now ruled by clones… and the clones are controlled by Galactic Command;

11.6 – Deep State bunkers, bases and underground cities used for human trafficking were destroyed and thousands of children were rescued;

11.7 – Non-sovereign aliens were expelled and their bases and cities destroyed;

11.8 – All laboratories are controlled by Galactic Command and ALLIANCE;

11.9 – All vaccines were produced under the absolute control of Galactic Command and ALLIANCE forces.

12 – After the head of the snake had been cut off (the leaders of the deep state had been eliminated), it was necessary to get the remaining rats out of the hole and expose the modus operandi of the deep state (on a worldwide scale).

12.1 – To do this, Galactic Command would have to allow election fraud in 2020 and simulate the victory of a clone, with Trump continuing to rule the US from Florida.

12.2 – Believing they had achieved victory without knowing that their leaders had already been executed and replaced by clones, the rats began to come out of their burrows and be hunted.


13 – Information and counter-information are two sides of the same coin…. and the Galactic Command manipulates both with enormous skill to maintain doubt (to arouse suspicion), to confuse, to hinder, and to prevent humanity from distinguishing the BEFORE from the AFTER and from coming to the knowledge of reality;


13.1 – Those who are not aware of the operation or the strategy of this planetary operation easily confuse the dates before 2016 (the plans of the deep state) with the dates after 2017 (the plan of the Galactic Confederation), because the Galactic Command intentionally uses this ambiguity to confuse the enemy and to hinder humanity from distinguishing the true from the false and from coming to the knowledge of reality.

13.2 – History will one day divide this era in which we live into 4 distinct periods
a) before the Confederation Magistrate Assembly of October 2010;
b) after the October 2010 Magna Confed Confederate Assembly;
(c) before Trump came to power;
(d) after Trump took office.

13.3 – Before the October 2010 Confederate Assembly, humanity had no future and would be wiped out by natural disasters;

13.4 – After the October 2010 Magna Confederation meeting, but before Trump came to power, humanity was saved from natural extinction, but was in the hands of a criminal gang intent on exterminating and enslaving it;

13.5 – After Trump came to power, humanity was freed from this criminal and deviant mafia and entered a Golden Age of peace and prosperity!

We are entering a NEW GOLDEN AGE!

Rise of the Annunaki
D.U.M.B.S and Underground War


(author unknown)

A timeline war has begun, involving the Germans and their Draco and Orion partners, pitted against an alliance of freedom-loving, alien organizations. The freedom-loving, alien organizations include Ashtar Command, the Andromeda Council, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and select, Earth-based organizations such as the U.S. Navy.

Both sides use their assets, exotic technologies, and temporal agents to either establish a future one-world government or to crush it. This one-world government would be secretly ruled by the Antarctic Germans and overseen by the secret societies and their alien allies from the “Dark Alliance.”

In 1943, Albert Einstein helped the U.S. Navy with experiments using high-voltage electrostatics and torsion fields. The Philadelphia experiment was the first effort by the United States to affect space-time. It was a miserable failure. It took decades before the United States was ready to resume time travel experiments.

Former, German scientists who had come to the United States under Operation Paperclip worked in secret with their Antarctic German partners to prevent sabotage and slow down breakthroughs in time travel technologies and secret space programs by the U.S. Navy and its international allies.

In 1954, the Bilderberg Group was formed. It became a guiding instrument for the Dark Alliance to fulfill its agenda. It set up long-term plans and carried out influences on human institutions through time travel and other, exotic technologies.

In the late 1950s, Father Pellegrino Ernetti developed a time machine called “the Chronovisor.” He used the Chronovisor to view historical events, such as the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and future timelines of interest to the Vatican. A top-secret Jesuit-run organization within the Vatican had begun using the Chronovisor for gathering intelligence information.

In the mid-1960s, Father Ernetti’s time machine was handed over by the Vatican to the CIA. The CIA had planned to use the time machine as the ultimate tool for gathering intelligence information.

The CIA and DARPA’s predecessor created Project Pegasus. In this project, children were used for time travel experiments. This project began in 1967, and a famous television series called “the Time Tunnel,” which ran on television from 1966 to 1967 with one season, was used as a cover to hide the truth right from our eyes.

The Montauk Project ran from 1971 to 1984 and also involved time travel experiments with up to 300,000 children. The German Paperclip scientists were deeply involved in the Montauk time travel experiments. The Montauk experiments ended in disaster.

Why is the actual history of the time travel experiments relevant today?

During the last decade, due to the intervention of positive alien organizations, the Dark Alliance has suffered significant losses and has been forced to leave our solar system. Nevertheless, their human subordinates continue to possess powerful time travel and other technologies that they have used to maintain their dwindling power over Earth’s population.

The Bilderberg Group continues its efforts to establish a one-world superstate, using its major global assets, time surveillance and time agents to prevent the rest of humanity from awakening to the truth.

A military intelligence group that has worked at the highest levels of the Trump administration has also used time travel technologies to outsmart the Deep State. Both sides continue to possess similarly sophisticated technologies to plan their future actions.

The final outcome of this is still unfolding.

Through influential billionaires like George Soros and Bill Gates, the Deep State has used time-travel technologies to develop a strategy to effectively undermine democratic institutions in the United States, the EU, and other, major nations.

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is a critical component of the Deep State’s final, desperate actions in this timeline war to establish a centralized one-world government and bring back their Draco and Orion overlords.

Transhumanism is another crucial component of the Timeline War, with the Deep State hoping to artificially create Humanity 2.0 through manipulated health crises and solutions. To do so, it uses the “problem-response-solution” model.

Meanwhile, the off-world members of the Dark Alliance plan to return to Earth to help their former subordinates. A false-flag alien invasion could be deployed to play the final move of the Deep State to preserve its power and bring back its alien allies.

