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not alone in their satanic rituals
and child murder

This is endemic in
ALL ‘royal’ families

The ‘European’ ‘Royals’
ALL belong to the same bloodlines,
are ALL related and have been
throughout ALL history

‘Royalty’ is a family business
and the people have been
conned into supporting them
often by tyranny
as if they’re in some way
‘special’ or ‘entitled.

Lets look at the DUTCH royal family

Like their compatriots in the UK
these are monsters

That mumsy looking creature
in the middle of the photo was
just as bad as QE2 for
child murder and sacrifice

— The Royal Dutch Cocaine Factory —

The Dutch Cocaine Factory was founded in the year 1900 by the Fake Dutch Royal Family – the fake house of Oranges, through their colonial bank called ‘Netherlands Trading Society’.

Having already established the opium trade from the Dutch colony of Indonesia (Dutch East Indies), the Dutch Cocaine Factory dominated the international cocaine market until World War II, when the factory switched to amphetamines (speed).

In both World War I and World War II, the Dutch Cocaine Factory sold cocaine and later amphetamines to the armies of countries at war.

This video contains interviews with the Dutch author Conny Braam, who wrote ‘The Merchant of the Dutch Cocaine Factory’, (Dutch: ‘The Commercial Traveler of the Dutch Cocaine Factory’) and is intended to provide an insight into how the royal families of Europe are inherently linked to the international drug trade.

Audio mp3 - click image

European Royals
killing naked children
for fun
at human hunting ‘parties’.

Audio MP3

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Romanov family executed

In Yekaterinburg, Russia,
Czar Nicholas II and his family
are executed by the Bolsheviks,
bringing an end to the
three-century-old Romanov dynasty.

Crowned in 1896, Nicholas was neither trained nor inclined to rule, which did not help the autocracy he sought to preserve among a people desperate for change.

The disastrous outcome of the Russo-Japanese War led to the Russian Revolution of 1905, which ended only after Nicholas approved a representative assembly–the Duma–and promised constitutional reforms.

The czar soon retracted these concessions and repeatedly dissolved the Duma when it opposed him, contributing to the growing public support for the Bolsheviks and other revolutionary groups.

In 1914, Nicholas led his country into another costly war—World War I—that Russia was ill-prepared to win.

Discontent grew as food became scarce, soldiers became war weary and devastating defeats at the hands of Germany demonstrated the ineffectiveness of Russia under Nicholas.

In March 1917, revolution broke out on the streets of Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) and Nicholas was forced to abdicate his throne later that month.

That November, the radical socialist Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, seized power in Russia from the provisional government, sued for peace with the Central Powers and set about establishing the world’s first communist state.

Civil war broke out in Russia in June 1918, and in July the anti-Bolshevik “White” Russian forces advanced on Yekaterinburg, where Nicholas and his family were located, during a campaign against the Bolshevik forces.

Local authorities were ordered to prevent a rescue of the Romanovs, and after a secret meeting of the Yekaterinburg Soviet, a death sentence was passed on the imperial family.

Late on the night of July 16, Nicholas, Alexandra, their five children and four servants were ordered to dress quickly and go down to the cellar of the house in which they were being held.

There, the family and servants were arranged in two rows for a photograph they were told was being taken to quell rumors that they had escaped.

Suddenly, a dozen armed men burst into the room and gunned down the imperial family in a hail of gunfire.

Those who were still breathing when the smoked cleared were stabbed to death.

The remains of Nicholas, Alexandra and three of their children were excavated in a forest near Yekaterinburg in 1991 and positively identified two years later using DNA fingerprinting.

The Crown Prince Alexei and one Romanov daughter were not accounted for, fueling the persistent legend that Anastasia, the youngest Romanov daughter, had survived the execution of her family.

Of the several “Anastasias” that surfaced in Europe in the decade after the Russian Revolution, Anna Anderson, who died in the United States in 1984, was the most convincing.

In 1994, however, scientists used DNA to prove that Anna Anderson was not the czar’s daughter but a Polish woman named Franziska Schanzkowska.

Tsar Alexander II

Born: 29 April 1818,
The Moscow Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

13 March 1881, Winter Palace,
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Tsar Alexander II was the great liberator – and yet he was murdered by terrorists to wipe out Russia’s defeat in the Crimean war, Tsar Alexander II launched a comprehensive program of reforms.

The center-piece was the liberation of the peasants from serfdom in 1861.

But that did not go far enough for the radical intelligentsia.

The list of philanthropic reformers in Russian history is not long.

The Tsars ivan iv the terrible and Peter the great would die for their system changes, as did Lenin and his comrades.

The light falls all the brighter on alexander ii, who was already given the honorary title “Tsar-liberator” by his contemporaries.

Because on march 3, 1861, he disposed of an institution that had bound Russia for centuries: peasant serfdom.

The difference to his father Nicholas i could not have been greater.

A few days after his accession to the throne in December 1825, he was confronted with the uprising of the Decembrists, liberal nobles who demanded a constitution.

Nicholas then embarked on a reactionary course, which gave his empire a leaden time.

What were the consequences of the Crimean war (1853-56) against england, france, Sardinia-Piedmont and the ottoman empire.

Because of the lack of modern weapons, trained officers and railways, the opponents, although badly managed, were able to conquer the fortress of Sevastopol.

Admitting defeat was the first task Alexander faced after his father’s death on March 2, 1855 (Gregorian calendar).

