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Peak oil does not come from ancient dead things. It’s abundant – and it’s not going to run out any time soon.
It’s a regenerating mineral.

It was made expensive in the same way as diamonds, (which are also plentiful and also have little value – other than what the marketers convince us we need to pay for them. Try buying a diamond and then returning it to the shop for what you paid for it – even immediately afterwards).


Peak oil Oil is not a fossil fuel.

We’ve been fed a line by the oil barons that oil is expensive to locate and produce, (there’s no cost), that it’s scarce and a limited resource and that one day it’s going to run out. As a result the oil ‘barons’ have been able to make fortunes selling it to us at a hefty price. More importantly they’ve controled countries economies and foreign policies based on this fallacy.

All fake

It turns out … oil is the 4th most abundant liquid on earth.

(Magma is first, liquid iron (as in core) is a rather distant second, and water is very distant third. Oil is fourth).

Every time you hear the term
‘fossil fuel’ on the TV, radio, news etc,
you’re being lied to.

In 1892, at the Geneva Convention, the smartest man in the oil industry J.D. Rockefeller paid scientists to call oil a ‘fossil fuel’ to induce the idea of scarcity, in order to set a ‘world price for oil’.

The truth is that oil is actually the second-most prevalent liquid on earth next to water, and regenerates within the earth faster than it can ever be deleted.

Fuel was free once but Rothschild and BlackRock scam people..

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How fast
can Oil form?

Originally published in
Creation 12, no 2 (March 1990)

Many people today, including scientists, have the idea that oil and natural gas must take a long time to form, even millions of years.

Such is the strong mental bias that has been generated by the prevailing evolutionary mindset of the scientific community.

However, laboratory research has shown that petroleum hydrocarbons (oil and gas) can be made from natural materials in short time-spans.

Such research is spurred on by the need to find a viable process by which man may be able to replenish his dwindling stocks of liquid hydrocarbons so vital to modern technology.

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Earth Truths

Clever man!

He knows the truth about oil and its origin.

And it is not organic – because of some dead dinos and trees, it is naturally built in the earth’s crust the very moment we are speaking now, it is UNLIMITED. This alone abolishes the fraud about dinosaurs, evolution and therefore the spinning ball earth.Prof. Konstatin Meyl denonstrates in front of some major oil magnats how he can produce petrol in minutes, no dead dinos!

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Oil History

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How John D. Rockefeller
built his trillion dollar
oil business

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Water Powered Car
never happened

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