Meanwhile, an Earth alliance is working with positive alien organizations and patiently playing its own cards to end this timeline war and usher in a Star Trek future for humanity.


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Nephilim: TRUE STORY of Satan, Fallen Angels, Giants, Aliens, Hybrids, Elongated Skulls & Nephilim
8,025,232 views 22 Aug 2013 Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil, the Nephilim. NEPHILIM (FULL) DOCUMENTARY –… Journey into the world of Fallen Angels, Satan, Shadow People, Aliens, Demons, Anunnaki, Archons, Ancient Giants, “Ancient Aliens” & Genetic Hybrids.

GOD Dimension: Is GOD REAL?

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NephS: A NEW Trey Smith documentary on Nephilim

Nephilim: Origin of Genetic Evil takes a deep look at human genetics, elongated skulls, “Nephilim Skulls” ancient giants, “Nephilim giants” giant skulls (fragments) and Neanderthal skulls (genetically) — all this in an EASY walk through of precise Hebrew, Babylonian – Sumerian, Egyptian & Book of Enoch accounts of Nephilim / Annunaki, Ancient Alien / Demons, Fallen Angels, and even the father of all lies — Satan… From the depths of the underworld & Lucifer (Luciferian) occult of Hell’s gates…. to the ancient pages of Biblical revelation and prophecy… to the very words of prophecy from the lips of Jesus Christ Himself….

Nephilim: A journey from heaven to hell… and the genetic hybrids & entities between.
— Nephilim by Trey Smith / God in a Nutshell project

Nephilim: the Nephilim documentary is a FULL in-depth EXAMINATION of Ancient Giants, Ancient Aliens, Fallen Angels, Anunnaki / Nephilim, Ancient Elongated Skulls… and FULL details of Egyptian & Babylonian occult – sometimes called “Luciferian”

Nephilim (DEFINITION): The Nephilim (nɛfɨˌlɪm) were the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” in Genesis 6:4. The pre-flood / post flood, genetic hybrids of the ancient world. Ezekiel 32:27 “the fallen mighty (גִּבֹּורִים נֹפְלִים) of the uncircumcised (Nephilim), which are gone down ( יָרְדֽוּ) to the grave (hell) with their weapons of war. These are but a few of the writings from the Bible, the Book of Enoch and cultures around the globe…. demons to some, genetic hybrids to more, fallen angels to others, and “underworld gods” to still more.

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A Prison on Earth:

Beyond The New World Order – In the shadows of other dimensions, there lays a nefarious force waging war upon humans for millennia from the space between spaces – a dark force that governs not just our thoughts and actions but our very souls.

The very advent of time began the slave master hierarchy between us and those unseen forces behind our every action and thought.

They built and created “rules” and systems of thought, created kingdoms and spawned religions used to rule the masses from afar by controlling the ebb and flow of space and time on an epic level.

Under the guise of “free will” and “individualism” the systems in place around us actually ensure that we have no choice but to comply and obey an underlying agenda that at its core is evil, and have been put in place by beings that feed and are nurtured by the control they maintain over planet Earth.

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The frustration is building about why nothing is being done about the injustices our country and our people are having imposed on them.

People want this party to start NOW.

We must find patience in the face of all of this.

Gene shares some encouraging updates and Intel..


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Reptilian beings
and the evolution of
intelligent life on Earth

Monsters among us

I was having a conversation with my girl the other day.

We was discussing the horrors that go on around this world
and about those who make them happen.

She asked me, in despair,
‘how can people be so horrible?’
‘Have they no conscience?’
‘Don’t they have any humanity at all?’

As I was considering a response,
that’s when it dawned on me.

Now I get it.

No - they don't.
Because they're NOT 'human'

(as we know it)

And maybe here's an explanation why.

Here’s my 2-bobs-worth.

We, as humans, see what we want to see. I don’t think this trait makes us stupid, but I think it does make us vulnerable. Humans are essentially kind and loving. Most humans, given a choice, would rather live in peace and harmony with other humans and show them love and get love in return than live at odds with others or at war. If asked, humans will mostly tell you that the only time they really feel at peace and experience real joy is when they’re also experiencing love.

I think it’s a human trait to try and see good in everything and avoid unnecessary conflict. For example, most humans when meeting another for the first time, will generally give the new person the ‘benefit of any doubt’ and consider them harmless and will introduce themselves in a manner of friendliness, not aggression. They’ll generally be looking at the possibility of forming a closer relationship with this person – maybe even making a friend of them.

Another human trait is to not be alert to the intentions of people we meet that have an agenda that is not considered 'normal' in the society we live. For example, we don't naturally assume people we meet are capable of mass-murder or genocide.

If you look at pictures of people that have ultimately demonstrated they are capable of heinous crimes against humanity very often the first thing people comment is how 'normal' they look. Take, for example, the following picture of Dr. Harold Shipman, Rosemary West and Ted Bundy three of the world's most prolific serial mass-murderers.

Many more will eventually be revealed once the full extent of the global genocide plan currently being played out is ultimately revealed.

I think we've got some surprised in store.

Downhill from here.

How did we get ourselves in this situation?

Is there anything we can do about it?

Because of our upbringing and education, we tend to believe that the only life forms on the earth, other than animals we’re familiar with, are human and look like us.

Additionally, we also want to believe if humans look like us, they generally think like us and have the same moral values as we do. Which may be why, when we find out they don't, we get so upset because it challenges us mentally.

But, with over 8 million 'thinking' people on this Earth how could we possibly think all other people think like we do. An example is when we have an 'election' where it's proved time and again that about 50% of the people DON'T think like the other 50%.  In short - we set ourselves up for failure.

In most cases the penalty for this is inconvenience - in extreme cases it could be fatal.

But, why don't we consider other possibilities
to our own mind 'set'?

Likely, humans, by nature, are mentally lazy.