On the same day that his diplomats signed the ignominious peace in Paris in 1856, Alexander delivered a keynote address to the assembled nobility in St. Petersburg.

In it he asked those invited to come up with ideas on how to improve the situation of the farmers.

He did not leave those present in the dark about the goal of the initiative: it was better to start the reform “from above” than to wait for pressure “from below”.

It was not just the catastrophe of the crimean war that brought the new tsar to this revolutionary course.

Although his father had been an authoritarian conservative, he had given his successor an unusual upbringing.

Alexander was allowed to grow up with his peers and received educators and teachers who took liberal positions and even came into conflict with the authorities for this.

The heir to the throne also enforced his marriage to marie von hessen-darmstadt against the assembled court.

When he ascended the throne at the age of almost 37, Alexander had already traveled to large parts of the huge empire.

He also knew how to gather a circle of reform-oriented employees around him.

As in the USA, whose southern states defended slavery with all their might, the wishes of the Tsar initially fell on deaf ears among the nobility.

But Russia was not a democracy, but an autocratic monarchy.

And alexander found the stamina to carry out his plans.

On march 3, 1861 (Gregorian calendar), the sixth anniversary of his accession to the throne, he signed the statute of liberation.

This gave eleven million estate farmers personal freedom.

The peasants belonging to the Tsar and the state soon followed.

But at the same time Alexander tried to square the circle.

In order to secure the nobility’s role as bearers of the empire, considerable concessions were made to them.

So the landowners were given a transition period of two years in which they could move their “souls” before they had to start allocating land.

This offered the opportunity to round off one’s own lands while the farmers were given poorer soil.

In the black earth areas in the south, the farmers lost 40 percent of their land.

In the less fertile north, on the other hand, the transfer fee significantly exceeded the value of the land, so that the nobility could also make their cut there.

80 percent of the purchase price was granted to the farmers as a loan from the state.

Nevertheless, the liberation of the peasants ruined large circles of the nobility.

Because around two-thirds of its land-owning members owned only up to 100 souls, 70 percent of which were mortgaged.

In 1892, 60 percent of the landed nobility could no longer live on income from agriculture.

On the other hand, russia experienced a population growth from 74 to 164 million in 1913, so that the reduced farmland was hardly able to feed its owners despite improved earnings.

Nevertheless, the liberation of the peasants set in motion a comprehensive social change.

Rural exodus made labor available for the onset of industrialization, many children of the landed gentry and middle class crowded into universities and academies and made themselves available for modernization, which alexander promoted with other large-scale projects.

Institutions of self-government were introduced in rural and urban areas, the education sector was expanded, the universities were given autonomy, and the judicial reform separated administration and the judiciary.

All of this served not least to reform the army, because general conscription, which was introduced in 1874 based on the european model, required legally free and equal subjects.

“As one of the great reformers in russian history, Alexander … is on a par with peter the great,” says Heinz-Dietrich Löwe, a historian of Eastern Europe.

Although much initially remained piecemeal or slipped into dead ends – many farmers fell into a debt trap, fields were still exchanged in the village communities – alexander initiated processes of change that affected all groups in society.

But for some subjects the reforms did not go far enough.

Especially members of the educated class, the so-called intelligentsia, who saw their role models in the west, were disappointed by the slow pace of development and the constant attempts at reconciliation with which the tsar tried to reconcile old and new.

Precisely because the social awakening was entirely tied to alexander’s autocracy, the tsar became the center of criticism.

Its elimination became the target of terrorists who oriented themselves to communist programs and their radical solutions.

Alexander was able to avoid several assassination attempts.

In response to the attacks, surveillance by the secret police was tightened, which once again confirmed the conspirators of the terrorist group “Narodnaya Volya” (people’s will) in their world view that the tsar was the greatest obstacle to russia’s path to a happy future.

On march 13 (Gregorian calendar) his carriage was hit by a dynamite bomb on the Catherine canal in St. Petersburg.

Unlike some passers-by, alexander was unharmed.

Instead of ordering the driver to drive on immediately, he got out and tended to the wounded.

At that moment, a second assassin threw a bomb, fatally injuring the tsar.

He died shortly thereafter in the winter palace.

The assassination of the “liberator-Tsar”, who had done so much to bring about Russia’s awakening, became the signal for his son and successor, Alexander III, to turn back the wheels of history as far as possible.

The antagonism between social change and repressive statehood, which refused any form of participation, inevitably drove the Tsarist empire onto the path to a revolutionary eruption.

The left wing of the intelligentsia moved ever further away from the vision of a liberal democracy based on the western model, but instead relied on the dictatorship of the proletariat.

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King Charles III – maybe not
Royalty – the Grand Illusion
and it’s relationship with the Cabal

In fact, it was one of the
main players – for centuries.

UK monarchy has done a magnificent job of hiding it’s true identity over the millennia – but the facade has now fallen and it’s ‘game-on’.

This page will do it’s best to reveal the truth about this bunch of monsters and the effect that it had over all of us until the death of QEII on 8th September 2020.

We’ll start with this video to demonstrate where it’s going into the future – nowhere.

The ‘monarchy’ is dead – about time – now normal people can re-build their lives without the tyranny imposed upon us by the UK Monarch and it’s Admiralty Law that kept us all in debt-slavery.

