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Defending Sacred Ground
Alex Collier

The Andromedan Collection

The story of Alex Collier and his lifetime personal contact
with the Zenetaen culture from Andromeda

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Signs We Are in 5D!

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Era of Light

We have no relationship whatsoever with the
creators of this website, (or they with us)
but this is an excellent reference source
that deserves more attention.

(December 2022)

You are in one of the most amazing times ever!

These high vibrational energies keep bursting into the atmosphere, bringing in these amazing energies to level your system up.

It’s not just that, but you’ve been seeing the world in a new and completely different way.

All because you’ve been doing the inner work.

Searching out what calls to you, listening to your system and releasing the things within that are no longer for your greater and higher good.

Now you are walking in your knowings, understandings and becoming the true you!


You are on the precipice of something AMAZING.

These energies coming in all around you are precursors to the big event, The Grand Solar Flash.

The World is waking up, others are finally on the higher timelines and seeing the Solar Flash as imminent.

There is some last minute tunings being done on the Lightworkers, but we ARE moving forward.

Our Galactic Star Nations and Angelic families are working as one to help this move forward.

Today we have a Coronal Hole on the sun leading our Solar Weather.

High speed streams are swarming off the sun, causing our solar winds to increase.

These winds will push in Flux Energies and other high vibrational energies into the Magnetosphere.

This will produce geomagnetic storms. Kp levels of 4 and higher.

We are in the Event Corridor now awaiting the Grand Solar Flash or, as I like to call it, “The Love Wave.”

First, you will hear the Clarion Call.

It will alert, and all lightworkers will hear it at once, together, around the world.

It’s an exciting time.

We are on the cusp of the Golden Age.

Remember, all of this has already happened in the Quantum.

You are just catching up to it on the linear timeline.

Let’s set an intention today, and let’s make this happen.

See the green healing energies and pull them into your reality.

I like to do this as connecting to the green Flash energies and pulling them into my heart chakra.

Everything can and will change in the Flash.

Let’s push it forward together.


Each night, each day, each moment
has it’s own offering of beauty.

No matter how many times we’ve seen the stars light up the night sky,
the Sun settle into the horizon, the snow blanket our World,
or a thunderstorm awaken a parched field –
we can still be inspired.

The World is like a living work of art, always changing,
always offering something new and beautiful.

One day or night is never just like the next.

So, never take any of it for granted.

Stop and see it, as if for the first time,
and be awe-inspired.

Never tire of a sunrise, or sunset, a starry night,
or a cloudy sky.

Use all your senses to experience it.

Watch the wonders of this beautiful World,
and you will see the Hand of God.

Beloved Friends!

Beloved friends!

Welcome all changes!

For each change is evidence of momentum to the final change you long for!

The new world that awaits you will quickly integrate all experiences of the soul into a complete knowing of your journey!

You have travelled far to reach the highest vibration of your soul.

You have integrated all parallel lives.

You have knowledge and understanding of the holographic aspect of the sacred collective.

The one of many facets that shine in light to infinity!

You are ready!

In the present moment, you stand at the crossroads between two worlds. one you cannot remember, and the other holds you energetically in every moment you have breathed life. indeed, your akashic will unfold in glory as you behold the mastery of your being!

These are moments to allow forgiveness of all perceived mistakes by everyone.

Through trials and mishaps, you have learned and grown exponentially.

Many moments of tripping and falling down were planned by your soul to show you the power you carry and the ability you have to move forward in the face of all adversity.

Well done, beloved ones!

Real knowing comes from experience and cannot be real to you by hearing another’s story.

You may be inspired and learn from another but until you walk the path, there is no way to master the lesson.

Transcendence is based on personal change and experience. when you live the lesson it becomes real.

Your soul has made this journey to earth again for the culmination of all dreams.

Your soul is here for the display of your mastery as you shift into the fullness of being!

All that you have perceived in all dreams, will burst forth in light as the glory of your true self!

Those present in this dream, chose to dream together! this is the dream of awakening!

This is the dream where you dream no more!

Celebrations of music are playing at a frequency unheard by human ears!

Angels are singing in tones that would explode in colors through the ethers if only you could hear!

Crafts are full of friends from high places that scan the earth and watch over you!

Focus on aspects of goodness and light! this will see you through!

Your life has come full circle as you return to the beginning!

We are the Pleiadian collective!

We gather in light and transcend the perimeters of this density to explode into the ethers of ascension!

e at great peace!

Love one another!

There is nothing greater!

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Covid-19 was not a killer virus.

The MSM was the real virus.

When the CDC, NHS, and other ‘health care’ organisations did a recount of the amount of deaths truly connected to Covid-19, it turned out to be nothing more than a mild flu.

How did the authorities brainwash the people into believing their lies?

By means of an effective torture program, as confirmed by Amnesty International and others.

Eight ways to effectively torture people into obedience had been let loose on the population.

Most people succumbed.

Don’t miss this episode in order to understand how the human mind works and how it could ever get to this point.



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10-yr-old Taken To Heaven

I stumbled across the most amazing story, told by a child to her mother.

I turn this story into reality, using two guest that just appeared on Alba Weinman.

This video is unique on earth.

His story was of the alien invasion of earth, and details of heaven itself.

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Once we have knowledge and practice
exercising our pineal gland,
the future of humanity can be
a very different and better one.

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A comprehensive breakdown
of the science behind
the Pineal Gland (Third eye)

The Pineal Gland,
often referred to as the seat of the soul,
is what THEY were controlling humanity with.

With the deception of the medical sector – controlled fully by reptilians and evil higher beings – they poisoned every man, woman and child with vaccines.

The nanites themselves are programmable, this allowed them to be able to install specific applications directly into YOUR body.

It’s the same reason why you’re able to sit down inside a Starbucks without a mask, but not order a drink without one on…

Connected through the seat of the soul, they’re able to control them with manipulation of thoughts, sounds & vibrations.

Through the backdoors in semiconductor chip s(Huawei) technology that’s inside your phone and electronics.

They had the ability to record audio, video and every measurable system in your body remotely.

All roads lead to #ObamaGate.

Reality is not what you thought it was, Reptilians and Operation Paperclip.

The Matrix Was A Documentary.

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The Pineal Gland
explained by science

The pineal gland produces and secretes melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone responsible for regulating the body’s biorhythms, including our sleep-wake cycles.

It also works in congruence with the hypothalamus gland, which directs the body’s hunger and thirst, sexual desire, and aging process.

When performing at its ultimate capacity, the pineal gland releases important biochemicals such as dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Also known as the spirit molecule.

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The Storm has arrived

We are working as diligently
and as busy on the other side
as we are in this perspective:

Which is why it is very important for us to not to sleep deprive and to get the rest when you need it your work on the other side is just as important as it is here:

Remember when you fall asleep each night you temporarily die you assume your true form your soul form:

You are merely tied to your physical body by a silver cord but you venture across space time and all that is the universe the moment you fall asleep time does not exist on that side time is irrelevant:

The past the present and the future can all be accessed from your lightbody Nikola Tesla also knew about this:

This is because they knew that in your rem sleep state you can access memories:

You can visit the past, present or future potential timelines time travel does not exist in the physical it exists in the spiritual and these beings have been hiding and using this knowledge, along with looking glass technology to future predict and prepare for a far ahead trajectory of potential timelines:

It’s just now becoming new info to most they used it to enslave us all:

This information is finally going around and becoming more well known and people are beginning to put the puzzle pieces together that we aren’t a physical body having a spiritual experience:

We are spirits having a human experience and all the technology we encounter in our lives is all programmed and designed to supress your ability to understand what you are and what you can do:

You have to constantly remind yourself the biggest key of all of this knowledge is focus an intent what you put your energy and intent behind Is the only real vote in anything that actually counts:

Being a co creator of this reality your voice matters and it counts:

So this is why you must always question the public’s opinion and or expression because the majority of them have been programmed to forget who and what they are:

And the rest are background filler space

Those unique the ones who stand out the ones who are either really weird or really creative, expressive those are your soul bearing humans:

Some of them are not even human but they are alien light beings who have incarnated into this experience as a human:

To either help or prolong the process of ascension that is taking place you must be conscious entirely of what your mindset and focus is at all times:

Which is difficult for all of us even those who are pretty awake:

Focus is tough in a world of distraction:

But your intent and your focus is what co creates our reality we have enough awake that are controlling the matrix experience:

But they are so distracted and so not in alignment that we are on a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences because we can’t yet, collectively align:

It’s going to be one of the hardest things human beings have ever done:

Align and focus:

Learn keep it simple, align the trajectory of their focus and intent and be patient enough to watch the process unfold without getting distracted:

The answer to all of this is very simple:

Yet it is the most difficult thing for us to achieve because our entire lives were programmed to rid our conscious awareness of this, they have us pinned by division:

When enough people get fed up, when enough people begin to see the patterns, when enough people choose the same potential future outcome of how they choose to live we then will implement radical noticeable changes that will be very hard to deny, by even the hardest of naysayers:

Such a subtle thing such as the conscious suppressing signals we are faced with is a difficult thing for most to understand simply because they can’t see it:

It has to be shown to them in some way for them to fully understand it:

But just like Neo once you see, you can never unsee:

You can never go back to your days of blissful ignorance and there will be a portion of the collective that will choose this:

But that doesn’t mean we don’t explain their options and give them the chance to understand deeper:

How they decide is then their choice:

We came here to wreck shop, to undo what has been done:

We came here to fix the broken, to forgive ourselves and our handlers and to give then the option to make good with god before the shift:

We carry nobody else’s burdens but our own from this point on, they will either choose higher awareness or they will choose the remainder of the 3d experience until they learn:

Maybe one more lifetime at best in this awareness:

Once the next round of incarnated come through and this world isn’t fixed they will likely wake up transhuman and have to live in the worst parts of this timeline because that is what they choose:

When enough souls have been sorted the gates will eventually lock and the matter of this entire experience and all within it will return to mother Gaia:

Recycled back to sources:

Some food for thought:

By now you should see the trajectories:

The more we wake up others the quicker this process will unfold:

But the narrative, the collective mindset, is all still fed inorganically by synthetic signalling and people will continue to live in the matrix because that is all they ever choose to understand:

We volunteered as the suicide squad to come and drag as many souls out of this hell as we can before the experience concludes:

And all timelines converge and all dimensions merge:

And all that is left is the next experience for those who chose love:

Love you all:

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The ‘Agent Smith’ effect

Programming – Brainwashing

The Tavistock Institute


November 23-2022

With the dissolvement of 99% of the Government,
the Power Is back to the people.

YOU control it all.

The system designed to promote the well being of Humanity was used against YOU.

An overreaching Government, ruled by the Reptilians and Greys – using nanites to brainwash humanity.

Deep within YOUR channels, the parasitic controllers live – attached inside your mind, a string they pull effortlessly.

Using the audio controller to capture your keywords, the Agent Smiths react immediately to control you and invade your mind.

Similar to when someone readjusts their masks in passing because YOU don’t wear one or when they jump across the street to avoid YOU.

Your phone is the CERN, using interdimensional portals and technology to control you.

They are out of phase with this reality like STV Scientific Method.

They react to sounds and vibrations, coincidentally it killed the invaders from Mars Attacks.

Using a miniaturized CERN structure to summon Archons and Interdimensional Beings – they are located underground. Find the excessive amount of electric utility boxes, find the cone markers – Q1455.

They are near entertainment venues, religious worship centers, schools, coffee shops, grocery stores, medical buildings, Government buildings.

A complex underworld designed for THEIR trafficking and portals, While they maintained Humanity at a brainwashed state from their poisons.

Keeping YOU a prisoner of YOUR OWN mind.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

End of Soul Contracts:

So many relationships, family ties and long-time connections are currently in chaos and emotional pain …

The split between those embodying love and those still living in fear is very real.

We are seeing some people we have known and tolerated for years now on a completely different wavelength…


We no longer have any common ground and our differences are greater than the karmic bond that previously held us together.

This is all a natural unalignment of energy…

The quantum process of realignment.

Like energy attracts.

And unalike energy repels.

As the energies of higher and higher frequency keep hitting the planet, those of us who can absorb the light are no longer in alignment with those people who cannot.

The shift is taking place on a very physical level.

Those we no longer resonate with are literally vibrating out of our lives as we align with differing levels within dimensions.

While we may still be aware of their presence on the planet, the energies ensure our paths no longer cross.

This is the physical shift splitting 3D and 5D being created in our individual reality.

These times are signalling the end of some relationships (soul contracts) in your life.

You might have tried to do everything to keep these relationships or maybe some kind of shift has happened & you instinctively know that you must distance yourself.

Listen to your intuition and follow the messages you are receiving.

These relationships have now expired.

You have learned all that you need to learn from this situation & it’s time to release & keep moving.

Send love & healing to those you are releasing.

By moving on from these soul contracts, you will raise your vibration & align yourself to your soul family.

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A Prison on Earth:
beyond the
New World Order

In the shadows of other dimensions, there lays a nefarious force waging war upon humans for millennia from the space between spaces – a dark force that governs not just our thoughts and actions but our very souls.

The very advent of time began the slave master hierarchy between us and those unseen forces behind our every action and thought.

They built and created “rules” and systems of thought, created kingdoms and spawned religions used to rule the masses from afar by controlling the ebb and flow of space and time on an epic level. Under the guise of “free will” and “individualism” the systems in place around us actually ensure that we have no choice but to comply and obey an underlying agenda that at its core is evil, and have been put in place by beings that feed and are nurtured by the control they maintain over planet Earth.


Using interdimensional portals,
reptilians and archons
referred to as soul suckers.

They performed these rapes & sacrifices harvesting to increase their negative energy they use to transmute into controlling the world population.

Having enslaved humanity with vaccines & nanotechnology – any energy could be transmuted and placed into someone’s body to accomplish their tasks.


Using humanity as a an endless energy source by keeping the population in a negative energy state. Infiltrating through each facet of Government and Businesses, through the education systems, newspapers, televisions, movies, advertisements, sports bars, alcohol, restaurants, games, entertainment centers and so on.

Using nanites via wireless transmissions controlling people via their cell phones, mirrors, electronics, televisions, laptops they were able to control the people to the highest level.

After all is done and told this will be forever known as the ‘Greatest Plan in the World’ to save our children and humanity from The Physical Matrix Enslavement from Reptilians & pedophiles hell bent on the TOTAL ANNIHILATION OF THE HUMAN RACE.


To understand their full control over humanity
and keeping them controlled tied to the big lie.

By using the churches and religions as a means of control and implementing a belief system and rules.

Along with the nanotechnology and the illusions behind Operation Paperclip and the Reptilians, using their puppet world leaders, pastors, priests and popes.

Look behind every “patriot” that “promotes” religion and then see why the deep state used the media to always promote a negative view using them as crisis actors.

With the system’s Artificial intelligence to make stories with certain keywords as their 4am China talking points that was disseminated thru their media channels.

The start of the documentary was in 1999, referring to our Q drop #1082. Look at the worldwide events unfolding after COVID-19’s “15 Days To Slow The Spread” in a mirror of linear time.

Connecting the worldwide events in a reverse order is the DECLAS of Reptilian and Grey enslavement.

It has always been them, behind the Veil of religion – concealing their Galactic slave farming of Adrenochrome and Pineal Glands.