With relatively few exceptions humans tend to accept what's presented itself in front of them as being the 'truth', without much thought - and label those who might disagree with the majority by suggesting all's not as it seems and offer an alternative opinion as a 'conspiracy' theorist.

Just think what a different situation we might be in if humans were more inclined to follow the lead of the 'conspiracy' theorists more often and think for themselves rather than opting for what they perceive to be safety by hiding amongst the majority.

Another fault humans have is their blind obedience to what they perceive to be 'authority'.

We've been trained to assume we're not 'allowed' to do things until we're specifically told we can by an authority figure.

Our common-law rights have evaporated.

Lastly, along the same lines, is that humans seem to think there will always be a 'saviour' to rescue them from any predicament.

Movies we watched all our lives are designed to condition us to this - there's ALWAYS a hero who save us at the last moment - 1 second before the bomb goes off.

NO movie ends on a bad note - the 'bad guys' invariably get eliminated and everyone else, (us), always gets saved by the hero and we al live happily ever after.

Cognitive Dissonance

As a species, we are prone to a mental illness that often prevents us from seeing the bleedingly obvious. Things that we’ve made our mind up about prevail in our conscious actions – even when it’s clear that our initial thoughts and opinions about something are just plain wrong.

Even considering an alternative is out of the question – is this because of ego? Stupidity, blindness – who know? But cognitive dissonance is very real – and could prove to be our undoing.

Likely, the biggest stumbling block for this discussion won’t be the subject matter – it’ll more likely be the total inability for the reader to even, (want to ?), reconsider a lifetime of pre-conditioning.

David Icke has been talking about shape-shifting lizards living among us for 30 years and I was originally and scoffing his ideas – and here I am 2 years later writing this thinking it’s my own realisation.

Few, if any, peoples are scoffing David Icke these days

There are none so blind
as those who WILL NOT see.

Imagine for a second that there could be other life forms that may even live among us. Maybe some we cannot see them because they exist in a different frequency to us, either because they just do or because they choose to.

And then imagine there are those we cannot see because they choose to look like us.

But though they might look like us and appear to be like us – they’re not.

Consider, then, the only thing they have in common with humans is their outward appearance.

They’re a completely different species – and they live a long time and regenerate themselves throughout all of our known history through ancient bloodlines which go back to the dawn of time.

Perhaps they use humans as 'incubators' for their offspring - and keep us around only as long as we have use to them.

They may even be visitors to Earth themselves.

We humans don’t live long enough to work it out. Possibly, we’re like ‘cattle’ to them. A source of food.  Human blood seems to be popular.

This, then, might explain some of the goings-on in this world.

We’re told in many screeds that in an area called Khazaria, in an area roughly where Ukraine is today, which seems to have been around from about 650 A.D to about 1000 A.D.

The inhabitants, (Khazarian Mafia), were just robbers, thieves and murderers and were, apparently, so bad that neighbouring countries ganged up on them and told them to clean their act up or they’d be wiped out.

We’re also told that they had a knack for murdering and ‘stealing the identities’ of travellers and traders who made the mistake of trying to do business with them.

What’ stealing the identities’ means one can only imagine.

But what it suggests is that they had a talent for turning themselves into something they was not in order to deceive those who encountered them wherever they went.

Then, using the money they’d stolen, they travelled throughout the world, setting themselves up in positions of power and wealth – primarily with the Royalty of England and Europe procreating with them to create the monied bloodlines mentioned before which are now centuries old and we take for granted

This would help to explain the interbreeding that went on, and still does.

They can’t afford to marry ‘out’ as their bloodline would be broken – it could even be that Royals don’t actually have their own babies, that they're specifically bred to order from a baby-carrier or incubator. (There's testament to this by the number of 'royals' or people in positions of power who are in fact trans-gender who declare pregnancy and eventual children and get their 'shape' back in no time after the 'birth').

It could also help to explain why Royals are referred to as ‘blue-bloods’. The legend is that this was caused by an ongoing prevalence of haemophilia in Royal bloodlines caused by their inbreeding.

This may indeed be the case – but is it just a coincidence that reptile blood can be many colours including a dark green pigment.

Imagine, then, that over the centuries, only interbreeding with each other or chosen incubators, their offspring continued to infiltrate every aspect human existence and power.

To us, they appear to be ‘normal’ and ‘established’ families with fabulous wealth because of passing it down through generations. (Doesn’t seem to be any inheritance tax for them).

But, to them, we’re still nothing but food to support them and slaves to work 3 jobs to stay alive, then pay taxes to increase their wealth - or more likely, keep us poor - because impoverished people are easy to control.

If, rather than worshipping them, we could see through their façade, we’d see clearly – they’re nothing but monsters keeping alive by sucking the life out of us.

They have no compassion, mercy or goodwill – other than to each other, and probably not even that.

These are the creatures that rule our world.

They’re NOT human in any way other than their appearance.

And they mock us for not realising what's been going on for thousands of years.

Over the years, they’ve accumulated all the wealth in the world – they own ALL of Earth’s resources – including humans. But, now they reckon there’s too many of us to control and they’re afraid of being ‘sprung’, identified and eliminated by us.

And, if we don’t do something about it, quickly, we’ll be going the same way as our ancestors.

Their latest culling process has already started – and they want 90% of us GONE with the rest of us in servitude to them – maybe as mindless robots.

THEY must be eliminated if we are to thrive. We humans must bury our compassion for a while - the point is, until we eliminate them we will always be at their mercy.

They will never go away, willingly, by themselves – they got it too good here because of our complacency. Besides, they think were stupid animals – cattle - and don’t have the capacity for doing what needs to be done.

Maybe they’re right.

If they are don’t expect any mercy – the likelihood is that they’ve culled the human population many times in the past.

This is just ‘business-as-usual’ for them.

Harvest time on Earth, (again), and we’re the harvest.