We’ll start this page with this gem
‘Charles III’ is NOT king
and never will be

“The Windsor family
were originally from the
German Aristocratic family
of Saxe Coburg Gotha

… that borrowed money from the House of Rothschild and provided a safe haven for the founder of the Illuminati … Adam Weishaupt … after he fled from Bavaria.

Soon thereafter … with Rothschild funding …the Illuminati infiltrated European Freemasonry at the Wilhelmsbad Convention in 1789 … transforming them from Christian values to a Luciferian ideology where they planned and instigated the French Revolution.

This combination of money, secrecy and royalty has gradually been evolving and about to reach it’s culmination as the long planned New World Order ruled from behind a curtain by the House of Rothschild … with the House of Windsor as their front puppet and the Lodges of Freemasonry as their secret agencies carrying out the totalitarian will of their “Unknown Superior” … the House of Rothschild! Fact is … the Money Rules!” 

Next to Hitler …

Dutch NAZI Queen Wilhelmina exposed.

She left the Netherlands when WW2 started
to go to her NAZI reptile Aunt Lizzie
in the United Kingdom.

The Windsor family name is also a fable,
their real NAZI name is family Saxe Coburg Gotha,
the Netherlands does not exist as a country…
it has remained a province of Germany

Was Queen Elizabeth II
ever really Queen at all?

You’ll have to make
your own mind up about that.

But … if it turns out she WASN’T
this opens up a can of worms
the world will not be prepared for

click image for video

King Charles III
proclaimed as Lord of Mann

His Majesty King Charles III will be proclaimed as Lord of Mann at Government House at 12 noon on Sunday 11 September 2022.

Only 3 days after official death of QE2 – which is odd, because Charles wasn’t coronated until May 2023.

The Proclamation will be read by the Lieutenant Governor, His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir John Lorimer.

Whilst the public are able to attend, regrettably there is only limited on-site car parking at Government House.

Therefore, the public are instead encouraged to attend the second Proclamation Ceremony in St John’s at 11 am on Friday 16 September 2022.

The second Proclamation will be made from Tynwald Hill, the ancient seat of the Kings and Lords of Mann.

Following this, a resolution of loyalty and condolence will be put before a sitting of Tynwald Court in the Royal Chapel.

This ceremony is based on the one held at St John’s in February 1952 to proclaim Queen Elizabeth II, and is similar in outline to the normal Tynwald Day ceremony.

It will begin with a short act of worship in the Royal Chapel. The actual Proclamation will take place on Tynwald Hill and the sitting will conclude back in the Royal Chapel.

The public are welcome to witness the proceedings on the Hill. Sound amplification will be put in place as far as possible in the time available. The event will be broadcast on Manx Radio and live-streamed online. There will be no grandstand seating.

Office-holders who formed part of the processions at the most recent Tynwald Day will be contacted by the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office with detailed instructions.

King Charles III proclaimed
as Lord of Mann
What’s REALLY going on

  What’s REALLY going on?

click image to link to article

King Charles III
The Coronation Oath:
the centrepiece of
King Charles’ coronation

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Taking the Oath

‘It would have been easy to be
distracted today by
pageantry and pomp,
all the music and marching,
that’s the name of the game
on a day like today…
… razzle dazzle ‘em.’

Neil Oliver shares his thoughts
on King Charles’ Coronation
and the British Monarchy.

click image for video

Charles III
is NOT king
of England

It’s said that the Companie of Merrie Men — the progenitor of today’s Bar Association  — arrived in Britain as a troupe of actors and “mummers” — pantomimes, during Shakespeare’s last days at the Globe Theater. 

He commented on their arrival and deemed it an “ill wind”. 

We are left to assume that he was already aware of their activity on the Continent.  

This past weekend, the British people witnessed a pantomime in which the former Prince Charles was ostensibly being crowned — at least verbally,  as the Protestant King of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, but was actually crowned as His Imperial Majesty and a pagan Roman Emperor, instead.

That’s what the Imperial Crown used in the ceremony means, and it is a public admission — entirely silent, but obvious — of what is actually going on.  It doesn’t matter what they say, it only matters what they do.  

Imperial crowns belong to Emperors, not Kings. 

The same kind of crown landed on the heads of Napoleon Bonaparte and Kaiser Wilhelm II just prior to the demise of their respective empires.  

So, after all these years, Charles III isn’t King of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. 

He couldn’t be, thanks to The Norman Settlement. 

Like his ancestors, he is limited to working as the Pope’s Overseer of the Commonwealth, so not only is he not a King, he’s a Protestant obligated to serve the Pope, plus, he’s a German who has just been crowned as a Roman Emperor.

We couldn’t possibly make this up.  

This situation and the failure of the British CROWN to act upon BREXIT and the failure of the former Queen’s Government to effectively monetize the British Pound Sterling (not that they could do that on their own) has led a group of British Landlords who have reclaimed their natural political birthright to join our Claim and act on behalf of their lawful Government.

They claim the land and soil of Great Britain, including but not limited to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, the Orkney Islands and other outlying British Possessions worldwide.

They claim the British Pound Sterling and the Gold Sovereign as their lawful money, and they stand with the Lord High Steward, Ivan Talbot, as the actual Throne is unoccupied.

They reject Charles III’s offer to reign over them as an Emperor sitting on The Chair of the Estates — estates formed as a result of the original Dead Baby Scam we have described earlier — instead of the Throne owed to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.  

