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EMF radiation
is killing us


Why All The Fuss about EMF?

Chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation blocks the body’s innate ability to successfully excrete heavy metals, petrochemicals and damages our cells, proteins and DNA in multiple ways.

We are basically getting sicker quicker!


The body is a sophisticated electrical circuit • The heart, brain, and nervous system operate with electrical energy.

Our body absorbs electromagnetic radiation which interferes with our biological function.

The cells of the body consider this as a stress factor which can be detrimental to our health and lead to disease

Solar Flares

by Raelene Byrne

A solar flare occurs when magnetic energy that has built up in the solar atmosphere is suddenly released.

How Do Solar Flares Affect Us?

A recent study in the New Scientist magazine indicates a direct connection between the Sun’s solar storms and the human biological system.

Geomagnetic Activity
influences human consciousness

Solar activity is known to influence human consciousness.

Clearing Our Cellular Memories

The solar flares and photonic waves emanating from the sun are changing the fabric of our physical reality as they exert a powerful effect on our physical cellular level, causing our cellular memories to awaken and clear.

These sudden periods of ‘release’ may last up to twenty minutes, and may also include the sensation of the body heating up in the form of a “hot flash”.

Awakening Our Soul Purpose

The elements of our Divine Blueprint are interwoven within our cellular memory.

The recent infusion of photonic energies is amplifying our cellular memory, causing various elements of our Divine Blueprint to leak into our waking consciousness.

Photonic energy blends with the vibratory frequency our thoughts, so it is vitally important that we place our attention on what we want to create, rather than what we do not want to manifest in our lives.

For those of us in the process of positive change and transformation, this energy is empowering and advantageous.


This web page was inspired by
a PowerPoint presentation
we found
Below is an extract.

It was so well put together and so comprehensive seemed a shame
to not give it a wider audience.

Frankly, it’s revelations and conclusions are shocking.

The whole world needs to know just how dangerous
5G ENMF radiation is, it’s application from
governments that want us deed, or controlled.

Fact, not fiction:
EMFs can negatively impact
Human Health

• Radio frequency
e.g. Cell phones, Wi-Fi, Smart meters

• Magnetic fields

• Electric fields

• Dirty electricity


• 5G technology is only effective over short
distances and requires small cell antennas
up to every 100m.

• Much higher levels of radiation exposure
near our homes, schools and workplace

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The Digital Killing Fields

Where are the insects going?

But it’s not just

AC Magnetic and AC Electric fields
from household circuits are equally damaging.

The effects on our biology are cumulative
and have far exceeded our tolerance.

Electric fields are created from voltage
(ie electricity under pressure)
such as household wiring and electrical appliances.

Generally easier to shield

Magnetic fields are created from current ie flowing electricity.

This only occurs when an appliance is in use.

Difficult to shield

None of us want to run away
and live in a cave

Learn how to use technology safely,
so you can  THRIVE in this environment.



We are drowning in info, yet starving for wisdom

What can YOU do to reduce your exposure?

Distance, distance, distance!

•    Keep appliances at least one metre away from
where you spend time i.e. bed, favourite chair

•    Avoid wireless devices: router, cordless phones,
printers, mobile phones, ipads, game consoles
baby monitors and toys fitted with RF transmitters

•    Use cables and hard wired connections instead:
ethernet cable, corded phone

Wiring a home:

•    Shielded cabling, metal conduit that is earthed, demand switch

•    Window – metal awnings/venetians, fly screens (electric and radiofrequencies only)

•    Demand switch (electric and magnetic fields)

•    Dense trees (electric field only)

Use Shielding as a LAST Resort

•    Paints, film, bed canopy, clothing (Electric field and RF)

•    Unless the device creates a DISTANCE between you and the source,
it is unlikely to give you any benefit except a false sense of security!


•    Best practice is to ASSESS, not GUESS!

•    Use a meter to check if shielding is effective – otherwise you do not know

•    Many EMF meters on the market now

(e.g. Safe and Sound Pro II by Safe Living Technologies).

Easy to use, portable.

•    Ask for an assessment by a qualified EMF Testing Technician


•    There is NO safe use of a mobile phone

•    Use a corded phone whenever you can (difficult now)

•    Distance – EMF reducing ear piece

•    Text instead of calling

•    Do not hold phone against head

•    Only use phone when good reception (all bars present)

•    Shielding – protective EMF phone cover

•    If possible, do NOT to use mobile phone in car

•    Remove phone charger from bedroom if possible

•    Phone in aeroplane mode or off at night

Store phone in a Faraday pouch,
(available from eBay about $5-$10), when not in use

Turn off phone whenever not in use.

Stop carrying it around like you’re joined at the hip.

Why do France, Russia, India, Italy, Israel,
China, Switzerland, Bulgaria and Poland
have exposure limits for RF that are
100 times lower that what is permitted
in Australia?
(Brown, 2000)

Existing standards for RF EMF
are based on short term immediate health effects
(6-30 minutes) of heating of tissue (ICNIRP, 1998).

The exposure standards for AC magnetic fields
are based on induced electric currents
in the body (ICNIRP, 1998)

Current standards DO NOT take into consideration
long term exposure to non-thermal effects
despite the growing body of evidence
of adverse health effects occurring at levels
thousands of times below the existing standards
(BioInitiative Report, 2020, 2012).

So, if RF can do this to Watercress,
what do you think it could possibly do to you,
your family and loved ones?

Please do not ignore this information.

Educate yourself.

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EMF radiation
from mobile phones

For those who have been
living under a rock somewhere

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Wireless earphones
could be releasing potentially
carcinogenic radiation into the
heads of the users.