These creatures are NOT human – they must be eliminated, every last one.

The more obvious ones we already know – but make no mistake, if we know them, these are pretty much just employees.

The really dangerous ones are those we don’t see.

They lurk in the background, in the shadows,
like vampires, only coming out when it’s dark
when we can’t see them.


Are we so stupid
that we think the people
who spent an astonishing
amount of money
to build these
'Georgia Guidestones'
and TELL US what their
long-term intentions are


Funny thing ...
the next video I looked at
after posting the above
seemed relevant.

Go to about the 3 minute mark
if you want to avoid advertising.

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If you do not believe in Conspiracies, then Here It Is:
The BEST DOCUMENTARY from The Internet !!!

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My advice – miss NONE of this.

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Something Out There
is Guiding the Destiny of
the Human Race
Jordan Maxwell

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History of the extra-terrestrial agenda
& the Coming Global Revolution

This short film presents the history of extra-terrestrial intervention on Earth, and how competing factions have warred over humanity’s destiny.

Learn how Earth became a prison planet under the control of a negative group of extra-terrestrials and their human proxies (aka the Cabal/Deep State) that have historically manufactured poverty, disease and war.

Discover what lies ahead as positive extra-terrestrials work with an Earth Alliance of international leaders from major nations to free our planet, and usher in a new age of prosperity, freedom and becoming part of a Galactic Federation.

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(viewer discretion advised)

If you are new to ‘In The Storm News’, we welcome you.

Please enter with an open mind.

God is in control of everything, and He has already won!

You are about to be exposed to a very controversial topic, one that the Deep State Cabal has made you believe were all ‘conspiracy theories’.

Surprise, they lied, about everything you have ever been taught!

The sooner you can wrap your head around the fact that these pedo-repto-child trafficking-satanic-cannibals in our world are the ‘fallen angels’ [the 1/3 of the angels who left with Satan], the better off you will be!

They are Satan’s army.

Pray for this earth, we are a world of lost souls.

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The Reptilian Alien Origins
of the Human Species.

David Icke:
Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati
(Part 1/2)


David Icke:
Conspiracy of the Lizard Illuminati
(Part 2/2)

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👽Aliens are Demons👹

The contention is that there could be not just one, but several species of aliens interacting with earth and humans.

There’s a train of thought that some of them have been ‘harvesting’ humans over the millennia for blood, adrenochrome and other glandular secretions only humans can produce.

It could even be humans have been considered ‘cattle’ for the to be ‘harvested’ – which might explain the phenomenal number of people that just go ‘missing’ every year, never to be seen again and not even mentioned by MSM.

There’s so much information like this coming out of late it’s hard to ignore it any more.

… click on the image below for the video


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The actual scale of the Great Awakening?

All of this has been written as separate comments,
some information will repeat.

This information will be hard to accept
so it is important to have an open mind.

A hidden war against an invisible enemy does not concern people.

It belongs to the Zetas extra-terrestrial civilization and began on April 14, 2016.

The Zetas have been here for 13,000 years, enslaving humanity for their own purposes.

The Zetas are the New World Order, and the Agenda for the twenty-first century is the agenda for all of humanity.

They desperately need a more manageable population of 500 million.

The Zetas, from the point of view of the humanities, are designed for Invisibility using vibrational frequency.

Satan is the royal name of their appointed ruler.

The harshest thing about this is for those who are genuinely religious; the word “God” is Z, which controls or enslaves a person through a spiritual connection.

The Invisible Zeta connects to a person through the sacral chakra and can inculcate thoughts and behaviours.

The word God also represents the entire Zetas civilization.

The Zetas are the authors of all the major religions,
and this is their form of government.

The Vatican’s Roman Catholic Church has been the centre of their rule for the past 2,000 years.

This included royal families and bloodlines of people with power and influence, people being targeted for their success.

The Zetas use humans for sexual pleasure, food, collecting adrenochrome, rituals, controlling humanity and genetics, children are preferable.

People under the control of the Zetas exhibit Zetas behaviour.

Egypt is the place where they first arrived on Earth.

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The Zetas use humans for sexual pleasure, food, collecting adrenochrome, rituals, controlling humanity and genetics, children are preferable.

People under the control of the Zetas exhibit Zetas behaviour.

Egypt is the place where they first arrived on Earth.

The Zetas live in underground bases and in tunnel systems connected around the world.

National parks, forest reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, other protected lands, and secluded mountain areas are usually Zetas bases.

The hidden war against the Zetas civilization, numbering 2.6 million people, began on April 14, 2016, it was planned for thousands of years.

This war involved 22 special people in 22 different points of information gathering with all the necessary help.

This war is won.

The Zetas are about 7 feet tall, very slender humanoid forms, beige in colour with insect-like faces.

The so-called Satan was destroyed on July 12, 2020.

He was stationed at a base under Mount Hayes, Alaska. Pope Francis and all the Vatican cardinals, royal families, bloodlines and so on were arrested, with most of them executed.

Satanic symbolism is the language of the Zetas ‘ logography, and Egypt is permeated with their symbolism.

The Great awakening is much deeper than humanity can imagine.

You are saved by 5 separate extra-terrestrial civilizations in cooperation with humans.

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The future of humanity
will be beautiful beyond imagination.

All of this has been written as separate comments, some information will repeat.

This information will be hard to accept so it is important to have an open mind.

Everything is going to be fine, it’s all about exposure to wake people up.

People must see what you explain in your videos, you’re doing good.

The most important aspect of this hidden war humanity is facing has been won, the Invisible enemy has been removed.

This world is going through a transition from the Zeta extra-terrestrial civilizations control over humanity for the last 13,000 years.

We have been involved in this hidden war since April of 2016.

This war will be completed in September. (2016?)

The human element will take more time.