They decry the attempted substitution of an Emperor for a King which they witnessed on Saturday.  They refuse the offered contract on behalf of themselves and their lawful government. 

They cite the High Court case of YAH v Regina as historic precedent, revealing purposeful fraud and substitution of Offices, which is happening again.  

As a result no contract exists and none is agreed upon with regard to the Kingdom and Countries of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the British Possessions worldwide.

In the interim and until the actual Throne is occupied, the land and soil jurisdictions will be administered by the traditional lawful government under the guidance of the Lord High Steward; whatever administration is provided by Charles III acting as the comptroller of Municipal Corporations, must be regarded as a private Subcontractor arrangement with the Pope and the City of Rome.  

Further confirmation of this deliberate action will be forthcoming.

They simply asked that Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court and the Archbishop of Canterbury be fully informed that the Imperial Crown offer has been rejected, and so, Notice is hereby served to the Principals and the Agents.  

We regret that it has come to this, but the defense of the British Homeland against legalized usurpation against the Constitutional Monarchy by foreign Municipal Corporations must be objected to, both privately and in public.

click image for link to article

in the World
was the Royal Family
(Queen Elizabeth II) and Vatican

Medeea Greere, an independent publisher,
is now on Telegram at
and exists only on reader support as we
publish Truth, Freedom and Love
for public awareness.

In a realm shrouded in mystery and power plays, some tales remain best kept secrets, hidden away from public scrutiny.

Yet, there are whispers that pull back the curtain on a chilling tale.

A tale that connects the resplendent British Royal Family, the holy sanctum of the Vatican, and the treacherous world of the global drug trade. Brace yourselves, for we’re about to tread on forbidden grounds.

Once, a wise man whispered,

“In politics, nothing happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Now, imagine a web so intricately woven that it connects emperors, holy figures, and underworld kingpins.

The opulent halls of Buckingham, the sacred chambers of the Vatican, and the dimly-lit opium dens of Asia – what could they possibly share? Dive in, for this is no mere fairy tale.

This is a rendezvous with conspiracy, a dance with the shadows of history.

click image to link to article

UK Royalty
drug dealers

Opium Wars
with China

The BIGGEST DRUG TRAFFICKERS in the world was the Royal Reptilian Family (Queen Lizardbeth II) — they supplied the Vatican mafia with heroin + opium through the CIA & other agency agents.

Think the Opium Wars in China — a war pushed to allow sales of opium & heroin in another country.

The Opium Wars were two wars waged between the Qing dynasty & Western powers.

The First Opium War, fought in 1839–1842 between Qing China & Great Britain, was triggered by the dynasty’s campaign against the British merchants who sold opium in China.

The Second Opium War was fought between the Qing and Britain & France, 1856–1860.

In each war, the European force’s modern military technology led to easy victory over the Qing forces, with the consequence that the government was compelled to grant favourable tariffs, trade concessions, reparations and territory to the Europeans.

The wars and the subsequently-imposed treaties weakened the Qing dynasty & the Chinese imperial government, and forced China to open specified treaty ports (especially Shanghai) that handled all trade with imperial powers.

In addition, China gave the sovereignty over Hong Kong to Britain.

The Vatican supplied the world with heroin from the Golden Crescent — meth & opium from the Golden Triangle, tied to Myanmar.

Myanmar the largest drug & child trafficking country in the world.

The Golden Triangle has been shut down.

click image for video

Queen – the Grand Illusion


Don’t be fooled that the Queen seemed quite small
and maybe even non-threatening.

When she took on her true form
she would be about 20 feet tall.

click image for video

Princess Diana
the repto Queen

There was a bizarre conspiracy theory
circulating the web about the
Queen Elizabeth being a
shape-shifting lizard cannibal.

British historian Hubert Humdinger claims it’s because she must be consuming human flesh & adrenochrome — in 2012,  an employee at Windsor Castle discovered human remains in the queens private freezer.

They are not human & princes.

Di knew this — that’s why she faked her death.

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There was a bizarre conspiracy theory circulating the web about queen Elizabeth being a cannibal — how exactly does the queen of England manage to stay so active and vivacious at such elderly age?

— British historiran Hubert Humdinger claims it’s because she must be consuming human flesh & adrenochrome — in 2012, a website called dear dirt America confirmed Hundinger’s theory after an employee at Windsor castle discovered human ramains in the queens private freezer.

— They are not human & princes. Di knew this — that’s why she faked her death

click image for video

Queen Dead
no-one seems to be sad



Quuen Dead August 8th 2022

Looks like the Queen wasn’t too highly respected by
the UK Military judging that the flag over her coffin,
lying in ‘state’ and on the procession as few days later
is crumpled, upside down and just slung over the coffin
like a table-cloth indicates a ‘traitors’ death.

click image for video

The Secret History
of the British Empire

The British monarchy was INSTALLED on Earth
for no other reason than to control it for it’s real masters.

The Nazis did not lose WW2, they infiltrated the World with Operation Paperclip and founded the CIA, Mossad and Israel. Hitler was a Rothschild. Rothschild = Zionist = Khazarian Pedo Satanists.

