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Let’s have a look at the

(The eugenecist Fabian Society logo, above,
is a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing).

Time is running out – the Eugenecists, (people who want to depopulate the world because there’s too many people for their liking), want to remove 95% of people from this world by 2030 to make more room for THEM – and the remaining population to be in slavery to service THEM.

To make things worse, they’ve been TELLING us this for decades … we just chose to ignore them.

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As an example Boris Johnson, (UK prime minister), and his father Stanley Johnson, both eugenicists have at least 10 children amongst them (that are known about).

In fact, Stanley Johnson has published several books on the subject. 

Normal people are having less than 2 children on average because they can’t afford to support them – even with both parents working.

Yet Bozo and his dad want to kill us off to make more room on the world for them and their spawn which, ironically, we’re supporting even now.

From the image …

‘Action on the population front
means somehow trying to
slow down or even halt
this rate of growth by
reducing the number of babies
who are born each year.

The alternatives to this, both pessimists and optimists are agreed, is inevitable if the number of new births cannot be reduced the number of deaths must increase until the net growth of the world’s population is cut down to a more manageable number.

This business of an increase in the death rate is not, of course, attractive.

The recipes which include thermonuclear war, global famine, plague and a newly discovered horror called ‘ecocatastrophe’ are all unpalatable.

At the same time, the task of achieving a reduction in birth rate, (which we’ll call population control for the sake of simplicity), though clearly more death is also a form of population control.’

In their eyes we’re just taking up space.

We will own nothing and be happy – they’ll own everything, including us, and be VERY happy.

Your children, both boys and girls, might be still useful until they get older so they’ll want to ‘just’ sterilise them until they decide they’re of no further use.

Ask yourself, how can they possibly achieve that unless your kids get some kind of potion squirted into them – maybe on a regular basis?

What could they possibly be doing to children to make that happen?

Here’s a clue, why not convince the world there some kind of bad bug going around but, lucky you, there’s a ‘cure’ FREE for all.

Give it to everyone. In fact, MAKE them take it.

Convince parents that their children are at serious risk but all they need to do is deliver their children to a ‘treatment’ centre for a free cure and all will be OK and they’ll be safe.

Start with the oldies, (over age 65, no longer useful but they continue to eat and use resources), and then move down the age groups to eventually babies at birth, if they’re born at all.

Makes sense, older people out of work might be looking for the retirement ‘nest-eggs’ they’ve diligently saved, (or was forced to save), over their working lives who might be seriously pissed off when they find out their accounts have been secretly robbed and there’s nothing left in them.

What’s behind
Fabian Society?

The Vril Society

These are the people behind the Fabian Society, the United Nations, the Tavistock Institute, intelligence agencies, world education system, the New Age religion, etc.

They are a Death Cult and Eugenicists.

They have sadistic beliefs in Collectivism, Population Control, and Scientism. These people want control through social engineering.

Over the past few hundred years, many Secret Societies have worked hard at regimenting humans to become more robotic.

This used to be for order followers, but now has been expanded to everyone.

If one looks at religions, they are based on ritual programming of emotions where if one goes against them, they have a guilty reaction.

The Vril Society has a direct link to Satanism and those people who wish to become immortal in this Material Plane, no matter what the cost.

They believe that they can live with just intellect and with no emotions or conscience whatsoever.

This has proved possible by the Anunnaki and how they can let millions of humans die without caring.

This Secret Society, therefore, is the culmination of all the Secret Societies as one Order.

If one looks at the Nazis, who were members, most of them escaped the trials after the war and went to the USA.

Most of the evils in the world are a continuation of the Nazi experiments along with the collective and empirical ideology of the British Empire.

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Eugenicists Fabians

Here’s a video gallery of our mates
who want to see us dead

And they’re not alone – the parasites that make up
most of our govern-ments should be in this show.

What makes them think they’re so special
is beyond imagination but … here’s a small start.

Maybe this short video might help to
wake up some zombies but probably not –
seems they’ve been programmed to
not even watch stuff like this.

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Australian Fabians



The Fabian Society
is the
run by




Australian Fabians
would not have been installed
if they were not puppets of
their international masters.

They are traitors and
have sold Australia out.


Fabian Society and the ALP

The Australian Fabians
as taken from their website

Famous Australian Fabians
include most labor Prime Ministers
and Political ‘leaders’ of our country.

Some contemporary Australian Fabians:

Gough Whitlam – Patron of the Australian Fabian Society,
Bob Hawke,
Paul Keating,
Julia Gillard,
Wayne Swan,
John Cain,
Jim Cairns,
Don Dunstan,
Neville Wran,
Frank Crean,
Simon Crean.