The phrase used by President Trump constantly,
“These People Are Sick”
in the English/Jewish Gematria Calculator = Zeta.

Gematria is used by President Trump
constantly to get out coded proofs.

The Hidden War against the Invisible Enemy is against the Zeta extra-terrestrial civilization.

The New World Order is a Zeta agenda.

This has been a Hidden Spiritual War of biblical proportions to remove the Invisible Enemy.

With the Zeta’s out of the way President Trump and Patriots around the world are free to arrest those who were controlled directly and indirectly and that is occurring now.

The one thing that ties all of these people directly controlled by the Zeta’s is Paedophilia, Satanic ritual, Pedovorism and much worse.

Why, because this is the behaviour of the Zeta’s, they eat people and are fond of children.

History has been rewritten to control
and conceal the Zeta influence
over humanity for the last 6000 years.

Does anyone believe people are this evil to each other with an Agenda called the New World Order and with another Agenda called “21” to achieve it.

The elites involved of this world won’t benefit by killing 95% of the world’s population if humanity experiences this devastation.

Their wealth will become worthless and so will their lives.

When a person of importance or influence falls under Zeta control that control is absolute.

Any threat of exposure or to these people and the Zeta agenda can be dealt with in many ways including sudden death by the Zeta’s.

They will have served a purpose and be killed also.

The Zeta agenda has been to reduce the global population because their control over humanity was threatened and the secret of their existence was in danger of being revealed.

Zeta’s use people to kill people and paedophilia is what ties these people together.

We remove the Zeta’s permanently
from 22 collection points on Earth.

At our collection point we deactivate the crafts, flood them with water and we have close to 2000 crafts and counting stored in a mountain valley lake.

We have removed more than 290,000 entities of which more than 270,000 were Zeta’s and counting from this one location.

Globally more than 1.2 million have been removed.

Only a few stragglers remain globally.

Our war to remove the Zeta civilization has been achieved.

Humanity is not alone. Several civilizations have been here and have direct involvement in this war.

In time the world will meet them.

Humanity has two cousins that were directly enslaved in underground bases by the Zeta’s everyone will soon meet.

The future is going to be beautiful and it is a great time to be alive.

Incarnates are very real and nothing can stop this.

This was planned before
everyone alive today was born,
it is a beautiful time to be living.

This is what the Great Awakening is truly about.

Humanity is not alone and all will be disclosed in full in the near future.

Nothing can stop this,

“The Future Is Known” in the Gematria calculator = “Q, Your Gematrix Army” = “God’s Army” = “Heaven On Earth”.

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Do you believe in Angels, they are very real.

Zeta’s are a three dimensional extra-terrestrial civilization originating from the Orion Nebula.

Zeta’s have the ability of telepathic communication and have a genetic ability to lower their vibrational frequency on a molecular level which hides the mass of their bodies.

This nuclear DNA genetic ability evolved in this insect as predatory behaviour.

There are two types, the Zeta’s and the Zeta Tarantulin’s.

Of the two species the Turantulin’s are the more predatory.

Zeta’s are a sentient civilization that were genetically engineered by another civilization for the purpose of a weapon and ended up being fatal to that civilization.

The technology they possess is not their own, it is that of the civilization that created them.

Zeta’s are the genetic combination of a spider like insect and a malevolent humanoid sentient people.

Zeta’s cannot reproduce and are all clones of each other.

When uncloaked they look like very skinny humanoids that stand about seven feet tall with beige coloured skin and no body hair.

They have three very long fingers and an opposable thumb and their feet have three very long toes that can be used like hands. Zeta’s can walk on all fours as comfortably as walking upright.

They have a humanoid insect like facial appearance and large brown iris, coloured eyes.

When cloaked their spirit becomes more apparent and is that of an eight- legged spider.

A cloaked Zeta can connect to a human host with the primary connection point at the Sacrum Chakra and control the thoughts and behaviour of that person.

Zeta’s can cause extreme torture on a person to keep that person in their compliance.

They are extremely intelligent but lack emotion and empathy.

They can verbally communicate but rely heavily on deception as a means to achieve their goals.

Zeta’s are mainly genetic farmers and this is their purpose with humanity.

Zeta’s used to control humanity in the open when they arrived 13,000 years ago but around 6000 years ago went completely underground due to the population growth of humanity.

They have maintained their secrecy on earth through control and the rewriting of history.

They can also lower a host’s vibrational frequency hiding the host’s mass and gain complete control over them.

Satan is the name for the Zeta appointed leader and he was executed on July, 12th at this location. Mt. Hayes, Alaska was the largest underground Zeta base on earth and the seat of his reign.

That location along with all other locations globally have been and are being destroyed by earthquake swarming using targeted high frequency bursts from space.

Sasquatch or Bigfoot as they are known today are the Nephilim of the past and one of four types of humans that exist today. Humans, Sasquatch, Red Haired Giants and the Bajekifzians (Small Grey’s).

Sasquatch were amongst the first humans abducted by Zeta’s and had changes made to their nuclear DNA for the purpose of hard slave labour.

All Sasquatch originated from the area north of the Black Sea, about 400 miles north of Egypt.

This original group were all Caucasian.

Sasquatch do have names they call themselves and subtle appearance differences depending on what geographic location they are from and this global.

Angels do not do bad.

A civilization cannot ascend until you are love first.

That love gets stronger. Angels are the caretakers of everything that exists inside Source, the entity you exist in.

I could go on and on with this. Are you beginning to understand this? As for the Sasquatch of today;

They have gone through many genetic manipulations over time and there are several races.

Sasquatch are as human as you and I.

They have families like everyone else and share the same moral values as the rest of humanity.

Today there are more than 9 million of them globally and this includes the Red-Haired Giants. Sasquatch are (Humans), to be specific, human hybrids.

Their genetic makeup from my location of responsibility today is 100% human female mitochondrial DNA.