Part 1: The Freemasonic Takeover of England – 4:21
Part 2: The Freemasonic French Revolution – 16:56
Part 3: The Unexpected Connection – 31:38
Part 4: The Irish Slave Trade – 46:21
Part 5: The Freemasonic – Luciferian Religion – 61:20
Part 6: The Committee of 300 – 75:40
Part 7: The Knights of The Golden Circle Part 1 – 90:00
Part 8: The Knights of The Golden Circle Part 2 – 104:05
Part 9: The Hellfire Club – 118:30
Part 10: The Mystery of The Spanish Armada – 132:38
Part 12: Manly P Hall: Mankind’s Most Transparent Freemason – 161:12
Part 13: Sacrifice & Skulls – 176:20
Part 14: The Collapse of Christianity – 195:10
Part 15: Secrets From World War I – 210:50
Part 16: Adrenochrome & Freemasonry – 226:40
Part 17: The Torture of India – 243:32
Part 18: The Myth of “Christian” England – 259:40
Part 19: The Plandemic – 274:45
Part 20: Anglo Supremacy – 290:40
Part 21: The End – 307:00
Part 11: Drugging China – 145:51
Part 12: Manly P Hall: Mankind’s Most Transparent Freemason – 161:12
Part 13: Sacrifice & Skulls – 176:20
Part 14: The Collapse of Christianity – 195:10
Part 15: Secrets From World War I – 210:50
Part 16: Adrenochrome & Freemasonry – 226:40
Part 17: The Torture of India – 243:32
Part 18: The Myth of “Christian” England – 259:40
Part 19: The Plandemic – 274:45
Part 20: Anglo Supremacy – 290:40
Part 21: The End – 307:00

click image for video

Next to Hitler …

Dutch Nazi Queen Wilhelmina exposed

She left the Netherlands when WW2 started
to go to her NAZI reptile Aunt Lizzie
in the United Kingdom

The Windsor family name is also a fable.

Their real Nazi name is family Saxe Coburg Gotha
the Netherlands does not exist as a country.

It has remained a province of Germany

click image for video

10 most inbred sovereigns
In history! …

The Military
does not forgive

The Queen
rules everything

This dear sweet little old lady
was a monster
who owned the whole world
that included
all the people on it

The NEW Royals

same old – same old

The NEW Royals

same old – same old

click image for video

Queen – the Grand Illusion


a good idea to see this
before you jump to
any conclusions
if you know – you know



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Queen – the Grand Illusion

There was a bizarre conspiracy theory
circulating the web about
Queen Elizabeth being a cannibal —
how exactly did the queen of England
manage to stay so active
and vivacious at such elderly age?

British historian Hubert humdinger claims it’s because she was consuming human flesh & adrenochrome — in 2012, a website called Dear Dirt America confirmed Hundinger’s theory after an employee at Windsor Castle discovered human remains in the queens private freezer.

They are not human & Princess Di knew this — that’s why she faked her death



What You Need To Know About




The Repto Queen &
The Kamloops Kidnapping 1964


Reptilian Queen Elizabeth


was always the elites drug




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Political Doublespeak,
a governmental and private bankers weapon
used to deceive the illiterate into falling into contracts
that they may never have agreed with
if fully aware of the deceptions employed…

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Deep State Decision for all Muslims to invade Europe;
White Man has been their Slave for 2,000 Years

click links for videos

and all over the WORLD

  JFK Assassination:
Swiss Conspiracy with FBI Hoover (Huber)
Octogon Group killed John F.Kennedy


They have a legal mafia like the police, politicians, justice department, banks and government agencies, and they have an illegal mafia to do things, their legal mafia can’t get by without causing too much distrust which makes the slaves distrust the system; their legal mafia is run by the Freemasons while their illegal mafia is from the Knights Templar with their main base Switzerland high up in the strategic Alps.

In reality, their legal mafia and their illegal mafia work together as the two hands of the same body.

Octogon – the empire of the darkness

The Octogon Group: an ultra-secret globalist network based in 🇨🇭Switzerland🇨🇭, consisting of powerful Catholic and Jewish families whose lineage dates back to the Egyptian Pharaohs.

It is the wealthiest, deadliest and most technologically advanced mafia in the world with hundreds of front organizations.

Their various insignias contain 8 points, sides or elements.

Octogon group is in the process of being dismantled by a global revolution involving populist insurgencies, covert military operations turncoats within the Octogon ranks who have seen the writing on the wall;

That the cult of the dead will ultimately lead to self-destruction.OCTOGON – Empire of Darkness

The Swiss Beast – Home of the Devil; Part 1

The Swiss Beast – Home of the Devil; Part 5

The Swiss Beast – Home of the Devil; Part 6

The Swiss Beast – Home of the Devil; Part 8

The Swiss Beast – Home of the Devil; Part 9

History of Satanism and Occultism

Mysterious old Medieval House
from the Dark Middle Ages
with Secret Chamber

Bow & Kneel before Demonic Baphomet
at Knight’s Cathedral in Authentic
Templar’s Castle in Spain








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click image for video

Prince Philip

Was the ‘patron’ of the
World Wildlife Fund.

He used to get donations from normal people for the WWF  who thought they was donating to a good cause of animal protection.

He used these donations to  create game reserves in places like South Africa – which, oddly,  no ‘normal’ person ever got to see.

He could then rent them out to rich people and mates so they could go hunting and kill the exotic animals they ‘nurtured’ at these reserves.

One of Phil’s greatest roles as grandfather to Willie and Harry was to teach them how to kill animals at the various ‘hunts’ he hosted at the Royal properties in Scotland – where hundreds of animals at a time, including birds, were efficiently dispatched.

