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This is a relatively new page to this website
a page that was deliberately never to be created.

Why was this subject nearly avoided?

Because the topic of Paedophilia is so huge and so complicated it was decided that no amount of information that was included would even scratch the surface if it’s sick reality, and by not doing a thorough job it would dis-honour those poor souls who have been damaged by it – with the possibility of discussing subject matter that some might actually find appealing.

We’re not just talking the exploitation of young people here – there’s a whole topic of sadistic child kidnap, murders, ritual sacrifice and trafficking that needs to be confronted and fixed.

Will this ever happen?

Maybe not, or maybe there are international interventions occurring. ‘under the covers’ so as not to alert the perpetrators into scurrying back to their holes.

Only time will tell and by ignoring this there will be no chance of it ever stopping – in fact, the opposite is more true.

However, it was decided that there are some aspects that can discussed that will, on one hand, alert to the problem without going too ‘deep’ as to cause confusion.

Probably, it’s content will tend to link to volumes of work done by other people to be discovered by those who want to do their own research and might need a bit of direction in their journey.

Contents will be updated as additional sources are discovered.

The is so much information now coming out about this topic it’s becoming difficult to know what to include on this page.

Your own research will uncover a myriad of stories of abuse – you can’t ignore that satanism is frequently mentioned

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USA Government
Child Sex Abuse



Tweet by Truth Justice

Elites who rule our world also control all the major Pedophile rings in the world with the assistance of the CIA. Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Royal Bloodlines, Actors, Elites are all involved in the child sex trafficking of 2 million children.

Former Veteran Central Intelligence Officer (CIA) Whistleblower confirms the existence of a global Elite Pedophile ring operating behind the scenes at the highest levels in our society.

Jeffrey Epstein a convicted known child sex trafficking criminal had dealings with the people listed below, there are over 2000 names, this is just a few. Many of these people engaged in child sex trafficking or were engaged in a blackmail operation and pedophilia.

The Royal Family, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton 26 flight trips, Hillary Clinton, Ehud Barak, former Israeli prime minister, Leon Botstein, president of Bard College, William Burns, CIA director, Noam Chomsky, Terje Rød-Larsen, noted ex-diplomat, Joshua Cooper Ramo, a FedEx board member, Ariane de Rothschild, chairwoman of Edmond de Rothschild Group.

Goldman Sachs general counsel, Lawrence Summers, Alan Dershowitz, Emmy Taylor, Sarah Kellen, Eva Dubin, Glen Dubin, Jean Luc Brunel, Nadia Marcinkova, Marvin Minsky, Henry Jarecki, Naomi Campbell, Ron Eppinger, Stephen Hawking, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker.

Kathryn Ruemmler was the former White House counsel under President Barack Obama who reportedly had dozens of meetings with Epstein after her White House service.

John Podesta Email: “I think Obama spent about $65,000 of the taxpayer money flying in pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long ago, assume we are using the same channels?”

What is Pizzagate?

Find out the truth from an award winning author and 20 year professional journalist who investigated the deep dark secrets of the evil pedophile child sex trafficking world involved in the rape, torture and trafficking of innocent children.

Why hasn’t the FBI or the Department of Justice investigated or arrested any of the people involved with Jeffrey Epstein?

Because this Elite Pedophile child sex trafficking criminal enterprise is at the highest level of our society.

It is up to us the people and the local law enforcement agencies to save these children.

Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing international crime network the word has ever seen.

It has already passed the illegal arms trade and soon it is going to pass the drug trade, because you can only sell a bag of cocaine one time, but a child you can sell five to ten times a day.

Children are the most vulnerable, loving and trusting of all human beings and evil is taking advantage of this.

We must destroy this Elite Pedophile ring and bring them to justice. It is our duty as humanity to share this important truth with the world and protect our innocent children from these predators at all costs.

Former United Nations Executive and Former President of the Club of Rome for Europe confirms that the Oligarchs who rule our world (The Committee of 300) are Pedophiles who control the systems of global child sex trafficking and control the UN and WEF.

The United Nations 2030 agenda is the same as the Davos (WEF) agenda, these NGOs are both involved in global child sex trafficking.

The Oligarchs control the Chancellors, Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world.

Donald Trump was an accident, the Oligarchs did not expect him to win.

The Pandemic was planned for 2016 and the food and water shortages were planned for 2020, but now have been moved to the year 2025.

More than 8 million children per year disappear, 8 million is the entire population of Austria.

They disappear without any information.

This criminal act has to be stopped.

We must fight for our children.

We must protect them. The most innocent of innocence is being terrorized, tortured, sold as sex slaves and raped 10 times a day for years.

What if this was your child?

Child sex trafficking is the fastest growing international crime network the world has ever seen.

It has already passed the illegal arms trade and soon it is going to pass the drug trade.

If we do nothing, we are part of the darkness and the evil sweeping across our world.

The Sound of Freedom is a true story of one man’s fight to save as many children as he can from the horror of child sex trafficking.

These millions of innocent children are suffering unimaginable pain and torture everyday and we as a society are allowing it.

We know who these Oligarchs are, we know who the Committee of 300 is, we know the leaders of the UN and the WEF, we have their names.

How long will we let them do this evil to our innocent children? What is wrong with humanity?

Why won’t you act?

Close your eyes and see the tears and hear the cries of a 5 year old girl being held down and raped until she bleeds.

This is the reality in our world, innocent children by the millions are being sold for sex, torture and rape every year and nothing is being done about it, nothing.

If one man can make a difference and save hundreds of children, imagine what a million brave men could do.

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By using covert
and symbolism

it kept the deep dark
pedophile rings
hidden from the light.

Creating a coded language and embedding those keywords in the EXIF Tag of images and videos.

Keywords are then used in specific search engine queries that lead to child pornography/pedophilia material.

These exact symbols and keywords can be found at your local groceries, medical facilities, federal buildings, restaurants, schools and more.

Gloves were used as markers for murders, masks were used with color coding.

Just as cone markers Q1455 mark DUMBs, underground tunnels, bunkers, torture chambers and businesses connected Via Executive Order 13818.