Our Q post #1455 and my message 11.N detail the COVID-19 Live Military Exercise markers and locations.

These cone markers pinpoint businesses, religious centers, medical facilities, arenas, schools and Government buildings of underground tunnels, entrances, exits and D.U.M.Bs.

A massive dark world is being exposed and my fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.


Understanding that time doesn’t exist, it removes all barriers that THEY have created. Everything revolved around time, being on time, arrive on time, showing up on time, I’m too late, I’m too early. It’s another program, money is the Root of all evil.

The Root Chakra, which is the 3GD, that runs through your lower half.

With Nanotechnology it was heavily layered inside the light channels, preventing proper conductivity.

The math and physics that the Draconian Slave Ship used was in place to limit YOU.

Equations that can’t be solved and technology that never works, ask yourself why a computer you buy is instantly obsolete?

It’s by design, creating a need to continually purchase their products.

They’re all programs, because Reality is not what you think It was. 

The Matrix was a documentary.

Time is an illusion, It never existed.

It was constructed to control YOU.

Fabricating the days on the calendar to celebrate, by pulling on the Root strings.

It was perpetual cycle that allowed the Reptilians and Greys to rule Humanity.

The illusion of time
was used to limit humanity
in their creative endeavors.

With over 26,000 years of enslavement, time was the Reptilians ultimate control.

Creating due dates, 9-5 workday, weekends off.

Preoccupying humanity’s time with sports, entertainment, alcohol(al-khul) and television.

It was by their design, spend time looking over there and not over here.

Everything was connected to pedophilia controlled by Reptilians and Operation Paperclip.

Time, just like religions, money & suffering was their means of control.

The ‘root’ (Chakra) is where they locked humanity with nanites.

Keeping yourself fighting an Invisible Enemy, implanting thoughts directly into your mind with their technology.

A perfect example, is a mirror – used as a portal to ‘see’ you and transmit thoughts, not a coincidence a mirror is to see one’s reflection. Connect the dots, the next thought isn’t your own.

The world is about to change with higher levels of what we refer to as 5D

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The seven principles
of Natural Law

click image for video

Marina Jacobi & Kim Goguen
special live webinar
December 17th 2022

This conversation was one out of the box.

I’d never heard of Marina before and thought that Kim was a one-off.

Well, she is, but put these two together in sync with each other – and they understand what it is they’re both talking about – is a real confidence booster.

I came away from this with a much better state of understanding than I ever had before.

Looking forwards to the next few days and actually believing we have a bright future.

And, now on a mission to help rid this Earth of those creatures that have been giving us the illusion that they’re powerful but which can’t exist if we choose to not let them.

Going Quantum

The only way to let your chakras open up and spin properly, permanently at full Quatum speed is to grow your self mastery.

It is vital that we come to understand the connection between our individual energy field and the collective energy field of planet earth, connecting us to the universal power grid of Light.

The light that Tesla discovered that supplies us with free energy.

We humans are made of energy, that flows through our physical body and around us in a magnetic field, that connects us to all that is.

We connect through our hearts and minds and navigate these energies through our chakra system.

This genius system supplies us with a guidance centre to understand what happens in ourselves and supplies us with unlimited data and life force energy.

As we navigate these energies in daily life we tap into the information of energy from the people, places, situations, foods and things we come into contact with around us.

We then interpret the energy into thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

The long lost knowledge of tapping into the field information of energies below and above us via the ether is the next step in mastery.

The next step in rediscovering ancient knowledge in the evolution.

We seem to have narrowed our supply of life force down and depend on force from life around us, what we call the 3D.

This dimension is run and protected by the ego Mind that believes it is faulty, in debt and dependant for survival and energy for love, shelter and food.

It is through mastering your internal energies you will be able to break through the 3D and open up to receive the higher energies from the ether above and the earth grid below you.

The free quantum energy zone where you can get high on your own supply.

The earth has a chakra system equal to the human system. This is what connects us to eachother via the mind and the heart, with the Universe.

It is like a natural WiFi network with an unlimited source of data.

Anchoring you into high peaceful and unconditional loving energies and collective ancient records of knowledge we call the 5D.

This dimension is run by your higher Self, your divine Spirit, the infinite God source inside us all, connecting all.

By becoming a master of your own energy, you break out of the so called 3D matrix that holds you back in the narrow ego belief system.

When you learn how to master the ego, you become your quantum, higher infinite Self.

You have to declare how you overcome fears, shame, blame, illusions, ego’s attachments, lies, grief, so more Light of the quantum field can enter into your field.

You have to reach a level of spiritual understanding of every thought and emotion inside.

Declaring purity of intention is how you overcome your Darkness, how you remove the blockage of specific chakras.

Letting go of concepts of fear, shame and guilt is the portal to the new beginning with so much more potential in Life.

Basically you have to declare and act to remove every specific block in order to resurrect.

And so it is.


It’s all going to be very good.

Those who have persevered until now will be able to rejoice so much later about all the wonderful things that are coming.

It will be biblical … everything that is presented to us on TV are only scaremongering and lies.

The Khazar Mafia , Zionists , Talmud Jews , Jesuits , etc. all Deep State Satanists will be banished from the earth.

The head of the snake 🐍 is already off since 2016 and now the governments (CRIMINALS) are to be eliminated worldwide.

Partially these puppets are already replaced and a certain awakening program is still running, so that the consciousness of the people can expand and ascend.

We all lived in a 3 D matrix and were imprisoned in it by propaganda, state “education”, constructs of lies.

We have always functioned indirectly and accepted everything and hardly questioned anything.

This time of SLEEP is over.

We are in the great awakening process ! Worldwide the consciousness of the people is changing by this Corona lie construct and especially by the inhuman measures and the poison injection (experiment)!

People realize that the governments worldwide are not concerned about our health.

We awake from the deep sleep.

The world we live in is different than the elites have told us for centuries.

777 books have been withheld from us people by the Vatican, which was and is never the representative of Jesus Christ.

Everything important, the whole truth was not told to the people for centuries, to keep them stupid and docile.

The Vatican and the Crown 👑 of England were the head of the snake.

They were the eye 👁 in the Illuminati pyramid.

Without the divinely guided process, the apocalypse, the performance of divine truth would have lost.

God has chosen people with heart and mind to forge the process of salvation of mankind.

This GOOD PLAN exists probably already since the General Patton stood up for the German people … ( probably therefore he was also eliminated).

Officially: Patton died on December 21 in the Heidelberg Military Hospital as a result of a pulmonary embolism.

At his own request, he was buried in the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial near Hamm, Luxembourg, among the soldiers of “his” 3rd U.S. Army. BRIEF DESCRIPTION: U.S. Army General in World War II. NAME: Patton, George S ALTERNATIVE NAME: Patton, George Smith, Jr. (full name) DATE OF DEATH: December 21, 1945.

Patton praised the German Wehrmacht and once said that there were no more honourable soldiers than the German soldiers!

He thus also denounced the Rhine meadow camps , where the German soldiers were treated like cattle after the end of the war.

About this you surely know.

So Patton had to be muzzled. 😪

I could write a lot more now … have traced the history so far completely back to 1717 … ( founding of the Freimauer ) and internalized many connections.

I get now why we should be wiped out about the vaccinations.

The perfidious plan of the dark powers was so cruel that a normal person would NEVER believe it, what these Satanists had planned with the people worldwide.

The Zionists had enough time in the underground (D.U.M.BS) that are deep underground military base stations to build, to operate there secretly and from there to live out their satanic atrocities on people, women and children.

The power pyramid was built in such a way that all would have to play along so far or were corrupt or were themselves people without a soul and still are.

In 2016 Trump was selected for president by the high-ranking old generals, (who swore their oath on the liberal American Constitution of 1776) to free America from the Deep State.