Animals that might still be alive when retrieved were often kindly bashed to death by the Queen.

Click image for video

Rule Britannia

“How stupid us UK people have been
Standing out in all weathers
waving our little Union Jack flags
which are made in China
while we give homage to the biggest
bunch of murdering thieves
this world has ever created
who give not a thought to
the dignity of human life
unless it’s their own.”
“Then, to make things worse
and rub it in our noses
the ‘system’  came up with this
‘patriotic’ song about not being slaves
we hum on the way to the poor house.”

“The fact is, there are few
people on this Earth that are
not, in some way,
enslaved by the financial system
that was created by the UK royals
and their tyrannical cohorts.

And still is”


When Britain first, at Heaven’s command

Arose from out the azure main;
This was the charter of the land,
And guardian angels sang this strain:
“Rule, Britannia! rule the waves
“Britons never will be slaves.”

The nations, not so blest as thee,
Must, in their turns, to tyrants fall;
While thou shalt flourish great and free,
The dread and envy of them all.
“Rule, Britannia! rule the waves
“Britons never will be slaves.”

Still more majestic shalt thou rise,
More dreadful, from each foreign stroke;
As the loud blast that tears the skies,
Serves but to root thy native oak.
“Rule, Britannia! rule the waves
“Britons never will be slaves.”

Thee haughty tyrants ne’er shall tame:
All their attempts to bend thee down,
Will but arouse thy generous flame;
But work their woe, and thy renown.
“Rule, Britannia! rule the waves
“Britons never will be slaves.”

To thee belongs the rural reign;
Thy cities shall with commerce shine:
All thine shall be the subject main,
And every shore it circles thine.
“Rule, Britannia! rule the waves
“Britons never will be slaves.”

The Muses, still with freedom found,
Shall to thy happy coast repair;
Blest Isle! With matchless beauty crown’d,
And manly hearts to guard the fair.
“Rule, Britannia! rule the waves
“Britons never will be slaves.”

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An investigative poem by
Heathcote Williams.

Narration and video by Alan Cox.

A series of short films each
detailing a crime of the British monarchy.


The order was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964.

After nearly a year of litigation Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia.

In 2017, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was asking concerned citizens to demand Cunningham’s immediate release. The ITCCS successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children.

remains of 215 children found

The abuse, trafficking, torture and murder of children appears endemic and continues to be actively practiced, and condoned, protected, by church, state, judicial and police globally.

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Today, on the 58th anniversary of the permanent disappearance of ten children from the Kamloops Indian residential school, new evidence has surfaced linking British monarch King Charles to their fate and to the death of other native children.

A group of witnesses have presented their affidavits to the special Tribunal that has convened to investigate Charles’ complicity in both the abduction of the ten children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on October 10, 1964, and the medical murder of eyewitness William Combes in February 2011. (Breaking News, September 19/20, 2022: King Charles ordered to appear before International Tribunal over the death of William Combs and Others. – Murder by Decree)

According to the Tribunal’s Public Information Office,

“Our Tribunal has today received sworn statements from British and Canadian nationals. They claim to have witnessed the personal participation of Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, aka King Charles III, in ceremonies involving native children that occurred in Carnarvon Castle in Wales and at the former Catholic Indian school in Fort Providence, Canada, on October 30, 1964, and July 11, 1970, respectively.

“The first ceremony involved the ritual killing of Cecilia Arnold, age ten, and Edward Arnuse, age ten, two survivors of the original ten children abducted by Charles’ parents from the Kamloops Indian school. The second ceremony involved a similar ritual killing of an undetermined number of Inuit children provided by the clergy of the Catholic Sacred Heart Indian residential school in the Northwest Territories.

“Another witness, a former government employee, claims that then-Prince Charles had personal knowledge of and sanctioned a ‘kill order’ issued by the British MI-6 against William Combes, the sole living eyewitness to the October 1964 Kamloops abductions. Combes subsequently died of arsenic poisoning administered to him in St. Paul’s Catholic hospital in Vancouver on February 26, 2011.”

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nurse Chloe Kirker’s
video statement on YouTube

This new evidence and accompanying documentation has been entered into the docket of the Tribunal and will be presented at its opening session on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Charles Mountbatten-Windsor has been issued a Public Summons to appear before the Tribunal.

Ten days before he was murdered by royal decree, William Combes met me at the Ovaltine café on Hastings Street in Vancouver. He was happier than normal because our movement had just held another church occupation and, in the glow of that victory, William had given up drinking the alcohol he needed to dull the memories of his torture by electric cattle prods when he was a child. With a shy smile, he handed me some poems he had just written.

After I read William’s poems, he asked me to hold on to them for him. We shook hands but we didn’t say goodbye, because we expected to rendezvous that same month in London, England, where William was scheduled to speak to our common law court about what he saw Queen Elizabeth do in Kamloops on October 10, 1964. But the crown struck first. Ten days later, William Arnold Combes was dead from arsenic poisoning.

The ones who killed my friend think that enough assassinations and midnight burials and official lies can rewrite history and swab memories. But fortunately, the truth can’t be controlled by us, because it comes from elsewhere, and has a life and force of its own that eventually wears down time and crime. And so now, even the enormous lie the crown and church have built around their Christian death camps is crumbling.

Today, it collapsed some more. William Combes has come alive and is pointing his accusing finger at the killers through living eyewitnesses who are telling our Tribunal who killed William and ten Kamloops children and many tens of thousands of other innocents. And that finger points directly at Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, the so-called King of England.