It had to be this way, to disseminate all available information to prepare you for what you are about to learn.

We are at the event horizon, where all the Quantum rolling timelines converge, where all the roads lead to one.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Only The Strong Survive.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫

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Candy Girl
Fiona Barnett

Fiona Barnett, in her documentary Candy Girl,
recounts her experiences as a victim
of Australia's VIP child sex trafficking ring.

She describes being prostituted to pedophile parties at Parliament House in Canberra and an international leader at Fairbairn Military Airport.

video: Candy Girl

Barnett alleges that high-ranking politicians, police, and judiciary figures were involved in this elite pedophile ring that operated from the late 1980s.

She details her abuse experiences, reporting them to multiple healthcare professionals, New South Wales Police, the Royal Commission in 2012, and Operation Attest in Canberra.

Despite providing names, times, and places, her reports were largely ignored.

Barnett's documentary explores her encounters with Luciferian Antony Kidman at CIA MK-ULTRA research labs at Sydney University, Holsworthy Army Base, and Lucas Heights ANSTOW nuclear reactor.

She also visits various ritual abuse sites around Sydney.

Barnett reveals a list of
28 prominent suspects,
including a former prime minister.

Fiona claims that the Australian government has ignored the public's concern for children, allowing the country to become a haven for pedophiles.

Throughout the documentary, Barnett shares details of multiple human sacrifices, child abductions, and murders she witnessed.

She also discusses her involvement in a greater crime syndicate that included drugs, guns, and sex trafficking, including child sex trafficking.

Barnett's documentary highlights the struggles faced by victims of child abuse and the lack of support they receive from authorities.

She criticizes the Australian government and legal system for failing to address the issue and calls for a change in the way pedophiles are treated and victims are supported.

Release Date: 2015


Eyes wide open
Fiona Barnett

Parts 1 and 2

  video: Eyes Wide Open - (part 1)

video: Eyes Wide Open - (part 2)

video: Satanic Ritual Abuse - (Part 1)

video: Satanic Ritual Abuse - (Part 2)

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The German Experiment
that placed foster children
with pedophiles

With the approval of the government,
a renowned sexologist
ran a dangerous program.

How could this happen?

In 2017, a German man who goes by the name Marco came across an article in a Berlin newspaper with a photograph of a professor he recognized from childhood.

The first thing he noticed was the man’s lips.

They were thin, almost nonexistent, a trait that Marco had always found repellent.

He was surprised to read that the professor, Helmut Kentler, had been one of the most influential sexologists in Germany.

The article described a new research report that had investigated what was called the “Kentler experiment.” Beginning in the late sixties, Kentler had placed neglected children in foster homes run by pedophiles.

The experiment was authorized and financially supported by the Berlin Senate.

In a report submitted to the Senate, in 1988, Kentler had described it as a “complete success.

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The Dalai Lama
is trying to get this boy
to suck on his tongue

(while the boy’s mother watched!!)

Video - click image

Out of Shadows

Video - click image

The War On Children

⚠️ – Warning – ⚠️
This film is not suitable for children.

“The War on Children,
the new documentary from filmmaker Robby Starbuck,
explores the many ways in which minors are
being targeted for sexualization — by LGBTQ activists
who want to push gender transitions on children;
by state governments, like California;
by the porn industry; and by China’s TikTok,
which has become ground zero for
trans influencers.” 

Never forget why we started.

It always was, and still is about the children.

Crimes Against Our Children

Military is the only way
No Deals !!!
We all have a responsibility
to protect our global children

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“Low Lita”
How 4Chan
uncovered the
sick world of
Washington’s occult elite

Underneath our eyes / noses / and lives there
lives a way of life none that would horrify a person
who has any sense of humanity

Things that go against nature.

Things we all need to be aware of because its about to take over.

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The global elite
is normalizing pedophilia

before our very own
eyes wide shut

Embedded governments around the world, acting under the direct control of the World Economic Forum, are at war with our children.

The young global leaders of Klaus Schwab are systematically trying to normalize pedophilia and decriminalize sex with children, and now they are so presumptuous that they do not even try to hide it.

This is happening right before our eyes and the mainstream media is complicit in their silence.

Earlier in New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, a judge announced that 12-year-olds can consent to sex with adults.

The case at hand involved a 45-year-old man whose defense was based on the allegation that his 12-year-old victim “wanted it.”

According to a middle-aged man, a 12-year-old girl forced him to have sex.

“I know she was a child, but the way she approached me was like a mature woman.

I turned her down, but she kept coming back to me.

She really wanted to do it,” the 45-year-old said of the child, who was 12 at the time.

According to the New Zealand Herald, in the closing days of the trial, Judge Arrowker considered the consent of a person under 16.

“Under the law, a person under the age of 16 cannot consent to an obscenity charge, so all you as a jury have to decide is whether indecent acts took place.

But with regard to sexual intercourse, consent can be given by a person under 16 years of age

You need to consider whether the consent was given based on the evidence you have.”

Judge Earwalker closed the trial by urging the jury to remain “completely impartial” in assessing whether the Crown’s prosecution was proven right or not.

Keep in mind, we are talking about a man who confessed to having sex with a 12-year-old girl and justified it by saying that she “wanted it.”

Terrible times have come in New Zealand, but not only there.

Emmanuel Macron was previously re-elected as French president in what many consider to be a suspicious election.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is also one of Klaus Schwab’s young world leaders, and France is also normalizing paedophilia.

The Macron government voted against introducing an age of consent in France in 2018, becoming one of the first countries to succumb to pressure from an international cabal to decriminalize sex with children worldwide.

This means that federal law in France does not statutory an age of consent, and adults who have sex with children of any age will not be prosecuted for rape unless the child victim can prove “violence, threat or coercion”.

A bill to combat sexual and gender-based violence, known as the Schiappa law, was signed into law by the French parliament on August 3, sparking outrage in France.

Child and parental rights groups accused the Macron government of betraying the country’s children.

The lack of an age of consent puts millions of children at serious risk of sexual abuse in France, child protection officials say.

If anything, that’s an understatement.