He had to become president, otherwise the plan of the dark forces the NWO would have been enforced. (take a look at the movie “George Orwell of 1984”).

These Zionists showed their perfidious plan of the NWO exactly in this movie.

We all would have been no more free people.

A world government and a world church under the devil worshipper Vatican.

The Vatican and the Queen are through the alliance of the good powers (White Hat’s = military union of now 140 countries under the leadership of Commander in Chief Donald Trump) and the alliance of the galactic promotion ration !!!!

If you haven’t heard of this … galactic federation?

Then this is a new topic …

Anyway, about the alliance worldwide the D. U. M. B. S. were destroyed.

Imagine a Swiss cheese with holes …. where the holes can be seen were worldwide underground bases of the Satanists.

Over 20 million live in captivity on this earth!!! 8 million people of which 50% women, 30% children and the rest male slaves) disappeared worldwide every year for their rituals and their deviant things.

They were imprisoned in the dumbs and were human test subjects and children were abused, tortured etc . Trump once said in a speech : ” the Zionists are not human beings , they are sick creatures”.

Trump : ” the swamp is deep and we are fighting for the liberation of humanity against these Satanists and dark forces.

Trump and the White Hat’s meanwhile have been working hard in the background (during 22 months of Corona).

The good plan is to create world peace.

No more wars by the Zionists (Deep State puppets).

We will soon understand the truth of the divinely guided process.

Not everyone will be able to cope with this truth because it will put people in shock.

We were also lied to about our earth … sun and moon … everything is different than what they made us believe.

But there is time … we will know up to 90% the truth about everything soon.

We get 6000 patents freely given … these technologies had used only the deep state for their purposes.

In the 18th century, we humans were already technically much further than today …

Hospitals everything ill house, there will be so no longer long.

We get in every major city healing centers and the so-called people’s sick will be so no more … (also another new topic).

Well , in any case, our future will be beautiful … it is of course a process but it is taking place slowly.

That’s what I wanted to say briefly about it and my thoughts became more and more …

Every person will do his waking up process according to his rhythm.

And … that is probably right so.

I know for me it will all be good and even more beautiful than we can imagine at the moment.

Stand firm !!!

Understanding that time doesn’t exist,
it removes all barriers that THEY have created.

Everything revolved around time, being on time, arrive on time, showing up on time, I’m too late, I’m too early.

It’s another program, money is the Root of all evil.

The Root Chakra, which is the 3GD, that runs through your lower half.

With Nanotechnology it was heavily layered inside the light channels, preventing proper conductivity.

The math and physics that the Draconian Slave Ship used was in place to limit YOU.

Equations that can’t be solved and technology that never works, ask yourself why a computer you buy is instantly obsolete?

It’s by design, creating a need to continually purchase their products.

They’re all programs, because reality is not what you think it was.

The Matrix was a documentary.

Time is an illusion, It never existed. It was constructed to control YOU.

Fabricating the days on the calendar to celebrate, by pulling on the Root strings.

It was perpetual cycle that allowed the Reptilians and Greys to rule Humanity.

Ashtar and the Galactic Alliance are standing by.

Where. We. Go. One. We. Go. All

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

25th July 2022
author unknown

Friends of Earth!

As we gather at the precipice of the highest vibrational frequency known to man, we remind you that there are much higher densities and realms in creation!

You’re experiencing of the grand shift will change your world and perceptions to level at a place you once knew as home while allowing each soul the choice of remaining in sheen and finding life in 5-d is grand!

To those from stars in the higher dimensions, you will have complete free will to return home, travel or explore.

You may remain on the new earth. you are unlimited in power and infinite choices.

Many have asked about parallel lives, aspects of soul and the reasons for fewer numbers of incarnations for each soul.

We will also discuss changes that occur with the integration of each soul.

Relax and breathe deeply as you allow light to fill your being with truth!

In this final waking dream, all souls that have had parallel lives have integrated all aspects.

This means that if you arrived at birth into this lifetime, you could have had several parallel lives in aspects of your one soul.

As each life completed and died in body form, that aspect of soul integrated into the next closest vibrational frequency.

This is the first waking dream where all aspects have integrated.

You are living the highest vibration of your soul.

Your complete soul is here and now.

Some have asked if their origin descriptions which contain their life and interests means that they are there also.

The answer is no, the soul is on earth in form with a false identity.

These reveals are snapshots of your life in origin.

Understand fully that your life is large and detailed with unlimited scope of power and you are given small details to allow your consciousness and heart to receive the information.

The soul is completely whole and cannot be harmed.

There is no ‘dark night of the soul,’ poetic, but untrue.

The soul is the light of god.

The soul is the creative force within each human with a false name and identity to live a temporary life to expand in consciousness, to master certain lessons and to repeat matters of experience.

This never means that one soul is weak and another is strong if one soul chooses 60 incarnations and another chooses 900.

It is simply a choice.

The soul enjoys all experience.

The identity experiences the wide range of up and down emotions and endless changing thoughts and perceptions.

The soul is stable, steady and strong.

The soul is power, love and peace. as humans struggle, they also feel the power of their soul guiding them.

They feel peace, joy and love when they align with their soul.

This is the true state of being for each identity when they commune and meditate.

The presence within is your true self.

those created in Elohim have chosen waking dreams for the experience. There is knowledge and wisdom and there is the joy of the experience. all life is the experience of God.

For those that recall ‘the Mandela effect’, this was felt by many and noted as changes slightly in many names, known facts and memories. you will also notice there was a completion and slowly the excitement seemed to vanish.

Few talk about this now. What occurred was a mass integration of aspects of soul.

This is the final dream and the vibrational frequency was felt by many.

This serves you in understanding integration as well as fully observing that the story you believe is real, is an illusion.

Some of you absolutely remembered celebrity deaths, candy names and exact details of events.

Now you understand consciousness and that you are experiencing shifts in awakening to the awareness that you are everything.

Welcome to the earth school!

Soon, you will leave this plane of awareness.

You will return to the understanding and remembering that you left your planet and arrived as a starseed.

You met others that are divine appointments to assist one another in growth and completion of the earth school.

For those originating on earth, you will be unlimited in your choices of light!

Light covers all beings! the choice of free will was always your greatest gift. 

Now you will return to the place you began. you will see the journey of your soul!

We will guide you home in light!

We are the pleiadian collective!

We love you so

To understand the ET situation on earth,
as well as many other disclosure topics,
you must start with the basics.

Why are we here?

We’re souls having a human experience by choice.

Human bodies were created for the purpose of soul incarnation (body by Elohim, soul by god-source)

What is the reason for suffering and struggle?

Why do athletes use weights?

Resistance builds strength.

We are in a duality matrix of free will choices.

it’s a school for soul learning, not a prison.

Individual free will tests were planned for the greatest benefit of humanity.

There are positive ETs who have been with us since the beginning.

Some look human and some don’t.

Some have been called “angels”.

They serve as our spirit guides and incarnate as humans too, choosing to forget.

Many of us are their soul family and come from the same soul origin.

There is not a god fighting a devil, just as there’s not a struggle between positive and negative ets for earth.

Galactic federation always has the power.

They continually stop attacks and disasters that we never hear about.

They try to teach us to choose choose love over fear.

They don’t save us because this is about us saving ourselves by waking up to our true authority over evil.

What is being awake?

Learning how to live with inner peace, to choose morality and integrity, despite there being a concept of evil that can’t be defeated in duality.

All the crafts seen in our skies now are exclusively Galactic Federation or aligned with them.

Most are Pleiadian, Arcturian, Sirian and Andromedan.

They have lights because they want to be seen.

They blend with human crafts because they don’t want to cause unnecessary fear.