Plugging these into your head
you must be insane.

A group of 250 experts and researchers have signed a petition to the United Nations and World Health Organisation to stop the use of these and other wireless devices.

The researchers explain that these wireless ear pieces use a type of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiowave via Bluetooth technology to transmit data.

The closeness of this radiation to the brains of the users is cause for concern, say the researchers.

Jerry Phillips, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado said, “My concern for AirPods is that their placement in the ear canal exposes tissues in the head to relatively high levels of radio-frequency radiation.”

Phillips is one of the many scientists who have called for a restriction on use of such devices.

The petition reads, “Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices.”

It goes on to say that the risk of cancer, neurological disorders, and DNA damage that have been associated with EMF exposure cannot be ignored.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer too recently agreed that these EMF waves could be “possibly carcinogenic” to humans.

These waves are similar to UV rays or X rays but are not as powerful.

They can cause burns at high concentration but are generally of less impact.

The debate about whether they are carcinogenic is still ongoing.

The World Health Organisation developed guidelines that regulate the amount of EMF the devices are allowed to emit.

The petition adds, “The various agencies setting safety standards have failed to impose sufficient guidelines to protect the general public, particularly children who are more vulnerable to the effects of EMF.

By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfil its role as the preeminent international public health agency.”

The guidelines insist that phones should be kept away from the body when not in use.

Sleeping with the phone is not a good practice and usage of headsets or headphones to conduct phone calls is suggested as a good option.


click image to link to article


Mobile phone use
and possible cancer risk:

Current perspectives in India.

Epidemiological researches examining potential long-term risks from radiofrequency exposure have mostly looked for an association between brain tumors and mobile phone use.

However, as many cancers remain undetectable until many years after the interactions that led to the tumor, and because mobile phones were not widely used until the early 1990s, epidemiological studies were restricted only to those cancers that become evident within shorter time periods.

Results of animal studies have consistently shown no increase in the cancer risk due to long-term exposure to radiofrequency fields.

Few studies have tried to look for other possible long-term health effects of exposure to mobile radiation. In a study conducted in Amritsar, Punjab, India, a correlation between mobile phone use (exposure to radio frequency radiations) and DNA and chromosomal damage in lymphocytes of mobile phones users was observed.

Such damages can have long-term consequences in terms of increased risk of neoplasia or other age-related changes.

Indian experimental animal studies conducted on rats have additionally shown that mobile phone radiations may affect brain function and cause several neurological disorders and chronic exposure to nonionizing microwave (MW) radiation may lead to infertility via free radical/oxidative species-mediated pathway.


click image to link to article

Link Cell to
Cell Phone Radiation
and Cancer

Researchers call for greater caution,
but skeptics say the evidence
from rat studies is not convincing

Maybe a bit late to find out
they was right if you find
you got a brain tumour but,
hey, it's your choice.

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Parents did this

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Make your own
Faraday bag

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An inside perspective on EMF Research
from someone who was there.

click image above or PDF button for link to PDF

Confidential Report on
strictly for the
Police Federation
England and Wales



With respect to my fellow scientists I shall be writing this report in non-scientific speak for all of those readers who have not had the benefit of a scientific education.


Imagine the field around a magnet and imagine ordinary everyday static electricity. If you put the force field from the magnet with the force field from the static electricity you make a wave. This wave is called an electromagnetic wave.

There are lots of different types of electromagnetic waves but they are all made of the same two things – magnetic and static.

The only difference between the waves is their wavelength or the length of the wave and the number of waves that can be produced a second, i.e. the frequency.

All of these waves are put into a table called the electromagnetic spectrum.

  I advise everyone to download and read this report
it’s very important to understanding what’s going on
within our police force, once you have read it
please share it with friends and family thank you.

click image for link to patent

Subliminal acoustic manipulation
of nervous systems


Experiments have shown that atmospheric acoustic stimulation of deeply subliminal intensity can excite in a human subject the sensory resonances near 1/2 Hz and 2.5 Hz.

The 1/2 Hz resonance is characterized by ptosis of the eyelids, relaxation, drowsiness, a tonic smile, tenseness, or sexual excitement, depending on the precise acoustic frequency near 1/2 Hz that is used.

The observable effects of the 2.5 Hz resonance include a slowing of certain cortical functions, sleepiness, and, after long exposure, dizziness and disorientation.

The finding that these sensory resonances can be excited by atmospheric acoustic signals of deeply subliminal intensity opens the way to an apparatus and method for acoustic manipulation of a subject’s nervous system, wherein weak acoustic pulses are induced in the atmosphere at the subject’s ears, and the pulse frequency is tuned to the resonance frequency of the selected sensory resonance.

The method can be used by the general public for control of insomnia and anxiety, and for facilitation of relaxation and sexual arousal. Clinical use of the method includes the control and perhaps a treatment of anxiety disorders, tremors, and seizures.

A suitable embodiment for these applications is a small portable battery-powered subaudio acoustic radiator which can be tuned to the resonance frequency of the selected sensory resonance.

There is an embodiment suitable for law enforcement operations in which a subject’s nervous system is manipulated from a considerable distance, as in a standoff situation.

Subliminal subaudio acoustic pulses at the subject’s location may then be induced by acoustic waves radiating from a venting acoustic monopole, or by a pulsed air jet, especially when aimed at the subject or at another material surface, where the jet velocity fluctuations are wholly or partly converted into static pressure fluctuations.

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Microwaved Water Experiment
by Chiropractor,
Grand Junction, CO

The effect of using microwaved water to
irrigate plants

Dr Daniel Lonquist compared the effects
of microwaved water and boiled water
on the health of a plant.


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