Here is what we know so far:

1. At sunset on Saturday, October 10, 1964, in the hills above Dead Man’s Creek 40 miles west of Kamloops, eight of the ten children who were abducted by Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten-Windsor from the Kamloops catholic residential school were ritually and brutally killed.

We know from a retired British security officer that both Elizabeth and Windsor were present at the ritual.

Two of the ten children were kept alive and brought to England, to the Roman-built Carnarvon Castle in north Wales.

The two children were Cecilia Arnold, an interior Salish girl from Kamloops, and Edward Arnuse, a Metis boy from Quesnel.

Both children were ten years old.

Barely two weeks later, at midnight on Samhain, October 30, 1964, Cecilia and Edward were ritually raped, tortured, killed, and cannibalistically devoured in the sub-basement crypt of Carnarvon Castle by a coven of the Vatican-led Ninth Circle cult.

Present and participating that night in that blood feast were Philip Mountbatten-Windsor and his eldest son Charles, who was inducted into the cult that night: the man now called the King of England.

2. On July 1, 1969, Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales in the same location, at a ceremony in Carnarvon Castle.

Exactly one year after, on July 1, 1970, Charles Mountbatten-Windsor began his first official visit to Canada along with his parents and sister Anne.

The ultimate destination of this so-called “royal tour” was rural aboriginal communities in Manitoba and at Fort Providence in the Northwest Territories.

And there, at another catholic residential school called Sacred Heart, aboriginal children once again died at the hands of the Mountbatten-Windsors and their Vatican accomplices.

3. In the ocean of blood deceptively called Indian residential schools where child murder was the norm, these killings remained cloaked in secrecy and terror.

But years later, the sole surviving eyewitness to the Kamloops abduction spoke publicly of what he saw.

William Combes was then ordered to be killed by a royal decree enacted through the British foreign intelligence agency MI-6 and its counterparts in the RCMP in Canada: specifically, by the west coast “E” division of the Mounties under the authority of its black ops coordinator Inspector Peter Montague.

On February 19, 2011, William was forcibly abducted from his East Pender Street slum hotel by three Mounties and brought to the catholic St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver.

William’s nurse Chloe Kirker states on record that he was in good health and had no symptoms of his official cause of death, tubercular meningitis.

But by February 23 he developed what are called Mees’ Lines on his fingernails, which indicate arsenic poisoning.

And yet nurse Kirker was ordered by St. Paul’s administrators to keep William off any intravenous and thereby dehydrated: in hindsight, to allow the poison to disseminate quickly and fatally.

After William died, nurse Kirker was threatened not to speak of it.

After she was subjected to repeated of harassment and death threats, she quit her job and moved out of the country.

4. The Vancouver Coroner, Claire Thompson, took nearly four months to issue a report on the death of William Combes.

On June 13, 2011, Ms. Thompson stated on record that William Combes died of “disseminated tuberculosis”, despite William’s absence of TB symptoms and the indication of arsenic poisoning.

Ms. Thompson refused to answer all inquiries about William’s death.

The Vancouver Coroner’s office threatened to sue anyone who publicly challenged her report.

5. William Combes died the same week that Kevin Annett was invited in writing by Mohawk elders to begin investigations into mass graves of children at the former Church of England school in Brantford, Ontario: the same “Mush Hole” school where British and Dutch royal family members abducted aboriginal children routinely for over a century.

A church insider with considerable evidence of these abductions and the ritual killings of children at the Mush Hole, Leona Moses, was officially silenced by Anglican Archbishop Fred Hiltz after Kevin Annett appeared in Brantford in the spring of 2011.

Hiltz acted under the direct instructions of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, according to Leona Moses.

But Leona died and her incriminating evidence was destroyed in a house fire after Kevin came to Brantford and commenced investigations at the Mush Hole mass grave site.

Prior to that, while Kevin was in London, England researching the Mush Hole archives, he was summarily arrested and deported from England, on May 26, 2011: three months to the day that William Combes had been murdered.

All of this proves again the murderous and criminal nature of the British Crown and its Vatican accomplice in genocide.

For many years we have exposed and proved this crime in courts of law and through the suffering and blood of eyewitnesses like William Combes.

But the criminals are still in charge, and they have absolved themselves of the crime and erased their atrocities and now even are erasing the erasure.

And so, the genocide continues.

We have learned there is no possibility of justice in their system, which is why we have created our own inquiries and our own courts of law outside their jurisdiction.

Our present Tribunal that is putting King Charles on trial is a continuation of that struggle.

But we are also arming ourselves with the means to enforce the verdict of this latest trial, by building our own common law Republics that can fight and overcome these crimes against humanity.

For we are engaged in a war to the death against tyranny and mass murder; and the first step in resisting those evils is to collectively declare our independence from their genocidal system in London, Rome, Beijing, and elsewhere.

If we refuse to honor and learn from our fallen heroes like William Combes, we not only dishonor their sacrifice for us, but we ensure our own destruction.

Remember, pick up their fallen sword, and carry on, lest the darkness hold final sway over humanity.

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Charles Windsor
was summoned to appear today,

September 20,
before an international Tribunal

to answer charges of his complicity in
the death of
indigenous children
and eyewitnesses like William Combes.