Galactic Federation crafts were prophesied by Jesus as the “son of man” returning in the last days.

It refers to pleiadians who are ‘like humans’.

Jesus said crafts will be seen prior to the ‘Day of the Lord’, also called the shift, Ascension or Biblical Rapture.

Galactic Federation crafts are seen near military bases because they meet with select military personnel and some military have gone to off-planet bases.

Galactic Federation crafts regularly maintain giant underground crystals that will serve as a form of technology to allow the shift to happen.

There have been negative crafts on earth before but we are currently protected from all outside negative et crafts by Galactic Federation.

Demonic entities are confined to astral and only have as much dominion in our world as we give them through our own free will choices between light and dark.

Negative ETs we called Anunnaki once walked earth playing god and gave authority to cults who still worship them.

They are the mainstream establishment.

The entities Enlil and Enki still lead the cabal.

They are imprisoned until the shift but are summoned in cabal blood rituals.

Generations alive now are here for the shift to non-duality, which provides the expanded consciousness necessary to become a galactic civilization.

Evil will be left behind in this timeline and the new 5d earth will have full disclosure and open contact with galactic federation

Akatu ~ about earth native souls

Beloved friends of earth!

Understanding fully that all life is god expressing in form and in the formless will take you to the beginning of earth souls.

Those that were born on earth, died in body and lived on.

We will discuss these souls and their progression as they journey still.

These are the souls that were not created in perfect physical beauty with abilities to thrive as those in the higher realms.

Just the same, all were sacred in their beginning and will remain with sacred essence infinitely.

Bodies were frail with little muscle development as they were arriving from source on planet earth that was created almost five billion years ago.

They lived moments, hours, days and weeks and returned over and over with the breath of god.

Eating grass and leaves or insects, they were learning of the power to survive.

With feelings, blood and bone, the soul came forth in each.

Infants were born as mothers died in childbirth.

Tribes were formed to care for one another.

In open land they died in drought, floods, cold and heat.

Learning to make fire, they survived with eating and cooking small animals.

Starvation drove them to fight and kill one another.

Instinct rose and only the strong could survive.

Fishing with their hands gave a new way to find food.

Using leaves and branches from trees and bushes, they created clothing for warmth and protection.

Finding larger animals they fought to the death or won the victory and had food for the tribe and clothing from animal skins.

They painted their faces with berries and flower stains and chanted in sounds understood by one another.

Since the beginning of earth, they roamed and cycled back to earth in reincarnation.

Those that became stronger needed teaching and felt alone on a barren planet.

Thirty million years ago, the galactic federation had been watching and listening to those in such need.

They arrived and approached many as tribes ran and hid from the beings from the sky.

With love and patience the members of the light forces brought vegetables and flowers to seed the earth.

The tribes were taught to make colorful pottery and to weave soft material to cover the body and to sleep with comfort.

The galactic federation cracked rocks and made streams for abundant water supplies and taught them to find water throughout the earth.

Huts were created with mud and grass and the people began to smile.

The tribes thought flowers were magnificent and this made the fairies who came with the galactic federation very happy indeed!

They made the flowers glow in the center and the tribes would jump and dance in joy!

Life continued with many trips in motherships bringing large animals and more beautiful gardens of vegetables.

Fear left the tribes as they waited for the magical beings from the sky.

They felt love.

Sounds of language was used but more structure was needed.

A combination of the languages of the races of the galactic federation began to blend with the indigenous tribes.

Around the earth, many languages were forming and dialects were heard in beauty.

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For over 30 years
David Icke
has been telling people that
shape-shifting aliens
are living amongst us

People laughed at him
they’re not laughing at him now.


March – 2022 
One of the greatest advantages the reptilian race and occultism
have over us is the ability to use illusion
while remaining hidden in another dimensional frequency.

You have to wonder how effective
they would still be
if this veil of illusion were lifted?

(by Teri Wade)

The resistance of the reptiloids…

As we enter these higher dimensional frequencies, people report seeing and being visited by extra-dimensional beings and geometric forms in the form of light.

I am one of them…

These higher frequencies give people the ability of clear seeing, clear knowing, clairvoyance, etc.

These new energies create a faster way to clear negative energies, which raises our consciousness.

This means that everything you have not resolved is coming to the surface to be dealt with.

For all of you who are paying attention, the truth about who is here and why has begun to unfold.

These higher energies are exponentially accelerating the mass awakening of the human race like nothing before.

This awakening has also been triggered by the dark forces because they have realized that we are revealing the secrets of their tricks.

Humanity is waking up to the illusion that these dark forces are using in the form of frequency fences and grids to keep us in a low vibrational existence.

This low vibrational frequency mixed with GMO foods, chemtrails, pharmaceuticals, programming and chemically contaminated water etc. have given them control over our minds and physical bodies.

Many people are in the process of breaking the hypnotic veil of this reptilian program.

It really only takes a small number of light beings/workers to make a big difference on this planet.

We are experiencing a great panic with these dark beings because we now have the ability to see them because of the effects of these higher frequencies.

Not only do we have the ability to see them, but we now have insight into what they have done to us throughout our existence.

The ability to see them should not be taken lightly.

This ability could cause you to open a whole new can of worms.

If you are not prepared to see different forms of beings and cling to fear, you could be psychologically affected.

The moment you are afraid, you are vulnerable to low vibration attacks that can take you back into a veiled, lower vibrational field.

This is not good…

These beings will know that you can see them.

Many people who walk the earth are not what they appear to be.

Some wear bio-suits and some are shape-shifters.

When your consciousness changes, you may see tribal markings on their necks, or faces, for a moment.

You may see reptilian eyes with slit pupils, or all black eyes without white.

I have spoken to several people who have experienced just that, but only for a moment.

People will begin to gain the ability to see full, extra-dimensional overlays of beings, or other types of robotic AI technology.

Many of you may be living with these entities in your household and you don’t even know it.

You may see them every day at work, at the grocery store, at church, and in other, public places, and be emotionally unprepared to deal with the truth and deception around you.

This will be a Red Pill that many will not be able to comprehend.

Clones, walk-ins and void sitters, people without souls and various incarnate, earthly and alien beings such as insectoids, reptiloids and dragons are among us.

The resistance of the reptiloids…

The greatest impact of piercing the veil will be felt by the negative, dominant beings who do not want to lose control of the planet because humans are a source of energy for them.

But remember, not all hidden beings are necessarily bad.

The benevolent, positive alien and interdimensional beings have not landed en masse to show us their various forms because most humans are not prepared to encounter the abundance of advanced races, but also because the human race is extremely violent.

In addition, there are already other races here that do not want to share this planet with them.

They have very advanced weapons systems, such as laser technology and frequency weapons.

You also need to know that there are positive beings on this planet now that are keeping these dark forces from blowing up this planet because they can’t have it for themselves.

Does that ring any bells?

We are in a similar scenario!

Basically, most people are not mentally stable, so we are being weaned and gradually fed the information about this apparent disclosure plan.

Baby steps!

The responsibility that comes with this knowledge and other, esoteric insights is to help the portion of the population that will not be able to handle it when the full revelation is revealed.

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Globalist WEF Caught
Trying to Scrub all Evidence of
their Sinister Plan to Control
Citizen’s Minds Using Sound Waves

I wouldn’t consider myself a big conspiracy theorist. If you told me a few years ago that there was a global cabal who planned to control people’s minds using sound waves I would laugh and call you nuts. But it sure does make it hard to call it a conspiracy when evidence is out in the open… at least it WAS in the open.

The World Economic Forum has quietly scrubbed and article from their website detailing their plan to utilize sound waves to control people’s minds.

After getting additional attention recently, the globalist group archived the paper titled “Mind Control using Sound Waves…” from 2018. reports: But why?

Are they about to use it?