The Australian Fabians have four general aims:

1. To contribute to a renaissance of left of centre and progressive thought, by generating and disseminating ideas that are original, meet the challenge of the times, and are of high intellectual quality.
2. To contribute, by getting these ideas into the public domain, to the creation of a left of centre political culture and consensus.
3. To help create an active movement of people identifying with the left of centre and engaged in political debate.
4. To influence the ideas and policies of the Labor Party (and other parties) and Labor Governments to encourage progressive reform in practice.
Though we call ourselves a think tank, the Australian Fabians are more than this.

We are based on a social and intellectual movement: the UK Fabian Society has been a central part of democratic socialist, social-democratic and Labor tradition thoughout the 20th century in Britain, and the Australian Fabians in Australia since 1947.

Our output is thoroughly contemporary and relevant: by dint simply of who we are, it is organically connected to the history of the left.

Our goal is not merely (as by and large it is for other think tanks) to produce interesting ideas for the elite policy community. It is the promotion of socialist and progressive thought throughout society.

We aim to change the intellectual climate of the Australia (and indeed of the wider world).

We want to make broadly left of centre ways of thinking commonplace.

A crucial element of this, obviously, is to help such thought be translated into practice, particularly by government.

Producing workable policies which manifest left of centre principles, and encouraging their consideration by the Australian Labor Party and by Labor governments, is therefore a crucial part of what we do.

But it remains our aim to get left of centre ideas into the wider public domain.

Our function in providing arenas for ordinary people to engage in intelligent discussion – in local societies and in conferences, schools and other meetings – is absolutely central to our purpose.

Labor and the Fabian Society are one in the same, I will show the Labor power brokers involved in the ACTU and Fabian Society, and I can show that The Fabians have in fact had members who were and are PM and what their objective are in Australia.
“We want to make broadly left of centre ways of thinking commonplace.”

A crucial element of this, obviously, is to help such thought be translated into practice, particularly by government.” ‘This has been evident in the arrogance they showed in the BER, the NBN rollout, and the make up of the party.’
The Society consists of Socialists. It therefore aims at the establishment of a society in which equality of opportunity will be assured, and the economic power and privileges of individuals and classes abolished through the collective ownership and democratic control of the economic resources of the community. It seeks to secure these ends by the methods of political democracy.
The Society, believing in equal citizenship in the fullest sense, is open to persons irrespective of sex, race or creed, who commit themselves to its aim and purposes and undertake to promote its work.

The Society shall be affiliated to the Labour Party. Its activities shall be the furtherance of socialism and the education of the public on socialist lines by the holding of meetings, lectures, discussion groups, conferences and summer schools, the promotion of research into political, economic and social problems, national and international, the publication of books, pamphlets and periodicals, and by any other appropriate method.

For example – the Internet! How appropriate they have fought so hard for the NBN, the speed of the rollout of the NBN and the failure to supply a proper Cost Benefit Analysis of this Network.
This is from the Australian Fabians website
There is a interesting article by a Senator Robert Roy on “ARE FACTIONS KILLING THE LABOR PARTY?” This address was to the Fabian society Sydney, however it reads as if he were addressing the Labor Party itself?