But should they be surprised?

Like New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern, Macron is one of Klaus Schwab’s young world leaders.

They are all obsessed with the war against children.

Love him or hate him, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned us years ago that the global elite were planning to normalize pedophilia in the West.

According to Putin, the world elite is engaged in the worship of Satan.

Looks like he was right.

The media is complicit in its silence. More interested in promoting Big Pharma products, they are completely uninterested in real world issues that have a direct impact on our children’s lives.

An attempt to normalize pedophilia has been played out before our eyes for many years.

And who better to desensitize the masses than their favorite stars.

According to Bill Maher, the relationship between a 30-year-old child and a 12-year-old child is completely normal, and society should stop being so tense.

And obviously CNN is taking every opportunity to slip some pro-pedophilia content among the rest of the garbage.

According to the network’s chief legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, who was briefly suspended in 2020 for masturbating live on Zoom, pedophiles caught using child pornography should be getting lighter sentences these days because… the internet made them do it.

We haven’t even gotten to the snake’s head yet.

Hollywood, responsible for brainwashing the masses for decades, is widely known to be under the control of satanic pedophiles.

Meet John Paul Rice. He is a Los Angeles-based film producer who worked on Jerry Bruckheimer’s Remember the Titans before producing a string of critically acclaimed films.

According to Rice, the entertainment industry is run by an elite of pedophiles who traffic and sacrifice children for their own depraved pleasure.

And most of these children don’t live beyond 7 or 8 years.

click image for video

When are people going
to stop idolizing hollyweird???

Let’s start back in 1919. Charlie Chaplin, who would become one of the most famous and celebrated movie stars of all time, was 29 when he married 16 year old aspiring actress Mildred Harris.

Their marriage only lasted 2 years.

In 1924, Chaplin repeated the pattern with another 16 year old, Lita Gray.

He met Lita when she was just 6 and began taking her on dates around the age of 12.

1954 — Sam Cooke meets a 12-year old Aretha Franklin and brings her to his hotel room.

Before her father interrupted, Aretha said the conversation “took another turn.”

In 1957, 23 year old Jerry Lee Lewis married his cousin, 13 year old Myra Brown.

She still believed in Santa.

Also in 1957, 16 year old Anna Mae Bullock met 24 year old Ike Turner.

He quickly took her into his band, helped make her a star, and began to treat the newly christened “Tina” as if he owned her.

They married 6 years later.

Tina once wrote that she was afraid not to accept his proposal.

In 1959, Elvis Presley met his future wife.

He was 25 and she was 14.

They stayed in touch via phone and letters for the next 2 1/2 years.

At that time, Elvis took her on a drug romp to Vegas, followed by moving her into his Graceland mansion.

They didn’t marry until 1967.

While both parties claimed that Priscilla was a virgin on her wedding night, biographer Susan Finstad makes a strong case that this could not be true.

Priscilla herself has admitted that she & Elvis slept in the same bed and that Elvis “taught (her) other ways to please him.”

Elvis reportedly had a predilection for 14 year old girls, both before and after his marriage to Priscilla.

Chuck Berry was arrested and found guilty of transporting an underage girl across state lines for immoral purposes, spending two years in jail in 1960.

In 1969, Sable Starr, queen of the so-called “baby groupies”, had a brief relationship with Iggy Pop.

She was 13.

He later wrote a song about it.

Starr had sexual relationships with many other band members, including encounters with David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Rod Stewart.

It’s 1972 and Rock stars are still having sex with little girls and everyone knows it, but no one does anything about it.

Lori Mattix tells of losing her virginity at age 14 to David Bowie.

She went on to start “dating” Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page that same year, a relationship that began when Page’s manager kidnapped her and brought her to Jimmy’s hotel room.

Page kept Lori essentially locked up in his house for most of their 18 months together.

The “baby groupie” also reports a sexual relationship with Mick Jagger when she was just 17.

In 1973, married singer Marvin Gaye met and pursued 17 year old Janis Hunter.

He wrote “Let’s Get it On” as a tribute to his lust for her.

Marvin took his teen date to dinner shortly after they met, where he bribed the waiter to bring her alcohol, then had sex with her later that night.

They had a baby by the time she was 18, and married in 1977.

The marriage lasted just 3 years.

In 1975, Steven Tyler purchased the guardianship of a 16 year old girl (Julia Holcomb) from her mother when he was 27 so that he could legally take her with him across state lines while he was on tour.

In 1978, Ted Nugent also purchases the guardianship of a teenager from her parents.

He was 30, Pele Massa was 17.

Years later, Ted reportedly received oral sex from a 12 year old Courtney Love.

March 10, 1977.

One of the most well-known cases.

Director Roman Polanski drugs and rapes 13 year old Samantha Gailey.

Allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge, Polanski nevertheless fled to France before sentencing and remains exiled from the United States.

He has not been exiled, however, from Hollywood and continues to make movies and win awards to this day.

Eagles drummer and vocalist Don Henley was arrested in 1980 in Los Angeles after paramedics were called to his home to save a naked 16-year-old girl who was overdosing on cocaine and Quaaludes.

Colored over as a a “grand romance” and a “decades long relationship”, Celine Dion was 12 years old when 38 year old Rene Angelil became her manager.

They went public with their relationship when she was 19.

In 1984, Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman started dating Mandy Smith.

She was 13.

Although they did not marry until she was 18, Mandy says she was 14 when they first had sex.

Mr. Wyman has never been investigated, much less prosecuted.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ lead Anthony Kiedis readily admits to having sex with a 14 year old girl when he was 23.

According to him, once he confirmed her age he “had sex with her again.”

In 1986, the 24-year old musician began dating 16 year old Ione Skye.

In 1990, 16 year old Mayte Garcia’s mother sent a video of her belly-dancing to Prince.

He arranged to meet her, confirmed she was 16 and a year later moved her into his house.

When she was 19, he initiated a sexual relationship by informing her it was time to go on birth control.

They married when she was 22 and he was 37.

Before Mayte, Prince met “Anna Fantastic” when she was 15.

At 17, she moved into his compound where they had a two year long relationship.