Are they already using it?

Are they willing to hide their next steps into controlling the masses?

Did they remove it for the same reason they deleted the article “you’ll own nothing?”

Because then people will actually realize the ones involved in all of this…
You will find the deleted WEF article below:

You must understand
The deception runs to
the highest LEVEL

Infiltration to the Human species is over 99.98%

They are plugged in, into a system designed to keep YOU enslaved.

With fake land masses, fake continents, fake planets, fake stars.

In heavily populated cities” the star map backdrop is completely different than that of a rural one.

It’s a digital system, the movement comes from within your own sandbox environment mind.

And now I will prove that the Matrix was a documentary directly to YOU.

Which car Will YOU SEE?



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Something Out There
is Guiding the Destiny of
the Human Race
Jordan Maxwell

Click image to link to DUMBS website


Welcome to the
Orion Lines website

Do not miss visiting this website
which is a whole treasure-trove of
‘different’ information

This website throws a whole new concept
about DUMBs into the equation


Click image to link to DUMBS website


Download the FREE
Orion Lines book
from this page

This website throws a whole new concept
about DUMBs into the equation
where they came from
what they was used for
what created them



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𝐏𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐓𝐨 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐰
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐈𝐬 𝐆𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐎𝐧!”
𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐏𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐞
𝐂𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐔𝐧𝐚𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬…

The Web Matrix


Who controls the agreed upon reality
through the mainstream media and why
they fear disclosing the truth about
the extra terrestrial reality?

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Mission Mind Control

Uncovering government agencies (especially the CIA) that secretly tested the effects of LSD on humans.

National Archives and Records Administration – ARC Identifier 37950 / Local Identifier 170.110 – Mission Mind Control – Department of Justice. Drug Enforcement Administration.

On April 13, 1953, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States took up an experiment named Project MKUltra with the help of 150 civilian Americans.

As part of Project MKUltra, the CIA is said to have used certain substances on these civilians to study the impact on their mind. The project, therefore, is known as a mind control program.

The project had no executive sanction and as such, it was clandestine and hence illegal.

In fact, the executive had no knowledge of the project until after 20 years. Experiments under Project MKUltra began in 1953 and supposedly ended in 1973.

Designed and executed by the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Division, the experiments on civilians were to identify and create drugs for use in torture and interrogations.

The idea was to weaken an individual’s mind and extract confessions from him.

The SID coordinated with the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps’s Special Operations Division in the highly controversial mind control program.

Lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD, is a hallucinogenic drug.

Swiss scientist named Albert Hofmann was the first to synthesize the drug in the 1930s.

The CIA got interested in the drug during the Cold War and it used LSD and other drugs in secret experiments as part of its mind control programme.

Before that, small doses of LSD were being used for medicinal purposes.

According to a book titled ‘The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History’, the CIA took up Project MKUltra during the Cold War period.

The reason: the US government was afraid of the North Koreans, Soviets and Chinese.

The book’s author Monica Kim believes these three nations used mind control tests to brainwash American PoWs in North Korea.

In his desire to retaliate against the North Korean experiments, the then CIA Director Allen Dulles sanctioned funds for Project MKUltra.

He wanted to use this covert operation to find new mind control techniques for use against the Soviet bloc.

He wanted to control the behaviour of these enemies with the help of drugs and other mind manipulators.

Dulles took over as the CIA chief on April 10, 1953, i.e. just days before the launch of Project MKUltra.

At that time global tensions were high.

Commenting on the state of mind of the GIs returning after the Korean War, the Soviets had played a sinister battle over men’s minds.

He said this was a new form of Soviet’s brain warfare.

Obviously, his words terrified the American people.

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The Vril is a race of extra-terrestial
humanoid subterranean species
possessing reptilian qualities.

They are located within the core of the
planet Earth, ruling it’s inhabitants.

They are known to harness a
powerful energy known as Vril.

Being a parasitic race, Vril lizards have the unique biological ability to invade the human body, take over the brain, and by accessing their memories, they can look, act and seem human in every way.

After a period of recovery, the human is able to return to its normal activities, except the brain is now under the complete control of the Vril parasite.

Type 1

Ancient lizards. these are the smaller creatures of the 3.

Although small, they are carnivorous and unforgiving and prefer to attack in packs. they are very strong.

Before they attack they like to scare their prey as the adrenaline is said to enhance  the taste of the human.

Children are the number one preference as their flesh is newer and less tainted with vaccines and whatnot. 

The droning process 

Type 1 Vril have a proboscis that transfers a parasite to the human host via the eye where the foamy-like parasitic substance absorbs to the brain.

The human consciousness ceases to exist and the Vril consciousness takes over.

This is painful for the human until the transfer is complete.

The Vril will then mimic the former human behaviours, although there are sometimes obvious signs of a ‘difference.

They will retain all previous knowledge & experiences of the former human consciousness.

There are variances in colour, size and other factors among type 1’s.

Eyes are on stalks.

Proboscis on top of head (historically used to drone dinosaurs). the faces of some of these reptiles can sometimes resemble that of a crab, lending to the term – crab nasties.

Type 1’s average a height of 2 feet, though they can be bigger or smaller.

Vril spit/venom is lethal and painful, causing the potential to dig your own eyes should the spit get in the eyes.

Ever wondered why these people
are monsters and have black eyes?

Type 2

There is not much detail on the type 2 vril at this time.

What does seem clear is that these are the more gnome-type creatures.

There are a variety of differences among this scarce type of Vril.

They are carnivorous and some varieties are capable of parasiting a human host, hence the hat that covers the proboscis.

These evil little entities are the fundamental basis of most fairy tales and folklore regarding trolls, leprechauns, pixies, gnomes, sprites, elves, fairies, imps, devils, demons, etc.

Type 3

These carnivorous creatures are routinely mistaken for e.t’s. they are also commonly referred to as ‘grey’s’.

They do not drone. they are extremely strong.

Brains are in the neck.

These are the most dominant of the 3 types of Vril.

Reported to require a methane/oxygen mix for optimal breathing and long-term survival.

Sulphur pits deep underground provide their requirements.


Another article re: Vril lizard agenda – link to website

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Earl Nightingale

The Strangest Secret

The Strangest Secret was a 1957 spoken word record by Earl Nightingale which sold over one million copies and received the first Gold Record for the spoken word, which helped launch the fields of business motivation and audio publishing.

It was later adapted into print and video forms.

I first heard this about 30 years ago – on a cassette. I kept it in the car player and just played it over and over again in the background as I was driving around – 100 of times – and let my subconcious pick up the message.

Since then I’ve lived the message, without even thinking about it.

I went from flat broke at age of 30 and was able to retire by the time I was 50.

During that time everything in the message came to pass.

Service to others without the expectation of reward or recognition.

I’ve tried to teach others on the way.

Mostly, they don’t listen – their loss.

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Earl Nightingale

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We live in a world filled with occult symbols and the signs are all around us.

Jordan Maxwell takes us on a journey through time and the human mind to reveal his understanding of the secrets behind many of the symbols we see in our world.

From astrology to alchemy, free masonry and secret sciences, these emblems have emblazoned coins and flags in many ancient cultures, including Rome and Egypt.

We still see these powerful images, which represent powerful civilizations, projecting the agenda of secret societies communicating their power to the world.

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Barbara Marciniak
Bringers of the dawn
A Pleidian message for humanity

(written about 2009)

Compiled from more than four hundred hours of channeling by Barbara Marciniak Bringers of the Dawn imparts to us the wisdom of the Pleiadians, a group of enlightened beings who have come to Earth to help us discover how to reach a new stage of evolution.

Master storytellers and humorists, they advise us to become media free, to work in teams, and to eliminate the words “should” and “try” from our vocabularies.