 Australian Fabian Society

The Who’s Who of Fabian society members

* Gough Whitlam,
* Bob Hawke,
* Paul Keating,
* John Cain,
* Jim Cairns,
* Don Dunstan
* Neville Wran,
* Frank Crean
* Anthony Albanese MP, Shadow Minister for Environment & Heritage, Shadow Minister for Water
* David Bassanese, Journalist, Australian Financial Review
* Caroline Bayliss, Acting Executive Director, Global Sustainability, RMIT University
* Eric Beecher, CEO, Private Media Partners
* Julian Burnside QC
* The Hon Kim Carr, Shadow Minister for Housing; Urban Development; Local Government
* Tricia Caswell, CEO, Victorian Association of Forest Industries
* Barry Cohen, former Federal Minister for Arts, Heritage and Environment
* Greg Combet, Secretary, ACTU
* Simon Crean MP, Shadow Minister for Regional Development
* Professor Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor, The University of Melbourne
* Julian Disney, Professor and Director of Social Justice Project, Department of Law, University of NSW
* Stephen Duckett, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University
* Senator John Faulkner, former Labor Senate Leader
* Professor John Freebairn, Director of the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at the University of Melbourne
* Dr Joshua Funder, GBS Venture Partners Limited
* Dennis Glover, Associate Fellow, School of Social Sciences, La Trobe University
* Mike Georgeff, Australia s leading expert on artificial intelligence and successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur
* Nicholas Gruen, CEO, Lateral Economics
* Julie Hansen, former President of the VLGA
* Tony Harris, former Auditor of NSW
* Ryan Heath, speechwriter and events coordinater for Britain’s most senior public servant, Gus O’Donnell, the Cabinet Secretary
* Ashley Hogan, Historian, Senator John Faulkner’s Office
* Brian Howe, Professorial Associate, Centre for Public Policy, The University of Melbourne
* Jim Jupp, Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University
* Bill Kelty, Former ACTU Secretary and Reserve Bank board member
* John Langmore, Professorial Fellow, Political Science Department, The University of Melbourne
* Jenny Lewis, Senior Research Fellow, Political Science, The University of Melbourne
* Ian Lowe AO, President, Australian Conservation Foundation
* Jenny Macklin MP, Deputy Leader of the Opposition
* Robert Manne, Professor of Politics, La Trobe University
* Ian Marsh, Professor of Public Management, Australia & New Zealand School of Government, University of Sydney
* Dr Race Mathews, National Chairman, Australian Fabian Society
* Stephen Mayne, Business Editor, Crikey
* John McInerney, Councillor, Sydney City Council
* David McKnight, Sydney academic and author of ‘Beyond Left and Right: New Politics and the Culture Wars’
* Alison McClelland, Associate Professor & Head of School of Social Work and Social Policy, La Trobe University
* Geoff Mulgan, Director, UK Institute for Community Studies
* Barbara Norman, Deputy Chair, Australian Fabian Society & Program Director, Environment & Planning, RMIT University
* Michael O’Connor, National Assistant Secretary, Forestry Division, Construction Forestry, Energy & Mining Union
* Scott Rankin, Writer and Director
* Heather Ridout, CEO, Australian Industry Group
* Guy Rundle, Co-editor, Arena Magazine
* Bill Shorten, National Secretary, AWU
* Mark Spiller, Director, Planning Institute of Australia
* Wayne Swan MP, Shadow Treasurer
* Evan Thornley, National Secretary, Australian Fabian Society and LookSmart Co-founder
* Beth Wilson, Health Services Commissioner of Victoria
* Penny Wong MP, Shadow Minister for Employment & Workforce Participation
* Tony Wood, Origin Energy
* Professor David Yencken
*Prime Minister:Julia Gillard*

Treasurer:Wayne Swan (Fabian)*
Minister for Trade:Craig Emerson
Minister for Defence:Stephen Smith
Minister for Foreign Affairs:Kevin Rudd
Minister for Finance & Deregulation:Penny Wong (Fabian)
Minister for Immigration & Citizenship:Chris Bowen (Fabian)
Minister for Infrastructure & Transport:Anthony Albanese (Fabian)
Minister for Health & Ageing:Nicola Roxon
Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development, Local Government & Arts:Simon Crean Fabian)
Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs & Workplace Relations:Chris Evans
Minister for Broadband, Communications & the Digital Economy:Stephen Conroy
Minister for School Education, Early Childhood & Youth:Peter Garrett
Minister for Resources & Energy / Minister for Tourism:Martin Ferguson
Minister for Climate Change & Energy Efficiency:Greg Combet (Fabian)
Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs:Jenny Macklin (Fabian)
Minister for Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population & Communities:Tony Burke
Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science & Research:Kim Carr (Fabian)
Attorney-General:Robert McClelland
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry:Joe Ludwig
Minister for Human Services:Tanya Plibersek



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Australian Fabians

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The Fabians

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70’S & 80’S

I do promise that young people
can learn a thing or two about
mind control with what’s
documented below.

Laverne and Shirely was a TV sitcom that ran from 1976 and to 1983.

The plot was a simple one.

Two ladies (Laverne and Shirely) moved to the big city of Milwaukee to become bottle cappers on a fictious beer line, at Sholtz Brewery.

So, where’s the mind control?

Where’s the social engineering going on in this TV program?

Was this show really that bad in regards to mind control or am I blowing things completely out of proportion?

This show just seemed like a good old fashion coming of age story, where two young women left their homes in rural areas and tried to make something of themselves in the big city, right?

Let’s take a quick stroll
down memory lane
and play the intro to the
Laverne and Shirley show,
to begin this article.

After this show, came a whole culture of similar shows – Friends, Seinfeld – so many.

All over the world

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