In 1991, 32 year old director Luc Besson met and eventually married model Maïwenn Le Besco when she was 15.

Their relationship inspired his movie Léon:

The Professional (1994), which followed an emotional relationship between an adult man and a young girl.

In 1993, Jerry Seinfeld picked up a high school student in a public park.

He was 39 and she was 17.

He and Shoshanna Lonstein dated for four years — through her college years.

Also in 1993, MC Ren of N.W.A. was accused of raping and impregnating a 16 year old girl in the group’s tour bus.

The case never went to trial, however a paternity test showed that he was the father of the girl’s baby.

Noted pedophile R Kelley secretly married R&B singer Aaliyah in 1994 when she was 15 and he was 27.

They met when she was 12 and he later helped write and produce her first album — “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.”

In 1995, teen star Brandy (age 16) started dating 21-year-old Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris.

Keeping their relationship under wraps due to her age proved too stressful for the couple and they broke up soon after.

In 1997, Woody Allen should have become notorious when he married his de facto step-daughter.

Though she was 21 at the time of the wedding, the two met when she 8.

No matter the spin, the facts are stark.

This wasn’t the only time Allen dated a much younger woman.

Actress Babi Christina Engelhardt began a years-long love affair with Allen when she was 16 and he was 41.

When Allen was 42, he romanced 17-year-old actress and high school senior Stacey Nelkin.

It’s the early-mid 2000s and “That 70s Show” actor, Wilmer Valderrama, continues to date teenage girls in an effort to deny that he is now over 30.

He dated 16-year-old Mandy Moore despite being four years her senior.

At age 24, Valderrama dated 17-year-old Lindsay Lohan though they kept the relationship a secret until her 18th birthday in 2004.

In 2010, the 30-year-old began dating 17-year-old Demi Lovato.

In 2001, Fast & Furious star Paul Walker (28 at the time) was dating 16-year old Aubrianna Atwell.

This was not Paul’s last time to date a teenager.

His girlfriend at the time of his death, Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, was 23 to his 40. They met when she was 16.

Back in 2004, 26 year old Joel Madden and Hilary Duff did the familiar dance of being “just friends” until her 18th birthday in 2006.

When asked about whether she was intimate with Madden or not in a 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan, Duff stated, “I had a 26-year-old boyfriend.

So everyone can make their own assumptions about what I was doing.”

In 2005, clean cut TV heartthrob Chad Michael Murray begins dating a girl in high school.

They get engaged when she turns 18 and Murray calls her a “little sweetheart” and says they have been together “for awhile.”

Similarly, in 2006, co-stars Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia began dating.

She was 17.

He was 12 years her senior.

Actor Doug Hutchison married 16-year-old Courtney Stodden in 2011, when he was 51 years old.

The dysfunctional pair became famous as reality stars, with Courtney undergoing extensive plastic surgery to maintain their image.

Rapper Tyga and Kylie Jenner began “hanging out” an awful lot beginning in 2014 when she was 16 and he was 24.

They dated on and off after that, though they became a lot more openly “on” after her 18th birthday in 2016.

In late 2018, 44 year old Leonardo DiCaprio publicly reveals that he is dating 21 year old model Camilla Morrone.

It’s not the age gap that puts Leo on our list, it’s the fact that he’s known Camilla since she was 11.

2018 — 14 year old Millie Bobby Brown innocently revealed that rapper, Drake, age 31, has been close friends with her, for the last year giving her advice about boys.

He texts her, “I miss you.”

This is the same Drake who has, more than once, skated around that “just friends until she turns 18” line — most recently with 18 year old model Bella Harris.

Guys, this isn’t a friendship.


No one will stop it.

They’ll “date.”

He’ll have sex with her, probably in a couple of years.

No one will care because he’s a man and a star.


Make them care.

No free passes.

No 2nd chances.

A ruined career is the least they deserve.

It’s not cute.


click image for video

SHOCKING: Hollywood Exploited
Brooke Shields at Age 10!

The Deep State Is Free To
Prey Upon Your Children.

The Normalization of Pedophilia in Hollywood ( shocking photos)

Normalization of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream, Child Molesters Rebranded as ‘Minor Attracted Persons‘.

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is sanctioning a sexual revolution that will culminate in the legalization and whole-hearted support of transgenderism but will also support the legalization of pedophilia.

As the Deep State is further exposed for their role in PedoGate, we can expect more counterattacks such as the legalization of pedophilia.

A campaign to normalize pedophilia claims individuals who fantasize about raping children should be accepted as their own sexual orientation.

Walt Disney
Groomer World

You can’t make a page like
this without it eventually leading to
Disney and Getty

Echoes of Silence:
“The Vanishing Children
of Disneyland”

Do you know there are secret trap doors in Disneyland bathrooms?

Do you know that’s how the majority of children come up missing never to be found again?

Do you want an example of what this may be like?

Did you know a 4 year old Latino female child went missing at the Disney in Los Angeles through a trap door that was in the floor?

Did you know she has never been found?

Did you know 219 Pedophiles, 4 who worked at Disneyland was arrested in a human trafficking ring last September?

Did you know Zachary Hudson was a former bus driver at Disneyland who was among 12 other men arrested for soliciting sex for underage children online in September of 2023?

Did you know back in August of 2021 three other former employees of Disneyland were arrested in a human sex trafficking ring involving minors?

Do you remember that movie “Desperado” with Antonio Banderas?

Quinton Tarantino character (Pick-Up-Guy) was brought through this secret entrance in a restroom that opens through one of the stalls that had an “Out Of Order” sign on it. To give the impression that it’s not generally used. But he was brought through an entrance to close on what it presumed to be a drug deal.

Did you know that Disneyland has a secret club called 33?

Did you know back in 2014 that Huffington Post wrote an article stating that 35 Disneyland employees were arrested on child porn in less than 10 years? (A Conservatives Number)

Did you know that in December of 2017 that 35 Disneyland employees were arrested within 24 hrs for child rape offenses?

Did you know that Disney World has allowed known child molesters to gain employment at the resort without being subjected to a $15 criminal background check?