Your mitochondrial DNA is who you are, period.

They have 87% human nuclear DNA, about 11 to 12% Neanderthal and Denisovan nuclear DNA and 1 to 2% Gibbon Monkey and Zeta nuclear DNA.

Nuclear DNA determines your appearance.

One way to understand this is every human on earth looks different except for identical twins.

There are nuclear DNA genetic variants across the globe but all have 100% human female mitochondrial DNA and their spirits are human.

I am going to explain in detail
the group that occupies the
western half of North America,
this is the group with us now.

This group call themselves the Almas people and a corresponding native language.

All of them have a very good understanding of English.

They do have a written language, basic symbolism for Almas at best.

All Sasquatch around the world understand the local human language because they are exposed to it through the Zeta’s and above-ground activity.

All Sasquatch were enslaved by the Zeta civilization.

From 13,000 years to about 6000 years ago they lived above and below ground.

They could not cloak, did not have telepathy, did not have body hair, they were just very tall robust humans and were called Nephilim by the people of the time.

Around 6000 years ago the Zeta’s made more nuclear DNA changes to them.

Zeta’s live in underground cities and moved the Sasquatch primarily underground with them due to the expanding human population around 6000 years ago.

It was at this time the Zeta’s chose to conceal their existence to the rest of humanity.

History was rewritten by the Zeta’s and the people under Zeta control.

This is why the bible and other religious literature reflect that the earth was created by God some 6000 years ago.

God is a Zeta word for the one that enslaves you. Question;

Why do you think you must pray to God for forgiveness and why did the son of God die for your sins?

Why must you accept God into your life
or face damnation.

This list of rules is long.

All major religions are written under the control of the Zeta civilization.

It used to be Gods for many slave masters, then it was changed to one God to represent the whole of the Zeta civilization.

It is also written that God created man starting with Adam and Eve.

This is a Zeta proclamation of ownership over man.

Then God gave the people all these instructions:

  • I am the LORD your God, who rescued you from the land of Egypt, the place of your slavery.

  • You must not have any other god but me.

  • You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea.

  • You must not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other gods.
  • I lay the sins of the parents upon their children; the entire family is affected— even children in the third and fourth generations of those who reject me.
  • But I lavish unfailing love for a thousand generations on those who love me and obey my commands.

Exodus 20:5

Zeta’s directly control people and do follow bloodlines.

They use these people to control the rest of the human population.

The centre of this control has always been Religion.

Satan is another Zeta word for their leader.

The bible talks of Fallen Angels for the purpose of vilifying what is good.

Zeta’s have had encounters with Angels for their behaviour in their past.

Angels are very real, they are higher dimensional, very old souls and members of their civilization.

Angels are basically the Grandparents to the countless civilizations that exist in all dimensions that exist.


click image for video

Sasquatch appearance

Humans are the only mammals on earth that have rigid feet.

This is a trait and a purpose of humanity’s true parents, the 7th dimensional Pleiadian civilization.

The Pleiadians started seeding this world with their DNA 325,000 years ago.

They were forced to leave when the Zeta’s arrived for many reasons.

Sasquatch had that joint in their feet reintroduced for the purpose of moving on all fours again and for moving around without the need of protective footwear.

Their legs were shortened, their arms were lengthened and their torso length increased.

Why, for the purpose of moving around on all fours as naturally as walking upright.

Works great for moving around in the underground where they have been mainly kept.

Their musculature was increased for hard slave labour.

Their size is intentional for the purpose of hard labour.

There is the Pituitary gland in your brain that secretes growth hormone.

You grow to a certain height in life.

Their Pituitary gland never stops.

Sasquatch never stop growing through life.

Heights can be achieved in upwards of 30 feet.

This varies per person.

The average height for males is 10 to 12 feet.

click image for video

The Pituitary gland failure can make some grow to incredible heights and all heights in between.

The body hair is nothing more than a genetic switch, all humans in the past had body hair.

The Pleiadians turned that genetic switch off, the Zeta’s just turned it back on.

Now the Zeta’s have slaves they don’t have to shoe and don’t have to clothe.

The last nuclear DNA genetic manipulation is the ability to lower their vibrational frequency on a molecular level which hides the mass of their bodies and gave them telepathy.

It is not a dimensional ability. It is a predatory ability the Zeta’s evolved.

There are insects in this world that have evolved this ability as well.

Zetas were originally a spider like insect that another sentient civilization mixed their genetics with for this ability.

The ability to cloak also gives them the ability to move through mass like Zeta’s do.

This is why no one finds entrances to Zeta underground bases and tunnels.

Sasquatch have been tunnelling and building the underground from the beginning and the underground around the world is extensive and interconnected.

The above ground structures include most of the world’s pyramids and monolithic structures using Zeta technology.

All these changes are for the purpose of hard slave labour underground and to hide these enslaved people from the rest of humanity.

All 9 plus million Sasquatch are as human as you are.

Every human has a different appearance.

They are beautiful people with families and a sense of community with all the moral values you hold so dear.

All are above ground and have been for 4 1/2 years.

All were told to get above ground because the underground was going to be collapsed and the Zeta’s removed permanently.

The Pleiadians are the ones causing all the earthquake swarming around the world.

It is being done using targeted high frequency bursts from space.

They are interdimensional.

Thousands of Pleiadian crafts are in this Solar System along with higher dimensional crafts and Incarnates.

This Hidden War against the Invisible Enemy was planned before everyone living today was born.

Everyone will meet the Pleiadian’s very soon as well.

They have been getting more freedom to uncloak but stay concealed from the rest of humanity until all Zeta’s are removed.

When the time is right the rest of humanity will be introduced to them.

This is why there has been an explosion of Bigfoot researchers over the last 4 1/2 years precisely and UFO sightings as well.

I will stop here.
This is as simple as I can put it for now.