We learn how to go beyond fear, how the original human was a magnificent being with twelve strands of DNA and twelve chakra centres, and who our “gods” are.

Startling, intense, intelligent, and controversial, these teachings offer essential reading for anyone questioning their existence on this planet and the direction of our collective conscious–and unconscious.

By remembering that we are Family of Light, that we share an ancient ancestry with the universe around us, we become “bringers of the dawn,” consciously creating a new reality, a new Earth.

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Let the Sun Shine

our story begins ..

Imagine this…

The following to some may seem like a fictional portrayal of the future, to others it may seem like a premonition of things yet to come.

As all thought is creative on various levels of manifestation, the very act of visualizing a reality in your imagination, especially one that is in alignment with your heart’s desire and in the alignment with the desire of many other souls on this planet, has a creative effect toward the manifestation of that reality upon the collective consciousness every one on earth shares.

Therefore this creates a potential future timeline different than the timeline course the earth is presently experiencing in the direction it is heading.

When the truth is disclosed, it has a means of resonating within each of us and therefore has power far greater than a lie.

This story or vision is meant to seed your imagination in visualizing our planet in the future, in which children from this future time are historically studying and looking back at the past challenges that all of earth’s people faced, that was perpetrated by a small group of people who attempted to control the entire world through deception.

Through our collective awakened spiritual awareness, the people exposed their deception and caused their plan to fail, which stopped the further destruction of the planet.

This ushered in a wonderful new era for a harmonious civilization for all beings on earth.

The rest of this article is in PDF format …

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Dreaded Cheetah

Over the past 6 months, we packed our bus & set off to bring to light the CENSORSHIP that has, and is going on around us, now more than ever.

We ventured up to Queensland, down to Victoria & through New South Wales to interview 5 individuals that have been SILENCED, CENSORED & RIDICULED by the media or Australian government in some way or another.

Each person we interviewed referred us to another … and another … resulting in this EPIC documentary – 18 unique stories sharing a similar thread – harsh, and often unjust censorship served upon them for simply speaking their truth.

This is a labour of love – we stand to gain nothing and have a single intention – to offer another perspective, another truth to what’s happening in our world today.

A fuller story, so to speak.

All you have to do is take the time to sit back & watch with an open mind & heart ❤

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The volunteers


A full evolution of consciousness
is taking place across the
whole of earth at this time
and many are experiencing
massive changes both
internally and externally.

What these changes are and how to cope with them is based on your inter-action and re-action with everything that is occurring in your life.

Every thought you have is the potential seed to become all that then manifests in your life.

Creating a life that provides fulfilment and meaning starts with managing the thoughts, desires and emotions that you encounter on a daily basis.

Prioritising, maintaining and crystallizing (focusing upon) your thoughts create your reality around you.

a massive learning process is required to deal with the multiple simple and complex thought patterns and emotions being experienced to allow progress towards achieving balance, harmony and walking the enlightened path of the ascension process.

as many of your former motivations, desires and interests fall away at this time, there is a greater part of you that seeks to express its self through you – this is your higher divine self.

you are here with a mission and seek to be purposeful in your actions and words and find meaning in your life through your soul awakening to this world.

there is much work to be done here as many more awaken to a deeper and more fulfilling existence.

allow an energetic stream of consciousness from your higher self into this world and create an energised path that takes you into your future.

it is now time for each and everyone on earth to begin claiming their birth right and achieve sovereignty of their true nature through integration with their higher divine aspect of self.

you are here to gain knowledge of the human experience and many have spent multiple lifetimes learning through trial and tribulation to achieve wisdom and connect with the higher expressions of the heart consciousness through compassion, acceptance, kindness and grace.

none of which would have become known to you without going through the very experiences that embed that knowledge within you.

now is not the time to turn your back on all you have learnt, but to accept all that you are and take that accumulated wisdom into the next chapter of your chosen journey.

you have done this so many times before, on other worlds and other galaxies, each time, learning the experience of existence in infinite form and variety.

you are star seeded pioneers of light and you answered the clarion call to be here at this time.

you have come from source, you have come through the higher dimensions to be here in lower vibrational form to experience the furthest and densest parts of the expanded universe.

the human experience is a very real and necessary part of your soul’s journey and you are here to add all you have learnt to the vast pool of universal knowledge by expanding awareness to the very limits you can push your individualised consciousness.

expansion takes place in two directions – the light and the dark, the highs and the lows.

the purpose of experiencing lower emotions and their subsequent vibrations is to expand your awareness of the range of light frequencies to the lowest contracted levels you can tolerate.

how much can you bear, what next tribulation will you choose, what relationship will test you to the maximum, which event will stretch you to your limits?

this is why the grounded aspects of you on earth are deemed to be pioneers in this field and are being watched in awe by other celestial citizens.

‘cosmic congratulations and divine gratitude’ – you have done and continue to do an amazing job!

the ability to bring full awareness of higher vibrational consciousness to a lower density existence is the purpose of being at this time.

your body serves as a vessel of many parts with a single purpose – unity.

this too becomes your purpose – to join in unity with others, not as a single mass consciousness of similar mind and outlook – but comprised of individualised self-aware beings of light, connected and co-operating in a symbiosis of unique experiential wisdom.

it is becoming clear to you that you will always retain the experience gained through awareness of the lower vibrations that have passed through you.

this is not something that can be purged, removed and forgotten easily – but you can learn to live with what you have endured on a daily basis through awareness, tolerance, compromise, forgiveness and compassion.

many of your experiences will have come from soul contracts with those who have agreed, through love at the highest levels, to take part in your own created scenarios – to create together the very circumstances for you to integrate.

what once triggered an emotion followed by a physical response in you, need no longer provide the same effect, as you learn to recognize and neutralize your reaction to the events that occur to you and around you.

what others do, is not about you – it may involve you but it is not what you are.

you will continue to attract to you all the events required for you to recognize this before your higher divine self has been satisfied that integration has taken place.

this is not punishment, this is self-realisation.

you are here to understand the result of wisdom gained from the experience of reality.

this is the beginnings of mastery – the ability to adapt to all circumstances and events, no matter how they first present themselves and manifest circumstances in your life.

to become a walking master at this time does not mean creating a lifetime of eternal bliss, joy and happiness in ignorance of all others situations.

it is developing the skills to react in loving response, empathy and compassion of those still walking their soul paths of divine understanding and conscious development.

once the lower emotions and vibrations have been absorbed and no longer provide a reactive resonance, you can start to return to the higher vibrations that you originally came from.

the divine higher self is the part of you that creates the world in which you will live, rather than subjecting you to the forces that you allow to pass through you.

ascension is returning you to where you started but with a bigger prize – the conquering of third dimensional reality before you travel on towards other experiences too.

a self-realised sovereign divine being of light.

your reason to be is your only purpose – everything else is experience.

honour your commitment and your resolution.

you have earned the right to being who you are, here and now

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Fearless Consciousness Exploration
AI Parasites – Demiurge & Reptilians
w/ Frank Castle 10-27-22

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Phoenicians and HYPERBOREA

Table of Contents

00:17 – Intro
01:35 – The Suppression of Consciousness
03:34 – Atlantis and The Deluge
05:49 – The Irish, Roots of Astrotheology, The Aryan Race,
14:41 – Who are the Celts?
21:03 – Phoenicians and the Hyperboreans
25:05 – SUMMARY

author unknown

I woke up thinking about the fact that all of what is happening is so massive in scale that it’s hard for many people to get their heads around it. I struggle, too.

That’s not a judgement. 😇

What is happening here on Earth is huge. Sure. But The Plan, as it were, is far, far bigger than just what is going on here.

It’s bigger than the stolen elections, bigger than the medical system and the education/indoctrination system.

It’s bigger than Satanic rituals, mind control and human sacrifice.