Did you also know that that Disney finds the cost of running criminal checks on employees a prohibitive practice?

Did you know that George Kalogridis Became Walt Disney World’s First Openly Gay President?

Did you know Disneyland likes to hire convicted Pedos to work at kids shows?

Did you know Disney hired convicted child molester Brian Peck to work on children’s TV show ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’?

Did you know back in December of 2018 the Disney Channel actor Stoney Westmoreland was fired after he was arrested in Salt Lake City for allegedly attempting to have a sexual relationship with an online acquaintance he believed was 13 years old?

Disneyland is owned by Luciferians. Hence the “Secret Club 33” at the theme park. Which is a number Freemasons aspire to reach in their ranks. Ronald Reagan and Walt Disney were both good friends and apart of the same Satanic Brotherhood. When Disney celebrated its fifty yr-anniversary with a two hour special on May 20, 1991, the program included people like occultist Bill Campbell and was named “Best of Disney, 50 Years of Magic.” For the silver anniversary of Disney World in Oct. ’96, the Clinton’s were invited to help open 15 months of celebrations.

The theme of the anniversary celebrations was “Remember the Magic”. A Boy’s and Girl’s Club sang ‘When you wish upon a star’ (a popular programming song). Hillary Rodham Clinton (herself an Illuminati Grand Dame and a mind-control programmer) shared with the audience that she and Bill “first brought daughter Chelsea to the Magic Kingdom when she was four.” we all know the Clintons are involved in the Jeffrey Epstein Island incident.

So it should be of no surprise as to how connected they are regarding Disneyland which is also a mind control center. Did you know Joe Roth oversaw Disney’s subsidiary Hollywood Pictures’ Evita film. Evita has as its main start “Material Girl” Madonna? Madonna is in reality a mind-controlled slave who has appeared in numerous underground porn/and ritual porn movies.

People we are living in the underworld. Demons have been running this world.

click image for video

Getty Museum L.A.

If you thought Epstein Island was bad —
wait till people find out about this place —
investigate the Getty Museum, a pedophile fortress
with more then 12 floors underground —
two million women & children were there till 2018 —
there are elevators & practically a
city down below with thousands of sexslaves —
only people on the a list can walk all over this place,
the elevators lead to a tunnel system
guarded with high security —
it is a hell created within another hell!

Epstein island is just the tip of the iceberg!

— welcome to reality —

click image for article

How 4Chan
uncovered the
sick world of
Washington’s occult elite

click image for video


This is a full-length presentation.
Very Graphic.

If you are new to ‘In The Storm News’, we welcome you.

Please enter with an open mind.

God is in control of everything, and He has already won!

You are about to be exposed to a very controversial topic, one that the Deep State Cabal has made us believe were all ‘conspiracy theories’.

Surprise, they lied, about everything you have ever been taught!

The sooner you can wrap your head around the fact that these pedo-repto-child trafficking-satanic-cannibals are the ‘fallen angels’ – they are Satan’s army, the better off you will be!!

To simplify…they are Pedo-Puppets!

You can't make this up

“You can’t make this up”
Brazil, apparently

click image for video

King Charles & Friends
raped ‘hundreds’ of children

click image for video



The order was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964.

After nearly a year of litigation Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia.

In 2017, the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was asking concerned citizens to demand Cunningham’s immediate release. The ITCCS successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children.

remains of 215 children found

The abuse, trafficking, torture and murder of children appears endemic and continues to be actively practiced, and condoned, protected, by church, state, judicial and police globally.

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Native Canadians tear down Queen Elizabeth statue
in protest against the abduction and murder of
native children where a mass grave of
215 children’s remains were found at the
Kamploops Indian Residential School.

… the pulling Down of the statue was orchestrated by them!
but the story about the children is real…

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Today, on the 58th anniversary of the permanent disappearance of ten children from the Kamloops Indian residential school, new evidence has surfaced linking British monarch King Charles to their fate and to the death of other native children.

A group of witnesses have presented their affidavits to the special Tribunal that has convened to investigate Charles’ complicity in both the abduction of the ten children by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on October 10, 1964, and the medical murder of eyewitness William Combes in February 2011. (Breaking News, September 19/20, 2022: King Charles ordered to appear before International Tribunal over the death of William Combs and Others. – Murder by Decree)

According to the Tribunal’s Public Information Office,

“Our Tribunal has today received sworn statements from British and Canadian nationals. They claim to have witnessed the personal participation of Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, aka King Charles III, in ceremonies involving native children that occurred in Carnarvon Castle in Wales and at the former Catholic Indian school in Fort Providence, Canada, on October 30, 1964, and July 11, 1970, respectively.

“The first ceremony involved the ritual killing of Cecilia Arnold, age ten, and Edward Arnuse, age ten, two survivors of the original ten children abducted by Charles’ parents from the Kamloops Indian school. The second ceremony involved a similar ritual killing of an undetermined number of Inuit children provided by the clergy of the Catholic Sacred Heart Indian residential school in the Northwest Territories.

“Another witness, a former government employee, claims that then-Prince Charles had personal knowledge of and sanctioned a ‘kill order’ issued by the British MI-6 against William Combes, the sole living eyewitness to the October 1964 Kamloops abductions. Combes subsequently died of arsenic poisoning administered to him in St. Paul’s Catholic hospital in Vancouver on February 26, 2011.”

Click button below to see
nurse Chloe Kirker’s
video statement on YouTube

This new evidence and accompanying documentation has been entered into the docket of the Tribunal and will be presented at its opening session on Tuesday, November 1, 2022. Charles Mountbatten-Windsor has been issued a Public Summons to appear before the Tribunal.

Ten days before he was murdered by royal decree, William Combes met me at the Ovaltine café on Hastings Street in Vancouver. He was happier than normal because our movement had just held another church occupation and, in the glow of that victory, William had given up drinking the alcohol he needed to dull the memories of his torture by electric cattle prods when he was a child. With a shy smile, he handed me some poems he had just written.