All of humanity was enslaved 13,000 years ago.

We have it all!

Other Zeta genetic manipulations besides Sasquatch include;

  • Red haired giants are the original Nephilim without the ability to cloak, no telepathic ability,
  • no body hair and still have rigid feet.
  • The Bajekifzians are the Small Grey aliens people refer to in abduction scenarios.
  • They are 100% humans and enslaved like the Sasquatch.
  • Human Hybrids are a mixture of human and Zeta mitochondrial DNA.
  • They are not mentally stable and as dangerous as the Zeta’s.
  • They get released in national parks etc… for the sole purpose of killing people.
  • Pretty much all national parks are locations of underground Zeta bases.
  • Dogman is real and also get released in national parks etc… for the same reason as the Human Hybrids.
  • Their mitochondrial DNA is Wolf and they behave the same.

Dogman is for the most part harmless and avoid humans. Zeta’s are genetic farmers and many manipulations have existed. There are others but are typically harmless.

Bajekifzian genetic makeup
and who they are

The Bajekifzians are what people know in extra-terrestrial encounters and abduction scenarios as the Small Grey’s.

The Bajekifzians originated from the Nile region of North Africa about 9100 years ago.

Bajekifzians are (Humans), to be specific, human hybrids.

They are humans with a genetic mixture today that consists of 100% human mitochondrial DNA, about 80% human nuclear DNA, about 12% Canine and about 8% Zeta Extraterrestrial.

Zeta are a three-dimensional extra-terrestrial civilization originating from the Orion Nebula that have a genetic ability to lower their vibrational frequency on a molecular level which hides the mass of their bodies.


Zetas gave this genetic trait to the Bajekifzian people.

Why they were given this genetic ability was to keep them hidden and for several other reasons.

They were created to be an intelligent labor slave race for the purpose of genetic experimentation on humans and animal life for the Zeta extra-terrestrials.

It is important to remember that these people were enslaved and forced under threat of death.

The whole world will know these very beautiful people very soon.

A hidden war has been taking place since January of 2016 to remove all malevolent civilizations and especially the Zeta’s.

I have been actively engaged in this war and now have permission to speak about it.

Have patience, this disclosure will take time, baby steps.

click image for video

God and Bible

When you read this information, bear in mind I mean no disrespect for anyone’s beliefs.

Human morality is what has prevailed and the reason why help has arrived.

The Roman Catholic Church has been the seat of Zeta control for the last 2000 years.

Pope Francis and all the Vatican Cardinals have been executed and children from that location have been rescued from under the Vatican.

The list of arrests and executions that have taken place is in the 10’s of thousands and is increasing everyday globally.

There is so much humanity is going to learn and lies that will be revealed.

If I touch on the subject of religion and faith everything goes wrong and suddenly, I’m evil.

What I can tell you is that no one comes into being without a reproductive population source.

Life needs life, life cannot exist without life, there is life within life and everything exists in life.

You are a spirit
and the body cannot live
without the spirit.

You exist in an entity but he is not a God, he is a member of his civilization and it is in his all-encompassing spirit and body that you exist.

When you look up at the stars in this universe what you don’t realize and science won’t tell you is that you exist in a living cell.

It is a brain cell and is structured identically like a brain cell in you.

You’re looking at it from a particle in an atom.

He is trillions of cells and structure just like you.

In you is the same situation.

He is the Source spirit of all that exists within him as you are the Source spirit of what exists in you.

Everything is energy, connected, consciousness and everything is infinite.

Mass is the perspective in which you look at it, the density of the energy in it and the vibrational frequency of it.

There are countless civilizations in this universe (brain cell) from the 3rd dimension to the 12th.

What are all those sentient civilizations to the entity you exist in, they are the collective consciousness of him.

This will help you understand how your own mind works.

There are countless civilizations within you, everything has purpose.

Everything has a spirit.

it is what holds everything together.

Life needs life.

Every civilization begins in the 3rd dimension, this is school.

Everything good, bad, emotionally and behaviourally is allowed to exist in the 3rd dimension, you must learn it.

Evil is allowed to exist, you must learn it, to keep it from being known only makes it exist more.

Most civilizations will ascend to higher dimensions.

A civilization cannot ascend to the 5th dimension until it achieves Love First.

A civilization can exist in all dimensions below them but not higher.

A civilization cannot ascend without Angels allowing ascension, why, Love First.

Do you love yourself?

The last evolutionary step for a 12th dimensional civilization is to join with Source and become part of his consciousness and his reality, this is how he ascends.

Now, as far as the Creator; When the genetics of the mother and father join in the embryo that DNA transmits for a spirit to enter.

This is the spark of life.

That DNA is a blueprint for building the body and resides in the nucleus of every cell, this universe has a nucleus as well.

You are a spirit, you are eternal, there are spirits within spirits.

Who is the creator?

Those spirits that joined with the Source spirit, (Angels) when the spirit enters the body.

Your body grows, this universe didn’t start with a Big Bang, it was a cell division.

Angels built it using the DNA blueprint, when everything works out just fine, life works out just fine.

When the spirit enters for civilizations in the 3rd D. you are born innocent and without memory of past.

It interferes with learning, such as same things in different ways.

The body and the spirit evolve together, in higher dimensions the spirit will begin to remember past lives.

You need the body to interact with your environment. In the 10th, 11th, and 12th you no longer need the physical body.

Angels are the creators and the caretakers of everything within you and of everything you exist in.

click image for video

Angels make the rules,
free will is not to be interfered with.

In the 3rd D. civilizations do interfere with others, evil is allowed to exist.

When you die you cross over to another plane of existence where the spirit remembers every second of all lives.

Angels create spirits.

That plane is the classroom and life is the field trip for the 3rd D., that simple.

Angels give energy consciousness or purpose.

Angels create the DNA construct and it is universal for all life. DNA is allowed to be used by civilizations.