It’s bigger than child sex trafficking.

It’s bigger than the evil that has taken hold around the world.

It’s bigger than abortion and religion and the fucking Deep State and the Cabal.

It’s bigger than all of the issues that we are now aware of.

What’s happening is not an “issue” or even the overcoming of these issues.

Its bigger than Q or Majestic12 or any other avenue you may have used to get here.


It’s Cosmic, and beyond.

We all need to try to remember that we are in an illusion. A game of sorts. (Please don’t take offense, I know what we all are going through is difficult. I’m not making light of that.)

But when we understand that WE ARE LIGHT and WE DO NOT DIE, then everything takes on a different hue does it not?

Whatever happens here will pass because everything here is temporary.

YOU as your True Self are not temporary.

And neither are your children, your family members, your friends and all the people that you worry about through this entire experience.

As soon as you accept the fact that everyone has, and is destined to have, their own unique experience here you can start to put away the worry (which is really just fear) and the judgement about how other people live their lives and the decisions that they make.

ALL of the division needs to fall away. All of the judgement. LOVE is the highest vibration and through LOVE, The Plan, the REAL PLAN, will play out.

There are still surprises and discoveries waiting for all who continue to seek Truth.

There is ALWAYS another layer because we are human right now, functioning in this world using human senses and a human brain.

We don’t know shit about anything. And our minds have to be deprogrammed in order to even begin to understand.

author unknown

I think its important that we understand something about what is going on.

This is a game of multidimensional chess and there are players on both sides that are fighting to win this war.

White Hats have infiltrated every part of their system and likely used many of the same techniques the cabal has in order to gain the required information they need in order to bring this criminal syndicate down.

If you think this just stems to politics, you would be wrong.

How on Earth would they be able to pull off such a plan of this scale and magnitude without having ears and eyes into their most closest of clubs.

This leads me to my point.

All I hear right now is “WEF PUPPET” from people who only see the world in black and white and do not understand that there are layers to this we can’t even comprehend.

Why do you think Q told you this was a movie, and that ‘Great movies require great actors’.

Is it inconceivable to think that some of these ‘players’ are only rubbing shoulders with the elite in order to bring them down?

People’s memories are so short.

It was not long ago that 4th PSYOP group released their ‘Ghosts in The Machine’ video where they very clearly told you that this is irregular warfare, and that anyone or anything can and will be used as a weapon against this hidden enemy.

It was a very important video that shows you how this kind of warfare is taking place.

Right in the shadows and you wouldn’t even know they were there.

This goes for political people, some are either brought in very early to play a role long into the future, an asset, or they are put into submission and forced to do the right thing.

So much of this is occurring currently but it is the actions that these people take that helps us discern what hat they wear.

I never put my trust in anyone, I simply observe.

Stop with the constant negativity and focus on what you see, and what events take place when these people are in office, this is how we make sense of everything.

Not by an image, or comments in the media.

Learn the game, and how it’s played.

[14-Dec-22 4:24 AM]

Predictions of an unknown Russian shaman,
made on February 27, 2022
in the 🇷🇺, the village of Plenitsino,
Moscow Region

Question: What is Putin up to in Ukraine

Answer: This is his most important and last mission, for which he came to this world.</span

Question: Mission?

Answer: Yes.

Question: What is it?

Answer: Change this world.

Question: Why?

Answer: The time has come.

Question: Why Putin?

Answer: They chose it themselves (showed the top with his hand).

Question: Please Explain?

Answer: Higher powers.

Question: Who are they?

Answer: Saints who left our world and the earth located in the subtle world.>

Question: What religion do they belong to?

Answer: They have no religion.
hey serve humanity.
The law of God is the same for all.

Question: And how does Putin communicate with them?

Answer: Through intermediaries.

Question: Where does this take place?

Answer: In Tuva.

Question: Why there?

Answer: They probably determined the place themselves …

Question: And who are the intermediaries?

Answer: There are two of them.
The strongest shaman of the planet and lama from Tibet.

Question: What are they talking about?

Answer: I cannot know.

The transition from the dark age of Pisces to the light age of Aquarius has recently begun on earth.

This is one of the cosmic cycles, which lasts for several millennia.

The earthly civilization is moving to a new spiritual level, in short …

Russia is under the auspices of Aquarius.

This country will rule for the next millennia… but it won’t happen all of a sudden.

Every year there is an acceleration, everything will change…

Question: Of course, this is all interesting, but what does Ukraine have to do with it?

Answer: This is her sacred mission.

Ukraine will sacrifice itself for the sake of millions of lives all over the planet.

Question: Excuse me, I don’t understand why Ukraine was chosen?

Answer: Ukrainians are Russians with a changed mentality.

The forces of evil have been actively decomposing them for the last 30 years…and they succeeded.

This is their tragic karma for betraying their Slavic family.

Question: And who are the “forces of evil”?

Answer: Western civilization.

Question: Does it mean that Putin has declared war on the West?

Answer: No. Putin was forced to accept the challenge…

It was the West that declared war on Russia in 1414, organizing a coup d’état in Ukraine and allowing the genocide of Russians in the Donbass.

It was the West that supplied weapons to the Ukrainian regime, created military and biological bases, ideologically prepared Ukrainians for war with Russia…

Putin has been desperately trying to resolve the conflict in the Donbass, Minsk-1 Minsk-2 for 8 years… but he was deceived every time.

Question: Perhaps it was not worth seizing Crimea?

Answer: If Putin had not done this, then there would already have been NATO bases and Donbass 2. How can such territory be seized without a single victim?

Question: Why did Putin announce a special operation on February 24, 2022?

Answer: Ukraine has concentrated 170 thousand army on the border with Donbass, the offensive was planned for February 25th.

Putin understood that Donbass would not stand, hundreds of thousands of people would die…

He knew about this in advance, so back in December 2021 he put forward an ultimatum from the United States and NATO on security guarantees.

The West chose the path of war, but at the hands of the Ukrainians.

Question: Why does the West need a war?

Answer: This is a dying civilization.

The total debt of the US is 170 trillion dollars, the EU is 12 trillion euros.

Throughout their history, they have lived off colonies, wars and cheap Russian gas…

Question: It turns out that Putin had no choice but to accept the challenge…

Answer: Yes. But he was not ready for such a war …

Question: What, “such a war”?

Answer: Fratricidal. Putin does not yet know how hard this war will be for him…

It will be a protracted war…

The whole world will blindly and furiously take the side of Ukraine.

This war is not for Ukraine, but for the global world order!

Question: Who will win?

Answer: Russia. In the future, Ukrainians will certainly find out the truth and curse America.

Such a state will no longer exist.

Question: When will the war end?

Answer: About a year and a half later.

Question: And what will happen to Western civilization?

Answer: It will self-destruct. Irreversible processes have been launched… br />

Europe will fall first, followed by America.

Truly catastrophic events will take place…

Nature itself will punish them.

Question: What will happen to Russia?

Answer: She will slowly begin to revive, by the age of 35 she will become the strongest and most attractive strange thing for life …

Question: Will there be a war with China?

Answer: In the next 30 years, No. China is facing a Great Depression.

Question: Will Putin remain president after 2024?

Answer: No.

Question: Who will be the new president of Russia?

Answer: There are already three candidates, one of them is a woman.

Who exactly – I have no right to say.

Question: Who will be president in the USA?

Answer: Trump. But not for the full time.

Question: The last question… How do you know all this?

Answer: I see. Everything I see is undesirable to voice, but what I have already said, you can check in the near future.

The beginning of the first world war
07/28/1914 (28+7+19+14 = 68)

Beginning of World War II
09/01/1939 (1+9+19+39 = 68)

The beginning of the third world war
24.02.2022 (24+2+20+22 = 68)

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