After I read William’s poems, he asked me to hold on to them for him. We shook hands but we didn’t say goodbye, because we expected to rendezvous that same month in London, England, where William was scheduled to speak to our common law court about what he saw Queen Elizabeth do in Kamloops on October 10, 1964. But the crown struck first. Ten days later, William Arnold Combes was dead from arsenic poisoning.

The ones who killed my friend think that enough assassinations and midnight burials and official lies can rewrite history and swab memories. But fortunately, the truth can’t be controlled by us, because it comes from elsewhere, and has a life and force of its own that eventually wears down time and crime. And so now, even the enormous lie the crown and church have built around their Christian death camps is crumbling.

Today, it collapsed some more. William Combes has come alive and is pointing his accusing finger at the killers through living eyewitnesses who are telling our Tribunal who killed William and ten Kamloops children and many tens of thousands of other innocents. And that finger points directly at Charles Mountbatten-Windsor, the so-called King of England.

Here is what we know so far:

1. At sunset on Saturday, October 10, 1964, in the hills above Dead Man’s Creek 40 miles west of Kamloops, eight of the ten children who were abducted by Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten-Windsor from the Kamloops catholic residential school were ritually and brutally killed.

We know from a retired British security officer that both Elizabeth and Windsor were present at the ritual.

Two of the ten children were kept alive and brought to England, to the Roman-built Carnarvon Castle in north Wales.

The two children were Cecilia Arnold, an interior Salish girl from Kamloops, and Edward Arnuse, a Metis boy from Quesnel.

Both children were ten years old.

Barely two weeks later, at midnight on Samhain, October 30, 1964, Cecilia and Edward were ritually raped, tortured, killed, and cannibalistically devoured in the sub-basement crypt of Carnarvon Castle by a coven of the Vatican-led Ninth Circle cult.

Present and participating that night in that blood feast were Philip Mountbatten-Windsor and his eldest son Charles, who was inducted into the cult that night: the man now called the King of England.

2. On July 1, 1969, Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales in the same location, at a ceremony in Carnarvon Castle.

Exactly one year after, on July 1, 1970, Charles Mountbatten-Windsor began his first official visit to Canada along with his parents and sister Anne.

The ultimate destination of this so-called “royal tour” was rural aboriginal communities in Manitoba and at Fort Providence in the Northwest Territories.

And there, at another catholic residential school called Sacred Heart, aboriginal children once again died at the hands of the Mountbatten-Windsors and their Vatican accomplices.

3. In the ocean of blood deceptively called Indian residential schools where child murder was the norm, these killings remained cloaked in secrecy and terror.

But years later, the sole surviving eyewitness to the Kamloops abduction spoke publicly of what he saw.

William Combes was then ordered to be killed by a royal decree enacted through the British foreign intelligence agency MI-6 and its counterparts in the RCMP in Canada: specifically, by the west coast “E” division of the Mounties under the authority of its black ops coordinator Inspector Peter Montague.

On February 19, 2011, William was forcibly abducted from his East Pender Street slum hotel by three Mounties and brought to the catholic St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver.

William’s nurse Chloe Kirker states on record that he was in good health and had no symptoms of his official cause of death, tubercular meningitis.

But by February 23 he developed what are called Mees’ Lines on his fingernails, which indicate arsenic poisoning.

And yet nurse Kirker was ordered by St. Paul’s administrators to keep William off any intravenous and thereby dehydrated: in hindsight, to allow the poison to disseminate quickly and fatally.

After William died, nurse Kirker was threatened not to speak of it.

After she was subjected to repeated of harassment and death threats, she quit her job and moved out of the country.

4. The Vancouver Coroner, Claire Thompson, took nearly four months to issue a report on the death of William Combes.

On June 13, 2011, Ms. Thompson stated on record that William Combes died of “disseminated tuberculosis”, despite William’s absence of TB symptoms and the indication of arsenic poisoning.

Ms. Thompson refused to answer all inquiries about William’s death.

The Vancouver Coroner’s office threatened to sue anyone who publicly challenged her report.

5. William Combes died the same week that Kevin Annett was invited in writing by Mohawk elders to begin investigations into mass graves of children at the former Church of England school in Brantford, Ontario: the same “Mush Hole” school where British and Dutch royal family members abducted aboriginal children routinely for over a century.

A church insider with considerable evidence of these abductions and the ritual killings of children at the Mush Hole, Leona Moses, was officially silenced by Anglican Archbishop Fred Hiltz after Kevin Annett appeared in Brantford in the spring of 2011.

Hiltz acted under the direct instructions of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, according to Leona Moses.

But Leona died and her incriminating evidence was destroyed in a house fire after Kevin came to Brantford and commenced investigations at the Mush Hole mass grave site.

Prior to that, while Kevin was in London, England researching the Mush Hole archives, he was summarily arrested and deported from England, on May 26, 2011: three months to the day that William Combes had been murdered.

All of this proves again the murderous and criminal nature of the British Crown and its Vatican accomplice in genocide.

For many years we have exposed and proved this crime in courts of law and through the suffering and blood of eyewitnesses like William Combes.

But the criminals are still in charge, and they have absolved themselves of the crime and erased their atrocities and now even are erasing the erasure.

And so, the genocide continues.

We have learned there is no possibility of justice in their system, which is why we have created our own inquiries and our own courts of law outside their jurisdiction.

Our present Tribunal that is putting King Charles on trial is a continuation of that struggle.

But we are also arming ourselves with the means to enforce the verdict of this latest trial, by building our own common law Republics that can fight and overcome these crimes against humanity.

For we are engaged in a war to the death against tyranny and mass murder; and the first step in resisting those evils is to collectively declare our independence from their genocidal system in London, Rome, Beijing, and elsewhere.

If we refuse to honor and learn from our fallen heroes like William Combes, we not only dishonor their sacrifice for us, but we ensure our own destruction.

Remember, pick up their fallen sword, and carry on, lest the darkness hold final sway over humanity.

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Charles Windsor
was summoned to appear today,

September 20,
before an international Tribunal

to answer charges of his complicity in
the death of
indigenous children
and eyewitnesses like William Combes.