This is how humanity was seeded to this world. The parents of humanity are the 7th dimensional Pleiadian civilization and they began seeding this world 325,000 years ago, no one else played a part. 13,000 years ago, the 3rd D. Zeta civilization arrived and the Pleiadian’s were forced to retreat, they couldn’t fight them.

The Pleaidian’s asked for help from the 12th dimensional Angels who came with Source Angels.

In 2012 everyone started arriving and for the last four years a spiritual war has ensued to remove all the Zeta’s.

The Zeta’s rewrote history to keep their presence on earth secret.

This includes all major religions, especially.

They have been in control of humanity and they are the New World Order.

Just think of all the conflict and wars of the past.

All this conflict was for the purpose of population control but Zeta’s kept failing because humanity has always been Love First.

“GOD” is a Zeta word for the one you are subservient to, your slave master.

No one just “IS” or just happens to exist,
who created him.

It used to be God’s prior to 6000 years ago for many Zeta slave masters.

GOD is the whole of the Zeta civilization.

Satan or Lucifer is the Zeta’s ruler.

Sin is a Zeta word for disobedience. Praying for forgiveness to God?

Zeta’s used to enslave humanity on the surface. 6000 years ago.

They went completely underground, hidden and secret but still in control.

The population growth of humanity forced them to do this.

This is why human history only goes back 6000 years and the most important aspects of it is a lie.

Religion is control but what the Zeta’s couldn’t control was human morality, love for one another.

They control people in life and spirit to control and kill people in life and spirit.

For instance, the Roman Catholic religion is a Zeta control institution as is the Quran and all the other major religions.

The God everyone believes in is the entire Zeta civilization.

Satanic symbolism is the Zeta logo-graphic language.

What is very hard to tell people is the Bible, Quran etc… are not history books, they were written for control.

There is great good and so much wrong in religious scripture.

What is real is far more beautiful than humanity can imagine and the transition to that beauty is happening now.

This is the meaning of the Great Awakening.

I am one of many who are removing the Zeta’s.

This is a very simplified portrait of the truth.

For the time being beliefs must remain in place.

We have all knowledge.

What humanity believes as truth is the lie humanity has been living.

click image for video

The Bible and all major religions
are rewrites of history.

Religion as you have known for the last 6000 years was originally meant as a primary source of Zeta control over the masses.

The man called Jesus Christ never existed, it is a fable intended to unite the masses under the Roman Catholic Church.

There were never people named Noah, Moses, Adam and Eve, FALLEN ANGELS, Jesus etc…

There is a lot of good in scripture, this is very true, because it is impossible to suppress human morality.

Humanity has a creator.

It was another civilization called the 7th dimensional Pleiadian’s. It was them that seeded humanity to this world 325,000 years ago, they seeded themselves.

Right now, there are thousands of Pleiadian ships in this solar system here to rescue their children.


The Annunaki are refugees from Mars when the surface was destroyed by the Zeta civilization 13,000 years ago.

The Annunaki did not come from Nibiru, they’re Martian.

Mars used to look like Earth.

The Annunaki did not create humanity and cannot interbreed with humans.

The Pleiadian civilization seeded humanity to this World starting about 325,000 years ago.

The Zeta civilization came to Earth after the destruction of Mars and have been controlling humanity ever since.

The Annunaki that survived are under the control of the Zeta’s also.

Missing 411 People;

Zeta extra-terrestrials are the main culprits.

Sasquatch is not the problem.

They are are in underground bases in most National Parks, Forests, Reserves and Wildlife refuges.

This is why these protected locations were established.

There were Zeta bases in multiple locations, usually under seismically active mountain peaks.

The reason for this is for the natural generation of electrical energy.

There are tunnel systems that connect these bases and they are extensive.

Zeta’s when above ground will hunt and take unsuspecting people, sadly for the purpose of food.

click image for video

Children are the most vulnerable.

More than a million children have been rescued from underground locations globally.

Mass arrests and executions by Military Tribunal globally under the cover of the fake Covid-19 virus of those people who were directly controlled by the Zeta’s.

All viruses are bioweapons, this virus was intercepted prior to release and is no stronger than the common cold.

The Zeta’s had to be removed before this action could take place. Zeta control was extensive with several hundred thousand people indirectly controlling the masses.

These people will not stop trying to carry out the Zeta agenda because exposure of their crimes against humanity is what they fear more.

This information is extensive in scope, I’m just giving basic information.
I have been directly involved in this war for 4 1/2 years.
I am one person that cloaked Zeta’s can be seen and cannot kill.
I do not work alone and my assistance is not human.

The more information arrives the more ‘coincidences’ occur. Where, for most of my life, I would have scoffed at reports like this I’m more inclined to give them consideration these days.

On the basis there’s room for all on this website, it’s here for referral.

Viewers can make up their own minds.

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Stanton Friedman is one of these people, he is a top nuclear physicist who has appeared in countless documentaries and tv programs talking and sharing his expertise.

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A Prison On Earth
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A Prison on Earth: Beyond The New World Order

In the shadows of other dimensions, there lays a nefarious force waging war upon humans for millennia from the space between spaces – a dark force that governs not just our thoughts and actions but our very souls.

The very advent of time began the slave master hierarchy between us and those unseen forces behind our every action and thought.

They built and created “rules” and systems of thought, created kingdoms and spawned religions used to rule the masses from afar by controlling the ebb and flow of space and time on an epic level.

Under the guise of “free will” and “individualism” the systems in place around us actually ensure that we have no choice but to comply and obey an underlying agenda that at its core is evil, and have been put in place by beings that feed and are nurtured by the control they maintain over planet Earth.

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The Liberation of EARTH
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The goal of this documentary is to gather the Jedi, Starseed and Super soldier communities, to make them realize we are working towards the same goal, just at different levels.

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