The summons can be read in its entirety at under ITCCS Updates
for September 20, 2022.
Issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.
(Note: The Date is according to Greenwich Mean Time)

Book Link: Unrepentant

Kevin Annett’s book


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Murder by decree

In Memory To the many tens of thousands of children who died while in the internment and death camps falsely called “Indian residential schools”;

To those men and women who have fought against impossible odds to recover the memory of those children and the truth of how they died, and bring to justice who and what is responsible;

And to those who suffer and die today at the hands of the same criminal system.

“Earth, cover not their blood” And in Acknowledgment Of the heroic efforts of three ground breaking citizen-based Inquiries into Genocide in Canada:

The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada (1998), The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (2005) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (2010);

and of Rev. Kevin D. Annett, who has fathered and led these movements from the beginning at enormous personal risk and sacrifice.

What Canada
and all survivors
owe to him
is incalculable.

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International Child Sex Trafficking,
Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring
Run by the Vatican

Voice of the Republic,
Kevin Annette

•    The word is said so easily, so casually, so lifelessly: Genocide. The word means nothing to most people. To the rest, it is little more than the self-serving rhetoric of politicians and popes. But when I hear the word, I hear the tortured screams of little children that never stop, day or night.

•    I see a Vancouver Island Priest electrocuting a five-year-old boy with a cattle prod until he dies, his body tossed onto a pile of other small corpses and then buried in a secret grave barely a mile from where I would work one day.

•    I smell the sickly scent of burning flesh as other dead children and even living, newborn babies are incinerated in the Christian death camp furnaces that burn day and night.

•    I watch as children are made blind in deadly experiments and others have their teeth yanked out without painkillers by upstanding Canadian doctors.

•    I see other children battered and raped and left to starve to death by men and women who sing Christian hymns the next Sunday in church.

•    I watch as Harry Wilson shows me the scar on his tongue through which United Church minister John Andrews shoved a needle when a young Harry spoke of the dead girl he found.

•    I witness a lone and stumbling survivor named William Combes, too crushed to speak publicly of his tortures but somehow willing himself to, against every odd, even as the world hates him for it and finally kills him without consequence: just another dead Indian.

•    I hear Jackson Steene describe how his testicles shriveled and died as he was sterilized under an X ray machine at the Anglican hospital in Alert Bay, along with all five of his brothers.

•    I listen as Ricky Lavallee sobs and describes being forced to bury the body of his brother Ernie by the same Catholic Priest who had just flogged him to death.

•    I witness the people of my country and its churches commit or excuse or pay for these abominations decade after decade, and still today, without a flicker of conscience or remorse; and then, when they are exposed, they destroy the evidence and the secret graves of their victims while absolving themselves, rewriting and normalizing their wrong, and getting away with their mass murder of over 60,000 children by issuing some pay cheques and a glib apology.

•    And I wonder how people can do such things so easily and still consider themselves human beings. I also remember how some of us fought so long and so hard to confront this murder and coverup until the truth was finally exposed at an enormous cost, including the death of seven of my friends. But then I watch as what we exposed is buried again and a false, sanitized history of the Canadian Holocaust is reissued by the killers and adopted as if none of these atrocities had ever happened.

•    And finally, I witness the world and everyone I know turn their indifferent backs on this carnage as if it doesn’t matter; as if it has nothing to do with the plague that is now sweeping the world and all of them.

•    I know these things so deeply because my own life has been shattered by them. It is not another issue. It is all completely personal to me, for it has been my life for almost thirty years. And still do the spirits of the fallen walk with me and struggle to cry out through my inadequate and solitary voice, knowing that our screams are inaudible to the legions of the walking dead, and that whatever is spoken and attempted now will not stop the abomination from continuing. There now stands only that judgment that is on all of us.

•    So, in these last days, remember as an epitaph that whatever justice has come from the seeds we sowed is only because they were watered with our blood and suffering. Perhaps some of you will earn and redeem this sacred inheritance by your own sacrifice: the cost of your departure from this bloody Land of No-One.

    Genocide in Canada and Around the Globe:



Queen Elizabeth II
monster bloodline

Video - click image

Where are the Kamloops children?

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The Canadian Cabal
Pedophilia, Murder and Treason

Dating back to 3000BC the Cabal
has been involved in strange sexual practices.

There is evidence that Pierre Trudeau
was a communist and a pedophile.


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Britain’s royals
used obscure legal procedure
to hide distant relatives’ wills

David Pegg,
Rob Evans and Caroline Davies
Thu 25 Nov 2021

Judge reveals identities of more than 30 people whose wills – showing details of their assets – were sealed

Wills detailing the assets of distant relatives of the royal family have been kept secret through an obscure legal procedure, a court document has revealed.

The Windsor family has over the last century managed to exempt itself from a law requiring the wills of British citizens to ordinarily be made public.

The identities of the more than 30 royal wills that were sealed over that period had not been formally made public.

That changed on Wednesday when a senior judge published the list of royals whose sealed wills are stored in a locked safe.

The contents of the wills themselves remain secret.

One name on the original list released by the court was Leopold de Rothschild, Edward VII’s close friend, suggesting his will was made secret in 1917.

It is unclear how the British banker would have been able to achieve this, given the exemption was supposed to apply to senior royals.

Hours after publishing its original list on Wednesday the court issued a new list, with Leopold de Rothschild’s name removed.

A spokesperson for the court said the inclusion of Rothschild’s name on the original list was “an error” as he was not a member of the royal family.


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