The summons can be read in its entirety at under ITCCS Updates
for September 20, 2022.
Issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice.
(Note: The Date is according to Greenwich Mean Time)

Book Link: Unrepentant

Kevin Annett’s book – Unrepentant


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Murder by decree

In Memory To the many tens of thousands of children who died while in the internment and death camps falsely called “Indian residential schools”;

To those men and women who have fought against impossible odds to recover the memory of those children and the truth of how they died, and bring to justice who and what is responsible;

And to those who suffer and die today at the hands of the same criminal system.

“Earth, cover not their blood” And in Acknowledgment Of the heroic efforts of three ground breaking citizen-based Inquiries into Genocide in Canada:

The Truth Commission into Genocide in Canada (1998), The Friends and Relatives of the Disappeared (2005) and The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (2010);

and of Rev. Kevin D. Annett, who has fathered and led these movements from the beginning at enormous personal risk and sacrifice.

What Canada
and all survivors
owe to him
is incalculable.

follow links as necessary

International Child Sex Trafficking,
Organ and Adrenochrome Harvesting Ring
Run by the Vatican

Voice of the Republic,
Kevin Annette

•    The word is said so easily, so casually, so lifelessly: Genocide. The word means nothing to most people. To the rest, it is little more than the self-serving rhetoric of politicians and popes. But when I hear the word, I hear the tortured screams of little children that never stop, day or night.

•    I see a Vancouver Island Priest electrocuting a five-year-old boy with a cattle prod until he dies, his body tossed onto a pile of other small corpses and then buried in a secret grave barely a mile from where I would work one day.

•    I smell the sickly scent of burning flesh as other dead children and even living, newborn babies are incinerated in the Christian death camp furnaces that burn day and night.

•    I watch as children are made blind in deadly experiments and others have their teeth yanked out without painkillers by upstanding Canadian doctors.

•    I see other children battered and raped and left to starve to death by men and women who sing Christian hymns the next Sunday in church.

•    I watch as Harry Wilson shows me the scar on his tongue through which United Church minister John Andrews shoved a needle when a young Harry spoke of the dead girl he found.

•    I witness a lone and stumbling survivor named William Combes, too crushed to speak publicly of his tortures but somehow willing himself to, against every odd, even as the world hates him for it and finally kills him without consequence: just another dead Indian.

•    I hear Jackson Steene describe how his testicles shriveled and died as he was sterilized under an X ray machine at the Anglican hospital in Alert Bay, along with all five of his brothers.

•    I listen as Ricky Lavallee sobs and describes being forced to bury the body of his brother Ernie by the same Catholic Priest who had just flogged him to death.

•    I witness the people of my country and its churches commit or excuse or pay for these abominations decade after decade, and still today, without a flicker of conscience or remorse; and then, when they are exposed, they destroy the evidence and the secret graves of their victims while absolving themselves, rewriting and normalizing their wrong, and getting away with their mass murder of over 60,000 children by issuing some pay cheques and a glib apology.

•    And I wonder how people can do such things so easily and still consider themselves human beings. I also remember how some of us fought so long and so hard to confront this murder and coverup until the truth was finally exposed at an enormous cost, including the death of seven of my friends. But then I watch as what we exposed is buried again and a false, sanitized history of the Canadian Holocaust is reissued by the killers and adopted as if none of these atrocities had ever happened.

•    And finally, I witness the world and everyone I know turn their indifferent backs on this carnage as if it doesn’t matter; as if it has nothing to do with the plague that is now sweeping the world and all of them.

•    I know these things so deeply because my own life has been shattered by them. It is not another issue. It is all completely personal to me, for it has been my life for almost thirty years. And still do the spirits of the fallen walk with me and struggle to cry out through my inadequate and solitary voice, knowing that our screams are inaudible to the legions of the walking dead, and that whatever is spoken and attempted now will not stop the abomination from continuing. There now stands only that judgment that is on all of us.

•    So, in these last days, remember as an epitaph that whatever justice has come from the seeds we sowed is only because they were watered with our blood and suffering. Perhaps some of you will earn and redeem this sacred inheritance by your own sacrifice: the cost of your departure from this bloody Land of No-One.

    Genocide in Canada and Around the Globe:



Queen Elizabeth II
monster bloodline

Video - click image

Where are the Kamloops children?

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The Canadian Cabal
Pedophilia, Murder and Treason

Dating back to 3000BC the Cabal
has been involved in strange sexual practices.

There is evidence that Pierre Trudeau
was a communist and a pedophile.


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end of the CABAL


  Exposing, elite child sex trafficking,
Satanic rituals, cannibalism,
Hollywood slaves, dark cabal, pedophilia,
Sacrifice, torture, child abuse,
Royal conspiracies, human hunting,
Illuminati hierarchy,
Entertainment industry, deep state,
Planned parenthood,
Vatican, cults, pizzagate, pedowood,
Hollywood, Pervywood, pedowars,

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Documentary Exposes
Paedophiles In Parliament
& The British Royal Family

Her documentary ‘Paedophiles in Parliament’ is a shocking exposé which links many MP’s to child abuse. Sonia exposes how the British Royal Family is also tied into this, which may be of interest to some readers given the fact that accusations of pedophilia and sex trafficking against Prince Andrew have gone mainstream.

It’s even more relevant now given the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew, is currently on trial for sex crimes involving children.

Accusations of this type of activity are widespread, not only in the United Kingdom which is the focus of this particular documentary, but in the United States as well.

For example, the Franklin Scandal made waves in 1989. Investigations and whistleblower (including children) accounts alleged that hundreds of children were flown around the US to be abused by high ranking political ‘Establishment’ members.

Nick Bryant, an author and investigator, has been diving into the Franklin Scandal for many years. He has spoken about the many issues with the trial that eventually concluded the entire scandal was a ‘carefully crafted hoax.’ A conclusion many don’t agree on, including victims, and one that was brought on with help from law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Why are stories like this important?

Simply put, stories like this allow us to ask questions about the world we’re participating in and enabling. So many of us want to live in a beautiful world, and feel that through our current systems and societal infrastructures, we can get there. But this isn’t true.

Our systems are set up for domination, profit at all costs, disconnection, control and authoritarianism. It’s a culture that is rampant throughout planetary leadership. In order to create change, we must be able to understand and identify what the issues are so we can go about a solution that works at the core. If we don’t, we’ll continue putting our time and energy into a system that cannot bring about the change we know is possible.

If we knew many of these leaders were capable of this stuff, would we really think they have the capacity to create a thriving and beautiful world?

Click image to link to article

Worse than Savile

‘Worse than Savile’:
Viewers of ITV’s Gary Glitter documentary
say paedophile’s crimes against toddlers
made them feel ‘physically sick’

Viewers of Gary Glitter documentary have revealed they found the show ‘hard to watch’ and made them feel ‘physically sick’.  Audiences have shared their disgust over the paedophile’s ‘vile’ crimes that feature in the Glitter: The Popstar Paedophile documentary after it aired on ITV1 last night, with some claiming the disgraced pop star was ‘worse’ than Jimmy Saville.

Gary Glitter, 79, whose real name is Paul Gadd, was jailed for 16 years in 2015 for sexually abusing three schoolgirls between 1975 and 1980. He attacked two of the girls, aged 12 and 13, after luring them backstage to his dressing room and isolating them from their mothers. His third victim was less than 10 years old when he crept into her bed and tried to rape her in 1975. 

In one scene from the documentary, a photographer revealed Glitter kissed and ‘disappeared’ with young children at a hotel in Cuba where staff turned a blind eye because he was a ‘good tipper’. Nick explained how he came across Glitter in Cuba’s capital, where the disgraced singer moved in 2000 after serving two months in a British prison for possession of indecent photographs of children under 16.

He said: ‘As the afternoon wore on I noticed one man brought three very young girls, probably between the ages of eight, 12 or 13. One of them seemed to know him. This wasn’t playtime-with-children behaviour. That’s sort of why it made me really suspicious in the first place. The next day, another three [were there]. They turned up on their own. Then I had my cameras on me, so I decided that I would record this because it was getting sort of uncomfortable. ‘He kept asking to put their arms around him. It didn’t look right at all.’

He said: ‘I did even say something to the management and they would say, “It’s fine, he’s well behaved, he tips well. He’s great with us”. So nothing was really said.’

The singer appeared at a private parole hearing last month as he fought to be released from prison after he was locked up for breaching his bail conditions. The 79-year-old pervert was found surfing the dark web just 39 days after being automatically released halfway through his 16-year sentence for sexually abusing three schoolgirls between 1975 and 1980.

click image for video

Documentary Exposes
Jimmy Savile


click image for video

Jill Dando
before she could
in UK government

Following on from the success of his Madeleine McCann investigative films, Richard D. Hall turns his attention to the 1999 assassination of Jill Dando.

There are many theories about why she was murdered, this film looks at all of them and brings comprehensive evidence to light, which was not considered by the official investigation.

Richard D. Hall firmly believes the hunt for the killer was deliberately steered by British Intelligence, away from the true perpetrators.

If the state become involved in a crime, then the police who are ran by the state will never be allowed to solve it.

Prepare to open your mind and discover the truth behind one of the UK’s most prominent unsolved murders.

click image for link

Madeleine McCann
and Connections to
Thomas Hamilton
Pedophile Ring
Jill Dando’s

The official story of the Thomas Hamilton pedophile ring is that on 13 March 1996, Thomas Hamilton, a man, a lone wolf (as usually claimed by the media) appeared at a primary Queen Victoria’s school in Dunblane; Scotland and shot dead 16 kids between a 5-6 year of age.

But the real story is that Thomas Hamilton was in that school at least once a week, seen and identified by all neighbors who reported to the Scotland Yard, always with very fancy vehicles chauffeur driven and displaying pennants and snuggling with children.

Sometimes he was accompanied by people holding badges of office.

Hamilton was supplying children for pornography, and providing young boys for the British elite including nobles, judges, law enforcement officers, and politicians.

David Jason
is the same as
Jimmy Saville,
and Cliff Richard.

There was enough evidence to prosecute him following Jimmy Saville.

Jimmy Saville whilst alive avoided prosecution because of connections (Title Sir etc) so too did Cliff Richard.

David Jason is as bad as Jimmy Saville – now being outed – hence he is suddenly ill.

For Cliff Richard connections you have only to follow Elm Guest House – London, the clients that used the facility, M16, MPS, Police etc and the young boys from the boys home abused.

I call it the UKs Epstein Island.

The fact that now David Jason is ‘ill’ speaks for itself, he is being outed – looking forward to his execution.


My partner who has since died, worked for the prison service and told me about Cliff Richard.

It was a known secret that – you would lose your job for if you said anything. I ask ex Police about Cliff, and have had it confirmed since.

The latest working Policeman – informed me about David Jason being worse, and that if they had been successful in prosecuting Jimmy Saville, David Jason was next – that was years ago, when Jimmy was Alive.

Cliff was known as ‘kitty’ and loved sex with young boys certain activities, the boys came from Care homes to be abused at Elm Guest House, the lady in charge kept diary of all clients, like Epstein did, in order to stay alive.

Leon Briton, Cyril Smith etc. Police, M16, etc clients.

It was closed years ago, white hat operation?

Everything is linked think Esta Rantzen – Savilles protection, then think Sue Barker – Cliffs.

They attempted years ago to get Cliff, some good police, it was foiled, as he had ‘diplomatic protection’ which is what I call the titles from the Queen. This will lead you onto all the other Sir’s, HRH, MBE, OBE etc.

The American Ambassadors wife who could not be prosecuted for killing that young man on bike.

When the Queen died all Titles/awards became ‘void’ so now Prince Andrew can face prosecution, Cliff Richard, Richard Branson, David Jason – watch them all become ill, pull out of concerts, die – in other words face prosecution and be executed.

I am so looking forward to the end of this movie, it had to be this way so we could wake up and discover for ourselves, only when we see the evil – will we change our ways – see the corrupt government for what they all are.

We did not vote them in, they were chosen before hand and the elections have always been rigged.

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